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Jessica's First Prayer

Hesba Stretton (who wrote Jessica’s First Prayer) was the daughter of a bookseller from Wellington, Shropshire, but around about 1867 she moved south and lived at Snaresbrook and Loughton near Epping Forest and at Ham, near Richmond, Surrey. Her moral tales and semi-religious stories, chiefly for the young and were printed in large quantities, and were especially widespread as school and Sunday school prizes, She won wide acceptance in English homes from the publication of Jessica’s First Prayer in 1867. She was a regular contributor to Household Words and all the Year Round during Charles Dickens’ editorship, and wrote more than of 40 novels! I still have yet to read The Rescue of Jessica’s Mother on London Bridge. I really liked Jessica’s First PrayerJ           

I plan to read the rest, especially The Rescue of Jessica’s Mother on London Bridge. This is a very touching story! What I liked about it was about how it shows the grace, mercy, and the amazing love of God! I think this is a very good book for children to read! And in Jessica’s First Prayer,& Rescue of Jessica’s Mother on London Bridge  the church does not think poor people may come in their church, and is only for rich people (Unlike today’s churches, poor children were not very welcome).  See what happens in these wonderful books. It is noteworthy to draw the reader’s attention to how Jessica strives to know and follow Him, even through all the painful obstacles she faces! Here are few inexpensive prices for lamplighter books:   

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