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For background information, may we suggest you read Brave New Schools. It provides a practical overview of the global education system and of the manipulative processes and suggestions used in classrooms everywhere to produce global citizens for the 21st Century communities. Most important, it shows how to equip our children with the facts and truths needed to follow God in a world that demands politically correct consensus.

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Uncle Sam's dangerous drug: "House and Senate negotiators reached agreement this week on education legislation that the president is expected to sign quickly.... Instead of the promised attempt to rein in government domination of education, we have an education bill that ramps-up federal funding, increases federal control and was cooperatively stripped of all elements of support for genuine school choice and local control. ...Apparently ended is the struggle conservatives have waged for decades to head off the nationalization of K-12 education. Constitutional language, American tradition and fundamental principles of self-government all weigh decidedly against any federal involvement in local education. ...

       "The increase in federal education funding in this bill is staggering – over 40 percent in one year. This is more than the education budgets of an average-sized state, such as Iowa or Colorado. With the money, President Bush has eagerly taken on himself, on behalf of the national government, responsibility for the educational performance of the nation's children. No rhetoric about flexibility and local independence will prevent the inevitable – ongoing torrents of federal money, bilge about federal resolve to 'leave no child behind' and ever increasing levels of federal oversight and control. ...

       "And what will happen when an extra $8 billion fails to improve our children's learning? And fail it will, because real improvement in government schools is blocked by administrative inertia, obstructionist unions and statist secularism in the professional educational establishment. Sad history and all the data show that these impediments are increased, not diminished, by federal dollars." See Silencing the Opposition


It's 1984 in Massachusetts: "When Clossey enrolled her son in Newton North High School's reading program little did she know that the teacher had bragged in the Boston Globe (July 8, 2001) of quietly introducing homosexual and transsexual subjects into his classes. The teacher, Michael Kozuch, handed out The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky with instructions to write an essay on it. What literary "treats" did Kozuch consider mandatory for other people's children?  ...

      "By chance Clossey opened the book her son brought home. But what came after that shock was worse: She encountered public officials who saw protective parents as obstacles. ...

      "A prominent psychiatrist says the sex-ed curricula at these schools can lower children 'to the level of animals' and inflict lasting harm. 'Massachusetts schools' systematic promotion of homosexuality and promiscuity fosters sexual confusion and experimentation,' says Nathaniel S. Lehrman, former clinical director of the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in New York....

      "There are teachers all over North America quietly mainstreaming homosexual behavior to children as young as 5 years old. As widely reported, on 'Gay Days' classes are cancelled and students led to compulsory activities where homosexuals explain their 'lifestyles.' The mind-control techniques are straight from Soviet schools." Brainwashing in America

Michigan U. Offers 'Simpsons' Course : It won't be taught by the Simpsons' evangelical neighbor, Ned Flanders, but a philosophy class being added to Siena Heights University's curriculum will be based on the popular animated TV series. This winter, the university is offering a two-credit class on how religion and philosophy are part of popular culture, including "The Simpsons." Readings will include "The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh! of Homer" by William Irwin, and "The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the Most Animated Family." "Animated Philosophy and Religion," taught by Kimberly Blessing and Anthony Sciglitano, is already proving popular with students. "I think, once again, I will learn a lot and it will be very funny too," said Biology major Lucy Wilmont." Instead of rejecting Christianity, it trivializes it. No need for rational arguments against it -- just make students "feel" that it clashes with our post-modern times.  Psalm 1:1-6


Who Controls Our Children’s Education? "Major international players are reshaping public education to suit their own self-serving agendas, without regard for the wants of parents and the welfare of their children. ... Canadian educators rejoiced and crowed over recent results published in an international test report, which placed Canadian students near the top among 32 participating countries. The euphoria engendered by the encouraging results, however, turns into bitter disappointment... After close scrutiny, it becomes obvious that Canadian students haven’t improved academically....  The tests and assessments were specifically designed and conducted to validate "progressive" education philosophy espoused by North American schools, where 'attitude-conditioning' takes precedence over true learning....

     "The UN aims to mould future students into egalitarian, compliant non-entities, devoid of character or moral fibre. Through indoctrination, the UN aims to keep the masses under control by creating a workforce that is spiritually bankrupt and easily placated by a materialistic lifestyle. They sanction and popularize promiscuity and debauchery as entertainment and hope to make sex the opium of the people. Schools, universities, the education establishment, teachers’ unions, and government agencies are all aboard the UN midnight express, taking our children for a one-way ride to Fools Paradise." See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce and Prov 22:6


Back to School -school today through a journalist's eyes: "Her year at high school convinced her that what passes for national dialogue these days about education and the state of our high schools bears little relation to how high schools actually work. Theories she had previously bought into about the unfairness of distinguishing among students based on academic ability, for example, were countered by her observation that in classes where students of all abilities are thrown together, the less able students simply rely on the smarter students to do all the work, and the more precocious students become bored and alienated.

       "It also struck Burkett that today's rhetoric about using new curriculum requirements and testing programs to raise standards are beside the point when adults, both inside and outside of schools, prioritize the protection of teenagers' self-esteem over challenging them to achieve. Though Prior Lake was by all accounts considered to be a good school, she was dismayed by how little the students there read, how poorly they wrote, and how little they actually knew." See Brave New Schools and The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Many kids flailing in mandatory algebra classes: "Keyari, 14, knows she has to learn the math in order to graduate from high school, but the exit exam seems far away. 'I think it's going to be hard,' said Keyari. But she doesn't worry, she said, 'because there's nothing I can do about it.'... Keyari's algebra teacher, Willie Dunford, said about a third of his students are lost. Many don't complete the homework because they get stuck after a few problems."  Today's "lifelong" learning trains children to absorb information and suggestions that stir their feelings. So does television. This dulls their ability to absorb "boring" facts and didactic information. That's one reason why traditional math has been replaced by "new math" and "new new math." Brainwashing in America and Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning


Bush's education bill sails through House: "The House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed President Bush's broad education plan that would require millions of students to take annual reading and math tests." This is the same program as what we describe in Brave New Schools

Phony 'victims' (Thomas Sowell) : "One of the most shameless frauds in academia today is the claim that a new "McCarthyism" is threatening academic freedom. According to this new cry of victimhood, conservative groups are "drawing up enemy lists" of professors who are opposed to the current war against terrorism. Perhaps the most famous of these academic outbursts was that of a professor of history at the University of New Mexico, who said to his class, 'Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon gets my vote.'  ...  When anyone has dared to disagree with these statements and to condemn them publicly, the cry has gone up that this is somehow a threat to free speech -- as if free speech includes the right to silence others who disagree. ...

     "The supreme irony in all of this is that the very academics who are crying out against 'McCarthyism' and other forms of suppression of free speech are themselves the biggest suppressors of opinions that disagree with their own. They ask ideological questions at job interviews, and those scholars whose answers are not politically correct are unlikely to be hired as professors." John 16:2


Action on "No Child Left Behind"/HR1: "Leaders of the [House-Senate] education conference committee have presented a proposal that establishes a national test, violates local control, expands requirements for Washington-based standards, and continues all of the policies of Goals 2000, School-to-Work, outcome-based education, and the Workforce Investment Act. ... Unfortunately, the proposal summary consists of disinformation likely to mislead both conferees and the public....
       "Goals 2000 of 1994 stated unequivocally that the standards were "voluntary." That same year, however, the education funding bill (HR6) directed the federal government to withhold federal money from states that did not comply. That is what "voluntary" means to the federal government.
       "Over the years it has become evident that the radical education bills which advance the new education system repeatedly claim they shall not do exactly what they are actually designed to do. HR1 is cut out of the same cloth; it is intended to advance the new radical system of centralized federal control of schools, curriculum and teaching. Nothing in the proposed revisions slows down that agenda."
See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Highly stressed Shanghai children taught to vent anger: “Punching, shouting and cycling are some of the activities encouraged to help them deal with increasingly sophisticated emotional problems." U.S. struggles with the similar problems, different cause. See Using Teen Violence to Justify Government Control

Tide of mediocrity still rising: "One of the biggest lies the educational establishment has been peddling in recent years has been the seemingly extraordinary progress the nation's public school systems have been making in increasing the high school graduation rate." Mind Control and The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Palestinian School books omit Israel: "A new range of textbooks used in Canadian-funded Palestinian schools has failed to fulfill promises to the international community to modify Palestinian hostility to the Jewish presence in Israel and promote peace in education. According to 58 new textbooks and two teachers' guides... Israel does not exist... Children are encouraged from the earliest school age to hate Israelis, glorify "martyrs" and seek the 'liberation' of all of Palestine, including Israel.
     "Since 1993, Canada has contributed $165-million in direct aid to Palestinian development programs, including education.... An additional grant of $5-million... is about to be distributed through the World Bank to a series of projects, including new schools and libraries. The offensive textbook material has been included....
     "Jewish immigration to Palestine since the 16th century is described in negative terms as 'infiltration' and Hebrew is referred to as a dialect rather than a language. A Grade 7 'national education' textbook lists Christian and Muslim holy places in Palestine but no Jewish ones."
Propaganda has always accompanied warfare. We see it in the Old Testament and in American schools and media: See The International Agenda and The Mainstream Media

Education. Good Citizens through Education? "Originally, public education was established to teach children basic academic subjects, and to fortify the moral values taught in the home by implementing a sound code of conduct and discipline in the schools. And schools remained under the control of the community's citizens. All that has changed. ...The pedagogical establishment and a number of other special interest groups in society fully appreciate the influence education (or lack of it) has on society. To serve their own aims, these factions have literally hijacked public education over time. They overtly lobby or covertly plot to impose their agendas on public education in order to lay a foundation for the philosophy of future governments that will be to their design and liking.
       "Schools today do not teach adequately the essential academic subjects. They do not lead by good example. And they do not support traditional family values. Quite to the contrary....  They want our children to become "good citizens" that can't distinguish right from wrong and will fit into the 'Global Village' under a 'New World Order'..."
Proverbs 22:6 and A New Way of Thinking

Effects of campus liberalism far-reaching: "Universities have a serious problem. The type of liberalism so heavily favored by the intellectual elite has crossed the line. Professors throughout the educational world are supporting murderers and terrorists; they are justifying despicable actions because of the political philosophies of the actors. Murder, slaughter, and terrorism are OK, they say, as long as they are directed at law-enforcement officials or civilian Westerners. It's fine as long as the murderer is anti-capitalist, anti-establishment or anti-conservative." Isaiah 5:20

The Rejected Textbook:
"Daniel Chiras’ textbook Environmental Science Creating a Sustainable Future is, as he states, 'unlike most other textbooks.'. ...Chiras fundamentally believes our present civilization and its economic system of free enterprise capitalism need to be replaced, and that we need to seek 'a new economic system that is kind to the Earth.'  He advocates a system like what 'Native American cultures and indigenous peoples the world over have espoused … and lived accordingly for thousands of years.' Is this right? Do the economic growth systems that have developed in Western Christian civilization need to be replaced? Is economic growth the root cause environmental problems?
      "If he is correct then we would expect to find the worst environmental conditions in the most civilized Western countries. What do we find? In fact, we find just the opposite. It is also interesting that economic growth seems to stabilize excessive population growth-his other important root cause. The Western Christian civilization countries are the cleanest, and have the most stable population growths in the world.
     "Thus, the entire textbook, in its construct, is flawed by a grievous factual error. The claim that the root cause of environmental problems is economic growth is simply wrong."

      This irrational textbook sounds like the theme of Al Gore's 1992 plan for global change, Earth in the Balance. In it, the would-be president calls for "an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, every plan and course of action – to use, in short, every means to halt the destruction of the environment.... Minor shifts in policy, moderate improvement in laws and regulations, rhetoric offered in lieu of genuine change—these are all forms of appeasement, designed to satisfy the public’s desire to believe that sacrifice, struggle and a wrenching transformation of society will not be necessary." See Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation


Technology-literate kids can't see value of English: "Earlier generations were taught that the writing ideal was something that sounded like refined English gentlemen of perhaps the 18th century....'Now,' said Gosbee, 'we're trying to get them to write in their own voices, and write about things that matter to them...." [TV is part of the problem] 'We've become spectators,' said Carol Deurloo, a 35-year teaching veteran from Remus. 'But reading involves thinking, engaging your imagination. TV does everything for you.'" See A New Way of Thinking


State deducts points for preschool’s ’violent’ plastic soldiers: "Laura Johnson knew a positive evaluation of her preschool’s program was necessary to earn a distinguished four-star rating from the state. But she didn’t expect one evaluator to deduct points based on the presence of 'violent' toys.... nine green plastic Army men. To a really imaginative child, the Army men could have been part of a plastic peacekeeping force. But to an observer rating the program under the Early Childhood Environmental Rating System, the little figures represented something else.

       "'If stereotyping or violence is shown with regard to any group, then credit cannot be given,' wrote evaluator Katie Haselden. 'It was observed that nine ‘army men’ were present in the block play area. These figures reflect stereotyping and violence, therefore credit cannot be given.' ...
       "I don’t think children should be taught that the military are bad guys,” said Mr. Hollar, grandfather of one of preschool's children.
See Lifelong Indoctrination and Prov 22:6


Early-Years Learning Myth: "Every rational member of society can agree that a stable, normal family life provides the optimum conditions for a child's early emotional and intellectual development. And everyone can accept that learning is a natural process that seems to come easiest to the young. However, to translate that axiom into a requirement for state-run 'professionally-staffed early-childhood learning centers,' into which children must be placed -- literally from birth -- in order for them to reach their full potential, is a distortion of reality. It is a fad that a certain school of 'experts' is promoting, much to the delight of social services and the education establishments, because the initiative creates lots of new jobs, and educators find it most convenient to teach groups of children with uniformly molded personalities."  Far more than a fad, it's a specific strategy, first documented by UNESCO in 1973, to instill collective (or socialist) values before the home teaches traditional thinking and God's values. See The International Agenda (skip to "Robert Muller") and Comparing the U.S. & the UNESCO Education Plan.


EEUUW-REKA! Teacher's 'Grossology' books and exhibit inspire young people to get down and dirty with science of body functions:  "'This is really gross -- the kind of thing that kids like. Wish I could hook it to a lesson plan," said Branzei, a teacher in California's Mendocino County.

         "Her original book, 'Grossology: The Science of Really Gross Things,' has gone through several printings since it was first published, and has sold about 260,000 copies. Three companion volumes -- 'Animal Grossology: The Science of Creatures Gross and Disgusting,' 'Hands-On Grossology: The Science of Really Gross Experiments' and 'Grossology Begins at Home' -- are also selling well." See America's Spiritual Slide


Witchcraft fears keep Fargo kids from Harry Potter: "A witchcraft controversy brewing in a North Dakota town forced a local school to cancel a field trip to a screening of the new Harry Potter movie Friday. About 100 students from Agassiz Middle School in Fargo were slated to attend the opening day of the widely anticipated movie, 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,' which revolves around the adventures of a young wizard in a world of non-magical mortals known as muggles. All the students, mainly aged between 12 and 15, had parental permission to attend the trip to a local movie house during school hours. ... The fact that some consider witchcraft a religion, the protesters said, meant that the school-led trip to the movie theater would constitute a violation of the separation of church and state and possibly lead to legal action." See Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter movies


Breaking down religious barriers: "They may be future primary school teachers - and are allowed to opt out of teaching RE if they wish - but each student must get a grounding in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism as part of their degree course. ...'Also, if they are contributing to children's education of the society and world around them, they need to give an authentic, accurate portrayal, rather than perpetuating misunderstanding, stereotypes and superficial inaccuracies,' said Mrs Mead. ... 'The children need to learn to live together. They've got to learn to live in a community where a large minority is not like them.'" See Establishing a Global Spirituality


Public education not patriotic: "Feeling patriotic? Support public education. That's the totally disinterested message of Sandra Feldman, president of the American Federation of Teachers....

        "For the [NEA], America means pluralism, tolerance and nothing else. They want students to appreciate other cultures, not to feel pride in their own. ... While well-versed in the contributions of the Ibos and Incas, students are ignorant of the most basic facts about our history. ...  In the wake of Sept. 11, Deputy Chancellor of New York City Schools Judith Rizzo sneered: 'Those people who said we don't need multiculturalism, that it's too touchy-feely, a pox on them. ... We have to do more to teach habits of tolerance, knowledge and awareness of other cultures.'..."

        "Mandating patriotism is a really scary thing. It leads to nationalism and ultimately to fascism," squeaked Suzy Grinwold, a first-grade teacher....There is no greater threat to our survival than a generation ignorant of America's past and the ideals which form the foundation of national identity -- in other words, the products of public education." See The International Agenda

Diversity versus 'diversity' (Thomas Sowell): "Sometimes it seems as if "diversity" is going to replace "the" as the most often used word in the English language. Yet the place where this word has become a holy grail -- academia -- shows less tolerance for genuine diversity of viewpoints than any other American institution.
        "In a book titled "The College Admissions Mystique," an admissions office official at Brown University is quoted as setting ideological litmus tests for applicants. An outstanding high school record would not be enough get admitted, because such records were seen as signs of people who had sold out to traditional ways of thinking -- and who envisaged careers in establishment professions. He called such students 'Reptilian.' What the admissions official wanted were "with it" kids, socially and politically aware -- "bellwethers" who "would have a following later on." In other words, he did not want pillars of society but politically correct pied pipers who could head ideological movements.
       "In other words, diversity of viewpoints is not welcome. Diversity of physical appearance is the be-all and end-all, but diversity of thought is no more welcome than it has been under the Taliban in Afghanistan.
       "But the real harm that has been done has been done to students who will never learn that there is a factual and reasoned alternative to the one-sided propaganda they will hear in their classrooms."
See A New Way of Thinking

Sadism and bondage in classroom: "Taking Sex Seriously, which recommends that teachers devote a one-hour lesson to thinking about "all the different sexual activities that two people can do together," was last night denounced for encouraging perversion in schools. The booklet suggests sado-masochism, group sex and unnatural sexual practices as suitable subjects for discussion. The teaching pack, published by Healthwise, appears on a list of approved resources produced for the executive by Learning and Teaching Scotland, set up in July 2000 to advise ministers on the school curriculum.
      "Tino Ferri, national executive officer of the NAS/UWT teaching union said: "This sort of material encourages perversion in our schools. Children are impressionable and if they are taught this sort of thing at school there is the danger that they will copy it. This is encouraging deviancy amongst our children and is morally bankrupt. This booklet should be scrapped immediately before any damage is done. Many parents would view this as political correctness gone crazy."
See Sex Ed and Global Values

National home schoolers challenge proposed curriculum (in South Africa, which is implementing the same global education and management system as the West): "Minister of Education Kader Asmal has become embroiled in a bitter row with home schoolers over Curriculum 2005. ...Parents and educators claim his behaviour regarding the curriculum is dictatorial and denies children the right to choose their own religious beliefs. But the minister hit back last month in a statement which said the opinions of groups like the home schoolers represented a minority view and that they should not attempt to impose their "loony, paranoid and perverse ideas on the nation".
       "The NCS has been described as 'dictatorial as those of communism and neo-Marxism', while the United Christian Ministries (UCM) has described the national government as an 'enemy of the church'. 'It is a sign of a corrupted tyranny when supposed leaders of our people would force a Christian majority to learn and accept evolution, ritual medicine and paganist earth worship, and consider it a failure if students do not subscribe to these values,' said UCM's Tumi Tlale."
      "Asmal... said the home schoolers did not wish to learn about the religious beliefs different to their own, and, as such, their aims were unconstitutional. 'Little wonder that their views are of those of a minority. They are not shared by the major religious organisations and leaders in the country who have been part and parcel of formulating the approach taken to the education of religion in our schools.The problem is HOW other religions are taught, not whether children should learn about other cultures. Christians must learn to see other religions and deities from God's perspective, not as equals in a unified spiritual realm. When the state forces children to embrace religious  pluralism, it actually bans Biblical Christianity. Many

Christians face the same hostilities in the USA. Proverbs 22:6 and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Campus suppresses ‘right’ education - Freedoms of thought removed:  "The argument that the American higher-education system has been subsumed by liberals is usually laughed off by the mass media and the intellectual elite. But the leftist takeover of the university is real. This quiet revolution has effectively removed half the political spectrum from discussion at one of the most important and impressionable times of our lives. ...Leftists have no respect for informed dissent – they are driven solely by a desire to destroy the message they find offensive....

       "It was Lenin who noted 'Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.' Too many Marxist relics have taken this philosophy to heart... They have inculcated young, idealistic and credulous students with the false notion that they alone can change the world." Rom 1:22-32  See box below,  Comments on Education and Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

Parent education kits to be distributed: “The parents of every child born in California will receive a free, bilingual parenting kit in an unprecedented statewide education campaign funded by a voter-approved tobacco tax.... `I am unbelievably excited today to announce the single biggest parent education program in the history of this country,' Reiner, the commission's chairman, told a news conference at a family center where the kits were unveiled.” Proverbs 22:6 clashes with new child development standards. See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Notice the growing hostility toward Biblical values - and the international effort to establish a global system that would manage and monitor our compliance with UN standards for human resource development. They remind us to prepare for the challenges ahead. See Preparing for Victory


Schools teach socialism - BC Teacher's Federation singalong: "This propaganda weapon is to be deployed in the high school classroom. ...Parents can view it for themselves on the web at and they should be sure to check out the “global social justice” section to get the full flavour of the latest in union outreach to the young. ... It uses the modern education establishment’s standard approach to history: pluck a few incidents out of context, add class warfare labels to reinforce an anti-capitalist, neo-Marxist agenda...." The United States is only a few steps behind Canada in implementing the international standards for global values. See Ps 1:1-6


Stanford students earn credit for studying hip-hop lingo: "While fellow students wrestle with Shakespeare and Melville, 31 classmates in 'The Language of Hip-Hop Culture' study the lyrics of rappers... 'Hip-hop is the next chapter of African-American folklore,' Alim said. 'Street cred is huge, it's No. 1. Now we're developing academic credibility as well.'"  For a language that teems with vicious and violent sexual and racial suggestions Psalm 12:8 


To contrast this social devolution with a more honorable history, review this earlier message by a wise black author, columnist and researcher:

Do facts matter? Part II  (Thomas Sowell shows the subversive social engineering of leaders who despised the America we loved): "The history of the education of blacks in America has become politicized to the point where it is barely recognizable as history, rather than as an arsenal of horror stories to be used in the political wars of today. ... there is an almost complete disregard of other important aspects of the history of black education that are also true. ...
      "During the era of slavery, it was illegal to teach slaves to read and write, throughout the Western Hemisphere.... Yet the census of 1850 showed that more than half of the 500,000 free blacks were able to read and write.
      "How did that happen? It happened because they set up their own schools, even in places where such schools were illegal and had to operate underground. ...
      "One of the most inspiring and heroic episodes in the history of black education in America came after the Civil War, when numerous white school teachers from the North went South to teach the children of the freed slaves....
       "As far back as 1899, the one black academic high school in Washington scored higher on standardized tests than two of the three white high schools in the nation's capital. In the decades that followed, its graduates went on to college at a higher rate than that of white Americans.... Yet this story too is seldom mentioned today, because it too was done in ways that are not considered politically correct today."
See The International Agenda

Do facts matter? (by Thomas Sowell) "...All this is the direct opposite of what you might be led to believe by the politically correct history or theory of race in America. The endlessly repeated mantra of "diversity" implies that such things as group quotas and group identity programs improve race relations. Quotas are often thought to be necessary, in order to create a 'critical mass' of black students on campus, so that they can feel sufficiently comfortable socially to do their best academic work. That there are various opinions on such things is not surprising. What ought to be surprising -- indeed, shocking -- is that these social dogmas have been repeated for decades, with no serious effort to test whether or not they are true."  See Brainwashing in America

Court Says Muslim Girl Forced to Accept Bible: "The Rapides Parish School Board wanted to do a nice thing last Christmas season: offer Bibles to any student who wanted one. But when an elementary school principal offered a Bible to a Muslim girl, her parents sued, claiming she was coerced into accepting it. And the school district's attorney, Mike Johnson, says federal judge F.A. Little, Jr., agreed with their contention.... '[Regarding] the question of whether or not the child was coerced .... we contend that she was not, but the court believed that because the principal was in such a superiority position which a principal has, that the child -- because she was only a fifth-grader -- did not really have a choice in accepting or not accepting the Bible.'" 2 Cor 2:14

Nation's schoolchildren pledge from sea to shining sea: "A coast-to-coast chorus of flag pledges filled the air yesterday as schoolchildren in the Bay Area joined in a national recitation of the pledge of allegiance. Children chimed in precisely at 11 a.m. as President Bush led the pledge from the White House with hand over heart." Nehemiah 1:3-10


National School Celebration. In spite of the fresh appreciation for this nation established by God, a friend in Wisconsin sent this note: "Not only has the pledge to the American flag been banned in the government elementary schools in Madison, Wisconsin, and the 'Star-Spangled Banner' (words) are also banned. Now, October in Madison public schools as been proclaimed on their anti-school calendar as Gay and Lesbian History Month." Psalm 12:7-8


Bringing Up Open-Minded Kids: "What is multicultural education? ...There are many definitions for and misconceptions about multicultural education. One approach is to think about it in terms of 'creating responsible citizens.' ...In order to live in unity, we must rethink our idea of America." This new "idea of America" demands cultural pluralism and a consensus spirituality. Biblical Christianity would be banned as intolerant and exclusive -- no matter how loving its expressions. See Establishing a Global Spirituality


Teacher Accused of Burning Flag in Classroom: "School officials say they are concerned about the incident, but refuse to speculate on the teacher's motives. 'There's a fine line between sort of getting across your own personal views in a classroom, versus providing students with an educational background,' said District Superintendent Carl Mack, Jr." Psalm 1:1-6

'Intelligence .. is a series of behaviours that can be taught: Professor Art Costa "calls such behaviours Habits of Mind, or sometimes Intelligent Behaviours. His message is simple. He believes that we (teacher, student, and parent) should be thoughtful about what we do. In short what is needed is an alertness that allows the student to transfer classroom knowledge to the real world outside." It sounds good, but it molds "flexible" and "open" minds (no Biblical absolutes) that will adapt to the changing world of the new global managers. SeeThree Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords.


EducationHomeschooling - A Feminist Challenge: "...There is mounting evidence that public education discriminates against boys. Last month, the novelist and feminist icon Doris Lessing used the Edinburgh Books Festival as a podium from which to decry the diminishment of boys in society. Lessing declared, 'I was in a class of nine-and 10-year-olds, girls and boys, and this young woman was telling these kids that the reason for wars was the innately violent nature of men. You could see the little girls, fat with complacency and conceit while the little boys sat there crumpled, apologizing for their existence...'  Lessing was reporting anecdotally what other dissident feminists have documented. Christina Hoff Sommers' book, The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Young Men, points an accusing finger at organizations such as the Ms. Foundation for harming boys by spreading myths about the nature of men and male power. She argues persuasively that 'gender equity' programs in the public schools are undermining the education and self-respect of boys." ...proving once again, that feminism is not really about advancing women but about weakening America by undermining the God-ordained gender roles and values of a Patriarchal Christian heritage. Isaiah 3:5-12

The Board of Education on Monday gave tentative approval to a groundbreaking accountability plan that stretches beyond the school doors and into children's homes: "Under the plan, employees who fail to meet standards could be placed on probation and moved to another job or fired if they fail to improve. Parents are expected to attend orientation and parent-teacher conferences and make sure their children do homework and miss no more than 10 days of school a year. Those who fail to do so must submit to a 'parent involvement plan' and may be referred to support services or a parent involvement mentor. In extreme cases, parents could be referred to the state Department of Children and Families for neglect. Parents who meet the goals may be recognized on a parent honor roll or with school-based awards programs." Parents must be trained along with their children for the new world order. But God tells us to follow His way -- no matter what the cost. See Psalm 1:1-6 and Silencing the Opposition  

Governor Davis' education appointee has sideline in racy videos: "Now, while there is no evidence that any of the 'boys' shown in these films actually are minors, Davis foes wonder just how the president of the [California] Board of Education profiting from the sale of soft-core porn -- particularly when it hints at young love -- would play around the state." What messages filter down to our children when education leaders accept and promote promiscuous and homosexual lifestyles? See Psalm 1:1-6  and The Three Myths of Homeschooling.

Astrology school gets approved for federal aid: "The stars were favorably aligned this month for the Astrological Institute, says founder Joyce Jensen, whose students learn to write horoscopes and give advice about the future.... Her institute, where courses include a "master class on the asteroid goddesses" and "how to write an astrological column," offers one program: a diploma in astrology and psychology." Psalm 1:1-6 & Deut 18:9-12

Wilmette school principal undergoes gender change: "A letter went out Monday to parents and teachers at Marie Murphy School in Wilmette informing them that Principal Donald Reed has undergone a gender reassignment and is returning to school as Deanna Reed.... Last month, parents at Glenbrook North High School received a similar letter. A female tenured science teacher informed school officials that she had undergone a gender reassignment and would be returning in the fall as a male." Psalm 1:1-6


Egg Babies, Sugar Babies, Flour Babies... Can They Keep Teens from Having REAL Babies? "'Babies ARE having babies. U.S. teenagers have one of the highest pregnancy rates in the developed world...." Wonder why? See Sex Ed and Global Values

       But teacher Kathy Seeger has a solution: "'I had my students make babies out of eggs,' said Seeger....  Eggs are great for emphasizing the care that babies require but, said Seeger, 'I had all these students crying over the broken eggs.''  As if eggs could simulate the worth of a baby?

       "...In one school, students kept a diary of their thoughts and feelings related to their babies. Some students researched current news sources to write reports on child abuse. Others wrote their babies' biographies from birth to age six. In math class, students were challenged to plan a college fund for their babies. ... 'My students get a lot out of this program," concluded Seeger. "The program might not prevent all junior-high students from having babies, but if you can prevent just one birth, you've done a lot!"  Prevent birth -- but not promiscuity or pregnancy? See Paradigm Shift. Read the note that follows the chart. 


 Pupils asked to 'plan, execute' armed robbery: "The controversial teaching module is sold to schools throughout South Africa.... The special teaching aid, entitled Skuldig of Onskuldig (Guilty or Not Guilty), requires pupils to take part in a learning exercise in which they choose their weapon, plan a getaway route, choose a getaway vehicle with two machine guns and a cannon and devise an inside plan of the building they intend to rob." Psalm 1:1-6 


San Lorenzo schools to give laptops to all: "When school starts Aug. 29, teachers will pass out 1,500 wireless laptops to students, who will carry them everywhere, use them daily and keep them until they graduate. Teachers involved in the new "eLearning" experiment... will be expected to design class projects to incorporate technology into everything they teach.... Through infrared cells that were installed in the ceiling during the summer, San Lorenzo students will be able to connect to the Web from any football field, cafeteria or classroom in the district's 15 schools." 

       See why educators want computer access for every student. Go to A New Way of Thinking, then click on Computer-Assisted Teaching. Read the quote that ends with: "...Won't it be wonderful when the child in the smallest county in the most distant area or in the most confused urban setting can have the equivalent of the finest school in the world on that terminal and no one can get between that child and the curriculum?" Not parents, not anyone other than "change agents" who plan the programs and assess the child's changing values. 2 Chron 20:12

Porn is hot course on campus: "'To not study pornography is to ignore an absolutely pervasive phenomenon in our culture,'' said Linda Williams, a film studies professor at the University of California in Berkeley who helped pioneer porn studies with her book, ''Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the Frenzy of the Visible.' ... Respected journals such as The Quarterly Review of Film Studies and Human Sexuality are publishing more and more papers on pornography. And academics are increasingly writing books with titles such as ''Erotic Faculties'' by an art historian at the University of Nevada at Reno and ''Porn 101'' by a sociology professor at the University of California at Northridge. There was even an academic forum organized in Los Angeles called the World Pornography Conference, which in 1998 drew professors in fields including sociology, philosophy, English, and film studies....

       ''What upset people, in my case, is that I study pornography to see what it consists of, not debating whether it is art or deviant. I also teach it as another genre of film, like Westerns or science fiction.'' Psalm 12:7-8


Schools seek end to clotheshorse crazes: "Getting past children's thinking about clothes can be difficult in a society that markets to pre-teens the revealing styles of pop diva Christina Aguilera or rap artist L'il Kim as everyday wear: A clothing store at Hechinger Mall in Northeast is announcing its back-to-school sale with signs emblazoning the words "sexy," "cool" and "attitude," and pictures of young models decked out in fashions ranging from sequined jackets to belly-baring tank tops." Romans 1:22-32

Home Sweet School: "Thomas Jefferson and the other early American crusaders for public education believed the schools would help sustain democracy by bringing everyone together to share values and learn a common history. In the little red brick schoolhouse, we would pursue both "democracy in education and education in democracy.'  ... 

        "Home schooling forsakes all that by defining education not as the pursuit of an entire community but as the work of one family and its chosen circle. Which can be great. Despite some drawbacks, there are signs that home-schooling parents are doing a better job than public schools at teaching their kids. But as the number of kids learning at home grows, we should pause to wonder: Better at teaching them what? Home schooling may turn out better students, but does it create better citizens?"  See The Three Myths of Homeschooling

Global Management System. A Holistic Review of the Hong Kong School Curriculum: We have to... provide students with a school curriculum which enables them to construct knowledge and develop a global outlook to cope with the changing and interdependent world in the 21st century."  This outline of HK's reformed education agenda mirrors the U.S. and UNESCO plan. No wonder, since the world's education networks must be integrated and uniform -- prompting students everywhere to "construct knowledge" that fits the new paradigm. Pray for our children. See Establishing a Global Spirituality


Publik skool bigotz: "Nothing breeds sophomoric resentment like academic success. So it's no surprise that home schoolers and their children are the target of a spiteful T-shirt sold in retail stores and online. The short-sleeved shirt is white with red trim. A red silhouette of a mobile home is emblazoned across the chest. Above the trailer are the words "Home skooled."  (The manufacturer's other popular items include shirts glamorizing Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, totalitarian terrorist Che Guevara, vapid pop tart Britney Spears, and pimps. Yes, pimps.)

        " such T-shirt dissing the failed public school monopoly is sold on or at J.C. Penney. Why not? Because when it comes to bigoted insults in our politically correct culture, some institutions and groups get a pass. Despite criminally low test scores, enormous waste, unsafe classrooms and administrative incompetence, the public schools remain a hallowed and untouchable fixture." To stand firm in this spiritual war, our children need to wear the Armor of God.

Looking for an Answer: "'It's probably not true in the extreme that children who are home-schooled can't socialize — that's just intuitively not true,' said Janine Bempechat, a senior consultant at the Tufts Program for Education Change Agents and a project development manager at the Education Development Center. 'But what they're missing out on is the culture of childhood as most people know it in America.' ...Kids socialize one another. It isn't a one-way street."  Let's hope our Christian children will be socialized to a culture that's far better! See Prov 22:6 and The Three Myths of Homeschooling. Notice also how -- once again -- a terrible tragedy is used to help justify government schools. Countless other tragedies send the opposite message. See Teen Rage and Deadly Delights.


Student Beaten Unconscious for Confederate Flag Picture in School Library Book: "Another student fell victim in April to the escalating campaign for the ethnic cleansing of Dixie. Ryan Zane Oleichi, a 13-year-old student at Labay Middle School outside of Houston, Texas, required hospitalization for the treatment of injuries he received when he was viciously assaulted as he was leaving school. The two perpetrators, a Black and an Hispanic classmate objected to a book that Ryan was carrying home because it had a picture of the Confederate battle flag on the cover. Ryan got the book from the school library for a report that he was doing on Gen. Robert E. Lee"  - This is older news, but it shows another side of today's assault on human life and rights. 2 Tim 3:1-14

TC [Teachers College at Columbia University]  Represented at a Salzburg Seminar: "Dr. Derek Yach, Executive Director of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland... outlined the World Health Organization's goals to make global health a priority. They include placing health at the center of the broader development agenda, strengthening sustainable health systems, and managing the information going out to be sure the facts are accurate." Actually, many of their "facts" are designed for propaganda purposes, not accuracy. See  The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


President Bush's remarks on education (August 1, 2001) : "...we must have independent evidence that state tests are rigorous and state tests are real.  Fortunately, we already have a proven way to get the independent evidence we need:  the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or the NAEP.  NAEP is not new.  Over 40 states now participate.  It's not a national test, and we certainly don't need one. But we do need a national report card, and NAEP serves that purpose.  We need an objective check on state accountability systems, so we need the NAEP for every state." In spite of his assurance, that sounds a lot like "a national test," doesn't it?  What's worse, the NAEP is designed to test attitudes, values and collective thinking. See  Chapter 3 - A New Way of Thinking and click on NAEP. 


The policy behind the controversy: "You've got to hand it to the National Education Association. The association's press people and spin artists know how to manipulate the news. The NEA got widespread national publicity by announcing on Independence Day that it was withdrawing its controversial proposed "New B" resolution regarding "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Education." Parents concluded they could relax in the assurance that their darlings would not be exploited with such teaching in the schools. But not so fast. It was all smoke and mirrors. The 10,000 delegates assembled in this year's annual convention in Los Angeles quietly adopted at least 10 separate resolutions that add up to substantially the same subject matter as the withdrawn New B." Psalm 12:8 

  Fix education reform now: "President George W. Bush may be remembered for his education slogan, "leave no child behind," but it is fast becoming clear that most top state educators have another phrase for the Bush education initiative: Leave no child untested. And they don't like it."  No wonder! Too many children are failing those assessments and exposing the devastating problems with "progressive" education. And the school staff -- along with the students -- will face the consequences. Today's dumbed-down education is incompatible with official academic standards, and educators don't want their failures exposed. The test questions most children are likely to pass deal with politically correct attitudes and values -- which can be absorbed without the "drill and kill" needed to learn spelling, math and geography. See Brave New Schools, Chapter 3 - A New Way of Thinking and the next item:

Education groups rally against Bush reforms: "...the heart of the disputes, and the issues that the education groups are targeting, center on how the new tests are administered and used and what consequences should face schools that fail to improve student performances on the exams."

  Parent Files Complaint Over Summer School Reading: "A Massachusetts parent has filed a complaint with local police over an allegedly "pornographic" summer school reading assignment for high school students that involves bestiality and other sexually explicit material.... 'I objected to it because of the different kinds of sex,' she said. 'We have sodomy, we have bestiality, sex with the dog, it's all in here.' 

        "Internet bookseller describes the book as the 'funny, touching, memorable first novel from Stephen Chbosky,' and praised it for 'the resounding accuracy with which the author captures the voice of a boy teetering on the brink of adulthood.'" A good reminder that the world's popular messages -- which reflect a decadent culture -- opposite and distort God's holy ways on every point. They entice our children to delight in evil, then compromise truth in order to rationalize sin. The Nature and Tactics of Satan and Brave New Schools, Chapter 3 - A New Way of Thinking


Foundations Funding Failure – the 3 F’s Replace the 3 R's: "The bad news first: There is no good news. Public education and government schools are a mess.... The result of the avoidance of the truth will be that our children and grandchildren will face a future looking up from the bottom of the international scholastic heap in every crucial subject area. Why else are we having to import computer engineers, analysts and scientists from the Far East?

       " One of the most hopeful signs of the 21st century is the home-schooling movement. It may be THE fly in the eye of our current crop of masters of the universe. These government stooges and the plutocrats from the temples of wealth and power will do their utmost to make it as hard as possible for home school practitioners to thrive and survive. But they will survive, and they will continue to outperform the government product by light years. That is what makes them so dangerous to the powers that be." Psalm 1:1-6 and The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Cadet Dick, meet cadet Jane: "'Make love, not war' has taken on new meaning at Virginia Military Institute, where Stonewall Jackson taught math and George C. Marshall, the architect of victory in World War II, learned military science. A cadet is pregnant and expects to deliver her baby cadet later this month."
      "...Diverse groups of feminists, civil-rights lawyers and pro-life activists are concerned less with fairness and the workability of the new policy than with their own separate agendas...."
Judges 21:25

Guidelines for Religious Expression in Public Schools: Public schools can neither foster religion nor preclude it. Our public schools must treat religion with fairness and respect and vigorously protect religious expression as well as the freedom of conscience of all other students. In so doing our public schools reaffirm the First Amendment and enrich the lives of their students." That, too, may sound good, but students across the country face anti-Christian educators who ignore or misuse these guidelines. See Don't Mention Jesus and Twisting Truth by Classroom Consensus

Lawmakers sue to stop anti-Christian play - Show at public university portrays a homosexual Jesus: "The lawsuit argues that taxpayer funds are being used to attack religion, portraying Christ as a purple-dress-wearing, homosexual liar and blasphemer. Defenders of the production say it's a matter of free speech."          For more details about the educational establishment's  fierce defense of this anti-Christian message, see Junior Dragged to Psych Ward After Dispute over Blasphemous Play: "Officials at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allegedly had student Michael A. Marcavage involuntarily committed to a state mental hospital after he initiated a Christian response to a blasphemous play performed on campus.... The play depicts Jesus as a homosexual who has sex with his disciples, and was crucified for being "king of the queers." Rev 13:5 and Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Suicide Book Challenged in Schools: "In a world where twins are illegal, a baby twin boy is "released" from life with a fatal injection. A girl, overcome with painful memories in a utopian society in which strong feelings are frowned upon, administers the fatal needle herself. The topics in Lois Lowry's "The Giver" have created controversy in libraries and classrooms across the country.... The Newberry Medal winner was No. 10 on the last year's list, which was headed by 'Harry Potter.'" For more problems with the classroom use of this book, see The Giver: Serving The Greater Whole

Little Red Riding Hood - PC version: "...and so she set off. Many people believed that the forest was a foreboding and dangerous place, but Red Riding Hood knew that this was an irrational fear based on cultural paradigms instilled by a patriarchal society that regarded the natural world as an exploitable resource, and hence believed that natural predators were in fact intolerable competitors...." This is not just a funny story. It points to a global transformation. Col 2:8

PETA Coaches Kids on 'Religious' Objections to Dissection: "A militant animal rights group is encouraging children to raise religious objections when asked to dissect animals in school, even if the dissection of animals may not be against their formal religious tradition.... Religious groups hold mixed positions on political organizations instructing children to use religion for political purposes." 

Mom stunned by devilish school video:  "A Kansas school district has come under fire for a video documentary and book that portrayed devil and witches....'Nature Jungle," an award-winning video, was shown to her second-grade son, August, during a recent Deerfield summer school program. 'We can't talk about God at school,' said Swanson, a Christian who objected to a sequence in the documentary that depicted the devil. 'I didn't figure we had to worry about devil or demon imagery. We can't talk about the good side, but we can talk about the evil side?'" Isaiah 5:20

Condoms plan for schools: To encourage safer sex, a "health authority in Wales wants children as young as 11 to be able to buy condoms in schools. The authority wants to install condom vending machines to tackle teenage pregnancies. The UK has the highest teenage birth rate in Europe. In Wales, 6,000 girls become pregnant each year with at least 500 babies being born to mothers aged under 16." See Sex Ed and Global Values

Three little girls try to kill classmate with gopher poison: "Three young Mendocino County girls face attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to kill a classmate with gopher poison." Two 8-year-olds and one 9-year-old "face charges of conspiracy to commit murder and illegal use of poison. The 8-year-old victim told authorities she found the poison pellets in a sandwich from the school lunch counter on June 7. She did not eat the sandwich and was not harmed." See A Twist of Faith, Chapter 8 (Click on "Evil is Back")

The Fourth of July: Love it or lose it. "The disappearance of history from our schools, and its virtual disappearance as a requirement for graduation from many of our leading colleges as well, has left most Americans with little knowledge or understanding of what has made us so much more fortunate than most of the rest of the human race around the world. When you can graduate with honors from Harvard without having taken a single course in history, do not expect much widespread understanding of how we got to be where we are much less what is required to protect and preserve the precious things that make this America different. See Brave New Schools, Chapter 2: The International Agenda
     On the contrary, much of our education at all levels is focused on complaints about "our society" as if other societies do not have similar or worse problems and exaltation of the idea of 'change'.... 'Change' is a blank check and as dangerous as any other blank check.... But the ease with which so many people embrace undefined 'change' is scary. It makes them and us vulnerable to any glib demagogue who can come along and hype his particular brand of 'change'."
See Reinventing the World and Brainwashing in America

What Kids Would Add to Our Constitution. The following suggestions show "empathy" and "tolerance" but little understanding of our founders' intentions. Political activism seems more important than freedom. Where do you suppose they learned these values? 

"I WOULD make it illegal for the circus to use animals as part of the entertainment. It seems stupid that animals must be tortured just for "human" pleasure. The word "circus" is just another word for slavery! We are all animals -- some of us more than others." Diana Perez, 14

"The new amendment I came up with is that gays and lesbians are able to get married. To deny them the choice of marriage is to deny them their humanity." Joshua Dail, 14.

"The death penalty will no longer be used.... I find it an injustice to kill people for their mistakes. If you take someone's life it's just like killing one of your family because we are all brothers and sisters." Jessica Gorham, 13 .

"Every middle and low class American will receive a yearly sum of $2,500.... The rich hardly have to move a finger and they earn millions and millions. Americans that aren't rich have to break their backs every day." Mayra Carrera, 14.

"Guns should only be issued to police officers." Jen Hill, 13 .

But Laura Chew (13) knows better: "I would make it so that everyone needed to pass a test on the Constitution in order to vote. You can't make good decisions on how our government should run without having an idea of how it is run now. You can't decide the future without learning from the past." Laura Chew, 13 .


Compulsory education for 2-year-olds? "The way we envision the program existing here in the district is that we would look at those independent and private and parochial providers and make sure that what they're doing is in keeping with the appropriate standards and they may very well be able to continue what they're doing and receive these 3- and 4-year-olds. They would just have to become certified by the school district."  The web of cradle to grave government control keeps expanding.  Certification for homeschooling parents would include state monitoring of the " Mental Health" of family members. See Ps 46:10 and Brave New Schools

Stossel Says His Critics 'Brainwashed' Parents: ABC's John Stossel "accused the school system of brainwashing students and, in another swipe at environmentalists, assailed "the extremists who dominate the debate." Environmental activists, said Stossel, "shouldn't be scaring people the way they are." He is right. See Saving the Earth.

"Rethinking Special Education for a New Century: "Special education absorbs 38 cents of every new tax dollar raised for public schools, with total funding amounting to $35-$60 billion annually. Despite those staggering amounts, this important program has developed major failings.... Millions of children end up in special ed because they weren't properly taught to read at an early age....  Compliance with regulations has taken precedence over student achievement, creating mountains of paperwork and clogged courtrooms...." An education system that mocks His truths and shuts the door Biblical prayer, can neither succeed nor serve His people. See Ps 46:10 and Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Kids with mental illnesses a challenge for schools: "An average of one or two children in every Washington classroom suffer from emotional or behavioral problems that can range from mild depression to severe anti-social behavior....'It's not just Emily. Some of our students are worse behaviorally,' says Discovery Principal Nancy Weinstein. "I've been kicked and scratched black and blue this year.' ... Though each district has a few separate classrooms for students too violent or unable to cope in a regular classroom, most students today are "mainstreamed" - immersed in regular classes...." 2 Tim 3:1-14

Let our children go! "Whole days are devoted to honoring homosexual sex practices, but in some schools, Mother's Day is being shelved. Students in classrooms all across this country are fed up with the endless, stupid promotion of obviously unnatural and gross acts, but those who speak out are often intimidated into silence by an NEA member. Kids get tired of public shame and ridicule just like anyone else. A teacher's hostility is perfectly acceptable in such cases, though, because as one left-wing organization's ad said several years back, "It's OK to hate hate."  Psalm 1:1-6

Specialist schools: What's in a name? "'Apart from the extra money, the specialist status, the greater freedom, and the ability to select, what's so good about being a specialist school?'  The answer is perhaps that the whole process of setting and monitoring targets, establishing links with outside organizations, and competing in a bidding process is energizing and helps schools to be clear about what they are doing and why."  Interesting to see how the same international education system is being implemented in England and elsewhere. Read Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce


Homosexual agenda promoted by NEA?  "With the  National Education Association's annual convention just around the corner, at least one state affiliate is making waves by opposing the union's proposed new homosexual-rights resolution." It calls for "Dissemination of programs that support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students and address the high drop-out rate, suicide rate, and health risk behaviors" and "Accurate portrayal of the roles and contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people throughout history...." The last demand has already led to historical revisions -- unfounded "identification" of historical men and women as gay.  Psalm 12:8 

NEA vs. home schools: "Home-schooling programs cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience,' according to the NEA.' ...Public schools 'teach things beyond curriculum' ...such as 'values, how to get along with others, diversity, team work and cooperative learning.' All these deal with socialization for a consensus-driven, collective society, not traditional academics.  See  Psalm 1:1-6 and The Three Myths of Homeschooling  Psalm 1:1-6

Queen's speech on education is a warning to other nations: "Businesses, religious and voluntary organisations will be encouraged to become sponsors of secondary schools in England.... This education bill would 'deregulate the school system, remove legislative barriers to change and introduce new ways for private, voluntary and faith organisations to become involved in supporting schools to improve."  Among the "barriers" to go are the legal protections of parental rights. In the new global management system, the "village" -- not the biological parents -- must control the training of children. See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce and  Proverbs 22:6


Here is a Question: "... 60% of our future adults will be academically ignorant. They will be totally depended on computers to read, write, do math and think for them.... "How many generations will it take at this rate of academic ignorance before we reach the point where our children who have grown into adults cannot fix, work, or notice any mistakes that a computer or its operating systems makes?" See New "Literacy" for a New World

Instead of fixing schools, create another convincing illusion: "...politicians of both parties have opted for the cheaper route: To create the illusion of accountability by toughening curriculum requirements, and the mirage of improvements by mandating questionable statewide tests." That's only part of the problem. See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Thinking Skills: "Today you may hear a lot from educators about higher order thinking skills. The jargon generally goes something like this: Skills for workers in the Twenty-first century will require the students of today to focus more on higher order thinking skills and less on lower order thinking skills. We must move away from drill-grill-and-kill teaching and allow students to explore more creative and critical thinking skills." See Reinventing the World


Once upon a rhyme: "Beeper numbers. TV jingles. Carson Daly´s vital statistics. Such is the stuff that clutters the minds of American boys and girls. It wasn´t always this way."  What should we be passing on to the coming up generations that will be good sustenance in their future.  Scripture, for sure. And hymns. This article suggests another type of input.  Phil 4:8

Lawmakers move to improve literacy, the 'new civil right': "The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that at least 20 million of the nation's 53 million school-age children are poor readers.... The problem is not unique to the new millennium, NIH researcher G. Reid Lyon says. ''There were probably as many children 40 years ago who did not learn to read,'' he says. ''The big difference has been that the options for non-readers 40 years ago were much greater. There were just more occupations that didn't require literacy....  A student's skill at reading in the early grades is a good predictor of how likely he is to graduate from high school, studies have shown. The long-term implications of reading failure amount to ''a national public health problem.'' See Redefining "Literacy" for a New World

Using AP and IB to change schools: "...the board has tapped 14 schools to apply to join the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), a Swiss-based foundation that works with schools to offer a rigorous set of courses and examinations leading to an internationally recognized diploma." See IBO and Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Finding Good in 'Normal': "Social norms marketing has grown rapidly in the last three years, along with the realization that scolding, scaring, educating and even passing laws can't stop young people from harming themselves and others.... 'The reality is, we're herd animals and we behave in accordance with social norms and the expectations of others.... We're taking conformity behavior and using it in a positive way.' ...the aims of social norms marketing -- reducing binge drinking, smoking, poor diet, unsafe sex, sexual assault and even social bias -- appear to justify the means....

     "In addition to an alcohol awareness program, the school has also begun a violence awareness program with posters such as: 'It's a respect thing. It's a love thing. It's a communications thing. Make it your thing....'" Rom 12:2


This note from Michele M. illustrates another use of "social norms marketing": "My eldest is 7 and in second grade. I homeschooled her for 1st grade, but decided to see how she'd do in public school this year. BIG MISTAKE. 

        I have many complaints, but one specific one I wanted to share with you today. They are learning to write in cursive now, and have sentences they have to practice writing. One of them is 'Hedda is a Hindu'. I thought there was separation of church and state in this country?! It should have been 'Hedda is happy'. You know, you'd NEVER see 'Cathy is Christian'. My husband is right. It isn't separation of church and state, it is separation of CHRISTIANITY and state. It is for this and other reasons I'm going back to homeschooling this September. May God protect our children."  See The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Is the PTA Too Political?  "PTA is a child advocacy organization," said local PTA president Cynthia Chaney. "We are here for the benefit of all children; we are here to teach tolerance." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

Atrocious textbooks turn kids away from science: "Why do our eighth-graders do so poorly in math and science compared with students around the world? Why is it that 80 percent of U.S. high school graduates never go on to take a college physics course? ... One reason is that the science textbooks found in most American classrooms are, in a word, atrocious. They are riddled with errors, sloppy thinking and glitzy illustrations that illustrate little in the way of actual science....  One can laugh at the silly mistakes -- the equator going through Texas... misstating Newton's laws....

       "Four out of five science teachers at the middle-school level have never taken a college physical science course. They can hardly be expected to correct the errors of a presumably 'authoritative' textbook.... There is also clear evidence that early-established misinformation is very difficult to overcome. 'Hardwiring' is the common term used to describe how rigidly students (and adults) hold on to conceptions learned early in life."  Without a solid understanding of science, these future voters will be "sitting ducks" for pseudo-scientific, politically correct propaganda.  See Brainwashing in America 


Bush Pushes Character Education:  President Bush's "character education plan" has come down to the wire with the Senate set to vote on his plan in the next week. The plan has received bipartisan support with some Democrats, including Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.). The president emphasized his commitment to character education in an April policy speech, citing the rise in public school violence during the 1990s as an impetus to introduce the agenda into American public school curriculums." As if public school was not teaching a value system already....politically correct, global values that is. New standards and assessments have already made "values teaching" an official and mandatory  part of the daily curriculum. Few realize that traditional values have been replaced by UN values. See Character Training For Global Citizenship


Teen kicked unconscious over library book: "A 13-year-old Houston, Texas boy who had checked out a book about Robert E. Lee was kicked in the head and sent unconscious to the hospital.... In his first-period class at the Labay Middle School outside Houston, Ryan was looking at a history book he had checked out of the school library to do an assigned report. On its cover was a small Confederate battle flag." 


Survivor game show based on public school: "The creator of Survivor, the television endurance game, has disclosed that the inspiration for the show was his bruising experience of boarding school in the early 1970s, which he said encouraged an ethos of 'survival of the fittest'."  Today's shift to a post-Christian culture has brought a similar battle ground to America's public schools. For an alternative, see The Three Myths of Homeschooling


Posted in May


Kids Can Fail and Still Pass: "The Board of Education will allow thousands of summer-school students to be promoted even if they flunk their exams.... Last year, 15,000 students who failed the exams were promoted anyway." The education system left by Clinton is in a state of chaos. But the problem dates years back to the shift from academics to social psychology -- an emphasis on feelings, group relationships and political correctness rather than facts, discipline and traditional values. See  Introduction to Brave New Schools.


Inept Teacher Training: "An education text used at California State University.... says, 'We cannot afford to become so bogged down in grammar and spelling that we forget the whole story ... the onslaught of antihuman [sic] practices that this nation and other nations are facing today: racism, and sexism, and the greed for money and human labor that disguises itself as 'globalization.' 

       "... At San Francisco State University, 'About Teaching Mathematics'... says, 'There is no place for requiring students to practice tedious calculations that are more efficiently and accurately done by using calculators.' Instruction 'should not aim toward an answer-oriented curriculum,' but toward one that values a 'reasoning process.'" To understand this "new thinking", see  Reinventing the World 

Mock awards hurt students, parents say: After giving special awards to students who excelled in sports and academics, "Gustine Middle School teachers publicly ridiculed poor performers.... Teachers gave about 30 students certificates for such things as lying, failing to turn in homework, trying to con teachers, being chronically late and getting D's. The coordinator of a class for students with learning disabilities gave her students "high school preparedness kits" containing Q-tips to clean out their ears so they can pay attention and Kleenex for high school teachers who may feel like crying if the students do not learn." See Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance and Psalm 71-4-5

Early-learning plan launched. It's happening around the world! Look at South Africa:  "The government's policy on early childhood development, including pre-school education and the development of children, was launched by Education Minister Kader Asmal in Pretoria on Monday.... 'Our government... speaks and exhorts us all to join hands, beginning at conception of each child, through birth and beyond, to nurture our children, help them become productive citizens and through them develop our human resources throughout life....  

      "Through it we also bring hope to the many mothers who will, when it is fully implemented, be freed to play a more active role in family, community, national and economic development." [emphasis added] This was the kind of "freedom" envisioned by the Soviet Union and other enemies to American freedom. See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Social workers in schools call: "Health and social services professionals should be based in secondary schools - most notably in disadvantaged areas - to tackle the problems that stop pupils achieving their full potential." This is happening in US as well as British schools. To understand their goal, see The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Reclaiming sex education: "The promotion of that hedonistic view of sexuality has itself been the cutting edge of the larger shift toward a selfish and pleasure-seeking philosophy in American life. Sometimes, it seems that the new idea of America is to pledge allegiance to whatever we feel like doing." Psalm 12:8

7 Jump Girl in School: "A pack of boys allegedly molested and beat a female classmate Thursday in a stairwell at their Bronx school.... The 14-year-old girl, a student at Public School 117 in Morris Heights, was returning to class with two friends after eating lunch when seven boys jumped her, police said. Officers quickly arrested six boys — three 12-year-olds, a 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds — and charged them as juveniles with sexual abuse and assault." Prov 12:15

Teacher Bullies Bullies, Gets Reprimanded: “The kids in question were the 13-year-old scourges of the schoolroom, other students said. They taunted handicapped classmates and spat in girls’ hair and bookbags. One day, in a seventh-grade social studies class, Hill couldn’t take it anymore and chewed them out in class.” 2 Tim 3:1-14 & Isaiah 3:5-12


Activists decry Bush education bill: "George W. Bush wants to be known as the 'education president' but in order to get that done, he has essentially agreed to an education bill that could have easily been inspired by Al Gore and written by liberal Democrats....There is nothing in this education bill that will please pro-family people." See Bush, Shultz, Gorbachev and Soviet Education

New Software Lets Parents Track Kids: "Schools across the country are adopting computer programs that allow parents to check the Internet daily to see whether their kids skipped class, handed in their homework and even what they had for lunch." How will this system be used to track us?  See Reinventing the World.

Education plan continues federal control? "This bill cements federal control of education with the same structure that was present in 1994, and that requires states to comply with the Goals 2000 and School To Work mandates," said Karen R. Effrem, M.D., "...It is mandatory vocational training for everyone, not just people who want to do it. So the whole option of choice and the child's desires and the family's desires are taken away. The kids are getting trapped into jobs from government with advice from big business...." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce.

Study: School Textbooks Offer 'National Curriculum'

False Alarm Wins FBI Award: "It seems the FBI has given Tarryn Pitzer, a 16-year-old girl from that town, a 'special commendation' for, as the New Zealand Herald puts it, "her role in alerting US authorities to a disturbed Pennsylvania boy whom she met online."  Mark 13:10-12


Control is the Goal. Char is a special friend and a mom who recently chose to homeschool rather than keep her daughter in a government school that enforced participation in anti-Christian activities. Notice especially the opening quote by Brock Chisholm, first head of the UN's World Health Organization. See  The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Death is not a choice: "In an instant of despair, this youngster, as so many before him, destroyed the most magnificent gift he had ever received -- life. The news reports tell us Jay Douglas Goodman was a nice kid who lived a normal life and was well liked. In other words, from all appearances, he had everything to live for." See From the Littleton CRISIS to Government CONTROL link has been fixed

Building an Automated Student Record System. This is only a small part of a universal monitoring and management system that would track human resources -- their attitudes, beliefs and values ( Mental Health) as well as work skills and grades -- around the world. See also A NATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM - Executive Order #13011.

Home-schoolers find vindication in contests: " Last year, home-schoolers startled the educational establishment when they swept the top three places in the prestigious Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee, nailing words such as 'phrontistery' and 'sphingine.' Just a week earlier, home-schoolers took four of the top 10 spots at the national geography bee." Psalm 1:1-3

Wicca, Ecology Debated in Michigan School Controversy: "Some parents in Port Huron are suspicious of the program because of its author, Steve Van Matre... president of the Earthkeepers umbrella organization, The Institute for Earth Education. Van Matre has also written on a philosophy called "Deep Ecology," which some believe has its roots in Wiccan culture....  A noted deep ecologist, Arnie Ness, has been quoted as saying that "the flourishing of human life and its cultures are compatible with a substantial decrease of the human population. The flourishing of non-human life requires such decrease." To understand Van Matre, Ness and "Deep Ecology" read Calling the Spirit of Gaia.

Hatch Amendment. A concerned parent sent this reminder: "I am hoping that more parents will become aware of this valuable resource. '" Prov 22:6


Are children deliberately 'dumbed down' in school?

Scopes Trial County Has New Cross to Bear: "...after half a century of singing songs with the students and explaining stories from the Bible, the volunteers' activities are being challenged in federal court." Isaiah 5:20

Homosexuals push for control of schools: "The school has chosen to openly embrace homosexuality and bisexuality, and it does not welcome dissenting points of view." Isaiah 5:20

America's Re-Education Camps: "One of the main components of many of these orientations is diversity, or sensitivity training.... Students will watch films and participate in exercises designed to shake the values they acquired from their culture and families." See Brainwashing in America.

Schools Sued Over Hymns: "... the U.S. Supreme Court had singled out graduation ceremonies as being no place for prayer, and... 'a prayer set to music would fall into that violation'.'' John 3-19

Teacher Forced to Halt Native American Religious Rituals: "These rituals included the use of a medicine wheel and morning chants where she addressed the north, south, east, and west, along with father heaven and mother earth. The ritual also had involved the burning of sage in the classroom in conjunction with the daily recitation."  See Establishing a Global Spirituality and A Twist of Faith Chapter 2

School District Defies Supreme Court Rulings - Bans Religious Material [including] the Bible... Torah, Koran or any other similar religious books of faith... symbols, crosses, statues or icons....The students were told that they could not distribute the Campus Crusade Survival Kits to their friends and acquaintances."  See Symbols and Prov 17:15

Hatch Amendment. A concerned parent sent this welcome reminder: "I am hoping that more parents will become aware of this valuable resource.... I have read a few cases lately where parents rights have been violated and the schools have gone against parents express wishes not to have their children participate in certain classes. If the parents had had this document in their children's files it might have been a deterrent to the violations and it certainly would give the parents a bit of extra legal recourse since the school in question would have no excuse for violating the 'Hatch Amendment.'" Prov 22:6

Pro-homosexual guidelines for K-12 students: "...all curriculum in the state will be changed to include alternative sexual lifestyles. In other words, literature, math word problems, health and social studies classes, as well as other subjects, will be tailored to positively portray homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism." Rom 1:22-32  Notice the last verse (Rom 1:32). It warns God's people not to approve the lifestyles and practices this education program would compel students to approve.


'Bestiality' play causes uproar: "The parent of a Blue Valley North High School freshman is threatening to challenge in court a school rating system that he says caused his son to be exposed to a play about 'sexual worship of horses' and 'violent eroticism.' (Exodus 22:19-20 outlawed both bestiality and the worship of other gods in ancient Israel. Such laws sound absurdly politically incorrect in today's pluralistic society and were ignored during Israel's long seasons of rebellion -- times of moral, spiritual and political corruption. Having forgotten God's standards, the people eventually slid into such rampant immorality and pagan worship that God withdrew His protection and allowed enemies to seize the land and exile His people.  Centuries later, Jesus' death and resurrection fulfilled the old Levitical laws and provided a better way back to God and His peace. But He didn't set aside God's moral law -- His unchanging standards for right and wrong. Nor did He change the practical consequences of human ignorance and rebellion against the Creator.  1 Cor 10:1-13

Breaking the Code of Silence: "Students Are Now Willing to Snitch to Prevent Violence" For additional insights, read Using Teen Violence to Justify Government Control - Part 2 and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (do a page search for the word "prevention").


Boy Arrested After Toy Gun Chase: "A 9-year-old boy was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he chased fellow students at a Florida elementary school with a toy gun.... 'He'll fall under our zero tolerance, automatic recommendation for expulsion.'" 


Parent decries dirty-word sex education: "A New York parent has taken on a local public school because of the vulgar and explicit nature of sex education curriculum being presented to sixth-grade students -- curriculum one teacher has presented for several years, apparently without much parental knowledge or consent." See also Sex Ed and Global Values

Posted in April

The STEM Project Symbol/Dream Catcher. See Symbols (scroll to dreamcatcher) and Establishing a Global Spirituality. Deut 18:9-13

Bush touts character education, faith-based after-school programs. Compare with Character Training For Global Citizenship.

Conservatives Fight 'Hate Crimes' Provision in Major Education Bill: "...fertile ground for lawmakers and special interest groups to insert language promoting various social agendas.... If a school system wants federal money to combat violence and drugs, it must incorporate a message against hate crimes into different courses, like health courses...." See also Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values.

School Cross-Dressing Edict Outrages Delaware Father: "The father of a 12-year-old Delaware boy says he is absolutely shocked that his son’s school wants all its students to cross-dress today." Rom 1:22-32

Johnny's Teacher Can't Count: "One can hardly expect teachers to teach what they themselves do not know," the report said." See also New Math

Parents Object to Book Son had to Read Rom 1:22-32


Report: Gay-Straight Alliances Taking Hold in Schools: "While homosexual rights advocates hail Massachusetts as a model for the nation, the Boston Globe report said other people question whether schools are the right place for gay-straight alliances and whether teachers are the right people to lead such groups." Romans 1:22-32

Parents of 8-Year-Old Suing School Over Strip Search: "[School officials] said that because child services was involved, they weren't allowed to say anything," Tassitano reported. "Child services, on the other hand, says that they weren't involved...." See Prayer request for more information about the immunity and destructive power of the Child Protection Services (CPS). 

Zero Tolerance: Student may face felony charge over unloaded BB gun: "The student told authorities he used it to target shoot at cans and had forgotten it was in his car."

Zero Tolerance: Dodge ball tossed in favor of tamer gym games: "Forget about dodge ball, the game that involves becoming a human target -- it's too violent. And no more picking sides for basketball -- it might hurt a child's self-esteem."

The Man in the Corner and the Faith of a Child: "There he was, with his completed assignment, a hand-made poster advancing the United Nation's global agenda of world unity and environmentalism, depicting people picking up litter and holding hands around the globe... and a man in a white robe kneeling over in the corner." The man in the white robe was Jesus, and He doesn't fit the new curriculum standards. May we -- like this kindergartner -- take our stand with Jesus no matter how great the pressure to compromise.  2 Tim 3-1-14

Girl: Fifth-Graders Swapped Sex For Soda.  Romans 1:22-32

More School Districts Consider Hiring Advocates for Homosexual Students: "...such programs have created concerns about counselors allegedly encouraging homosexuality. But Horowitz said science doesn't support that. 'Sexual orientation is determined by age six. It's not possible scientifically,' he said." This argument may help justify their advocacy, but it's not true. See also UN Agency Promotes Change in Traditional Understanding of Gender

Student Sues School Over Ban on "Straight Pride" Sweatshirt: "...sixteen year old Elliott Chambers...  was summoned to the principal's office and told that a sweatshirt he wore the previous day was thereafter banned as offensive to gay, lesbian, and bisexual students. The sweatshirt carried the trademarked logo "Straight Pride" on the front, and contained the universal symbol of man and woman, holding hands, on the back. The school openly promotes homosexuality by displaying inverted pink triangles, the universal symbol of the homosexual community, in certain "safe" rooms...." Matthew 24:9

Parent wants to take away 'The Giver'. But there is more to this story. See description of this Newbery award winning book in  The Giver- Serving The Greater Whole - an excerpts from chapter 6 in Brave New Schools, which puts this fantasy into the context of today's attempts to change our culture and twist values through community "service learning" and psycho-social strategies.  


Youth meditations: "Tony and Emily are among a handful of Silicon Valley students who practice qi gong to develop deeper concentration, reduce anxiety and harness creativity. The Chinese have used qi gong, the ancient Eastern art of tapping life-force energy through movement and visualization, for thousand of years as a way to cultivate self-healing, rejuvenation and longevity."  1 Tim 4:1.  See also America's Spiritual Slide and Brave New Schools, chapter 4.

Posted in March


This curriculum proposal should be history itself: "The proposal, hatched by a team of social studies consultants within the Department of Public Instruction, would replace eighth grade state history with a year of world culture. That would be incorporated into a three-year study curriculum for 6th-8th graders termed 'North Carolina’s Global Connections.' North Carolina would be compared to regions of the world in terms of politics, trade and customs."  

      In other words, students would learn to identify with the global, not the local, community. They would see themselves and the world through the filter of the new global paradigm, not through the filter of truth and history. See Paradigm Shift.

Posted in March


Schools Will Keep Sessions on Homophobia: "Santa Fe Public Schools health teachers who request Project GLYPH workshops will be allowed to use the new anti-homophobia and anti-violence curriculum for the rest of the school year.... The title has been changed from 'An Anti-Homophobia, Prejudice-Reduction Curriculum' to 'Valuing Differences.' And definitions for homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual no longer describe them as 'normal'."  Matthew 24-7

Don't admire a soldier - Big Brother is watching

Kids Charged for Wielding Paper Gun: "Two second-graders playing cops and robbers with a paper gun were charged with making terrorist threats." See Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance - Ten Steps Toward Lifelong Behavior Modification 

These five stories belong together: Children launch reign of sexual terror

Prison rape scene shocks Yizo Yizo viewers

Education Minister Kader Asmal defends television series

Pupils recount hellish tales of rape

Aids bomb hits KZN schools

Could It Happen Here? Poll Questions Students on School Violence.  See also Faith-Based Compromise.

District ban sought on R-rated movies: "An Alvord school board member wanted scenes cut in 'Schindler's List.'"

Congress Investigates Ritalin and ADHD. "Parents throughout the country are being pressured and coerced by schools to give psychiatric drugs to their children. Teachers, school psychologists, and administrators commonly make dire threats about their inability to teach children without medicating them. They sometimes suggest that only medication can stave off a bleak future of delinquency and occupational failure. They even call child protective services to investigate parents for child neglect and they sometimes testify against parents in court. Often the schools recommend particular physicians who favor the use of stimulant drugs to control behavior."

Homophobia starts early, study finds. This alarming (but not surprising) report confirm our latest article, Teen Rage and Deadly Delights part 2 , which we hope to finish next week.

Culture of Cruelty Fuels School Violence. Teasing and bullying are bad, but what will states do to quench all speech that might offend? Will children still be allowed to mention Christ and the cross, or could these topics imply intolerance? In many schools, such expressions are already forbidden. New regulations may seem reasonable, but their grasp often reaches far beyond their stated intentions. (This topic will be covered by Teen Rage, Part 2) 

Is Sex-Ed Working? It's working very well -- but only for those whose goal is to replace Biblical truth with new "tolerant" values without God. Children who caught up in the sexual lifestyle will either run from God or justify their sin and twist God's truth. 

Courts Pave Way For Bible Curriculum In Public Schools  

The Myth of Self-Esteem

Classroom violence spurs New Zealand teachers to quit. This branch of the British Commonwealth is implementing the same UN-led education system as the USA. 

 Bush Emphasizes Local Control of Education: "President Bush... explained his education goals, which support giving local jurisdictions control of government school systems while requiring performance testing and accountability." If the federal government holds local districts accountable to its national-international standards, "local control" becomes an oxymoron. School may choose curricula and programs -- but only those that help them meet the federal criteria for global values and group thinking as well as literacy and simple math. (Scroll to "The Myth of Local Control" in Brave New Schools, Chapter 7.)

Explosive mix of religion and schools. British Prime Minister Tony Blair touts government partnerships and the Third Way, which imposes statist control over religious institutions. Others fear religious influence over government. But keep in mind, the more powerful partner will always rule. 

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network aims to "end anti-gay bias in K-12 schools" and to promote "safe sex." God tells us that "it is shameful even to speak of those things...." But if we don't speak up, our children will face it in class." (Ephesians 5:12)


Posted in February:

Adapting to Globalization: "Nothing has been left unchanged and as enormous social, economics, political, and spiritual forces contribute to the vast, sweeping changes in the classrooms, there is a rethinking of how things should be in education.... These were some of the observations and findings made by educators and international tutors at the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) workshop on the reform of teacher and training."

Report challenges school rules - But educators defend 'zero-tolerance' policy

Are women teachers holding back our boys? "Mr Horsell said some academics were ignoring research that showed boys were being disadvantaged by assessment processes and a curriculum that favored girls."

Chinese angry at 'whitewash' of Japan's history

Schooling at home: Advocates rise to test

CHOICES: The Real Truth Detector.  Author Paul Proctor writes, "... in the 'Age of Illusion', our choices can be easily hidden from public view. The power of truth has taken a back seat to the power of image and the skills of marketing it."  His warnings remind us to pray diligently that God guide and guard our new leaders -- and that they listen and follow.

Why the national effort to improve teacher quality isn't working."
by John Stone.  "The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is the largest accreditor of teacher training programs in the U.S. Its standards are fast becoming the national norm....  NCATE's review process is as much or more concerned with a program's philosophical perspective than with the qualifications of its faculty and the knowledge of its graduates."

Mother fights evolution curriculum: Faces battle with state board of education over accuracy of information

New Pennsylvania Education Standards Accused of Sneaking Creationism into Classrooms


Criminalizing Sex Ed: "Tax dollars in public schools prepare children for sex at early ages, but parents who acquiesce to the liberal orthodoxy face indictment for child sex abuse." 

Drop the SAT as college entrance exam?  


Court rejects school policy:  "A federal Appeals Court overturned a school district's sweeping anti-harassment policy, saying the guidelines violate the free speech rights of students."

Judge Orders Home-Schooled Teen to Public School or mom goes to jail.

Parents balk at S&M info given teens

New Zealand school model proves effective. This is great, if it's true. But when Andy and I were in New Zealand four years ago, we saw the same education buzzwords and OBE concepts in its newspapers as we do in the U.S.A.. See World Heritage "Protection"?

California's Problems Not Just About Power

"YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE ... 'Fingerprints for food' program criticized." Does school lunch procedure 'desensitize' kids to government demands?

Who needs an elected board of education, anyway?  For background information, please read Workforce Development Means Life-Long Indoctrination and chapter 7 of Brave New Schools

Security team declares education 'crisis'

'Fuzzy' Math May Eventually Give Students the 'Blues'

Marc Tucker's "Dear Hillary" Letter. Though it dates back to 1992 and the start of the Clinton administration, this letter remains one of the best summaries of the new international education system. Its pieces are quickly being put in place by President Bush. See also Workforce Development Means Life-Long Indoctrination.

May we suggest you also read Brave New Schools? It will help you understand how the sweeping changes in education will affect not just children in public schools, but every person of every age. It also shows how you can prepare your children for a world that has already re-defined freedom and acceptable values. If you buy more than three copies, you can have it at the wholesale price, $5.75 (bookstore price is $11.95) 


Posted in January:

The broken link to this article has been changed to an new url: Eighth-grade girl takes hit from zero-tolerance policy. To understand how this can happen, see Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance

Principal fabricated grades

Transforming the Federal Role in Education So That No Child is Left Behind. This is essentially an expansion of Clinton's education program.  [I encourage you to get and read Brave New Schools in order to understand this international education system established by Clinton when he signed Goals 2000 in March 1994 -- and that you might share some of its illustrations with your children so that they can understand what is happening and resist compromising their faith. 

How exams are fixed in favour of girls: "Girls are doing better than boys in exams, but that does not mean that they are brighter.... What has happened is that exams have been feminized — and so has the country." (This article points to changes in England, but the same social agenda is changing America.) 

Eighth-grade girl takes hit from zero-tolerance policy. To understand how this can happen, see Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance

Children who think Hitler was British

Coalition helps kids avoid 'homosexual curriculum'

Science textbook gaffes put publishers to the test

Teaching to the Test

Computers and Children: a new report

A Teacher's Lament


Posted in 2000


Hazing seen as widespread at U.S. high schools

Building Learning Societies: Knowledge, Information and Human Development: UNESCO's goal is solidarity -- a global unity that actually makes our uncompromising faith in Jesus Christ illegal. This Global Dialogue, which takes place during the Millennium Assembly, will help speed the UN agenda for a worldwide "consensus" and a management system that would monitor compliance.  See Mind Control and  The UN Plan for Your Mental HealthOne of its links points to the "International Literacy Day" on September 8.  Remember, the UN has redefined literacy to include the "right" view or understanding of important social issues, i.e. cultural literacy, economic literacy, political literacy, etc.  (See the second half of Workforce Development Means Life-Long Indoctrination)

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