Born in Norway – beginning of WWII…

Lord’s prayer…. The Message

Moved to America in time to start high school. Went to different schools each year the next 6 years… Shy, quiet, didn’t get to know many …

Somehow knew that The Lord is my Shepherd - talked with Him - my best friend

Went to St. Olaf college in Minnesota, nursing program. …
Joined a small Bible study but was always to afraid to say much or pray out loud.

Old testament studies, demythologize the Bible – No the parting of the Red Sea was not really a supernatural miracle – just a strong storm that blew some shallow waters back.

Increasingly popular venture within the Chrisitan establishment to explain away God’s miraculous works. Today, as 2 and 3 thousand years ago, you have those who cannot accept that some questions and acts can’t be explained by science – if only we knew more.

2 Timothy 4

Flying across the country to NC a little over bout three years ago. To help my hosts pay the flight, I found the cheapest flight possible. It involved three planes and two transfers. The first would be in Los Angeles, then in Detroit, then North Carolina. I was early for the first flight, and since I almost pack in a carry-on (and check nothing) I could easily hop on an earlier flight that happened to have the extra space. So I got to Detroit early but found that my next flight had been cancelled. I tried to sign up for the next flight, but it was full and I added my name to the waiting list, praying that God would open the way. I would be speaking the next morning, and if I missed the flight I would miss my part of the conference. About a dozen people were already on wait-list.

Isaiah 45:3 I will give you treasures hidden in darkness, secret riches

and you will know that I am doing it, I the Lord!

Isaiah 45:3

Eventually the plane boarded, the first three on the wait-list were called, then my name was called. I was surprised, thanked God, then I followed the others. By the time I got on there were no seats left. I walked to the end of the plane….

That particular conference rode in limousines with people from Focus on the Family and American Family Association.

Far more often I stay in homes. Sometimes the shower doesn’t work or they don’t serve the coffee I need in the morning. It’s always exciting to see what god provides! But I am not a great speaker, and I much prefer to walk and share among ordinary people like myself.

Be content –

"I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:11-13

When I became a Christian back in the 70s I was as quiet and shy a person as anyone might claim to be. I had been disillusioned by churches…. Andy and I left one church Lutheran church that seemed more like a social club for the more liberal University Lutherean. In its church library I found books that demythologized the bible (explained away the miraculous and denied the need to recognize our sin, be born again and filled with His Spirit. Wanting to understand truth, I read all the wrong books, became totally disillusioned and depressed. One day another church member called me and told me that her life had totally changed. She had received Jesus Christ as her Lord, her life was filled with joy and excitement and she wanted me to come to the Body Life service at Peninsula Bible church and meet her wonderful Savior.

I said no. That church was too fundamental for me. But thanks for asking.

A few weeks later I happened to be watching Jesus People being baptized in the ocean. They came out of the water with faces radiant with joy. The Holy Spirit touched my heart, and I started sobbing. I fell on my knees and prayed, “God if you are real, show yourself to me.”

That night my friend called again. This time I said yes. The next Sunday night I went with her to the Body Life service, and joined the crowd pressing toward the open doors. Even as I waited outside I sensed the presence of God, and I whispered, God you are real. You are real!

After the service, my friend prayed the salvation prayer with me. But I knew my eyes were already opened. I had made that transaction with my Lord earlier and my heart had already been transformed.

That night – read Bible all night. Romans 5:1-5

VA hospital

CEF – parents

Asked to speak in Sunday school

To teach the Women Bible studies. Up in the mountains skiing with my family, but I had stayed back at the cabin that day just to have a day of quiet with my Lord. Reading in 1 Samuel a particular passage, and God spoke to me. I knew he did, because I became very anxious, heart began to beat hard, and I cried out to him not to ask that of me. He didn’t say anything more for several months. Then one evening I received a phone call from a woman at the church. She asked if I would lead the women’s Bible studies the next year.

The same old fear came over me. I told her I didn’t have the spiritual gift of leadership or teaching. Then she said, God gave us a particular Scripture to share with you. She told me what it was. – the same one God had given me over half a year earlier.

I spent the next few days in prayer….

My grace is sufficient for you….

The first year we studied 2 corinthians: the New Covenant.

Covenant promises
The second year we studied God’s eternal covernant -- .

Since I was supposed to lead and counsil the leaders, they asked me how to answer women who were caught up in Yoga and Tarot cards but thought these practices were compatible with Christianity.

I didn’t know the answer but I started researching some of the current occult practices and comparing their beliefs with Biblical truth.

The next study God gave me would be the Armor of God.

Then I was asked to speak on that topic. Parents told me about strange curricula teaching children values that were contrary to Christianity….

Armor of God…. Bible studies used by other churches….

These things were not easy. Many people were upset that I had been chosen for some of the assignments. I wasn’t really part of the social life of the church. Our youngest son had serious learning problems. We faced sickness… depression…. False accusations…