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An Excerpt from

A Real Christian

by A. W. Tozer

 "A real Christian is an odd number. He...      

~ feels supreme love for the One whom he has never seen;

~ talks with familiarly every day to Someone he cannot see;

~ expects to go to heaven on the virtue of Another;

~ empties himself in order to be full;

~ admits he is wrong so he can be declared right;

~ goes down in order to get up;

~ is strongest when he is weakest;

~ richest when he is poorest and happiest when he feels the worst.

~  He dies so he can live; forsakes in order to have;

~ gives away so he can keep;  sees the invisible;

~ ears the inaudible' and knows that which passeth understanding."

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From "Man - The Dwelling Place of God," Chapter 39: "The Saint Must Walk Alone"

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