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The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

March 2008

You will come to love big brother: "Most people see George Orwell’s 1984 (published 1949) as fiction, but Orwell had been a Fabian Socialist and was actually warning people about a planned future dictatorship.... When Big Brother’s agent O’Brien is torturing Winston, who eventually reluctantly submits, O’Brien tortures him again and Winston is bewildered because he has already submitted. However, O’Brien explains that the goal is to have people submit not out of fear, but because they have actually come to love Big Brother and his rule over them.

      "Another work most view as fiction is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932). However, it too was about a real future we will face. On March 20, 1962, Huxley at U.C.-Berkeley revealed there will be 'scientific dictatorships of the future.' He stated: “If you can get people to assent to the state of affairs in which they are living, the state of servitude,… it seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this—that we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy, who have always existed and presumably always will exist, to get people actually to love their servitude. People can be made to enjoy a state of affairs which, by any decent standard, they ought not to enjoy. And these methods, I think, are a real refinement on the older methods of terror, because they combine methods of terror with methods of acceptance."  See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN and Animal Farm by George Orwell

January 2008

Control the food - Control the population: "In July of 2005, I went to a meeting at the Ava Missouri Sale Barn regarding a new electronic cattle identification program that was to be mandatory in January of 2006 in order to sell cattle in the State of Missouri. ... Dr Taylor Woods, a member of the NAIS Subcommittee... never said what the name of the program was, nor offered any website where one could go for information. I asked a couple of questions and then made a statement... 'It sounds like you just want to have complete control of the food supply.' Dr Woods replied, 'We already do.' It is a frightening prospect to consider any group of men in complete control of the food supply."  See The UN Plan for Food and Land

Global Food Fight Stokes Inflation: "Not only has the cost of a gallon of milk increased rapidly, so has corn, cocoa and tons of other commodities as demand continues to rise globally....

    "'Global commodities ranging from oil to base metals to grains are moving higher as billions of people in China and around the world get wealthier and are consuming more as they produce products for us, and increasingly for themselves.'... Never mind the consumption of corn for alternative fuels, a major trend which is sure to drive up prices for both corn and sugar, the base of ethanol.... 'You are trying to feed people, cattle and cars, so you have this global fight between food and energy,' said Michael Lewis, global head of commodities research at Deutsche Bank..." See Reinventing the World

August 2007

Global Food Imperialism - U.N. style: "...the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex)... is a commission established under the auspices of both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) ... agencies chartered under the United Nations.... For some reason – most likely due to lobbying by Germany’s powerful allopathic drug industry, dietary supplements are considered dangerous chemicals in that country....

     "...the process of arriving at a 'consensus' at Codex means that a chairperson allows participants to talk, and over time, this discussion is supposed to iron out any disagreements. Once everyone is supposedly on the same page, the chairman, without a formal vote, or even an informal show of hands, decides the group has come to consensus, and then declares the meeting adjourned. The fact that some in the room may still be in disagreement is ignored. (I watched this manipulative "consensus process" repeatedly at the 1996  UN Conference on Human Settlements.) ... Americans, who expect accountability, and who would in this case expect at least a published transcript of the discussions that transpired during meeting, will find themselves empty-handed." See Managing the Masses through Global Standards

National Heritage Areas - Federally controlled land use: "Why did the U.S. sign a Memorandum of Understanding with France regarding National Heritage Areas? Your property would not only have national management, but now it could have global ramifications.... The property owner has no choice but to be included in a designated Heritage Area.... Once it has been designated, there are no provisions for property owners to opt out.... “In Heritage Areas, local communities and leaders cooperate on efforts to preserve the resources that are important to them. ... What does this mean in regard to privately owned property?" This article answers that question: World Heritage 'Protection': UNESCO's War vs. National Sovereignty

June 2007

Annan to Head Gates Group to Boost Africa Food [Registration required]: "Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan said on Thursday he would head a new green group.... 'I am honored today to take up this important post and join with my fellow Africans in a new effort to comprehensively tackle the challenges holding back hundreds millions of small-scale farmers in Africa,' Annan told a news briefing.

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa said Annan would be its first chairman.... The Alliance was set up last year with an initial $150 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. See  The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

May 2007

Law of the Sea Treaty headed toward ratification: "Once again, the thrice-rejected Law of the Sea Treaty is headed for the U.S. Senate for ratification. Nothing about the treaty has changed since it was rejected in 2000, and again in 2004. Nevertheless, the U.S. State Department has convinced President Bush that he should put his weight behind the treaty.... Even a casual read of the first few articles reveals how U.S. sovereignty is subjected to the United Nations - despite the denials by high-ranking officials. The Environmental Conservation Organization has just released a 10-minue "Flash" presentation that points out some of the most important reasons why this treaty must be rejected." Please see this important warning: U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea

Bush to pressure Senate to revive U.N. sea treaty: "President Bush has asked the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate to revive a proposal for ratification of the United Nation's Law of the Sea Treaty [LOST].... Critics say ratification would compromise U.S. sovereignty and place 70 percent of the Earth's surface under the control of the U.N. – even providing for a 'tax' that would be paid directly to the international body by companies mining in the world's oceans. The battle over the Law of the Sea Treaty first began 25 years ago, eventually being vetoed by President Reagan.... Companies seeking to mine or fish would be required to apply for a permit, paying a royalty fee.... The U.S. would have only one vote of 140 – and no veto power.... One of the main authors of LOST not only admired Karl Marx but was an ardent advocate of the Marxist-oriented New International Economic Order." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

March 2007

Transfer of Wealth: "Unjust forms of transferring wealth occur by means of the thug on the street or the bureaucrat who takes one’s property. Examples of the latter would even include zoning regulations intended to keep property from being developed by the owner for his profit.   ...a bureaucrat may arbitrarily decide that a developer will use the land more efficiently (and produce more taxes) than some widow in her old house, and thus, she’ll find that her property is stolen under the banner of 'eminent domain.' The Fourth Amendment was designed to protect us against unreasonable seizures. Of course, in our day, the devil is in the detail of 'reasonableness.' Who decides what is reasonable?" See Local Agenda 21 - The U.N. Plan for Your Community

February 2007

Networking to Global Governance: "One of the mantras of the New Age 'Aquarian' movement is 'think globally, act locally.' As previous posts in this series have described, the purpose of networking was to transform the world. It would happen by restructuring the world from the tiny cellular all the way up to global governance.
      "None of this could be achieved without a computer. Vertically and horizontally aligned networks rely upon a central database which is able to keep track of the most remote 'cells or nodes.' The computer is able to collate large amounts of data and oversee the complexity of networking processes. The computer also provides a feedback mechanism for data collection, monitoring, and assessing for compliance.... The cellular hierarchical structure is an emerging structure of global governance transcending the nation-state." See
Re-inventing the World

Chairman Mo [Maurice Strong] never left the UN: "...critiquing the U.S. from the comfort of Beijing ever since his links to the UN oil-for-food scandal became public knowledge, Maurice Strong will resurface Feb. 20 in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco.... The main architect of the Kyoto Protocol, unlikely New Ager Maurice Strong is former secretary-general, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

     "Amid much media fanfare in April of 2005, Strong... voluntarily stepped down after being linked... to the Oil-for-Food scandal.... In August of 2006, just four months after voluntarily leaving the UN, Strong flew 10 officials of the Kim Jong Il regime in North Korea to the University of Lund in Sweden...." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community

January 2007

UN-HABITAT and Canada: "The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) is the UN focal point for work on human settlements. UN-HABITAT is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all....  The Governing Council is the governing structure of UN-HABITAT and reports directly to the UN General Assembly through the Economic and Social Council. See Habitat II The UN Plan For Human Settlements

June 2005

Uganda shaken by fund scandal: "Uganda, which continues to win praise from President Bush and others as a model of success battling AIDS, is reeling from the disclosure that top officials, their relatives and colleagues siphoned off tens of millions of dollars in grants from the Geneva-based Global Fund.... 'The money came, and people were diving in for the kill,' said Justice Ogoola..... As of last year, the United States had given the fund $1.49 billion....The investigation uncovered typical tokens of corruption, including brand-new luxury cars and junkets to exotic cities.... grossly inflated salaries... largely undocumented expense allowances."

     Corruption has been a continual problem in developing countries as well as within the UN (whose leaders rarely live by Christian values). Remember the oil-for-food scandal!  But America isn't immune to such corruption. See next link:

Faith-Based Compromise? "After 8 years directing the local food-share program as a faith-based charity, I closed it down....

    "...we were instructed by the regional distribution agency and Oregon Food Bank that we could not ask for verification. At the same time we were serving more people who were not involuntarily in hardship or who were misrepresenting their income status, we were suddenly getting more cases of food from USDA and encouraged that 'The more you distribute, the more you will get.' This seemed generous on the part of the government at first, but became quite labor intensive for the volunteers.

      "Food stamp recipients must prove their income status, but food box recipients and free-lunch recipients have no such requirement. Obviously more people apply for food boxes than apply for food stamps. The press touts this as an indication of more need, but it may be simply because the food is available and you don't have to establish need in order to access it....  The food-box application forms have information/statistics-gathering questions to be filled in by the applicants, but without any verification there is no guarantee any of the information is valid. Yet this same information is used by the regional, state, and federal agencies to support their contentions of 'need'. I don't wish to imply that there are no genuine needs but that these get lost in the fray of such an open invitation to misrepresent....

      "Our oversight board began to question the value of continuing to operate our food pantry because of political misrepresentations and the encouragement to socialistic-type dependencies under the guise of 'need'. At the time we closed our doors, there seemed to be plenty of work-opportunity for any who wanted to work....

     "The volunteers become a vast unpaid labor force which is a convenient conduit for agricultural subsidies and non-profit bureaucracies."

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