Feb. 20,2016

CATEGORY . Senator warns Canada tripling Syrian refugee flow: “... it would take about 62 months for Canada to properly vet a refugee. Now they’re going to triple the number they’re going to let in, and they’re going to do it in less than 12 months. ...I’m a little concerned that maybe Islamic terrorists could infiltrate that flow of refugees and then come across that very porous northern border.'

    "...the testimony of experts to the Senate homeland security committee on Feb. 3, found that only 300 U.S. border-patrol agents are on duty at any given time along the vast U.S.-Canadian border, which is the longest undefended international border in the world.... See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Report: "Nearly 90,000 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Released Last Year: "...based on internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement data, in FY 2015 Immigration and Customs Enforcement encountered 152,393 criminal illegal immigrants but charged just 64,116 with immigration violations. Another 88,000 of those illegal immigrant criminals encountered by ICE were not placed in deportation proceedings. ...even more criminal aliens are released by local jails, despite immigration requests for local authorities to hold deportable criminal aliens." See ARTICLE


MCATEGORY . China is quickly becoming one of the world's biggest arms exporters: "China has invested billions developing its homegrown weapons industry to support its growing maritime ambitions in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.... The U.S. and Russia saw weapons exports grow by 27 percent and 28 percent respectively, while exports of major arms by France and Germany, the fourth and fifth largest weapons exporters, fell over the same period." See ARTICLE


1MCATEGORY . Students given 'convert to Islam' homework: "...the teacher... said to students in her written directions: 'Focus: How would it make you feel having to tell your parents this? How would/could they react?' She then added this disclaimer to the assignment: “YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY CONVERTING TO ISLAM. It is purely to test your knowledge of what we have learnt this year and how well you can argue objectively!!!!'  But the assignment ignited a firestorm, especially as it came just a few months after officials learned Islamists were trying to take over several area schools and drive out staffers who weren’t of the Muslim belief. Then... students were told to sing: 'This is their fight, spread Islam now, prove they’re right'.” See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Senator warns Canada tripling Syrian refugee flow: “... it would take about 62 months for Canada to properly vet a refugee. Now they’re going to triple the number they’re going to let in, and they’re going to do it in less than 12 months. ...I’m a little concerned that maybe Islamic terrorists could infiltrate that flow of refugees and then come across that very porous northern border.'

    "...the testimony of experts to the Senate homeland security committee on Feb. 3, found that only 300 U.S. border-patrol agents are on duty at any given time along the vast U.S.-Canadian border, which is the longest undefended international border in the world.... See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Moscow on the Mediterranean: "Russia has moved nearly 30 fighter jets, 14 helicopter gunships, a substantial number of T-90 tanks, and artillery into Syria. They have placed numerous S-300 surface to air missiles in country as well. Armored personnel carriers are on the ground and there are enough containerized housing units in place to house at least 1,500 soldiers....  One thing is certain, Russia is successfully dictating the geopolitical status quo in the Middle East and by default….becoming the military powerhouse in the region almost overnight." See ARTICLE


Friday October 16-17


We're all Criminals and Outlaws in the American Police State

[Video] Border Patrol Agent: The Real Story on Surge of Illegals


CATEGORY . 'More Child Abuse Cases to Come to Light' Says Top UK Police Officer: "Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of Norfolk Police claims that the problem is far bigger than had been previously thought with up to 600,000 children having suffered sexual abuse at some point.... 'We don’t know for sure. But I think it’s tens of thousands of victims of an appalling crime.' He also claimed that other professionals, including teachers and doctors, should take more responsibility over detecting signs of abuse, saying that child sex crimes have for 'too long been a hidden crime.' Bodies representing these professions hit back, saying that they were 'not social services or the police.'” See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Obama Readies Unconstitutional Executive Order to Send National Guard to Liberia : Obama’s repeated use of executive orders to bypass Congress and the American people has created a constitutional crisis in America. The number of orders signed is truly staggering. The reservists will be assigned to build 17 Ebola treatment centers with 100 beds apiece. The Pentagon is urging Obama to sign the order to speed up deployments and send troops as required by the Department of Defense. Pressing the National Guard into service to “fight Ebola” is yet another example of the further militarization of so-called humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid, however, may be used as a cover for geostrategic imperative, as Aaron Klein of WND.com noted earlier this week. See ARTICLE


CATEGORY .   U.S. Army warns of potential 'airborne' Ebola: "To make the point about airborne transmission of VHF viruses, including Ebola, USAMRID says all persons entering the patient’s room should wear double gloves, impermeable gowns with leg and shoe coverings for contact isolation, eye protection and HEPA (N-95) masks or positive-pressure air-purifying respirators (PARRS). See ARTICLE


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.crossroad.to/Persecution/Martyrs/1-gospel-in-bonds.htm Rage and Death. Letter Threatens To Behead Elementary School Students In 3 RI Communities: "Warwick’s police chief says a threat to elementary school students in three communities mentioned beheading. Col. Steven McCartney tells WPRO-AM that the threat specified that 'beheading is planned.'" See The fall and rise of human violence


CATEGORY . Obama administration failed to implement all of the CDC’s advice to prevent an Ebola outbreak: The Centers for Disease Control told the incoming Obama administration in 2008 that it should establish 18 regional disease detection centers around the world to adequately safeguard the U.S. from emerging health threats like Ebola, according to an agency memo. But six years later, as the government struggles to contain the fallout from a deadly Ebola outbreak at home and abroad, the CDC still has only 10 centers — and none of them operates in the western Africa region hardest hit by the deadly virus. See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Ebola Outbreak: The Latest U.S. Government Lies. The Risk of Airborne Contagion?  "From the 9/30 CDC statement: “People are not contagious after exposure unless they develop symptoms.” This is a lie for three basic reasons. First, the studies that inform the CDC’s professed certainty on this issue relied upon analyses of previous outbreaks of then-known known Ebola variants. The current strain, as stated here early on, is novelgenetically as well as geographically. Second, the distinction between 'incubation' and 'visible symptoms' is a continuum, not discrete in nature....

     "Third, as even rank amateurs at statistics know, previous outbreaks have consisted of too few cases to confidently rule out small but consequential probabilities of asymptomatic transmission...." See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Why a Public Ban on a Christian Prayer Service? : TEXT See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . UN document would give 'Mother Earth' same rights as humans : Bolivia will this month table a draft United Nations treaty giving "Mother Earth" the same rights as humans — having just passed a domestic law that does the same for bugs, trees and all other natural things in the South American country. The bid aims to have the UN recognize the Earth as a living entity that humans have sought to "dominate and exploit" — to the point that the "well-being and existence of many beings" is now threatened.... That document speaks of the country's natural resources as 'blessings,' and grants the Earth a series of specific rights that include rights to life, water and clean air; the right to repair livelihoods affected by human activities; and the right to be free from pollution. "It also establishes a Ministry of Mother Earth, and provides the planet with an ombudsman whose job is to hear nature's complaints as voiced by activist and other groups, including the state." ... " In indigenous Andean culture, the Earth deity known as Pachamama is the centre of all life, and humans are considered equal to all other entities. See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . The Universal Declaration Of The Rights Of Mother Earth : Imagine if there was a United Natures of all species! Bolivia was the first country to pass a resolution which put the issue of Mother Earth rights as an item on the UN agenda. The Framework Law on Mother Earth and Integral Development for Living Well, in effect since Oct. 15, 2012, outlines principles for making a shift from classic development models to an integral model “in harmony and balance with nature, recovering and strengthening local and ancestral knowledge and wisdom.” (1) See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth : Preamble: We, the peoples and nations of Earth: considering that we are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interrelated and interdependent beings with a common destiny; gratefully acknowledging that Mother Earth is the source of life, nourishment and learning and provides everything we need to live well.... recognizing that the capitalist system and all forms of depredation, exploitation, abuse and contamination have caused great destruction, degradation and disruption of Mother Earth, putting life as we know it today at risk through phenomena such as climate change; convinced that in an interdependent living community it is not possible to recognize the rights of only human beings without causing an imbalance within Mother Earth; affirming that to guarantee human rights it is necessary to recognize and defend the rights of Mother Earth ... conscious of the urgency of taking decisive, collective action to transform structures and systems that cause climate change and other threats to Mother Earth; proclaim this Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, and call on the General Assembly of the United Nation to adopt it... See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Obama DHS Now EXPEDITING Visa Requests From Ebola-Infected Countries : the USCIS has been waiving fees, expediting the immigration process, and allowing extensions of visas for anyone coming from the three designated Ebola-stricken countries, provided that they are in the United States. See ARTICLE


~~~CATEGORY . Fury unleashed over city's assault on pastors : "A move by Houston officials to bolster their defense of a 'non-discrimination' ordinance by issuing subpoenas demanding pastors turn over sermons dealing with homosexuality has stirred such an outrage across America that 1,000 people per hour were signing a petition in opposition. ... The latest total was nearly 38,000 names. "The signers are standing “unapologetically” with the Houston pastors whose sermons were subpoenaed, and their churches are calling on the city of Houston “to retract their demands and issue a clear statement in support of the free speech of all people.” "...Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s office has filed a subpoena demanding that five pastors who oppose the ordinance turn over sermons, emails, text messages and even communications with members of their congregations. "The petition says Parker “has breached the wall of separation between the state and the church.” “This attack on religious freedom and the freedom of speech should be universally repudiated by all Americans who value our constitutional freedoms,” the petition says.... "An analysis from the Media Research Center found broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC had “completely censored” news of Parker’s attempt to obtain the sermons." See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Nigeria Says Reaches Deal with Boko Haram over Abducted Girls : "Nigeria's government has reached a deal with Islamic militant group Boko Haram for a cease-fire and the release of around 200 girls kidnapped six months ago from a school in the northeast town of Chibok.... The girls have remained in captivity ever since, although police and a parent of some of the missing students said last month one of the girls had been released. "President Goodluck Jonathan has been pilloried at home and abroad for his slow response to the kidnapping and for his inability to quell the violence by the Islamist militants, seen as the biggest security threat to Africa's biggest economy." "Boko Haram, whose name roughly translates as 'Western education is sinful', has killed thousands of people in a five-year insurgency aimed at creating an Islamic caliphate in the vast scrubland of Nigeria's impoverished northeast. See ARTICLE




CATEGORY . Rand Paul says Ebola can travel from 3 feet : U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky told a group of college students Wednesday the deadly virus Ebola can spread from a person who has the disease to someone standing three feet away and said the White House should be honest about that. "His comments directly conflict with statements from world health authorities who have dealt with Ebola outbreaks since 1976. ...he called Ebola 'incredibly contagious' and suggested it could spread at a cocktail party attended by someone who is symptomatic.... See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . White House on Ebola Czar: We Weren’t Looking For An Ebola Expert : After a CNN reporter asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest what experience “Ebola Czar” Ron Klain has with Ebola, Earnest said the White House wasn’t looking for an expert on Ebola. “... what we were looking for is not an Ebola expert but rather an ‘implementation expert,’ and that’s exactly what Ron Klain is...” ... "In other words, the federal official heading up the federal response to Ebola knows nothing about the disease. "...President Obama appointed Klain, a Democratic Party insider and former Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden, to lead the nation’s Ebola response." See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . U.S. Soldiers Get Just Four Hours of Ebola Training : Soldiers preparing for deployment to West Africa are given just four hours of Ebola-related training before leaving to combat the epidemic. And the first 500 soldiers to arrive have been holing up in Liberian hotels and government facilities while the military builds longer-term infrastructure on the ground.... "...soldiers being told that Ebola “basically causes your body to eat itself from the inside out” and that Ebola is “worse” than what soldiers encountered in Afghanistan. Others reportedly heard that the disease is “catastrophic” and “frightening… with a high fatality rate,” though the chances of contracting it are low. “I’ll be honest with you,” one soldier told the newspaper. “I’m kind of scared.” See ARTICLE



CATEGORY . Islamic Burial Rituals Blamed For Spread Of Ebola : Before the body is buried, Muslims attending the funeral typically pass a common bowl for use in ablution or washing of the face, feet and hands, compounding the risk of infection. Though these customs are prescribed by Shariah law, they're extremely dangerous and should be suspended. Mosque leaders must step in to educate village Muslims about the dangers of interacting with corpses. Ebola victims can be more contagious dead than alive. Their bodies are covered in rashes, blood and other fluids containing the virus. See ARTICLE


http://www.blackoutusa.com/vsl/index_nep.php http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/TV+Shows/The+National/ID/2549104699/

CATEGORY . Interview with Peter Piot, co-discoverer of Ebola : TEXT See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . How Ebola Aerosolized in Pigs Could Kill Millions : Up until today I’ve been moderately sanguine about Ebola outside of some poverty struck African countries with compromised health care systems... The main danger is incompetence and austerity, as with the CDC and Texas fumbling their Ebola cases. No more. Ebola is aerosolized in pigs. ... In any country where large numbers of people live cheek and jowl with their pigs, this is potentially explosive. And if it does explode that way, well, some of those people will wind up traveling to your first world country while asymptomatic (or while with a light fever). See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . It's Starting: Russians and Chinese Are Ditching the Dollar and Europeans Are Using Renminbi in Their Reserves : "From the throne of the world’s reserve currency, the Federal Reserve, with the power to print the US dollar, feels dangerously omnipotent. "They can get away with just about anything. For now. The central bankers get to print dollars and spend them at current prices, before the stuff hits the wider market and diminishes its overall value.... "New alliances are being made, this time to dethrone the dollar. Just this week yet another currency swap agreement was made between the Chinese and Russian central banks. This time for 150 billion renminbi. See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Human Rights Group Tells Pakistan Supreme Court "Expedite Asia Bibi Hearing" : In my many years of reporting on the persecuted church, I cannot recall a human rights decision as bad and cowardly as the one handed down today (Thursday, October 16, 2014), by the Pakistani High Court in Lahore, who confirmed that Asia Bibi will hang for her so-called blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad ....But her real nightmare began in June 2009, when Asia was harvesting falsa berries with a group of other farmhands in a field in Sheikhupura. She was asked at one point to fetch water from a nearby well; she complied but stopped to take a drink from an old metal cup she had found lying next to the well. A neighbor...saw her and angrily told her that it was forbidden for a Christian to drink the same water as a Muslim, and some of the other workers considered her to be unclean because she was a Christian. "Some arguments ensued, and Asia later recounted that, when they made derogatory statements about her religion, she responded by saying, “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Muhammad, ever do to save mankind?” That's when the uproar began.... "Then in November 2010, her trial took place and a Sheikhupura judge sentenced her to death. Her death sentence drew international outrage and strong condemnation from human rights groups....Her case has also led to two high profile murders, further illustrating the intensity of religious feeling in Pakistan....Taseer, himself a Muslim, had angered religious hardliners by defending Asia Bib. He also called for the amendment of the law to prevent its misuse, and was brutally assassinated in Islamabad on January 4, 2011.... "...we have two brave Pakistani leaders, one a Muslim, the other a Christian, murdered for speaking out, and a poor mother sentenced to be hung for daring to stand up for Jesus. What sort of justice is this See ARTICLE


Persecution. World Ignores Exodus from Islamic World: "...It is to the media's shame that those who slaughter, behead, crucify and displace people for no other reason than that they are Christian rarely get media coverage, while Israel, which kills only in the context of trying to defend itself from rocket attacks and terrorism, and not out of religious bigotry, is constantly demonized. ... While the world fixates on the conflict between Israel and Hamas—and while most mainstream media demonize Israel for trying to survive amid a sea of Arab-Islamic hostility—similar or worse tragedies continue to go virtually ignored." http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/4572/christian-exodus-islamic-world

CATEGORY . Police State: Obama Planning Mass Arrests? "Is the Obama regime preparing for mass arrests of Americans? Some indicators suggest this is a real possibility. It has all the laws it needs to imprison anyone should it plan to make mass arrests (thanks, Congress, for the unconstitutional Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act). It has illegally compiled lists of some 8 million names, (thank you, FBI and NSA). It has vast stockpiles of weapons and bullets, (salute the Pentagon!) It has $385 million worth of new dormitories (i.e., prisons?) tucked away on military bases called “National Emergency Centers” "President Obama has gone so far down the totalitarian road, American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) Executive Director Anthony Romero proclaimed, “I am disgusted with this president…it’s (his) policies on civil liberties and national security issues I’m disgusted by.” See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Ebola outbreak: Spread of deadly disease across Europe is 'unavoidable', warns WHO chief : "...four people were in hospital after a Spanish nurse became the first person known to have contracted the virus outside Africa. WHO European director Zsuzsanna Jakab has said while more cases will spread in Europe, the continent should be well prepared to control the disease." ... ""It is quite unavoidable ... that such incidents will happen in the future because of the extensive travel both from Europe to the affected countries and the other way around," she said... "Meanwhile, a Norwegian doctor infected with Ebola while working in Sierra Leone has arrived in Norway for treatment..." See ARTICLE


U.S. Denies Visa to Victim of Boko Haram Muslim Persecution of Christians, May 2014 : U.S. President Barack Obama did not "publicly broach the subject of religious freedom" during talks with Saudi King Abdullah, despite a letter from 70 members of Congress urging him to "address specific human rights reforms" both in public and in direct meetings with King Abdullah. It was "remarkable that the resident could stay completely silent about religious freedom.... as well as other human rights concerns, with King Abdullah." — International Christian Concern advocacy group. "Al-Shabaab Islamists publicly beheaded a mother of two girls and her cousin after discovering they were Christians. The two daughters of one of the women, ages 8 and 15, "were witnesses to the slaughter," sources said, with the younger girl screaming for someone to save her mother. See ARTICLE


CATEGORY . Blistering criticism of President’s handling of ISIS threat coming from former top aides: "But it is not coming merely from conservatives. The criticism is coming from the President’s own former senior advisors, as well as from journalists typically sympathetic to the White House. Key insiders and supporters of Mr. Obama now say the President.... •Created the vacuum in the Mideast that ISIS is now exploiting. •Has largely ignored Iraq and botched his much-heralded exit strategy. •Is not taking decisive action to defeat ISIS. •Has imposed severe limitations on the U.S. military hampering our commanders’ ability to prosecute the war effectively. •May soon hand ISIS a major victory if he allows the strategic city of Kobane — near the Syrian-Turkish border — to fall. See ARTICLE