The World, the Flesh and the devil


Eph 2  Trinity - just have to accept it! N!

Understand the interrelated makeup of the Godhead. The oneness of the Godhead.

World: Devil made me do it! .... with the world.

Don't under-estimate sin. We are hemmed in on all sides.

Radical nature of our (sinfulness) -- and our salvation

Saved from....  By?

Ephesians 2:1-10

"you were dead in your trespasses....passion of the flesh... i

in which .... following the "practices of the air..."

But God (!)  made us alive together in Christ. By Grace : a gift of God (1-3, 4...)

3 main initiatives: (1). 1:22. He put all their .... Christ's hardship over His Body.

19-20. no longer strangers and ....alive

not grief the HS. (builds us up in unity)

3:20 - glory (yet we're under the sway of the devil) Desires are under satan

World: follow the course of this world

Rom. 12. Do not be pressed into this world

Does the fish know he is wet?  Not until you take him out.

Subtle adjustments

Lie in system opposed to God. Devil - demonic realm - influenced....

The midst (or mind) of mankind. Broad gate and narrow gate.

World and devil: give us what we want (in the flesh)

Confession: we are opposed to good, inclined to evil. or devil

You rested in them...

Baby- angry happens early. Sinners don't know they are inners. You need to be saved from the wrath of God

Put God - by grace you've been saved.  You dead and dead man don't understand if precious from God


Born again - supernatural grace 

"let him be anthem.

We do not understand that the world and devil are participating? with us.  blessed with .... 6 raised us up to heavenly places

Eph 6:12 - not wrestle against flesh and blood

not to fear the devil but who rules that ... not fear. we are in Christ ...

8-10 From grace.... no one must

Eph 6:8-10 we were dead - now alive in Christ

falling world and prince and power of the earth.....

recreated, His workmanship

Understand the radical nature of depravity...

I Christ we have all we need---0

Chapter 6:    But God bring rich in mercy....


You don't know what you don't know

I'm not (obey or what) if you think I am, your not ... Every day I need to be....

If I'm not careful I can still be comfortable in the world.


Understand our depravity -- magnitude of our salvation.

Way of de..., flesh and the devil

I'm not afraid. Have dual citizenship , belong to Christ.

That Christ a be formed in us, sanctification continues (desire for the things of.... Christ glorified. Redeem and find...