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December - 2004

China, Russia Will Hold First War Games: "China and Russia will hold their first joint military exercise next year.... The United States and the European Union have banned weapons sales to China since its bloody 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. But Moscow has supplied Beijing with high-performance Su-27 fighters and other top-of-the-line arms."


Vietnam flight to make history (registration required): "United will be the first American carrier to fly directly into Vietnam since the war ended in 1975, when Ho Chi Minh City was still called Saigon.... For a vocal minority of fiercely anti-communist immigrants, the flight deepens a sense of resignation.

     "...not all Vietnamese-Americans appreciate the fledgling and friendly relationship between the two governments. ... those who suffered the brutality of re-education camps after the communist takeover, have long held out hope that the communist regime could be toppled if it remained economically isolated by the United States. The groups often protest other Vietnamese that work directly with the communist government. Many are angered by any reference to Ho Chi Minh, founder of what became the Communist Party in Vietnam." See Brainwashing and "Education Reform


Sale of I.B.M. PC Unit Is a Bridge Between Cultures (Registration required): "IBM announced late yesterday the sale of its personal computer business to Lenovo, China's largest personal computer maker, a deal that reflects the industrial and economic ambitions of not only the two companies but also their two nations.... I.B.M. will take a stake of 18.9 percent in Lenovo, which is based in Beijing but plans to have headquarters in New York....

    "'This is an encouraging sign of the increasingly sophisticated trans-Pacific ties between the United States and China,' said Timothy F. Bresnahan, an economist at Stanford University. 'Seeing the Chinese seeking these kinds of economic links can only be a good thing.'" Deceptive alliances

Bill Clinton helps launch search engine: "Former president Bill Clinton on Monday helped launch a new Internet search company backed by the Chinese government which says its technology uses artificial intelligence to produce better results than Google Inc. 'I hope you all make lots of money,' Clinton told executives at the launch of Accoona Corp., which donated an undisclosed amount to the William J. Clinton Foundation." Deceptive alliances

China's Textbooks Twist and Omit History (Registration required): "...a visit to a Chinese high school classroom and an examination of several of the most widely used history textbooks here reveal a mishmash of historical details that many Chinese educational experts themselves say are highly selective and often provide a deeply distorted view of the recent past. Most Chinese students finish high school convinced that their country has fought wars only in self-defense, never aggressively or in conquest, despite the People's Liberation Army's invasion of Tibet in 1950 and the ill-fated war with Vietnam in 1979, to take two examples." It's happening to U.S. history books as well. See Brave New Schools: The International Agenda


Chinese Communist Party Secret Document on Atheism and Religious Persecution: "This document, entitled 'Notice on Further Strengthening Marxist Atheism Research, Propaganda and Education' dated May 27, 2004, is a notice... issued jointly by the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Office of the Central Steering Committee on Spiritual Civilization Construction, the Communist Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC and Ministry of Education....       

      "This secret notice is issued in order to 'further boost Marxist atheism research, propaganda, and education.' It reflects a new assessment from the top Party leaders in light of 'the new situation to target... various pseudo-sciences and superstitions, and the new trend toward Western hostile forces’ attempting to ‘westernize’ and ‘disintegrate’ China in the name of religion'....

      "It calls for the government to keep a tight hold on all national education, media communications, research on social sciences, spiritual civilization construction activities of the people, the trainings conducted by the Communist Party School....' Particular attention shall be centered on the Party cadres and juveniles so that '…superstition are opposed, and evil teachings and heterodox are boycotted.' It specifically demands the Communist Party School and administrative institutions... 'increase the proportion of Marxist atheism propaganda and education targeting local leaders.'...
     "It calls to all the broadcasting, TV, newspapers, and magazines and asks them to develop their respective advantages to earnestly publicize Marxist atheism. instructs the key websites to strengthen their 'management over online comments and make the internet a new tool to conduct Marxist atheism propaganda and education.” It strongly asks all the media and government officials to 'firmly ban all illegal publications which disseminate superstitions and evil teachings.' This policy seems to be a direct reference regarding the recent campaign on closing websites, arresting individuals and banning publications with dissident voices."
See Brainwashing and "Education Reform"

Russia to deploy new-generation nuclear weapons system: "President Vladimir Putin served notice that Russia intended to remain a major nuclear power by deploying a new weapon in the coming years that other states lack and are unlikely to develop in the near future. 'We have not only conducted tests of the latest nuclear rocket systems,' Putin told a meeting of the Armed Forces' leadership. 'I am sure that in the coming years we will deploy them.'" See The State of The World According to Gorbachev


Russian Spying Back to Cold War Levels in UK: " least 32 Russian diplomats are among the spies who are attempting to obtain secret information about the United Kingdom’s military, technical and political capabilities, according to authoritative sources. The spy network is also collecting information about opponents and critics of Vladimir Putin currently in exile in Britain....

      "MI5, the UK’s counter-intelligence agency, has warned Home Secretary David Blunkett of the growing Russian spying activities. It is concerned that funding for counter-espionage work has been cut by half because resources have been reallocated to deal with al-Qa’ida." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN Deceptive alliances


China set to buy Canadian: "China's Communist rulers have a blunt message for anyone who frets about the planned Chinese takeover of Canada's biggest mining company: Get ready for more to come. ...

     "...the controversial $7-billion takeover of Noranda Inc. is just a small element in a much more ambitious strategy of investment in Canada's resources sector to feed China's voracious appetite for raw materials....  Some say the deal should be blocked because of reports that China Minmetals has been linked to the use of forced labour in the Chinese prison gulag."


Religious Freedom No Longer Exists in South Africa! "The world is blissfully unaware that in 1994, a Communist government was installed in South Africa. This country is not a free republic or democracy. The Marxists who came to power in that year pulled off a massive publicity stunt (as Marxists have been doing all over the world since the lie of the supposed 'death of Communism'), convincing the vast majority everywhere that they were not Communists, but 'democrats' in favour of 'human rights' and 'freedom'.... And now, ten years after the ANC/Communist Party victory, the evidence is staring the world in the face – but most are too blind to see it.

      "Communism means State control over every aspect of life – including State control over religion! And the fact is that Christians are now forbidden by law to preach all the counsel of God, or to practice certain aspects of their faith."

       This is so true! We have been following the changes in South Africa ever since I heard its current President Mbeki speak at Gorbachev's State of the World Forum back in 1995. See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Movie could make 'Che' even more chic: "He's big in Hollywood. He's an international fashion icon. He's collectible. In other words, 37 years after his execution, the enduring image of Marxist guerrilla leader Ernesto 'Che' Guevara is of a man with the ideal face for a T-shirt. Sales of Che-adorned merchandise -- including belt buckles, caps, cigarette lighters, cuff links, drink coasters, handbags, key rings, place mats and watches -- may get a generous boost from the new movie about the pre-combatant Guevara ....

     "Born in Argentina... Guevara was a commander in the insurrection that led to Fidel Castro's takeover in Cuba.... What Guevara rejected in life has defined him in death: capitalism.

     "Sarah Knopp, 26, is a teacher at a high school in South-Central Los Angeles and a member of the International Socialist Organization. She admires Guevara 'because of his commitment to fighting for equality and his commitment to fighting against imperialism."

      See some of the fruit of Che's socialist revolution in Elian's Future in a Totalitarian State


Hu Takes Military Reins, Completing Shift in China: "China's president, Hu Jintao, replaced Jiang Zemin as the country's military chief and de facto top leader on Sunday.... 'My general impression is that Hu is a Communist of the old mode,' said Alfred Chan, professor of politics at Huron College in Canada." See the first item: Persecution


From Those Putin Would Weaken, Praise: (Registration required) "On Monday, President Vladimir V. Putin announced he would strip Russia's 89 regions of much of their authority and electoral legitimacy. On Tuesday, not one of the leaders of those regions said a public word of protest. On the contrary, there were words of praise.... If there were any lingering doubts about Mr. Putin's grip on power, the reaction to his sweeping proposal to overhaul Russia's political system... swept them away.

     "A headline in the newspaper Izvestia called it the 'September Revolution,' equating Mr. Putin's consolidation of power to this country's most famous October, almost 87 years ago.'...

     "'Any governor understands that if he is against Putin, he will be under criminal investigation,' Vladimir A. Ryzhkov, a liberal member of Parliament, said.... 'The main thing is fear,' he said. 'They are afraid of everything.' ...

    "Mr. Putin said the country needed political unity in order to withstand the threats facing it. And he made clear that in his view, unity would be accomplished best by giving him the power ...." (9-15) 


Baptist officials impressed by freedom to worship in China while Christians are Arrested: "...the Baptist World Alliance issued a press release extolling the freedom to worship seen by a BWA Friendship Tour to China.... While briefly acknowledging that China does not have 'the Western understanding of religious freedom which includes witness beyond the walls of the church building,' the remainder of the article sings the praises of the China Christian Council and the [government controlled] seminary in Nanjing, which the majority of Chinese Christians see as tools of China's communist regime. ...

     "Glenn Penner, spokesman for The Voice of the Martyrs commented, 'It is tragic to see how these well-meaning people were naively used by the Communist government in an attempt to rehabilitate China's flagging public image as one of the most egregious religious rights violators in the world. One would think that Christians would have learned long ago from experience in the Soviet Union that you just cannot trust what government sanctioned religious organizations show and tell you."

     "Responding to the news report, Bob Fu, President of China Aid Association... commented: 'Ironically when the date of the Exhibition started on August 6, more than 100 house church Christian leaders were arrested in Henan. ..." See When Iron Gates Yield


China strives to curb population growth through reward (China's People's Daily Online -- mostly government propaganda: "Unlike most other Chinese women farmers her age, 64-year-old Lian Zhengfang only has child. And because of that, Lian is rewarded by the government. From this year on, Lian will be granted 600 yuan (72.55 US dollars) in subsidies by the government each year until her death... Li said, 'I will persuade my grandchildren to have fewer children.'...

     "Xie Houyuan... had had three girls before getting the son he expected long ago. According to state policies, the last two children of Xie's were born in violation of state family planning policies. He was fined severely. He scrabbled for many years to support his six-member family, but their living standard did not improve a lot. 'At that time, I desperately want to have a son to take care of me in my remaining years,' said Hou. 'But now, I admire those who have fewer children and are rewarded by the government.... If only I knew that having fewer children would be rewarded, I wouldn't have had so many children." 

     For more examples of Communist indoctrination with government propaganda see When Iron Gates Yield


The Mandela Myth: "South Africa today is ruled by the ANC of which all the members of the ruling elite are card-carrying members of the South African Communist Party, an organization fundamentally clinging to Marxist doctrine. The liberal West fell for the trick and today only Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho are non-communist; but the latter two are crumbling. Ironically, there is more racism in South Africa today than there ever has been. Mandela’s objective was never the eradication of racism - it is practiced with an iron fist of no tolerance, which is proof in itself that his fight had nothing to do with apartheid.

     "....there are more murders and rapes (per capita) in South Africa than anywhere in the world. You may well ask why you don’t see or hear of this on television or in the press. Simply put, media sanctions are in place. To cover up their inadequacies, Mandela and Mbeki have created new ways to censor and hide their disasters." Mbeki, the current president, was a keynote speaker at Gorbachev's 1995 State of the World ForumSee Gorbachev's Plan For A United World

Top Unit to Lead Investigation of Journalist's Killing in Russia: "Mr. Klebnikov, 41, was the editor in chief of Forbes Russia, a Russian version of the American business magazine. He was struck by four 9-millimeter bullets shortly after he left his office in Moscow on Friday night, shot by at least one gunman, who then escaped. The police have described the case as a contract murder, and said they believe Mr. Klebnikov was killed because of his work.... He had been regarded as one of a precious few crusaders for accountability and openness in a country where the news media have been subject to intensifying suppression. Now he is regarded as a victim of the dark forces he worked to expose." (NYT, 7-13-04) More details in the next link:

Communism. Journalists' Deaths Make It Harder to Excuse Putin's Excesses: "Paul Klebnikov, the editor in chief of Forbes Russia, a Russian version of the American business magazine, had been fatally shot.... It's tough to continue pretending that Russia is just in transition, struggling to emerge from Communism's rubble. Twenty journalists have now been assassinated in Russia for their work; 14 since Mr. Putin became president. Not one of the murders has been solved.

      "Three hours before Paul, who was 41, was gunned down, the last decent political program in Russia had its final broadcast. Savik Shuster's weekly program, 'Svoboda Slova' — 'Freedom of Speech' — was yanked off NTV, the station that Mr. Putin has been forcibly bringing under state control.... But he was not afraid. He was convinced that a Western journalist saying the truth in Russia would be respected.

      "...the perpetrators are not the issue: it is the cruel confirmation that the law and an appreciation of freedom have not taken hold in Russia." (NYT, 7-13-04)

        While Russia's Communist leadership is tightening its control, its influence in Europe is rising. You may want to scan some of the summary statements about its alliances on this page: Russia


China's military buildup raises concerns in US: "China's military prowess increasingly appears to be shaped 'to fit a Taiwan conflict scenario and to target US air and naval forces that could become involved'.... 'What I am worried about is we are going to end up facing a communist military backed by a capitalist industrialist base of enormous power,' said Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. ' objective reason exists why China, if she stays on her present course, should not eventually pose an even greater threat to the United States and its friends and allies than did the Soviet Union." Matthew 24:7



Give Me Liberty, but Not Too Much: This Is Russia (Registration required): "...even before the arrest of Mr. Khodorkovsky, who remains in jail awaiting trial on charges of economic crimes, the air in Russia had started to grow a bit chillier under President Vladimir V. Putin. The arrest was the strongest of a number of recent signals that the government is tightening its grip on society.... In an echo of the past, some people are thinking twice about what they say in public or on the telephone. The notable thing is the degree to which much of the public has accepted - even embraced - new limitations on their freedoms....

       "But some say that these attitudes run deeper, that Russia is not democratic at heart and is settling back into its old comfort level of control from above.... During recent months, the government has moved to limit freedom of the press and the free flow of information, has neutered political opposition parties, has clamped down on scientific exchanges and has used the courts to mete out punishments and quell opposition." (NYT, 4-21) See Steps toward Global Mind Control. Scroll down to 1953


Putin Resorting to Cold War Threats: " the [Russian] bombers followed their dreaded Arctic route to fire cruise missiles over the top of the earth, the reality of the massive exercise was clear: The threat of Cold War nuclear extermination is as real as ever.... Bezopastnost-2004, as the strategic command and staff exercise was called, was a mock nuclear attack on the United States, the largest since Communist Party boss Leonid Brezhnev ruled from the Kremlin in 1982."

     "Putin has placed former KGB officers in nearly 60 percent of all presidential administration posts. In early March he fired his prime minister and named to replace him a relatively anonymous technocrat with no political base but with a murky KGB background." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Castro's Power Grows: "A new terrorist, nuclear/bioweapons and geopolitical threat may well come from an axis including the regimes of Castro in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela and the pro-Castro presidents of Brazil and Ecuador. Together, these four countries have a population of 223 million. Castro, Chavez, and Brazil’s President Lula da Silva all have years of links with Iran and China. Visiting Iran in May 2001, Castro said, 'The peoples and governments of Cuba and Iran can bring America to its knees.'" Psalm 27:1


China's Saudi-Pakistan weapon links trouble US: "The United States believes China is still co-operating with Saudi Arabia on missiles and with Pakistan on nuclear technology and missiles, despite Beijing's promises to control arms proliferation." Communist leaders are trained in pragmatism: they say what's expedient, not what's true. So why should we believe them? Lamentations 1:2

Russia planning maneuvers of its nuclear forces next month: Russia's nuclear forces reportedly are preparing their largest maneuvers in two decades, an exercise involving the test-firing of missiles and flights by dozens of bombers in a massive simulation of an all-out nuclear war." Psalm 27:1-4

January, 2004

How a  Marxist came to be an American hero: "King's well-documented ties with the Communist Party of the United States started with his involvement with the Southern Christian Leadership Congress.... The SCLC had no Christian underpinnings; it existed purely as a political front and King was the front's front man. After a long probe, the Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities for the State of Louisiana determined that both the SCLC and Dr. King were 'substantially under the control of the Communist Party'....The Communist influence in the civil rights movement was noted by FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover who said 'The Communist Party strives to exploit what are often legitimate…complaints and grievances for the advancement of Communist objectives.'"

     That's an important point! He did exploit genuine grievances and fight true evils. But his immoral lifestyle mocked the God he professed to serve.

Chinese caught trying to bug Israeli embassy: "A security officer in the Israeli Embassy in Beijing caught a group of Chinese technicians last month attempting to plant electronic eavesdropping devices in the embassy's telephone lines.... The Chinese are known to conduct aggressive electronic eavesdropping operations on all foreign facilities in China." American spy technology is more sophisticated. See Surveillance


Outrage as Mbeki hints at S African land grab: "President Thabo Mbeki sent shockwaves through South Africa this week when he hinted that it might adopt the brutal land-grab policies of President Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe." State of the World

Russia Deploys Fresh Batch of Missiles: "Russia has deployed a fresh batch of its top-of-the-line strategic nuclear missiles after a break caused by a funding shortage, and military officials presented ambitious plans Monday for building weapons even more potent." Lamentations 1:2

Bush Warns Taiwan on Independence: "'We oppose any unilateral decision by either China or Taiwan to change the status quo,' Bush said when asked about a planned March 20 vote in Taiwan on China.... The planned March referendum, coupled with a changing international situation, has led Bush to speak in harsher tones to democratic Taiwan as he pursues a deeper relationship with authoritarian China...." Changing China?

Putin to assume the power of a Tsar: "President Vladimir Putin took control of the Russian parliament last night, removing the last effective bastion of opposition to his rule.... Liberals predicted the election would come to be seen as a milestone on the country's slow regression towards Soviet-style authoritarianism.... Officially the former KGB spy is above the fray and should not endorse United Russia, the party he created to support him four years ago." Psalm 27:1

Murderous utopia: "At Solovki, one of [the] earliest Gulag camps, Soviet administrators put up a sign that expressed the Communist program: 'With an Iron Fist, We Will Lead Humanity to Happiness.' That slogan captures the murderous nature of the utopian vision of the hard left.

     "[Y]ou look at Soviet history and see the Gulag, the executions of the Terror, the pervasive oppression and the economic failure. Psychologically, the leftists... see little of that.... The idealized future that has not happened is more real and more important to them than the past that really did happen....

      "In [his novel] '1984,' George Orwell gives the Ministry of Truth of his totalitarian state the task of rewriting history.... The academic left... believe that history is malleable and can assist in legitimating current politics and bringing about the utopian future." Charts: Total transformation


Russia runs troops close to starvation: "Soldiers drafted into the Russian army are widely deprived of adequate health care and sufficient food.... Hazing, abuse and poor living conditions are cited as the cause of widespread desertion and draft-dodging in Russia, making it difficult for the military to fill ranks. Every Russian male aged 18 to 27 is supposed to serve two years in the military, but many avoid conscription through college deferments, health exemptions and bribes."

The West should realise that Putin is becoming a dictator: "Mr Putin's autocratic intentions have been all too obvious since the spring of 2000, the start of his creeping anti-constitutional coup d'état. Since then he has been trying to take total control of the Russian state's three key power centres...." See The State of The World According to Gorbachev

AIDS programs anger Muscovites: "Sixteen members of the Moscow City Duma have condemned American-funded AIDS prevention programs conducted in Russia, saying the programs encourage Russian girls to 'choose prostitution as a career.'...

    "Morality, they say, has been overlooked. '...we find ourselves under pressure from the United States government-funded 'harm reduction' projects that distribute condoms and sex education materials that aim to reduce HIV/AIDS among drug-addicted prostitutes while lobbying in favor of legalized prostitution,' the group wrote. 'They print materials for prostitutes that are distributed throughout Moscow schools, institutes and orphanages with the effect of encouraging young women to choose prostitution as a career. We find this morally unconscionable.'"

     Yet, our U.S. government is increasing the pressure to include "sex education" even in kindergarten! See Sex Ed and Global Values


United States-Russian merger [by Charlotte Iserbyt]:  "Probably the one key historical event which proves without a doubt the conspiratorial goal of the 'traitors' to merge our country into an unconstitutional international socialist system... was the meeting Norman Dodd had with Rowan Gaither, the President of the Ford Foundation during Mr. Dodd's tenure as the Research Director for the Reece Committee in 1953. This Congressional committee was established to investigate the activities of the left-leaning foundations.
     "Mr. Gaither said: 'Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy making level of the foundation have at one time or another served in the OSS [the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA]...operating under directives from the White House. We operate under those same directives... The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.'...
      "In order to accomplish such a merger which is in effect the international system we see being implemented today... certain conspiratorial actions had to be taken over a long period of time:
(1) gradualism... (2) semantic deception... (3) endless supply of taxpayers' hard-earned money; and (4) use of the Hegelian dialectic..." See Bush, Shultz and Gorbachev


Chinese Superpower Space Project: "...the Chinese manned space program is neither a civilian effort nor peaceful.... Gen. Li is a senior member of the Central Military Commission and... was trained in Russia and has played a major role in the Chinese army’s strategic nuclear weapons modernization program....

      "Chinese space engineers openly admit that the People's Liberation Army is using U.S.-made software and computers to improve its ballistic missile force....

       "The control center is packed with U.S.-made computers supplied during the Clinton administration.... the Chinese military obtained radiation-hardened chip technology, including space-based encrypted control systems, with the personal approval of President Clinton." Changing China

India signs major defense deal with Israel and Russia: "...Israel will buy the IL-76 aircraft from Uzbekistan and send them to Russia to be mounted with high-powered engines. ... these aircraft will go to Israel where the state-of-art avionics and the Phalcon radars will be installed. The complete aircraft... will then be delivered to India."

On campus, the costs of rewriting communism: "This rewriting of history by leading American historians is intended... to create a new set of moral standards which... would then justify civil war, treason and conspiracy against the democratic capitalist system. This twisting of historical fact is intended, first, to transform the defunct American Communist Party.... second, to transform American traitors like Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Lauchlin Currie, Theodore Hall and many others into saintly seekers after world peace....

      " From Day One of the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin's totalitarian system... 'had as one of its main characteristics falsification on an enormous scale.'" Steps toward Global Mind Control


Laura Bush, in Moscow, Scolds Americans: "'American children, I'm afraid, are addicted to television,' she told the first ladies of Russia, Armenia and Bulgaria on Tuesday, citing studies that place average TV consumption in the United States at several hours a day...

     "While speaking of the prevalence of libraries in America, in nearly every community and school, Mrs. Bush also derided that school libraries are 'not really well-funded.'... Still, she said she believes reading is on the rise in the United States and gave Oprah Winfrey and her television book club much of the credit."

      But what kinds of beliefs and values does Oprah promote?


Freedom of Speech Under Attack (In Communist Russia, it's no surprise): "Recent events indicate that Freedom of Speech, an essential right in a true democratic society, is under attack by Putin's administration.... Putin has taken steps to ensure that his cronies in the Kremlin have control over all communications -- a level of power not seen since the old days of the KGB."     But the mainstream media doesn't seem to notice:


What's good for Russia is good for America: (also in NYT, 9-26-03) "Bush... should take the opportunity to chart a new course for Russian-American relations...."

America at Risk - Warning Signs from the "New" Russia: "Recent alarming events in Russia indicate that the democratic reforms undertaken in the Post-Soviet era are at risk. Outright suppression of free press, arrests of those thought to have political aspirations and a disregard for the rule of law present a chilling picture of a return to the old ways of the 'evil empire.'... A return to the old ways of the Soviet Union would put in jeopardy global political and economic stability." Lamentations 1:2


Talks reveal fissures in the alliance against war: "The two days of discussions in St. Petersburg, bringing together President Vladimir Putin, President Jacques Chirac and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, failed... to bring 'serious change to the international scene'..... All three leaders emphasized the necessity and legitimacy of United Nations primacy in the rebuilding of Iraq....

    "Putin faces... elections in the next 12 months, and his tone suggested that he thought there was more to be won from an anti-American stance than from a quick reconciliation." Jeremiah 6:13


The Anti-American Left: "In 1962, as a Marxist radical, I myself had helped to organize the first protest against the war in Vietnam at the University of California, Berkeley. ... We didn’t want peace in Vietnam. We wanted a revolution in America....

    "We realized that we needed the support of a lot of Americans who would never agree with our real agendas... So we changed our slogan to 'Bring the Troops Home.' That seemed to express care for Americans while accomplishing the same goal. If America brought her troops home in the middle of the war, the Communists would win. Which is exactly what happened...." Deception is nothing new

Russia Slams U.S. on Iraq, 'Liberation' Claim: "Russia on Wednesday fired a new broadside against the United States over its military action against Iraq, scorning claims its troops were 'liberating' Iraqis and accusing it of defying world opinion." Leviticus 26

China readies for future U.S. fight (Hong Kong): "The Iraqi war has convinced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership that some form of confrontation with the U.S. could come earlier than expected. Beijing has also begun to fine-tune its domestic and security policies to counter the perceived threat of U.S. 'neo-imperialism.'" Yet, the U.S. has become so commercially entangled with China that our economy is becoming dependent on this communist nation. Lamentations 1:2

repeat Anti-War Protests Have Big Price Tags: "So who is picking up the tab? 'The major anti-U.S. government demonstrations are organized by people who have been around for a long time, particularly the Workers World Party, which has existed for more than 30 years now and has always supported the enemies of the United States,' said Herbert Romerstein, a retired agent of the U.S. Information Agency. The Workers World Party describes itself as Marxist in nature....[It] supports North Korea's brutal regime...." Notice the same revolutionary aims in the roots of the UN: The revolutionaries who launched the United Nations

repeat 3 Russian Firms' Deals Anger U.S.: "Iraq Purchased Jamming Gear, Missiles, Night-Vision Goggles ... The United States delivered a protest to the government of President Vladimir Putin yesterday for refusing to stop Russian arms dealers from providing illegal weapons and assistance to the Iraqi military."


Open World Russian Leadership Program: "Through the Center for Russian Leadership Development at the Library of Congress' Open World Program, American Councils brings young, emerging leaders from Russia to the United States to forge better understanding between the two nations....

     The Russian leaders participating in Open World's 2002 program are from all levels of government and private sectors in Russia and all regions of Russia. The Open World Program hosts them in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. All participants attend orientation sessions in Moscow and Washington, D.C." Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education


South Africa: The Downside of Liberation: "Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president... is now retired and thus free to express his long standing Marxist and often bizarre beliefs freely. He continually attacks U.S. 'imperialism' and 'arrogance' while voicing support for the likes of Libya, Iraq, and Cuba."


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