A special message from a faithful saint






Some of you may know Doris Henne, a faithful "watchman on the wall." This month, at age 81, she wrote and sent us this precious poem:


As I pen these lines in this 2003 season

I find I'm much more aware

That time is fast running out of control

For us... with the silver-gray hair!


For those who claim age... in terms of "mid-years"

And say they can still "hold their own,"

They show off their "strength" and look "oh so fit"

As they run with ear-attached phone!


For those younger in years than those mentioned above,

They feel they are right in their prime.

They've got it "all made"... they're on the fast track,

They will spend 'til they see their last dime!


For those little ones who are tender in age,

They know not what for them is in store,

The world is now crumbling 'round their fast-moving feet,

And soon they'll have less and not more!


As I sit here today in my 81st year

And allow my mind to remember,

I think of the hour my night turned to light:

'Twas the twenty-seventh day of December!


It was year '59, with my life lived for self,

With no thought where someday I would go -

That the death of dear Mom came as a great shock,

And the truth of God's Word brought me low.


I swallowed my pride and knew in my heart

I must come as a sinner to Christ.

He was the One who on that cruel cross

Had suffered and paid the full price!


Yes, I came to Christ, just as I was...

And all of my sins were forgiven!

He game me new life, and oh what great joy,

I now had the assurance of Heaven!


Each day, I'm so happy in the family of God

With Christ to lead and to guide!

And the best part of all is what lies ahead:

An eternity which will always abide!


I trust that this poem, which was written to all,

Will apply to each situation.

May you know that my love which I send to each one,

Perhaps could be my final edition.


Events on the world scene are happening so fast,

Fulfilling the "last days" picture,

That scoffers are busy "doing their thing'

While Christians are rejoicing in Scripture.


To those who know Christ as Savior and Lord,

I know, with me, you'll agree.

We may soon meet in Heaven and around the Throne sing

The great song of Christ's V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!


To those who are still outside of the fold,

I beg you to please reconsider,

Life hands in the balance, each day here on earth,

And things will get worse -- and not better!


Christ offers salvation... the best gift of all,

So receive Him TODAY is my plea.

You'll never be sorry and "left behind" never

When He rescues His own.... you will see.


Forever in Christ,

Doris (Henne)


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