How To

Protect Your Child

      From the New Age 

      and  Spiritual Deception


Expanded Updated Edition of

Your Child & the New Age

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Tempting voices beckon to children everywhere. Schools, movies, music, and books all sound the call: "Come, dream, trust Self, create your own reality, build a new world. Anything goes, for sin and guilt exist only in the minds of the antiquated 'religious."'

Unlearning "the old ways" is key to contemporary "education" and global transformation. Both educators and globalist leaders seem determined to banish God's moral and spiritual foundations. Consequently, they invite chaos rather than unity -- coercion instead of freedom -- war and violence instead of peace. One of their more effective tactics is simply to manipulate the child's imagination and mold it to fit today's anti-Christian illusion of a better world with freedom to explore what once was forbidden.

How can we equip our children to take a stand and avoid deception? How can we help them escape the pressure to compromise? And how can we train them to say no to all the spiritual seductions that ultimately bring grief and corruption?

There is an answer! We can can equip our children with Truth, warn them of the alluring power of deception, and teach them how to remain strong and steadfast in Christ. The challenges ahead will surely test their faith, so let us pray that they will hear and heed -- rejecting today's tempting evils and delighting in what is true and good.

"Thanks be to God,

Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

 1 Corinthians 15:57

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