Faith Undone

Reviewed by Ivanna Hernandez

 June 15, 2012

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Roger Oakland’s book Faith Undone, uncovers what the emerging church is hiding under all the misleading emotions.

He explains in Faith Undone just where the emerging church is really leading those who connect with this “new reformation”…strait into the arms of the Roman Catholic church.

What the emerging church is saying is that we (Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Catholics) should all put aside our differences and become as one…after all, we all believe in the same God.

Roger Oakland quotes many people who are guiding many unassuming masses of people away from Christianity, leading them to believe that Christianity is being “rediscovered as an Eastern Religion.” This misleading community is bringing people who follow them to the same non-biblical conclusions the emerging church have.

Oakland covers contemplative spirituality and mysticism and how it all plays a huge part in the emergent church. Roger Oakland says:

“The salvation message of the emerging church in not found in doctrine but in dialog, not in truth but in discussion. In this sense, always searching but never finding is a trademark of the emerging church, because in the endless dialogue (conversation), the truth is never found.” Pg. 18

He also covers the issue of practicing yoga. Some people claim that yoga draws them closer to Jesus, a way to connect with the Holy Spirit…Oakland discusses why this is also misleading. He also covers much, much more subjects.

I discovered things I never knew about the emergent church. It is hugely rooted in mysticism, quite a bit of catholic traditions are being used inside of what they call the emerging church. I am very glad I have this book, as it really brings into focus how dangerous the emerging church really is above the outward appearances.

Roger Oakland uses Scripture for references to back up what he states, where as the emergent church does not but is, instead of using Scripture to base its views, following teachings taken from mysticism and the Roman Catholic Church.

Sadly, leaders of the emerging church are deceiving many Christians, leading them away from Jesus Christ without them knowing it. Many are just sleeping, not aware of what is going on. This book brought into view that the emerging church is not what it appears to be. He covers a lot more subjects that are also very eye-opening and well worth reading about.

Roger Oakland explains where the emergent church originated; it is all-in-all a very enlightening book on the subjects revolving around the emerging church, bringing into the light what the emerging church goal really is. I would strongly recommend the book for pre-teens and up. A rare find in this day and age!

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