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 "The idea that this world is a playground instead of a battleground has now been accepted in practice by the vast majority of Christians. They are facing Christ and the world.... The ‘worship’ growing out of such a view of life is as far off center as the view itself...." A.W. Tozer, This World - Playground or Battleground?

December 2004

The Teeming Crowd in Video Games: "The Christmas season this year will again be chock-full of car wrecks, threats from aliens, dueling Jedi knights and a construction worker named Mario. Only more so. Almost half of all parents in the country are expected to buy video games as Christmas gifts for their children....

     "Q. What do you say to people who link violence in video games to violence in society? A. I don't think there a trend toward more violent games? A. It follows a demographic. The average age of gamers is 29 years old." See Role-Playing Games and Popular Occultism


Violent games going too far: "[In JFK Reloaded]...you can pay $9.99 and assume the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963. You can stick your rifle from the sixth-floor of the Texas Book Depository in Dallas, get JFK in your crosshairs, and pull the trigger to your heart's delight. Yes, you can fantasize that you are assassinating the 35th president of the United States.'" See Toying with Death


JFK reloaded game causes controversy: "The game depicts the presidential limo as it cruises through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, and allows the player to fire at the president....

     "The release of JFK Reloaded, which coincides with the 41st anniversary of the assassination, follows the recent appearance of Riot UMass, another contentious reality game. Riot UMass, created by freshman Grant Cerulo, depicted University of Massachusetts students beating police officers, re-creating the riots that occurred in Amherst after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series last month. That game site has been taken off the Internet." See The Power of Suggestion


Children becoming too materialistic: "'American children are deeply enmeshed in the culture of getting and spending, and they are getting more so,' Schor, a professor at Boston College, writes. 'The more they buy into the commercial and materialist messages, the worse they feel about themselves, the more depressed they are, and the more they are beset by anxiety, headaches, stomachaches and boredom.'... One study found that nearly two-thirds of mothers thought their children were brand-aware by age three....

     "Usually I just ignore it when my kids nag me for stuff. But there was something in my son's manner that morning that made me take notice. He was product-possessed and after I stopped fuming, I got scared....

      "In 'Born to Buy,' Schor outlines the numerous tactics that advertisers are using on our kids, many of which turn them into disrespectful tykes and teens. For example, there is an 'antiadult bias' in the commercials. 'It's important to recognize the nature of the corporate message: kids and products are aligned together in a really great, fun place, while parents, teachers, and other adults inhabit an oppressive, drab and joyless world,' Schor says.... Advertisers and marketers are turning our children into materialistic monsters. And sadly, we are aiding and abetting the enemy." Loving the world and 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Quotes and Excerpts. "There's a marvelous thing about creating laughter. You create vulnerability in the audience with laughter. They're open to anything. Because what it is, is you're giving people a good feeling. They're going to listen to you a lot sooner than somebody that has a bad feeling." Comedian Jerry Lewis  ("The laughter and the pain," Mercury News, 11-15-04)  See Movie Magic & Unconscious Learning


Keillor: Born-agains should not have right to vote: "Speaking in the aftermath of the presidential election, Democrat radio host Garrison Keillor says he is on a quest to take away the right of born-again Christians to vote, saying their citizenship is actually in heaven, not the United States."

     While Keillor is paid to entertain, his suggestion is rather ominous. What other groups of Americans still face such ongoing, irrational media put-downs? See Linking Homeschoolers to Terrorists


Youth group protests 'Kinsey' movie: "A pro-chastity youth organization plans to protest a new biographical movie about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, saying his 'pseudo-scientific defense of sexual perversions' should not be celebrated....

     "The most appalling part of Kinsey's work is the cover-up that continues, even in this movie, that a 2-month-old, a 5-month-old, even toddlers were sexually molested in the name of science under Kinsey's supervision,' Swindell said in a statement. 'Excerpts from Kinsey's work made me sick to my stomach. The details and depths of perversion that he masquerades as science has... justified the molesting of many of my generation. Kinsey's legacy is not one of sexual enlightenment, as this movie would lead you to believe, rather Alfred Kinsey is responsible in part for my generation being forced to deal face-to-face with the devastating consequences of deadly sexually transmitted diseases, pornography and abortion.'" See Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse?


The Truth About Rave: "Music can have a very powerful influence on our emotions, moods and behavior. This has been recognized through the ages. Historically, it has been used for such varied purposes as bolstering courage before battles, singing babies to sleep, enhancing the courtship process and accompanying rites of passage through life.... In Nazi Germany, music was carefully selected for use at mass rallies to generate appropriate patriotic emotions...."

     "Man’s attempts to transcend the boundaries of the physical world through music weave through the history of mankind. While God encouraged His people to enter His presence through songs of praise (Psalm 100), Satan offered a seductive counterfeit used in pagan societies as a connecting link to other gods." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots


Army's war game recruits kids: "'America's Army' is one of the U.S. Army's most popular and effective recruiting tools -- conceived, designed and distributed free to reach the 13- to 21-year-old crowd.... Since the game's release, players have completed 600 million missions during 60 million playing hours.... The target for this year is to sign up 77,000 young men and women for active duty.

     "Video games are the new frontier for marketing and advertising. games have become the way to sell ideas, too, particularly to kids who are still trying to figure out who they are and what they believe. The Islamic group Hezbollah produced a game called 'Special Force,' which hit stores in the Middle East last year.... There's another lovely game called 'Ethnic Cleansing'....

     "The Army was smart enough to recognize this marketing trend and use it effectively. But there are several troubling issues: Should the government be in the business of producing violent video games when research indicates a correlation to heightened aggression?... And what are the ethics of using video games to feed propaganda to 13- and 14-year-olds, especially propaganda with such complex moral and life-and- death implications?...  In the real Army, you cannot press the escape button on your keyboard and come back to life." See Toying with Death


Sex and the TV-watching teen: "One of the most troubling findings showed that talk about sex on TV had virtually the same effect on teen behavior as depictions of sexual activity. That's a big departure from the widespread belief that rarer portrayals of action have a more powerful impact than the nightly barrage of sex chatter.

    "...the most powerful countervailing influence on teen sexual activity is, unsurprisingly, parental involvement. Having parents who monitored their teen's activities, having parents who were more educated or who were clearly disapproving of teenagers having sexual relations, and teens living with both parents were all strong indicators of delayed sexual activity." Since schools and curricula often demean parents and teach children to create their own values, many reject parental counsel and safe guidelines. See Sex Ed and Global Values

Sex crimes may be starting younger -- Schools report 'fairly graphic' acts in kindergarten: "The problem may be worsening because children are exposed to more graphic sexual imagery at a younger age through racier television programming, the increased availability of Internet pornography and declining parental supervision, clinical psychologist Toni Cavanagh Johnson said. Some sexually aggressive children also are victims of sexual abuse, she said. All children mimic things they've seen at home or on television." See Toying with Death


This is the most dangerous author in Britain: "Philip Pullman is being hailed as the new C. S. Lewis after being awarded the Whitbread Book of the Year prize for his latest novel aimed at children.... The Amber Spyglass [published by Scholastic, which also publishes the U.S. version of Harry Potter] -- in which God dies - is too loaded down with propaganda to leave enough room for the story....

      "[Pullman] openly and rightly believes storytelling can be a form of moral propaganda: 'All stories teach, whether the storyteller intends them to or not. They teach the world we create. They teach the morality we live by. They teach it much more effectively than moral precepts and instructions... We don't need lists of rights and wrongs, tables of do's and don'ts: we need books, time and silence....

     "Pullman has said many times that he thinks God is dead.... He told an Oxford literary conference in August 2000: 'We're used to the Kingdom of Heaven; but you can tell from the general thrust of the book that I'm of the devil's party, like Milton. And I think it's time we thought about a republic of Heaven instead of the Kingdom of Heaven. The King is dead. .... I'm an atheist. But we need Heaven nonetheless, we need all the things that Heaven meant, we need joy, we need a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, we need a connection with the universe, we need all the things the Kingdom of Heaven used to promise us but failed to deliver.'"

     Our Lord has never failed to deliver what He has promised! Some of His blessings, such as sunshine and rain, will hardly be noticed by a world that takes the ordinary for granted. Only those who trust and follow Him will give Him thanks. And they alone will truly delight in His amazing grace and personal blessings -- both now and for all eternity. And as the world becomes more hostile to Biblical Christianity (while more accepting of "Christian" compromise), He will give us strength to persevere and endure the struggles. While the world will continue to love evil more than good, God's people will be given grace to endure suffering with joy.


Summer's pop music meltdown: "Want a primer on societal meltdown? Then turn on the Top 40 pop station in any town, and sample the cultural depths to which too much of today's popular music has sunk. ... Even at the top of the Billboard charts, there are unredeemably smutty and/or violent songs you can't believe any responsible station manager would air." 

     This excerpts is a warning to parents and pastors, and we don't suggest you read the whole article. While only an edited selection of lyrics are included, you may not want to put the suggested words into you mind. The fact that America's youth absorb these words and make them part of their thinking should be a wake-up call to all of us. Conforming to the culture and Depravity


Hazy border of reality, fantasy is arena for game-violence debate: "I have an addiction to violent video games.... I'm a living example of someone who can enjoy shooting imaginary people, yet can't fathom picking up a real gun.... It was easy to divide my mind in two, between the pure entertainment of fighting and strategic thinking, and the gritty reality of real violence. I preferred games to movies because watching action didn't give me the same rush of accomplishment I felt when I beat a game in a way that no other player could duplicate....

     "I had my first qualms about video games in 1993, when I was in my late 20s.... That was the year 'Doom' debuted. All those cartoon graphics that had made me laugh were replaced in this game with a level of realism and violence that could make my hands sweat. ... In real life, [his brother was shot].... I asked the 18-year-old and 19-year-old killers to renounce a life of violence as payback for my brother.... Selective amnesia helped me put aside the bitter memories and desensitized my brain to violence again. Now I play violent games for fun again....But as video games push the limits and technology blurs reality, I will revisit my longstanding inner struggle about whether the violence is becoming much too real." See Toying with Death and Role-Playing Games and Popular Occultism


Study Finds Film Ratings Are Growing More Lenient: "A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health has found that a decade of 'ratings creep' has allowed more violent and sexually explicit content into films, suggesting that movie raters have grown more lenient in their standards. The study criticized the ratings system, which is run by the Motion Picture Association of America.... 'The M.P.A.A. appears to tolerate increasingly more extreme content in any given age-based rating category over time,' the study said.

     "...the standards for judging acceptable depictions of sex and violence in American society were constantly changing, and that it would not be surprising if that changed for movie ratings as well. ...'...

     "'...today's PG-13 movies are approaching what the R movies looked like in 1992,' said Kimberly Thompson, associate professor of risk analysis and decision science at Harvard's School of Public Health, who was a co-author of the study. 'Today's PG is approaching what PG-13 looked like a decade ago.' ... 'We're seeing this media convergence issue,' she said. 'It's the same people, the same studios making video games and movies and Web sites." (NYT, 7-14-04) See Toying with Death


Welcome to the World of W.i.t.c.h: "The Magic of friendship. Wake up. Save the world... Taranee: I have the power of fire. I can create whirls of fire, aggressive blazes and even fiery spheres that light up the darkness. Irma: I have power over water. I can command ocean waves. Cornelia: The power of earth...."

     Watch out for Disney! These represent the four spirits worshipped in many Wiccan, New Age and Native American rituals. Go to Symbols and their meaning, then scroll down to Quartered Circle.


Bhutan gives TV cautious embrace: "Five years after television was introduced to this remote Himalayan kingdom, Susie Emmet finds the Bhutanese sharply aware of how TV could transform a nation's culture.... 'There's a silence in the family,' says a newsreader, 'because they're glued to the box.'" See Toying with Death and the next link:


Entertainment. Has TV changed Bhutan?   After five years of broadcasting, Bhutan's government is considering legislation to regulate what the country's people can watch. What effect has five years of TV had on the country?

      "....the programmes most likely to be required to be taken off air would include pornography and the staged US wrestling series WWE. He said that this was because of a wave of children performing copycat wrestling moves. 'The students are becoming more and more violent when they are at school,' he explained. 'The elder boys are trying to imitate the wrestling styles on the younger ones, so that is creating a lot of problems in schools.'..."

     "'[Young people] want and need what they see on television - the fashion, the clothes, the whole changing lifestyle, going to bars, drinking,' Kinley Dorji said. ....'If you look at the items being stolen, it's directly related to what they're seeing.'..."  Conforming to the culture


Disney leading kids to hell? New book series W.I.T.C.H. pushes witchcraft, astrology: "A new Disney book series for adolescent girls aptly named W.I.T.C.H. promotes witchcraft and magic, a development that adds to the arsenal of those who criticize the company for being anti-family.... 'Since W.I.T.C.H. was first introduced in Italy in 2001, we have experienced an unprecedented global response to the characters and the concept,' said Robert Iger, president and COO of The Walt Disney Company....

       "The nine-book series is patterned after 'the fastest growing girls' comic magazine in the world, published monthly in over 64 markets and in 27 languages,' Disney says. The name W.I.T.C.H. is comprised of the first initials of the five girls who are 'ordinary friends with an extraordinary secret – they each have the power to control a natural element.'" Deut 8:10-20


Out of Hollywood, Rising Fascination With Video Games (registration required): "Peter Jackson, who made 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, is entering the rarefied club of Hollywood movie directors who are expected to earn as much money — or even more — from helping create video games as from making movies.... Mr. Jackson realized while making 'The Lord of the Rings' that 'while a film experience for an audience is over after two or three hours, a successful game experience, if it captures the imagination, can last for days.' In the United States alone, sales of video games and consoles generated $10 billion in revenue last year, surpassing box-office ticket sales of $9.5 billion.

    "...those with power in Hollywood are avidly seeking to get into the game business while also reshaping standard movie contracts so they can grab a personal share of game rights." See Toying with Death

Entertainment. Children, television and Attention Deficit Disorders: "A new study appearing in the April issue of Pediatrics concludes that children who watch television experience shortened attention spans and considerably enhances the chances, based on number of hours of television watched, of developing ADDs (attention deficit disorders) later on in life." Ephesians 5:2-17 and Proverbs 22:6


What about P.O.D.? "Contemporary Christian Music’s latest 'rock-gods' are the metal-rap-rockers called P.O.D. Sporting heavily tattooed and pierced bodies, P.O.D. has completely destroyed any remaining fragments of Biblical walls of Christian separation, gospel and convictions. P.O.D has subtilty introduced and indoctrinated Christian young people to a false, anti-Jesus, religion.

      "Before I get started, let me emphasize just how popular P.O.D. is...." See 2 Corinthians 6:12-18 and Music-driven outreach


Evangelizing entertainment: "The amusement park is a natural next step for evangelists, who have historically tried to keep with the times... said David Rosenthal, vice president and director of operations for the $16 million The Holyland Experience. '...Now you have Christian radio, Christian music, as the culture changes.... Other biblically based attractions include the 40-year-old Christus Gardens in Gatlinburg, Tenn., which includes 100 life-sized figures from Bible times and other features. The Messiahville project would be one of only a few large-scale religious attractions in the western United States....

     "The recently released 'The Passion of the Christ' film is a classic example of combining entertainment with spirituality, said Father John McCormick of Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church in Broomfield. 'We have to present the story of faith in a way people can understand, accept and get their minds around it, and entertainment can help with that."

     That marketing strategy differs radically from God's ways in both the Old and New Testament. God told His prophets to preach to people "whether they hear or whether they refuse." (Eze 2:7) Often they were sent to people "without understanding, who have eyes and see not and who have ears and hear not." (Jer 5:21) See God's unchanging Word and scroll down to "Preach the whole truth - whether or not they listen."


Violent Video Games: "According to an article found in the American Psychological Association, by the name of 'Violent Video Games Can Increase Aggression,' researchers performed a survey on young children, which proved that when young children play violent video games, they become aggressive. To add to that in a study by Irwin and Gross, children who played a violent video game displayed a higher level of aggression than children who played a nonviolent game.” 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Lazy cops on the video game beat: "Almost every parent of a teenager wonders how on Earth they're going to be able to monitor what sensationalistic media images or ideas children are engrossed in today.... A graver problem for parents is that the games that many youngsters desire and chatter about are not rated 'T,' but rated 'M,' for supposedly 'mature' audiences. This is the TV-land of ultraviolence, casual sex and casual profanity best known through the best seller 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.'...

     "Rockstar Games, the sleaze merchants behind the "Vice City"... has a newer game out..... The goal of "Manhunt" is delivering the nastiest killings for filming -- the goriness of the killing is rated on a five-star scale. USA Today's reviewer explained: 'I got plenty of one and two-star ratings by sneaking up behind thugs and stabbing them in the neck. Higher ratings are awarded depending on how much additional carnage you can add to the execution.'

     "...in too many basements and kids' bedrooms in America, children are role-playing murderers for hours on end." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism. Next week we hope to post an article showing how RPGs change minds are changed through "operant conditioning." 


Teaching Kids To Kill: Michael Carneal, the 14-year-old killer in the Paducah, Kentucky school shootings, had never fired a real pistol in his life. He stole a .22 pistol, fired a few practice shots, and took it to school. He fired eight shots at a high school prayer group, hitting eight kids, five of them head shots and the other three upper torso.... Where does a 14-year-old boy who never fired a gun before get the skill and the will to kill? Video games and media violence." Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism


Boy who killed girl: 'I did her a favor': "Though an alleged teen killer claims a popular violent video game had nothing to do with his murdering a young girl, the victim's father and others are convinced Grand Theft Auto III inspired the boy to bludgeon and stab his friend to death.... It is a violent crime fantasy in which players earn rewards for assaults, carjackings, and murder, the Scene reports. The game has been highly successful, winning numerous game-of-the-year honors and becoming the best-selling game of 2001." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

Naughty, not nice: "Bad' girls dominate the media and marketplace like never before.... While using sex to sell is nothing new, salaciousness seems to be the only requirement for celebrity in our media-saturated culture. Unlike many 'bad' girls of past years, such as Madonna and Courtney Love, today's crop often avoids political or social stances in favor of naughtiness for its own sake. In many cases, artistry is secondary to image -- and the racier, the better." 2 Timothy 3:1-14

Malvo art indicates 'Matrix' obsession: "Consumed with righting racial inequality and injustice, sniper suspect Lee Boyd Malvo became yesterday the latest young defendant to use the film The Matrix as part of an insanity defense to explain killings that seem to have no clear explanation. The 1999 film has been used, with some success, in at least three other murder cases in which young defendants attempted to justify their crimes with allusions to the movie's philosophy that the world people live in is only a dream sequence controlled by a computer... The process of breaking down that 'step-by-step indoctrination' has been a slow one." See Trapped in the Matrix


 Learning through images: "No longer do we learn through subject and verb, but rather through a verbal hybrid of images and slogans designed to spare us the rigors of closely examining issues for ourselves. Our preoccupation with television imagery has helped make this generation curiously artificial and particularly susceptible to the counterfeit." See Movie Magic & Unconscious Learning

Shooting rampages: Why do children kill? "Many educators claim that what children read doesn't matter as long as they learn to read. That is a dangerous assumption. A book of fiction, a movie, a TV drama or video can affect our emotions in the same way they would be affected by an actual event. Our emotions are not intelligent. Even when our minds tell us we are watching fiction we can sometimes react emotionally as if we were experiencing reality." See Teen Rage and Deadly Delights: Part 1 Part 2


Toy industry courts `tween' girls: "This holiday season, toy makers and retailers are making a big effort to capture the hearts of girls like Kelsie, known in the industry as 'tweens.' ... One strategy for manufacturers is to try to lure tweens back to dolls. The fashion-doll market has become particularly competitive, with MGA Entertainment, the maker of Bratz dolls, battling Mattel, which manufactures Barbie....

      "Last year, Mattel introduced My Scene Barbie, which has an edgier style than Barbie. This summer, the company unveiled Flavas, hip-hop inspired dolls...The Flava dolls, which wear such urban fashions as low-slung wide-leg pants, come with their own graffiti wall." 

       The more bratty, edgy, sensual and suggestive, the more are sold. But what do they teach our children? and The Power of Suggestion

EU backs Sesame Street plan to aid peace: "Characters from Sesame Street are being used to promote peace in the Middle East. Episodes of the long-running television series are being produced in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories with the help of a £1.75 million grant from the European Commission. A total of 78 stories are being co-produced by Palestinians, Israelis and Jordanians, focusing on peace-promoting characteristics which will get the message across to youngsters."


Secret Spells Barbie: "Transform Barbie from an ordinary girl to one of the Charm Girls. Just put on Barbie's 'enchanted' Charm Girl jacket and she's ready to mix up delicious potions that you can really drink. Barbie comes with costume, dragonfly, mixing pot, stand, spoon, stirrer, three bottles, book with a secret compartment, and two packets of "magic" powder." See Deut 18:9-12 Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

Hollywood's favorite child molester: "One of the most popular movies currently playing at the box office, 'Jeepers Creepers 2,' is a teen horror flick directed by a stomach-turning registered sex offender who was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old-boy he targeted, groomed, seduced, and filmed in pornographic home videos.... Salva... served a measly 15 months of a pathetic three-year prison sentence. Winters' scars will last a lifetime.

     Salva made Winters the star of his first feature film... about three murderous clowns who terrorize three young boys....

     "Salva's saviors say their 'talented' friend has paid his debt to society and should be left alone to express himself creatively and contribute positively to the movie industry. Separate the art from the artist.... That is patently impossible and irresponsible, however, when the director's "art" involves the continued sexual exploitation of -- and twisted obsession with -- young boys....

     "Francis Ford Coppola's co-executive producer, Bobby Rock [said]: 'The film did very well at the box office -- that's all that matters to us.''' Psalm 12:8


Death metal rock music: "Death Metal (also known as Black or Goth Metal, Shock Rock, or Grindcore)... focuses on 'a lyrical glorification of all things morbid and decaying'... Black Metal 'songs' exhibit a fascination with violence and death in general, murder, torture, rape, dismemberment, and mayhem.... All exhibit an anti-Christian philosophy. Lead singer for the Swedish band Unleashed, Johnny Hedlund, makes "fervent declarations on the necessity of destroying the Christian religion." Deicide has songs about the joy of killing Jesus...

      "Death Metal in Scandinavia has been connected with the burning of many churches. Since 1992 there have been at least 45 to 60 church fires, near-fires, and attempted arson attacks in Norway alone....

     "In July 1995, three teenagers in California, who were members of a Death Metal band called Hatred and who were 'fanatical Slayer fans,' murdered 15-year-old Elyse Pahler as a Satanic sacrifice.... When the chief investigator asked one of the teens why they committed such a deed, he replied that "it was to receive power from the devil to help them play the guitar better" so they could be able to "play crazier and harder...." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots

Celebrity worship can be dangerously addictive: "A third of people suffer from 'Celebrity Worship Syndrome,' a fascination in the lives of the rich and famous that for some becomes a potentially dangerous addiction, according to new research...."


Rock drowns out SARS anxiety (Toronto): "It was a concert so enormous that most fans could not even see the stage. ...more than 430,000 people crushed into Downsview Park here Wednesday evening to see the Rolling Stones... AC/DC and others perform one of the biggest rock concerts in North American history.... It was intended as a giant public relations event, promoted in part by the government, to tell the world that if nearly half a million people can pack their sweaty bodies together at such close quarters without fear of catching severe acute respiratory syndrome." Popular Music with Pagan Roots


Matrix Continues New Age Gospel of Christian, Egyptian & Greek Mythology Blend: "The soldier Niobe, played by Jada Pinkett Smith, gets her name from a woman in Greek mythology who mocked the goddess Leto, and whose 12 children were slain in revenge. Monica Bellucci plays the evil soul-reader Persephone, named for the Greek demigod who split her time between the underworld and our own.... Osiris, the Egyptian god of the netherworld, as well as mythological references from various paganisms hide throughout the film." Trapped in the Matrix


The Matrix Reloaded: "It’s not much of a stretch to say The Matrix and its sequels have become this generation’s Star Wars..... In USA Today, columnist Jeffrey Wells suggests, 'All the kids in the world suspect they’re living in some kind of plastic, affluent penal colony, and maybe half believe that real life is perhaps more real and vivid on their hard drives than out in the street.'

     "To characters onscreen, the Matrix is an intricate web of deception that blinds them to reality. To young truth-seekers, these provocative, enigmatic films—steeped in muddled philosophy and operatic violence— See Trapped in the Matrix


'Bruce Almighty' not worth the laughs: "To what lengths will society go for entertainment? ...Hollywood's 'Bruce Almighty,' a motion picture created for the mindless entertainment of the masses...  not only reduces God to a whimsical plaything for humanity, but does so with the sole purpose of mere amusement. Hollywood has now proven that society is quite comfortable trivializing the sacred....

     "Bruce's girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) tells him, '[T]here's nothing wrong with making people laugh.' ...The concern with Bruce Almighty is not that it makes people laugh, but that it uses the things of God to bring about laughter." It also shifts the mind from logical analysis to emotional reactions, making it more "open" to the stupid suggestions and mind-changing mockery. Galatians 6:7-8


`My Street' graphics, dialogue send conflicting message to players: "It has a cast of kid characters who look like they're about 6 years old. But starting from the opening video, something isn't right. The kids dance like teenage hip hop experts and they speak cool teen talk as well....They talk trash.... I got some stern looks from my wife about how appropriate this was for my little girl to hear." See The Power of Suggestion

Fast music linked to car crashes: "...As the tempo increased, Brodsky found drivers took more risks, such as jumping red lights, and had more accidents. When listening to up-tempo pieces, they were twice as likely to jump a red light as those who were not listening to music. And drivers had more than twice as many accidents when they were listening to fast tempos as when they listened to slow or medium-paced numbers." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots


Hollywood ramps up its scare tactics: "A single scene in a new Quentin Tarantino movie required 100 gallons of fake blood. Scores of moviegoers ran for the exits during an early screening of a new French film. And a horror film slated for release this spring contains enough 'sadistic' violence to have caused one studio to pull it from its schedule. ...Take the current No. 1 film, 'Daredevil,' starring Ben Affleck...." 2 Timothy 3:1-14 and Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

Virtual Reality, Digital Media, and Computer Games: "The distinctions between virtual reality, animation, and computer games are blurring, and there is growing convergence between their media; Internet, Television broadcasting, consoles, film, wireless devices, and Interactive TV. Research and development in these fields is making rapid progress, due to their inherent attraction for diverse areas such as education, e-commerce, entertainment and computer games, heritage, telecommunications, engineering, film and other media." We hope to write an article on the danger of occult role-playing games and virtual realities next week.


Online games increasingly a place for protest: "Many games are now all about role-playing, and some players aren't participating to escape terrestrial life. They're getting on virtual soapboxes and organizing all manner of protests in cyberspace. Gamers have protested the impending war in Iraq, started newspapers, gathered charitable donations - done myriad things they already do, or wish they could do, in the real world. The line between online gaming and the real world 'is a lot thinner than people give it credit for,' said Raph Koster, creative director of the Austin, Texas, office of Sony Entertainment." See Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons: Like Peas in a Pod?


This year's Oscar idiocy: "Almodovar's surprise inclusion in the Best Director category highlights one of the most striking features of this year's nominations: the Oscars ceremony is almost always gala, but it's safe to say that it's never been so gay. ...Even 'Lilo & Stitch,' the kiddie film from Disney nominated for Best Animated Feature, drew endorsement from The Advocate because it represented the work of 'out' gay filmmakers." Isaiah 30:9-11


Comic books translate into big money: "...despite the impetus from hits such as last year's 'Spider-Man,' a string of upcoming movies may have less to do with a box-office fad than the intense grip that comic books now exert on the American imagination....

       "'Comic book stories have big good-vs.-evil aspects. They make strong tales of morality when we live in such a cynical world,' says Rafael Navarro, a Los Angeles comic book creator....

       "'These kinds of stories have been in every culture since agrarian times, in mythology, in religion, in drama,' says longtime DC comics writer and editor Denny O'Neill. 'These are largely stories about characters who are recognizably human, yet bigger and grander and more magnificent. That's really deep in the human psyche.''

      That's why children identify with the mythical experiences, share their superhero's feelings and embrace their values. Since neither the "good" nor the "evil" nor the "morality" in these fantasies match God's designation for good, evil or moral, they teach beliefs and values that oppose His Word. But God says, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil...." Isaiah 5:20 and Pokecomic


Teenage killer 'acted out' Eminem song: "A teenager who acted out the brutal lyrics of a song by controversial rapper Eminem has been jailed for life.... [He had] listened repeatedly to a track by Eminem's band D-12 called Fight Music, which includes references to extreme violence and sex.... He repeatedly kicked and stamped on Mr Jones' head, causing brain damage...." See The Power of Suggestion


The Boomers' Crooner: "...my girlfriends are surreptitiously smitten with Eminem. They buy his posters on eBay. They play him on their Walkmen at the gym.... They rhapsodize that his amazing vignettes of dysfunctional families make him the Raymond Carver of hip-hop." See the first comment on this page: Music

TV 'has influence on one-year-olds': "'Children as young as 12 months are making decisions based on the emotional reactions of adults around them,' said Dr. Donna Mumme.... 'It turns out that they can also use emotional information they pick up from television. This means adults might want to think twice before they speak in a harsh or surprising tone or let an infant see television programmes meant for an older person.'...  '...one-year-olds paid attention to televised stimuli and used information presented on television to guide their subsequent interactions." See Edutainment: How the Teletubbies Teach Children

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