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Today's  News  ~   September 11, 2017

     Note from Berit:  Most of the news items below illustrate the challenges Christians will face in a world that's growing increasingly hostile to Biblical values. We hope the information will encourage you to stand firm in God's Truth - no matter how great the pressure to compromise.

Please pray for

 Persecuted Christians

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"Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against  ... the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."  Ephesians 6:10

"Please pray for America, for our children and their faith, and for persecuted Christians and Jews in these challenging  times. Though surrounded by evil, we find victory and peace in our beloved Shepherd!

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Crisis.  America's Shifting Religious Landscape: White Christians Now the Minority: Four decades ago, about 80 percent of Americans were white Christians. The change comes from immigration and because more and more people are rejecting organized religion altogether. About one-quarter of Americans don't identify with any faith group. And while white mainline denominations are shrinking, the percentage of white evangelical Americans has declined as well. Please pray for America!


Environment.  ‘Catastrophic hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, terrorism, nuclear threats. Is God trying to tell us something?  Hurricane Harvey drops 33 trillion gallons of rainfall on the U.S.  Experts say the floods are a once-in-a-thousand-years event. Now Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida. Historic, sustained winds of at least 185 miles-per-hour. Devastation in the Caribbean has been catastrophic. Experts say Florida and other American states could face the same. Then there’s the horrific, out-of-control wildfires raging across the Pacific Northwest Countless that are “creating apocalypse-like conditions in numerous Western states.


Spiritual Warfare.  BREAKING: Soros Caught Helping Kim Jong-Un: George Soros, the owner of one of the deepest and most secretive wallets in the Democrat Party, may have finally extended his reach too far. He is helping North Korea and Kim Jong-un. Refuse Fascism, a group funded by Soros, is attempting to pull the Democrats away from working in the interests of the United States.... Despite Kim Jong-un threatening nuclear annihilation, Refuse Fascism has much bigger “goals.”  ... they also have a completely distorted opinion on Jong-un threatening American territory with nuclear weapons that could annihilate Guam, the US mainland, or anywhere in between.


Faith.  Millennials find unity, strength in Christ: This past week, our Florida barrier island home was invaded by 10 “twentysomethings.” I say “invaded” because their laughter, energy and noise gloriously shattered my solitude. ... These amazing young people defy the stereotype of their generation. They are accomplished, hard-working and thoughtful. Their speech is respectful and wise. No drugs, no cursing, no drunkenness. ... Their love for each other springs from the love of Christ. See In joy or pain, our course is onward still


Conspiracy?  How to take away freedom in the name of freedom: Communist goals included: Eliminate prayer... on the ground that it violates the principle of ‘separation of church and state.’ … Discredit American culture. … Discredit the family as an institution. ... Infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with ‘social’ religion. … Discredit the Bible… Control schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Human Nature?  Dinesh D'Souza exposes shocking Hitler-related past of George Soros.

Spiritual Warfare.  'Rise of fascism'? It's already entrenched on left: Violent gangs of left-wing radicals known as “antifa” have been attacking Christians or conservatives whom they consider “racist” or “fascist.” But, now, some conservatives are organizing in self-defense, and the war is erupting in the streets. The focal point is Berkeley, California, home of the free speech movement and now the site of repeated battles between antifa and conservatives.


Revolution?  'Ideological Coup' By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House: Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law), it should be pointed out, has a well documented history of donating to Democrats; including Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Robert Mendez (D-NJ). See Depravity


Education. 'You will see riots': U.S. told to brace for 'messy' campus unrest: As colleges and universities prepare for the return of students in the coming weeks, one of the few administrators willing to criticize the tidal wave of intellectual intolerance on campus is expecting “a mess” when the new semester dawns. Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Dr. Everett Piper ... wrote an opinion column decrying universities for coddling student demands for safe spaces.... He is now author of “Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth.

Faith.  My High Tower: Seeing the World from His perspective: My strong Tower rises high above the ground, offering an entirely new view of earth and its people. Its lofty shelter offers me peace and safety in the midst of all kinds of struggles. Whether I stand at the top or hide within His impenetrable walls, the troubles and turmoil of the world cannot reach me. Jesus is that unshakable Tower. See "Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him." Psalm 2:12

Faith. A Little Girl Gives Coins To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return - YouTube


Corruption.  Left vilifies Trump as world burns: These latent white haters, with all of their support for Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers Party and Louis Farrakhan and his evil Nation of Islam, regrettably served as a recruiting tool for white nationalists, Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America


Islam.  The Media Won't Show You How Muslim Refugees Destroyed Europe: ... all throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Middle Eastern, Muslim, Islamic migrants have been pillaging, plowing and raping their way across the continent for the better part of two years now and it's become so bad that the mainstream media won't even report on it anymore. See Plots to Rule an Islamic World 


Crisis. The Death Of A Nation: The violence at Charlottesville, the pulling down of a Confederate memorial by a mob in Durham, the removal of four monuments from Baltimore.... It’s no coincidence that the same forces that want to bring Trump down and also redefine our country’s identity coincide almost entirely with those who want America aggressively to impose «our values« – meaning their values – on the globe.


Faith.  Trump Economy BOOMS Despite Political & Media Establishment Fighting Against Him: While the Establishment Media and politicians have been wasting time with fabricated Russian conspiracies and personal taunts against POTUS Trump and his administration, just the thought of some of Mr. Trump’s policies becoming reality is enough to send the U.S. economy into a growth spurt not seen in years. Imagine if Congress would actually get behind this president’s America-first policies? How many millions more would find jobs, self-sufficiency, and become contributing members of a better and greater society?  See In joy or pain, our course is onward still


Lawlessness.  Ben Carson says his home was vandalized with 'hateful rhetoric about President Trump': "....recently our home in Virginia along with that of a neighbor was vandalized by people who also wrote hateful rhetoric about President Trump. ... Hatred and bigotry unfortunately still exists in our country and we must all continue to fight it, but let's use the right tools. ...learn to be neighborly.... See The fall and rise of human violence


Corruption.  McCain, Romney, and Rubio Join the Republicans for Antifa Club: On Tuesday evening, three prominent Republicans — Senator John McCain, Senator Marco Rubio, and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney — endorsed the left-wing media’s preferred narrative and embraced the masked thugs of Antifa as heroes. McCain and Romney used almost identical language, bending their knees to the media narrative that only two factions were present in Charlottesville during the awful events of last weekend: white supremacist Nazis and “Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry.” See  Spiritual Warfare


Conspiracy?  To The Press, The Pols And The Rest: The press and now lawmakers are openly advocating for the complete breakdown of civil society — they are stating by the droves that violence in response to mere speech that one finds offensive yet has the protection of the First Amendment is not only worthy of said violence.... There has only been one person thus far — President Trump — with the [courage] to make the statement in public that violence in response to speech is never acceptable. ... He’s right...!  See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

War?  North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has decided not to launch a threatened missile attack on Guam, Pyongyang’s state media reported on Tuesday, but warned that he could change his mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions.” See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

Education. Hamas is on Your College Campus! Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) are taking more and more prominent roles in political debates on North American college campuses. They leave little to the imagination about their ultimate goal, as their chant makes clear, “From the Jordan to the sea, Palestine will be free...” What a tragedy! How can we fight for our children and homeland?

Lawlessness. One million illegals managed to get driver’s licenses in California… and of course they illegally VOTE, too: California joins 12 states and the District of Columbia that allows immigrants to receive a driver’s license without any proof that they arrived in the country legally. See Loving evil


Islam. Undercover Video Catches What Muslims Have Quietly Been Doing In Michigan For Months: A siege is currently taking place slowly and quietly.... The first city to fall is Hamtramck, Michigan. But soon after it will be Dearborn, Michigan. ...the top three vote-getters were Muslim... If we don’t comply, then we are branded as “Infidels” and are to be exterminated.... See Plots to Rule an Islamic World 

Taking a Stand.  Homeless man gives money to rich guy, what happens next will make you cry - YouTube.


Faith.  The Invisible War & the Victory of the Cross


Faith.  No God? Not according to every state constitution:America, America, God shed His grace on thee, And crown they good With brotherhood From sea to shining sea.'” “America. the Beautiful” was referred to by President Ronald Reagan in meeting South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan, Nov. 14, 1983: “At the worship service Sunday morning with our soldiers … less than a mile from one of the most tyrannical regimes on Earth… a choir of little girls… all orphans… closing the service, singing “America, the Beautiful” in our language....” See Trusting God as Freedom Fades


Spiritual Warfare. Trump's real enemy is not of this world: Since Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, the American left seems to have lost its mind. Violent protests in the streets and attacks on Trump supporters. ... Pastor Carl Gallups ...contends the opposition to Trump is demonic. See  Please pray for our president!

Religion.  WHAT? Now Hillary Clinton Wants To Be A Pastor? According to Clinton’s longtime pastor, Hillary says that she wants to start preaching. Considering the fact that she stands in direct opposition to just about everything that the Bible says, it is hard to imagine her doing this with a straight face.’ See Heresy in High Places


War? This Is The Closest That The U.S. Has Been To Nuclear War Since The Cuban Missile Crisis: North Korea has successfully created a miniaturized nuclear warhead, and last month they tested a missile that can reach at least half of the continental United States. ... Let us pray that a way can be found to derail North Korea’s nuclear program that does not involve us going to war.


Education. A program of Islamic indoctrination called ‘Access Islam’ is being forced on American public school students, grades 5 – 12: The initial phase of the program involves the basic tenets of Islam, called the five pillars of Islam. Teachers instruct students to ‘Create a poster about 5 Pillars of Islam to be displayed in classroom and around the school.' See Plots to Rule an Islamic World?


The Old Cross and The New.  "Unannounced and mostly undetected there has come in modern times a new cross into popular evangelical circles. It is like the old cross, but different: the likenesses are superficial: the differences, fundamental. From this new cross has sprung a new philosophy of the Christian life, and from that new philosophy has come a new kind of preaching.... "The old cross would have no truck with the world."


Conspiracy.  Trump REAL news headlines enemedia blackout: Look at what this man has accomplished in just seven short months. But you would never know it if you watch establishment left-wing media. ... It was never about Russia — that was the net to ensnare him. ... This wide-ranging, anything-goes investigation impaneling a grand jury is a real witch hunt.  Please pray for our president!


The next two articles are important! Please pray for our land and for wisdom for our president!  


Lawlessness. College Removes 9/11 Memorial of American Flags: "Southern Methodist University prevented a student group from prominently displaying a 9/11 memorial that featured almost 3,000 American flags to honor those slain.

Faith. Trump Cabinet’s Weekly Bible Study May Be First Such White House Gathering in 100 Years: The Trump Cabinet’s weekly Bible study meetings, composed of the most influential lawmakers in the country, may be the first such gathering in 100 years... bringing the Bible back to the White House in a way not seen in a century.  "Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him." Psalm 2:12

Biblical versus Cultural Christianity - What would you choose?   


Faith.  Who Shapes Our Conscience and defines RIGHT or WRONG?  In former times, the Christian conscience played a leading role in American schools and families. Parents who trusted God treasured His Word and taught it to their children. With His Word imprinted on their conscience, they would know WHOM to follow when faced with a challenge. See  Standing Firm!


Globalism?  American Sharia: Google bows to Muslim pressure, changes search results to conceal criticism of Islam and jihad: Could it be that those who are pressuring Google want to conceal certain truths about Islam that they would prefer that non-Muslims not know?


False History.  'Young Marxist' Clubs Sprouting Up Across the Country: Students at Edina High School in Minnesota received an invitation... to join the school’s newest, student-led group: the Young Marxists Club...” See Spiritual Warfare


Islam.  SHARIA LAW Has Completely Taken Over Dearborn, Michigan - YouTube


Treason in the Church - Trading Truth for a "Social Gospel"


Rage.  The New 'Social Justice Movement' - Why Colleges Are the Breeding Ground for Anti-Semitism: They threatened their Jewish class mates. They chanted "gas them, burn them..." Those swastikas that were hung up on campus buildings? See Rise of Human Violence


Note from Berit:  In 1996, I was sent as a reporter and representative from America to the global UN Conference in Istanbul. The article below describes the conference. For two weeks I interviewed top global elites, and some were not pleased. As a Christian, I wore my cross daily and soon realized that my faith was not welcomed by the global hierarchy. Today, many American elites are siding with the globalists, and I trust and pray that our Lord will reign in the spiritual battles ahead. May He guide and protect this nation we love! 


Globalism.  The U.N. Plan For Global Control: The Habitat II Agenda


Biblical versus Cultural Christianity  


Conscience?  Difference Between Presidents Trump and Obama?  President Obama increased the US debt in his first 6 months by $1 Trillion more than President Trump! As of today, President Trump has decreased the US Debt since his inauguration by (-$103) Billion. See Who shapes our conscience?

Education. The UN Seizure of Parental Rights


Faith. More Christian Refugees Arriving under Trump than Muslims: Under President Donald Trump, more Christian refugees have been admitted to the United States in the first six months of 2017 than Muslim refugees. ... nearly 9,600 refugees who are affiliated with the Christian faith have been resettled in the U.S.... See Taking a Stand!


Conspiracy?  Mark Levin: ‘We Are Being Defeated from Within’: ... America is “being defeated from within” by a “progressive” ideology that rejects the basic and inalterable principles of natural law and God-given rights upon which the United States of America was founded. See Trusting God as Freedom Fades

Faith. Who Shapes Our Conscience and defines RIGHT or WRONG?

Signs of the Times.  Biblical versus Cultural Christianity  

Deception. SHOCKER! Pope Calls Jesus and the Bible a LIE!


Taking a Stand!  If We Don't Fight For It, The Liberal World Order Is Going To Kill Our Way Of Life: ...their progressive agenda is diametrically opposed to the values and the principles that this country was founded upon.   In joy or pain, our course is onward still


Education. The Danger of “Public” Education


History.  Rewriting American History: George Orwell said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” See Hating Truth and Primed for Deception!


Conscience?  Trading Truth for a "Social Gospel":  Infiltration and deception have been tools of conspirators through the ages, and the Church has been a primary target! ...God warns us that "the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." (1 John 5:19) One of his most effective schemes is to redefine God's Word and divert Christians from His unchanging Truth to man's shifting wants.... See Who shapes our conscience?

Faith.  Video: Men Like These. A former Special Forces soldier in Mosul runs, unharmed through an ISIS-fire zone to rescue an Iraqi child. (Hear the story and thank God for such selfless courage!)


Global War on Christian Values - Part 1 


"Do not fear...  for the Lord your God is the One fighting for you."  Deuteronomy 3:22




Military Service.  US Army reduced to smallest size since WWII (Video)


Victory.  The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...


Faith.  Eyes Of Man - Don Francisco

Genocide.  Syria: Christians Are Being Killed for Refusing to Deny Jesus, Staying Behind to Help Victims (Interview): A Christian pastor says the country is "being torn apart" in the midst of civil war, with Christians being killed for choosing to follow Jesus and staying behind to help victims. many as 700,000 people, including 300,000 children, remain trapped." See Preparing for Persecution

Conspiracy?  Universities ‘Weed Out’ Right-Wing Scholars, Says Report: Only one point of view is allowed — and that view includes a welcoming attitude toward jihad terror. See Trusting God as Freedom Fades  

29 Reasons Norway Is The Most Beautiful Scandinavian Country. I was born in Norway a month before Hitler's armies took over our country in 1940. During the five years of war my father was a leader in the "underground resistance." He was captured near the end of the war when a group of Nazis surrounded our apartment in Oslo during the night. I woke up (almost 5 years old), ran into our living room and asked the Nazi to show me his gun. He pulled it out, and I grabbed it and ran toward the stairway to the attic. Naturally, I was caught. My father was taken to Grini, a cruel Nazi concentration camp. ... A few years later, my "godmother" - a wonderful missionary on a short furlough spent an evening with me to teach me about God, His Word and the comfort of His presence. I knew no other Christians -- until we moved to America a few years later. Thank You, Lord.

Faith.  André Rieu - Nearer, My God, to Thee

"....give thanks to the LORD for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for mankind, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”  Psalm 107:8-9

The section below deals largely with the occult practices and powers of Saul Alinsky, the Clintons, the Bohemian Grove, and Skull & Bones. You can find more information on the occult here: Occult

Wikileaks Email Links Hillary Clinton To Bohemian Grove: A new Wikileaks hacked email directly links Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger to the Bohemian Grove, mentioning the notorious occult playground of the globalist elite by name.. See Reviving Witchcraft

(Magnificent performance)

Dreams from my Real Father: "...Frank Marshall Davis joined the Communist Party and began writing for The Chicago Star. He was a colleague of journalist Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law of Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett. ... [On] August 4, 1961, Frank Marshall Davis became the father of the future 44th President of the United States [Obama] and indoctrinated him with a Marxist ideology. See "Rules for Radicals' by Saul Alinsky and Partering with Obama 

Wikileaks Email Links Hillary Clinton To Bohemian Grove: A new Wikileaks hacked email directly links Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger to the Bohemian Grove, mentioning the notorious occult playground of the globalist elite by name.. See Reviving Witchcraft

Behind the anti-Trump Disruptors, the Fine Hands of Alinsky and Obama: "In Saul Alinsky’s 1971 book Rules for Radicals, the late author could have been describing Obama’s last seven years in office."

Bush, Beliefs & Elusive Bonesmen  (John Kerry - also a member of Skull & Bones): "President George W. Bush.... Skull & Bones has trained three generations of the Bush family: Prescott Bush [How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power], his son George W. H. Bush, and his grandson George W. Bush.... The story begins at Yale (with)... -- espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies..." ("..the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." 1 John 5:19)


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