The Invisible War

- a parable to help children

recognize and resist New Age deception

and "put on" the Armor of God



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The Armor

of God


Chapter 1 - The Mysterious Dog

Chapter 2 - The New Girl

Chapter 3 - The invisible Armor

Chapter 4 - A dangerous plan

Chapter 5 - Lost

Chapter 6 - The mysterious cabin

Chapter 7 - Alone

Chapter 8 - Sent by the King

Chapter 9 - The search begins

Chapter 10 - Cold, wet and hungry

Chapter 11 - The secret tunnel


Chapter 12 - A mysterious game

Chapter 13 - Under the river

Chapter 14 - Trapped

Chapter 15 - Captive

Chapter 16 - The King's Armor

Chapter 17 - Star

Chapter 18 - Tor

Chapter 19 - In enemy territory

Chapter 20 - Sasha's Owner

Chapter 21 - Escape

Chapter 22 - Free



 Review by Janet White

I like books that are non-fiction and fiction. Especially ones that explain spiritual warfare.   

One quote I found interesting in the book is:  

Truth: The King was stronger than anyone from Lucidia. He knew what to do.

Righteousness: His goodness was in her. He would help her follow His perfect plan.

Peace: With the King on her side, she didn't need to be afraid.

Faith: She would trust the King no matter what!

Salvation: The King who had made her part of His Kingdom would surely take care of her today.

The Sword which is Truth: "Don't be afraid, for I am with you always."

 When we put on the full armor of God we can fight against all these evils:

v against flesh and blood

v against principalities,

v against powers,

v against the rulers of the darkness of this world,

v against spiritual wickedness in high places.

 While others may not share my opinion, I found that each page holds the reader’s interest.

 And this is the kind of book that gives you the feeling “I can’t go to bed yet, even though it’s my bedtime…I need to know what happens next.”

 I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to put on the Armor of God. My mom always warns us not to walk around spiritually naked. And to read our Bible each day, before we get up. I thank God I have such a wonderful mom to guide me.

Before I read a book, I try to answer these questions to myself:        

Question: 1. How well does the author write, use language, illustrate her/his points?

Answer: Very well.

Question 2.  What age group is this book intended for?

Answer: Ages, seven through twelve.

 Question 3. Does the book succeed in what the author is trying to accomplish?

Answer: Yes.

 Question 4. Does the book give a “full-length” picture of the subject?

Answer: Very well.

 Question 5. Why did I review this book?

Answer: I like writing reviews.

 Question 6. Is the book from a biblical perspective?

Answer: Yes.


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