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December 2013

Mass Unrest in Ukraine Amid Supposed Tug of War Between EU and Russia: "Amid the escalating turmoil, some analysts have suggested that there is mass deception at work — an effort to mislead the people of Ukraine with two orchestrated alternatives: closer links with Moscow, or deeper ties with the increasingly out-of-control entity ruling over much of Europe. Apparently being a sovereign nation and trading with all willing partners is not on the menu." See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

Judge: 'Gay rights' trump 1st Amendment: "Judge: 'Gay rights' trump 1st Amendment Another judge has ruled homosexuals have a right not to be offended that supersedes First Amendment religious rights. ... 'America was founded on the fundamental freedom of every citizen to live and work according to their beliefs,' Nicolle Martin, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, said. 'Forcing Americans to promote ideas against their will undermines our constitutionally protected freedom of expression and our right to live free....” See Human nature without a moral conscience!

Plundering Sold As Populism: "In a testament to the literal bankruptcy of socialism, a report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) advocates for both a massive tax increase and a 'one-off' worldwide tax of approximately 10 percent on anyone with more assets than debt. ... The latter idea amounts to outright plundering. ...outright confiscation by an elitist cabal of government and bank officials. 'If it is implemented before avoidance is possible,' means they would be willing to appropriate billions of dollars of individual wealth in a globally coordinated effort..." See Human nature without a moral conscience!

November 2013

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi spied for Hamas and al-Qaeda: "The police officer who discovered this was murdered a week after he revealed it. And through all this Morsi kept the loyal support of the Obama Administration." See The Muslim Brotherhood


What Obama and I Learned at Columbia: How to Destroy America From Within: "America’s decline under Obama isn’t due to mistake, ignorance, or incompetence at the hands of a community organizer. It’s a purposeful, brilliant plan hatched at Columbia University to destroy capitalism, American exceptionalism, Judeo-Christian values, and the American Dream.... America’s decline under Obama isn’t due to mistake, ignorance, or incompetence."

October 2013

"Germany warns US facilities could be targeted in wake of NSA leaks: "As leaked classified documents continue to disclose the covert operations of the NSA, a domestic intelligence warning obtained by Germany’s Der Spiegel suggests the revelations made possible by former contractor Edward Snowden’s leaked files are inspiring potentially violent protests.” See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

September 2013

 [Former Illinois State Senator Keats and his wife] Leave for Texas: "...enough is enough! ... Illinois is ranked 50th for fiscal policy; 47th in job creation; 1st in unfunded pension liabilities; 2nd largest budget deficit; 1st in failing schools; 1st in bonded indebtedness; highest sales tax in the nation... and 5 of our last 9 elected governors have been indicted. That is more than the other 49 states added together!

     "Then add 32 Chicago Aldermen and (according to the Chicago Tribune) over 1000 state and municipal employees indicted. The corruption tax is a real cost of doing business. We are the butt of jokes for stand up comics. We live in the most corrupt big city, in the most corrupt big county in the most corrupt state in America. I am sick and tired of subsidizing crooks." See Moral Corruption

July 2013

Will Bestiality Become Part of The New Normal?   "I used to be of the opinion, and perhaps many of you were too, that “bestiality” was something so backwards and primitive that it would never again be widely practiced in the world. However I think I was wrong about this. I believe that after the Homosexual Movement makes homosexuality perfectly acceptable in the minds of most people there will be a push for normalizing bestiality....Bestiality was a common practice in antiquity; it was, moreover, a religious practice. Pagan religions, with their belief in an evolution out of chaos, looked downward to chaos for religious vigor, power, and vitality, not upward."

        "Cursed be he that lieth with any manner of beast."  Deut. 27:21

June 2013

90+ Girl Scouts march in San Francisco Gay Pride Parade: first time ever (VIDEO): "Weeks after their male counterparts stoked controversy by changing their rules to allow openly gay members, Girl Scouts USA made history in their own way after some 90+ of their members and their families marched in San Francisco’s recent Gay Pride Parade - the first time they have ever done so. Girl Scouts of Northern California announced their participation in the parade in a post on their official Facebook page, accompanied by a photo of the girls in uniform carrying a Girl Scouts banner. "I want them to be able to tell their children they were a part of this," mom Del Gregor, 53, who was at the parade with her 11-year-old Girl Scout daughter, told USA Today. "By the time they're grown up, their kids won't believe there was a time when gay people couldn't get married."

Abortion Activist Makes Boy Hold “Stay Out of My Mommy’s Vagina” Sign: The protesters at the Texas capitol have already exploited children by making them hold signs supporting their protest against a ban on late-term abortions. Then the Internet was abuzz with shock and disgust over another sign, along with a video showing abortion activists chanting Hail Satan. Meanwhile, a little girl is shown in a picture along with pro-abortion protestors holding a sign saying, “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f— a senator.” Now, another picture has surfaced of a little boy holding a sign, that surely wasn’t his idea to hold."

July 2013

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire: "Romney acknowledged the difficulty of winning an election in which '47% of the people' start off against him because they pay no taxes and just receive... 'free stuff – from the government…. Romney failed se he did not embrace the devil’s bargain of making unsustainable promises....

      "...the Old America is gone. And, sad for the world, it is not coming back."

May 2013

Funded with Saudi Money: "If anything should disqualify Hillary Clinton from ever holding office, it would be the donor list for her husband’s foundation. The Saudis kicked in between 10 and 25 million dollars. Kuwait pitched in somewhere from 5 to 10 million dollars. Qatar, Oman, Friends of Saudi Arabia, the Dubai Foundation, run by the UAE royals, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi, the second richest Saudi, Nasser Al-Rashid, a billionaire advisor to the Saudi royal family, Walid Juffali, another Saudi billionaire, kicked in millions more. Bill Clinton was hired on by Teneo Capital, created by Clinton advisors and fundraisers. Teneo has an office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates."

Lies about Libya (Thomas Sowell): "The highest American diplomat on the scene in Libya spoke directly with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by phone and told her that it was a terrorist attack. The president of Libya announced that it was a terrorist attack. The CIA told the Obama administration that it was a terrorist attack....

      After the 'spontaneous protest' story was discredited, the next claim was that this was the best information available at the time from intelligence sources. But that claim cannot survive scrutiny, now that the 12 drafts of the Obama administration’s talking points about Benghazi have belatedly come to light....

    "The problem with telling a lie, or even a succession of lies, is that a very small dose of the truth can sometimes make the whole thing collapse like a house of cards. The State Department’s own foreign service officer Gregory Hicks was in Libya during the attack, so he knew the truth. When threats were not enough to silence him, it was then necessary to try to discredit him.....But it will take more investigations to determine who gave the order to 'stand down,' and why. How many new lies that will generate is another question."

April 2013

Why the United States is a Dying Country: "For many years that reality has been painfully obvious to those of us who immigrated to the United States having experienced first-hand the suffering inherent in the near total destruction of a nation which inevitably occurs as the end-product of immorality, despotism and radical ideology .... This process begins with a society willing to reject the fundamental concept that is necessary for any nation to thrive and prosper..." See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

“Gay Infertility” is the New Mandatory Health Insurance Frontier: "It’s interesting sometimes to read about the last days of past civilizations. ...[Those] last days were filled with completely irrational ideas and behaviors that could not be explained in any way outside of a mass collapse of reason.

      "In entirely unrelated news, there’s a new proposal to mandate coverage for Gay Infertility. The problem is that Gay Infertility is just biology.... This isn’t a medical problem. It’s a mental problem. ...'Should health insurers be legally required to offer infertility treatment for gay couples? Yes, according to a bill (AB 460) filed in the California legislature.... In fact, refusing to do so should be a crime."

February 2013

Obama’s Non-Partisan Campaign Selling Access to Obama for $500,000: "They’re 'Organizing for Action', but the action that they’re organizing for comes from the White House. This is no different than a candidate funding a grass roots movement calling on him to run for office. And now we’ve got a non-profit openly selling access to elected officials outside campaign time....They’re not doing it to get a photo, they’re doing it to push their own economic interests through access to high level government officials, including the highest possible official in the country. Obama has turned America into Argentina, Nigeria or Russia. A completely corrupt country where the only way to get anything done is to give money to those in power."

'Gay' campaign for Boy Scouts stalls: "A campaign by 'gay' activists to open the Boy Scouts of America to homosexuals has stalled, with a decision today by the BSA executive committee meeting in Irving, Texas, to not vote on the proposed policy change until May.

Gay' campaign for Boy Scouts stalls: "A campaign by 'gay' activists to open the Boy Scouts of America to homosexuals has stalled, with a decision today by the BSA executive committee meeting in Irving, Texas, to not vote on the proposed policy change until May. The vote to open the ranks to homosexuality was expected today after the organization said last week it was considering a new policy that would allow local Scouting organizations to establish their own rules for membership.

     "But in the meantime, a tidal wave of opposition surged....In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of the organization to exclude homosexuals, because homosexual behavior violates the core values of the private organization." Let's pray that they refuse to compromise their values!

Boy Scouts Flirt with Dishonor and Destruction: "Boy Scouts learn to start fires by rubbing two sticks together. Now, the national Scout leadership is playing with fire... [or rather] explosives. Under consideration for a vote this week during a board of directors meeting is a rules change that would overturn the Scouts' ban on openly homosexual members and leaders.

       "...sponsoring organizations could now coerce Scout troops to accept openly homosexual men and boys.... Those that resist would be kicked out of schools and other locales. This 'local option' would signal surrender and destroy the Boy Scouts. Without parental trust, the Boy Scouts, founded in 1910 and who have been instrumental in helping millions of boys transition to manhood, would implode like a popped balloon. Does anyone other than leftwing ideologues and America's enemies think this would be good for America?"

January 2013

Depravity (no moral conscience).  Why Did He Kill All Those Children? "The mass murderer at the Newtown elementary school, Adam Lanza, had an existence that 'largely involved playing violent computer video games in a bedroom'.... It is common for law enforcement to fail to disclose to the public the extent to which a mass murderer had been playing violent video games, as well as what psychiatric or illegal drugs he may have been using....

     "The U.S. media have also been ignoring... his mental diagnosis, medication, and the fact that he didn’t have his father in the home because he had been divested of his father’s authority by a family court....

     "In an outrageous example of judicial supremacy, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June 2011 that the video game industry has a First Amendment right to sell violent video games even to minors." See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence

December 2012

Omen for America: "The future will be another country. They will do things differently there. The Census is not just a description of the state of things on a day in 2011, it is a prophetic document telling us where we are going, whether we like it or not. I don’t." 

“Abuses Of Power Always – Always – Expand Beyond Their Original Application”: "Documents just obtained from the FBI by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund reveal, as the New York Times put it, that 'the [FBI] used counterterrorism agents to investigate the Occupy Wall Street movement.'... It should be anything but surprising that the FBI – drowning in counter-terrorism money, power and other resources – will apply the term ts to control and suppress (thus ushering in all of the powers institutionalized against 'terrori sts ')."

The previous link (which you saw earlier) reminds me of the treatment of self-sufficient Jews throughout Europe who are treated as villains and terrorist. You may want to read this again: Western Europe will soon be “Judenrein” Norway now is! 

November 2012

A sad glimpse of American values on the day after Thanksgiving. No need to follow the links, since the titles shout the message:

   'Gang fight' at Black Friday sale

   Man Punched in Face Pulls Gun On Line-Cutting Shopper

   Shots fired outside WALMART

   'Customers run over in parking lot

   Woman busted after throwing merchandise

   Thousands storm VICTORIA'S SECRET

   VIDEO: Insane battle over phones...


But for those who love our Lord: Thanks to God for my Redeemer!  A wonderful old hymn!

September 2012

Emails show Justice [Department] working with Media Matters on stories that target critics: "Newly published emails show the top spokeswoman at the U.S. Justice Department regularly collaborating with the liberal advocacy group Media Matters on stories that slam the administration's critics. ...the emails show 'moment-to-moment coordination' between the department and Media Matters. 'We received a massive amount of these communiques that indicate direct coordination between the Obama Justice Department ... and Media Matters to subvert news stories....This proves coordination." See Rockefeller and the Global Media Censors


'Ex-TSA agent reveals epidemic of thefts from passengers: "It was a scandal that rocked the nation - a New York Transport Security Agency security officer found guilty of stealing close to $1million worth of belongings from passenger luggage.... 381 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers in the last nine years..." See Moral and Social Corruption

France to Eliminate Words ‘Mother,’ ‘Father’ From Documents: "A proposal to legalize gay marriage in France would also abolish all references to 'mothers' and 'fathers' in official documents. Under the draft bill, same-sex marriages would become legal, and gay couples would have the same rights to adopt children as heterosexual couples. The bill would also do away with all references to 'mothers and fathers' in the civil code and replace them with the gender-neutral term 'parents.'” See The UN Seizure of Parental Rights

Biden: Planned Parenthood ‘under law cannot perform any abortion;’ But Planned Parenthood states: We did 985,731 [abortions] in 3 Years: "Planned Parenthood itself has published fact sheets indicating that it did 985,731 abortions in just the three years from 2008 through 2010. ...Biden made his remark in response to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney position that he would defund Planned Parenthood. 'And now these guys pledge that they are going to defund Planned Parenthood, which under law cannot perform any abortion,” said Biden." See Orwell's 1984

August 2012

Big Lies in Politics: [Thomas Sowell] It was either Adolf Hitler or his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who said that the people will believe any lie, if it is big enough and told often enough, loud enough. Although the Nazis were defeated in World War II, this part of their philosophy survives triumphantly to this day among politicians.... If you listen to Barack Obama, you are bound to hear this lie repeatedly."

Scientists Say Spare the Meat, Food Shortages & Water Scarcity Are Coming: “'Water scientists' warn that because of a scarcity of water and a depletion in global food supplies, we 'may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages,' the Guardian reports." See Media-made "Foes" and Deceptive "Friends" and Green Lies and Deceptive Science

April 2012

Lewd behavior is no surprise in a culture of unrestraint: " investigation is being made to check whether secret agents hired strippers and prostitutes in advance of President Obama’s visit last year to El Salvador. ...Secret Service senior managers had tolerated similar behavior during previous official trips.....Lewd behavior should be no surprise for a nation where Hollywood, the biggest propaganda machine in the world, reigns supreme in its movies shamelessly promoting prostitution in the name of 'free love'. ...Any wonder about the “good times” of JFK, or Bill Clinton, or FDR? ...In a recent book, Mimi Alford tells that her virginity was taken when she was a 19-year-old intern in the White House. The seducer was President John F. Kennedy." See Depravity

March 2012

If I were the devil: "...I would whisper, 'The Bible is a myth.' I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad is good, and what is good is 'square.' ...I would teach them to pray after me, 'our Father, which art in Washington….' And then I’d get organized. I’d educate authors on how to make lurid literature exciting, so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting...

    "...I would...neglect to discipline emotions—just let those run wild....I would substitute psychology for religion.... I’d make the symbols of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas a bottle..." See God's Warnings for our Times

March 2012

Feds Use Minneapolis Schools to Test Pro-Homosexual "Blueprint": "Another school district has just caved in to organized and well-funded 'gay' activist bullying. Only this time, some of the bullies were also from the Obama administration.

 Trying to be a good parent today is becoming more and more difficult. And if you are a Christian, especially if your kids are in public schools, you have to fight more battles than usual. ...

     "The suit was brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, with GLSEN and the federal agencies also signing on—and each of these students will receive $45,000 from this settlement....The school has also been forced to set aside $500,000, just to start with, to fund sweeping pro-homosexual indoctrination programs for students and teachers. The settlement demands that the district hire a mental health consultant..." See next two links:


Repeated. Morris Dees' Poverty Palace: "Mr. Dees is, of course, the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and poverty has been very, very good to him, judging by the staggering amount of expensive bric-a-brac he and Ms. Starr have accumulated.... This shiny thing-a-mabob with the $20 on it is described as 'A poolside rickshaw at the home of Morris Dees and Susan Starr in Montgomery, Ala,' because nothing screams Equality! like a fancy rickshaw..." Moral Corruption

Repeated. The Church of Morris Dees: "Ah, tolerance. Who could be against something so virtuous? And who could object to the Southern Poverty Law Center...?  Co-founded in 1971 by civil rights lawyer cum direct-marketing millionaire Morris Dees, a leading critic of 'hate groups'..." See Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance - Lifelong Behavior Modification

A reminder: Video. Grinding America Down: "The 93-minute documentary exposes the plan of communists to destroy the moral underpinnings of Western civilization. ...according to the film, social changes in the past 50 years have followed a communist checklist for encouraging moral rot and undermining free enterprise in the West: homosexual 'rights'... promotion of obscenity and immorality."

The Perfection of Crony Capitalism: Use Regulation to Destroy Competitors: "Crony capitalism uses its wealth to impose government regulations designed to hinder, cripple and destroy small business competitors. In the U.S. we now have the perfection of cloaked crony capitalism: corporate cartels use their vast concentrations of capital and revenue to buy the political leverage needed to write regulations specifically designed to eliminate competition.... Imposing complex regulations on small business competitors effectively cripples an entire class competitors, but does so in 'stealth mode'–after all, more regulations are a 'good thing'.. which 'protect the public'....

      "Consider the family-owned small to medium size farmer...Suddenly a number of corporate agribusiness farms (i.e. concentrated animal  feeding operations...) spring up nearby where thousands of pigs/cows are crammed  into huge barns and the operation is run like a factory, enabling the CAFO to produce meat or milk at a significantly cheaper cost or production.... This is the perfect create super-bugs that are resistant to  antibiotics.... The government may initiate enforcement actions against the farmer for non-compliance and if he’s not rich, he will get steamrolled." See Walnuts, Milk and Global Tyranny

February 2012

The UN’s made-up up figures: now claims 200,000 die from illegal abortions in Brazil: "Where did CEDAW [Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women] get the extravagant figure of 200,000 deaths? From Brazilian feminist NGOs funded largely by U.S. pro-abortion institutions such as the MacArthur, Rockefeller, and Ford Foundations, which usually sponsor the pro-abortion training of feminist leaders in Brazil, so that they may not be out of step with their American counterparts....

     "Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, a 'former member of a communist terrorist organization that sought to overthrow the Brazilian government in the 1960s and 70s, is on record supporting the decriminalization of abortion.... So far the conservative views of most Brazilians, especially women, have hindered Rousseff and Menicucci from being free to impose their personal, ideological views on the all Brazilian women and other Brazilians. Similarly, the conservative views of most women and nations have hindered the UN from being free to impose its personal, ideological views on the rest of the world."

Brazilian government demands apology from televangelist for ‘homophobia’: "A Brazilian federal prosecutor is demanding that a televangelist retract certain statements he made in 2011 which the prosecutor says incited 'hatred' against homosexuals — a thinly veiled threat of future legal action....The threat against Malafaia reflects a growing conflict between the regime of socialist president Dilma Rousseff and religious broadcasters, who were largely responsible for her near-defeat in the 2010 presidential elections." The next link offers some background information.

Culture Sex-Changing Treatment for Kids: It's on The Rise: "A small but growing number of teens and even younger children who think they were born the wrong sex are getting support from parents and from doctors who give them sex-changing treatments, according to reports in the medical journal Pediatrics." See Cultural Corruption

Repeated. Brazil’s new women’s minister was trained to do abortions: "Brazil’s new Women’s Policy Minister, Eleonora Menicucci [appointed by Brazil's new president, Dilma Rousseff] was trained in Colombia to personally perform abortions....Menicucci notes that in 1995 'I was a member of a Feminist Sexuality and Health Collective.' ...the revolutionary group of which she was a member, 'for security reasons,' wanted her to 'only have sexual relations with members of my organization.'....Menicucci, who was incarcerated with Rousseff during the 1970s, when they were arrested for terrorism." But such corruption doesn't stop our cozy relationship with Brazil. Remember this article: Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling [in Brazil]

Truth or Fiction? No Correlation between Smoking Pot and Better College Grades: "Actually no such study has made headlines lately. But there is a new study on pot that mediocre students will love! ....after reading through the hype and comparing it with the actual abstract of the study, it looks like just another example of research methodology on campus used to achieve a desired result....

    "The headline proclaims: 'Marijuana Smoke not as Damaging to Lungs as Cigarette Smoke.' Now, did you immediately assume that the study shows equal amounts of marijuana smoke to be less damaging than equal amounts of tobacco smoke? I did. Well, I didn't, but I would have if I had trusted such studies on illegal drugs since I read the Cato report and its thorough rebuttal by the Portuguese MDs who have studied the issue hands-on and met the actual patients (drug users). I have yet to see such a pro-drug study that is not a wide-eyed attempt to justify a bad habit...."

January 2012

America After Dark: Desperate Meth Heads, Rampant Human Trafficking And Millions Of Criminal Predators: "There are communities all over the country where drug dealing, human trafficking and gang violence have gotten so out of control that authorities don't really know what to do about it. In America tonight, thousands of meth heads will break into homes as they desperately search for enough money for another hit. ...thousands of children will be sold for sex at truck stops and on street corners. that the economy is falling apart the damage to the fabric of our society is being revealed." See God's Warnings for our Times

Civilization in Reverse: "...history offers plenty of examples of life becoming far worse than it had been centuries earlier. The biographer Plutarch, writing 500 years after the glories of classical Greece, lamented that in his time weeds grew amid the empty colonnades of the once-impressive Greek city-states. In America, most would prefer to live in the Detroit of 1941 than the Detroit of 2011....

      "...our own rendezvous with reality is rapidly approaching. The costs of servicing a growing national debt of more than $15 trillion are starting to squeeze out other budget expenditures. Americans are no longer affluent enough to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to import oil, while we snub our noses at vast new oil and gas finds beneath our own soil and seas. ... Now, as in Greece, the veneer of civilization is proving pretty thin in California. ...When thieves rip copper wire out of street lights, the streets stay dark.... Hospital emergency rooms neither have room nor act as if there's much of an emergency. ....

      "In 1960 there were far fewer government officials, far fewer prisons, far fewer laws and far fewer lawyers -- and yet the state was a far safer place than it is a half-century later." See chart on this page: Bowing to the Dragon?

November 2011

Green energy corruption scandal spreads: "Solyndra is just the tip of the iceberg. At least six companies in three states have gone belly-up. The latest scandal involves California Congressman George Miller and a company called SunPower....[It] got $1.2 billion in loan guarantees—more than twice what Solyndra spent—and they got that because of political connections: Miller’s son has been a company lobbyist."

12 Facts About Money And Congress So Outrageous That It Is Hard To Believe They Are True: "#1 The collective net worth of all of the members of Congress increased by 25 percent between 2008 and 2010. #2 The collective net worth of all of the members of Congress is now slightly over 2 billion dollars. That is 'billion' with a "b". #3 This happened during a time when the net worth of most American households was declining rapidly.... #4 The average net worth for a member of Congress is now approximately 3.8 million dollars..." 

October 2011

A smoking gun for 'Fast and Furious' by Tom Tancredo: "Email messages between Justice Department officials and ATF managers... show that Attorney General Holder was well aware of the ATF operation in mid-2010, almost a full year earlier than previously admitted. This means Holder lied to a congressional committee. Why did he lie and what else has he been lying about? ...It is becoming clear the real purpose for getting more than 2,000 guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels was purely political...The ATF has claimed for years that more than 90 percent of the guns used to commit murders inside Mexico come from the U.S., but the real figure is about 17 percent." See Deception

September 2011

'Fast and Furious' investigated for violating international law: "With reports of guns being smuggled to Central America and the DEA admitting a role in the operation, there are concerns that Fast and Furious is merely a fragment of a wider operation."

Hoffa's call to 'take out' tea partiers deemed 'no idle threat': "Considering the history of violence within the Teamsters union, it's not surprising that Jimmy Hoffa Jr. would say of the tea party that he and his union members need to 'take these son of a bitches out,' declared Rick Berman...'it shouldn't be considered an idle threat, either.'

     "Hoffa declared that there is a 'war on workers' being perpetrated by the tea party: 'President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march,' Hoffa added. 'Let's take these son of bitches out...'

     "Obama, who spoke after Hoffa, didn't take the opportunity to counter the hostile talk, but instead told the Michigan audience he was 'proud' of Hoffa and other labor leaders."

August 2011

Iranians: Time ripe for 'Great Satan' to be removed: "The decline and fall of the American empire is unfolding.... Racial, financial, political and social discrimination plagues American society, [Jazayeri] says, and immorality and profound family deterioration are among the hundreds of other social challenges plaguing America." See God's Warnings for our Times

Pro-life activist beaten, arrested, and accused of bomb plot by police while handing out pro-life flyers at local town fair: 'On August 11, Peter D'Attilio was merely handing out 2-inch-wide pro-life bookmark flyers at a local fair in Franklin, Massachusetts.... The police then accused him of conspiring to plant bombs at the event, telling him that pro-life people 'are known for that kind of thing.'" See Ban truth - Reap tyranny

Turning the Tide on Library Porn: "...a mother whose child saw the porn an adult was viewing on the library computer complained to the library, but it refused to help since it was following American Library Association guidance. So she went to the media. That was when the tide started turning."

July 2011

Pakistani Islamists Protest U.S. Embassy’s ‘Gay Pride’ Event: "Public protests by Pakistani Islamists happen frequently, but on Monday the target was a new one – the recent hosting by the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad of its first-ever lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) 'pride celebration.'”

      Why? Is America intentionally trying to offend Pakistanis? This "celebration" makes no sense -- unless the U.S. Embassy would rather please the "gay" community than Pakistan. See Moral relativism

June 2011

Thomas Sowell: The Missing Money: "One of my earliest memories of revulsion against war came from seeing a photograph from the First World War when I was a teenager. It was nothing gory. Just a picture of a military officer, in an impressive uniform, talking to a puzzled and forlorn-looking old peasant woman with a cloth wrapped around her head. He said simply: 'Don't you understand, madam? The village is not there any more.'...

     "Recently that image came back, in a wholly different context, while seeing pictures of American seniors carrying signs that read 'Hands off my Social Security'....Their anger should be directed instead against those politicians who were irresponsible enough to set up these costly programs without putting aside enough money to pay for the promises that were made -- promises that now cannot be kept, regardless of which political party controls the government."

May 2011

Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings to leave U.S. Dept. of Education in July : "In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' (George Orwell)....Jennings' new job: Running a 21st-century Saul Alinksy-type community organizing operation based in Massachusetts. The gay agenda on grassroots level? ...Among other efforts, last year, Jennings helped introduce Bill 4530 in Congress that would require normalization of homosexuality, transgenderism, cross-dressing, etc., in America's public schools." See Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

April 2011

18,460 dead people on Ohio voter rolls: "Ohio's top elections official says it appears that thousands of voters considered 'active' are anything but."

March 2011

2 ex-Dem leaders charged in fake tea party scheme: "Two former high-ranking members of the Oakland County [Michigan] Democratic Party are facing various election corruption charges in a bogus tea party scheme."

Scroll down to this review of an earlier but timely book by Mark Steyn: America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It : "Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer from a muezzin. Europeans already are. ...The future, as Steyn shows, belongs to the fecund and the confident. And the Islamists are both, while the West—wedded to a multiculturalism that undercuts its own confidence, a welfare state that nudges it toward sloth and self-indulgence, and a childlessness that consigns it to oblivion—is looking ever more like the ruins of a civilization. Europe, laments Steyn, is almost certainly a goner."

     Quote from the book: "The European Union got rid of all the supposed obstacles to happiness -- war, politics, the burden of work, ...tiresome dependents--and yet their people are strikingly gloomy. They especially got rid of that oppressive Christianity. In the words of the official slogan of John Lennon International Airport at Liverpool: 'Above us is only sky." See God's Warnings for our Times

Transforming America: "A democracy [or republic] cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. 'The average age of the world's great civilizations has been two hundred years."

USDA Announces $1.3B Fund for Female, Hispanic Farmers Claiming Discrimination: "The Obama administration plans to distribute $1.3 billion to female and Hispanic farmers who claim they were discriminated against by the federal government....The move comes after Congress approved a separate $4.6 billion settlement for black and Native American farmers who claimed discrimination.... The USDA-announced claims process would provide at least $1.33 billion, plus another $160 million for debt relief....

     "Lawmakers who raised concern said whistleblowers from the Department of Agriculture had come to them in confidence to warn that the money is going to claimants who don't deserve it..."

February 2011

Hamas chief declares: U.S. empire will fall: "The U.S. empire is in decline and will fall because of the country's 'immorality,' promotion of 'open sexuality' and political 'njustice,' argued Mahmoud al-Zahar, the chief of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He also predicted the rise of China and India as new superpowers, while hailing the revolution in Egypt that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubara' he said. 'What was the cause of their destruction? Their immoralities. So I am not here fabricating or inventing a story or a theory. This is well known.'" He may be right! 

Who's Policing Amtrak Joe Biden's Rail Boondoggles? "Among the new projects championed by the Obama administration: a $10 billion New Jersey-to-New York commuter rail tunnel pushed by Senate Democrats that state officials won't pay for but believe everyone else in the nation should be forced to subsidize. When Biden talks about 'seizing the future,' he's talking about seizing your wallets for his party's electoral security." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

January 2011

'Mother,' 'Father' Changing to 'Parent One,' 'Parent Two' on Passport Applications: "Gay rights groups are applauding the decision. 'Changing the term mother and father to the more global term of parent allows many different types of families to be able to go and apply for a passport for their child without feeling like the government doesn’t recognize their family,' said Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of Family Equality Council.”

Haiti, Sudan, Côte d'Ivoire: Who Cares? "Haitians have been as ill-served by their democracy as by their periodic dictatorships. When 'Baby Doc' Duvalier was overthrown in 1986, per capita GDP was $768. In 2009, on the eve of the quake, it was $519. ...Criminality is rampant, and Haiti ranked 177th out of 179 on Transparency International's 2008 corruption index....Haiti has run out of excuses for its failures at the very moment the 'international community' has run out of ideas about how to help.

     "Maybe the U.N. should be called in to take charge. But events in Côte d'Ivoire suggest otherwise. ...its president, Laurent Gbagbo, refuses to concede an election the U.N. insists he lost.... U.N. peacekeepers aren't going to force him out. The State Department's brainstorm is to entice the president to leave by offering him a high-paying job at an international organization, perhaps the U.N. itself.

     "So here you have an administration that professes to believe in the U.N. prepared to see a senior job in that organization filled by a Third World would-be tyrant. There's the U.N. and all its failures explained in a nutshell." See Lawlessness

December 2010

Putting a gun to the public's head: "Government's most essential function is to protect citizens.... Camden, N.J., is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation....In fact, Camden was rated the 'most dangerous city in America' in 2003, 2004 and 2008.... So what did the city fathers of Camden do when faced with a $25.5 million budget deficit? They voted Thursday to lay off 200 police and firefighters along with 200 other city workers....

      "Laying off police and firefighters guarantees that lives will be lost in Camden because of the [liberal] council's gamesmanship. But this kind of thing works. Hit the public where it hurts."

Admiral to Christians: 'Find another place to work, Period! "The pro-homosexual Admiral Mike Mullen said in hearings Friday that 'intense' training will be forced upon combat troops who resist open homosexual sin, and those Christians who refuse to shower or sleep with homosexuals can 'find another place to work. Period.'"

Remember what President George Washington said more than two centuries ago: "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair [find refuge]; the rest is in the hands of God." How America has changed since then!

November 2010

McCain: 264,600 may quit military: "...critics are also warning that accepting open homosexuality and pro-homosexual 'reprogramming' could drive massive numbers of troops out of the service.... Maginnis said the results of the survey consistently show that two service members oppose DADT repeal for every supporter... 'Their message is that the potential exists for disruption of the successful execution of our current combat mission should repeal be implemented at this time,' said Marine Corps commandant Gen. James Amos."

ACORN bankruptcy a hoax: "ACORN is already planning to reorganize under a new name, says analyst Matthew Vadum.'...'ACORN did not die and will not die at the conclusion of the bankruptcy proceeding.'

     "...the ACORN affiliate President Obama worked for in the early 1990s, is noted radical professor Frances Fox Piven. Piven, an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, is one of the authors of the so-called Cloward-Piven strategy. The 1960s proposal sought to bring socialist revolution to the United States by flooding cities with welfare applicants, bankrupting them, and provoking an economic and political collapse.... ACORN is a shell corporation that runs hundreds of nonprofit affiliates." See From Freedom to Servitude - Part 1

Auditions for nude reality show to air live online from Land O'Lakes: "Producers of a proposed all-nude reality television show plan to stream next month's auditions live over the Internet. Atlantic Overseas Pictures Inc. said it made the decision due to the overwhelming response from the media, networks and aspiring cast to the new nude reality TV show..." See Moral & Cultural Corruption

Islam at gates because of collapse of West: "Massive mosques erected across America, including on the site of a buildings struck by the 9/11 attacks; more Muslims in Washington's power structure than ever before; presidential celebrations of 'Iftar;' and the formal recognition of Islam's power inside America's business world with footbaths and prayer times.

    "...the collapse of the West is not because Islam is at the gates, (but) Islam is at the gates because of the collapse of the West.' The verdict comes from Global Information Systems, an intelligence network whose unclassified analysis is used by the U.S. government.... Copley describes a 'gathering storm' engulfing the eastern Mediterranean region, spawned by a relative strategic decline in America's ability to sustain its projection of global military dominance." See America's Spiritual Slide

October 2010

Court allows use of fake Social Security Number: "The Colorado Supreme Court has reversed the conviction of a man who admitted using someone else's Social Security number to obtain a loan, concluding that the defendant wasn't really trying to assume a false identity." See Deception

Vets say 'gay' ruling must be appealed: "While the actual law adopted by Congress after hearings and debate at the time determines there is no constitutional right to serve in the military, the practice ordered by Clinton allowed homosexuals to be in the military if they 'didn't tell.' ... The Pentagon said it would comply with the order, which appeared to cancel all investigations of those homosexuals who had made their lifestyle a public issue while in the military... 'Our military is engaged in two wars,' [National Commander Foster] said. 'Military commanders have much more important issues to deal with. This is not about politics. It's about doing what's best for our troops and not distracting from the war effort. Our military should not be micro-managed by judicial edicts.'" Depravity

Did Clinton help create a 'convenient crisis'?  9/11 Cover-Up: "Some of the additional redactions [from a revealing 'memoir'] were clearly intended to protect sensitive intelligence-gathering techniques. ... The DIA wanted to delete references to a meeting between Mr. Shaffer and Philip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. At this meeting, Mr. Shaffer says he told the commissioner that Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta had been identified before the attacks by the Special Operation Command's 'Able Danger' program. The DIA has long tried to squelch this discussion.

     "On Sept. 21, 2005, Attorney Mark Zaid - representing Mr. Shaffer and others who worked on Able Danger but were ordered not to discuss it - testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on this and other matters. He said, "It is Lt. Col. Shaffer's specific recollection that he informed those in attendance, which included several Defense Department personnel, that Able Danger had identified two of the three successful 9/11 cells to include Atta....' This matter was not mentioned in the final 9/11 report.....I

     "If the government had specific information on the al Qaeda terror cells planning the Sept. 11 attacks dating back to 2000, it would be a severe embarrassment to Clinton administration officials who were in office at the time. Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger pled guilty in 2005 to removing and destroying classified material from the National Archives that may have had a bearing on the issue. Now the government is attempting to keep Mr. Shaffer muzzled on what he knew. If nothing else, this strange episode will reenergize the critical questions regarding the official story about what the Clinton administration knew before the Sept. 11 attacks, and why they failed to take effective action."

New York Violating MOVE Act: "More than one week after its extended deadline, New York still hasn’t mailed out absentee ballots to all its 320,000 military servicemen and women and overseas voters....'The gravity of New York's failure cannot be overstated. With approximately 50,000 military and overseas voters in New York City alone, there is no doubt that the November elections could be altered by this failure.'...

     "E-mail requests for comment sent to the co-directors, other Board of Elections officials and its spokesman were not returned..... Sen. Schumer said: "Put these ballots on the next plane to Afghanistan. These soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms, they should never, ever be denied their right to vote. I wrote and passed this law so our brave men and women overseas would no longer be disenfranchised and there is absolutely no excuse for failing to get this done."


Firemen Explosion Testimony: "This video was received from NIST under the Freedom of Information Act."

Penny-Wise on Crime (by Thomas Sowell): "...the political left has been coming up with reasons why criminals should not be punished as much, or at all....According to the New York Times, 'a three-year prison sentence would run more than $37,000 while probation would cost $6,770.' For a more serious crime, where a 5-year imprisonment would cost more than $50,000, it would cost less than $9,000 for what is described as 'five years of intensive probation.'...

     "What is the cost of turning criminals loose? Phrases like 'intensive probation' may create the illusion that criminals at large are somehow under control of the authorities but illusions are especially dangerous when it comes to crime....

     "Why are we counting only the cost to the government of putting a criminal behind bars, but not the cost to the public of turning him loose? Some may say that it is not possible to quantify the costs of the dangers and anxieties of the public when more criminals are walking the streets. That is certainly true, if you mean the full costs. But we can quantify the money costs-- and just the money costs to the public vastly exceed the costs to the government of locking up criminals. In Britain, where the 'alternatives to incarceration' vogue has led to only 7 percent of convicted criminals being put behind bars, the annual cost of the prison system has been estimated at just under two billion pounds sterling. Meanwhile, the annual financial cost alone of crimes committed against the public has been an estimated sixty billion pounds sterling....

      "In all these calculations we are leaving out the costs of violence, intimidation and the fears that people have for the safety of themselves and their children, not to mention the sense of helplessness and outrage when the society refuses to pay as much attention to innocent victims as they lavish on the criminals who victimize them." See Ban truth - Reap tyranny

September 2010

Is this why Bloomberg champions Ground Zero mosque? "Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of the proposed Islamic cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero, recently has been expanding his business dealings in the Arab and Muslim world, including opening a new 'Islamic finance portal.'...The new hub will covers Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal." See Human Nature

August 2010

Federal Salaries Now Twice That of Private Sector: "So while private workers across America watch their jobs disappear... privileged federal bureaucrats enjoy earnings that reach twice the size of the very private workers who pay them. The analysis also noted that federal salaries have grown 33% faster than inflation since 2000...." See See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

Obama's Big Labor Ethics Loophole: "While serving as an associate general counsel for both the SEIU and AFL-CIO in 2009, Becker....served as an Obama transition team member for labor issues and helped draft several union-backed executive orders. These new rules essentially blackball non-union contractors targeted by labor organizers and blacklist non-union employees in the private sector from working on taxpayer-funded projects....

      "Becker has also acknowledged playing a key role in providing 'advice and counsel' to the powerful SEIU affiliate in Illinois..."

The State Department’s Islamic Supremacist: "It’s unbelievable but true: the imam of the projected Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is on a grand tour to Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates – paid for by the U.S. State Department with taxpayer money." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

It's official! Social Security now bankrupt: "This year, Social Security is estimated to pay out some $29 billion more than is taken in." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America


Obama's immigration back door -- The federal government has become the enemy of the law: "The Obama administration's way to deal with the problem of illegal immigration is to declare it legal. This is the upshot of an 11-page memo from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about 'Administrative alternatives to comprehensive immigration reform.' As the title suggests, it is a compendium of backdoor measures the executive branch claims it can take without having to deal with pesky things like congressional authorization." See Corruption

Black members of tea party dispute racist claims: "The black members said the racism that has been attributed to the tea party movement came from outsiders who infiltrated the groups to discredit their work... 'These people do not oppose Barack Obama because of his skin color. They oppose him because of his policies,' said Lloyd Marcus, a spokesman for the group.

    "The NAACP last month approved a resolution condemning racism within the tea party movement."

July 2010

Elena Kagan tied to Obama's birth certificate: "'She was the solicitor general for all the suits against him filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural-born citizenship.'...'He owes her big time.'...'All of the requests were denied of course,' Jorgensen continued. 'They were never heard....The American people mean nothing any longer. It's all about payback time.... The USA has finally become the laughing stock of the world. God help and deliver us." See Human Nature

DOJ accused of stalling on MOVE Act for voters in military: "The Department of Justice is ignoring a new law aimed at protecting the right of American soldiers to vote....'It is an absolute shame that the section appears to be spending more time finding ways to avoid the MOVE Act, rather than finding ways to ensure that military voters [who are loyal to America] will have their votes counted.'"

The Most Amoral Foreign Policy in Decades: "...the Obama Administration has been quick to bow to power and overlook atrocity. Our China policy highlights the pattern. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set the tone early on when she stated, 'Our pressing on those issues [Chinese human rights abuses] can’t interfere on the global economic crisis, the global climate-change crisis and the security crisis.'

     "...the Obama Administration has been equally silent when it comes to less prosperous oppressors. For one long week, President Obama refused to comment as Iran’s Ahmadinejad stole an election and brutally crushed a peaceful popular protest.... Our policy in Sudan—a nation guilty of genocide in Darfur—has been equally troubling."

Feds Were Asleep at the Switch When Minnesota Felons Went to the Polls: "...hundreds of felons voted in the election in which Al Franken, a Democrat, beat then-incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman by just 312 votes..."

Promises Undelivered: "The largest government advertising campaign in history–$300 million–was spent to convince minority Americans that answering Census questions is the way to get a slice of $400 billion in federal money.

     "To reach the spread of nationalities... African American, Caribbean, African, and Haitian audiences... the head agency for the 2010 Census Communications Campaign, signed up Globalhue multicultural advertising agency...and hip hop Disturbing the Peace Records. This most expensive advertising campaign in U.S. government history had as its sole purpose: motivating the elusive hard-to-count [4] young, single black males and black single females with children, poor, underprivileged, folks with criminal issues, and immigrants.....

     "Illegal immigrants,even tens of thousands being held at detention stations across the country awaiting deportation, were being counted even though they were gone long before any final tallies are made....The cost of the 2010 Census has been $14.5 billion, compared with $4.5 billion in 2000. Political fat is not cheap." See Rules for Radicals

Afghans diverting U.S. cash for luxury villas -- Corruption described as reaching the 'very top': "Billions of dollars in U.S. reconstruction cash designated for Afghanistan's restoration is being siphoned off and handed over to well-to-do Afghans who in turn are buying luxury villas in Dubai....The money – actual cash – is quietly flown out of the Afghan capital of Kabul in boxes and suitcases to the United Arab Emirates." See Human Nature apart from God

June 2010

Is 2010 Census Counting Homeless People Twice?: "The report indicated that the Census manual... specifically instructed workers to recount people who said they had already been counted." See Corruption

Detained immigrants may help bring in census money: "Paulo Sergio Alfaro-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant being held at a detention center in Washington state, had no idea that the federal government would count him in the census. No one gave him a census form. No one told him his information would be culled from the center's records. But counted he was, along with other illegal immigrants facing deportation in detention centers across the country — about 30,000 people on any given day.... By the time the census delivers the total tallies to the state and federal government, most of the immigrants will be long gone..."

Saving Soldiers from Gay Death: "There is a simple reason why the gay rights lobby is trying to rush through repeal of the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy. They know that a comprehensive review of a proposed change would disclose the substantial evidence that admission of open and active homosexuals would put our troops in further danger through exposure to tainted blood.... The gay rights lobby is labeling as 'offensive' a new video that exposes homosexual misconduct in the Armed Forces and wants it taken down from YouTube."

Sestak White House scandal called 'impeachable offense': "The controversy revolves around an oft-repeated statement by Rep. Sestak, D-Pa., that he had been offered a job by the Obama administration in exchange for dropping out of the senatorial primary against Obama supporter Sen. Arlen Specter. Sestak said he refused the offer. He continued in the Senate primary and defeated Specter for the Democratic nomination.... 'This is a pretty extraordinary charge: 'They tried to bribe me out of the race by offering me a job,' he said..."

May 2010

Two more Census workers blow the whistle: "Last week, one of the millions of workers hired by Census 2010 to parade around the country counting Americans blew the whistle on some statistical tricks....Naomi Cohn... was hired and fired a number of times by Census. Each time she was hired back, it seems, Census was able to report the creation of a new job to the Labor Department.... For the past two months the hiring by Census has made up a good portion of the new jobs. Labor doesn't check the Census hiring figure or whether the jobs are actually new or recycled. It considers a new job to have been created if someone is hired to work at least one hour a month. One hour!...

    "Here's a note from a Census worker...: 'I am on my fourth rehire with the 2010 Census.... I have been hired, trained for a week, given a few hours of work, then laid off. So my unemployed self now counts for four new jobs.'... These are my tax dollars and your tax dollars at work." See Rules for Radicals


£20m compensation for thousands of people burned by 'toxic sofas': "Up to 100,000 sofas [from China] were sold with the 'highly sensitising' chemical dimethyl fumarate, known as DMF, inside them.... People struck down by the chemical were said to have suffered severe skin or eye complaints, breathing problems and other medical conditions..... The nine-month-old toddler suffered severe burns and rashes." Moral Corruption

April 2010

'Nuclear war has been declared on the Irish church by its critics': "The Irish Church has been central to the Irish people for sixteen centuries. Even as we stumble through a spectacular economic collapse; people also now speak of the imminent collapse of the Irish Church. The Dublin Report on child abuse in the Church was published last November, just as the worst floods in recorded history submerged major Irish cities. Then the nation froze solid in the coldest winter since 1947.

      "...ambivalence to the Church has given way to open hostility. And, if you read the pages of the Irish Catholic press, it is clear that the Catholic laity and clergy are the most enraged of all.... Although, none can feel more betrayed than the victims of abuse. People could accept that there were some bad eggs in the Church. They cannot forgive a cover up by senior clergy: and that is the core finding of the Dublin Report. The Irish people now feel betrayed by their banks, their government and their church: the Pope's letter was written to a nation in despair."

March 2010

Why Team Obama thrives on creating crises: "The Obama administration's primary mode of governance is literally to create crises where none actually exist. ...anyone even superficially familiar with the history of the political left has heard references to the strategy of creating crises as a means of transforming society. You've probably heard of the 'Hegelian dialectic,' a key Marxist technique....

     "A crisis throws us off our guard, upsets us and inclines us to make decisions and accept 'solutions' we normally would reject. Politically, the strategy is to create a crisis, or exploit a real one, by throwing people into a mode where they can be redirected toward a predetermined 'solution' – whether it's imposing 'carbon penalties' on businesses in response to fears of global warming or draconian gun-control laws in response to a rash of school shootings.

     "We're talking about solutions that people would normally reject, but now in a crisis accept, and as a result establish a new baseline of what is normal – which becomes the starting point for pushing the nation still further leftward in response to the next 'crisis.'

      "The radical environmental movement's primary modus operandi – from top to bottom – is the creation of crises where none exist."

Two Terrible Ideas in One!: "It’s interesting that the Democrats are attempting to roll two of their highest priorities into one bill this month. reform now includes a reconciliation package that would fold in student-loan reform. And by 'reform' the Democrats mean increasing direct lending to students by the federal government....

     "Have you seen the TV ads for the Scooter Store? 'My scooter didn’t cost me a dime!' exults a customer. 'Medicare and my insurance covered the whole thing.'  Multiply that by several million and you have a sense of the incentives....

     "The United States, like other developed nations, was on a glide path toward entitlement meltdown even before Barack Obama ascended. But his acceleration of the descent has been stupefying." See The Power and Perversions of Laws

Taking College Exams for Middle Eastern Students: "Many of the students came from 'Special Interest' countries - countries have a known involvement with terrorism.... More than 220,000 foreign students study each year in American colleges and universities, including about 15,500 from the Middle East. Nothing is being said about the imperative to combat massive levels of immigration fraud.... There is no way of knowing if they are wanted fugitives fleeing law enforcement in their own countries....

     "By using multiple false identities, these illegal aliens have so effectively covered their tracks that an alien who arrived here last week would have absolutely no problem in convincing the beleaguered adjudications officers at USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) that they have been in the United States for as many years as they would need in order to qualify for participation in Comprehensive Immigration Reform." See The UN Plan for Global Migration

Obama Justice Department shut down ACORN probe: "'The organization ACORN during the summer of 2008 conducted a registration drive which has produced over 100 rejections due to incomplete forms and individuals who are not citizens.'... ACORN even registered a 7-year-old child to vote by using a forged signature and fake birth certificate claiming she was 27 years old.... 'Given President Obama's close connections to ACORN, including his campaign's hiring of the ACORN's Project Vote organization, it seems rather obvious why Attorney General Holder has failed to seriously investigate these and other alleged ACORN criminal activities.'" See The Power and Perversions of Laws

Justice Dept. probes voting machine merger as midterm elections loom and questions multiply: "The largest voting machine company in the country bought its biggest competitor six months ago without advance fanfare. Now the Justice Department is investigating..."

     These two videos increase the concern: (1) Vote machine flaws force scramble back to paper: "With the presidential race in full swing, some U.S. states have found critical flaws in the accuracy and security of their electronic voting machines, forcing officials to scramble to return to the paper ballots they abandoned after the 2000 Florida debacle." (2) Princeton scientists Hack Diebold Voting Machine Demo

January 2010

Don't Like the Numbers? Change 'Em: "Politicians and scientists who don't like what their data show lately have simply taken to changing the numbers. They believe that their end—socialism, global climate regulation, health-care legislation, repudiating debt commitments, la gloire française—justifies throwing out even minimum standards of accuracy. ...

     "With Venezuela in recession... President Hugo Chávez declared the GDP to be a capitalist plot. He wants a new, socialist-friendly way to measure the economy.... There is historical precedent for a 'socialist GDP.' When President George H.W. Bush sent me to help Mikhail Gorbachev with economic reform, I found out that the Soviet statistics office kept two sets of books: those they published, and those they actually believed....

     "America has not been immune from this dangerous numbers game. Every president is guilty of spinning unpleasant statistics.... But President Barack Obama has taken it to a new level. His laudable attempt at transparency in counting the number of jobs 'created or saved' by the stimulus bill has degenerated into farce and was just junked this week....

     "When the radical attempt to regulate energy and the environment with the deeply flawed cap-and-trade bill is confronted with economic reality... they confidently pronounce that it boosts the economy. They refuse to admit that it simply boosts favored sectors and firms at the expense of everyone else." See The Power and Perversions of Laws

ACORN's California Makeover: "...ACORN is attempting to perpetrate yet another spectacular fraud on the American people.... Changing the name of California ACORN to ACCE is a slight variation of this game of institutional hide-and-seek that allows ACCE to easily blend into the woodwork and become just another little box on ACORN's organizational chart."

Martha Coakley's Convictions: "The Amiraults were a busy, confident trio, grateful in the way of people who have found success after a life of hardship.... Not for nothing was the pre-school deemed by far the best in the area, with a long waiting list for admission.... All of it would end in 1984, with accusations of sexual assault...

     "...prosecutors cast Gerald as chief predator—his gender qualifying him, in their view, as the best choice for the role. It was that role, the man in the family, that would determine his sentence, his treatment, and, to the end, his prosecution-inspired image as a pervert too dangerous to go free....

     " The accusations against the Amiraults might well rank as the most astounding ever to be credited in an American courtroom.... so madly preposterous, and so solemnly put forth by the state. The testimony had been extracted from children, cajoled and led by tireless interrogators.... Gerald was sent to prison for 30 to 40 years, his mother and sister sentenced to eight to 20 years....

      "No less outraged, Superior Court Judge Isaac Borenstein presided over a widely publicized hearings into the case resulting in findings that all the children's testimony was tainted. He said that 'Every trick in the book had been used to get the children to say what the investigators wanted.'... It was clear, when Martha Coakley took over as the new Middlesex County district attorney in 1999, that public opinion was running sharply against the prosecutors in the case....

      "Ms. Coakley asked the Amiraults' attorney, James Sultan, to pledge—in exchange—that he would stop representing Gerald and undertake no further legal action on his behalf.... Mr. Sultan, of course, refused.... Ms. Coakley also worked the press, setting up a special interview so that the now adult accusers could tell reporters, once more, of the tortures they had suffered.... The Amirault family is nonetheless grateful that they are together again.

      "Attorney General Martha Coakley—who had proven so dedicated a representative of the system that had brought the Amirault family to ruin... has recently expressed her view of this episode. Questioned about the Amiraults in the course of her current race for the U.S. Senate, she told reporters of her firm belief that the evidence against the Amiraults was 'formidable'....  What does this say about her candidacy?....

     "If the current attorney general of Massachusetts actually believes, as no serious citizen does, the preposterous charges that caused the Amiraults to be thrown into prison—the butcher knife rape with no blood, the public tree-tying episode, the mutilated squirrel and the rest—that is powerful testimony to the mind and capacities of this aspirant to a Senate seat. It is little short of wonderful to hear now of Ms. Coakley's concern for the rights of terror suspects at Guantanamo—her urgent call for the protection of the right to the presumption of innocence. If the sound of ghostly laughter is heard in Massachusetts these days as this campaign rolls on, with Martha Coakley self-portrayed as the guardian of justice and civil liberties, there is good reason."  See Corruption

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