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December 2004

How religious are Europeans and Americans? "The United States of America, Western and Eastern Europe are far apart as far as religion is concerned. While 86 percent of all US-citizens believe in a Creator God this only applies to 80 percent of the population in Eastern and 70 percent in Western Europe.... While 40 percent of the religiously affiliated in Central and Eastern Europe go to church at least once a week – Poland heads the list with 60 percent – only 25 percent of all West Europeans worship at least weekly.... An exception to the rule is Italy with almost 40 percent regular worshippers. Most Swedes and Danes on the other hand seem to shun churches." Statistics for the Changing Church


Upsurge in teenage girls' drinking -- Flavored 'alcopops' called gateway for young consumers: "The percentage of teenage girls who drink alcoholic beverages is rising faster than that of boys, and on average the girls take their first drink at age 13....

     "...31 percent of teenage girls said they had drunk an alcopop in the past six months, compared with 19 percent of boys. The poll found that girls consumed more of all types of alcoholic beverages than boys." See Twist of Faith: Deliver us from Evil


Wal-Mart's China inventory to hit US$18b this year: "China is Wal-Mart's most important supplier in the world.... 'If Wal-Mart were an individual economy, it would rank as China's eighth-biggest trading partner, ahead of Russia, Australia and Canada,' Xu said.... It has opened 39 stores, including supercenters, 'Sam's Clubs' and neighborhood markets in 15 cities around China, including Beijing, Harbin and Dalian.... The firm has a total of 4,900 stores in 10 countries worldwide."

     Much of its inventory is made by virtual slave labor in its horrendous work camps.


Children becoming too materialistic: "'American children are deeply enmeshed in the culture of getting and spending, and they are getting more so,' Schor, a professor at Boston College, writes. 'The more they buy into the commercial and materialist messages, the worse they feel about themselves, the more depressed they are, and the more they are beset by anxiety, headaches, stomachaches and boredom.'... One study found that nearly two-thirds of mothers thought their children were brand-aware by age three....

     "Usually I just ignore it when my kids nag me for stuff. But there was something in my son's manner that morning that made me take notice. He was product-possessed and after I stopped fuming, I got scared....

      "In 'Born to Buy,' Schor outlines the numerous tactics that advertisers are using on our kids, many of which turn them into disrespectful tykes and teens. For example, there is an 'antiadult bias' in the commercials. 'It's important to recognize the nature of the corporate message: kids and products are aligned together in a really great, fun place, while parents, teachers, and other adults inhabit an oppressive, drab and joyless world,' Schor says.... Advertisers and marketers are turning our children into materialistic monsters. And sadly, we are aiding and abetting the enemy." Loving the world and 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Consumerism can be harmful at an early age (registration required): "Coming soon to your daughter's sleep-over party: viral marketing. It sounds ominous, and it is. Viral marketing is when a manufacturer gives products away in the hope of creating a buzz that spreads via the peer group. It has already infiltrated the adult world, and now it's targeting our children. The best example may be 'Slumber Party In a Box' offered by Girls Intelligence Agency, a Los Angeles-based marketing firm. Here's the breezy pitch it makes to girls at ...

     "When potential clients visit, the come-on sounds more like a pitched battle....

     "For 8- to 13-year-old girls who are in the vulnerable stage of development where fitting in is paramount, this is a chance to be cool, to be a trend-setter, to get free stuff ...Trouble is, many girls don't see that they are being used, that their friendships are being exploited. By 11 or 12, they may already be so deeply into the consumer culture that they have absorbed its values: Stuff can make me happy. The more I have, the better it is. ...

     "'The more involved children are in being consumers, the more (likely they are to be) dissatisfied with life....' says Boston College sociologist Juliet B. Schor. ... Ultimately, the best antidote is to create a home life where children see more of your values reflected than of consumer values." Matthew 6:33


 'Safe sex' has failed to stop STD epidemic: "The Centers for Disease Control says 65 million Americans are infected with incurable STDs. By anyone's definition, those cases constitute an epidemic. They involve nearly one in four adult Americans.... STD rates have increased by 77 percent since 1986, the first year for which statewide data are posted....

     "It is not because sex is dangerous. The fortunate fact is that two people who are uninfected will never create an STD between them. STDs come from other infected people. Promiscuity is the crowbar that pries the lid off the epidemic. The surest way to promiscuity is a pattern of sex outside marriage. History has proven that the surest barrier to promiscuity is marriage. ...

     "With the advent of the 'safe sex' intervention, millions of condoms have been sold and even given away. What has been the result? The STD epidemic has spiraled upward." See Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse?  It helps explain why this is happening.


Believers or Not, Divorce Rates Virtually the Same: "Researcher Also Finds Majority of Christians Disagree with Related Bible Teaching.  ...when it comes to divorce, there is little difference between born-again believers and the unsaved....

     "'You can understand why atheists and agnostics might have a high rate of divorce, since they are less likely to believe in concepts such as sin, absolute moral truth, and judgment,' [Barna] says. 'Yet the survey found that the percentage of atheists and agnostics who have been married and divorced is very similar to the numbers for the born-again population." See Statistics for the Changing Church

Teenagers face health timebomb: "Under-age sex, binge-drinking, drug abuse, smoking and poor diet are contributing to epidemics of obesity, ill-health and sexually transmitted diseases among UK teens."


Crusading legislator never lacked self-esteem: "Of all his crusades... Vasconcellos will likely be remembered best for his plan to create a special state body to examine ways to improve residents' self-esteem. The California Task Force to Promote Self Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility made national headlines in 1987 when Pulitzer Prize-winning 'Doonesbury' cartoonist Garry Trudeau made it the butt of his jokes for two straight weeks.... Since then, Vasconcellos has worked to promote self-esteem nationwide, pushed for laws that required state officials to integrate self-esteem programs into their agencies....

      "Among the senator's kindred spirits is Jack Canfield, author of a series of inspirational books, including 'Chicken Soup for the Soul,' 'Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul,' and 'Chicken Soup for the Dog and Cat Lovers Soul.' His books have sold 85 million copies in 37 languages." Romans 12:3


Our nation ignores existence of God: "...when I attended a local graduation ceremony later that day I was deeply touched.... Our creator was not invited in the beginning, the middle, but at the tail end with 'God bless' from the guest speaker. That's all that would be tolerated. ... Instead he talked about the Wizard of Oz. ...

    "Today it's perfectly correct to look to movies with the word wizard in the title for direction in life because we don't want to offend someone or get sued. But it's considered offensive to quote scripture. It's an offense that our God and Savior has been replaced by a scarecrow, a tin man and cowardly lion on high school graduation day, and that God wasn't invited into the ceremony by humbling ourselves in prayer even once. A nation that mocks the sovereign God by demoting him to a generic god then asking him to bless them is in serious trouble."

A lone voice in the wilderness is calling the censorship tune (Australia): "...The offenders are hip-hop artists: Khia, a female MC raised in Florida who sings about the joys of oral sex, and Necro, a half-Romanian, half-Israeli rapper from New York, who talks about dead body disposal like it is. Neither artist has been banned to minors in their home country. The change to classifications came after the Federal Government announced in 2001 that it would overhaul the CD sticker code. The sole reason it gave was a 'rise in a level of complaints about the exposure of children to explicit and potentially offensive audio recordings.'" Can governments effectively legislate morality? Can hearts be changed apart from God's saving power? How seductive is today's music industry?   See Popular Music with Pagan Roots


G.L.S.E.N. to establish homosexual clubs on all school campuses: "GLSEN, which stands for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is stepping up its efforts to establish homosexual clubs on all school campuses. Their goals don't stop at clubs according to their publications, they 'extend to incorporating homosexual concepts into all curriculum, holding diversity seminars for teachers and students and ensuring that only positive discussions about homosexuality are allowed into elementary school classrooms, including kindergarten.'" Romans 1:22-32


U.S. athletes told to cool it at Olympics: "American athletes have been warned not to wave the U.S. flag during their medal celebrations at this summer's Olympic Games in Athens, for fear of provoking crowd hostility and harming the country's already-battered public image....

     "Regardless of whether there is anti-American sentiment in Athens or not, the world watches Americans a lot now in terms of how they behave and our culture. What I am trying to do with the athletes and coaches is to suggest to them that they consider how the normal things they do at an event, including the Olympics, might be viewed as confrontational or insulting or cause embarrassment." Olympic Myths and Earthy Magic

Fashionable faith: "Bevis is one of many people who proudly proclaim their faith through fashion by wearing T-shirts that boast 'Jesus is my homeboy.' 'I'm really, really Christian, and it really shows that,' the 13-year-old said. 'I didn't just get it because it was cool.' Her pink T-shirt - featuring a sketch of Jesus cradling the four-word phrase in block letters - drew a lot of students' attention at Cobb Middle School, she said. 'They thought it was cool,' the seventh-grader said of her classmates. 'They wanted to know where I got it from.'"

Teen queen bees rule at box office (Registration required). "They are Hollywood's newest nightmare export, mixing drop-dead good looks with looks that just say 'drop dead.'...  And recent popular films such as 'Mean Girls' -- No. 1 at the box office last weekend.... seem to suggest that posses of these popular girls are roaming the hallways of American high schools as never before....

      "From such harrowing depictions of girls gone wild as last year's 'thirteen' to a recent episode of the CBS series 'Without a trace,' in which a group of girls subject one of their high school classmates to humiliation so extreme that he attempts to kill himself, girl are translating their popularity into power...

      "I don't know if girls have gotten meaner,' says Hand Steinberg, executive producer of 'Without a Trace," whose episode 'Wannabe' depicted a group of high school girls enacting the kind of cruelty against a weaker classmate that used to be viewed as the exclusive province of boys. But, he adds, 'Since feminism, women have become more empowered.

       "In the real world of the schoolyard, cattiness and gossip are wielded like weapons.... There are no rules, you just have to know what to do and what not to do,' says Christina, a 13-year-old eight grader.... 'You just have to see the way other people act, then you act the same way.'" Deliver us from evil


Alarming rise in 'uppers' use by preschoolers: " is difficult to comprehend how children younger than 5 could be prescribed mind-altering drugs and be taking them on a regular basis, but according to a recent survey... not only are children from birth to age 5 being given antidepressants, it is this age group that has shown the largest proportional increase in the use of antidepressants.... This survey comes on the heels of the Food and Drug Administration recommending that pharmaceutical companies 'change the labels of 10 drugs to include stronger cautions and warnings' due to increasing criticism about the potential for violence and suicide in adolescent and pediatric patients while taking the drugs." See Toying with Death


Violence Among Girls Increasing in U.S.: "Twelve-year-old Nicole Townes is out of a coma but still struggling to recover after being pummeled and stomped at a birthday party in a beating that was shocking not just because of its savagery, but because it was meted out by other girls. Authorities say it is symptomatic of a disturbing trend around the country: Girls are turning to violence more often and with terrifying intensity.... Around the country, school police and teachers are seeing a growing tendency for girls to settle disputes with their fists.... And some believe the violence is also fueled by the emergence of movies and video games such as 'Tomb Raider' in which women wreak violence with the gusto of male action heroes....

     "Phil Leaf, director of the Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence.... said society should not have been caught by surprise by the surge in girl violence. '...A decade or so ago, we were worried about the lack of male role models in the home. Today, there is a dearth of effective female role models as the mothers who used to be there are forced back into the job market....' Leaf said the situation in Baltimore and other cities reminds him of the William Golding novel 'Lord of the Flies': 'We're seeing the effects of children growing up in a world without adults.'" (4-26)  Toying with Death and 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Cities come out about wooing gays — and their dollars: "A lot has changed since comic Ellen DeGeneres made headlines by revealing her homosexuality on her TV sit-com — and in real life — in 1997. About 20 television shows now include gay themes or characters.... 'The bottom line in any business is what's being spent,' says Nicki Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale visitors bureau. "You can't ignore the kind of spending that gay and lesbian travelers do."

Sex in the Chinese city: " the country quietly copes with a subtle sexual revolution, premarital sex has become the norm rather than the exception. According to research by Li Yinhe, a researcher with the China Academy of Social Sciences, in 1980 the rate of premarital sex in Beijing stood at only 15 percent. But the same study revealed that by 2002 this rate has already reached 80 percent." Romans 1:18-22

If Shoe Won't Fit, Fix the Foot? Popular Surgery Raises Concern: "With vanity always in fashion and shoes reaching iconic cultural status, women are having parts of their toes lopped off to fit into the latest Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos. Cheerful how-to stories about these operations have appeared in women's magazines and major newspapers and on television news programs. But the stories rarely note the perils of the procedures."

Bring back human kindness – please!  "Recently I was taking a van loaded with kids, ages 11 to 16, home from a night at the movies. When I dropped them off at their respective homes, something was obviously missing as nearly every child jumped out and slammed the van door. ... What was missing? Two simple words: 'Thank you.' ... A few days ago, I sponsored an event where I supplied refreshments for a group of about 16 adults. Guess how many said thanks?" Thanks

Hey, we're all victims here: "Expert victimologists estimate that 91.2 percent of people in North America and Europe now qualify as victims, at least in their own minds.... Male witches have been marginalized by society, according to the book Male Witches in Early Modern Europe.... People with tattoos are often unfairly stereotyped.... Two black women are suing Southwest Airlines because a flight attendant, attempting to get passengers to sit down for takeoff, said over the intercom, 'Eeny, meeny, miney, moe; pick a seat, we gotta go.'... A [failing] high school student in Trento, Italy...hired a lawyer who argued that she was suffering from 'irreversible psychological pathology,' or math phobia." Phil 4:11-13

Woman knocked unconscious by Wal-Mart Shoppers: "A 41-year-old woman was knocked unconscious and then trampled by a mob of shoppers who continued to step over her as she suffered a seizure during a Friday sale at Wal-Mart in Orange City, Fla.... When Orange City and EVAC paramedics got to the store they found Van Lester lying on her left side on top of the DVD player, surrounded by shoppers seemingly oblivious to the unconscious woman, said Mark O'Keefe, a spokesman for EVAC Ambulance."

       The worth of a human life is diminishing along with Biblical values. Romans 1:18-22 Charts: Paradigm Shift


Marriage Redefined: "What is happening in our culture is an unraveling of all we once considered normal. Anyone who now appeals to virtue, values, ethics or (heaven forbid!) religious faith is labeled an enemy of progress, an intolerant bigot, a homophobe and a 'Neanderthal.' There is no debate and no discussion. By definition, anyone who opposes 'progress' in casting off the chains of religious restrictions on human behavior - which were once considered necessary for the promotion of the general welfare - is a fundamentalist fool, part of a past that brought us witch trials, slavery and back-alley abortions." Charts: Paradigm Shift

       And it was all planned -- openly. See Legalizing Mind Control and Steps toward Global Mind Control


Strongly religious most opposed to gay 'marriage': "Evangelical Protestants, both black and white, appear to be one of the few remaining bulwarks against widespread acceptance of homosexuality in an American society where sodomy has been decriminalized and television shows feature homosexual characters.... Homosexuality is viewed as a sin by 88 percent of white evangelicals, 74 percent of black Protestants and 64 percent of white Catholics, compared to 18 percent of secular respondents."

     No wonder Christianity is equated with intolerance. Based on the absolute truths of the Bible, our values simply don't fit the postmodern world. John 15:20-21 But some courts are less hostile than others.

Secret Spells Barbie and the Tendential Revolution: "Christie and Kayla... are supposed to be Barbie’s Wiccan friends, or something like that, who, the ad tells us, 'by day are just fashionable school girls, but by night they turn into magical enchantresses.'”  What can parents do?


The Magic of the Season! (Scroll down to the box with this title) "Can you feel it? There's magic in the air! As evidenced by the popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as well as the TV series Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the magic/fantasy genre is charming kids everywhere with spellbinding tales of fantastical fun! Now your daughter can enjoy this imaginative trend with those fashionable enchantresses, the Secret Spells™ dolls, and all the magical products from the movie Barbie™ of Swan Lake."

       Don't think the church is immune from the speedy shift to pagan values. What God told us to shun has now become the norm. 1 John 2:15


R-rated homecomings prompt cultural clash: "Hip-hop reigns, tank tops rule and 'freaking' ... often is the dance of choice. Kids insist they're just wearing and doing what's hip....  In Dearborn, a high school student was sent home in February after he refused to take off or turn inside out a T-shirt with President Bush's face and the words 'International Terrorist' on it. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the district, claiming it violated the student's First Amendment right to free speech."

     In this topsy-turvy world, the notion of "free speech" is turned upside down. Decadence is protected, by Christian symbols forbidden -- just as the Bible warned:  Isaiah 5:20


EU pays £1m to train Italian TV showgirls at 'school for bimbos': "The school, in Frattamaggiore near Naples, attracted 'structural funding' from Brussels - channeled through the local, Left-wing regional council.... Some of the EU funding will go directly to the students." Proverb 17:15


Arnold and the collapse of Western civilization: "There used to be -- generally speaking -- something called rules, and they used to be acknowledged as -- generally speaking -- a good thing....

      "That's exactly what our UN founders wanted: the eradication of morality--of the notion of 'right' and 'wrong.' Did they win the cultural battle? Perhaps the California recall today will help answer that question." See Romans 1:22


Author Says Culture's Visual Media Obsession Paves Way for Paganism: "...while many people today take this constant barrage of images for granted, one Christian author and professor of communications is concerned that the postmodern obsession with images is pushing words -- and more importantly, the Word -- out of place at the heart of civilized culture. And he says this process is, in effect, bringing on a postmodern 'dark age' that resembles pagan societies of the past.

      "Dr. Arthur W. Hunt...has written a book called The Vanishing Word: The Veneration of Visual Imagery in the Postmodern World, which asks some important questions about the effect visual culture is having on people's spiritual lives....

     "...the main components of pagan idolatry are sex, violence, and the cult of celebrity, or person worship. And in a society where broadcast media use sensationalistic images to compete for ratings... the similarities are not difficult to spot....

     "'It's vitally important for Christians for them to understand that our faith is dependent upon the written word. When that begins to become devalued, then that is a threat against our faith." Psalm 119:11


Hip-hop dolls for 6-year-olds: "Mattel has unveiled a new line of hip-hop dolls sporting miniskirts, street-wise hairdos and tattoos – proudly aimed at the 6-12 age bracket. While 'Flavas' are being sold by the company that makes the American icon Barbie, they have little in common with the more traditional dolls. ...Each of the six dolls.... comes with accessories including ghetto blasters, cell phones and stick-on tattoos." Chart: Paradigm Shift


Man nabbed for 'killing, cooking' woman: "The man accused of mutilating a woman and then cooking her body parts was arrested on Tuesday night, KwaZulu-Natal police reported on Wednesday. ...This followed the discovery of a woman's remains next to a pot filled with body parts on Tuesday." All cultures are not equal. The fall and rise of human violence


Film shoot in Plainfield attracts protesters: "About 15 demonstrators gathered at the end of a cordoned-off block of Stelle Avenue, where a crew is filming part of the movie 'Kinsey,' starring Liam Neeson as well-known human sex researcher Alfred Kinsey.... Kinsey is famous primarily for his 1948 research work, 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,' which often is credited with playing a role in the germination of the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

  "...the 'father of modern sexuality,' as he is sometimes called, used accounts from pedophiles and young boys in his research, and based part of his studies on a man who had 'violated over 800 children.... He opened up, clearly, a wave of immorality in this country,' Huber said." See The Sadomasochistic Roots of Justice Kennedy's Opinion


Dismay as international pedophile probe fails: "Police chiefs are dismayed that no one found to have accessed child pornography on the web is being prosecuted for abuse despite officers having 'grave doubts' about the safety of children living with them.... Celebrities, lawyers, police officers, teachers and clergymen have been among those arrested...." Romans 1:22-32


 'Flash mob' fad targets the Valley: "They come out of nowhere and disappear into the ether - crowds of mostly young people who mysteriously gather in groups called 'flash mobs,' then dissipate before any official notice can be taken. The flash mob fad has hit many other cities in the world, from Amsterdam to New York, and it now appears to be headed to Phoenix...." Chart: Postmodern Culture


Nationwide Increase in Teen Prostitution: "... the kids are getting younger; according to the FBI, the average age of a new recruit is just 13; some are as young as 9...

     "...pimps are increasingly targeting girls at the local mall, a place many parents consider a haven for their kids to gather after school and on weekends....

     "Child advocates are just as worried about, and puzzled by, girls like
Stacey, who aren't forced into prostitution but instead appear to sell
themselves for thrills, or money, or both. Richard Estes, a University of
Pennsylvania researcher, says so-called designer sex is becoming more common in cities across the country."
See Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse?  It helps explain why this is happening.


For teens, taking risks a normal part of growing up: "Trading chest-punches with your buddy, clinging to the hood of a speeding car, leaping off a rooftop into a swimming pool....'We're kids,' explained Carlo Atero... who admits to hanging from the back of a car while skateboarding. 'We like danger.'  

    "...driving with your lights off or setting a buddy's clothes on fire almost makes perfect sense.... And the problem is, most kids don't think they can get hurt as a result.... 'Kids... see dangerous things differently than us.'''  

     That's because many prefer to learn from each other and from popular fantasies -- not from history or their parents. Proverbs 22:6


Jaerin Park Delaney, popular classmate (Sad obituary): "Jaerin [age 17] could have been a musician... or an international businessman -- in addition to English, he was fluent in Korean and competent in Flemish and French. Or he might have wanted to pursue a career in sports; he was an avid tennis player and a youth soccer team coach....

     "According to witnesses, the car was being driven in a reckless manner at high speed.... Unfortunately, at the same location and time, there was a westbound Chevrolet pickup truck pulling a fifth-wheel trailer.

     "He had a very strong spirit... And a beautiful smile.''

Children just want to chill out: "What they valued most was being with their friends and having the freedom to do what they wanted, away from adults." Of course. They want to have their own way -- and not have to obey anyone!  Judges 17:6

Teens now spend more time online than watching TV: "During an average week...13- to 24-year-olds spend 16.7 hours online (excluding e-mail); 13.6 hours watching TV; 12 hours listening to the radio; 7.7 hours talking on the phone... and six hours reading books and magazines....

     "Teens and young adults almost universally engage in other media-related activities while they're online: Some 68% listen to CDs or MP3s; 50% watch TV; 45% talk on the phone; 45% listen to the radio; 45% do homework; 21% read.... 13- to 24-year-olds, dubbed 'Milliennials,' are extremely comfortable with such media multitasking." Your heart

The Age of Consent - The Rise of Relativism and The Corruption of Popular Culture: "A Jewish fable relates that a man stood at the gates of Sodom and cried out against sin. He implored men to repent and change their ways. As things got progressively worse, he continued to cry out his warning. When it looked absolutely hopeless, a passerby asked him why he still bothered. He answered, 'I used to cry out so that men would change their ways. Now I cry out so that they won't change me!'"


Cell-phone study - More dangerous than driving drunk: " makes no difference whether the telephone is hand-held or hands-free, according to a paper presented Tuesday at an auto-safety conference in Park City, Utah.... 'Cell-phone conversation draws attention away from the processing of the visual environment,' said David Strayer of the university's psychology department... 'We found a 50 percent reduction in the processing of visual information when you're driving and talking on a cell phone.;'


Teens Suffer Because of Early Sexual Activity: "Kids who begin having sex when they're teens are more likely to experience sexually transmitted disease's, pregnancy, abortion, and devastating emotional problems.... '(Premarital) sex is not going to make you happier, and in fact is going to put you at risk emotionally, in addition to physically,' Pardue said. Unfortunately, society tells teens that sex has few consequences." See Sex Ed and Global Values Romans 1:18-22 Charts: Paradigm Shift


Whoa! Canada! Legal Marijuana. Gay Marriage. Peace. What's Going On Up North, Eh?: "Peaceniks, pot and people of the same sex exchanging wedding vows: It's a trinity from the church of high liberalism, or a right-wing trifecta of decline and doom...."

      While Canada's moral erosion may be notch ahead of the U.S., we are following close behind. And the decadent culture we export through Hollywood draws the rest of the world along as well. Chart: Paradigm Shift: Total transformation.


Some molesters to go free: "Authorities dismissed the first of hundreds of child molestation cases Thursday, hours after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned part of a California law that allowed prosecutors to bring charges for abuse years after it occurred. ...'It's so hard to explain this to people who finally felt there would be justice, that these men would serve time behind bars, and that kids would be safe,' added Terrie Light, the Bay Area coordinator for a group that supports victims of abuse by clergy." Jeremiah 6:13-15

Britain at sex disease crisis point: "...syphilis rates in Britain have increased by 500 per cent in the past six years and rates for gonorrhoea have doubled. Rates for teenage pregnancy remain the highest in Europe. At the same time, poor adherence to HIV treatments is promoting the development and transmission of resistant strains of HIV." Charts: Total transformation

AIDS Begins to Widen Its Reach in India: "On a packed-earth lane known as Bangaraman Temple Street, a resident leads a macabre house tour, ticking off the names of the dead and the doomed. Here is the tiny concrete hovel where Beeraka, the tea seller, died of AIDS last Saturday, leaving behind an 8-year-old son and a wife who almost certainly is infected with the disease...." Matthew 24:7 Let's pray that this suffering will turn many hearts to the true God for eternal hope and comfort. Christianity is spreading in India, but so is persecution for those who turn from Hinduism. 2 Cor 4:16


Tongue-splitting ban slices its way through Legislature: "Miller, a Democrat, is sponsoring a bill that would all but ban what has become the latest craze in 'body modification'--slicing the tongue in half to create a reptilian appearance. It's a practice akin to body piercings and tattoos. But detractors like Miller say it carries risks of infection and even death if not performed by licensed medical people and surgeons." Isaiah 30:9-11


Iraqi prostitutes back on the streets after Saddam: "Prostitutes face new dangers in a city ravaged by looting and lawlessness, but most are keen to take advantage of the power vacuum.... 'They are all over the place now -- I see them everywhere,' said Ahmed Sabri, a taxi driver. 'I could always spot them before, but now it's so obvious. They are not afraid and do it far more openly.'" Jeremiah 6:13-15


Church anger over ice-cream sins: "The release of a new range of ice-creams named after the seven deadly sins has left some European Church leaders veering towards wrath....  Unilever, meanwhile, said that the flavours did not endorse sin but were just harmless fun....

    "'Lust' is a vanilla ice-cream covered with a layer of strawberry chocolate, while 'gluttony' replaces the coating with chocolate-covered nuts. The flavours will be replaced in two months with two more, out of the remaining sins of vanity, greed, sloth, wrath and envy."

     Such "harmless fun" has a way of mocking God's standards, desensitizing our conscience and prompting ridicule toward those who won't laugh with the crowd. Isaiah 5:20


ET's May Receive New Mexico State Honors: "A New Mexico legislator proposed Monday having the state honor all extraterrestrial beings with a special day that will 'celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors' to New Mexico, the measure reads. Rep. Dan Foley, a Republican from Roswell, the spot where some say aliens crash-landed more than 50 years ago, said he introduced the legislation to 'enhance relationships among all the citizens of the cosmos, known and unknown.'" See Aliens, Monsters and Creepy Creatures


Ceremonial deism or real faith? by Cal Thomas: "There are two ways to look at the decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholding its ruling last June in which it declared the Pledge of Allegiance phrase 'One nation, under God' violates the constitutional prohibition against government-established religion....

     "The second way to look at the court decision is to ask where is the evidence that this nation is truly 'under God'? ... What kind of nation that is 'under God' would abort 40 million of its own children? Turn on the television at almost any hour — from daytime soap operas and shows that glorify the lurid and the wicked, to prime-time programs full of sexual situations, crude jokes and four-letter words — and ask yourself if this is reflective of a nation 'under God.' Are rampant pornography and child abuse an indication of God's influence on America? ...

      "Psalm 33:12 says, 'Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.' Is God the 'Lord' of the United States? Do we act like it?" See Deut 8:10-20 and The Attack on the Pledge: Both Bad and Good?


 It’s worse than you imagined: "There are a lot of myths about why Aids is widespread in Africa. But the facts, says Hugh Russell, are more bizarre ...

      "We are not more gay than you. I know it’s politically incorrect to speak of Aids as having links with homosexuality, but of course in Europe and the US it does....  Is it, then, that Africans are simply more immoral, that African society is just too casual? No, of course not. Society here is a complex web of tradition, custom, superstition and folklore, and the average Zambian sticks rigidly to the tribal code. But perhaps that’s part of the problem."

    Contrary to multicultural correctness, the fact is that some cultures are better than others. Psalm 52:3


"Stimulating images, damaged minds by Dr. Judith Reisman: "On May 31, 2002, the Appeals Court legalized the 'right' of library patrons to assault children and other non-consenting folks by viewing, and then leaving on the computer screen, pathological acts of bestiality and sexual torture of adults and children – paid for with our tax dollars. ....These 'rational' judicial verdicts treat as legitimate 'speech' images that create, in viewers young as well as old, physical changes in the brain and that imbed irrational states of intense sexual and fear arousal. Children and illiterate alike rapidly decode sexual pictures....

       "Even pornography advocates freely admit that these stimuli create emotional excitation (experienced as a state of lust overlapped with fear, shame and confusion)."

      Our Maker knew that well. That's one reason why He tells us to "flee sexual immorality." (1 Corinthians 6:18)


Dance freaks school officials: "Students at Palo Alto High are about to learn that ``freaking'' -- a popular way of dancing that simulates sex -- will get them kicked out of school dances. It's just too nasty, school officials say.... 'Freak dancing, to me, is like pornography,' Pearson said. 'I may not be able to define it, but I sure know it when I see it.''' Jeremiah 6:13-15   


Politicians narrate Peter and the Wolf: "Former world leaders Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Clinton are to help narrate a new recording of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.... .Mr Gorbachev ... will donate the money he earns for his performance to Green Cross International - the environmental organisation he founded in 1993." See The State of the World according to Gorbachev


Watch Out for ‘Adult’ Ads: "The typical American child today cannot escape the bombardment of sexuality, in every medium, at every moment, day or night.... It certainly happens in advertising. Ad critics used to be outraged about 'subliminal seduction.' In these randy times, almost nobody’s subliminal about seduction...

      "But not enough are asking: what are the children seeing? Miller suggests this ad isn’t any worse than the hundreds of steamy scenes seen in prime time. But Miller knows full well there are probably a lot more pre-teen boys watching NFL football games on weekend afternoons than watch adult-themed prime-time shows....

      "Too few people really take the time to think about how these thirty-second scenarios are processed by the young. It’s just another reason why many parents feel assaulted by popular culture, even in its tiniest fractions." Sex-ed in government schools is even worse. See Sex Ed and Global Values


Britain Is a Pagan Country: "Britain has become a pagan nation over the past 50 years, creating a vacuum in which people will believe in anything and everything, says Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor." Interesting how well paganism fits postmodernity.


Poverty-inducing entertainment: "The announcement last week that low-rent rapper Eminem was the 'People's Choice' for best male recording star of the year is a huge win for those bullish on the coarsening of America. ...  Eminem's lyrics justify immediate gratification on all levels. If your girlfriend does you wrong, kick her in the stomach. ...   'Eminem may be the 'people's choice,' but he is as harmful to America as any al Qaeda fanatic.'... Meantime, bewildered American children continue to drown in their own ignorance...." See Brainwashing in America  and Galatians 5:19-26

Teen magazine under fire for explicit sex guide: "...the pull-out sex guide in the new issue is more explicit than anything that comes in her women's magazines. ...  Natacha Brisson, editor-in-chief of the magazine, says...  she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. 'It's girl talk,' she said. 'It's what you talk about with your girlfriend. It's the same thing with this guide." 

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