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December 2002

Honduras set to ban violent videogames: "The move comes in reaction to rising levels of violent crime in the country, much of which is blamed on youth gangs known as 'maras'". Romans 1:22-32


Insanely violent games... for kids: "Forward Command Post is one of the weirder toys being marketed for kids this holiday season. It's essentially a bombed-out doll house, complete with smashed furniture, broken railings and bullet holes in the walls. This twisted variation on a traditional childhood theme is manufactured by a company called Ever Sparkle Industrial Toys and is sold by mainstream retailers, including Toys 'R' Us and J.C. Penney. It's being recommended for children 5 years old and up." See The Power of Suggestion


Way Too Much Fantasy With That Dream House: "The stories of the past few years are harrowing: Oral sex in middle-school buildings; boys making videotapes of their sexual exploits -- without the knowledge or consent of their partners -- and showing them off; boys distributing, via the Internet, the names and telephone numbers of girls, along with how much they are known to 'put out' sexually, and defending themselves by saying it's all in the name of fun; girls taking sexually provocative pictures of themselves and posting them on their Web sites; girls and boys speaking, dancing and moving in sexually explicit ways during skits in front of all-school gatherings, even with young children present."


Rap: beyond `moon/June': "RAP is the most word-intoxicated genre in the history of American popular music.... At a time of international crisis, however, rap's popularity is remarkably universal. Eminem is a hero to Middle Eastern youth, and the U.S. government is broadcasting hip-hop on the airwaves of Radio Sawa in its campaign for that crucial frontier, the Arab street. We should be thanking our rapping ambassadors, beguiling the world with two proud American exports: rhythm and wit."  Don't think that militant or fundamental Muslims are thanking America for its decadent cultural exports. They hate us for it. See Four Faces of Islam


Neon Genesis Evangelion [Many young fans of this popular anime believe it teaches Christian truths and values. But the official "story" is clearly occult]: "The Day of the Lord is at hand. In an era of apocryphal cataclysm, divine mandate looms over creation in the horrifically tangible form of Angels. But man is no longer the subservient, passive creation, rather he will concede no peer, accept no superior.

      "Neon Genesis Evangelion is the stirring saga of technologically enhanced heresy, of mankind racing for evolutionary escape from a super natural fate. Enigmatic and profoundly sensitive, Evangelion is a story unlike any other. A frail messiah, a heartless prophet and a foundation of lies and shadow are the last hope, the only hope." See a longer summary of its problems.


Fellowship of the games: "Almost every fantasy role-playing video game owes its inspiration to J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. But there wasn't a decent video game adapted from Tolkien's masterpieces -- until now....  They didn't need to create the art and style of the Tolkien universe; the films had already done that.... [That's the power behind popular mythical movies; they create the context and world view for all the games and gadgets that follow.]

     "You fight as either Aragorn the Ranger, Legolas the Elf or Gimli the Dwarf through battle scenes such as the fight with the Orcs and the Cave Troll in Balin's Tomb... At first, you can dispatch the Orcs with a few button pushes. But you have to turn into a controller-punching fiend to beat tougher enemies. Battles are fun..." See Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: Truth, Myth or 'Discovered Reality"?


Japanese manga comics gaining popularity: "Move over, Spider-Man. Sorry, Batman. The world's comic industry has been invaded.... Unlike superheroes, who have dominated the U.S. comic market for years, manga tell more complex stories, sometimes introducing sexuality and violence....

      "'U.S. comics are based on good guy kills bad guy, on heroism. Japanese manga are totally different,' said Hikaru Sasahara, who heads the California-based Digital Manga Inc. 'Manga has a violence you don't see in kids' comics. It has a certain sexuality, a very complex story." See the spiritual suggestions behind anime in  Dragon Ball, Pokemon comics,  Yu-Gi-Oh  and Sailor Moon


Crude film tempts teens to re-enact wild stunts: "Waking up parents by lighting fireworks in their bedroom. Giving yourself electric shocks. Jumping off a trampoline into a spinning ceiling fan. As dumb or crude as such stunts sound, 'Jackass: The Movie' is tempting some teenagers to imitate outrageous and dangerous behavior just as the earlier MTV show did. And it's no mystery to health and media experts that a San Jose teen said he was inspired by the movie when he was set on fire Tuesday....

    "Reports of adolescent boys who injured themselves imitating stunts have swirled around 'Jackass' almost since its debut on MTV in October 2000. ....Lenore Terr, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco, said copycatting is a condition that adolescents can be susceptible to, whether influenced by a peer group or some form of media." See The Power of Suggestion


Rethinking VeggieTales: "Although it is being marketed as the retelling of the Book of Jonah, Big Idea Productions, the producer of VeggieTales, has instead trivialized and rewritten this Old Testament story by turning a serious book about sin, repentance, and God's grace into a Hollywood comedy. Of course, there are similarities between the VeggieTales' storyline and the Old Testament account. But, for the most part, Big Idea has given themselves the freedom and authority to add to and subtract from the story....

      "Just as the distortions of history do not belong in a public school classroom, likewise the distortion of biblical history should not be accepted in the Church. Nonetheless, VeggieTales associate Mike Nawrocki defends their deviations from Scripture, stating: 'Although we have taken liberties, we've kept the theme very much intact.' But herein lies the conflict. Whether they realize it or not, their man-made additions and subtractions from the Word of God have introduced other themes and attitudes, which run contrary to truth and historical fact." See Deuteronomy 4:2


Two games reach `nearly brilliant' levels of play: "'Onimusha 2' and 'Super Mario Sunshine' have a number of similar merits. They're deep experiences, taking considerable time.... 'Onimusha 2' is cinematic in its animation, aspiring to a photo-realistic atmosphere as characters engage in magical combat in feudal Japan. The action is mixed with intermittent movie-like scenes that develop a complex story about warriors and demons, revenge and fate....The emotions that come through in the movie snippets flirt with being credible drama.... The interactive side of the game... mixes violent swordplay -- there are plenty of 'killing strokes'...

    "'Super Mario Sunshine' is... a giddy cartoon spree.... The essence of the game is a classic sensation -- immersion in a colorful virtual world that in some ways is more fun than even the most spectacular of real amusement parks." [SJM, 9-30] See  The Power of Suggestion

10 percent of students have used the drug Ecstasy: "A survey of California students released Friday found that more than 10 percent of high school students have tried the drug Ecstasy... an illegal hallucinogenic drug popular at all-night parties." The New Testament word for "sorceries" is pharmakaia (pharmacy). No wonder, since sorcerers around the world have used hallucinogenic potions from native plants to alter their consciousness and access the spirit world. See the section on "Embraced by the light" in A Twist of Faith, Chapter 8

Entertainment. Hoobastank: Hot band, funky name: "What does Hoobastank mean? a.) Slang for a shoe fetishist b.) Jesus H. Christ's middle name c.) A South African butterfly... The answer would be 'all of the above' if you read the interviews with members of Hoobastank, a melodic metal band from Southern California. But it may also be none of the above,' if you believe guitarist Dan Estrin.... 'We don't tell the real answer, but people just kept asking, just to get a different answer. We won't tell you the truth anyway. We're a bunch of liars.'' 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Book by 'New Age Guru' Marketed to Christian Teens: "Scholastic [U.S. publisher of Harry Potter and many other books on witchcraft], is selling the controversial book entitled Conversations With God for Teens, which promotes pantheism, sexual adventurism, and moral relativism. One passage of the book attributes the following statement to 'God' in response to a teen's question concerning the forgiveness of sins: 'I do not forgive anyone. That is the first thing you must understand about me. I will not forgive you, ever, for anything that you do .... I do not forgive anyone because there is nothing to forgive.'...

     "It's really scary stuff, and it's couched in 'semi-spiritual' language," he says. 'It's a real piece of work -- it's as if the devil himself is whispering into your kid's ear.'" That's true. See how the original books in this twisted occult series turn God's truth upside down: Conversations with [a] god


A Comic Book Gets Serious on Gay Issues : "In the world of DC Comics, Kyle Rayner is Green Lantern, possessor of an emerald ring, one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. He uses it to right wrongs and keep the residents of New York City safe....

      "Skewed audience and proportions aside, comic books have not shied away from exploring social issues. In the 1970's Green Lantern and Green Arrow tackled poverty, drugs and corporate greed. More recently a teenager in a Wonder Woman story committed suicide, and Batman has taken a strong stand for gun control....

      "These stories have an impact on the creators and the readers." Of course they do. See The Mainstream Media and Brainwashing in America


VeggieTales - Moralism wrapped in ultra silliness: "Consider the VeggieTales version of Nebuchadnezzer forcing Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego to worship the idol in the book of Daniel. The Veggie edition becomes the tale of Nebby K. Nezzer, manufacturer of chocolate bunnies, who tries to force Shack, Rack, and Benny to worship a giant bunny....

    Vischer admitted to the press recently that VeggieTales is 'kind of the equivalent of what if Monty Python took over your Sunday school class' ('Funny Vegetables with a Message,' AP, 1/23/02). Is that really what God's people want for their children? Even Sunday School songs, such as 'This Little Light of Mine,' are sillified in VeggieTales....

    Not only is there no clear Gospel in VeggieTales, but there are unscriptural messages. The video 'Dave and the Giant Pickle' is dedicated to the psycho-babble theme of 'self-esteem.'" Deut 4:2 & Psalm 119:11


Drinking blood sickens me but many people lap it up: [Another reminder that entertainment changes values and guides behavior by manipulating the mind and imagination.] "These are not good times to be a creature of the night, says Arlene Russo, left, vampire fan and editor.... I have been interested in vampires since I was a child.... While other children were reading Black Beauty, I was devouring Gifford's cult classic book... and could quote every word of passages about what you had to do to turn into a werewolf.... I can understand how a childhood obsession might develop into something more dangerous. On the other hand, I have met people who find it hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality." Harry Potter and D & D

British children could soon view adult-rated films at 13: "Children will be able to watch movies that are currently rated 18 in cinemas within a decade, Britain's retiring chief film censor predicted last night. The growth of opportunities to view unregulated movies on the internet has made the abandonment of compulsory 15 and 18 certificates inevitable, according to Andreas Whittam Smith, outgoing president of the British Board of Film Classification....  he believed the change would be in place by the autumn.

      "...the most problematic issue facing his successor, who is expected to be named within a fortnight, would be how to treat films containing acts of sado-masochism. Vivid depictions of sexual violence are still largely regarded as taboo by the BBFC." 2 Tim 3:1-14

When a muppet becomes HIV positive: "The new HIV-positive Muppet on 'Sesame Street' will not be introduced on the U.S. version of the program, and will remain in South Africa. That's a relief to parents of tykes addicted to singing along with the Muppets. Learning certain letters, to say nothing of 'concepts,' might be more than a two-year-old could abide so early in the morning." Psalm 1:1-6

Girl Injured Attempting To Fly Like Harry Potter: "Authorities in Shelby, N.C., said that the girl watched the movie and then crawled onto a kitchen counter, straddled a broom and then jumped off. The injured girl was at a neighbor's house when she tried to fly away on the broom." Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

3 Teens Accused of Burning Youth (ABC-News 7/18/02): "Three teenagers were charged with dousing a youth with lighter fluid and setting him on fire in a videotaped stunt, and officials said the victim appeared to have taken part voluntarily. ... Painter said someone on the tape mentions 'Jackass,' the MTV program featuring a series of strange and dangerous stunts. 'I can't say for sure they were referring to that show, but they were simulating things that are done on that show,' he said Thursday. Several young people have been seriously injured trying to copy stunts on the show." Movies and the Power of Suggestion

Glorifying Gore - Mayhem for minors: "Oh, what merriment the kiddies will make with the newest arrival in their computer stores. The game is called 'Hooligans: Storm Over Europe,' and it goes like this: You're a skinhead thug on a mirthful (yes, mirthful) mission to murder or maim as many soccer fans as you can. Between stompings and store lootings to get beer money, you revive yourself with dope or booze....

      "Sound like fun? It certainly has to video gamers in Europe, who during the past year made Hooligans the hottest game on that side of the Atlantic....

      "More than 3,000 studies have been done over the past 30 years on the effect of violent media on children and adults, and all but 18 showed the violence has a 'significant negative effect.... [P]retending you are shooting and chopping up people -- or watching it -- makes you imitate the savage tendencies in ways both subtle and overt.... The media with the most damaging effect is video games, trumping even the gnarliest slasher movies, because in a game you get to join in instead of passively observing." Psalm 52:3 and America's Spiritual Slide


A Bible Fun Park Wholly Planned: "A Chechen mogul, an Israeli exporter and a Russian poet are joining forces to build a Bible theme park where Muscovites can sample dishes from the Last Supper and watch temple adulteresses dance in Canaan.

      "The Bible Land park, which is to open its doors in 2005, is aimed at children.... Dzhabrailov -- who ran for president in 2000 and whose cousin was linked to an assassination attempt against top city official Iosif Ordzhonikidze last month -- is working on the park together with Russian-born Israeli businessman Emil Pagis, who exports Holy Land souvenirs, and poet Andrei Dementev, who headed RTR television's Jerusalem bureau in the 1990s... 

      "Pagis, who said he was a practicing Jew, said he presented the park plan to the Interconfessional Council of Russia -- which includes top-level representatives of Orthodox Christian, Moslem, Jewish and Buddhist groups -- last month and got a positive reaction." 2 Cor 2:17


State Has Its Eye on Subliminal TV Ads (from the Moscow Times, which may or may not tell the truth): "Watch out, television stations are breaking the law -- by targeting your subconscious. That's according to the government. The Anti-Monopoly and Press Ministries teamed up Tuesday to serve warning to 'some TV stations' who they 'know are using subliminal' advertising, the so-called '25th frame.'

     "Movies recorded on film are shown at 24 frames per second, the speed with which the human eye recognizes fluent motion. But in the 1950s, movie theaters in the United States frequently inserted an undetectable 25th frame that consisted of nothing more than a slogan, such as 'eat popcorn,' that had enormous suggestive influence on the viewer and subsequently boosted sales at the concession booth. Now, the United States has 1,115 laws regulating subliminal usage on television and video." The Power of Suggestion


A Hunger for Fantasy, an Empire to Feed It (no link: New York Times, 6/16/02): "Any Muggle can thrill to a sword fight or a computer-generated aerial battle, but true wizardry lies in the mastery of arcane detail. It is obvious that much of the appeal of these chronicles lies in the possibility of vicarious heroism... The way that identification is sealed is not through imitation of their feats of cunning or physical courage, but by mimicking their progress from innocence to mastery, by acquiring a body of esoteric knowledge for which the books and movies themselves provide the raw material....

      "Like all knowledge, fantasy lore is acquired partly for its own sake and partly for the special privilege it confers, which in this case is membership in a select order like the Wizards or the Jedi or the Fellowship of the Ring...

      "The fantasy genres have especially fertile breeding grounds for such communities of enthusiasm, from Trekkies to D&D players to the intrepid souls who camp out in front of the cineplexes where the next 'Star Wars' movie will be showing..... The triumph of fantasy culture like the transformation of the cult of the computer into mainstream religion, is their revenge. We are all nerds now." See Tolkien's Lord of the Rings


French link murders to cult film: "France's third teenage murder in two years linked to the influence of the Scream horror film trilogy has sharpened fears about the impact of screen and video game violence on the young. The case brings to nine the number of killings around the world specifically linked to Wes Craven's movie. Other violent films and video games have been linked to many more.... A signature of the Scream trilogy, a mask based on Edvard Munch's famous painting 'The Scream', has also figured in killings carried out by adults in Britain and the US." The Power of Suggestion


Xbox's advert pulled after protest from TV watchdog: "A games console advertisement that featured a screaming mother propelling her baby into its grave was banned by television watchdogs yesterday after it provoked a flood of complaints. ....Starting with a woman giving birth in a hospital, the surreal sequence showed a baby boy flying from his mother out of a hospital window. The child then rapidly aged as he flew through the air naked and screaming before finally smashing into his grave as an old man. It ended with the line: 'Life is short. Play more.' ...The watchdog said: "The ITC did not agree that the advertisement conveyed a positive statement." The Mainstream Media

Kids News Show to Address Gay Issues: "The network that's home to the popular Rugrats and Sponge Bob cartoons is planning a news special that engages children in a discussion over gay parenting and discrimination against homosexuals. ...The Nickelodeon cable television network, a subsidiary of MTV, has confirmed it will air a special episode of the new Nick News ...Rosie O’Donnell will be involved in the special. Members of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the Gay and Lesbian Education Network (GLSEN) confirm that they have been involved in the production as well."

Online film piracy cuts into industry profit: "The release of the summer's first blockbuster movies has sparked an unprecedented frenzy of film piracy, sending nearly 10 million people online to download bootleg copies of 'Spider-Man' or 'Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones." Judges 17:6


Sexy Dancing Has Schools on Prom Patrol: "If his guidelines seem a bit, er, detailed, Peterson said, it's because his students leave him no choice. Peterson is grappling with the sexually provocative dance craze that has become the bane of school administrators across the Washington area. ... Students often complain that the new regulations are cramping their style. 'It feels like they're telling us to stop dancing every two minutes,' said Howard High School senior Gyasi Jackson, 18.... 'They're taking all the fun away.'" Gal 5:19


Testimonies of Young People and Christian Rock: "'Christian rock' had made me a shallow, rebellious young Christian. It made it easy for me to get into regular rock music. When I finally submitted to God and got the rock music out of my life, I was able to see the double standard that is lived out by 'Christian rock' musicians.  'Christian rock' does not praise God and it is worse than regular rock because I think it is hypocritical....' An Eighteen-Year-Old Student From Indiana....

      "'When I used to listen to rock music it hindered my spirit and caused a rebellious attitude. I can tell you that when I hear 'Christian rock' music, it makes no difference what the lyrics are. It is the music that causes the poor spirit and rebellious attitude.' A Twenty-Year-Old Student From Oklahoma....

      "When I began listening to 'Christian rock' my personal devotions were almost nonexistent. 'Christian rock' deafened my Christian 'immune system' (conscience) to rock music....' A Seventeen-Year-Old Student From Missouri." Gal 5:19-26 and Popular Music with Pagan Roots

US youth says video games led him to shoot friend: "Jury selection started Monday in the trial of a 13-year-old Dallas-area youth charged with shooting his friend twice in a deadly attack the suspect's lawyer said was prompted by a day-long binge on violent video games. The boy's attorney is arguing the shooting occurred when his client cut school with his friend to spend a day playing video games. The suspect mimicked the actions of violent games the pair had been playing, and used his mother's gun to shoot his friend to death as he acted out the video game action, he said. Police say the suspect knew the difference between video games and reality...." See Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

Five knives broken in teen stabbing Police:15-year-olds fought over video game: "A teen-ager broke at least five knives Monday night as he stabbed and killed his friend in a dispute about a video game, police said. Mario Alberto Lopez of 239 N.E. 9th Place repeatedly stabbed Joseph Martins in the chest and the rest of his body, police said. Both boys were 15. Investigators later asked Lopez why he used so many knives. 'He just wouldn’t die,' Lopez responded." How Role Playing Games Affect the Minds and Values of Children


link obsolete Superhero science: Professor uses comic books to teach the fundamentals of physics: "Is Spider-Man's web really strong enough to support him as he swings from building to building? Why did Superman's home planet of Krypton explode? How much would the Flash need to eat in order to run around the globe in 80 seconds? The man to ask is University of Minnesota physics professor Jim Kakalios. Kakalios, who has taught physics at the school since 1988, is entering his second semester teaching an elective course for freshmen called Science in Comic Books. Or, as he calls it in his syllabus, 'Everything I Know of Science I Learned From Reading Comic Books.' ...

       "In what is likely to be of interest to fans of the box-office hit 'Spider-Man,' Kakalios concluded that Spidey's web is plenty strong enough to swing him from a building or catch a falling heroine. The comic book says the hero's webbing has the tensile strength of steel; from that, Kakalios calculated it could support a couple of tons." Interesting blend of reality and fantasy. When fantasy is validated as reality, how can we expect children to separate the two? 2 Tim 4:3-4

Spider-Man' ... tops $100 million in record 1st weekend: "Sporting a rub-on Spider-Man tattoo, 9-year-old Tessa Williams saw `Spider-Man' twice this weekend and rattled off her plans to see the movie '10 billion times.' ...  Earning an estimated $114 million in its first three days, 'Spider-Man' beat the previous record set last year by 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' by more than $20 million." Since this movie will impact minds and culture, we hope to post a review on Thursday.  Discernment


 Police investigate heavy-metal link to school shooting: "Police in Erfurt were investigating yesterday whether the dull throb of a heavy metal song called School Wars could have nudged Robert Steinhäuser towards the killing of 13 teachers in Germany’s worst classroom massacre.....

      "One [clue], plainly, was a compact disc found in Steinhäuser’s room. School Wars contains the line: 'Shoot down your naughty teachers with a pump gun.' Steinhäuser, 19, carried a pump-action shotgun, but used a pistol for the fatal shootings of the 13 teachers, a policeman and two children before killing himself.

     "In computer chatrooms Steinhäuser sometimes signed off as 'Son of Satan', although he also used other pseudonyms.... About 15 children have killed themselves in Devil-worship ceremonies in eastern Germany — many throwing themselves from viaducts — and it has motivated several murders." Psalm 12:8,  Popular Music with Pagan Roots

 (Computer games). 'Breath of Fire II' fails to provide Game Boy ideal: instant gratification: "There's a lot to be said for a game you can keep returning to, and 'Breath of Fire II' has some innovations, including new characters called shamans that are supposed to add more variety to the action. ... 'Breath of Fire II' shamans represent earth, water and fire in the sword-and-sorcery game." [The last quote is the caption under a picture of three seductive elfish shamans] See symbols


Thriving hip-hop culture is more than meets the eye: "Just what is hip-hop? What is rap? ... Simply put, hip-hop is a culture, and rap is the music that comes out of that culture. The words 'hip-hop' and 'rap' often are used interchangeably because rap has become the most visible component among what originally were hip-hop's four main elements. The other three: break dancing/B-boying, DJ-ing and graffiti....

        "Hip-hop pioneer DJ Afrika Bambaataa points out that commercial radio and TV rarely pay attention to musical styles such as go-go, Miami bass, Latin freestyle, electro-funk, acid jazz, spoken-word, trip-hop, drum and bass, and hip-house, to name a few.... [Hip-hop organizations include] Third Eye Movement, Soul, C-Beyond, Mindz Eye Artist Collective, Black Dot...."

      Hip-hop has also been welcomed into many of today's postmodern churches. This attempt to appear "tolerant" and "open-minded" prompts the church  to conform to practices God told us to shun. See Q&A: Hip-Hop and The Global Church

Rock of ages - McCartney opens U.S. concert tour to generations of Bay Area admirers: "Eight-year-old Oona Murley wasn't even alive the last time Paul McCartney rolled through the Bay Area, but she was there last night, way up in the nosebleed seats, singing along as Sir Paul belted out one classic hit after another. She knew most of the words, too, and screamed herself silly with her 10- year-old sister Hannah and their 40-year-old mother, Sandy Hollimon. That's right. Rock 'n' roll is now family fare. The music your parents hated is the music your kids adore."  Popular Music with Pagan Roots


Just Hour of TV a Day Leads to Violence: "Teen-agers who watch more than an hour of television a day are much more likely to become violent than the rare adolescent who watches less, researchers reported on Thursday.... 'We saw the jump was between less than one hour and more than one hour a day. There was a four-fold increase,' Jeffrey Johnson of Columbia University in New York, who led the study, said.... Johnson said many studies had shown that people simply become inured to violence when they see a lot of it -- either in real life or on television. 'It has been shown that viewing media violence leads to a desensitization effect,' he said. 'The more violence that they see, the less negative, the more normal, it seems to them.'" The Cross


Ozzy Osbourne 'invited to White House': "Wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne has reportedly been invited to dinner at the White House by US president George W Bush, according to reports. It follows the hugely successful launch of a new reality TV show following the UK singer and his family. ...He said: 'I thought I'd be on a wanted poster on the wall, not invited to his place to tea.'"Popular Music with Pagan Roots


Homosexual Music for Kids Speaks Volumes: "...nothing on Double Daddy's packaging suggests to its intended listeners ages 4-10 that the CD focuses mainly on homosexuality [. Molly Universe said she wants her music to expose the children of same-sex parents to their sexual orientation and lifestyle. However, she acknowledged there are no sexual content warnings on the CD....

       "The lyrics to Double Daddy's title track leave no doubt about how many daddies Danny has. 'Danny has a daddy and a daddy at home -- It's a double dounbsp;  ble daddy and he's never alone.' And, according to the song, 'when you double the daddy ... you double the fun.'" Prov 22:6 & Rom 1:22-32 

Online gamers pay for virtual objects: "People are putting incredible hours working in this game world, more time working in the virtual work than they are in the real world,' said Edward Castronova, an economist at California State at Fullerton, and the study's author. 'That is their society. That is their real life.' Now, a Swedish company called MindArk is hoping to cash in on the obsession." See Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

'Shock-Rock' Pioneer Now 'Dedicated to Follow Christ': "Alice Cooper, who sang about necrophilia and chopped up baby dolls during his concerts, said that although he continues to record and tour with a theatrical horror-style show, 'My life is dedicated to follow Christ.' ...A chart-topper with the teen anthem 'School's Out,' Cooper -- who legally changed his name from Vince Furnier -- has been credited with paving the way for the likes of today's outrageous performers such as Marilyn Manson". Doesn't make sense when you look at his website. One song is "I just want to be God" from his recent release, Dragontown. Matt 16:23


Teletubbies to move into China: "When world leaders predicted that China's accession to the World Trade Organisation, secured last December, would herald a new openness to the outside world, few can have had the Teletubbies British television programme in mind. Nevertheless, the characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po look destined to be early beneficiaries of China's growing receptiveness to western culture.... The programme is to be called Tianxian Baobao, or 'Antenna Babies'." See Edutainment: How the Teletubbies Teach Children


All in the family? Not at NBC: "In January 1999, NBC's new entertainment chief, Scott Sassa, declared that parents 'want to watch (TV) with their kids,' and that his network 'should have some shows' featuring 'traditional families.' Last week, Sassa reversed himself completely. NBC has no plans to launch any family series, he announced, because they don't appeal to his web's 'upscale' audience. .... Sassa thinks those series failed because they weren't raunchy enough. He told a recent gathering of television critics that while he doesn't want to, in Associated Press reporter David Bauder's paraphrase, 'shock ... people with adult-oriented themes and dialogue,' he also is obligated to "respond to HBO's success with shows like the Emmy-winning 'Sex and the City.'" Eph 5:2-17


 Escapism and Fantasy Lift Ratings (no link: New York Times, 11-19-01): "...a two-hour concert by Michael Jackson on CBS attracted more than 26 million viewers on Tuesday. Two nights later, an ABC special devoted to models wearing lingerie from Victoria's Secret also surpassed expectations. Network executives said the success of the two specials advanced a growing conclusion that viewers were hungry for the most basic kind of diversion." Seeking peace through fantasy, not by faith?  Psalm 12:8 and The Mainstream Media


Harry Potter's England - The Gothic cathedrals and medieval universities that became Hogwarts: "Despite frantic attempts by Warner Bros. to shroud the locations in secrecy, word has spread faster than a Golden Snitch in full flight. Everyone in Britain, for example, already knows that when Harry and his classmates utter the words Caput Draconis to gain entrance to their Hogwarts dormitory, they're actually in the cloister of 912-year-old Gloucester Cathedral.... It will all become official three days after the film's U.S. release, with a free, glossy map published in a partnership between Warner Bros. and the British Tourist Authority....

     "It may be all very well to theme a family visit to Britain, but will Pottering around be enough? Or is it only a matter of time until the kids themselves demand to enroll in a boarding school with the motto Drago Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus...?" See Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft

Scientists kill mice with dance music: "Scientists who forced drugged mice to endure fatal doses of loud dance music have been accused of  'despicable' cruelty by animal welfare campaigners. The study by Cambridge University examined how loud music strengthens the harmful effects of methamphetamine, the drug commonly known as speed." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots


L.I.E.' Is Infomercial For North American Man-Boy Love Association: "One of L.I.E's screenwriters is Stephen Ryder, who teaches writing at New York University. Ryder was recently asked in an Internet interview how he managed to make the child molester character so charming. He replied, 'That was my plan [laughter]—My evil plan.' Ryder then explains that he considers the relationship between Big John and Howie to be 'consensual' and that men like Big John are 'just regular ordinary non-felonious people.' ...

      "Big John is the most likable character in the movie. He is both cultured and patriotic. Howie's father is a womanizer who ignores the boy. Step-by-step, homosexual activists are softening up public opinion on the issue of adult/child sex...." Romans 1:22-32 and Brainwashing and "Education Reform"


New trading cards celebrate heroes of 'Freedom': "The Topps Company has just issued "Enduring Freedom" trading cards: 90 straightforward vignettes that clearly point out the heroes, villains and hardware of the war on terrorism. There are 11 President Bushes, three Mayor Rudolph W. Giulianis and one National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. There are bright American flags, proud police and rescue workers and 42 spectacular shots of troops, choppers, fighters, bombers and aircraft carriers. And yes, there is an Osama bin Laden card...."


US Army to fund video games for new commanders: "The US Army, in an unprecedented alliance with Hollywood and a major university, is providing funding and technical advice for video games that aim to hone the skills of the next-generation of military field commanders.... 'While offering unique training aids for potential squad leaders or captains, these products will also teach game players everywhere about how to leverage human resources and information....' The institute was formed in 1999 with a US$45 million grant from the army as a partnership among academics, video game makers and creative talent in Hollywood to design advanced 'virtual reality' and simulation training systems for the military."

      Just a reminder that educators call it edutainment: blending education and entertainment. While the "learner" plays games and relaxes his mind, the programmed message and values bypass rational evaluation and take root in the "open" mind. This kind of education helps justify putting every child on a computer and rebuilding or rewiring schools across the country. See Brainwashing in America and the opening quotes in Edutainment: How the Teletubbies Teach Children.

Ready for "Star" turn: "With the release next spring of "Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones," Christensen won't be able to go anywhere without attracting mobs. The reason: He has the star- making role of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan's trusted and good Jedi apprentice. Fans of the franchise know that by Episode III, which Christensen also is in, Anakin will go over to the dark side. 'I was looking for someone who was charismatic, boyish and likable, yet someone who had the ability to turn bad in the next film,' Star Wars creator George Lucas said." Like Voldemort in the Harry Potter books? He was a young charming student at Hogwarts before he chose the bad side. The two occult myths -- Harry Potter and Star Wars -- reinforce each other. See Star Wars Joins United Religions at the Presidio - also home of the Gorbachev Foundation, USA.

Posted in September

“Buffy” Goes Over the Edge: “... She had sacrificed her life to save her sister, Dawn, and all of humanity from the evil god named “Glory,” by diving into a demonic gateway. That act closed the mystic portal at the cost of her life.” But the dark world of the occult sets no limit to illusion. The last episode echoes parts of the bloody ritual of the fourth Harry Potter book:

       “Willow has the others find an Egyptian urn that is used to bring back the dead. She then goes to the park on a nice, sunny day and chants in an unknown language. A fawn walks up to her, and as she pets the baby deer, she sticks a large blade in the side of the animal and sacrifices it so that she may use the blood to help resurrect Buffy. At midnight, the group gathers at Buffy’s grave and lights candles....  she starts to pray to Osiris, the Egyptian god of Hades....” Deut 18:9-12 


CAILLOU is 4 Making New Friends: Caillou knows friends are important. He knows that being a good friend is accepting a friend's special way of viewing the world."  Even if that "friend" has a contrary set of beliefs and values? See Psalm 1:1-6

'Caillou' Joins World of Kid-Vids: "The hit PBS series "Caillou" makes its U.S. video debut Tuesday with two releases from Warner [producer of the awaited Harry Potter movie] Home Video for preschool viewers, "Caillou's Furry Friends" and "Caillou the Explorer." The Canadian-born program which debuted on PBS last year features the ways of young Caillou (pronounced ky-yoo) where everyday is filled with fun, laughter and surprises..... The Teletubbies also have made their DVD debut with "Baby Animals...." See Edutainment- How the Teletubbies Teach Children


Lower TV Standards Draw Mixed Response: "Reports that new television shows this fall will include more expletives, sexuality and profanities involving God's name are drawing mixed responses....  Melissa Caldwell, director of operations for the Parents Television Council, said the only real way of cleaning up television is for viewers to stop watching, which will cause companies to pull their advertising dollars from such shows." Psalm 1:1-6 and Chapter 9: Television and Mind Manipulation


Networks Plan on Blaspheming God Most Shocking TV Season Ever: "ABC, CBS and NBC are considering dropping many of the few remaining standards on network prime-time TV programs – and will likely allow expletives and four-letter words never spoken before on broadcast TV. ...apathy by the public is the major reason the networks are moving to lower standards." Psalm 12:8

Posted in August

Entertaining Ourselves to Death: "Movies are fun. Like most entertainments today, they excite the emotions rather than stimulate the intellect. ... The problem is that we are spending so much time with movies, video games and TV that we tend to become addicted to exciting electronic images. Worse, we become addicted to excitement itself, and we have difficulty distinguishing artificial entertainment from reality...."  ["The addiction to entertainment is also the driving force in the modern church today," comments Paul Proctor, author of The People's Church See also America's Spiritual Slide and Brainwashing in America.

'Bubble Boy': 'satanic allegory' aimed 'to make the good seem bad': 'Bubble Boy, which opens Aug. 24, is a satanic, anti-Christian, politically correct, hedonistic satire about a sick boy trapped in a plastic bubble who escapes his Christian fundamentalist, patriotic, Republican mother to hook up with his true love. Filled with obscene behavior and blatant sexual suggestiveness, Bubble Boy laughs at all things righteous and extols all things perverse." Isaiah 5:20. The roots of such sensual depravity reach back to the beginning of history -- far beyond Aleister Crowley and modern satanism. See Gen 11:4-9 and A Twist of Faith, Chapters 7 and 8

Computer games make children anti-social: "Children who play computer games for hours on end risk stunted brain growth and a loss of self-control, research has shown. A study found that the thought processes required by computer games were too simple to stimulate crucial areas of the brain, leading to underdevelopment and consequent behavioural problems such as violence.... 

        "Prof Kawashima and his team measured the brain activity of hundreds of teenagers while they played a Nintendo game and compared it to another group doing simple arithmetic. The results showed that, unlike the maths exercise, the computer game did not stimulate the brain's frontal lobe, an area which plays an important role in the repression of anti-social impulses and is associated with memory, learning and emotion." 2 Tim 3:1-14

Hollywood -- A Guest in the Home?"...the Parents Television Council -- a pro-family media watchdog -- released it analysis of the so-called "Family Hour" of television programming. The report, titled "The Sour Family Hour: 8 to 9 Goes from Bad to Worse," found that objectionable material had risen 24% since the organization conducted a similar study two years ago." The Mainstream Media

Family TV Hour Gets Violent and Vulgar: "Primetime TV is getting raunchier, sexier, and more profane than ever before, and it looks like there is no safe harbor. A new study by the Parents Television Council reveals that one of the worst offenders is the family hour. The 10 million children who watch primetime TV between 8 and 9 p.m. see almost double the violence and vulgarity than they did two years ago." Psalm 12:8

Television - Tool of the Left: "Television today plays a key role in the left agenda. As a passive media in which information, and propaganda, can be fed directly into a viewer´s subconscious mind, television is tailor made for the left´s plan of changing and controlling our perceptions and culture.... You believe that socialism and a 'one-world order' mean the end of individuality and freedom. You believe that a 'one-world order' under socialism is the consummate dream of the communists. Your dictionary tells you that is correct. But the voices of TV say socialism and a 'one-world order' will be the salvation of mankind. Your children buy it!"  See Psalm 1:1-6 and Two UN Summits, One Millennium Goal

Posted in July

Spirited competition - Board games aim to make religious teaching fun. "Laura Sheahen was shocked to find herself burning in Hell. Of course, she had been playing fast and loose with her life. Just before her death, she was fooling around with a variety of mortal sins, then casually bet her entire future on a single roll of the die....

        "...many of these games -- like Islamic Bingo, Kosherland or Hindu Snakes and Ladders -- are produced on a relatively small scale for minority religious groups....  The biggest hit with reviewers was a game for girls with a vaguely pagan theme, Go Goddess Girl! -- which has been dubbed the "Xena Warrior Princess of board games" by Beliefnet for its spunky mix of pop mythology and girl power. Short on historical accuracy but long on tween appeal, the game instructs its goddesses (er, players) to volley frank, open-ended questions at each other. The queries range from soul-searching ("Describe God") to silly.... 

        "Once you start studying the Hindu cosmology, you realize it's really not a children's game at all," says Leventry of Beliefnet. "It's all about moving to higher levels of consciousness."  That can be entertaining -- and that's what these games ultimately are all about...." Isaiah 3:5-12 and Chapter 1 - A Twist of Faith


Jurassic Park III. Another day, another dinosaur: "It has been eight years since the first "Jurassic Park" -- years in which audiences have come to take the miraculous for granted. In the new picture, we're treated to a dinosaur stampede, brilliantly rendered, and for the characters caught in it, it's as distressing as ever. Yet for us it registers about as powerfully as an old newsreel about the running of the bulls in Pamplona. ...for audiences it's just another day. The public has become so dinosaur savvy that it knows the herbivores from the carnivores.... 

       "For all its economy and directness, 'Jurassic III' doesn't do anything new, and the impact of doing the old stuff just isn't there anymore."

       Hollywood knows it has to deliver increasingly violent thrills to an increasingly demanding and desensitized public. That's one reason why there is no bottom to the moral pit into which it is sliding. Last decade's pleasures have become boring to today's morally depraved thrill addicts. What will this do to American youth -- and to the world that follows close behind?  No wonder cities are posting surveillance cameras. Chart: America's Spiritual Slide


Steven Spielberg: Nietzschean or Human Self Hater? A thought-provoking critique of the movie A.I. and of Hollywood. Read the whole article, for our selection of excerpts give only a tiny glimpse: "In A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the human race are lemmings, just about at the edge of the abyss. Our industry has given us global warming, which has flooded our coastal cities. We have used our inventiveness to create a race of robot slaves, which, in between using for sexual gratification, we round up in Monster Truck Rally type pogroms.... A human scientist played by William Hurt, creates a prototype of a new sort of robot.... a boy of eleven years old... designed to be the ultimate pet, one programmed to love you until death -- your death, unless you decide to return him to the factory to be thrown on the slag heap. His name is David.... 

       "For Steven Spielberg, the grand purpose of David the Little Robot is to be the headstone for the human race.... Here we get, finally, to the truth at the chewy center of the liberal soul. Having lost their faith in God, they've lost their faith in the possibility of a happy ending for our species." See The Mainstream Media and Brainwashing in America

Posted in June

Virtual' pop group. See what our culture now feeds the children: "With his blank eyes and mangy hair, the band's singer, 2-D, is half zombie and half teen heartthrob. Murdoc, the bassist, is a green-toothed Munsters reject with a permanent sneer. Noodle, the 10-year-old guitar prodigy, seems gleefully unaware of the undead around her. And Russel, a hip-hop hard man from New York, keeps time like a muscular metronome. Meet the Gorillaz...." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots

Open secret: the subtle shift in the American sitcom: "Growing numbers of openly gay writers and producers are transforming American sitcoms." Today's entertainment drives as well as reflects popular culture. That's why almost everything clashes with Biblical values and God's guidelines. Our daily choices are simple: follow God or conform to the world. Josh 24:15-16

Yahoo! Still Headquarters For Child Porn & Obscenity: "Yahoo!’s Clubs and GeoCities sites, which are available to anyone including children, indicates that a seemingly endless number of the sites contain pornography, depicting children in a variety of sexual poses and involved in sex acts." Rom 1:22-32

Cradle-to-grave marketing drives Hollywood: "CBS Television Production Chief Leslie Moonves described the strategy by saying: "We'll get them from the time they're two until the time they're 80.' ... As the younger and jaded viewers of trash entertainment grow up, the networks and studios will maintain their entertainment appetite for bad taste, poor attitudes, and zero values. This is what the industry means by "cradle-to-grave" marketing.... 'There's a group of older people who will never accept it, but there's a lot of empty cemeteries, and when they're filled, the world will be a lot more tolerant.'" This strategy -- in nicer sounding words and messages -- is used to market church and Christianity to the boomers and gen-Xers as well. 2 Tim 3:1-14

The nuclear family takes a hit: "We all know what the nuclear family looks like: It looks like a cliché, a fond and fuzzy cliché evoked by episodes of 'Leave It to Beaver'.... The nuclear family, according to the numbers, is fast becoming a demographic oddity.... Americans have redefined the American family." 2 Tim 4:3

What TV Parents Teach their Kids About Sex - Part 2:  "Sexually promiscuous television teens are part of Hollywood's tired old recipe for laughs. On Fox's hit sitcom That '70s Show, for example, the cast of Wisconsin teenagers is so sex-obsessed as to make the viewer imagine that there isn't a young person in our culture who considers sexual purity an option.... It's becoming more and more clear that television teens might be better off not asking Dad questions about sex, because he no longer knows the answers." Psalm 12:8

Parents Behaving Badly: "When Hollywood presents its image of the family, how are the parents portrayed? How do they act around their children, and how do they interact with them? With a slough of media outlets dominating more and more of our spare time as a nation -- especially television -- it is critical that Christians understand how Mom and Dad are portrayed by Hollywood." Deut 6:6

Lewis fans angry at Narnia without Christianity: "HarperCollins's new Narnia novels have yet to be written. It is not known whose name will appear on the books.... Leaked emails from a HarperCollins executive said: 'This is the biggie as far as the estate and our publishing interests are concerned. We'll need to be able to give emphatic assurances that no attempt will be made to correlate the stories to Christian imagery/theology.' ...Lisa Herling, of HarperCollins, said: "The goal is to publish the works of C S Lewis to the broadest possible audience and leave any interpretation to the reader." 2 Tim 4:3-4

Posted in May


Christian Rock - The Rhythm of a Dying World. "...1978 I began writing jazz/rock tunes that combined that exotic taste in music with my Christian experience and testimony. I sang hard driving, adrenaline pumping, flesh-pleasing numbers that were more about ME, MYSELF and I than the Suffering Servant I claimed to love. Being ignorant and immature in my faith I failed to see the contradiction and hypocrisy of using a carnal mechanism of sensual gratification for Christian evangelism. Only now do I understand that music and rhythm have a message all their own... regardless of the lyrics." Judges 21:25

Rating Enforcement Changes Hollywood's Picture: "A new study has found that R-rated films are taking a significant hit at the box office because of tightened enforcement of the age restrictions on the rating, and Hollywood executives say that this is deterring them from making such movies." But R-rated suggestions -- if not explicit images -- are filtering into family movies. The standards are changing as the world is desensitized to evil. Psalm 1:1-6

Christian Rock - The Rhythm of a Dying World. "...1978 I began writing jazz/rock tunes that combined that exotic taste in music with my Christian experience and testimony. I sang hard driving, adrenaline pumping, flesh-pleasing numbers that were more about ME, MYSELF and I than the Suffering Servant I claimed to love. Being ignorant and immature in my faith I failed to see the contradiction and hypocrisy of using a carnal mechanism of sensual gratification for Christian evangelism. Only now do I understand that music and rhythm have a message all their own... regardless of the lyrics." Judges 21:25

Music that Murders: "The human body is extremely sensitive to music. Music not only affects our emotional state, but it can affect the major organs and systems within our bodies. The vibrations produced when playing music pass through the body and impact every internal organ and system in some way....  Many contemporary rock fans no longer listen to the music; they let their bodies feel it instead." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots


Palestinian TV urging children to kill: One particular film "openly and explicitly tells the children to seek death by portraying the most famous child 'Martyr,' Muhammad al-Dura, calling to other children to join him, in his idyllic afterlife." See  Movies and the Power of Suggestion


Posted in April

Report Says Music Industry Sells Violence To Kids: "...still marketing songs with violent and lewd lyrics to children." Psalm 12:7-8  See chapter 15 of Your Child and the New Age.


Posted in March


In Sade’s Shadow  Rom 1-22-32

Alabama Mom Challenges Wal-Mart Over Magazine Covers

Teletubbies send kids wrong health message. See also  Teletubbies.

Leading Us Into ‘Temptation': What Fox's New Voyeuristic Series Tells Us About Television, Our Culture and Ourselves


Posted in February


The gospel according to Luke (Skywalker)

Yellow brick road to ruin: "A culture's health can be measured by what it celebrates... The music industry helps shape the culture, identifying for millions of young people the important as well as the illegitimate...." Many critics argue that what they see, hear, read and play will not influence their values. This article disagrees. It confirms the wisdom of God's warning: "Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good." Romans 12:9

Elton, Eminem deserve each other

The Coca-Cola Company and Warner Bros. Pictures to share the magical experience of reading with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  "This important partnership with Warner Bros. and the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone marks one of the largest global entertainment initiatives ever undertaken by The Coca-Cola Company," said Steve Jones, Senior Vice President. "Both Harry Potter and Coca-Cola reach deep into the heart of local communities around the world to add a little bit of magic to people's everyday lives. Bringing the two together creates a unique opportunity for us to develop programs that will not only touch people emotionally, but allow us to directly impact their lives in a tangible, meaningful way."  [Where social & spiritual values are molded by Harry Potter, Biblical Christianity will not fit. See Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft]

Oscar worship is new religion of the masses: "But what the Oscars are not about is merit.....   The Universities of Stanford, Harvard and Yale combined could hardly counter the importance in which the Academy holds itself. Their guiding spirit, however, is that of the Wizard of Oz, the snake oil salesman who posed as God in order to impress the impressionable....Year after year the Academy gets away with it." 

I Worship Sony Praystation: “It’s my life. My games are everything to me."

Music that Murders: "The vibrations produced when playing music pass through the body and impact every internal organ and system in some way. We not only hear music, but we feel it as well...  The increasing incidents of outbreaks of teenage violence - from Columbine High School in Ingelwood, Colorado, to the murder of a teenager at the Altamont Rock Festival in Oakland, California, years ago - have one thing in common: rock music.... The Christian music recording industry has gone the way of the rock world. In their annual award show (the Dove Awards) there was not a category of pop music from rock to "rap" that wasn't represented in so-called Christian categories."

Entertainment That Evangelizes: Churches Join to Promote Big-Screen Action Film. There are reasons to question some of the hype surrounding "Left Behind."

Study: More TV Sex, Not Enough Warnings   Warning: We have been told that the changing ads includes one that is not very nice.

Computer-created child pornography stymies police. For those addicted to pornography, it matters little whether the images are fact or fiction. What counts in entertainment -- including anime and books -- is perception and feelings, not proof.



Posted in January


TV violence, sex and swearing hit record level


Effects of Reducing Children's Television and Video Game Use on Aggressive Behavior


How Far Will They Go?: TV's Temptation Island. Does this phenomenon remind you of Pinnochio? He was lured to Pleasure Island with promises of fun and play, no school work, lots of goodies to eat. The fun didn't last long before the gullible boys turned into donkeys.



Posted in 2000:

Swansea family flustered by foul-mouthed Furby

Violent Material Marketed To Youth. Untamed human nature easily learns to crave violence. During the early Church age when Christian martyrs when thrown to the hungry lions, the Roman stadiums would be filled with cheers from cold-hearted crowds who loved to watch blood, pain and death. In America, boundless self indulgence has multiplied along with "prosperity" and a vast assortment of games and movies that appeal to a growing hunger to be entertained by ever more gross forms of sex and violence. Could we be following in the footsteps of ancient Rome?

Brutal rituals, dangerous rites.... (Scroll down past the empty space while waiting for the picture to upload) This link comes with a warning: It's not appropriate for children. We posted it because, like the article below, it shows what happens when a nation rejects moral absolutes and laughs at depravity.  


Shakespeare vs. Teletubbies: Is There a Role for Pop Culture in the Classroom? This article seems to ignore the fact that some families choose to avoid today's popular rude-&-lewd entertainment. Like many teachers across the country, researchers see nothing wrong with provoking classroom dialogue with questionable topics. After all, some argue, "children are going to use the media anyway -- to learn, to construct their own identities, to situate themselves within particular groups -- giving teachers an opportunity to make use of students' attention to the media for educational purposes."  To see how this strategy fits the new education goals, read Mind Control.  


Eight-year-old should have "checked her religion at the door"


R-rated movies coming to airlines. (San Jose Mercury News, 8-14-00) "Now playing on an airline video screen near you: R-rated movies. .... R-rated titles, in which theaters restrict minors under 17 without a parent, have been offered in first and business classes on many airlines. Now they're starting to show up in coach. In May, US Airways became the first domestic carrier to offer an on-demand video system, including R-rated movies in some coach sections.

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