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Education News (2006-2007)

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December 2007

A degree of insignificance: "U.S. News is telling college graduates to look for jobs that do not require a college diploma. Among the 31 best opportunities for 2008 are the careers of firefighter, hairstylist, cosmetologist, locksmith and security-system technician. Where did the higher-skill jobs go?...

      "Ten years ago, we were told we really didn't need manufacturing because it can be done more cheaply elsewhere, that auto workers and others should move to information-age jobs. But now the information jobs are moving offshore, too, as well as marketing research and even many varieties of innovation. The flight overseas includes professional as well as low-wage jobs, with engineering jobs offshored to India and China. Thousands of bright Asian engineers are willing to work for a fraction of U.S. wages...." (But many of those "engineers" are trained to be technicians rather than engineers.) See Reinventing the World


Horror stories in the schools: "Videos of elementary schools normalizing homosexual lifestyle to young children! ... Part II - Role-playing in the second grade.... Hard-core pornographic homosexual ... booklet given to kids at high school! Written by Boston-based 'AIDS Action Committee' with help from Mass. Dept of Public Health, Boston Public Health Commission. Funded also by major corporations, universities, even charities.... Elementary school teaching cross-dressing and transgenderism in 3rd grade." See Moral Depravity


Out of Control School Board to Teach About Sex to 4th Graders: "With a 4–1 vote, the St. Lucie County, FL School Board approved a graphic, explicit, risky Condom Ed Curriculum. Only Troy Ingersol had the wisdom and courage to reject this outrageous curriculum. Kathryn Hensley, Carol Hilson, John Carvelli, and Judi Miller all followed the recommendation of Planned Parenthood's Michael Panella....

     "Longworth comments, 'I was appalled to learn that 9 and 10 year olds will be exposed to sexual content. In teaching this to 4th graders, the school board will rob children of their childhood. I have not met one person who is in favor of teaching sexual content to 4th graders. Even some supporters of this curriculum think this goes too far.'" See Comprehensive Sex Ed Violates our Children & Sex Ed and Global Values


They've Got to be Taught: "'This struggle... will continue in this manner until the complete victory over the world of unbelief and arrogance, the eradication of any oppression, the appearance of the Master of the Age [the Shiite Hidden Imam], and the realization of the world government of Islam.'...

     "The above is from a middle-school textbook in a mandatory course inside the Islamic Republic of Iran called 'Islamic Culture and Religious Instruction.'...'What the regime is trying to do is to indoctrinate Iranian children into making them into radical Muslims, ready to sacrifice their lives... and destroy the west." See Islam

November 2007

Teacher's Guide -- The Golden Compass Curriculum: "NOTE TO TEACHERS. ... The electrifying plots and unusual and mysterious characters make these novels excellent choices for reading aloud. Themes of good vs. evil, betrayal, courage, fear, trust, and love raise important questions, offering students a wonderful opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue. This guide offers questions for discussion and includes activities that connect the language arts, social studies, science....

     "Philip Pullman’s intriguing and haunting trilogy sends fantasy lovers on an incredible journey through other worlds where they meet mysterious creatures and a brave and extraordinary 12-year-old girl, Lyra Belacqua, who has the power to seek truth....

     "Ask students to use the Bible, a storybook, or an encyclopedia to read about the Garden of Eden and the fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 2, 3). Have students discuss original sin, why God forbade Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and how Adam and Eve’s lives changed once they gained knowledge...."

     Students will then consider and critique the Biblical account from Pullman's anti-biblical perspective -- which totally twists the actual context. See Establishing a Global Spirituality and The upside-down world of Pullman's Golden Compass


U.K. Kids Get RFID Chips In School Uniforms: "Ten schoolchildren in the United Kingdom are being tracked by RFID chips in their school uniforms as part of a pilot program. If the program proves successful as a way to hasten registration, simplify data entry for the school's behavioral reporting system, and ensure attendance, Trevor Darnborough, whose company, Darnbro, filed for a patent on securing RFID tags to clothing, hopes other schools will be interested....

     "David Clouter, a parent and founder of ... a children's advocacy group, condemned the plan. 'With pupils being fingerprinted and now this it seems we are treating children in a way that we have traditionally treated criminals.'" See A National Information System


National Multicultural Curriculum Standards: "The document explicitly states that the new standards do not emphasize learning facts. 'The Vertical Teams (VTs) chose deliberately not to identify lists of facts that students must master.... This should not be interpreted to mean that students should not be mastering a range of specific information about social systems and phenomena. Instead, the standards assume that students will utilize their understanding of events, social systems, and human behavior to develop greater insight into how the various parts fit together into a more unified whole and into how seemingly contradictory explanations or points of view can be analyzed for greater understanding instead of simply taking sides.”'

     The last three points show the transformational emphasis on "understanding" within the new social context of systems thinking and the Dialectic Process. See Reinventing the World and Brainwashing in America


Y is for yoga: "...I thought high school principals should make schooling -- not 'bringing the culture to a healthier place' -- their top priority.... Yoga classes are now a requirement for Needham high school seniors.... Bend like a bridge, take five deep, slow breaths, and all will be dandy.... Why stop at yoga? Tantric chanting, here we come. And, hey, Kabbalah has done wonders for Madonna. Let's add hypnotism and acupuncture classes while we're at it.... No relaxation technique left behind. Some point to a number of tragic student suicides to justify larding up the school day with Tree Poses and Sun Salutations. But the school officials themselves admit the deaths were not related to stress. No matter. Mr. Richards is using them to forge ahead with 'a movement to push back against an ethos of super-achievement at affluent suburban high schools amid the extreme competition over college admissions.'

     "...more than 40 other high schools and middle schools... embrace the 'Stressed Out Students' agenda. There's another yoga curriculum popular in California, Yoga Ed., that has trained 10,000 teachers in more than 100 schools nationwide. ...[It] was funded with taxpayer grants..." See Establishing a Global Spirituality


Laptop funding: "...there is no real depth of content; students waste their time playing in a game-like environment where entertainment is the goal rather than acquisition of deep knowledge. Student laptops present a constant discipline problem for teachers, distract students from serious learning, and cost taxpayers huge amounts of money..." See New Beliefs for a Global Village

October 2007

Teaching Chivalry in the Classroom: "Last year my 8-year-old daughter came home from the local public school with a large welt on her arm. A boy in her 2nd grade class had thrown her into the cabinets that line the back wall of the classroom.... I was shocked to know it was a boy mistreating a girl. When I was young, it was considered so taboo for a boy to treat a girl that way that it never happened. And if it did, someone—a teacher, a parent, or another student—would have rushed to the girl’s defense.... But nowadays, gender lines are blurred, so the fact that it was a boy and a girl tussling, rather than a boy and a boy, is hardly an issue. Girls are told they can do everything boys do. Boys then treat girls the way they treat other boys. "See Mine is the Power


Church Sues for Right To Run Charter: "A Harlem church is suing the state in an attempt to overturn a law that bars religious organizations from running charter schools even if the schools don't teach religion.... If successful, Rev. Faulkner could change the face of new charter schools, allowing churches, synagogues, and mosques to operate them in New York.... Across the country, church leaders can and do run such schools, but most are run through separate nonprofits or management organizations, not the churches directly.....He said he was galvanized to file the suit after seeing an Arabic-language school, the Khalil Gibran International Academy, open in Brooklyn this fall. The public school was founded by a devout Muslim..."

      Muslims have been training their children in Islam through government-funded Charter schools for years. Some have been forced to close because of their radical teaching. See Establishing a Global Spirituality


Explicit Sex-Ed Pamphlets Distributed To Pre-Teens: "Children as young as 10-years-old in Westchester were among those mistakenly given graphic sex education material meant for adults, leaving parents furious and even more upset with answers they're getting about the incident....parents say school principal Joe Witazek failed to act when a student brought him the brochures and told him it was inappropriate for them. "The principal… rebuffed him. He did nothing,' Johnson said." See Resisting Immorality


Teaching Religion in Public Schools: "Since the education establishment is totally committed to transformational education (changing the beliefs, attitudes and values of the child), teaching religion, or teaching about religion, in public schools really means shaping the child’s beliefs, attitudes and values about religion. That is, in the name of teaching 'about religion,' many public schools will be engaging in an all-out assault on Christianity and will, at the same time, be indoctrinating our children with the New Age/Pantheism of theologian Joseph Campbell....

    "Speakers at the seminar spoke openly about the need to 'deconstruct' and 'reconstruct' American history -- to suit their own point of view... Using this postmodern approach to historical research, real history disappears -­ which frees the seminar’s speakers to construct any kind of history.... [The presentation] includes a long litany of wars that were supposedly caused by Christianity -­ followed by allegations of unending strife in the colonies said to have been caused by Christianity, then followed by a description of Christian missions in the new world which compares these missions to Nazi-style concentrations camps." See Persecution and classroom examples in Establishing a Global Spirituality

Compare Campbell's cosmic mythology with God's Word (below):

Myths, Magic and Mysticism: "We need myths that will identify the individual not with his local group but with his planet." "The images of myth are reflections of the spiritual potentialities of every one of us. Through contemplating these, we evoke their powers in our own lives." Joseph Campbell.

His Word: "Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables [or myths]." 2 Tim 4:2-4

September 2007

Inconvenient Youths: "After Luke acted in a school play about global warming, he... routinely lectured his dad from the backseat of the minivan about how reducing their energy consumption could help save the planet.... In households across the country, kids are going after their parents for environmental offenses, from using plastic cups to serving non-grass-fed beef at the dinner table. Many of these kids are getting more explicit messages about becoming eco-warriors at school and from popular books and movies.... This year's global-warming documentary 'Arctic Tale,' for instance, closes with a child actor telling kids, 'If your mom and dad buy a hybrid car, you'll make it easier for polar bears to get around." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community & Green Lies and Amazing Truths


Chartering a New Course: "When the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy opened four years ago in suburban Minneapolis, the school was a bold experiment and its survival was in question. There was the scramble to attract students that any charter school faces, but Tarek ibn Ziyad had the additional worry of a constitutional challenge, given the school's sponsorship by a nonprofit called Islamic Relief and the curriculum's emphasis on Muslim culture and the Arabic language."


NCLB Draft Imposes "New Civics" on All Schools: "The federally authorized and funded civics textbook called, We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, says: 'What advantages might be offered by world citizenship?  What disadvantages? Do you think that world citizenship will be possible in our lifetime?'... In this and numerous other statements written by the CCE (Center for Civic Education) the federally funded new civics (federal curriculum) promotes global citizenship and global governance as being superior to American citizenship and national sovereignty." The International Agenda


A new push for the basics: "Parents dominated the open forum here, lambasting the teaching methods they call 'fuzzy math.' Each told a similar story: After basking for years in glowing school reports about their children's math achievements, they got rude awakenings.... 'After all, she was getting straight A's in math,' Bliss said. But a math coordinator rejected Bliss' daughter for the course...

     "This survey shows that the students not only lack the skills but also the study habits.'" See Math


Chartering a New Course: "When the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy opened four years ago in suburban Minneapolis, the school was a bold experiment and its survival was in question. There was the scramble to attract students... but Tarek ibn Ziyad had the additional worry of a constitutional challenge, given the school's sponsorship by a nonprofit called Islamic Relief and the curriculum's emphasis on Muslim culture...." See Islam

August 2007

Funding Multicultural Education through NCLB: "Multiculturalism doesn't actually teach students about other cultures. What they get instead are half-truths and distortions to deliberately portray non-Western cultures as superior to ours. The intention is to demean our own heritage." See The International Agenda

Foot-dragging on No Child Left Behind: "Just weeks ago, the Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, Congressman George Miller (D-CA), was said to be unveiling his proposal for re-authorizing No Child Left Behind (NCLB) by the end of July, but NCLB legislation hasn't been introduced in Congress.... NCLB expires September 30th....

     "By a 62% to 34% margin, the American public now believes that 'when something is run by government, it is usually inefficient and wasteful,' according to a recent Pew Study.... Washington money has never helped education, in spite of billions of dollars poured into it.

      "Last May the U.S. House of Representatives approved a motion by Cong.Hoekstra to an education funding bill that stated: 'Nothing in this act, or the amendments made by this act, shall be construed to limit the authority of state governments or local school boards to determine the curricula of their students.' It passed by a vote of 408 to 4. Now it's time for Congress to actually put that amendment into practice." See Federalism

July 2007

College Board Tries to Police Use of ‘Advanced Placement’ Label: "When Bruce Poch, the dean of admissions at Pomona College, sees a high school transcript listing courses in AP Philosophy or AP Middle Eastern History, he knows something is wrong. There is no such thing. Neither subject is among the 37 in the College Board’s Advanced Placement program. “Schools just slap AP on courses to tag them as high-level, even when there’s no Advanced Placement exam in the subject,” Mr. Poch said. “It was getting to be like Kleenex or Xerox.” (New York times, 7-18)


"Speech and Thought Crimes" Plan: "There seems to be no limit to the arrogant abuse of power among some members of Congress. Using the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” a whole range of sexual activities will being given special federal civil rights “protected” status just as race and gender are today. And they're tacking it onto a defense bill...."


Sex Ed for Kindergarteners 'Right Thing to Do,' Says Obama: "Obama told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is 'age-appropriate,' is 'the right thing to do.'" See Comprehensive Sex Ed Violates our Children


Abstinence Education Faces an Uncertain Future: "When Jami Waite graduated from high school this year in this northeastern Texas town, her parents sat damp-eyed in the metal bleachers.... Their youngest daughter was leaving childhood an honor graduate, a band member, a true friend, a head cheerleader — and a steadfast virgin. 'People can be abstinent, and it’s not weird,' she declared....

      "Eleven state health departments rejected abstinence education this year...."

      As promiscuity becomes the norm, abstinence may become increasingly "weird!" See  Don't conform to the ways of the world


Schools told to dump Churchill and Hitler from history lessons: "Secondary schools will strip back the traditional curriculum in favour of lessons on debt management, the environment and healthy eating, ministers revealed. Even Winston Churchill no longer merits a mention after a drastic slimming-down of the syllabus to create more space for 'modern' issues.... Critics warned traditional subject disciplines were being stripped of key content and used to promote fashionable causes and poorly-defined 'life skills'....

     "....staff will be expected to introduce topics such as personal finance and Urdu aimed at preparing youngsters for life in the 21st century." See New Beliefs for a Global Village


Imaginary pals a tonic for children (UK): "A study from the Institute of Education found that the invisible pals offer companionship and emotional support, aid creativity, boost self esteem and create a 'sense of self'. Parents should not worry even if their child dreams up multiple companions.... Perhaps the best known invisible friend for young children today is... a little grey boy who appears in the hit children's TV series Charlie and Lola...." See Imaginary friends?


Maryland 'Advances 'Sexual Diversity' Above Children’s Safety: "...Maryland schools may teach questioning and confused students that homosexuality is 'innate'.... Because they know that what they want to teach is not factual, MBOE instead claims that teaching children to ‘respect differences in sexuality’ ... is a ‘civic virtue.’... 'But if that respect is for ex-gays or an individual’s choice to not embrace homosexuality—then teaching respect is not necessary..." See Chart: The Transformation of America 


Law. Race-Based School Assignments.  "In 1954 the Supreme Court  in the case of Brown v. Bd. of  Ed. of Topeka, ruled that segregated schools are unconstitutional. Sane Americans cheered the ruling assuming the decision referred to deliberate state-sponsored racial assignment to deliberately segregate the schools. But for more than a half century the decision has been twisted to include a lack of what social engineers deem a proper level of racial/ethnic diversity in each  school, thus promoting  assignment based on race instead of ending it....
       The practice of considering race and ethnicity in school assignment has devastated thousands of school districts and killed the vital environment of the neighborhood school. ... Thus parents are denied vital parental involvement in and monitoring of the schools their children attend.... together for good discipline.... It has caused untold inconvenience for both parents and students."
See the next link:

Law. The march toward diversity in nation's schools: "By a 5-4 vote, the justices ruled that school districts in the two cities could not use students' race as a factor in deciding which schools they attend. Doing so, the court's conservative justices said, violates the Constitution's guarantee of equal protection. .... Still, the decision was not a complete repudiation of using race in making school assignments...

     [In Louisville & Seattle] Parents sued after their children were denied admission, because of their race, to the schools they wanted to attend." Across the country, rural and neighborhood schools are being closed and children transported to distant schools in order to create the proper 'diversity' needed for the dialectic process. See The Dialectic: Fomenting the Revolution & Marching toward Global Solidarity

June 2007

Bong Hits 4 Jesus ..."[was] decided by the Supreme Court this past Monday. Juneau, Alaska high-school principal Deborah Morse defeated high-school troublemaker Joseph Frederick in a split decision, 5-4.

    "...Principal Morse ran across the street from the school's front door and ordered Student Frederick to lower his 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' banner, judging it a violation of the school district's anti-drug policy. A 'bong' is a marijuana water pipe. A 'hit' is the extraction of marijuana smoke from the bong. The meaning of '4 Jesus' remains in dispute....

     "Chief Justice Roberts was at pains to make clear that speech promoting 'illegal drug use' is the only thing this decision proscribes. ... Justice Clarence Thomas, in a concurring opinion, took about half a line to say, 'I agree,' and proceeded to write one of the most compelling essays I've seen on the decline and fall of American public education....

     "Parents are spending thousands to have what American schools had from 1859 to 1959 -- some basic measure of the Three Ds: decorum, decency and diligence. Self-control as a higher 'common value' than out-of-control." See New Beliefs for a Global Village

A college education for illegal aliens: "It's no secret that the Senate immigration bill rewards 12-20 million illegal aliens with immediate amnesty. What is less well known is that the bill also allows illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition rates at public universities, discriminating against U.S. citizens from out of state and law-abiding foreign students." See The UN Plan for Global Migration

Dealing with change: "More than 400 school principals and professionals attending the second International Conference of Educators...  will gain insights into managing the change process in education.... Professor Brian Caldwell from Australia, whose topic is 'Raising the Stakes: From Improvement to Transformation in an Era of Change,' is scheduled to speak on how schools are seeking change to ensure the success of all students.... Prof Caldwell will demonstrate the use of financial capital, intellectual capital, social capital and spiritual capital to achieve outcomes.” See A New Way of thinking

U.S. Data Show Rapid Minority Growth in School Rolls: "Driven mainly by an extraordinary influx of Hispanics, the nation’s population of minority students has surged to 42 percent of public school enrollment, up from 22 percent three decades ago, according to an annual report issued yesterday by the government.... The changes, with important implications for educators and policy makers, have been most striking in the West, where, the survey says, Hispanic, black and Asian students together have outnumbered whites since 2003." See The UN Plan for Global Migration

May 2007

Government employees to decide if the public's mind in healthy: "As early as 1985... some educators were piloting psychological assessments, interspersing personal, opinion-oriented questions among legitimate academic fare.... The Interpretive Literature explaining the tests (when one could get hold of it) detailed what was being assessed: the child’s 'locus of control,' whether a child was 'externally or internally motivated,' a student’s 'amenability to change,' plus a willingness to 'conform to group goals' and 'receive stimuli.'...

     "Eventually, the term 'loner' became synonymous with 'quirky,' then linked to 'sociopathy.' The person who thought for him (or her)self instead of basing actions on the peer group was considered out-of-step....

     "Today, everyone from talk show hosts to President George W. Bush and the National Education Association is banking on psychiatric diagnoses to identify, label and treat eccentric behavior before it turns deadly—which is kind of strange in light of sadistic video games, pornographic magazines and how-to bomb-making literature....

     "And then there’s the self-esteem issue, which, if too low, supposedly turns kids into criminals, while other authorities insist it is high self-esteem results in children becoming delinquents." See A New Way of thinking


SB 777 turns every government school into a sexual indoctrination center: "Radical legislation mandating that schoolchildren as young as kindergarten learn about and support transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality has passed the California State Senate. SB 777 requires textbooks, instructional materials, and school-sponsored activities to positively portray cross-dressing, sex-change operations, homosexual 'marriages,' and all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality, including so-called 'gay history.' Silence on these sexual lifestyles will not be allowed. ...

     "'The notion of forcing children to support controversial sexual lifestyles is shocking and appalling to millions of fathers and mothers,' Thomasson said. 'Parents don't want their children taught to become homosexual or bisexual... SB 777 will shatter the academic purpose of education by turning every government school into a sexual indoctrination center.' ....SB 777 will teach these highly-controversial sexual subjects without parental permission. The new mandate would be enforced by the attorneys of the California Department of Education, which would sue school districts that don't comply." See Conforming to the culture, not to truth and Chart: The Transformation of America


'Have sex, do drugs,' speaker tells students: "A guest speaker at an assembly at Boulder High School in Colorado has told students as young as 14 to go have sex and use drugs, prompting school officials to say they will investigate. The instructions came from Joel Becker, an associate clinical professor of psychology.... 'Why I am going to take that position is because you are going to do it anyway,' he continued. 'I think as a psychologist and health educator, it is more important to educate you in a direction that you might actually stick to.... I want to encourage you to all have healthy, sexual behavior.'...

     "The sophomore, Daphne, had been required to attend the panel called 'STDs: Sex, Teens and Drugs,' and accused panel members of presenting one-sided views and discrediting abstinence." Promiscuity and perversion have become the preferred norm! How did it happen? See A New Way of thinking


Questionable subject matter fuels questions about Virginia Tech shooter: "Cho was an English department major and senior. ... English departments are often the weirdest and/or the most left-wing. A look at the Webs ites of Virginia Tech's English department and of its professors reveals their mindset.... Did he take professor Bernice L. Hausman's English 5454 called 'Studies in Theory: Representing Female Bodies'? The titles of the assigned readings include "Black Bodies, White Bodies: Toward an Iconography of Female Sexuality in Late Nineteenth Century Art, Medicine, and Literature,' 'The Comparative Anatomy of Hottentot Women in Europe, 1815-1817,' . ... 'The Anthropometry of Barbie: Unsettling Ideals of the Feminine Body in Popular Culture,' and 'Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power.'...

     "Hausman uses 'feminist pedagogy' theory, believing that sex and gender are merely 'rhetorical constructs' resulting from cultural experiences, and that 'students are more responsible for the creation of knowledge.' ....

     "Did Cho get evil egotistical notions from professor Shoshana Milgram Knapp's senior seminar called 'The Self-Justifying Criminal in Literature'?.... Or maybe Cho preferred the undiluted Marxism espoused by English instructor Allen Brizee...'" See Mine is the Power and Deliver us from evil


No more school as council opens 'learning centres' (UK): "The style of learning will be completely different. The new centres will open from 7am until 10pm in both term-time and what used to be known as the school holidays. At weekends, they will open from 9am to 8pm. Youngsters will not be taught in formal classes, nor will they stick to a rigid timetable; instead they will work online at their own speeds on programmes that are tailor-made to match their interests. Children will be able to study haircare, beauty therapy, leisure and tourism, and engineering as well as the more traditional academic subjects. They will be given their day's assignments in groups of 120 in the morning before dispersing to internet cafe-style zones in the learning centres to carry them out....

     "'The lack of progress, catastrophically high levels of pupil absenteeism, stubbornly high levels of youth unemployment and the rapidly changing nature of the labour market drew a political response both locally and nationally,' says a council document outlining the reasons for the changes."

      Continual assessments and remediation give programmers total control over the information, values and attitudes instilled in students. See A New Way of thinking

EdWatch Index. Follow the Money on TeenScreen: "The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 'black box' warning states: 'Antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in children and adolescents.' With this clear and present danger, why has the use of antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs for children in general, for poor children on Medicaid, and for foster children skyrocketed in recent years?...  

      "As eloquently stated by AHRP, the future health and freedom of our children depend on it: 'Let this be a warning to all those who attempt to side-step parental rights and public debate by conducting medical or mental screens--e.g. TeenScreen in America's schools. The goal is to broaden the consumer market for medical products. It is a back door approach of providing unsolicited medical interventions that expose children to risks of harm.” See Comprehensive Sex Ed Violates our Children

April 2007

Comprehensive Sex Ed Violates our Children: "Barb Anderson, revealed to the House Education Committee that the Educators Guide to Reproductive Health, published by the Birds & Bees Project, is a representative model of comprehensive sex education. It was introduced at the School Health Education Conference last month, attended by hundreds of health educators....

     "An excerpt: 'Promiscuity is presented as commonplace and normal, while abstinence-until-marriage is actually scoffed at in the classroom. Captain Condom video is included in this curriculum...."

     Other excerpts are worse. I shudder to think that students will be exposed to this immoral, suggestive curriculum! See Resisting sensuality & Sex Ed and Global Values


Was Cho taught to hate? "Was his pathology enabled by the PC university?... English studies at VT are a post-modern Disney World in which nihilism, moral and sexual boundary breaking, and fantasies of Marxist revolutionary violence are celebrated.... I wonder if Cho took the senior seminar by Professor Knapp, on 'The self-justifying criminal in literature.' Because he certainly learned to be a self-justifying criminal.... And then there is the big Marxist website from Professor Brizee, all in fiery red against pitch black, showing old, mass-murder-inspiring Karl flanked by two raised fists. It celebrates revolutionary violence and hate for capitalist America (which is paying for Cho's education). 'Critical Social Theory' --- the euphemism for PoMo (Post Modern) Marxism --- is a big part of English teaching at VT. The Marxist page links prominently to the British Socialist Worker's Party, which is currently leading the charge for Islamic fascism through such creatures as George Galloway.... Post-modernism, with its hatred for reason, is another big theme at the VT English Department....

      "The question I have is: Are university faculty doing their jobs? At one time college teachers were understood to have a parental role. Take a look at the hiring and promotion criteria for English at VT, and you see what their current values are. Acting in loco parentis, with the care, protectiveness, and alertness for trouble among young people is the last thing on their minds. They are there to do 'research,' to act like fake revolutionaries, and to stir up young people to go out and revolt against society." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural corruption


The Shame of Higher Education: "Luann Wright, in her article titled 'Pernicious Politicization in Academe,' documents academic dishonesty and indoctrination all too common today. Here are some of her findings: -- An ethnic studies professor, at Cal State Northridge and Pasadena City College, teaches that 'the role of students and teachers in ethnic studies is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.'

    "-- UC Santa Barbara's School of Education e-mailed its faculty asking them to consider classroom options concerning the Iraq War, suggesting they excuse students from class to attend anti-war events and give them extra credit to write about it.

    " -- An English professor at Montclair State University in New Jersey tells his students, 'Conservatism champions racism, exploitation and imperialist war.'...

    "Wright is also the founder of, a website containing hundreds of reports of similar academic bias and dishonesty." See Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation What if the pilgrims had been Muslims? "...there is a misunderstanding between what the parents think the schools are supposed to do, and what the policy-makers think the schools are supposed to do. ... The job of the modern American educational system is not EDUCATION but INDOCTRINATION. Seven and one-half hours a day, five days a week, one hundred and eighty days a year, our children are not taught HOW to think, they are taught WHAT to think. 'All religions, and cultures are the same,' goes the motto." See Establishing a Global Spirituality

Let go of Lego manipulation: "'We recognized that children are political beings, actively shaping their social and political understandings of ownership and economic equity,' Pelo and Pelojoaquin wrote. 'We agreed that we want to take part in shaping the children's understandings from a perspective of social justice. So we decided to take the Legos out of the classroom.'

     "You see, the main problem the teachers saw was something that has been going on since the beginning of civilization - namely kids were acting like kids, having squabbles over the 'cool pieces.'... 'The children were building their assumptions about ownership and the social power it conveys -- assumptions that mirrored those of a class-based, capitalist society -- a society that we teachers believe to be unjust and oppressive.'

     "There you have it. Pelo and Pelojoaquin decided to put a stop to all this normal childhood behavior with some old-fashioned Marxist indoctrination.... So after 'months of social justice exploration,' Pelo and Pelojoaquin reintroduced the Legos, but only after the children had learned that 'collectivity is a good thing.' And with the return of the colorful toys came three new laws. All Lego structures are now public structures.... Lego people can be saved only by a 'team' of kids, not by individuals, and all structures will be standard sizes." See The International Agenda

March 2007

'Indoctrinate U' Film Alleges Repressive Climate on Campuses: "A young filmmaker is preparing to release a full-length documentary that will 'tell the story of how, in the name of education, schools from coast to coast ruthlessly compel conformity of thought.' 'When we think of college, we think of intellectual freedom.... 'What I noticed was that basically, from the first day you set foot on campus, the notions of tolerance and diversity were drilled into your head,' he said. 'But there wasn't a lot of tolerance for diverse points of view.'"

     If you search for "university" on this page, you will find plenty of evidence for this subversion of "higher" education. Not only do they train US students to hate America, they reinforce the home-taught hostility of thousands of Muslim students.


repeat 10,000 Saudi Students on US Campuses: "Two years ago President Bush and Saudi Arabia's then Crown Prince Abdullah jointly called for a greater exchange of students, but recent revelations of a terror plot and a history of lax screening have raised concerns about the nearly 10,000 Saudis in the United States on student visas.... Considering that 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and some had been issued student visas, the new information on Saudi student visa numbers is highly relevant." See Homeland Security and the Transformation of America

Is your baby playing with its toes yet? If not the government wants to know why: "Babies will be assessed on their gurgling, babbling and toe-playing abilities when they are a few months old under a legally enforced national curriculum for children from birth to five published by the government yesterday.... At five, each child will be assessed against 13 scales based on the learning goals and their score, called an early years profile, must be passed to the Department for Education and Skills.... If nurseries or other care providers want to opt out of the new requirements, for example because they follow an educational philosophy that introduces reading at a later age, they will have to apply for an exemption, and would have to forfeit any state funding....

       "Beverley Hughes, the children's minister... rejected suggestions that a 92-page set of practice guidance featuring 513 skills and attitudes children should acquire... was excessively detailed..... She said the framework document was intended for nursery staff to make sure they adopt a 'rigorous approach'." See the next link. Men and women may also face more control.


District gags 14-year-olds after 'gay' indoctrination: "Officials at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Ill., have ordered their 14-year-old freshman class into a 'gay' indoctrination seminar, after having them sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents. ...the school's officials required the 14-year-olds to attend a 'Gay Straight Alliance Network' panel discussion led by 'gay' and 'lesbian' upperclassmen during a 'freshman advisory' class which 'secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors.'...

      "This goes to the heart of the homosexual agenda,' Barber said.... If you can maintain control of undeveloped and impressionable youth and spoon-feed them misinformation, lies and half-truths about dangerous, disordered and extremely risky behaviors, then you can... ensure that those behaviors are not only fully accepted, but celebrated.'...

      "In Massachusetts after a school repeatedly advocated for the homosexual lifestyle to students in elementary grades, several parents sued, only to have the federal judge order the 'gay' agenda taught to the Christians.... 'An exodus from class when issues of homosexuality or same-sex marriage are to be discussed could send the message that gays... are inferior and, therefore, have a damaging effect on those students,' he opined. 'Under the Constitution public schools are entitled to teach anything that is reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens.... Diversity is a hallmark of our nation." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural corruption

February 2007

Of great import: bilingual teachers: "With the number of Texas students requiring bilingual education at an all-time high, school districts in the state are increasingly attending job fairs... to recruit from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.... Recruiting abroad has its own challenges. In the mid-1990s... certification program for bilingual teachers came under fire when a report found that several teachers recruited from Mexico had fraudulent transcripts, with some speaking little or no English. That program has since undergone a leadership and policy overhaul."

     [Donna Garner, says, "The question that nobody seems to be asking is what kind of influence will these Mexican bilingual teachers have on our American children? Will these immigrant teachers, who are flooding into our schools under the bilingual-education banner, teach our American students to honor the U. S. flag? Will these teachers help American students learn to value our history...?"

No Tests, No Homework: "At the Brooklyn Free School, a typical day could include horror movies, chess and making caves for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ...students can have a snack, practice yoga, play chess -- or do almost anything else -- anytime they want.... At this New York school, kids don't get grades, don't have homework, don't take tests. They don't even have to be in class. 'You can do basically anything at any time, and it's just a lot more fun...'  The school costs $10,000 a year per student, but many parents pay only what they can afford."

Writing the Tucker Plan into Law: "President George Bush Sr., on behalf of the United States, signed the international education agreement known as The World Conference on Education for All (EFA) (1990), an accord overseen by UNESCO.... On October 3, 2003, in a speech to UNESCO, U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige said: 'Education for All is consistent with our recent education legislation, the No Child Left Behind Act.' Paige also said that the United States and UNESCO were pursuing a 'common strategy'... No Child Left Behind is consistent with Dakar... because it (NCLB) was structured to meet the requirements of the international agreements."

Texas' new plan forces schoolgirls to get STD shots: "Texas has become the first state in the nation to require schoolgirls to be vaccinated with Merck & Co.'s human papillomavirus vaccine in order to be allowed in school.... [I]t requires parents to address with their children sexual issues they may not want to detail at that particular age, and if they go through the special requirements of a religious exemption process, it pinpoints the family – and children – in the school atmosphere as 'those' people." See Texas Governor Orders STD Vaccine for ALL girls

A breakdown of teacher's worth: "We had some memorable times in my 10th-grade chemistry class.... It's amazing how much chemistry we could have learned in that 90-minute period had a teacher actually been in the classroom. ... By the end of the school year... the professional paid by the district to teach us chemistry (or rather, ensure that we made a decent score on the IB chemistry test) had averaged an astonishing 13 minutes of actual instruction....

       On any given day, she would begin by checking attendance, then disappear and return a half-hour later bearing potato chips, a Coke... She would then proceed to check her e-mail (and possibly grace us with the latest circulating joke), then migrate into the hallway to chat with the Chemistry II teacher.... She usually came back about 15 minutes before the end of the period, and then it was time for the daily class discussion on the finer points of the Star Wars saga." Math and other subjects can be just as absurd. See New and fuzzy MATH

January 2007

Religion-Free Yoga Classes Enter Public Schools: "In Tara Guber's ideal world, American children would meditate in the lotus position and chant in Sanskrit before taking stressful standardized tests. But when she asked a public elementary school in Aspen, Colo., to teach yoga in 2002, Christian fundamentalists and even some secular parents lobbied the school board. They argued that yoga's Hindu roots conflicted with Christian teachings and that using it in school might violate the separation of church and state. ... Guber crafted a new curriculum that eliminated chanting and translated Sanskrit into kid-friendly English. Yogic panting became 'bunny breathing,' and 'meditation' became 'time in.' ...Now, more than 100 schools in 26 states have adopted Guber's 'Yoga Ed.' program and more than 300 physical education instructors have been trained in it." See Establishing a Global Spirituality

Tucker Plan Includes Cradle Control: "Marc Tucker’s 'new and improved' School to Work opus, Tough Choices or Tough Times, besides treating our children as mere widgets or 'human capital' to be used as government and industry see fit, also seeks to begin wresting control from parents about what our children think and believe as early as possible, even before kindergarten." See Molding Human Resources for a Global Workforce

Erasing borders in the classroom: "On December 14, 2006, Marc Tucker released his new education proposal, Tough Choices or Tough Times.... If America adopts his plan, according to Tucker, the following will happen: 'No one will fail,' he says; and, 'We can send almost everyone to college and have them do well there,' Tucker insists; and '95% of our students will [be qualified for college],' according to Tucker.  Such wild claims are not only unreasonable, they are bizarre. Any experienced teacher knows they are utopian, at best. And does Tucker offer any real evidence his plan can improve education? He does not. What is Tucker up to?" See A New Way of Thinking


Scholastic joins education industry's campaign for Islam: "The Junior Scholastic 'news magazine' that is written for elementary students and used in thousands of public schools across the United States has published an article promoting 'madrassa' school life for American children who are Muslims.... Islamic factions now are taking part in the development and editing processes for textbooks in U.S. public schools....

     "The article minimizes the admitted use of such schools to train youth in a hatred of Christianity and the West.... 'There is no terrorism in Islam.... We want a world where the teachings of Allah [God] are followed...,' the magazine quotes Mohammad Yusef saying....

     "...textbooks for children in U.S. public schools these days reflect 'the interplay of determined Islamic political activists, textbook editors, and multiculturally minded social studies curriculum planners.'" See Redefining "Literacy" for a New World Order and the next link:


Repeat  Anything but the Truth: "...schools that censored the Christmas story have turned a blind eye to classroom lessons on Islam -- even when students must memorize verses from the Qu'ran, choose Muslim names and play games plotting Islamic Jihad. The goal is not to convert students to the fastest-growing religion in the world.... The objective is to build a 'panreligious' perspective, not little Muslims. In the Western world, that means undermining Biblical Christianity... and blending (synthesizing) religions so that no person dare take a firm stand based on absolute truth. Few would then be able to maintain the strong convictions needed to resist the drumbeat of today's social engineers....

      "Remember the Hegelian dialectic process. The class discusses a provocative story or experience. The students share their thoughts, feelings and ideas in the group. Everyone must seek 'common ground' and empathize with contrary ideas. Factual rebuttals that might offend a group member are forbidden.... The objective is to disconnect the child from any spiritual anchor so that their minds can flow with today's managed change.... Any god or power source will do."

November 2006

There Is No One Answer: 'A FOREST fire has destroyed 3,000 trees. To prevent erosion, new trees must be planted. Students from your school want to help replant the trees. Each student is given two trees to plant. 'On the first day of replanting, one student plants both his trees in the forest. On the second day, two students plant their trees. On the third day, four students plant their trees, and so on. How many days will it take to replant the forest on this schedule? ...

     "...the test's scoring guidelines awarded a lesser score to a student who got the right answer... than its score for a student who gave the wrong answer..." See the next link:


repeat As Math Scores Lag, a New Push for the Basics: "The changes are being driven by students’ lagging performance on international tests and mathematicians’ warnings that more than a decade of so-called reform math — critics call it fuzzy mathhas crippled students with its de-emphasizing of basic drills and memorization in favor of allowing children to find their own ways to solve problems." See New and fuzzy MATH

October 2006

'Five pillars of Islam' taught in public school: "Another school has been 'teaching' Islam by having students study and learn Muslim prayers and dress as Muslims....

     "'I just don't understand the ban on Christianity but Islam has free rein,' [said Kendalee Garner, a parent]. She said the guest speakers and skits and reports were wrong, but what set her off was a class in which students in all three social studies classes dressed in traditional Islamic outfits." See Using Islam lessons to change values


Mysticism. Plans for meditation at Terra Linda High don't soothe everyone: Terra Linda High School plans to launch a Transcendental Meditation program with the help of a $175,000 grant from noted filmmaker David Lynch. ...but some say Transcendental Meditation is rooted in a religious movement that is inappropriate for public school. 'There's no doubt in my mind that it's religious,' said opponent Paul Powell.... Lynda Nichols, a history-social science consultant with the state Department of Education, does not see a problem with the program....  Transcendental Meditation is one part of a new three-part Terra Linda High School wellness program....

      "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is perhaps most famous for being associated with The Beatles when the group experimented with Eastern religion. ... Powell, who in addition to being a parent is a certified sport yoga instructor and stress management... said Transcendental Meditation is rooted in Hinduism." See UNESCO's Declaration on the Role of Religion in the Promotion of a Culture of Peace

David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace: "Message from David Lynch: Someday, hopefully very soon, 'diving within' as a preparation for learning and as a tool for developing the creative potential of the mind will be a standard part of every school’s curriculum ....Consciousness-Based education is not a luxury. For our children who are growing up in a stressful, often frightening, crisis-ridden world, it is a necessity."

David Lynch Foundation - Advisors: "Dr. Hagelin is also director of the Board of Advisors of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace.... James Krag, M.D. Dr. Krag is president of the Virginia Association of Community Psychiatrists; assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Virginia.... Ralph Wolff Mr. Wolff is the executive director of the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which accredits nearly 150 colleges and universities in California and throughout the Western region. He is a strong proponent of the use of the Transcendental Meditation program.... Linda Handy, Ph.D. Dr. Handy is the principal of the Waldorf School...." See Contemplative Prayer

Former Terrorist, Nazi to Speak At Columbia: "One week after protestors interrupted a speech by Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrest at Columbia University, student organizers are asking their colleagues to allow two former terrorists and a former Nazi soldier to speak freely. The university's College Republicans on Wednesday will host former PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat, former Lebanese terrorist Zachariah Anani and former Nazi soldier Hilmar von Campe in a panel discussion on 'issues that are vital to the safety of America and Western Civiliation'....

     "Students disrupted an event Oct. 4.... Protestors criticized Gilchrest's position favoring stricter enforcement of immigration laws, calling him a 'racist.' Security officials escorted Gilchrest from the stage and eventually cancelled the event." See The UN Plan for Global Migration


College overhaul called 'overdue': "Education Secretary Margaret Spellings called Tuesday for greater accountability by colleges and universities, including the creation of a national database to track how well students learn. ... Known as a 'unit record' system, it would track the progress of individual — but unidentified — students over time as a way to better assess and compare the educational performance of institutions. ... [but it won't be "unidentified" -- as the next point shows] Spellings said her plan would make information available to parents, policymakers and others..... Spellings offered few details about the database ... Lee Shulman, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, said in an e-mail that aside from the privacy question, there has been 'far too little discussion of whether such a (database) system is worth creating...'" See Soviet Education in the 1930s compared to U.S. Education in 2001

PTA Urges Parents to... take action to prevent violence in schools: "As unfortunate as these incidents are, they send an urgent call to parents to be involved in their children’s lives – at home and at school. Moreover, these acts of senseless violence are not simply family or school problems – communities must realize the shared responsibility and work with parents and school administrators to identify safety issues." See Using violence to justify snooping and surveillance

September 2006

The Parents As Teachers Program – Intrusion into the Private Lives of Families: "Sold to young parents through places such as the local public school system, through pediatric visits, Health and Human Services, Head Start, and through referrals of ‘friends’ and neighbors, the program uses intermediaries, called parent educators, to gain access to the home and educate the parent – or rather, re-educate the parent....

      "A database of information, created and maintained on the family and the child, tracks observations and assessments of the parent, the child, and parent-child interactions. 'Parents as Teachers' National Center has developed a toolkit to assist staff in identifying instruments for use in the screening, assessment, and evaluation of young children and their parents. The toolkit contains 83 measures of child and parent outcomes.” See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

(UK)  5m pupils failed by flawed teaching: "More than five million children have been taught reading and mathematics by flawed methods imposed on primary teachers by the Government...Since 1998 when the literacy strategy was introduced about 600,000 children starting school each year have been taught by the flawed methods despite evidence from a series of studies demonstrating beyond all doubt that children taught phonics 'first and fast' learnt to read faster and with more accuracy than those in schools following the Government's lesson plans. Other studies have shown that boys no longer lag behind girls in reading when taught in a systematic way rather than being forced to recognise and remember whole words." See A New Way of Thinking

August 2006

Teach Truth: "How can a Christian parent, and even worse, Christian pastors, support an educational system that teaches the direct opposite of everything that they teach in Church? I guess it is time for a few questions.

Do you believe God created you? What does your school teach?

Do you believe in abstinence? What does your school teach?

Do you believe that homosexuality is normal? What does your school teach?...

Do you believe in absolute Truth? What does your school teach?...

Do you believe that God is the ultimate authority? What does your school teach?

      "Why do you allow your 'good school' to teach your children things you don’t believe? Ooops, sorry. Why do you PAY them to teach lies?... The world has gone mad because the Church has lost her way. Instead of being the salt, we have become the sugar."

      Actually "the world has gone mad" because that's the nature of the world. See Don't conform to the ways of the world


Test takers get chance to cheat: "Nick Palluth, 17, has figured out how easy it is to cheat on the state test given to about 3 million students each year." See Human Nature  

July 2006

Parents - Don't depend on vouchers: "Vouchers, which give tax money to parents to pay for tuition in private schools, sound good in theory. The problem is that voucher programs are few and very far between. The Supreme Court declared vouchers constitutional in 2002, but currently only about thirteen cities or states have created voucher or education tax credit programs."


May the talent force be with you: "What will education be like 40 years from now? I can't tell you. Nobody can. But I can tell you that it must be a totally different because if it is the same education as it is today, we're dead. We will be irrelevant, marginalised, the world will be different. You may want to be the same, but you can't be the same....

     "Financial capital is just one form of capital if high levels of achievement are to be secured for all students in all settings. Other forms of capital include intellectual capital, social capital and spiritual capital." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

June 2006

(UK) Schools 'failing to protect children from paedophiles': "After last time [when it was revealed that adults with convictions for sex offences were able to continue working as teachers] parents believed they would make it safe. They must now realise you can't just issue guidelines - you've got to have laws."


Federal funding for universal mental health screening: "Federal grants for universal mental health screening programs are driving state policy all over the country. State legislatures are snapping up federal dollars for state universal mental health screening programs, frequently leaving elected legislators in the dark about what they are voting for. In both Illinois and Indiana, for example, the programs were well on their way to being implemented before the public or legislators knew about them." 

      The following travesty would probably not clash with the UN definition of "Mental Health." But love for God's Word and values would! See UNESCO's Declaration on Tolerance and the next link:


Banned: "Schoolgirls are forced to take off chastity rings - or be ordered out of lessons.... It is only a band of silver, imprinted with a Bible verse, worn by a schoolgirl. But the decision by one of the country's top state schools to ban American-style 'purity rings' - increasingly worn by Christian teenagers to symbolise a pledge not to have sex before marriage - has prompted... a debate over religious expression and sex education....'  There are Muslim girls in the school who are allowed to wear the headcovering, although that isn't part of the school uniform, and Sikh girls who are allowed the wear the bangle although that isn't part of the uniform. It's a discriminatory policy."


Tolerance Education Pilot Program: "AB 1056 would ... promote tolerance instruction as part of public school social science standards. ... Tolerance education turns into an indoctrination session where children are expected to accept only one view of morality – regardless of what their parents say or their religious beliefs dictate.... AB 1056 was amended mid-session to define tolerance as 'attitudes and behaviors that convey respect toward individuals and groups, especially those individuals and groups that have been, and continue to be, systematically and historically marginalized [i.e., homosexuals, transvestites, etc.]. Tolerance does not mean a passive allowance or indulgence of the beliefs or practices of another individual.'” See UNESCO's Declaration on Tolerance and Re-inventing the World


Earth Charter Invasion: "...the ACLU decided to challenge the decision of a duly elected local board of education in Pennsylvania to end a United Nations-sponsored International Baccalaureate Program in its public schools that is closely linked to the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter is a New Age spiritual declaration of nature-worshipping principles for living in harmony with the sacred Earth. Its prime sponsors – former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong, one of Kofi Annan’s most trusted advisors and architect of the Kyoto Protocol – have compared the Earth Charter to the Ten Commandments....

     "The following ‘principles’ in italics are quoted directly from the “EARTH CHARTER.... The Earth Charter must be law for all countries and all peoples.'" See The Earth Charter's Unholy Ark


Poison In Our Libraries: "...when she discovered the school library had a sexually explicit book, It's Perfectly Normal, aimed at elementary age students... she went to the administration and asked that it be removed, along with two other books with similar themes. At first, school system leaders seemed to agree with Taylor, and placed the books in a 'parent library' section.... But when Taylor found dozens more books with sexually explicit content, and asked that they not be made available to students without parental approval, the school reneged... and voted to leave all of the books on the shelves with unrestricted access by the students....

       "Yet another book proudly displayed on the Fayetteville library shelves was once featured in Playboy magazine....

      "...liberals turned out in droves to cry 'censorship' and shout down Laurie Taylor's courageous efforts to protect the children....

      "All Taylor and the other parents asked for was that the books be placed in a restricted access section, thereby allowing parents to... oversee the moral upbringing of their children." See Silencing the Opposition


Secretary Spellings' Remarks at ... the G-8 Education Ministerial: "The members of the G-8 Education Ministerial met in Moscow on June 1-2, 2006 and today issued the Moscow Declaration to confirm their commitment to cooperation and innovation in education at all levels. Recognizing the common challenges and opportunities that countries face in the 21st century, the delegation pledged to share best practices across borders, so that students can benefit from the experience and expertise of all nations. This will help all countries build effective, innovative and inclusive education systems that can allow people to fulfill their potential, to live in and contribute to a global society, and to work in a global economy.

      "...excerpts from Secretary Margaret Spelling's remarks at the closing session of the meeting: 'I strongly support Russian Education and Science Minister Fursenko's call to jointly issue the Moscow Declaration....'" See Bush, Shultz, Gorbachev and Soviet Education & the next link:


The Moscow Declaration: "Ministers emphasized the importance of equitable access to quality education at all levels, underlining that excellence and equity should be mutually reinforcing.... [But since the emphasis is on outcome rather than opportunity, a true focus on excellence would result in inequality, for some students will work harder than others]  "... Education is critically important for creating an inclusive society... helping all people to adapt to change.... Ministers underlined the importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs).... "...develop comprehensive systems of lifelong learning, from early childhood through adulthood.... "...promote social and intercultural skills, and understanding of and respect for the values and the history of other cultures and societies.... [Would all cultures and values be considered equally good?]

     "..more rapid integration of immigrants and migrants into the host nation's society can be facilitated by improving mutual understanding of foreign qualifications....  "...achieve the goals of the Education for All (EFA) agenda. This includes cross-sector approaches, as well as ... triangular modalities of cooperation (North-South-South).... "G8 Ministers of Education appreciated the participation of representatives from Brazil, China, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, South Africa, the OECD, UNESCO and the World Bank in their discussions." See The International Agenda and Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


State Denies Judge's Accusations of 'Un-Americanizing' School Curriculum: "Judge Michael Warren says the Michigan Department of Education has eliminated the words 'America' and 'American' from the state testing program and instructed those drafting curriculum content standards to remove the words as well. According to Warren, the department also issued a verbal directive to high-profile educators that they should instruct their teachers to stop using the words because they are 'ethnocentric.'      "Warren, a former member of the state's Department of Education, says 'well-intentioned but pernicious political correctness' is rolling around in that department.... "[T]he words 'America' and 'Americans' have a very special meaning for us as individuals and as a nation."

May 2006

Schools struggle to seal off access to porn, games, e-mail (registration required): "School districts everywhere are failing to keep tech-savvy teens from reaching banned e-mail, games and social networking sites such as The losing battle also challenges schools to live up to federal laws that require them to block sites that offer obscene material, pornography and other material deemed harmful to minors....

    "When Mike Snyder wants to play Tetris in computer class, he logs onto a special Web site, connects to another student's home server and then taps into a gaming site, easily slipping past the filter's eye.... The rise of so-called proxy Web sites, which allow students to make indirect connections to off-limits sites, is giving students an advantage in the struggle over Internet access in schools nationwide." See Role-Playing Games and Popular Occultism


Professors want their classes 'unwired': "When Don Herzog, a law professor at the University of Michigan, asked his students questions last year, he was greeted with five seconds of silence and blank stares. He knew something was wrong and suspected he knew why. So he went to observe his colleagues' classes - and was shocked at what he found. 'At any given moment in a law school class, literally 85 to 90 percent of the students were online.... Herzog first went on the offensive in his own law classes, banning laptops for a day as an experiment. The result, he says, was a 'dream' discussion with students that led him to advocate more sweeping changes."


Camden principal fired... was pressured to alter state tests to raise scores: "...Carruth alleges that Assistant Superintendent Luis Pagan instructed him to cheat in the High School Proficiency Exams given to 11th graders in March 2005. Pagan denies the accusation. Carruth's allegations... reveal the pressure on educators to improve test scores under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Districts that fail to improve face sanctions including state takeover.... Carruth says Pagan told him to slice open a copy of the High School Proficiency Exam, develop an answer key, and change wrong answers after students took the test. The goal was to achieve a specific passing rate... Carruth said he briefly had considered carrying out the directive because he did not have tenure and needed medical insurance for his ill daughter. He maintains that his conscience got the better of him and that he refused."   See World-Class Education

April 2006

How homosexual school clubs offer sex to students : "The mainstream media is sure to spend time this next week on the subject of homosexuality and youth, precipitated by the observance in hundreds of high schools of the so-called 'Day of Silence' on Wednesday, April 26. This is the day that students who are 'GLBT' - that's 'gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered' - pledge to remain silent all day to draw attention to what they believe is discrimination.... The 'Day of Silence' in most schools is organized by the homosexual club or 'gay-straight alliance' as it is often called." See Promoting homosexuality in public schools


When Johnny takes the test: "It's commonly known that the Chinese government keep as 'dangan' on its citizens... a file opened on each urban citizen when he or she enters elementary school, and it shadows the person throughout life....

      "'...the dangan [file] contains political evaluations that affect career prospects and permission to leave the country.... The dangan affects promotions and job opportunities.... any prospective employer is supposed to examine an applicants dangan before making hiring decisions."

     "China is a communist country, so this comes as little surprise..... What right-thinking American would dream that our government would actually collect information on anyone's private attitudes, values and beliefs, and thus mimic the practice of a totalitarian regime?" See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

"Reform" math: Examining the pluses, minuses: "As students file into her classroom at Shorecrest High, Marilyn Leverson flips through the textbook to show how math instruction is changing. Words dominate the pages, not numbers. There's not a problem set to be found. It's definitely not the kind of math book that parents remember — which dismays some of them. ... On a number of international exams, U.S. students score lower than those in many other industrialized countries."

     Of course. Students don't learn foundational math! And tests that focus on words rather than correct numbers favor girls, not boys.

When it comes to school, girls rule (link obsolete): "A U.S. Department of Education study last month noted the academic edge that boys once held has vanished, and 'the issue now is that boys seem to be falling behind,' said Education Secretary Rod Paige. 'We need to spend some time researching the problem.' ...

    "They also have caught up to boys in math and science classes and are more likely to earn a college diploma within six years.... The big question with the performance gap is why."

     The following California math assessment test was designed to assess beliefs, values, attitudes and verbal ability as well as math. Guess who does better -- boys or girls? No wonder boys are discouraged and girls are now a majority in colleges.

Mind Control? There Is No One Answer: "Readers may recall this new, new math problem, which appeared in this column last month [1995] and was put before eighth graders in last year's California Learning Assessment (CLAS) test. As I reported, the test's scoring guidelines awarded a lesser score to a student [boy] who got the right answer (10 1/2 days) but did not explain his answer well than its score for a student [girl] who gave the wrong answer (450 days) but a pretty note to the principal accompanied by a happy face....

     "OK, maybe they are happy to explore, but are they learning math? Not according to mathematics and computer science Professor Wayne Bishop, who said, 'Intentionally vague' questions are 'designed so that nobody gets penalized for not knowing much.'' 

March 2006

Taliban Man at Yale: "Something is very wrong at our elite universities. Last month Larry Summers resigned as president of Harvard; today Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi will speak by video to a conference at Columbia University that his regime is cosponsoring.... Then there's Yale, which for three weeks has refused to make any comment or defense beyond a vague 144-word statement about its decision to admit Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi -- a former ambassador-at-large of the murderous Afghan Taliban -- as a special student."


Classroom brainwashing: "Governor Bill Owens of Colorado has... come to the defense of a 16-year-old high school student who tape-recorded his geography teacher using class time to rant against President Bush and compare him to Hitler. The teacher's lawyer talks about First Amendment rights to free speech but free speech has never meant speech free of consequences. Even aside from laws against libel or extortion, you can insult your boss or your spouse only at your own risk....

      "At too many schools and colleges across the country, teachers feel free to use a captive audience to vent their politics when they are supposed to be teaching geography or math or other subjects.... Nowhere else do people think that it is OK to engage in politics instead of doing the job for which they are being paid.....

      "Even top scholars who are conservatives are unlikely to be hired by many colleges and universities.... Some in schools of education have said that, to be qualified, you have to see teaching as a means of social change -- meaning change in a leftward direction.... At Stanford University, for example, the faculty includes 275 registered Democrats and 36 registered Republicans. Such ratios are not uncommon at other universities -- despite all the rhetoric about 'diversity.' Only physical diversity seems to matter." See Promoting Homosexuality in the Public Schools and Brainwashing in America


'Catastrophe' of undergraduates who cannot write a basic sentence: "British undergraduates are incapable of composing even the most basic English sentences....  Based on evidence from more than 130 professional writers working in 71 universities under a scheme launched in 1999, it exposes 'shocking' inadequacies in all types of institutions and all academic departments. Even students who have won places at elite universities to study English literature 'lack the basic ability to express themselves in writing.'" Socialization for a global society has replaced traditional academics. See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

Schools Reduce Test Stress Through Relaxation Techniques: "Add deep breathing and movement exercises to the techniques teachers are using to prepare students for high-pressure tests....

     "Craft was one of about 800 10th-graders around the country who participated last year in the study by the California-based Institute of HeartMath....  'They are taught to be in a pleasant place... to fill their lungs as much as they can and exhale very slowly. And, at the same time, close their eyes and visualize something they love like playing with their pets or going with their grandfather to the ice cream store." See Holistic Health - Pilates & Establishing a Global Spirituality


Coral Ridge Leader Labels Bible Text for Schools 'Relativistic': "A well-known Christian pastor is denouncing a controversial new Bible curriculum designed for public schools which he says encourages students to question whether the Bible is the inspired Word of God. The Virginia-based Bible Literacy Project has been promoting a new textbook for public schools called The Bible and Its Influence." See Training students to rethink God's Word


Earth Charter Invasion: "...the ACLU decided to challenge the decision of a duly elected local board of education in Pennsylvania to end a United Nations-sponsored International Baccalaureate Program in its public schools that is closely linked to the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter is a New Age spiritual declaration of nature-worshipping principles for living in harmony with the sacred Earth. Its prime sponsors – former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong, one of Kofi Annan’s most trusted advisors and architect of the Kyoto Protocol – have compared the Earth Charter to the Ten Commandments....

     "The following ‘principles’ in italics are quoted directly from the “EARTH CHARTER.... The Earth Charter must be law for all countries and all peoples.'" See The Earth Charter's Unholy Ark


International Baccalaureate Voted Out: "IB is coming under increased scrutiny across the country, largely because it is being expanded through additional federal grant money. A recurring criticism concerns IB's promotion of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Critics point out that students are not taught nor is the public informed that Article 29 of that UN document puts the United Nations in authority over individual rights -- unlike America's founding documents, which describe individual rights as 'inalienable.' Article 29 states: 'These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.'" See The International Agenda and Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

Excuses begin at home Parents create Don't Blame Me generation : I once got a call from a couple whose son, a student at an elite college, had run up a huge credit card debt. His parents realized they had a problem and called to make a therapy appointment. I told them I wanted to see all three of them, but when the parents showed up, they told me their son had refused to come. "Tell me," I said halfway through our discussion. "If you had insisted, would your child be here?" The mother answered quickly, "Well, yes." The dad paused, then said, "That's a very good question." ...The young man was in charge, not the parents." 3-12-06

Literacy of College Graduates Is on Decline [link obsolete]: "While more Americans are graduating from college, and more than ever are applying for admission, far fewer are leaving higher education with the skills needed to comprehend routine data, such as reading a table about the relationship between blood pressure and physical activity.... 'It may be that institutions have not yet figured out how to teach a whole generation of students who learned to read on the computer and who watch more TV. It's a different kind of literacy."

February 2006

Redefining education : "Global education reforms lurk behind the changes being foisted on U.S. schools: redesigning American high schools, promoting universal preschool, expanding technology, increasing data collections, linking secondary and higher education, and more. But where will these lead? In revisiting the old ideas behind reforms, we would be wise to ask, 'Do we want the kind of life these changes will bring?'” See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

Gay Issues Become New Flash Point in Sex Ed: "When David Parker opened up the book 'Who's in a Family?' given to his 5-year-old son last year at Estabrook Elementary School, he was livid. The school said the book, which portrays contemporary family structures including those headed by same-sex parents, was part of a broader array of materials intended to promote diversity.... But to Mr. Parker and his supporters, the book is part of a 'homosexual agenda' inappropriately peddled in the classroom." See How homosexuality is promoted in classrooms and Chapter 7: Silencing the Opposition


Governor's School's seminar called 'The New Gay Teenager': "The 'Gay Teenager' seminar was conducted at the West school. The residential program draws public high school students who are approaching their senior years, and who are nominated by their high schools’ teachers and administrators. Students are identified as 'intellectually gifted.'...

     "The Burrowses also alleged that students were 'taught in their classes to question and not believe what they had been taught by their parents all these years.' They said their son was told that the Bible was not true, was filled with inconsistencies, and did not apply to society today. 'After finding out what this program was really about... we totally regret sending our son to [the Governor's School. However, the damage...has been done.' ...

     "One Knightdale teen-ager said she told her mother about the controversy, expecting her to agree with her. Instead, the mother agreed with the Burrowses. 'Never before has she expressed this kind of hostility towards the changes I went through this summer,' the teen wrote. 'I thought she was happy for me, but obviously not.'" See A Model School for the Global Community

January 2006

New Battleground In Textbook Wars: Religion in History: "Two Hindu groups and a Jewish group have been set up in the past three years as textbook watchdogs, adding to Islamic advocates who have monitored history textbooks since 1990.... Hindu groups, in particular, have swamped California authorities with proposed revisions, which would delete or soften references to polytheism, the caste system and the inferior status of women in ancient India....

     "...a group linked to a Hindu nationalist organization in India, proposed replacing a textbook's statement that 'men had many more rights than women' in ancient India with: 'Men had different duties.... Many women were among the sages to whom the Vedas [sacred texts] were revealed.'...

    "In the 1970s and 1980s, history texts shied away from religion.... 'They said the pilgrims gave thanks on Thanksgiving, but they didn't say to whom.'...

     "California's guidelines... say students 'should understand the intense religious passions that have produced fanaticism and war.' But also, texts should avoid 'reflecting adversely' on anyone's creed...." Brave New Schools: The International Agenda


Legalized 'Cheating': "In a wireless age where kids can access the Internet's vast store of information from their cellphones and PDAs, schools have been wrestling with how to stem the tide of high-tech cheating. Now, some educators say they have the answer: Change the rules and make it legal.... The move, which includes some of the country's top institutions, reflects a broader debate about what skills are necessary in today's world.... The real-world strengths of intelligent surfing and analysis, some educators argue, are now just as important as rote memorization.... Educators say the concept of 'collaborative learning,' which has students working in groups and essentially answering test questions or tackling assignments for each other, continues to gain currency."

Education: then and now (Thomas Sowell): "That a Southern city's school children would now top the list of big city test scores may be due to the fact that the South has not jumped on the bandwagon of the latest fads in education to the same extent as avant garde places like New York City, where spending per pupil is about 50 percent above the national average. These fads now include the dogma that racial 'diversity' improves education, as does emphasis on racial 'identity.' In reality, a recent study shows that black students who perform well in racially integrated schools are unpopular with their black classmates. They are accused of 'acting white,' a charge that can bring anything from ostracism to outright violence." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


End federally funded textbooks: "Since 1997, the Center for Civic Education has received at least $110,418,717 from the government and has succeeded in essentially taking over the supply of materials for teaching civics in American schools. ... President Bush eliminated this funding in his 2006 budget, but 38 senators... joined 98 representatives... to have this funding restored. ...

     "Quist and many other reviewers are convinced that CCE's educational materials strive to transform American students into 'global citizens.' American principles of government, such as the Bill of Rights, are minimized, and global values are promoted."

     That's the intention of the CCE. See The International Agenda


Indoctrinating Students at Temple University: "...Temple professor Melissa Gilbert.... is a self-described proponent of 'service learning,' which she defines as providing students with 'opportunities to participate in community activist organizations,' thus exposing them to 'contexts for supporting community and grassroots efforts at social transformation.' ...

     "The syllabus for Gilbert’s 'Urban Society course, which fulfills a University requirement, states that the objective of the course is to 'explore how contemporary urban issues such as poverty, employment, and immigration are based on assumptions about ‘race,’ gender, and class in order that students can better evaluate debates surrounding these issues.' But the only 'exploration' in this class is only of Gilbert’s own views and of the agendas of radical organizations and political movements she favors."


Islamic culture, influence taught: "Students at Springfield High School are now learning about Islamic culture in nearly every class. ... Islam is being taught in a variety of classes: 'For example a math teacher might include elements about the fact that Arab mathematicians invented Algebra, they invented the zero. Islamic art, culture, music, history—these are elements that are very important and can be included into the normal curriculum.'"

     Compare this promotion of Islam with the deconstruction of Christianity: Training students to rethink God's Word


TeenScreen’s Pseudo-Scientific Basis: "TeenScreen certainly wants the public to believe that the program is scientifically based. Their 2004 Annual Review contained no less than NINE instances of the word 'science' in its four pages of text.

     "TeenScreen hired... a New York PR firm to attempt to make the subject palatable to the public.... Is this overuse of the term 'science' just slick marketing... or is there some real science to be found somewhere? ... TeenScreen is based on the DISC and the DISC is based on the DSM. TeenScreen’s computer-based questionnaire is called the DPS (Diagnostic Predictive Scale)."

     First, tell your teen to watch out for snoopy "computer-based questionaires." Second, read more about DISC assessments of mental health at DISC and The Dream Giver


Teachers' Pets: "If we told you that an organization gave away more than $65 million last year to Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Amnesty International, AIDS Walk Washington and dozens of other such advocacy groups, you'd probably assume we were describing a liberal philanthropy. In fact, those expenditures have all turned up on the financial disclosure report of the National Education Association, the country's largest teachers union....
     "...the NEA's top brass lives large. Reg Weaver, the union's president, makes $439,000 a year.... The NEA gave $15,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, which lobbies for 'lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.' The National Women's Law Center, whose Web site currently features a 'pocket guide' to opposing Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito, received $5,000....
     "The partisans at People for the American Way got a $51,000 NEA contribution.... Protect Our Public Schools, an anti-charter school group... received $500,000 toward its efforts to block school choice for underprivileged children....

     "The NEA is spending the mandatory dues paid by members who are told their money will be used to gain better wages, benefits and working conditions.... The good news is that for the first time members can find out how their union chieftains did their political thinking for them by going to ." See Silencing the Opposition and Chronology of the NEA

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