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Education News (2008-2010)

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February 2010

Organizing Kids for Obama: "President Barack Obama's budget has added more than $100 billion of federal taxpayers' money to what is called 'education.'.... Obama is using the public schools to recruit a private army of high-schoolers to 'build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda.'...

     "The sign-up sheet for Organizing for America starts with this instruction: 'Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is building on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda of change.'... The 10-page 'National Intern Organizer Curriculum' is very specific in describing the tactics that interns will be taught. It includes...: 'Using Story as an Organizing Tool, Building Relationships and Building Teams, Mobilizing to Win on the Issues (issue advocacy), Health Care Service Project.'...

      "After the students have been fully trained as Alinsky-style community organizers, they will be eligible for jobs in Senior Corps, AmeriCorps or Learn and Serve America. Those three so-called 'service' organizations, which annually dole out millions of dollars to left-wing groups, are overseen by the Corporation for National and Community Service.... These interns will be given an intensive nine-week training course using comprehensive lesson plans. Assigned readings include Saul Alinsky's notorious 'Rules for Radicals,' 'Stir It Up: Lessons From Community Organizing and Advocacy' by the left-wing activist Rinku Sen, and particular sections of 'Dreams From My Father' dealing with Obama's days as a community organizer in Chicago." See Training a Socialist Army of World Servers

Common Core State Standards Initiative: "Governors and state commissioners of education from 48 states, 2 territories and the District of Columbia committed to developing a common core of state standards in English-language arts and mathematics for grades K-12.... They will be:

   •  Aligned with college and work expectations

   •  Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills

   •  Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards

   •  Internationally benchmarked [UNESCO's plan]...." See The International Agenda.

        The actual standards and benchmarks are designed to replace Christianity and traditional values with collective, global, amoral values. We hope to write an article on this topic soon.

Bait and Switch on Common Standards? "Jennings elaborates, 'Just as we have standards around academic goals, we need standards around school climate.... And we need a data system so parents know what kind of environment a kid will encounter in a school.'...

     "'So, you want to include this in the Common Core standards?'...

     "[Jennings] went on: '...The Common Core movement is right to start on the things where there's already widespread agreement. We're way down the road.'

      "Seriously? A high-ranking administration official is telling us that the common standards being financed by $350 million in Race to the Top funds 'start' with academics but will eventually encompass 'school climate' standards too? Jennings raises further red flags when he concedes that we have not determined 'the definition of school climate.'.. but does include kids feeling 'emotionally safe.' Maybe it's my cynical streak, but that sounds like a summons to social agendas.... If he is speaking for Secretary Duncan and the President, they seem to have been less than truthful so far when discussing their vision for common standards." See Brainwashing in America

Race To The Top -- Federal Control of Education: "Race to the Top has several components...: 1. Education Reform that Requires National Standards - The absolute requirement of RTTT is that states must adopt national standards [that conform to global standards].... American schools used to teach the fundamental values of the United States--including the inalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty and property, as guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Not any more. Now our students will be indoctrinated in the UN's definition of human rights.'... The US Department of Education information states that there is particular priority on 'practices that improve school readiness (including social, emotional, and cognitive).'"

Obama Plan Would Tie Title I to College-Career Standards: "If adopted, the proposal would undoubtedly bolster momentum behind the Common Core State Standards Initiative, an effort by the NGA and the Council of Chief State School Officers, currently the highest-profile national effort to establish voluntary, higher, more uniform academic standards. So far, 48 states—all but Alaska and Texas—have signed on to the initiative."

School textbook glorifies anti-American radicals: "A book for high-school students glorifies communists, socialists and at least one activist who has called for 'resistance' against the U.S. government.... Among those are: ...Van Jones, who served as President Obama's 'green jobs czar' until he resigned in September after it was exposed he founded a communist revolutionary organization.... Jones was the main speaker at an anti-war rally that urged 'resistance' against the U.S. government – a demonstration sponsored by an organization associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party." See The Ominous "Success"of Re-Education

History of England starts at 1700, says university: " teaching into periods such as the Tudors, the Middle-Ages, Norman Britain, the Viking invasion and the Anglo-Saxons will be scrapped, along with the Civil Wars. The university will also end research into the history of continental Europe pre-1900, affecting the study of the Napoleonic wars and the Roman Empire. The university said it was 'reshaping' its curriculum...."

In National First, Kentucky Adopts Common Standards: "Kentucky yesterday became the first state to adopt common academic standards that were drafted as part of a nationwide initiative.... Kentucky’s move is part of what is known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative..." See The International Agenda

H.R.4530: Assault on Genuine Child Safety and Morality: "Founder of the radical homosexual group GLSEN, Kevin Jennings, as head of the 'Safe and Drug Free Schools' office at the Department of Education, and secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius... can create pro-homosexual programs and policies to their hearts’ delight if this bill passes.... What happens to the rights of students, teachers, parents and school staff to be able to disagree with homosexuality and cross-dressing? What happens to children who experiment with these high-risk lifestyles when no one was able to warn them? ...this is an attempt to promote sexual deviance and its expression and silence those who want to protect children from such corruption." See The Ominous "Success" of Re-Education

Cradle-to-Career Education Plan by Obama and Duncan

January 2010

Some of the links below suggest legal concessions to Islamic ideology. Both seem irrational and contrary to American standards and values.

 'Bizarre' decision against Islam critique appealed: "A 'bizarre' ruling by a judge in Maine who declined to address a dispute over a fine announced by the state against a Christian organization for criticizing Islam will be appealed.... Christian Action Network [CAN]..mailed a letter 'exposing how some public schools were promoting Islam by providing instruction on the Five Pillars of Islam and the Quran. The letter pointed out that some schools have provided a 'prayer room' for Muslims, and one textbook... told seventh grade students they 'will become Muslim.'

    "... it was being fined $4,000 because the state alleged CAN's letter had 'an inflammatory anti-Muslim message.'...

    "The real problem here is that the educational establishment has a tin ear when it comes to things that are offensive to Christians but sensitive to things that are offensive to any other religion.'" See Spreading Islam through Public Schools

[UK] Colleges closed for 'radicalizing' Muslims: "Fourteen bogus colleges in Britain have had their licenses to operate revoked after intelligence agents at MI5 discovered they had 'multiple communications' with Islamic extremists in Britain.... The colleges also are suspected of being funded by al-Qaida.....

     "'While the majority are genuine, there is mounting evidence that many British universities are breeding grounds for Muslim extremists,' said an intelligence officer who is part of the Security Service team investigating Abdulmutallab, who allegedly tried to destroy a plane carrying 280 passengers over Detroit on Christmas Day. MI5 agents believe he was a key recruiter for al-Qaida among Britain's expanding Muslim student community." See God's Peace in the midst of turmoil

Teaching Green, Beyond Recycling: “'Green is not just the environment,' Jennifer said. 'It’s politics, government, social justice.'

    'We do a lot of things other schools are not doing,' said Jose, 15. 'I feel like we’re doing something important.' While plenty of city schools, from elementary to secondary, teach students about environmental issues like endangered species or global warming, places like the Green School put an overwhelming emphasis on civic involvement." See The Ominous "Success" of Re-Education

Global School of Silicon Valley Opening in September 2010:" As the first U.S. campus of the Singapore-based Global Indian Foundation, the Global School of Silicon Valley is part of a vibrant award-winning network of 22 international schools in eight countries.

      "'The mission of our schools is to nurture global citizens by imparting an international perspective that builds entrepreneurial skills from the very beginning,' said Atul Temurnikar, chairman of the Foundation. '...the Global School strives to educate the next generation of enterprising and ethical leaders who are at ease and confident in a global setting. Embracing a holistic approach to primary education, the Global School will also offer a range of extracurricular activities including dance, music... and traditions celebrated around the world." See Establishing a Global Spirituality

Sour notes - 'homophobia' and music ed: "In his staff bio it is noted that [music professor]  Bergonzi sees schools as agencies of social progress.... Bergonzi contends that traditional music education reinforces a heterosexual lifestyle to the detriment of homosexual students who often feel left out. He notes that traditionally speaking, heterosexual love is often the subject of most music -- and argues that as a result, heterosexual students are often more privileged than their homosexual counterparts.... Bergonzi ultimately concludes that sexual orientation should be a vital aspect of music education.... Bill sort of one of the premiere contemporary advocates of this, and they [Ayers and Bergonzi] view themselves as agents of social change."

December 2009

Second Graders Sing About Allah?  "A battle over religion is brewing in central Indiana after a public school wanted second graders to sing a song declaring, 'Allah is God.' The phrase was removed just before the performance after a national conservative group launched a protest.... The principal of Lantern Road Elementary School in Fishers, IN, said they were trying to teach inclusiveness through their holiday production. It included references to Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Las Posadas and Kwanzaa. However, no other deity, other than Allah, was referenced in the show....

     "Hogan, a Christian, told the American Family Association... that he was deeply concerned to learn that his daughter had been singing, 'Allah is God.'” See Why hate crimes laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Kids to Meet Marx in School: "Children are uniquely malleable beings, readily convinced of magically colorful tales.... One need only look at the birth of fascism or socialism to see a recipe for how radical ideas become ubiquitous among a nation’s youth.... Enter Howard Zinn – an author, professor and American historian – who, with the help of Hollywood and the History Channel, intends to change the way our pre-K through high school children learn American history. His current curriculum suggestions, like introducing three-year-olds to the lynching of African-Americans, or quizzing seven-year-olds on which Presidents owned slaves, should be a red flag to parents.

      Zinn has spent a lifetime teaching college students about the evils of capitalism, the promise of Marxism, and his version of American history.... Perhaps due to their one-sided perspective of America’s past, Zinn’s history books have largely been limited to colleges and universities, until now....” See From Marx to Lenin, Gramsci & Alinsky

Christian fathers put in jail for shunning explicit sex ed: "...the government in Salzkotten, Germany, is sending the fathers of the children to jail for terms of one week because they have refused to turn their children over to school officials for mandated sex classes. According to a report from Richard Guenther, European director for the IHRG, eight families of Christians have decided to withhold their children from required sex education classes in Salzkotten. Sex education classes in Germany are explicit, and the issue is one of the major reasons why families – and not just Christian families – choose to homeschool their children even though the government has maintained its illegality since the days of Hitler." See No compromise and Homeschooling

College Thought Police Enforce Global Values: "...the university's Office of Residence Life used a variety of methods to 'coerce students to change their thoughts, values, attitudes, beliefs, and habits' so that they would 'conform to a highly specified social, environmental, and political agenda.'" See The International Agenda

Supplies with Obama logo surprise school: "At Mill Creek, at least one pencil and a notebook with designs similar to Obama campaign advertisements have been sold out of a supply machine. Two families have complained about the politically tinged materials. Three Missouri schools have contacted Jones since the beginning of the school year asking that the materials be removed...."

College Thought Police Enforce Global Values: "...the university's Office of Residence Life used a variety of methods to 'coerce students to change their thoughts, values, attitudes, beliefs, and habits' so that they would 'conform to a highly specified social, environmental, and political agenda.' One of the university's views is that all whites of European descent are, by definition, racists. That would include William Wilberforce, a white Englishman who spent his life working for the abolition of slavery...

     "A RACIST: ...all white people.... By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination.'

     “REVERSE RACISM: A term created and used by white people to deny their white privilege. Those in denial use the term reverse racism to refer to hostile behavior by people of color toward whites.... In the U.S., there is no such thing as 'reverse racism.'"

U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds: "The U.N.'s Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a 98-page report in June offering a universal lesson plan for kids ranging in age from 5-18, an 'informed approach to effective sex, relationships' and HIV education that they say is essential for 'all young people.' The U.N. insists the program is 'age appropriate.'... At 12, they'll learn the 'reasons for' abortions — but they'll already have known about their safety for three years. When they're 15, they'll be exposed to direct 'advocacy to promote the right to and access to safe abortion." See Mandatory Training in Orwellian Thinking?

Principal Apologizes For Not Warning Parents About Pro-Homosexual Program for 8th Graders: "The controversial workshop was presented... in three, 45-minute sessions over three days. It included handouts defining homosexual terminology, including queer and transgender, and listed 'heterosexism' as 'oppression that ‘pushes down’ people who are LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning) and ‘pushes up’ people who are straight.' .... A page entitled 'Heterosexism' asks students to answer a three-part question: '“How are LGBTQ people discriminated against or mistreated in the United States, in your local community and in your school?'” See The Ominous "Success" of Re-Education

November 2009

Banning Free Speech on University Campuses: "FIRE [Foundation for Individual Rights in Education] is deeply concerned about new policies at University of Minnesota.... According to documents published by the college (see, it intends to mandate certain beliefs and values -- 'dispositions' -- for future teachers. The college also intends to redesign its admissions process so that it screens out people with the 'wrong' beliefs and values -- those who either do not have sufficient 'cultural competence' or those who the college judges will not be able to be converted to the 'correct' beliefs and values even after remedial re-education. These intentions violate the freedom of conscience of the university's students. As a public university bound by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the university is both legally and morally obligated to uphold this fundamental right."

t’s not censorship, it’s parenting! "There was a time when it would have been just as unthinkable to the librarian or the school teacher as to a parent that a book for children would have contained the following things.... Graphic language about sex, drinking, drugs; laced with profanity.... Many of the challenges to these books are due to their presence on middle school [age 11 and up].... And yet the ALA views parental challenges to these books as being somehow akin to book-burnings and government censorship, as if there were no legitimate reason why a group of parents might not want their children reading novels in which gratuitous and explicit sex, violence, drug use, and the like were major elements of the story." See Silencing the Opposition

Boycott Scholastic Books: "The [infamous] Scholastic Books has decided to include the pro-homosexual book for 9-12 year-olds, Luv Ya Bunches, in its middle school book fairs. Lauren Myracle' ... regularly makes the list of the most banned and challenged authors in the US.... Scholastic Books includes Luv Ya Bunches on it's 'Teacher's Picks' page as one of the 'Best Books' for grades 3-5." See The Power of Suggestion

     Scholastics is the US publisher of Harry Potter books -- and of dozens of other books that promote witchcraft and other occult themes. Its Scholastic News for elementary schools published this deceptive message back in 1990:


"The first Thanksgiving feasts were harvest festivals.  People gathered to celebrate successful harvests and to thank the Earth for its fruits."

NEA raves to teachers about Alinsky 'guidebook': "The National Education Association has made a glowing assessment of radical socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky and is enthusiastically recommending American public school teachers read two of his books, including one dedicated to Satan. On its website, the NEA dubs Alinsky "an inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community! And to every organizer!" It recommends Alinsky's "Reveille for Radicals," a 1946 book about the principles and tactics of "community organizing," and "Rules for Radicals," a 1971 text that articulated a socialist strategy for gaining political power to redistribute wealth from the "haves" to the "have-nots." See Mandatory Training in Orwellian Thinking?

Publisher enters new chapter in textbooks: "Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, one of the oldest publishers in the United States, plans to unveil today the biggest deal in its history: a $40 million, multiyear contract with Detroit public schools.... Houghton will be providing a computer-based teaching system it developed with Microsoft Corp. that will connect teachers, students, and administrators. It’s a radical shift away from the classic textbook publishing model and represents an industry transformation, as technology supplants books....

    "The switch to electronic teaching tools is driven in part ... by the availability of federal stimulus money for such programs." See The International Agenda

October 2009

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Says Teach Respect for Homosexuality in Kindergarten: "Jennings, has accused the Baptists, the Boy Scouts and sports fans of anti-gay bias.... Stressing safety for homosexuals in American schools has been a successful strategy, Jennings said in one speech to a GLSEN group. 'We immediately seized upon the opponents’ calling card--safety--and explained how homophobia represents a threat to students’ safety....'

     "Jennings said in a 1994 speech. 'We knew that, confronted with real-life stories of youth who had suffered from homophobia, our opponents would automatically be on the defensive: they would have to attack people who had already been victimized once, which puts them in a bully position from which it would be hard to emerge looking good.' ... 'This allowed us to set the terms of the debate.'...

      "Jennings, however, has not called for respecting former homosexuals....  "Ex-gay messages have no place in our nation's public schools. A line has been drawn. There is no 'other side' when you're talking about lesbian, gay and bisexual students.”

Politically Corrent Columbus Day: " assignment from the pamphlet that came with the video: 'Have students choose one of these consequences and explain how it was -- or was not -- caused by the Spanish Conquest of the Americas that Columbus initiated.' All choices would lead students to emphasize social injustice from a revisionist perspective. Listen to the topics: The triumph of capitalism, The genocide of the indigenous, The slavery of people of color, The colonization of the world, The destruction of the primal environment, and The impending catastrophe of ecocide of the planet Earth.'  As Pam told her story, I shared her sadness at the growing hatred for a culture that has offered security, freedom and peace to millions of people from around the world."  See The Ominous "Success" of Re-Education

Perversion 101: Kids taught 'gay' sex, rape, bestiality High school: "English teacher Kathleen Renard provided her personal copy of a book called 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky to one of her English students, and it was passed to his son. The book is published by MTV Books. Davis found the book in his son's possession, along with a bookmark that said, 'Read banned books. They're your ticket to freedom.'

      "'My son was reading the book and stated it was a school assignment,' Davis told WND. 'He was embarrassed that I began to peruse through the book and discovered its contents."

Schools bring in mothers for lessons after pupils 'start school unable to drink from a cup or speak' [UK]: "Schools are having to bring mothers in for parenting lessons as youngsters turn up unable to speak, use the toilet or drink from a cup.... Staff reported that some parents pass responsibility for toilet-training their children on to schools, saying: 'The school will do that.'... At some nurseries half of children start with 'significant language delay', Ofsted discovered."

     While UNESCO has been promoting its tactics for silencing God's Word and building ''global citizens' for a utopian world, social decay spreads and reality is ignored." The International Agenda


September 2009

Feds probe 'race-based discipline' policy: "The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating an Arizona school district's newly adopted racial policy that purportedly calls for a 'two-tiered form of student discipline: one for black and Hispanic students; one for everyone else. ... 'Some behavior will be met with strict penalties; some will not. It all depends on the color of the student's skin.'"

Gulf High IB student gets reprieve on book she objected to: "Marí, a 16-year-old junior, had objected to the required reading of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, saying she was offended by the graphic sexual content in the book's early pages. Initially, school officials stated that they could not change the assignment. After additional review directed by the Pasco school district's curriculum department, the position seems to have softened." See The International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

Bill promotes gay indoctrination in schools: "A new proposal in the U.S. Congress would allow children in public schools across the nation to be disciplined for 'bullying' if someone else 'perceives' a slight over someone's sexual orientation or gender identity, and in one case... it is being used to exclude parents from any input into what their children are taught about homosexuality.... H.R. 2262,...was introduced... just about the same time Kevin Jennings, the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network...was appointed to head the office of school safety in President Obama's administration.

      "Jennings, who was named assistant deputy secretary for the office of Safe & Drug Free Schools in the U.S. Department of Education, is responsible for oversight of programs that involve 'safety' for public schools across the nation.
In 1995, he gave a speech in which he described... how he was concerned about being described as promoting homosexuality, so he chose to campaign on the idea of 'safety' instead. [He said:] 'If the radical right can succeed in portraying us as preying on children, we will lose...'We must learn from the abortion struggle, where the clever claiming of the term 'pro-life' allowed those who opposed abortion on demand to frame the issue to their advantage, to make sure that we do not allow ourselves to be painted into a corner before the debate even begins."
See Brainwashing in America

The International Baccalaureate Program: "The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program was established more than 40 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, by UNESCO with backing from the Ford Foundation. Do you wonder how liberal this wealthy tax-exempt foundation is? In November, 1953, President Rowan Gaither of the Ford Foundation told Norman Dodd (staff director of the Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations) that, '...we shall use our grant making power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.'

     "Designed to change the students' beliefs and values, the IB program promotes global government, world citizenship, and religious pluralism."

A Virtual Revolution Is Brewing for Colleges: "Undergraduate education is on the verge of a radical reordering. Colleges, like newspapers, will be torn apart by new ways of sharing information enabled by the Internet. ...The real force for change is the market: Online classes are just cheaper to produce.... The typical 2030 faculty will likely be a collection of adjuncts alone in their apartments, using recycled syllabuses and administering multiple-choice tests from afar....But unless we make a strong commitment to even greater funding of higher education, the institutions that have allowed for academic freedom [that couldn't doesn't include our liberal universities, could it?] communal learning, unpressured research and intellectual risk-taking are themselves at risk." See Expelled

Principal bans Bible, suggests book about witches: "During the 'All About Me' activity, a child's parent may read aloud from the student's favorite book. In this case, Wesley, a Christian, chose the Bible. His mother planned to read from Psalm 118.  ...the principal 'informed Mrs. Busch that she could not read from the Bible in the classroom because it was against the law and that the reading would violate the 'separation of church and state.' Then school administrators offered Wesley's mother an opportunity to read from a book about witches, witchcraft and Halloween. She declined the invitation." See Silencing the opposition

Mandatory Training in Orwellian Thinking? "Few saw the early signs of the Neo-Marxist ideology that has invaded our schools and universities. Who would have guessed -- back in Teddy Roosevelts's days -- that a major goal of Dewey's 'progressive education' was to weaken the traditional family, trade freedom for collectivism, and replace Christianity with an evolutionary form of "spiritual" solidarity?...

      "Decades later, while presiding over the American Humanist Association, he co-authored the 1933 Humanist Manifesto. Notice how his words reflect today's emerging churches? 'Any religion that can hope to be a synthesizing and dynamic force for today, must be shaped for the needs of this age. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present.'

      "Fast-forward to the 21st century. The ever-present dialectic process now reigns in churches as well as schools." See Chronology of Education

Training Kids to Be Obama's Servants: "A significant part of Barack Obama's plan to 'change' America involves having the federal government take control of public school curriculum, plus compiling a database of personal information about each student. The takeover is planned to be accomplished by talking directly to the kids in their schools and by attaching extraordinary strings to the $128 billion of stimulus funds shoveled into education....

     "Database collection on each student continues through college and into the workforce. ... Creation of a database of this magnitude is the sort of thing that totalitarian governments do... It's scary to think of Obama's czars and political operatives such as Rahm Emanuel having access to all that personal information on American citizens." See An International Information System

Obama and DOE Violate Federal Law Enlisting Kids in Schools to Push Agenda: "In what is an unprecedented and an illegal political move, President Obama has announced that on Tuesday, September 8, he will bypass parents and directly target their children in an effort to implement his political agenda. Millions of parents are justifiably outraged....

     "Federal law expressly forbids the Secretary of Education or any officer from exercising 'any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system.....

     "The DOE [Department of Education] even provided lesson plans, sample activities and questions that teachers can use to promote the event.... After a backlash, some of the most offensive language has been softened, students as young as kindergarten will be asked: 'Why is it important that we listen to the President?' Initially, they were to be asked to explain 'what they can do to help the president.' Still, their writings are to be used 'to make students accountable to their goals.'...

     "DOE Secretary Duncan... chose Kevin Jennings as Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. Jennings was the founder of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network), a radical group that promotes forced acceptance of homosexuality and transsexuality in schools to children as young as five."

      I don't know anything about the Liberty Counsel, but they introduce an interesting legal point.

Parents dub Sept. 8 'Keep Your Kids at Home Day': "School officials have been asked to take a break from normal educational activities to allow students to view the speech from the president and participate in recommended brainstorming exercises following the broadcast.... But parents across the nation are complaining about the speech taking up valuable classroom instruction time and possibly 'indoctrinating' young children." See Reviving the 'Science' of 'Re-Education

[White House] withdraws call for students to 'help' Obama: "Presidential aides acknowledged the White House helped the U.S. Education Department craft the proposal, which immediately was met by fierce criticism from Republicans and conservative organizations who accused Mr. Obama of trying to politicize the education system.... Among the activities the government initially suggested for prekindergarten to sixth-grade students: that they 'write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.' Another task recommended for students immediately after listening to the speech: to engage in a discussion about what the president wants us to do....

    "In response, the White House last night confirmed they were revising the lesson plan...The rewritten line said students should 'write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals."

A recent cartoon shows a university campus, where one student asks the other: "Why do they call it  'The Office of Diversity' when they want everyone to think alike?"

Obama's Classroom Campaign: "On Sept. 8, young students across the country will be watching television.... And then the schoolchildren, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, will be exhorted to Do Something.... But the goal is not merely morale boosting. ...grade-school students will be told to 'listen to the speech' and 'think about the following,'
   -- What is the president trying to tell me?
   -- What is the president asking me to do?
   -- What new ideas and actions is the president challenging me to think about? ...
      The activist tradition of government schools using students as junior lobbyists cannot be ignored. Zealous teachers unions have enlisted captive schoolchildren as letter-writers in their campaigns for higher education spending. Out-of-control activists have enlisted their secondary-school charges in pro-illegal immigration protests, gay marriage ceremonies, environmental propaganda stunts and anti-war events. ...
So when the Department of Education directs schools to gather children 'round the TV monitors for Obama's pep talk and then have them do this…
   -- Create posters of their goals....
   -- Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president....
      "…parents have every right to worry about their children being used as Political Guinea Pigs for Change."
See Brainwashing in America

Parents upset over 'leftist propaganda' video: "A school principal has apologized for showing a video at an assembly that a politically conservative group leader is calling 'radical, leftist propaganda. Children at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington were shown a short video called 'I pledge' on Aug. 28. The video opens with an image of President Barack Obama and part of a speech in which he says, 'Let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.' The video then features celebrities making pledges about how they will help the president and the world -- and that's where some say the problem lies."

August 2009

Obama Administration To Impose Liberal UN Curriculum: "On July 24, 2009, the U.S Department of Education (DOE) announced that the 'centerpiece of the Obama administration's education reform efforts'... will include 'adopting internationally benchmarked education standards.' [They]... will be incentivized to the states with federal 'stimulus' dollars. ... This means that its curriculum includes, for example, the requirements of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which says, 'Education shall... further the activities of the United Nations.'...

      "American schools used to teach the fundamental values of the United States - -including the inalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty and property, as guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Not any more. Now our students will be indoctrinated in the UN's definition of human rights. As clarified by the UN's UDHR, our rights now may not 'be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. (Art 29:3)." See The International Agenda

The Democrats Want Your Kids: '“Summer School: What? No More Vacations?' If Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan has his way, your kids will be in government schools eight hours a day, twelve months a year.... There are two reasons.... First, it comports with their ideology that 'the village' (aka government) should raise children. Second, it’s a political payoff for ... the teachers’ unions....

      “'Day care is a powerful institution....A day care program that ministers to a child from six months to six years of age has over 8,000 hours to teach him values, fears, beliefs, and behaviors.' No wonder liberals have tried to criminalize homeschooling.... They want to make it illegal for parents—not teachers' unions and their political minions—to act as children’s authority figures....

      "On the 2006 PISA exam, which measures the academic proficiency of students in 30 countries, American 15-year-olds ranked 21st in science and 25th in math. That would concern teachers’ unions if academic achievement was their goal. It’s not. Their goal is to earn more money for shaping your kids’ values, fears, beliefs, and behaviors.'” See What can parents do?

July 2009

Seventh Grader Sues School Over Right to Wear Pro-Life T-Shirt: "A California mom says her public school administrators violated her daughter's First Amendment rights when they ordered the seventh-grader to take off her pro-life T-shirt. ... The shirt the girl was wearing displays two graphic pictures of a fetus growing in the womb.... The complaint quotes school district officials saying that they ordered Amador's daughter to remove the shirt because it constituted 'inappropriate subject matter' in violation of the school's dress code, which bans clothing with 'suggestion of tobacco, drug or alcohol use, sexual promiscuity, profanity, vulgarity, or other inappropriate subject matter.'

     "...the images on her shirt of a fetus in the womb were same as those in her science textbooks." See Brainwashing in America

June 2009

Obama’s Most Outrageous Appointments: "...the worst appointment yet is that of Kevin Jennings to serve as Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools in the Department of Education.  Jennings, who is homosexual, founded and served as the Executive Director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) until last year.... An article on the GLSEN website declares, 'The pursuit of safety and affirmation [of homosexual behavior] are one and the same goal.'

     "He wants pro-homosexual messages to permeate the school environment from kindergarten through graduation with zero-tolerance for the expression of any contrary viewpoints. ....In his book Mama’s Boy, Preacher’s Son and in his writing and speaking, Jennings is extremely hostile to Christianity, and he reserves his most vicious rhetoric for the 'religious right.' He calls anyone who believes in traditional, orthodox Christianity 'bigots' and wishes those from the religious right would just 'drop dead.'

     "Mr. Jennings, a former high school history teacher, wrote the foreword to another book, Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling, which praises 'queerly raised' children.... In his writing and speaking, Jennings... makes a joke of being 'drunk and stoned' during his high school days." See Sex Ed and Global Values

U.N. protocol used to regulate homeschoolers: "A British plan to allow local authorities 'the right of access to the home' and 'the right to speak with each child alone' in order to evaluate homeschooling families and make certain they do what the government wants is a warning about what could happen in the United States.... 'Aside from registering with the state and mandating reports by homeschoolers, the Badman report makes references to balancing the rights of parents with the rights of children. This idea is expressed in... the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child."

Anger as school tells children aged five about gay the sound of Elton John: "Pupils as young as five were left 'confused and worried' after a school assembly to explain homosexuality. Teachers played a recording of Elton John's Your Song before explaining that the singer is homosexual and what the term means. The children were then shown images of same-sex couples.... The assembly, given to pupils aged from five to 11 at Bromstone Primary, in Broadstairs, Kent, aimed to steer them away from homophobic bullying."

'Gay' activist to promote 'safe' schools Obama administration appoints radical homosexual to Department of Education: "Kevin Jennings, a homosexual activist who worked to create 'safe spaces' for gay students at schools, has been appointed by the Obama administration to be assistant deputy secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.... Jennings is also the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN).... 'Their definition of safe schools are schools in which homosexuality is not only tolerated but is actively affirmed," added Sprigg."

May 2009

Muslim plan for U.S. college moves ahead: "A group of American Muslims... is moving closer to fulfilling a vision of founding the first four-year accredited Islamic college in the United States.... Imam Zaid Shakir and Sheik Hamza Yusuf of California have spent years planning the school, which will offer a liberal arts education and training in Islamic scholarship.... 'As Muslims, we need to develop institutions to allow us to perpetuate our values.'" See Spreading Islam through Public Schools

Parents Fuming as Texas Schools Let Gideons Provide Bibles to Students: "A spokeswoman for the school district said that a number of materials are made available to students this way, including newspapers, camp brochures and tutoring pamphlets. College and military recruitment information is available all year long. The Gideon Bibles were made available for just one day. 'We have to handle this request in the same manner as other requests to distribute non-school literature...' [said] Shana Wortham, director of communications for the district....

     "Lutz... said she wants the freedom to raise her children as she sees fit.... ' I just don't want any religion forced on my child at school.'"

     Yet, earth-centered religions are forced on children, while Christianity is maligned. And nothing was "forced" on any child by the Gideons.

'Spirituality for Kids' class draws fire: "'What does greater satisfaction bring?" [the teacher] asks. Matthew replies: 'Spiritual power!' Zucker asks him where the power comes from? 'Your inner light,' the boy answers. ... The exchange is part of 'Spirituality for Kids,' a class offered in several Los Angeles public elementary schools..... Created by a leader of the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre International, a spiritual and educational organization.... The program is offered in schools and community centers around the globe, from New York and Florida to Mexico and Malawi. Since 2006, nearly 4,400 Los Angeles children have taken part....

     "Others that have drawn fire include... a learning method created by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and Transcendental Meditation offered by the David Lynch Foundation....

     "The word "kabbalah" was not mentioned in the Kester class, but its presence seemed unmistakable. Zucker and a facilitator wore red knotted strings -- frequently used by kabbalah practitioners to ward off the evil eye -- around their left wrists. They also used terms -- such as "light" and "the opponent" -- that are found throughout the L.A. center's website and its IRS filings. See Establishing a Global Spirituality

April 2009

Teaching Evolution. Texas...Curriculum no longer requires teaching 'weaknesses' of all scientific theories: "Texas becomes the seventh state to specifically require in its science standards that students critically analyze key aspects of evolutionary theory, joining Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Missouri, South Carolina, and Alabama. Two other states, Louisiana and Mississippi, have adopted legislation protecting the academic freedom of teachers and students to discuss scientific evidence critical of Darwin's theory." What Darwin didn't know

U.S. Education Secretary signs Partnership with Chinese Communists who put dissidents in Re-Education Camps: "U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has signed a formal educational partnership agreement with the Peoples Republic of China...  The documents signed by both Secretary Duncan and Zhou Ji include, among other items, the following initiatives: '...Consultation with the higher education community (academic institutions and organizations) take place on direct collaboration with China or the United States that includes the sharing of best teaching practices and deepening of existing ties....'

      "Leading human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Harry Wu... said the United States cannot learn anything from the Communist Chinese educational system.... The State Department’s Human Rights Report on China, dated Feb. 25, 2009, states that the Chinese government... continued to ... detain citizens for possession of unauthorized religious texts, imprison citizens for religious activities determined to be ‘extremist’....

     "...the XUAR government would carry out ‘preemptive attacks,’ implement ‘antiseparatist reeducation’ across the region, and increase policing of religious groups.'" See Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education

March 2009

Christmas is here early for teacher unions: "Obama's education plans give them almost all of their long wish list.... He is increasing teacher salaries. He is eliminating a voucher system for poor D.C. residents so that the District of Columbia's 'wonderful' public school system can be protected from any competition (what D.C. parents would want to send their children to the private school that Barack and Michelle Obama are sending their own children to?). He has increasing the demand for unionized teachers by expanding public schooling for pre-kindergarten....

     "Research shows that the countries with the earliest school starting age are the most totalitarian and socialist countries. Time after time, totalitarian governments found that they can best instill the views and values that the governments wanted by taking the children away from the parents' influence as soon as possible....
     "Obama's plans of removing children from their parents will further weaken families, causing greater separation in later years between parents and their children.... At their most benign, Mr.Obama's plans will have a lot of unintended consequences on families and society's political views."
See Obama's Presidency

Disorder in a Merged D.C. School: "...five other teachers or administrators who they said have been attacked this academic year, including one who was pelted by textbooks and another pinned to a desktop and choked. Other teachers...are routinely subjected to verbal threats of violence....

     "...students at Woodson are high school freshmen stuck in a middle school, angry at their overcrowded classes and who take that anger out in the classroom.... [But] Principal Darrin Slade said... 'We have one of the safest ninth-grade programs in the city." See the next link:

Warning over narcissistic pupils: "The growing expectation placed on schools and parents to boost pupils' self-esteem is breeding a generation of narcissists.... Dr Carol Craig said children were being over-praised and were developing an 'all about me' mentality. ... 'Narcissists make terrible relationship partners, parents and employees. It's not a positive characteristic. We are in danger of encouraging this,' she said. 'And we are kidding ourselves if we think that we aren't going to undermine learning if we restrict criticism.'"

      Churches as well as schools have been encouraging this movement. See Self-Esteem: The New Reformation

Parents face prosecution over school gay week protest: [UK] "...about 30 children... had been taken out of classes during the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Week after parents objected to their youngsters being encouraged to 'celebrates the lives and achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in the community'. The spokesman added: 'As part of the borough's policy of promoting tolerance in our schools, children are taught that everyone in our society is of equal value.... Regrettably, some parents chose to remove their children from school. The council does not condone any unauthorised absence from school and action has been taken." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity

January 2009

Allegiance To… Obama?  "A parent... reported today that his son, who is in 1st grade, came home yesterday saying that he didn’t want to go back to school anymore. When asked why, the boy said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag.... [When] the children stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher turns on the classroom overhead and a full body image of Obama... comes up about 4 feet away from the flag.... The screen is apparently around five feet by six feet."

      Note: The school has now promised to replace the screen image of Obama, but this incident illustrates the continuing reverence for President Obama. It was not a hoax!

A Disturbing Book Worth Reading: "'...great efforts have been made, and continue to be made, to falsify the record of the past and to make history a tool of propaganda; ...governments, religious movements, political parties... are busy rewriting history as they wish it to have been, as they would like their followers to believe that it was.'...

      "The founder of the Council on Islamic Education, the chief Islamic group for vetting textbooks in the United States, refers to his work as a 'bloodless revolution inside American junior high and high school classrooms.'... Islamic traditions are related as indisputable historical facts. The authors cite the textbook "Holt World History," where one can read that Moses 'claimed to receive the Ten Commandments from god,' but 'Mohammed simply 'received' the Koran from God.' ....  In those textbooks, Christianity and Judaism equally as consistently are described as mere notions of their believers. see Islam alone taught as the 'truth' is an outrage."

(UK) The new £4.7m school that won't call itself a 'school'... because it has 'negative connotations': "It has 500 pupils, scores of classrooms, a headmistress, staffroom and playground. But woe betide anyone who refers to Watercliffe Meadow as a school. The word has been banished since it opened in September - because of its 'negative connotations'...(UK)

     "Instead it is to be known as 'a place for learning'. Its head hopes the change will help 'de-institutionalise' the school....  'We were able to start from scratch and create a new type of learning experience. There are no whistles or bells or locked doors.'"

December 2008

Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah: "Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and 'pray to Allah' during a religious education lesson. Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped..... [They] were made to bend down on their knees on prayer mats ... and they were also told to wear Islamic headgear...."

Words associated with Christianity and British history taken out of children's dictionary: "Oxford University Press has removed words like 'aisle', 'bishop', 'chapel', 'empire' and 'monarch' from its Junior Dictionary and replaced them with words like 'blog', 'broadband' and 'celebrity'. Dozens of words related to the countryside have also been culled. The publisher claims the changes have been made to reflect the fact that Britain is a modern, multicultural, multifaith society.

     "But academics and head teachers said that the changes to the 10,000 word Junior Dictionary could mean that children lose touch with Britain's heritage. 'We have a certain Christian narrative which has given meaning to us over the last 2,000 years. To say it is all relative and replaceable is questionable,' said Professor Alan Smithers.'" More examples of cultural accommodation here: Three Sets of Meanings for Educational Buzzwords

Teacher forces teens to question being 'straight': "The mother of a Wisconsin teenager was stunned when her high school senior brought home a questionnaire assigned by his English teacher that asked, among several provocative questions, "Is it possible that your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?"

November 2008

Lie, cheat and steal: high school ethics surveyed: "The survey found that 35 percent of boys and 26 percent of girls - 30 percent overall - acknowledged stealing from a store within the past year. One-fifth said they stole something from a friend; 23 percent said they stole something from a parent or other relative.... Sixty-four percent of students cheated on a test in the past year and 38 percent did so two or more times, up from 60 percent and 35 percent in a 2006 survey. Thirty-six percent said they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment.... Forty-two percent said they sometimes lie.... Despite such responses, 93 percent of the students said they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character, and 77 percent affirmed that 'when it comes to doing what is right, I am better than most people I know.'" See Schools and Values Clarification

Pines first-grader accused of using knife to rob classmate: "The boys were in a bathroom when the older child held a kitchen knife to the other's nose and demanded his money. The younger boy complied." See Toying with Death

Stanford professor leads Obama transition team: "Darling-Hammond... has been tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to head his transition team on education policy.... 'It's such a clear change from what we've had,' said Marty Hittelman, president of the California Federation of Teachers. 'Someone who's friendly to labor....' Darling-Hammond had high praise for teachers and their unions at the spring convention of ... the California Teachers Association [NEA]. 'This is the most important group in California, as far as I'm concerned."

October 2008

Pint-Size Eco-Police, Making Parents Proud and Sometimes Crazy: "Sometimes, Jennifer Ross feels she cannot make a move at home without inviting the scorn of her daughters, 10-year-old Grace and 7-year-old Eliza. The Acura MDX she drives? A flagrant polluter. The bath at night to help her relax? A wasteful indulgence. The reusable shopping bags she forgot, again? Tsk, tsk....

      "Ms. Ross’s children are part of what experts say is a growing army of 'eco-kids' — steeped in environmentalism at school, in houses of worship, through scouting and even via popular culture — who try to hold their parents accountable at home. Amid their pride in their children’s zeal for all things green, the grown-ups sometimes end up feeling like scofflaws under the watchful eye of the pint-size eco-police, whose demands grow ever greater, and more expensive." See Saving the Earth 

      If schools can teach children to be eco-police at home, they can be trained for political purposes as well. See 2nd item on this page.

'Jesus was a Palestinian,' claims a U.S. history text: "'Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus,' claims The World, published by Scott Foresman. 'The textbooks tend to be critical of Jews and Israel, disrespectful about Christianity, and rather than represent Islam in an objective way, tend to glorify it'.... 'To teach children, for instance, that Jesus was a Palestinian and de-emphasize his Jewishness does a disservice to Christians and Jews as well as anyone who cares about historical accuracy.'" See The International Agenda

September 2008

So Sexy So Soon: The reviewers "highlight the gravity of a hypersexual consumer culture: the insidious way in which advertisers and the media use sex to drive a wedge between children and parents, to create demand among children for provocative toys and clothes, and to redefine even kindergarten to include 'sexiness.' ... Children internalize values more readily from their peers than from their families, and new research shows how powerfully media acts as a 'superpeer,' shaping attitudes and behaviour among teens."

"Kids: Your Time Is Up" -- Global Warming Game Targets Vulnerable Youngsters: 'The colorful flash site, called 'Planet Slayer,' starts with a cartoon called the 'Adventures of Greena' and ends by suggesting to vulnerable children that they are pigs whose very existence has a horrible impact on the global environment. Greena is a peace-symbol-sporting, midriff-baring heroine who looks as if she would be more at home at a Rolling Stones concert than in modern Australia. Not your average superhero, Greena careens through the cartoon chaining herself to trees, freeing chickens from cages....

     "If you have used up your share of the planet, the logical next step is to remove your bloated carcass from its surface. This is exactly what the image of the exploding hog still suggests. Does Planet Slayer, then, promote suicide? Does it promote population control? What is to be done with the millions of people who have long ago used up 'their share of the planet?' What are they to do with themselves?" See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

Explicit book pulled from middle school library: "A Love County parent is outraged after her young daughter brings home a book so graphic, we can't even repeat some of the dialogue on television. ... 'She just told me, ‘Mom, it's gross,’ Kathy Davis told us. ....The book -- 'TTFN' -- came from the Marietta Middle School library, and what's more -- it was on an advanced reading list worth eight points to any student who checks it out and reads it."'

New York Teachers Learn Yoga to Enhance Classroom: "Over the summer, through a Global Literacy workshop, the teachers learned to look at the world through a new lens.... The workshop used a version of the Gita, the religious text of the Hindu faith, which recounts the journey of Krishna and his cousin Arjuna to find peace amid the chaos affecting them and their families.... Fairport teachers also examined Western classical and Indian classical music, and did yoga exercises.... More than just an attempt to twist the body into a pretzel, yoga connotes the union between the soul and spirit, said Preethi Govindaraj."

August 2008

Immorality.  Education in France: Fighting “Homophobia”: "He is saying that if a teen has questions he can turn to the Azure Line for a solution. The Azure Line is a phone service that dispenses information about sexuality. For those of you who aren't sure what sex you belong to, call the Azure Line and wonder no more.

      "The Azure Line is needed, says the minister, because 'there is no guarantee that all our teachers and all our supervisors will be able to give useful information.' Indeed. They aren't all homosexuals, and some are even suspected of being secretly homophobic. Hence the call for denunciation, and we can assume that this targets teachers as well as pupils." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Corruption

Protect Our Kids from Preschool: "Barack Obama says he believes in universal preschool and if he's elected president he'll pump 'billions of dollars into early childhood education.' Universal preschool is now second only to universal health care on the liberal policy wish list. Democratic governors across the country -- including in Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts and Virginia -- have made a major push to fund universal preschool in their states. But is strapping a backpack on all 4-year-olds and sending them to preschool good for them? Not according to available evidence."

      So what is the reason? Perhaps to conform young minds to his vision of change? That's why both Communist and Nazi leaders insisted on indoctrinating children as early as possible. See the next link:

Repeated  The Nazi Model For Outcome-Based Education: "The Nazi leadership appreciated the difficulty of indoctrinating the older generation.... They were all the more determined to mold the new generation along Nazi lines. As the leader of the Nazi Teacher's League, Hans Schemm, put it: 'Those who have the youth on their side control the future.'"

      ""...create a new type of student..." ...Condition students to become social servants, not individuals--but tell the public the opposite: '...the principal task of the school is the education of youth in the service of ... the State in the National Socialist spirit.'...

       "Politically correct standards for right and wrong: 'From now on it is not up to you to decide whether or not something is true, but whether it is in the interest of the national Socialist Revolution.' ...

       "Forget facts. Teach 'right' attitudes or 'character' through feel-good experiences: An important aspect of Nazi education was the cult of 'Experience' as being more crucial to the development of the individual than the academic process of learning with its stress on 'knowledge'....

       "Confuse students' values through shocking stimuli and values clarification exercises .....Create new beliefs and values through multicultural and global education...." See New beliefs for a global village

Child Abuse by Misinformation: "Planned Parenthood is a big business, making more than $1.02 billion in 2007 with reported profits of nearly $115 million; $336 million of PP's funds came from us taxpayers through federal and state grants and contracts. Using our tax dollars, Planned Parenthood kills over 200,000 unborn babies each year, orchestrates brainwashing sessions such as Nobody's Fool, and puts up deplorable websites...." See Sex Ed and Global Values

July 2008

The Fed's Cure for "Nature Deficit Disorder" in Our Kids: "Claiming to have the remedy for 'nature deficit disorder,' Congressional Democrats (along with some Republicans) are in the process of passing a new federal education program for all 50 states. The bill is called 'No Child Left Inside' and is a major expansion of the federal education train-wreck, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). ...This radical bill says that it will make K-12 students 'environmentally literate' before they graduate. If passed, the program will actually indoctrinate our kids with the values of the sky-is-falling type of environmentalists....

       "....There has to be a crisis (manufactured, of course) to manipulate normal people into tolerating major and unwarranted expansion of the federal reach into our fundamental freedoms. Under this bill there will be no need for students to be literate in the principles of freedom... but they will have to be 'environmentally literate,' instead. Passage of this bill will be a huge victory for team Al Gore...

      "And how will 'environmentally literate' be defined? To answer that question, we  need look no further than the Earth Charter... The Earth Charter defines environmental education to include (a) promotion of gay marriage... (b) embracing nuclear disarmament... (c) adoption of legalized abortion... (d) ratification of Agenda 21, Kyoto and the Biodiversity Treaties..." See Saving the Earth


Oregon: Students No Longer Need to Learn English or Math: "Starting next year the value of an Oregon High School diploma is zero. Students will be given a choice of taking a national or State exit exam. Or they can put together a 'portfolio' showing what they learned. Of course if they learned very little, can not use the English language or can’t add, that will no longer matter. If they are unable to tell which century the US Civil War was fought, no big deal.... A few pictures, telling a story and 'caring' about the earth, and you will get a diploma..."

      But it has to be the "right" kind of pictures -- or it might be "offensive" to someone. See "and a little child shall lead them" and No room for traditional beliefs

June 2008

Scholarship for gay, lesbian, bi teens: "Juan Vazquez graduated from Garinger High Friday, still unsure whether he'll be able to afford his dream of becoming a high school English teacher. But he is $2,500 closer this week, thanks to an unusual new Charlotte-based scholarship dedicated to students who have come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. Called The Griffin Scholarship, it is believed to be the first college fund in the Carolinas awarded on the basis of sexual orientation."


Anti-Christian Bias in Education: "Rather than teach America’s history and founding principles for the preservation of American liberty and Western Civilization, the new mission of social studies is to prepare our children to accept the transformation of America. In fact, the NCSS are missionaries of a new religion operating in the field of American education. Unlike Christians, these particular missionaries have government backing, free reign with captive children, and operate under the guise of 'education' ...

      "Before building a 'new' structure, the 'old' must be torn down.... I find three primary indoctrination methods.... The first is the censorship of America’s true Christian heritage. The second method I call association propaganda – the linking of negative ideas or events with Christian principles, people, or groups. Finally contextual redefinition changes the meaning of written text in order to support a pre-planned conclusion."

May 2008

Reading tips from Cane Run Elementary: [No wonder many children learn new values, but not how to read!] "Before you start reading, tell your child to look at the pictures in the book and predict what will happen in the story. Use one or more of the following strategies to help your child figure out unfamiliar words: Encourage your child to look for clues in the accompanying picture. Tell your child to 'chunk' unfamiliar words. Chunks are letter combinations that spell smaller, familiar words within an unfamiliar word ("lap" within "clap," for example).... This strategy teaches students to use context to read unfamiliar words....

      "Use the following questions to help your child build comprehension skills: What was the story about? Did you like this book? Why? What did you learn? [Phonics are replaced by guessing, focusing on subjective context]. See A new way of thinking


Bush's Reading First program seen ineffective: "The $6 billion reading program at the center of President Bush's signature education law has failed to make a difference in how well children understand what they read, according to a study program's own champion — the Education Department. ... 'It's no surprise that Reading First has been a failure,' said House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey... who led the fight to cut the program's budget following reports about management problems and potential conflicts of interest in the program."

    The competing agendas from NEA and other leaders behind the scenes are not easily reversed.

April 2008

The expansive and innovative roles schools must take: "...a tiny boy with shiny, jet-black hair sits at a small desk, wriggling and squirming with a swaying motion. He makes no noise, but as a perpetual motion machine, he’s far too agitated to be in a classroom. But he doesn’t seem inclined to bolt from his seat...."

March 2008

Study: 26 percent of female teens have a sexually transmitted disease: "Some doctors said the numbers might reflect the downside of both abstinence-only sex education and teens' own sense of invulnerability.... The CDC recommends the three-dose HPV vaccine for girls ages 11 and 12 and catch-up shots for girls and women ages 13 to 26.... The CDC's Dr. Kevin Fenton said that given the dangers of some STDs, 'screening, vaccination and other prevention strategies for sexually active women are among our highest public health priorities.'"

     Prevention is a loaded term used to justify all kinds of unconsciounable strategies -- such as banning "abstinance-only" education. The norm will set the standard, and with today's titilating, even pornographic, sex education,  used to normalize both homosexuality and promiscuity, promiscuity has become acceptable and normal. Today's sex-filled movies, television and teen books only speed the process.

High School Officials Assign Racist “Gay” Porn: "Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois, had assigned the pornographic book 'Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes' to students as required reading. When a group of outraged parents found out, they filed a formal complaint. Now the book has been changed to an 'optional title.'...  The book is replete with profanity, overt racism through multiple uses of the N-word, an explicit description of a sex act involving Mother Theresa and some of the most graphic, vile and vivid depictions... every put in print."

January 2008

Learning about the 'three sexes' By Rick Amato: "A new law requiring California public schools to, among other things, allow students to 'choose their own gender' when deciding whether to use the boys or girls restroom and locker room is a glaring example of the cultural assault taking place in America. At stake are the minds, values and ideals of the children who parents send off to school each morning. The law went into effect on Jan. 11. SB 777 as it is known, claims to be about creating safe schools, and prohibiting discrimination against students based upon gender."


Transformational Education and the Global Warming Fantasy: "The UK distribution of the Gore DVD was part of a 'sustainable development' education program. ... It is not about conservation or genuine environmental protection. It is really about ideology and politics; it means indoctrination programs in our schools -- not geared to protect our environment but only intended to advocate the agenda of the big government global leftists. ...

      "The Earth Charter indicates that 'sustainable development' means legalized abortion, gay rights, eliminating the right to bear arms, promotion of New Age/Pantheism, advocating global government and using our education system to indoctrinate children in all the political attitudes, values and beliefs mentioned above. ... Education for 'sustainable development' is part of the 'transformational education' that now dominates America's education system." See Saving the Earth Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation


Birth leave sought for girls: "Pregnant students in a Denver high school are asking for at least four weeks of maternity leave so they can heal, bond with their newborns and not be penalized with unexcused absences.... Several districts have special schools with child-care services for new moms. Others have programs that allow students to receive high-school credit."

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