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Global Management System - 2012-2013

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The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

June 2012

Baltic countries pushed toward Moscow: "Baltic Sea nations such as Finland, which already have a strong connection to Russia, may be shifting closer to Moscow because of the European Union’s economic crisis. ... Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland are working on ways to form their own regional defense under Nordic Defense Cooperation, or NORDEFCO, as the EU’s economic downturn makes NATO nations more selective about their involvement in future military actions..." See The 'New European Soviet'

Treaty Negotiated In Secret Hidden Even from Congressmen Who Oversee Treaties – Threatens to Destroy National Sovereignty: "An international treaty being negotiated in secret which would not only crack down on Internet privacy much more than SOPA or ACTA, but would actually destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and all other signatories. It is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Wyden is the chairman of the trade committee in the Senate … the committee which is supposed to have jurisdiction over the TPP. ... And yet Wyden and his staff have been denied access to the TPP’s text. This is similar to other recent incidences showing that we’ve gone from a nation of laws to a nation of powerful men making laws in secret." See George Orwell's 1984

Agenda 21: Fact, not conspiracy: "While liberal journalists continue to claim that Agenda 21 is just a 'conspiracy theory' being advanced by right-wing crackpots, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL) have released their fourth Draft of the International Covenant on Environment and Development. This document was designed from the beginning to convert the 'soft-law' non-binding Agenda 21 into firmly binding global law – enforceable through the International Criminal Court and/or the dispute resolution features of the Convention on the Law of the Sea." See Agenda 21 and the United Nation

May 2012

A Memorial Day Disservice: "Hillary Clinton said 'no country is in a position to gain more 'from the treaty....' She also declared the treaty would 'secure U.S. sovereign rights over extensive marine areas.' ...There is just one problem with these arguments, though: they are not true. ...

     "Defined in its most simplistic terms, sovereignty is the freedom from external control. And while 162 countries have been willing to cede their freedom to an international organization....America has refused to do so for three decades. What President Ronald Reagan, and countless Senators, understood is that an international treaty does not guarantee America’s sovereignty, but rather it would erode our freedom."

U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade: "The main opponent of the treaty in the past was the U.S. Bush administration, which said national controls were better....The proposed treaty is opposed by conservative U.S. think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, which said last month that it would not restrict the access of 'dictators and terrorists' to arms but would be used to reduce the ability of democracies such as Israel to defend their people."

Obama's Land of the LOST: "The fight over LOST [Law Of the Sea Treaty] goes back three decades, when it was first rejected by President Ronald Reagan. He warned that 'no national interest of the United States could justify handing sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth's surface over to the Third World.' ...

      "The persistent transnationalists who drafted LOST favor creation of a massive United Nations bureaucracy that would draw ocean boundaries, impose environmental regulations and restrict business on the high seas. ... While our sovereignty would be redistributed around the world, most of the funding for the massive LOST regulatory body would come from...the United States. ...This confiscatory act of environmental justice would siphon billions, if not trillions, away from Americans. International royalties would be imposed; an international tribunal would be set up to mediate disputes. There would be no opportunity for court appeals in the U.S." See The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny

Big Brother in your backyard: "Their ultimate goal is regional government, overriding local control. The essence of the plan is to force housing, business and job growth along transportation corridors. ...If you have any doubts about the goal of controlling where people live, consider that projections are for an additional 2.1 million people in the area over the next decades. The plan will direct most of them to live near transportation corridors.....All of this stems from Agenda 21, an agreement signed during the U.N. Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 that outlines controls and changes for virtually every human activity on earth." See Agenda 21: The UN Plan for Your Community

To Disarm America: "Some say the plan to disarm America had its origin in World Peace Through World Law by Grenville Clark and Louis Sohn in 1958. The plan, however, began much earlier. In 1939, Clark wrote an initial draft for a global government titled A Federation of Free Peoples. ...his close friend Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter....was a leftist who said, 'The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.' Furthermore, Stimson was a member of the Skull & Bones society, and initiated George H.W. Bush into the same fraternity in the late 1940s. (Bush, as U.S. president, would promote the New World Order).” See Rapid Reaction against UN Foes

The India-China Rivalry [To remove the ad, click on page]: "...a new power rivalry is taking shape between India and China, Asia's two behemoths in terms of territory, population and richness of civilization. India's recent successful launch of a long-range missile able to hit Beijing and Shanghai with nuclear weapons is the latest sign of this development. ...the dispute over the demarcation of their common frontier in the Himalayan foothills, from Kashmir in the west to Arunachal Pradesh in the east, while a source of serious tension....

     "...it becomes apparent that the two nations with the largest populations in the world (even as both are undergoing rapid military buildups) are encroaching upon each other's spheres of influence.... And this is to say nothing of China's expanding economic reach, which projects Chinese influence throughout the Indian Ocean world, as evinced by Beijing's port-enhancement projects in Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar. This, too, makes India nervous."

April 2012

A World Force in Operation: “The three main kinds of military action that the force could take against a united country would be pain, conquest, and obstruction. By 'pain' I mean sheer coercive damage.... By 'obstruction' I mean military action designed to retard a country’s rearmament....Activities aimed at causing confusion, revolt of the population, civil war, or coup d'état could come under any of these three headings but would, of course, involve other tactics." The Hidden Control of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

March 2012

The Royal Decrees...umm...Executive Orders...of Barack Obama: "Obama has made no secret of his contempt for Congress, rule of law, and the Constitution. By using Executive Orders to create laws, he is writing his own rule book. Executive Orders do not have to clear either the legislative branch or the judicial branch. Executive Orders have the 'force of law' with the mere swipe of Obama's ball point. Several of his royal decrees Executive Orders have been deliberate attacks on the Constitutionr...

     "Here are a few other notable EOs signed by Obama that hint at preparations for the establishment of martial law: Review of Detention Policy Options....Classified National Security Information....

      "'We can't wait for Congress to do its job. So where they won't act, I will. We're going to look every single day to figure out what we can do without Congress.'" (Barack Obama) See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

International Human Rights Law: "The international human rights movement was strengthened when the United Nations General Assembly adopted of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December 1948. Drafted as ‘a common standard of achievement for all peoples and nations', the Declaration for the first time in human history spell out basic civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that all human beings should enjoy. It has over time been widely accepted as the fundamental norms of human rights that everyone should respect and protect." But those "human rights" ban Biblical Christianity and "free speech" for all who disagree with the declared UN norms and standards." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

UN To Regulate Food & Water? "The United Nations Program (UNEP) has issued a report called '21 Issues for the 21st Century' calling for the UN to become the sole governing body of the world.... The UN will be pushing their one-world government agenda at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development in June.

     "According to Fox News, the globalists at the UN are demanding '...actions to save humanity from starvation, the overheating planet and the collapse of the world's oceans - options that include new 'constitutional frameworks,' 'international protocols' and a 'shared vision' for land and water management that essentially rewrite existing treaties and governments.' Giving a group of radical transnational socialists full control over the food we eat and the water we drink will have disastrous consequences..." See The UN Plan for Food and Land

 Note: The next two items illustrate today's hidden steps toward global government. Many of Obama's strange choices fit right into the UN plan for a socialist collective. Please pray with me for our increasingly corrupt nation -- that many people will turn to our sovereign God, that His people will follow His way, and that He will strengthen our faith as we face the challenges ahead.

One World, One Force: Swords into Plowshares: "The 'One World, One Force' article series is meant to demonstrate the longevity of a big idea: That a world political system or 'global governance' arrangement will inevitably demand some type of world military or police force. ...the 1960s sound a lot like today, and there are interesting parallels. Moreover, many of the movements that defined culture and international affairs during that decade have provided the feedstock for our present age. ... In the last four years there has been renewed interest in the strategic disarmament process that sprang from the 60s.... Elites from Moscow to Brussels to Beijing know how this game is played... The bottom line under both the Soviet and American program was this: Nations must diminish as the United Nations increases. ... Moreover, this United Nations 'world government' would have a nuclear equipped global military force." See Rapid Reaction against UN Foes

Obama working on the Fundamental Transformation of Canada: "The coming battle for the protection of Canadian sovereignty could be called the People’s War against a North American Union.... Overturning Canadian democracy is being aided and abetted by the leaders of documented Obama groups, including Ben Brandzei, a former advocacy director for Moveon.org, as well as Ross McGregor, Director of the Tides Canada Foundation. And yes, that is the Canadian branch of George Soros’ Tides Foundation. ....many of the politicians complaining about this behavior are themselves working closely with American left-wing groups closely affiliated with the Obama campaign."

U.N. Chief Calls for Constructive Dialogue Among Cultures: "Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appealed Tuesday for global dialogue to fight terrorism, though he conceded that there was no quick way to eliminate the Islamist terror threat. 'Never in our lifetime has there been a more desperate need for constructive and committed dialogue....The threats are terrifying, but the responses are at hand,' he added during a speech to the first forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, a United Nations-backed initiative....

     "The timing of the meeting is no coincidence,' said José Ignacio Torreblanca, head of the Madrid office of the European Council on Foreign Relations....'If Davos is centered on the impact of economic globalization, the alliance is about culture, identity and religion in a globalized world.'” See UNESCO's Intolerant "Tolerance"

Coup D’etat: Pentagon & Obama Declare Congress Ceremonial: "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s testimony asserting that the United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the United States military, words which effectively declare Congress a ceremonial relic, have prompted Congressman Walter Jones to introduce a resolution that re-affirms such behavior as an 'impeachable high crime and misdemeanor' under the Constitution." See Walter Jones' video message to Congress and Rapid Reaction against UN Foes

The Islamist-Environmentalist Alliance (2011): "Saudi Arabia has no better friend than the Sierra Club, and the Emirates have no better salesmen than the environmentalists.... The administration’s sabotage of the Keystone XL project through delays aimed at killing the pipeline is a cynical act of cowardice, and it’s a shot in the arm to the very regimes that it claims to oppose...." See Green for Green below.

Agenda 21: Full Spectrum Domination: "The friendly folks a the UN's Department for Sustainable Development have a master plan for us all. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

     "So let's see if we understand this correctly. A plan of action. Got it. To be taken globally...okay - everyone must participate. In every area in which human impacts on the environment....yep, that covers everyone and everything in the entire world. It's a warm fuzzy way to take over the world! Group hug, anyone?" See The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny

February 2012

In their own words: International Good-Will: "The following text is taken from the 1912 World Peace Foundation pamphlet, International Good-Will as a Substitute for Armies and Navies.... This foundation, which still exists today, was at that time a recipient of Carnegie funding ....viewing the steel baron as a hero in the cause of world order.... Today, these five areas are viewed as essential to an empowered world order:
   1. A world judicial system;  2. An international parliament or congress;
   3. World laws;  4. A global military force;
   5. A unifying architecture to ensure global compliance and security under an international protectorate."
See The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny

Brigitte Gabriel's warning to America: "This video is well worth less than 15 minutes of your time. 'It hits at the root of what is happening in American Universities, and what is happening to our culture. This fight is as real and costly as any combat this nation has been through in the past. The battlefield is non-conventional, but so are the methods of our enemies. Please take the time to listen.'"

U.N. General Assembly Condemns Syria: "The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution that further isolates Syria and its backers, while calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside....The vote in the 193-member world body was 137-12 with 17 abstentions."

     Are we nearing the end of national sovereignty? Will the UN -- the rising "world community" -- now choose which nations will exist? Sudan was far from perfect, but it has provided a refuge for many Christian communities. A Muslim Brotherhood take-over could fast lead to the kind of persecution we have seen in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria.

U.N. General Assembly Condemns Syria: "The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution that further isolates Syria and its backers, while calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside....The vote in the 193-member world body was 137-12 with 17 abstentions."

     Are we nearing the end of national sovereignty? Will the UN -- the rising "world community" -- now choose which nations will exist? Sudan was far from perfect, but it has provided a refuge for many Christian communities. A Muslim Brotherhood take-over could fast lead to the kind of persecution we have seen in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria.

Creating a New Society - Change Agents and Influence Peddlers: "...if culture is to fundamentally shift in a permanent way, then social values must move gradually until a tipping point is reached. For this to occur, institutional hubs must first be altered from within; government, the education system, media and popular culture, religious organizations, and other key societal crossroad need to embrace the new worldview. Once the gatekeepers in those sectors accept the new order, the larger pool of individuals that comprise civilization will experience a push toward transformation - the creation of a new mind for a new society." See The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny

Pope says uniting Christianity requires conversion: "Ecumenism... is not an optional extra for Catholics but is 'the responsibility of the entire Church.'... Pope Benedict then touched on the lack of unity in the Christian community, which he said 'hinders the effective announcement of the Gospel..." See Marching toward Global Solidarity

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood tells world to isolate Assad: "The leader of Syria's Muslim Brotherhood said world powers should pile diplomatic pressure on President Bashar al-Assad and he called for a no-fly zone and "safe zones" to be set up to help the Syrian leader's opponents." See The Muslim Brotherhood

‘We Stand With You,’ Clinton Tells Syrian People Ahead of Security Council Meeting: "After months of criticism over its failure to respond to the crisis, the Arab League deployed a monitoring mission and put forward a plan for a 'peaceful' transition that would require Assad to hand the reins to a deputy ahead of the creation of a unity government and elections.... 'The Security Council must act and make clear to the Syrian regime that the world community views its actions as a threat to peace and security,' Clinton said.” See The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny

January 2012

Norway: Muslim rapist tells victim that in Islam, women have no rights: "Numerous rapes in Sweden over the past several years have been committed by 'non-Western men,' e.g., Muslims....Meanwhile, all rapes in Norway in the last five years have been committed by...uh...'non-Western immigrants,' the latest euphemism for Muslims." See The Muslim Brotherhood

The Illuminati - Part 1: Introduced with quotes by Paul McGuire: "Instead of democracy, we will be ruled by a secular humanist or occult elite that are building a new world order.... The Communist Manifesto was an Illuminati document.
      "In Communist Russia, Communist China and other Communist nations hundreds of millions were killed and suffered under the brutal control of godless totalitarian state. There is a carefully concealed occult connection in the construction of these totalitarian states. The Russian occultist, Madame Blavatsky influenced Hitler, Stalin and the United Nations today.... The Council on Foreign Relations, whose goal is one world government, controls the Democratic and Republican parties."
See Media Bias

We don't like the future we see: "Europe, whose economy we so generously subsidized with billions of dollars given by hardworking U.S. taxpayers, and whose freedom we repeatedly defended with the blood of our young men, is now a disaster area, financially and culturally....Europe's financial collapse is the result of extravagant deficit spending and the increased percentage of the population dependent on government handouts, which their people have begun to believe are entitlements. Europe's cultural collapse is the result of allowing a tsunami immigration of people who will not assimilate into European civilization, will not obey the laws of their adopted country....

     "The chasm between the European elites leading the march and the 300,000,000+ people who were not allowed to vote on joining the EU or adopting the euro was a scandalous offense against the democracy the elites claim to respect....

     "America, too, has an elite that wants to take us down the Yellow Brick Road of fake promises, such as free trade and a global economy administered by a wizard behind the curtains in Geneva called the World Trade Organization...." See Squeezing America into a Socialist World System

Global Calendar of Events: 2012: Here Carl Teichrib lists of about 50 transformational events that emphasize global integration, new collective values, the rising green economy and revival of pagan/occult spirituality. It's time to prepare our families for the deceptions ahead.

The following quotes from "A New Way of Thinking" (Brave New Schools) illustrate some of the planned manipulation. (The sources are listed at the end of this chapter):

"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand." (Professor Raymond Houghton)

     "[Our objective] will require a change in the prevailing culture--the attitudes, values, norms and accepted ways of doing things." (Marc Tucker, President of NCEE)...

     "We've been absolutely staggered by realizing that the computer has the capability to act as if it were ten of the top psychologists working with one student. ...and no one can get between that child and the curriculum." (Dustin Heuston, World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching)

     "Little adapted to reasoning, crowds are quick to act... How powerless they are to hold any opinions other than those which are imposed upon them." Gustave Le Bon

Obama Administration Sends Weapons Contract to Foreign Company with Ties to Iran: "Late Thursday night, American company Hawker Beechcraft was informed by the U.S. Air Force that they were not going to be allowed to compete for an American military aircraft contract....The company had been working with the Air Force for two years and spent over $100 million to ensure compliance with the requirements for the plane and says the craft (Beechcraft AT-6) met all requirements as shown through a demonstration actually led by the Air National Guard.

     "...this doesn’t appear to be a question of being outbid or outclassed. In fact, this seems to be a classic example of a contract being awarded without any bidding process at all....  Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace giant which is currently under investigation for potentially making illegal payments to obtain government contracts, is essentially owned by the Brazilian government....Brazil has their own explaining to do regarding their long and sordid history with the rogue country of Iran." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

United Nations Passes Resolution on Homosexual Rights: "The United Nations endorsed the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people..." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

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