Inward vs. Outward Living

John 14:27-31


a. Shocking series of revelations:

b. The disciples troubled and fearful hearts

c. What Jesus desired for them

They had massaged and conformed His teaching to their own perceptions and expectations. But event heir adaptations didn't include His death and departure.

Fear in John 14:27 - coward. Only used once. Hear and be at rest: rock-solid as His point of reference

I. The Inward Life - Displayed by the Disciples

A. Troubled and fearful (v,. 27) Jesus isn't fretting over His own trial, but His focus is on the disciples and their need.

Jesus never allowed hi understanding of their fear to change His course. Jesus holds Phillip accountable for knowing ("If you have seen me, you have seen the father.)

Empathy doesn't excuse disobedience. 

Core truth: reign of Christ will bring all promises to fulfillment. All my promises,,, because I go to the Father

Humiliation.-- Jesus forsook glory and embraced humiliation.

Heb 2: Jesus was made perfect through suffering.   "The Father is greater than I" -- Jesus was, for a while, lower than the angels. With the Father, He will once again be glorified.

He sees Satan at work -- "but he has nothing in Me." No sin. Satan has no claim on Jesus.  He is blameless. No accusation can be brought to bear.

Testimony to the world: He loves the fath34r and do4es what pleases Him.

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul. that means: obey His command.

To gain peace, believe what Jesus believed. If you don't cling to the truth....

 Then Counterfeit love - everything without truth -- not founded on the Rock.  feel the other's emotions. Be open to it. Ent5r into it. Melt your mind with the other minds. Don't hold back. Break free form the box. Ignore old absolutes that might contain your thoughts and feelings within the old box. Bread free. Soar. Merge, evolve, rise into a new collective consciousness.


Need solid Roc and truth

absolutes == or start to believe all truths. He is our hope. Here I must stand


No home in myself, all in Him


topics God's word and ways counterfeit
  the Rock which we stand nebulous web of subjective beliefs
truth the pure , whole, solid rock of Truth positive, pleasing, non-offensive
faith constant in Christ, living Word blend and blur faith
Do obedience to His Word do "good" works

Dear Pastor Warren,