Treasures of the Snow


Reviewed by Ivanna Hernandez

 April 5, 2012

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For the family

Missionary Stories


This dramatic video is about a boy who tries to earn forgiveness for a foolish act that he did on a cliff while teasing Annette’s little brother, Danny.

The family soon finds out that Danny is missing and was last seen with Lucien (who is 13). Later they discover that Danny has fallen off the side of the cliff.

Soon after bringing him back home, Annette spreads gossip in school of what Lucien has done to Danny, making him a cripple. All the kids in school shun Lucien and make him feel all the more guilty for what he has done to Danny. And as the days go by, Annette keeps on nursing her hatred for Lucien.

Sad and rejected, Lucien seeks solitude high in the Swiss mountains. There, an old wood carver finds and befriends the poor outcast.

Lucien learns that he has a talent for creating beautiful things with wood. The woodcarver shows him how to use his tools, and Lucien soon carves an amazing Noah’s Ark filled with little animals for Danny.

He comes to Annette and says that it’s for Danny, but she tells him she won’t let him have anything to do with Danny ever again!

This movie has a great meaning. It really shows what friendship and forgiveness means! I fell in love with the way Patricia St. John wrote the story. This is without doubt a video for the whole family to watch together and enjoy, and a great lesson for all who watch Treasures of the Snow!


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