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"Communism will never succeed until the myth of [the Biblical] God is removed from the minds of men." V. I. Lenin

December 2008

 3 Russian warships visit Cold War ally Cuba: "Russian anti-submarine destroyer and two logistical warships are entering waters off Cuba in a nonmilitary visit that's the first of its kind since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. The Admiral Chabanenko vessel is unfurling black plumes of smoke as it chugs toward Havana Bay, flanked by two smaller boats. Closer to shore, a barge that routinely ferries food from the United States to the communist-run island is apparently moving to make room for the Russian boats. Washington's trade embargo allows direct sale of U.S. agricultural products to Cuba."

Chinese Central Government further restricts religious freedom by banning Chinese House Church Alliance: "Over 20 government officials who claimed they were from Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China... forcibly announced to [Pastor Zhang] the decision statement to abolish the Chinese House Church Alliance.... The decision statement claims: It has been found out through investigations that the 'Chinese House Church Alliance' is not registered and it engages in its activities in the name of a social organization without authorization. Pursuant to Article 35 of the 'Regulation on Registration and Administration of Social Organizations,' this agency has hereby made the decision to abolish the 'Chinese House Church Alliance.' ...[November 28, 2008] ...the government officials wanted Pastor Zhang to sign the document, but Zhang refused." See how his family was treated earlier this fall HERE


Whistle-blowers in China sent to mental hospital: "Local officials in Shandong Province have apparently found a cost-effective way to deal with gadflies, whistle-blowers, and all manner of muckraking citizens who dare to challenge the authorities: dispatch them to the local psychiatric hospital.    

     "...public security officials in the city of Xintai in Shandong Province have been institutionalizing residents who persist in their personal campaigns to expose corruption or the unfair seizure of their property. Some people said they were committed for up to two years, and several of those interviewed said they were forcibly medicated. The article, in The Beijing News, said most inmates were released after they agreed to give up their causes. ... Xintai officials... boasted that hospitalizing troublemakers saved money otherwise spent chasing them to the capital.... They can prove embarrassing to local officials, especially if they make it to Beijing." See "Yuri Bezmenov on demoralization"

Russian warship to cross Panama Canal: "A Russian warship will sail through the Panama Canal this week for the first time since World War II, the navy announced Wednesday, pushing ahead with a symbolic projection of Moscow's power in a traditional U.S. zone of influence." See PICTURE and Animal Farm

November 2008

Russia to move missiles to Baltic: "Short-range Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad region would 'neutralise' the planned US anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic' [says Mr Medvedev]. ...The US says its shield is a defence against missiles from 'rogue' nations, but Moscow sees it as a direct threat.'" See Introduction to Animal Farm

October 2008

Persecution Intensifies After Olympics: "In Shandong province, Pastor Zhang Zhongxin was sentenced to two years of re-education through labor, and after the Olympics his appeal was denied. Pastor Zhang’s lawyer, Li Fangping, was refused permission to meet with him because authorities claim Pastor Zhang could endanger state security. ...29 house church leaders have been serving time in a labor camp and prisons in Henan province since July 9, 2007. They are accused of being 'evil cult' members." See When Iron Gates Yield

Russia, China sign landmark oil pipeline deal: "The leaders watched as Chinese state energy major CNPC and Russian state pipeline monopoly Transneft signed the deal to build the pipeline from the Siberian town of Skovorodino to the Chinese border. The pipeline agreed on Tuesday would have a capacity of 15 million tons of oil per year... 

     '"We should deepen cooperation in the energy sphere. Long-term cooperation will help economic development and stability on world markets,' Wen said at the opening of a Russia-China business conference with Putin in Moscow. ... Even after lengthy negotiations on energy ties between the two neighbours, Russia is still only the fifth-largest exporter of crude oil to energy-hungry China, despite being the world's number two producer after Saudi Arabia." See Bloody Utopian Dreams, Part I: Hammer and Sickle

Beijing: Smile! You're on Internet cafe camera! "By the beginning of 2009, Internet cafes in Beijing, China will take a photo of every person who passes through the doors, then enter the picture and the person's identifying information into a city-wide government database. The measures are part of China's overall plan to monitor the use of Internet cafes to ensure inappropriate material isn't reaching children and, of course, to make Internet use a little less anonymous.... Currently, Internet cafe users in Beijing and other parts of China are already required to show photo ID before using one of the computers.... Users were apparently unable to stay away for long, though, as a month later, everyone 'became used to it' and returned." See "One World - One Dream" -- But what about Truth and Freedom?

September 2008

"How China has created a new slave empire in Africa: "These poor, hopeless, angry people exist by grubbing for scraps of cobalt and copper ore in the filth and dust of abandoned copper mines in Congo, sinking perilous 80ft shafts by hand, washing their finds in cholera-infected streams full of human filth, then pushing enormous two-hundredweight loads uphill.... Many perish as their primitive mines collapse on them....

     "Out of desperation, much of the continent is selling itself into a new era of corruption and virtual slavery as China seeks to buy up all the metals, minerals and oil she can lay her hands on.... China offers both rulers and the ruled in Africa the simple, squalid advantages of shameless exploitation." See When Iron Gates Yield

Russia lines up with Syria, Iran against America and the West: "Moscow announced renovation had begun on the Syrian port of Tartus to provide Russia with its first long-term naval presence on the Mediterranean. ... Vladimir Vysotsky and his Syrian counterpart, Gen. Taleb al Barri, spent all Friday working on details for the outfitting of Tartus port... not far from Israel’s shores." See Signs of the times

Obama adviser compares Putin to Hitler: "The former US national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has called on the world community to isolate Russia in protest over its campaign in the Caucasus, likening its tactics to those of 'Hitler or Stalin.'... Brzezinski... said the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, was 'following a course that is horrifyingly similar to that taken by Stalin and Hitler in the 1930s'.
     "He said that Putin's 'justification' for splitting up Georgia -- because of the Russian citizens living in South Ossetia -- could be compared to when Hitler used the alleged suffering of ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland as a pretext for annexing Czechoslovakia in 1938.'...

     "Asked why it was that he only spoke of Putin and not of the Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, Brzezinski said: 'He [Medvedev] has about as much influence over the current situation as the official head of state in the Soviet Union of the 1950s had over the Soviet Union. Nobody can even remember his name.' " See Congressional Testimony Testimony of Richard Wurmbrand

'Stop! Or We'll Say Stop Again!': "With apologies to comedian Robin Williams, that's the line that comes to mind when weighing the European Union's declaration Monday on Russia's continued occupation of Georgia.... It's been almost three weeks since Mr. Medvedev signed the cease-fire, and five days since Moscow broke with the world by recognizing the self-declared independence of Georgian provinces South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Yet European leaders evidently need more time to ruminate over the situation in the Caucasus."

     Now, as back in the 40s and 60s, it's often politically incorrect to expose Communist realities: See The Introduction to Orwell's ANIMAL FARM

August 2008

U.S.-Poland Deal on Missile Base Riles Russia: "The U.S. signed a pledge to protect Poland as part of a missile-shield deal, cementing the former East bloc country's ties with Washington but thrusting it into the middle of a widening dispute with Russia. The deal signed in Warsaw Wednesday to establish a battery of U.S. interceptor rockets on Polish soil is part of President George W. Bush's plans to develop an intercontinental missile-defense shield. The shield's stated aim is to protect the U.S. and its allies from attacks by U.S.-deemed 'ogue states' such as Iran and North Korea. ...

     "Russia's Foreign Ministry warned that Moscow's response to development of the planned missile base 'will go beyond diplomacy.'... Russian military officials have in the past said Poland -- which shares a border with Russia and was occupied or dominated by Russia for most of the last century -- risked being attacked if the missiles were stationed on its territory.'"


Russian-backed paramilitaries 'ethnically cleansing villages': "South Ossetian militiamen have torched houses, beaten elderly people and even murdered civilians in the lawless buffer zone set up by the Russian Army just north of Gori. The violence... has prompted a new wave of refugees into Gori.... People who had started to return to their villages in the area are now fleeing for a second time....  Weeping, [Siyala Sereteli, 73] lifted her sleeve to show a deep bruise inflicted by a blow from a rifle stock. 'They took everything they wanted, even the fans. They beat up a man using sticks and a chair and then threw him in the river.'...

     "....only a few people remained in the village, with Ossetian irregulars looting under the noses of Russian troops, described by Moscow as 'peacekeepers'. ... Mr Kharadze said the neighbours had telephoned him to say that two men in uniform had come to the home of his 77-year-old mother, Oliya, and demanded to know why she hadn’t left the village.... 'They beat her with an axe handle. There’s a pond in our yard — she fell near it and they pushed her in. I don’t know if she was still alive when they pushed her in or if she drowned.' ... 'It’s like ethnic cleansing, genocide,' said Koba Tlashadze, a council official in Gori.....

     "The fires had destroyed hundreds of hectares of forest, with fire-fighting helicopters unable to operate for fear of being shot down. 'Who knows why the Russians did this? They destroy everything.' "


How the Georgian Conflict Really Started: '"Anybody who thinks that Moscow didn't plan this invasion, that we in Georgia caused it gratuitously, is severely mistaken,' President Mikheil Saakashvili told me.... 'Our decision to engage was made in the last second as the Russian tanks were rolling...'

     "I had just returned from Gori, which was still under the shadow of Russian occupation. I'd learned there on the ground how Russia has deployed a highly deliberate propaganda strategy in this war. ... We noted that, during the day, the tanks on Gori's streets withdrew from the streets to the hills. Apparently, the Russians thought this gave the impression, to any foreign eyewitnesses they chose to let through, of a town not so much occupied as stabilized.... However, if you stayed overnight.... you could hear and glimpse the tanks in the dark growling back into town and roaming around. A serious curfew kicked in at sundown, and the streets turned instantly lethal, not least because the tanks allowed in marauding irregulars -- Cossacks, South Ossetians, Chechens and the like -- to do the looting in a town that the Russians had effectively emptied....

     "The damage in Gori's civilian areas.... give the lie to claims made by Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ... that Russian forces 'acted efficiently and professionally' to achieve 'clear and legitimate objectives.' Either that, or they fully intended -- as a 'egitimate' objective -- to flatten civilian streets in order to sow fear, drive out innocents and create massive refugee outflows....

     "'Some months ago, I was warned by Western leaders in Dubrovnik to expect an attack this summer," [explained the Georgian president] ... "Mr. Putin had already threatened me in February, saying we would become a protectorate of Russia....

     "...two factors above all sealed Georgia's fate this summer.... Mr. Saakashvili believes Moscow felt it had one last chance to pre-empt Georgia's joining NATO. Finally, he says, the invasion had to be done before the situation in Iraq got any better and freed up U.S. forces to act elsewhere...." See The Original Introduction to Animal Farm

No Caucasian Ceasefire until Russia Achieves its Aims: "DEBKAfile’s military analysts reported Sunday, Aug. 10: Russian president Dimitry Medvedev said Sunday, Aug. 10, the war would go on until Tbilisi withdrew its forces unconditionally from South Ossetia and pledged never to attack the region again. This would mean Georgia’s acceptance of its truncation and its surrender to Russian hegemony....

      "Sunday night, Russian planes dropped bombs near Tbilisi’s international airport and a nearby military air installation shortly after the US began flying hundreds of Georgian troops home from Iraq. The intention appeared to be to leave the Georgian reinforcements nowhere to land. ...the Russian navy imposed a sea blockade on Georgian’s Black Sea ports ...
      "In the face of President George W. Bush’s demand for an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops and support for international mediation, Moscow poured an additional 10,000 men and armor into South Ossetia Sunday as well. ...
      "Russia is following Iran’s example in exploiting Washington's inhibition to advance its goals by force. Therefore, the Caucasian standoff has profound ramifications for the Middle East and Persian Gulf....

      "...[Georgian] President Saakashvili, whose bid to join NATO and the European Union infuriated Moscow, will have to write off both breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as lost to Russia.... It is also a warning to former Soviet bloc nations, Ukraine, the Caucasian and Central Asian peoples against opting to join up with the United States and the NATO bloc in areas which Moscow deems part of its strategic sphere of influence." See The Soviet System of Control

Medvedev 'not afraid of Cold War' after approving Georgian regions’ independence: "The Russian president warned of 'military responses' to the US missile shield in Europe. Signing the decrees confirming South Ossetian and Abkhazian independence, Russian president Dimitry Medvedev said Tuesday, Aug. 26, Russia is prepared to go any length to defend the enclaves. 'We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a Cold War,' he said, after conferring with prime minister Vladimir Putin. 'Of course we don’t need that....The US state department has said recognition of the two provinces' independence would be 'a violation of Georgian territorial integrity' and 'inconsistent with international law.'" See The War in Georgia Is a War for the West

Reporting in Beijing: "China promised free access for foreign reporters during the Games. But journalists who report on issues that Beijing would prefer to bury can meet resistance.... Most at risk, though, are the Chinese who cooperate with reporters. As in Ms. Hook's article, these are often ordinary people like the Wang sisters who dare to come forward with charges of official corruption." See One World, One Dream - But what about Truth & Freedom?

Biden calls for $1 billion in emergency aid to Georgia: “I left the country convinced that Russia's invasion of Georgia may be the one of the most significant event to occur in Europe since the end of communism," said Biden.... While the Russian government has claimed that the Georgian military was engaged in a 'genocide' in the region of South Ossetia, Biden said he did not see any evidence of it on his trip."

     But why is he pretending that Communism no longer exists? See Orwell's Original Introduction to Animal Farm

Chinese grannies gagged: "Two Chinese women in their 70s have caused a storm in China by applying to protest during the Olympics. They've embarrassed the Beijing authorities and so earned themselves a one-year sentence to re-education through labour for disturbing the public order, and that's even before they got a chance to actually protest. Their case has led to criticism that the so-called Olympic protest parks were never intended to allow people to demonstrate.... The International Olympic Committee is trying to distance itself from the controversy.....

      "Seventy-nine-year-old Wu Dianyuan and 77-year-old Wang Xiuying are not your average trouble makers. It's just that they like the neighbourhood they used to live in. It was a place they grew up in from a young age and were forced to move out of to make way for a housing development. .... Wu's son Li Xuehui says the re-education order enables officials to block their applications....  In this case the women won't be sent to a re-education camp but can serve the sentence in home detention." See One Word -- but what about truth and freedom?


'Are You Going to the American Side?': "Russia's invasion has unleashed a refugee crisis all over this country and especially in its capital city. Every school here is jammed with civilians who fled aerial bombardment and shootings by the Russian military -- or massacres, looting and arson by irregular paramilitary units swarming across the border. Russia has seized and effectively annexed two breakaway Georgian provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. It has also invaded the region of Gori, which unlike them had been under Georgia's control. ...90% of its citizens have fled, and the tiny remainder live amid a violent mayhem overseen by Russian occupation forces that, despite Moscow's claims to the contrary, are not yet withdrawing....

     "Diana's account: 'They are burning the houses. From most of the houses they are taking everything. They are stealing everything, even such things as toothbrushes and toilets....' 'They [Russians] came and asked us for wine, but first we had to drink it ourselves to show that it was not poisoned. Then they drank the wine themselves. And then they said to leave this place as soon as possible; otherwise they would kill us. ...  If anyone had a Georgian soldier at home they burned the houses immediately.'....

      "...the women seemed to understand what Russian imperialism has always been about -- and not just during the Soviet era. ...'They want our territories," Nana said. It was George F. Kennan, America's ambassador to the Soviet Union, who said, 'Russia can have at its borders only enemies or vassals.' Now, Georgia has been all but dismembered." See Orwell's Original Introduction to Animal Farm

Stalinism Was Just as Bad as Nazism: "The Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that treating Nazi fascism and Soviet communism as 'a single evil' was an insult that 'hurt the hearts' of World War II veterans in Russia....

      "When World War II began in September 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were allies; indeed Stalin and Hitler launched the war together. ...'the war in Europe was dominated by two evil monsters, not by one. Each of the monsters consumed the best people in its territory before embarking on a fight to the death for supremacy. The third force in the struggle -- the Western Powers -- was all but eliminated in the opening stage, and took much of the war to reassert its influence.'... Communist terror... actually lasted longer, killing significantly more people than the Nazis did." See Was Marx a Satanist?

Letter from Mikheil Saakashivili, President of Georgia"The War in Georgia Is a War for the West": "This war is not of Georgia's making, nor is it Georgia's choice. The Kremlin designed this war. Earlier this year, Russia tried to provoke Georgia by effectively annexing another of our separatist territories, Abkhazia. When we responded with restraint, Moscow brought the fight to South Ossetia.... In April, Russia began treating the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as Russian provinces. ...under the guise of peacekeeping, Russia sent paratroopers and heavy artillery into Abkhazia. Repeated provocations were designed to bring Georgia to the brink of war...."

Welcome Back To the Great Game: "President Mikheil Saakashvili invited me along on a helicopter flight to see Tskhinvali, South Ossetia's capital, from the air. We viewed it at some distance to avoid Russian antiaircraft missiles.... Much of the population, namely the Georgians, had long ago been purged by Russian-backed militias, leaving behind a rump population of Ossetian farmers and Russian security forces posing as Ossetians.

      "'We have offered them everything,' he said [the Georgian president], 'language rights, land rights, guaranteed power in parliament, anything they want, and they would take it, if the Kremlin would let them.'... Moscow, it now seems, intends to 'protect' large numbers of Georgians too -- by occupying and killing them if that's what it takes....

      "Moscow has always had a clear strategic use for the Caucasus, one that concerns the U.S. today more than ever. Having overestimated the power of the Soviet Union in its last years, we have consistently underestimated the ambitions of Russia since.

      "....few have noticed the direct strategic threat of Moscow's action to U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Kremlin is not about to reignite the Cold War for the love of a few thousand Ossetians or even for its animosity toward five million Georgians. This is calculated strategic maneuvering.... Between Russia and Iran, in the lower Caucasus, sits a small wedge of independent soil -- namely, the soil of Azerbaijan and Georgia combined. Through those two countries runs the immensely important Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which delivers precious oil circuitously from Azerbaijan to Turkey and out to the world. This is important not just because of the actual oil being delivered free of interference from Russia and Iran and the Middle East.... This is how the game of grand strategy is played."

Georgia On Our Mind: (Thomas Sowell) "What is happening in the republic of Georgia is all too reminiscent of what happened back in 1956, when Russian tanks rolled into Hungary-- and the West did nothing. ...there was bitterness, then as now, that the West may have encouraged people to risk their lives, relying on us, when we knew from the outset that we were not about to risk armed conflict with a nuclear superpower.... Neither speeches nor resolutions are going to make any difference to the Russians, to the Iranians or to any other belligerent nation." [America's "firm" responses do little more than please Americans]

Four Americans Stuck in China Airport for Carrying Chinese Bibles: Each carries about 75 to 80 Chinese version of the study bibles for Chinese pastors..... .....each of them were fined for 400 US dollars for overweight luggages with the bibles. The Chinese customs officials told the four Americans that their all of their bibles are confiscated as ‘illegal religious literatures." See Communist Strategies Build Global Solidarity

Don't Forget About China's Dissidents: "Western newspapers generally do not identify Hu Jintao as the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, even though it is this post and not the state presidency from which he derives his authority and power.'s visitors are not seeing the full picture....

      "The China Daily is the English language propaganda organ of the Chinese Communist Party. Its content is carefully managed.... All publications and broadcast media are licensed by the government. Journalists are required to undergo Marxist indoctrination and can be singled out to perform self-criticism..... .The Internet... has not significantly eroded control of information. The Chinese government has a formidable firewall to block sites it doesn't want its citizenry to view. It's manned by thousands of censors who monitor sites and recommend them for blocking.... [A]t least 50 Internet dissidents are in jail. Of course, none of this will be visible to a foreign visitor....

      "The Olympics... are not leading to a liberalized China. In fact, the opposite is true....When the Olympics are over and the crowds go home, China will have no incentive to relax control. Worse, the party's capacity for surveillance and repression will be enhanced by hosting the Games." See Communist Strategies Build Global Solidarity

Of Good and Evil: "When 'Gulag Archipelago,' his monumental history of the Soviet penal system, was published in Paris in 1973, Solzhenitsyn made it impossible for serious people anywhere to excuse Stalin's crimes or the inhumanity of communist totalitarianism. His documentation showed that the commissars had the blood of 60 million victims on their hands. Communism's essence was exposed in relentless detail as slavery, terror and imperialism ...

     "Solzhenitsyn's warning was also not always welcome in the West.... Solzhenitsyn warned of 'an atmosphere of moral mediocrity, paralyzing man's noblest impulses,' and a 'tilt of freedom in the direction of evil... evidently born primarily out of a humanistic and benevolent concept according to which there is no evil inherent to human nature.' His own prison-camp experience after World War II told him evil was all too real and had to be confronted." See Loving Evil

Communism alive and well in Russia: "Military and political experts say Putin’s decision to move troops into Georgia was skillfully calculated to coincide with the Summer Olympics.... In 1968 Russia pulled this when they invaded and attacked Czechoslovakia and got away with it.... [More reasons:]

1. ..there is momentum with the break away republics aligning with the west, gaining power in the world’s eyes.... The U.S. was becoming a little too supportive and close to the nations surrounding Russia….Ukraine, Estonia.

2. They see the pressure on our economy.... [and] the need to control the pipeline going through Georgia to the black sea. Russia wants that control back...

3. ..the U.S. is distracted and worn out with Iraq and Afghanistan....

6. Putin watched us do nothing but talk.... Why shouldn’t he jump in and conquer old Russia back?"

Russia’s Medvedev ends peace-enforcement operation in Georgia: "The security of our peacekeepers and civilians has been restored,' [Russian President, Putin's puppet] Medvedev said. 'The aggressor has been punished and suffered very significant losses. Its armed forces have been disorganized.'... If there are any emerging hotbeds of resistance or any aggressive actions, you should take steps to destroy them,' he said. Russia's foreign minister says Georgia's president must leave office and is demanding that Georgian troops stay out of South Ossetia for good."

      The fact that Georgia is a sovereign nation, doesn't seem to matter to Russia! See The Soviet System of Control

Troubled Neighbors -- Key dates of the conflict in Georgia: "1991: The Soviet Union dissolves, and Georgia wins independence. Violence breaks out as South Ossetia attempts to secede from Georgia.  July 1992: Russian President Boris Yetslin mediates a cease-fire. He deploys a Russian peacekeepers force to South Ossetia.  1994: A Russian-enforced cease-fire brings an end to conflict. Russian troops are permanently stationed.  August 1995: Then-Georgian President Shevardnadze narrowly escapes two assassination attempts allegedly planned by the Russians. ....March 2008: South Ossetia asks the world to recognize its independence from Georgia....  [August 7, 2008]: Georgian troops enter South Ossetia overnight as tensions rise sharply. [August 8]: Russia sends troops and tanks into Georgia's breakaway province of South Ossetia. Fierce fighting ensues..." See Animal Farm by George Orwell

President Bush Visited Officially Staged Church Service: (August 10) "President Bush visited TSPM’s Kuanjie Church established by the government and attended a service.... 'They won’t give the ordinary believers of the church a chance to meet President Bush or overseas media. They will also drive the ordinary believers out of the church before and after President Bush’s visit.... Most people President Bush and the overseas media will meet in the church are security people, political workers and people trained by them to pose as believers.... [A] believer who lives nearby Kuanjie Church joked: “President Bush is coming to preach the Gospel to those who don’t believe in the Lord (referring to those police officers and officials).” See Communist Strategies

Beijing House Churches Forced to Sign Document Pledging Not to Meet During the Olympic Games: "...a number of Chinese House Church Pastors were forced to sign a written agreement that they would not participate in religious services while the Olympic Games are taking place in China. ...  Should church members violate these rules they will be subject to the disciplinary actions of the Chinese Government. The discovery of this document provides further evidence of the PRC’s hypocrisy towards creating a 'harmonious society' marked by religious freedom and rule of law." See His Peace in the midst of turmoil

In Thailand, Bush Predicts Trade and Internet Will Make China Free: “'Change in China will arrive on its own terms and in keeping with its own history and traditions,' Bush says in the prepared text. 'Yet change will arrive. And it will be clear for all to see that those who aspire to speak their conscience and worship their God are no threat to the future of China.'"

     What an illusion! Yes, they will be free to believe and compromise as Bush does. But they will not be free -- nor will Americans -- to follow or speak God's divisive Word."

June 2008

Elian Gonzalez Joins Cuba's Young Communists: "The Cuban boy at the center of an international custody battle eight years ago has joined Cuba's Young Communist Union.... Now 14, Elian was 6 when Miami relatives lost their fight to keep him in the United States and he was returned to Cuba in mid-2000 with his father." See Re-Educating Elián at the Aspen Institute


Aiding and abetting: "...the Commerce, Defense and State departments have approved approximately $5 million in equipment, including X-ray scanners, radiation detection gear and more - some of it restricted under the Export Administration Act from export to China - for shipment.

    "...with near certainty, Chinese security services are likely to turn their newfound expertise on internal dissidents, or use it for aggrandizing purposes generally once the Olympic Games are complete. How ironic: A regime that regularly helps itself to U.S. technology via an extensive American espionage network is now being ushered along to enhanced surveillance and security techniques by the Bush administration." See Persecution and Animal Farm


US Navy vessels leave Myanmar coast: "U.S. Navy ships laden with relief supplies steamed away from Myanmar's coast Thursday, their helicopters barred by the ruling junta though millions of cyclone survivors need food, shelter or medical care.... More than a month after the storm, many people in stricken areas still have received no aid at all and the military regime continued to impose constraints on international rescue efforts.... 'I am both saddened and frustrated to know that we have been in a position to help ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people and help mitigate further loss of life, but have been unable to do so because of the unrelenting position of the Burma military junta,' said Adm. Timothy J. Keating....

" seasonal monsoon rains become heavier, there will be more challenges supplying aid and maintaining the good health of survivors." See "Gospel For Asia" relief shipment received in Yangon (Rangoon)


Central Government gives major funds to Ministry of Public Security to dismantle House Churches across China: [Xinjiang] "...the trial for Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti [a Christian threatened with execution based on a false charge] commenced on May 27... Mr. Yimiti’s wife, Nuergul, however was prohibited from entering the courtroom as were members of the media.

     "...the court reached a verdict that the case be sent back to the original PSB prosecuters due to 'insufficient evidence' against the accused.... Mr. Yimiti’s wife, Nuergul, restated her husband’s innocence due to the fact that he is an agricultural worker and has no access to state secrets.... She... thanked the many people around the world for their continual support and prayers....

     "...the Ministry of Public Security has received funding from the Chinese Central Government to increase their campaign of eradicating House Churches throughout China. ...the steady increase of persecution against house churches continues to rise substantially across China. On Sunday May 25, the Beijing Gospel Church, home to more than 1000 members was raided by PSB Officials." See Persecution



US Navy vessels leave Myanmar coast: "U.S. Navy ships laden with relief supplies steamed away from Myanmar's coast Thursday, their helicopters barred by the ruling junta though millions of cyclone survivors need food, shelter or medical care.... More than a month after the storm, many people in stricken areas still have received no aid at all and the military regime continued to impose constraints on international rescue efforts.... 'I am both saddened and frustrated to know that we have been in a position to help ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people and help mitigate further loss of life, but have been unable to do so because of the unrelenting position of the Burma military junta,' said Adm. Timothy J. Keating....

" seasonal monsoon rains become heavier, there will be more challenges supplying aid and maintaining the good health of survivors." See "Gospel For Asia" relief shipment received in Yangon

May 2008

China Lists Dos and Don’ts for Olympics-Bound Foreigners: "Do not bring any printed materials critical of China. Do not plan on holding any rallies or demonstrations in China. Do not think that you are guaranteed an entry visa because you hold tickets to an Olympic event.... That is some of the eclectic advice issued by the Beijing Organizing Committee on Monday.... The International Olympic Committee had no immediate response.... Its position on freedom of expression issues as they relate to the Olympics is not entirely clear.... The advisory issued by the Beijing Organizing Committee includes a ban on bringing into China 'anything detrimental to China’s politics, economy, culture or moral standards'.... Before being awarded the Olympics, China promised in 2001 to improve its human rights record."

          They certainly haven't kept that promise. But then promises mean little to pracmatic Communist -- whether it's from Hu or Putin.


The worrisome rise of pro-China youth: "Beijing has long encouraged nationalism. Over the past decade, the government has introduced school textbooks that focus on past victimization of China by outside powers. The state media, such as the People's Daily, which hosts one of the most strongly nationalist Web forums, also highlight China's perceived mistreatment at the hands of the United States and other powers. In recent years, too, the Communist Party has opened its membership and perks to young urbanites, cementing the belief that their interests lie with the regime... and that democracy might lead to unrest and instability.... Many Chinese academics... believe that... a freer China might become a more dangerous China." See Communist Strategies Build Global Solidarity

April 2008

At Expense of All Others, Putin Picks a Church: "First came visits from agents of the F.S.B., a successor to the K.G.B., who evidently saw a threat in a few dozen searching souls who liked to huddle in cramped apartments to read the Bible... Local officials then labeled the church a 'sect.' Finally, last month, they shut it down....

      "The Kremlin’s surrogates in many areas have turned the Russian Orthodox Church into a de facto official religion, warding off other Christian denominations that seem to offer the most significant competition for worshipers. They have all but banned proselytizing by Protestants and discouraged Protestant worship through a variety of harassing measures....

      "The [Orthodox] church’s hostility toward Protestant groups... is tinged with the same anti-Western sentiment often voiced by Mr. Putin and other senior officials. ... The government’s antipathy also seems to stem in part from the Kremlin’s wariness toward independent organizations that are not allied with the government." See Was Marx a Satanist?

March 2008

New freedom, and peril, in online criticism of China: "Someone posted personal information about Wang on the Internet, including her national identification card number, as well as her parents' address and phone number in China.

     "'Makes us lose so much face. Shoot her where she stands,' one anonymous user wrote in a comment posted above Wang's portrait from Qingdao.... Such situations have become so common that some users refer to the sites as 'human flesh search engines.'... 'One-sixth of the population of the world now knows my personal information as detailed as my identity number,' Wang said." See Human Nature

February 2008

FDA never inspected Chinese plant making Baxter's heparin: "A Chinese manufacturing plant that was never inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could be the source of a potentially deadly allergic reaction experienced by hundreds of U.S. patients infused with Baxter International Inc.'s blood thinner heparin..... Baxter supplies about half of the U.S. market for heparin, which is used in heart surgery, kidney dialysis and other procedures."

     Is global trade and friendship with China more important to our leaders than the public safety? See The emerging New World Order


Venezuela, UK Capitals' Left-Wing Mayors Seek Closer Ties: "Livingstone has long been a vocal supporter of Chavez, a left-wing populist, and hosted him during a visit to London in May."


"The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing;
He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect.
The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
The plans of His heart to all generations.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
The people He has chosen as His own inheritance."

Psalm 33:10-12


London's Lefty Mayor Under Fire Over Cuba: "Amid controversial plans to hold a huge festival in London to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution in 2009, London Mayor Ken Livingstone is being criticized for a decision to meet recently with the families of five men convicted of being Cuban spies. of them also found guilty of having taken part in conspiracy to murder members of a Cuban exile group....

     "Livingstone, a vocal critic of the Bush administration, has been a longtime supporter of leftist causes around the world.... The mayor was first criticized for praising the 'achievements' of dictator Fidel Castro...." See Animal Farm by George Orwell


 London's Left-Wing Mayor Under Fire Ahead of Reelection Bid : The mayor of London has come under attack for allegedly allowing Marxist advisers to run the British capital, giving millions in questionable grants to minority and liberal interest groups -- and drinking hard liquor at morning meetings. ... Conservative newspapers have also raised an outcry over city funding to environmental groups such as Greenpeace and Forum For The Future, which are not under investigation but have publicly supported Livingstone..... Atma Singh, a former high level adviser to Livingstone, publicly claimed that members of Socialist Action (SA), a Marxist group, had infiltrated city hall in order to influence policy."


States must fight contaminated seafood: "In August, we urged the federal government to require Country of Origin Labeling on seafood served in restaurants.... The opportunities have been ignored. ....The recently adopted U.S.-Chinese agreement relies on China's discretionary enforcement of our regulations. That requirement has been tested. It failed when Canadian inspectors halted a shipment of tainted Chinese shrimp.... Chinese catfish have been found to contain, along with nitrofuran, illegal substances including strong industrial dyes and known carcinogens used by Asian fish farmers to kill fungus and microorganisms. Banned fluoroquinolones antibiotics also have been found. This antibiotic family is banned in the U.S. for use in food..." See Human Nature


Arms Race Rumblings From 'Outgoing' Putin: "The Kremlin says it plans to develop a new generation of high-tech weapons in response to the U.S. deployment of a missile shield and NATO expansion in Europe. 'It is evident that a new round of the arms race is being unfolded...' President Vladimir Putin said.... 'It's not our fault. It does not depend on us, we didn't start it.'...

     "Dmitry Medvedev, Putin's hand-picked successor, is expected to win easily [March 2 elections], and he has agreed to name Putin prime minister....

     "Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell told lawmakers last Tuesday that intelligence agencies were concerned that Russia, China and OPEC countries could use their growing financial clout to advance political goals. He also said Russian and Chinese space investment may lead to a capability to strike U.S. satellites and enable them to 'control our ability to use precision-guided munitions.'" See The Soviet System of Control

January 2008

Nationalistic youth movement takes credit for vandalizing two churches [Russia]: "Both churches received identical threats that said: 'Disrespected sectarians, you are not welcome here and we suggest that you get out of our town. If you refuse, we'll help you leave. ... Get out of here you wretched American servants of Satan! ...." On the second floor of Grace Church, one bottle had the simple message, 'Merry Christmas!' and was signed, 'Civil Initiative of the 'Nashi.'

     "The Nashi youth [like the Hitler Youth] movement is a strong nationalistic/anti-Western movement that has gained momentum under Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin also encourages the Nashi movement, which is reminiscent of the youth leagues during Communism."

December 2007

Countdown to Beijing [Olympics]: "The emphasis on the numeral '8' is not a coincidence, but a planned and precise anticipation of China’s Communist government. The number '8' in Chinese thinking symbolizes hope and prosperity for one fourth of the world’s population, and it expresses not so subtly, China’s aspiration at world leadership and supremacy. The theme 'One World, One Dream' summarizes the century’s old concept of China as the middle kingdom and center of world influence....

     "Interest in the Olympics has risen to fever pitch as 4.9 million Chinese vie for only 2.7 million tickets available to residents of China. 90,000 taxi drivers in Beijing are learning rudimentary English to deal with the expected arrival of thousands of visitors. More than 2 million trees have been planted in Beijing to beautify the city. An unprecedented campaign to curb public spitting, loud talking and the national characteristic of unceremoniously elbowing one’s way on to a bus or train is underway."


Perspectives on the new Russia: "Under Mr Putin, Russia is sliding into fascism, with state control of the economy, media, politics and society becoming increasingly heavy-handed. And Nashi, along with other similar youth movements, such as 'Young Guard', and 'Young Russia', is in the forefront of the charge....

     "The idea that Russia's anarchic, apathetic youth would ever be attracted into a disciplined mass movement in support of their president - what critics called a 'Putinjugend', recalling the "Hitlerjugend" (German for "Hitler Youth") - seemed fanciful. How wrong we were.

     "Life for young people in Russia without connections is a mixture of inadequate and corrupt education, and a choice of boring dead-end jobs. Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union's Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose - but... good jobs in politics or business - which... are increasingly the same thing. ... Like the sheep chanting 'Four legs good, two legs bad' in George Orwell's Animal Farm, they can intimidate through noise and numbers. See George Orwell's 1984

November 2007

China security issued blacklist of 43 types of people... barred from Olympic Games: Antagonistic elements.... Religious extremists and religious infiltrators.... Media employees.... Non-government organizations engaging in activities that can pose a real threat to the Olympic Games..."


Toxic 'Bindeez' toys put three children in hospital [China]: "A toy which won the Australian Toy of the Year award earlier this year at the Melbourne Toy and Hobby fair has sent the nation, parents and retailers into a panic. The toy 'Bindeez' contains hundreds of beads which can induce seizures, drowsiness or coma, if swallowed. The beads should contain a non-toxic glue but instead they contain contain a toxic chemical which when swallowed changes into the illegal drug GHB... Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate or Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid... Street names for GHB include... Fantasy, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid X, Liquid Ecstasy...." Apparently this toy is called "Aqua Dots" in America.

China & Olympics. Beijing's Clampdown on "Fake Reporters" Prompts Concern: "When a local television station in Beijing reported last summer that dumpling makers in the city were using pork-flavored chopped cardboard as a filling, the story made international headlines. A month later, the reporter was jailed for a year, having been found guilty of 'commodity defamation.'...The body responsible for censorship... then launched a campaign to clamp down against what it described as 'bogus journalists.'

     "That same agency caused a stir this week when its head, Liu Binjie, told the state-controlled China Daily that the authorities were building a database of profiles on the tens of thousands of foreign reporters who will visit the country to cover next summer's Olympic Games. Liu attributed the need for a database to the activities of 'fake reporters.'...

     "On Tuesday, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reported that the mainland government had given editors of Chinese media a directive to avoid publishing negative Olympic-related stories." See God holds the key


Secret Document Reveals Chinese Government’s Campaign against Unregistered Churches: "...the secret campaign was launched 'based on the relevant documents from the central government.... Pursuant to 'Filing System for Religious Clergymen' by the State Administration for Religious Affairs and “Certification System of Christian Religious Clergymen' by... China Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement, we [the atheist state] should promote the training of Christian clergymen.... After they pass the tests, they can go to work with the proper certificates....
     "For those who spread heresies, object to 'Three-Self Patriotic Movement' and illegally collect money, we should educate them, prevent them from doing so, and order them to stop their activities.

     " cautious in using the police force... so as to avoid antagonism between the ordinary people and the government.... Once there is a mob assembly of trouble-makers... resolute measures should be taken immediately so that the incidents can be neutralized on the spot and immediately." See Soviet Education under Lenin Models U.S. Education for the New millennium

FBI Thinks China Is Greatest Threat: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that China poses the greatest threat to the U.S. in terms of espionage — and that thousands of 'front companies' in America have been set up to aid Chinese spying.... A new report from the respected think tank, titled 'The Chinese Secret Intelligence Service,' warns, 'China’s intelligence services today consist of a vast shadowy organization that employs approximately 2 million full- or part-time agents. Federal officials in the United States, in numerous interviews during the past year, say and have said that there are more foreign spies operating in the United States than during the Cold War.... In size and numbers, no country now can equal the numbers of Chinese spies in our country.” See Deceptive alliances

October 2007

Hu Jintao calls for enhancing "soft power" of Chinese culture: "...Hu Jintao also stressed the need to enhance Chinese culture as the country's 'soft power' in his keynote speech to the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).... Some highlights of his proposed methods...: -- to step up the development of the press, publishing, radio, film, television, literature and art, give correct guidance to the public and foster healthy social trends; -- to strengthen efforts to develop and manage Internet culture...." See Orwell's 1984


Putin's Russia Stakes Its Ground: "President Vladimir Putin has made no bones about the fact that he deeply resents the status quo he inherited from Boris Yeltsin when he took power on the eve of the millennium. In 2005, he told (AP) Russians in a nationally televised speech that 'the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the [twentieth] century.' Time and again since he’s moved to reassert Moscow’s power. ... While significant security cooperation with Washington followed the 9/11 attacks, Russia continues to bully former Soviet states (RIA-Novosti) like Georgia and Ukraine, redefining its 'rights' to intervene in their domestic politics. ... Putin has made clear he will chart his own path for Russia, whether that means a diplomatic feud with Britain (BBC), ambiguity on Iran's nuclear policies (Moscow Times), or joint military exercises with China (IHT). As the Economist notes: 'Certainly Russia's foreign policy has not been helpful to America. But it was never meant to be.'"

       Why then has America, through the years, been so eager to cooperate on joint security measures with Russian -- and so reluctant to admit the terrors of Communism? See Deceptive alliances


Putin - Russia Will Assist In Building Iran's Nuclear Reactor: "Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will assist Iran to build the nuclear reactor.... Participating at the summit of the five Caspian Sea countries, there was a unanimous agreement among all, to restrict their air space and prevent it being used by foreign powers [such as USA] to launch attacks in the region."


Communists Move to Adapt Their Rule to a Richer China: "The secretive group of about two dozen people that runs China, the Communist Party's Politburo, is responding by taking steps to make its rule more accountable to the public.... The changes in how the party governs aren't meant to prepare the way for multiparty democracy. On the contrary, they are intended to secure the position of Mr. Hu and his successors as the unchallenged rulers of China. 'All this will enable the party to remain a ruling, Marxist party,' Mr. Hu said....  The party still ruthlessly suppresses dissent. Under President Hu, the government has arrested several lawyers who have attempted to use the legal system to challenge the government over alleged human-rights violations and other issues.... Since 1999, China has put more journalists in prison than any other country.... And the government has worked hard to curb free expression on the Internet and to block access to Web sites it finds politically objectionable."


China. China Dam Project To Uproot Millions More: "China's government said it will move an additional four million people away from the Three Gorges Dam over the next 10 to 15.... nearly three times the number initially displaced by the building of the world's biggest hydroelectric dam.... The Three Gorges Dam was built to showcase China's ability to tame the devastating floods of the Yangtze River and provide clean electricity. Instead, it is coming to represent China's mounting environmental problems and the dark side of the nation's surging economic growth.... The new relocation plans come less than a month after Chinese officials first publicly acknowledged that 'hidden dangers' at the dam, including landslides, erosion and pollution, could lead to an environmental disaster.... China's urbanization is probably the fastest in history, creating massive opportunity and wealth, but also piles of sewage and pollution."

China's environmental crisis is real but local; the "global warming" is not! See False or Politicized Science


The never-ending presidency: "It has always been a question of how...Vladimir Putin would retain power in Russia when his second, and (according to the constitution) final presidential term runs out in March 2008. This week Mr Putin lifted the veil. At a congress of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, he graciously agreed to head its party list at the general election in December. He added that he may become prime minister if the party wins the election and the president is a man he can work with. United Russia is sure to win and, since Mr Putin will hand-pick the president, he will presumably get along with him. So this charade has only one meaning: Mr Putin is staying on, probably for a very long time....

     "Disconcertingly for critics, the vast majority of the Russian population seems to like the game and to support Mr Putin, whose popularity rating is consistently above 70%. The lack of independent television is only one reason for this." See The Soviet System of Control


Buying the Rope: "In 1998, 'President' Jiang Zemin enunciated communist China's operative foreign policy... against the Free World: 'Intimidate with force, seduce with money.'... In 2000, communist China established an information warfare division as a fifth branch of its military.... 'A forum of Chinese military experts in 1995 concluded that the development of information warfare weapons, which could 'throw the financial systems and army command systems of the hegemonist [the United States] into chaos,' should be a major priority for the Chinese military.'... The Pentagon has identified communist China as the culprit in recent cyber attacks on our military's computer networks...." See next link:


Merger Opens U.S. Defense to China: "A Chinese company with ties to Beijing's military and past links to Saddam Hussein's army in Iraq and the Taliban will gain access to U.S. defense-network technology under a proposed merger, Pentagon officials say. Huawei Technologies will merge with the Massachusetts-based 3Com network--equipment manufacturer in a deal announced last week. Huawei has been linked to the U.N. oil-for-food scandal, which involved millions of dollars in payoffs to Saddam's regime during a time of U.N. sanctions." See Deceptive alliances


Prominent Beijing Rights Defense Christian Lawyer Li Heping kidnapped and tortured [China]: "...on September 29, 2007, after Li Heping got off work and came out of the office building, he saw two sedans without license plates in the parking lot. Then, a group of unidentified people covered his head with a cloth bag and forced him into one of the sedans.... The car traveled for about an hour.... There were about ten people there, whom he had never met. They demanded that Attorney Li Heping undress completely, which he refused. Then they began to beat [him] brutally.... The most vicious form of torture was chasing and hitting him with electric batons.

     " of the interrogators said they are members of Beijing State Security Bureau. They yelled to him with standard Beijing accent: 'All your family should get the__ out of Beijing. Sell your house and car and get out of Beijing!'... [Heping] was brutally beaten and insulted to the fullest degree. He endured the torture and never regarded the perpetrators with hatred.

     "At last, these security agents gave Attorney Li Heping an ultimatum: 'Let us give you another option since we know you don’t want to get the__ out of Beijing. Then, just work as an attorney, but you must not mess up in some things.' After that, they again put a black head-cover on Attorney Li and threw him into a wooded area in Xiaotangshan....." See the next link:


Personal statement from Attorney Li Heping on being beaten: "Thank God for giving me an opportunity as an attorney to experience and witness personally the harshness of electric torture.... Those who beat me threatened me by saying I must not engage in the business of law in Beijing and I must leave Beijing with all my family.... I wish the light of rule of law will shine on China and all my Chinese compatriots, including those who beat me." Endurance and God's love in and through us


Older: The most important thing you need to know about China. "The People's Republic of China remains what it was at its inception in 1949, at the end of the civil war -- a ruthless,  totalitarian state.... Ostensibly, political power resides in the 3,000-member National People's Congress.... In reality, power is exercised by a 9-member standing committee of the CCP politburo.... In 2003, Amnesty International reported that in Chinese prisons, 'Torture and ill treatment remained widespread... Common methods included kicking, beating, electric shocks, suspension by the arms, shackling in painful positions, and sleep and food deprivation. Women in detention were vulnerable to rape and sexual abuse.'...

     "...there are over 1,000 're-education-through-labor' camps scattered about the country." See The Soviet System of Control and When Iron Gates Yield

September 2007

Targeting the shepherds [China]: "A group of Christians walked home after a regular church service.... Suddenly, a small Chang’ an microbus and three motorcycles stopped in front of them. Fifteen plainclothes police officers, showing no ID, forced eight of the believers into the van. When they heard of the arrests, four house church leaders– [including] Li Min (52), one of the top seven national leaders... went to the Public Security Office to find out why. They did not return. Later, several more house church Christians... went to visit their brothers and sisters. All three were subsequently arrested, abused.... Ke Yufang, Jin Jirong’s aunt, observed that her nephew had been seriously injured. For her inquiry, she was thrown into a police van, beaten unconscious and given seven days detention.... Three police officers attacked [Li Ming], beating and kicking him.... The police choked him into silence, pushed him into a police car.... Wang Yuan could not stop vomiting. ...  [T]the four house church leaders was sentenced to two years 're-education through labor,'' where they are denied bibles and forbidden to even mention the name of Jesus." See Preparing for Persecution

August 2007

Over 100 Foreign Missionaries Expelled or Forced to Leave by Chinese Government Secret Campaign: "This campaign is believed to be part of the 'anti-infiltration' efforts to prevent foreign Christians from engaging in mission activities before the Beijing Olympics next year.... Most of those expelled are citizens from the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and Israel. They were expelled when they were either working or visiting in Xinjiang, Beijing, Tibet, or Shandong." See Lessons from China: Communist Strategies


Poison PJs from China -- Embalming fluid found inside children's pajamas: "China's massive export industry has provided ginger contaminated with a pesticide, fish food raised in untreated sewage and toothpaste containing a solvent – and now children's clothing containing the poison formaldehyde.

    "...scientists found formaldehyde, a chemical preservative, in wool and cotton clothing at levels hundreds of times higher than levels considered safe. The chemical has been used as an embalming fluid and in clothing to preserve a 'permanent press.' It also has been used over the years in foam padding, and is used extensively in composite wood products in construction.

     "...exposure to formaldehyde in concentrations of 20 parts per million can cause eye, skin and nasal irritations, asthmas and cancer. ... 'Some of the clothes Target tested having a reading 900 times the level that actually causes harm.'" See Deceptive alliances

Lead found in China bibs: "A bib with 'Winnie the Pooh' characters and store-brand bibs sold under the Koala Baby and Especially for Baby labels all tested positive for lead in concentrations three to four times what the Environmental Protection Agency allows in paint.... The group bought the four bibs at San Francisco Bay-area Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores..."

Is China a threat? "All warfare is based on deception.” --Sun Tzu.... "The China threat is very real and in many ways far more dangerous and ominous that the contemporary dangers of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism....

     "1. China has SAID intend to go to war with us ‘eventually’. 2. We know they have a stranglehold on our economic well being. 3. We know they have been and continue to build their military. 4. We know they have extended and developed significant strategic footholds beyond their territory. 5. We know they are increasing their satellite technology. 6. We know they are increasing their capacity to wage cyber war. 7. We know they have a plan and are working their plan." See Human Nature


Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp: "Remember the mammoths, say the clean-cut organisers at the youth camp's mass wedding. 'They became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia'. Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents... where they can start procreating for the motherland....

      "But this organisation - known as 'Nashi', meaning 'Ours' - is youth movement run by Vladimir Putin's Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life. ... [It] is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters.... Attendance is monitored via compulsory electronic badges....

     "Attempting to raise Russia's dismally low birthrate even by eccentric-seeming means might be understandable. ... Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union's Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose - but a leg up in life, too. Nashi's senior officials - known, in an eerie echo of the Soviet era, as 'Commissars' - get free places at top universities. Thereafter, they can expect good jobs in politics or business - which in Russia nowadays, under the Kremlin's crony capitalism, are increasingly the same thing." See Bloody Utopian Dreams, Part I: Hammer and Sickle

June 2007

Son of Rebiya Kadeer sentenced to nine years in prison on charges of 'secessionism': "Ablikim Abdureyim, the son of prominent Uyghur human rights defender Rebiya Kadeer, was sentenced today by a Chinese court on charges of 'instigating and engaging in secessionist activities.'...

    “'I am extremely saddened by the nine-year sentence handed down to my son, as his arrest, detention, trial and sentence were all in violation of China’s constitution,' said Ms. Kadeer, 'Ablikim, just like his brother Alim, is innocent of all charges against him, and there is a severe lack of evidence to back up any of these charges. He has been sentenced not because of any of his actions in China but because of my human rights activism in the U.S. and around the world.'...

     " the 2008 Beijing Olympics approach, Chinese leaders have repeatedly claimed progress on human rights. President Hu Jintao has again and again stressed the importance of respecting the rule of law as a cornerstone of a new and improved China. In a speech at Yale University last year he promised to 'protect people's freedom, democracy and human rights according to law.'"

     But truth and honesty is irrelevant to Communist leaders like Hu and Putin. Trained to wield power and propaganda, they do and say as they please. We are foolish to believe their promises." See The Soviet System of Control


Is China trying to poison Americans and their pets?: "...tainted food imports intended for American humans are being rejected with increasing frequency because they are filthy, are contaminated with pesticides and tainted with carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs....In the past year, the FDA rejected more than twice as many food shipments from China as from all other countries....

     "FDA inspectors examine only a tiny percentage of the food imported from foreign countries – about 1 percent -- meaning most of the contaminated products make it inside the country and to the shelves of retailers....

     "China has also attempted to export hundreds of thousands of pounds of chickens and poultry products to the U.S., even though it is not yet certified to do so. Chinese exporters disguise the meat by labeling crates 'dried lily flower' or 'prune slices' or 'vegetables.' Despite the deliberate deception, the U.S. government is about to certify the Chinese to export poultry legally."

May 2007

Russia: Church Merger, Putin's Acquisition: "Not only are there theological and moral issues at stake, but there is also the suspicion among some that Mr. Putin is building new networks of influence by using the church to reach out to Russian émigré communities all over the world. While lower-ranking clergy at the ceremony stressed the spiritual aspects of the merger, Patriarch Aleksy II emphasized other factors: He gave short shrift to God, but thanked President Putin.

     "Indeed, it was Mr. Putin who first made overtures to The Church Abroad in September 2003, when he met with its leadership during a visit to New York. The church merger is only the most recent of his successful attempts to appropriate symbols of Russia's prerevolutionary and anticommunist past along with Soviet ones. ...

Mr. Putin is thus the first modern Russian leader to incorporate all aspects of Russia's 'usable past' in claiming his legitimacy. The Russian Orthodox Church in all its forms is a key component of that past....

     "Mr. Putin needs friends anywhere he can find them. Having a ready-made network of 323 parishes and 20 monasteries in the U.S. alone, and over a million church members in 30 countries, will offer Russia greater influence abroad. Moscow regains control over bishops' appointments and the right to open or close all parishes....

      "Many in the Church Abroad wonder how this merger went through at all. The process was secretive...."

February 2007

Hu and Mbeki forge closer ties: "President Hu Jintao of China and Thabo Mbeki, his South African counterpart, yesterday pledged to intensify their relationship despite concerns about the growing influence of China in Africa.

    "Mr. Mbeki pointedly gave warning last year that Africa should beware of falling into a 'colonial relationship' with China.... Yesterday, however, Mr. Mbeki was at pains to stress his -- and Africa's conviction that the relationship was 'of mutual benefit....' Mr Hu said both agreed they should work on taking the partnership to a 'new and higher leve.'"

     Makes sense! Both are communists and both share similar disregard for human rights. What counts is cheap labor, power, and financial results. See the next link and God Holds the Key China's Underground Catholics Face a Hostile Regime: "The underground Catholic Church has 10 million to 12 million faithful, as compared with three million in 1949 when the Communists took over China. The Official Church has only four million. Certainly it is the underground Catholic Church that did most of the evangelical work under very hostile conditions imposed by the Chinese government. Six underground Catholic bishops and dozens of priests are still in jail. Three of the bishops have disappeared.... Almost all underground church properties have been confiscated by the Chinese government.


In Africa, China's Expansion Begins to Stir Resentment: "Chambishi was supposed to be a showcase of Sino-African friendship.... Initial gratitude, however, quickly turned into seething discontent, as the new Chinese owners banned union activity and cut corners on safety. In 2005, dozens of locals were killed in a blast at the Chinese explosives facility serving the mine.... Then, the following year, protesting Zambian employees were sprayed with gunfire. 'The Chinese, they don't even consider us to be human beings,' complains Albert Mwanaumo....

       "Inside the mine itself, a red Chinese flag was hoisted above a wall covered with inspirational words...: 'To Rouse Yourself in Vigorous Efforts to Make the Company Prosperous!' As part of its prosperity plan, the mine's management paid Zambian employees less than the minimum wage.... A 2004 memo to staff, which still hangs inside NFC Africa offices, warned of 'severe punishment' for anyone attending meetings of the 'so-called action group [of union organizers], which is illegal.'" See Deceptive alliances


China, cracked: "...the Chinese attempt to marry a communist party-state with the market is unsustainable. Hutton does not deny the economic achievements of the past three decades. But he stresses that the result has been 'not free-market capitalism but Leninist corporatism'. This is not a viable new model, but an ultimately dysfunctional hybrid. The inevitable consequences include rampant corruption.... ideologically bankrupt communist party is inconsistent with the pluralism of opinion, security of property and vibrant competition on which a dynamic economy depends." But "pluralism of opinion" and security of property are now fading in the West. See Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation

January 2007

China’s Hu seeks to ‘purify’ internet (slow to open): "Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, has called for tighter controls on the internet... and tap into new technology to guide and manage online opinion more closely. ... Saying that the internet should be used to 'nourish spirits and mould minds,' Mr Hu said: '[We must] advocate civilised internet operations and civilised internet use and purify the internet environment.'... 'Strengthening network culture construction and management... will help extend the battlefront of propaganda and ideological work,' he said. 'It is good for increasing the radiant power and infectiousness of socialist spiritual culture.”


As China booms, millions of children are left behind: "In a sparsely furnished farmhouse... in the poor, rural province of Anhui, 16-year-old Zhao Yan has lived on her own for more than two years. She goes to school, tends to the family rice farm and waits for her father's periodic visits home. 'I miss my dad a lot,' says the teen....

       "Chinese authorities estimate that 22 million youngsters in China have been left at home while their parents migrate to cities to find work.... Ye Jingzhong, vice dean of the school of Humanities and Development in Beijing's University of Agriculture, says that when children are left behind it can lead to behavior problems.... He blames the situation on China's hukou system, where farmers who move to China's cities to work are placed under separate educational and housing regulations -- meaning they can't apply for public housing and their children have to pay higher fees to go to city schools. Though the government has said it aims to ease the rules, revisions made to the system in Beijing and Shanghai apply mostly to white-collar workers."


The most important thing you need to know about China. "The People's Republic of China remains what it was at its inception in 1949, at the end of the civil war -- a ruthless,  totalitarian state.... China is controlled by the Communist Party. Ostensibly, political power resides in the 3,000-member National People's Congress.... In reality, power is exercised by a 9-member standing committee of the CCP politburo....

     "In 2003, Amnesty International reported that in Chinese prisons, 'Torture and ill treatment remained widespread... Common methods included kicking, beating, electric shocks, suspension by the arms, shackling in painful positions, and sleep and food deprivation. Women in detention were vulnerable to rape and sexual abuse.'...

     "...there are over 1,000 're-education-through-labor' camps scattered about the country. There are credible reports of organ harvesting from executed prisoners. fewer than 65 offenses carry the death penalty.

     "China's one-child-per-family policy has led to forced abortions, infanticide and a booming sex industry. Former CIA Director James Woolsey describes China as 'the worst of the worst' dictatorships." See The Soviet System of Control


Chavez tightens ‘21st century socialist’ grip: "One short phrase has been uttered like a mantra by some of the 12 new cabinet appointees whom President Hugo Chávez on Monday swore in to office: '21st century socialism'. Ideological rigidity looks set to be the hallmark both of Mr Chávez’s third term, which begins on Wednesday, and of the future for Venezuela’s 'Bolivarian Revolution'. Mr Chávez, who was re-elected in a landslide last month, has pledged to radicalise his administration during his new six-year term, which runs until 2013, and fully convert Venezuela into a socialist state." See The Soviet System of Control

Bible Study Raided, Christians Numbers 130 Million in China: "...a group of Christians... were besieged and raided by the local PSB officers at 10am. Over 40 Christians were taken away for interrogation. Most of the Christians were not released until 6pm the same day, including Dr. Li Baiguang who is one of the most famous Christian legal activists from Beijing.

     "...the number of Christians in China has reached 130 million now, including 20 million Catholics. The Chinese government often underestimates the number of religious believers in its officially released figure. 'The unprecedented growth of the Chinese church has happened under ceaseless persecution,' said Bob Fu, the President of CAA...” See Persecution


The Shenyang Six: "Here's another way the new Secretary General [Ban Ki Moon]could outshine his predecessor: Demand that Beijing live up to its international obligations to let the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees help the tens of thousands of North Korean refugees hiding in northeast China. As a fellow Korean, Mr. Ban has special moral authority to address this little-known humanitarian crisis." See Deceptive alliances

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The next four older items deal with national, international or UN security councils:

"The Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council was created in 1997 as an independent organization consisting of Russian and American experts with the purpose of developing new U.S.-Russian cooperative nuclear security initiatives and ensuring that existing programs become deeply rooted and are implemented expeditiously." 

      Does this remind you of the US-USSR Education Exchange Agreement signed by President Reagan and Gorbachev? See Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education

History of the National Security Council: Two years after the birth of the United Nations with its Security Council, "The National Security Act of July 26, 1947, created the National Security Council... to coordinate foreign policy and defense policy.... The Clinton administration... expanded [the NSC membership] to include the Secretary of the Treasury, the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, the newly-created Assistant to the President for Economic Policy.... the President's Chief of Staff, and the President's National Security Adviser."

[From April 2003] Defector Reveals Russia’s Secret War Plans: "Col. Stanislav Lunev reveals the dark side of Russia’s soul -- and their continuing efforts to destroy America. The highest-ranking military spy ever to defect from Russia, Lunev warned the CIA and the FBI that Russia continues to actively plan for war with the U.S. and the West....

     "Col. Lunev told, and continues to tell, America’s CIA, the FBI, DIA and other national security agencies that Russia still posed a real threat and that Russian military and spy officials were still talking, planning and preparing for war with the United States and the West. He revealed they continue to organize, support and sponsor terrorist groups world-wide. He alleged Russia uses organized crime groups to pursue their dangerous agenda." See a earlier statement by Col. Lunev in Deliver us from evil and remember Psalm 27:1-3

Did you know? "The Russians are building tremendous new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems--all with the assistance of US technology transfers. They are deploying on average, 3 new Topol-M 6th generation ballistic missiles per month. We built our last MX over 10 years ago, and are disarming unilaterally. Further, the Russian are building huge underground nuclear bunkers and weapons production facilities in the Ural Mountains, clearly intended to function during a nuclear war. The US intelligence community (under both Republican and Democratic administrations) knows this and are actively covering for the Russians, so the American people won’t become alarmed.
      "Both Republican and Democratic administrations have been supplying the Chinese with high technology weapons systems for years, knowing that they, in turn, are supplying other enemies (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea) as well. ...President Clinton directed our military to absorb a nuclear first strike rather than “launch on warning” (our only true deterrent to a first strike)...." (Joel Skousen¹s World Affairs Brief, 10-6-01) See
Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education

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