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A Dust Pan for Jesus

(South Africa)

   This is just one of my favorite stories in Missionary Stories with the Millers that I wanted to do a review on. There are so many wonderful stories in Missionary Stories with the Millers. I picked this story because I was touching by his sincerity in wanting to follow Christ. There are many others that are touching too, but this one is a happy story!

     This story in a nutshell is about a little boy (Tisese) in Africa, who truly wanted to serve the Lord with his whole life no matter what it cost. He later changed his name from Tisese (the-animal-which-runs-through-the-woods) to Dust Pan. He said he named himself that “because I want to be a dust pan, so that when I go home I may carry out the dirt from lives of my father, my family, and all my friends. I want to be a Dust Pan for Jesus!”   And he did tell his father about the Lord, which, I might add was one of the most famous witch doctors in that part of Africa, and usually killed more than six hundred people every year!

     And the story says much more things that Dust Pan did when he went with a Missionary, Raymond Bush.

     There are a few stories that are not age appropriate and might scare young children. I recommend this book; however, I think that the adults should read it before reading to young children. Some stories can be edited to make them more age-appropriate. Some stories, however, are better left to more mature readers.

     I hope that all the Christians in the world will strive to serve Christ, like little Dust Pan did.     

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