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The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

December 2008

With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise: "Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase..."

Madoff and the Failure of the SEC: "Either people will be disillusioned with the SEC and realize that the only function that it seems to be able to do well is to stand in the way of the free market's self-policing mechanism, or they will come to the erroneous conclusion that there is too little regulation and that the SEC needs more power to protect investors." See Reinventing the World

EU backs plan to build nuclear fuel bank by 2010: "[It] would ensure supplies and cut the need for nations to enrich uranium, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Monday. ... EU has decided to support the fuel bank, to be run by the UN nuclear watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency, with a contribution of up to 25 million euros (32 million dollars)." See The 'New European Soviet'

Government Sets Us Up for the Next Bust: "Policy makers have thrown caution to the wind. Twelve-digit dollar figures are tossed about casually. ...after Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson changed course -- yet again -- and announced that the Federal Reserve would commit $800 billion more in 'new loans and debt purchases' ... The total federal commitment to date is over $7 trillion. The Fed ... 'is directly subsidizing lower mortgage rates ... doing so by printing unprecedented amounts of money, which would eventually create inflationary pressures if it were to continue unabated." This crisis may become big enough to implement  The UN Plan For Human Settlements

November 2008

UN General Assembly adopts six resolutions on Middle East: "...the General Assembly today adopted by recorded vote six resolutions meant to promote the Palestinian people's rights and limit Israel's actions in Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan. ... A fourth affirmed the illegality of Israeli actions to change the status of Jerusalem. ...

    "...the Assembly adopted by a recorded vote of 107 in favour to 8 against (Australia, Canada, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, United States), with 57 in abstentions, its draft resolution on the 'Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People'.... With that text, the Assembly requested the Committee to keep promoting the Palestinians’ realization of their inalienable rights, including their right to self-determination...." See Jerusalem and Spreading Islam

Bush Hands Over Reins of U.S. Economy to EU: "The results of the G-20 economic summit amount to nothing less than the seamless integration of the United States into the European economy. ...the United States has unilaterally abdicated all the gains for the concept of free markets... and surrendered, in total, to the Western European model of socialism, stagnation, and excessive government regulation. Sovereignty is out the window.... Bush agreed to subject the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and our other regulatory agencies to the supervision of a global entity that would critique its regulatory standards and demand changes if it felt they were necessary.... The European Union achieved this massive subrogation of American sovereignty the way it usually does, by negotiation, gradual bureaucratic encroachment, and without asking the voters..." See The emerging New World Order

Summit: Leaders agree to plan that will begin to reshape world financial institutions: "World leaders holding an emergency meeting to combat the economic crisis agreed Saturday to a far-reaching action plan that, over the next 4 1/2 months, would begin to reshape international financial institutions and reform worldwide regulatory and accounting rules.... British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has dubbed the wrenching process 'the birth pangs of this new global order.' ...countries such as China, Brazil and India would gain greater roles and responsibilities as part of a restructuring of the international financial system.....

      "I’m a free-market person, until you’re told that if you don’t take decisive measures then it’s conceivable that our country could go into a depression greater than the Great Depression,' President George W. Bush told reporters.... Obama stayed away from the summit.... "

     Does this mean that 'free-market' economics is out? Will Obama's absence save him from blame for the socialist economy ahead? See The U.N. Plan for Your Community

Obama and EU to reinvent global politics: "The Obama administration will play a big role in 'reinventing' the international system, especially on the financial side, in strong partnership with the EU.... Mr Rothkopf was talking from Washington during a video-conference organized by the Brussels branch of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an international think-tank associated with the US State Department.... Mr Rothkopf emphasised the need for a global financial regulator.... He spoke of a 'regulatory renaissance' and of of 'fusion capitalism', by which he means seeing European and Asian visions of capitalism and how markets are to be regulated take greater prominance on the international stage." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community


[UK's] Brown Seeks `Global Consensus' on Tax: "We must use the power of multilateralism to establish a global consensus on a new, decisive and systemic approach to strengthening the global economy.'' See The emerging New World Order

Yet another controversial Obama appointment: "Sonal Shah has been part of group believed to have been involved in massacre of Muslims in Gujarat and carrying out sustained campaign against Indian Christians in Orissa .... Vishwa Hari Parishad (VHP) and its student wing Bajrang Dal are believed to have been involved in the massacre of over 2,000 Muslims in Gujarat.... Sonal Shah has been the national coordinator for VHP-America .... The VHP’s head, Ashok Singhal, believes that his organisation should ‘inculcate a fear psychosis among (India’s) Muslim community.’”

        They certainly have instilled fear! See Persecution

Gorbachev calls on Obama to carry out 'perestroika': "... to overcome the financial crisis and restore balance in the world." Gorbachev's Plan For A United World

Critics Protest Promotion of ‘Seditious’ Islamic Finance: "Charging that principles of Islamic law are being introduced in the United States by stealth, critics on Thursday will protest outside a U.S. Treasury Department seminar on shari’a-complaint finance. Although this is not the department’s first “Islamic Finance 101” seminar, it comes amid a new push by Muslim figures in recent weeks to promote Islamic finance as a response to the debt-fueled global financial crisis.

    "Controversial Sunni scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi... told a conference in Qatar last month that Muslims should take the opportunity provided by the crisis to replace capitalism with an Islamic financial system. .... 'The collapse of the capitalist system... shows us that it is undergoing a crisis and that our integrated Islamic philosophy... can replace the Western capitalism,' he said.

     "Saleh Kamel, head of the General Council of Islamic Banks, said Islam could be a 'third way,' given what he called the failures of communism and capitalism. ...

     "Islamic financial products are those that comply with shari’a, the Islamic legal code associated with notorious punishments including the death penalty for apostasy, and stoning and amputations for other offenses.” See Spreading Islam through Public Schools

(Old but relevant) Gorbachev's Plan For A United World: "The precondition for... genuine globalization is progressive regionalization, because thereby we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units.” Keynote speaker Zbigniew Brzezinski, former head of the Trilateral Commission [a foreign policy adviser to Obama]

EU legislators invite Hamas lawmakers to Brussels: "European delegation visits Gaza, extends formal invitation to all elected Palestinian lawmakers, including those part of recognized terror organization.... 'We don't care who they are as long as they are members of the Legislative Council.'" See The emerging New World Order

October 2008

On the revision of the European Security Strategy: "(vi)... Welcoming the decision by the European Council to launch a re-examination of the European Security Strategy and encouraging EU High Representative and WEU Secretary-General Javier Solana to lead the way in providing the Union with a foreign, security and defence policy vision to meet the challenges of the 21st century... (viii) Taking the view that the process of reassessing the European Security Strategy is just the beginning of a more extensive strategic overhaul...." See The "New European Soviet"

Economic System. European leaders press for new economic order: "World leaders joined by aides to the new U.S. president-elect would gather before the year's end in New York and attempt to forge a new vision for the global economy. ... But experts wonder whether leaders at the proposed summit will truly be able to set aside national interests and clashing legal and business cultures to agree on a common vision. In exchange for global financial stability, nations could be forced to sacrifice autonomy and economic growth under tighter regulatory shackles.... Sarkozy...the conservative — who has in recent weeks sounded increasingly like a leftist — wants discussion on tax havens, hedge and sovereign wealth funds..." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN


The Joseph Principle and Crisis Economics: "Watching the markets... two interlocking phrases immediately come to mind: Ordo ab Chaos, and Crisis Equals Opportunity.

     "Ordo ab Chao is a Latin phrase and the motto of the Thirty-Third Degree of Freemasonry. It means, 'Order out of Chaos.' This expression portrays a simple message. Out of the chaos of extreme crisis comes a time when everything is re-made.... But you must understand; just because order has been established, it doesn’t mean that the world is the same as it was before the catastrophe. It won’t be; it can’t be....

     "During the mid-1970s a 'new international economic order' was proposed....The objective of this movement... was to change the capitalist/Western-oriented world financial system into a more socialist-styled model. The Club of Rome, an elite group of eminent leaders, also supported this effort. In 1976 it fleshed out what this 'new international economic order' would look like." See The emerging New World Order

Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets: "Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said political leaders are discussing the idea of closing the world's financial markets while they 'rewrite the rules of international finance.' ... A solution to the financial crisis 'can't just be for one country, or even just for Europe, but global.'' See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN and the radical minds behind the New World Order

The credit crunch deepened in Europe: "The credit crunch deepened in Europe as government leaders pledged to bail out troubled banks and protect depositors.... French President Nicolas Sarkozy... called for a global summit 'as soon as possible' to implement 'a real and complete reform of the international financial system.' He said 'all actors' must be supervised.... We want a new world to come out of this.''' See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Global authority can fill financial vacuum: "Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, has said that foreign banks operating in the US will be eligible for federal assistance and he is urging other nations to fashion their own bail-out programmes....

     "The US’s dependence on massive inflows of foreign capital, roughly $3bn...) a day, will surely increase now as Uncle Sam acquires $1,000bn in new obligations from current bail-outs. For years to come, Wall Street and Washington will be unable to manage without strong co-operation from other markets. ...

    "Globalisation will now also create a clash of philosophies. Most governments and investors outside the US never shared the American system of cowboy capitalism. Now they have good reason to demand that some fundamental changes be made in the way the US manages its financial institutions....

   "[A Global Monetary Authority] would act as 'bankruptcy court' for financial reorganisations of global companies above a certain size. The biggest global financial companies would have to register with the GMA and be subject to its monitoring, or be blacklisted...." See The emerging New World Order

September 2008

Economics Undone: “'Look around in any direction of our economic and social lives and try to find even one corner of our existence free from some form of direct or indirect government intrusion into our personal and interpersonal affairs.... Over time, interventionism blurs the distinction between what is moral and what is not.'...

     "Sir Josiah Stamp understood this. As the former president of one of the world’s most powerful central banks – the Bank of England... Mr. Stamp knew the banking world intimately. [He said,] 'The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again." See Human Nature

$920 Billion more to bail out the world: "...sponsored by Senator Barack Obama. One is the Jubilee Act, which would cancel as much as $75 billion worth of Third World debt, and the Global Poverty Act, which would cost an estimated $845 billion." [Both bills have passed the House]

UN chief calls for 'global leadership': "'I see a danger of nations looking more inward, rather than toward a shared future,' [Ban Ki-moon] said at the opening of the UN General Assembly's annual debate.... 'Nations can no longer protect their interests, or advance the well-being of their people, without the partnership of the rest."

      [Even when the UN Human Rights Commission and UN affiliated religious groups ignore the evils of Zimbabwee, China and Islamic rulers -- and ban Biblical Truth? Perhaps US needs to protect itself rather than compromise with a world that despises our values] See The emerging New World Order

Chinese Melamine Contamination Triggers U.S. Recall of Instant Coffee and Tea Products: "The FDA said today that seven instant coffee and tea products sold in the United States are being recalled by King Car Food Industrial because of possible contamination with melamine.... Melamine contamination of milk products, especially infant formula, has resulted in a major public health problem in China..." See Depravity

August 2008

Brave Old World: "Russia invades Georgia. China jails dissidents. China and India pollute at levels previously unimaginable. Gulf monarchies make trillions from jacked-up oil prices. Islamic terrorists keep car bombing. Meanwhile, Europe offers moral lectures, while Japan and South Korea shrug and watch -- all in a globalized world that tunes into the Olympics each night from Beijing.

      '"Citizens of the world' were supposed to share, in relative harmony, our new 'Planet Earth,' which was to have followed from an interconnected system of free trade, instantaneous electronic communications, civilized diplomacy and shared consumer capitalism. But was that ever quite true?...

      "Brace yourself -- we may be on our way back to an old world, where the strong do as they will, and the weak suffer as they must." We may not agree with all the views in this article, but much of it makes sense. See The emerging New World Order

University reshuffles 'North American Union architect': "Robert Pastor – the American University professor whose writings have championed the creation of a North American Community – has resigned his position in the school's Office of International Affairs.... Pastor... is working with The Elders, the conflict-resolution group of world figures, including Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter."

June 2008

 Islamic Bloc passes up criticism of Sudan, again: "The world's Islamic nations have ended a conference without condemning the Sudanese government's actions in Darfur despite growing calls from Arab human rights groups for the Islamic bloc to 'end its silence' over a conflict affecting millions of Muslims. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) ended a two-day meeting... on Friday with a host of resolutions ranging from reinforcing the Islamic boycott of Israel to criticizing U.S. sanctions against Syria." See Genocide

Islamic Nations Eye UN Security Council Seats: "Any proposal to reform and enlarge the U.N. Security Council 'which neglects the adequate representation of the Islamic Ummah [community] in any category of membership ... will not be acceptable to the Islamic World,' they said." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Islamic Nations Want Divisive Issues on the Agenda at UN Racism Conference: "Despite the controversy surrounding a United Nations conference on racism being planned for next year, Islamic governments are reaffirming their intention to press for the inclusion of such divisive issues as 'foreign occupation' [Israel?] and criticism of Islam.... Plans for the conference have been dogged by concerns that it may produce a re-run of the last major U.N. conference on racism in Durban, South Africa in 200. The Durban conference was characterized by anti-Israel rhetoric, prompting the U.S. and Israeli delegations to withdraw in protest." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community

March 2008

You will come to love big brother: "Most people see George Orwell’s 1984 (published 1949) as fiction, but Orwell had been a Fabian Socialist and was actually warning people about a planned future dictatorship.... When Big Brother’s agent O’Brien is torturing Winston, who eventually reluctantly submits, O’Brien tortures him again and Winston is bewildered because he has already submitted. However, O’Brien explains that the goal is to have people submit not out of fear, but because they have actually come to love Big Brother and his rule over them.

      "Another work most view as fiction is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932). However, it too was about a real future we will face. On March 20, 1962, Huxley at U.C.-Berkeley revealed there will be 'scientific dictatorships of the future.' He stated: “If you can get people to assent to the state of affairs in which they are living, the state of servitude,… it seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this—that we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy, who have always existed and presumably always will exist, to get people actually to love their servitude. People can be made to enjoy a state of affairs which, by any decent standard, they ought not to enjoy. And these methods, I think, are a real refinement on the older methods of terror, because they combine methods of terror with methods of acceptance."  See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN and Animal Farm by George Orwell

February 2008

Obama's global tax proposal up for sentate vote: "The bill, which has the support of many liberal religious groups, makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations. Senator Joe Biden... is trying to rush Obama’s 'Global Poverty Act' (S.2433) through his committee. The legislation would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal 13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends. ... The bill... passed the House by a voice vote last year because most members didn’t realize what was in it." See Conforming Humanity to Socialist Solidarity  


Your world is being radically re-shaped: "…and over the years this transformation has been given a variety of labels: Global Governance, the New World Order, Internationalism, World Federalism, International Management, World Law, and Global Democracy have all been used to describe the political side of these phenomena.

     "In the realm of religion and society, phrases such as United Religions, Interfaithism, Religious Pluralism, Unity in Diversity, Global Citizenship, and International Solidarity express the global change of culture, thought, and faith.

     "Economics, too, has its lexicon of transformation: the New Economic Order, Monetary Unions, Global Free Trade, Regional Currency Areas, the International Monetary System..." See Reinventing the World

January 2008

The U.N.'s Human-Rights Sham: "Last week the U.N. Human Rights Council held an emergency session, organized by Arab and Muslim nations, to condemn Israel for its military actions in the Gaza strip. ... In the 17 months since its inception, the body has passed 13 condemnations, 12 of them against Israel. ...Only 25 of its 47 members are classified as 'free democracies.'... Nine are classified as 'not free.' Four -- China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia -- are ranked as the 'worst of the worst.' These nations are responsible for repeated violations of the U.N.'s own Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet it is they who dominate the council, leading a powerful bloc of predominantly Arab and African nations that consistently vote as a unit....These regimes have repeatedly used the council as a powerful tool for shielding themselves from scrutiny" See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

One World, One Money: "This provocative discussion, enjoyed over a steaming bowl of soup, took place at the annual meeting of a multi-million dollar Christian-based relief organization. And the person I was dining with wasn’t just an interested attendee; he was a board member representing a significant regional arm of this organization.... Thus, I found his supportive statement for a world currency even more disturbing; here was an individual involved in economic decisions that impacted projects around the globe, yet he didn’t understand what he was asking for....

      "Robert Mundell, 'the father of the euro,' and one of the world’s most respected economists, also views crisis as the starting point for change.... Mundell understood this political problem when giving a lecture in 2003 titled, 'The International Monetary System and the Case for a World Currency.' His response was frank: 'a global single currency could not be achieved without a global government.'" See Signs of the times


Control the food - Control the population: "In July of 2005, I went to a meeting at the Ava Missouri Sale Barn regarding a new electronic cattle identification program that was to be mandatory in January of 2006 in order to sell cattle in the State of Missouri. ... Dr Taylor Woods, a member of the NAIS Subcommittee... never said what the name of the program was, nor offered any website where one could go for information. I asked a couple of questions and then made a statement... 'It sounds like you just want to have complete control of the food supply.' Dr Woods replied, 'We already do.' It is a frightening prospect to consider any group of men in complete control of the food supply."  See The UN Plan for Food and Land


Global Food Fight Stokes Inflation: "Not only has the cost of a gallon of milk increased rapidly, so has corn, cocoa and tons of other commodities as demand continues to rise globally....

    "'Global commodities ranging from oil to base metals to grains are moving higher as billions of people in China and around the world get wealthier and are consuming more as they produce products for us, and increasingly for themselves.'... Never mind the consumption of corn for alternative fuels, a major trend which is sure to drive up prices for both corn and sugar, the base of ethanol.... 'You are trying to feed people, cattle and cars, so you have this global fight between food and energy,' said Michael Lewis, global head of commodities research at Deutsche Bank..." See Reinventing the World

The Outrageous WTO: "The WTO just ruled that the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda can freely violate American copyrights and trademarks in order to punish the United States for our laws prohibiting internet gambling. Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 after finding that 'internet gambling is a growing cause of debt collection problems for insured depository institutions and the consumer credit industry.' ... The WTO ordered this punishment because it says U.S. laws interfere with free trade in 'recreational services.' The foreign tribunal ranks free trade as more important than the intellectual property rights Americans have enjoyed since our Constitution was written." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Corruption

Brzezinski Backs Obama (8-25-07): "The former national security adviser announced ... that he is supporting the junior senator from Illinois for president. ... Obama 'recognizes that the challenge is a new face, a new sense of direction, a new definition of America's role in the world,' said Brzezinski, who keeps an office at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 'Obama is clearly more effective and has the upper hand. He has a sense of what is historically relevant and what is needed from the United States in relationship to the world.'" See The emerging New World Order


Bridging Politics and Religion for Global Unification: "There is a specific 'independent religion' literally seeking to create a new world civilization, both spiritually and politically. It could even be said that world government is their spiritual mandate. To the casual outside observer looking in, this bold directive may appear preposterous. After all... this religion remains largely unknown to the general population of North America, and, arguably, much of the rest of the world...

      "...in the past I had seen the Bahá’ís at World Federalist events and various interfaith gatherings, but in these instances the Bahá’í representatives were just part of the background noise – like so many other attendees. But with Ahderom [the leading representative of the Bahá’í International Community] at the helm of the UN Millennium Forum, and the BIC providing media and communications outreach, database management, and direct administrative support to the Forum’s Executive Committee, it forced me to ask a simple but important question: why the Bahá’ís?" See Gorbachev's Plan For A United World

December 2007

Victory at the U.N.: "Moral victories at the United Nations are few and far between, but the U.S. won a small one over the weekend when it stood alone in refusing to approve the global organization's budget. The vote, after an all-night session, was 142-1.... The two-year budget was presented as $4.17 billion.... But the U.N. budget is released piece by piece, and the final figure -- after add-ons that everyone knows are coming -- will end up being closer to $5.2 billion, a 25% increase. The U.S. is the U.N.'s largest donor, and the American taxpayer is on the hook for about one-quarter of all this.

     "...the final budget approved Saturday includes full financing for an antifraud office that the initial budget had proposed shutting down. It is one of those routine U.N. scandals that the U.S. had to fight to keep the Office of Internal Oversight Services open even though it has already exposed hundreds of millions of dollars in tainted U.N. contracts and is investigating suspicious contracts worth an additional $1 billion. This is another time we can be grateful for Bush Administration 'unilateralism.'" See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

An Inconvenient Reduction: "Thousands of government officials, diplomats, NGO folks and journalists are in Bali this week for the United Nations' global warming powwow. While they try to outline an even tougher set of restrictions on so-called greenhouse gases to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, we'll venture that little will be said about America's record on curbing emissions without such caps.... For all the unproven claims about mankind's contribution to global warming, here's something that can be said with authority: If curbing emissions really is the goal, then the heavy-handed approach promoted by the U.N. and Europe isn't the best way to do so." See Green Lies and Amazing Truths

November 2007

Useful capital is not limited to the financial type: "The expanded use of the concept of capital has spawned terms such as financial, intellectual, social, natural, political and spiritual capital. ...the common thread among them is that they enable the production of other assets. In scientific terms this can be viewed as expansive energy, which takes on different forms, but always with the effect of generating more energy. ... This political capital can be expressed as the ability to win votes, and ... to effectively lobby the government to shape policies....

     "There is also intellectual capital, which is manifest in logical or mathematical intelligence and linguistic or creative ability.... There is also social capital associated with interpersonal intelligence, which is the ability to understand and interact with other people." See UN Conference on Human Settlements

October 2007

Ban [Ki-Moon] tells church not to underestimate its power: "[UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, speaking at an NAE meeting] described Christians around the world as 'good allies' in the fight against poverty.... 'The United Nations can and must do better.... We need the National Association of Evangelicals, Micah Challenge and others in the faith community to help be a voice to the voiceless people.... With faith and the will we can make a difference.'”

    Faith in whom--or what? No one seems to know for sure. See Profile: Ban Ki-Moon

Scandal rocks U.N. SeaTreaty Organization: "One side charges 'distortions and fabrications.' The other side alleges 'mismanagement and irregularities.' What makes this case unique is that it involves the shadowy world of a U.N.-affiliated agency that the U.S. Senate is poised to provide with millions of dollars through ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).... By ratifying UNCLOS, the Senate could automatically make American taxpayers the largest contributors to the ISA, paying some 25 percent of the ISA’s budget." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

September 2007

Dawn of a New Era? "Has the Council met the criteria set by former Secretary-General Annan, who envisioned a new body comprised of members with solid records of human rights commitment, one that would eschew the politicization and selectivity that so discredited its predecessor, the [previous] Commission on Human Rights.... Members are supposed to be elected based on their human rights records, yet the Council includes persistent violators.... It is supposed to objectively and non-selectively promote and protect human rights worldwide, yet it has ignored the world's worst abusers while repeatedly condemning only one country in the entire world—Israel...." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health and the next link:


The Speech Rejected as 'Inadmissible' by the U.N. Human Rights Council: "...delivered by Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, March 23, 2007.... 'Council President Luis Alfonso de Alba ruled the remarks inadmissible." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

The Making of a Global Citizen: "...governments may eventually confer citizenship at a global level, or technology may eventually join us in a deeper form of world community, but both possibilities share basic assumptions: that change happens to us and that others (mostly above us) must do that work...." See Managing the Masses through Global Standards & Continual Assessments and The emerging New World Order

U.S. Sovereignty Threatened by U.N. Treaty, Critics Charge: "The U.S. is poised to turn much of its authority on the high seas over to international arbiters by ratifying a long-controversial United Nations sea treaty."

Bush favors U.N. influence over American Healthcare and Law: "'If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait and see how expensive it is when it's free.'... The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America... released a plan that established UN law along with regulations by the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization as supreme over US law and set the stage for militarizing the management of continental health emergencies." See Adapting the Constitution to a Global Consensus

August 2007

Global Food Imperialism - U.N. style: "...the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex)... is a commission established under the auspices of both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) ... agencies chartered under the United Nations.... For some reason – most likely due to lobbying by Germany’s powerful allopathic drug industry, dietary supplements are considered dangerous chemicals in that country....

     "...the process of arriving at a 'consensus' at Codex means that a chairperson allows participants to talk, and over time, this discussion is supposed to iron out any disagreements. Once everyone is supposedly on the same page, the chairman, without a formal vote, or even an informal show of hands, decides the group has come to consensus, and then declares the meeting adjourned. The fact that some in the room may still be in disagreement is ignored. (I watched this manipulative "consensus process" repeatedly at the 1996  UN Conference on Human Settlements.) ... Americans, who expect accountability, and who would in this case expect at least a published transcript of the discussions that transpired during meeting, will find themselves empty-handed." See Managing the Masses through Global Standards


National Heritage Areas - Federally controlled land use: "Why did the U.S. sign a Memorandum of Understanding with France regarding National Heritage Areas? Your property would not only have national management, but now it could have global ramifications.... The property owner has no choice but to be included in a designated Heritage Area.... Once it has been designated, there are no provisions for property owners to opt out. ....

     '“In Heritage Areas, local communities and leaders cooperate on efforts to preserve the resources that are important to them. ... What does this mean in regard to privately owned property?" This article answers that question: World Heritage 'Protection': UNESCO's War vs. National Sovereignty

June 2007

Freedom, not climate, is at risk (by Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic): "One exceptionally warm winter is enough – irrespective of the fact that in the course of the 20th century the global temperature increased only by 0.6 per cent – for the environmentalists and their followers to suggest radical measures.... The dictates of political correctness are strict, and only one permitted truth... is imposed on us. Everything else is denounced....

     "Michael Crichton stated it clearly: 'the greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda'.... It requires courage to oppose the 'established' truth, although a lot of people – including top-class scientists... protest against the arrogance of those who advocate the global warming hypothesis and relate it to human activities.

      "As someone who lived under communism for most of his life, I feel obliged to say that I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism.... I agree with Professor Richard Lindzen from [MIT], who said: “future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century’s developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations... [and] implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age'." Next, see the kind of headline that's usually hidden behind the propaganda:


34 New World Heritage Sites Proposed: "Thirty-four new sites are being proposed for addition to the existing 20 U.N. World Heritage sites in the United States.... The vast majority of people - including elected officials - have no idea how, or by whom, the list was formulated, why it is being proposed, or what the significance of listing may be." See World Heritage "Protection"


Annan to Head Gates Group to Boost Africa Food [Registration required]: "Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan said on Thursday he would head a new green group.... 'I am honored today to take up this important post and join with my fellow Africans in a new effort to comprehensively tackle the challenges holding back hundreds millions of small-scale farmers in Africa,' Annan told a news briefing.

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa said Annan would be its first chairman.... The Alliance was set up last year with an initial $150 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. See  The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

The Communist-Capitalist Alliance: “...there also exists another alliance... one which is well-grounded and easy to understand. This is the alliance between our Communist leaders and your capitalists. This alliance is not new. The very famous Armand Hammer, who is flourishing here today, laid the basis for this when he made the first exploratory trip into Russia, still in Lenin’s time, in the very first years of the Revolution....
     “And if today the Soviet Union has powerful military and police forces - in a country which is by contemporary standards poor - they are used to crush our movement for freedom in the Soviet Union - and we have western capital to thank for this also.” Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, July 8, 1975.
[An important article by Dr. Stan Monteith]

May 2007

Law of the Sea Treaty headed toward ratification: "Once again, the thrice-rejected Law of the Sea Treaty is headed for the U.S. Senate for ratification. Nothing about the treaty has changed since it was rejected in 2000, and again in 2004. Nevertheless, the U.S. State Department has convinced President Bush that he should put his weight behind the treaty.... Even a casual read of the first few articles reveals how U.S. sovereignty is subjected to the United Nations - despite the denials by high-ranking officials. The Environmental Conservation Organization has just released a 10-minue "Flash" presentation that points out some of the most important reasons why this treaty must be rejected." Please see this important warning: U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea


Bush to pressure Senate to revive U.N. sea treaty: "President Bush has asked the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate to revive a proposal for ratification of the United Nation's Law of the Sea Treaty [LOST].... Critics say ratification would compromise U.S. sovereignty and place 70 percent of the Earth's surface under the control of the U.N. – even providing for a 'tax' that would be paid directly to the international body by companies mining in the world's oceans. The battle over the Law of the Sea Treaty first began 25 years ago, eventually being vetoed by President Reagan.... Companies seeking to mine or fish would be required to apply for a permit, paying a royalty fee.... The U.S. would have only one vote of 140 – and no veto power.... One of the main authors of LOST not only admired Karl Marx but was an ardent advocate of the Marxist-oriented New International Economic Order." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN


Bush OKs 'integration' with European Union [Jerome Corsi, 5-8]: "President Bush signed an agreement creating a 'permanent body' that commits the U.S. to 'deeper transatlantic economic integration,' without ratification by the Senate as a treaty or passage by Congress as a law." See next link:


Framework for Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration Between the United States of America and the European Union [President Bush]: "We, leaders of the United States of America and the European Union (EU): Believing that deeper transatlantic economic integration and growth will benefit our citizens and the competitiveness of our economies.... Recognizing that the transatlantic economy remains at the forefront of globalization, and that the United States and the European Union are each other's most important economic partners.... The Transatlantic Economic Council is hereby established....

     "Annex 7....Acknowledging the importance of research and innovation to promoting competitiveness and improving qualify of life, we resolve to: ...D. Work together on interoperability of electronic health record systems; E. Exchange best practices on all dimensions related to RFID [personal surveillance?]... G. Exchange knowledge and experience on the use of information and communication technologies to improve traffic safety; H. Launch our Standards Dialogue as an overarching framework to discuss specific standards-related issues; and See The Emerging New World Order

April 2007

Hello, 'cultural diversity' – goodbye, sovereignty: "A new U.N. treaty entered into force on March 18, 2007: the 'Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.'... The purpose of the treaty is to further integrate the world into a global village.... [T]he treaty also proclaims the 'Principle of Sovereignty,' which means: 'States have, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law, the sovereign right to adopt measures and policies to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions within their territory.' This means that the exercise of national sovereignty must conform to 'international law' as prescribed by the United Nations."

     In other words, America has the "sovereign right" only to carry out the edicts of the UN. It has no right to resist UN guidelines. See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

March 2007

Transfer of Wealth: "Unjust forms of transferring wealth occur by means of the thug on the street or the bureaucrat who takes one’s property. Examples of the latter would even include zoning regulations intended to keep property from being developed by the owner for his profit.   ...a bureaucrat may arbitrarily decide that a developer will use the land more efficiently (and produce more taxes) than some widow in her old house, and thus, she’ll find that her property is stolen under the banner of 'eminent domain.' The Fourth Amendment was designed to protect us against unreasonable seizures. Of course, in our day, the devil is in the detail of 'reasonableness.' Who decides what is reasonable?" See Local Agenda 21 - The U.N. Plan for Your Community


Biden Introduces Legislation Allowing for Full Payment of U.S. Dues to UN Peacekeeping Operations: "Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-DE), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced legislation today that would allow the United States to fully pay its dues to UN Peacekeeping missions, and ensure that we do not accrue additional debt in the coming years....

     "The debt comes through a 1994 law that limited U.S. payments for UN peacekeeping at 25 percent after Fiscal Year 1995, though the actual rate assessed to the U.S. by the UN has been higher.... Through UN peacekeeping, the U.S. contributes to international peace and stability....“

      But UN peacekeeping has been fraught with corruption. See the next link:

Repeat The U.N.'s rape of the innocents: "...How else can he [Kofi Annan] block out the cries of Congolese girls raped by United Nations 'peacekeepers' sent to protect the innocents from harm? Fifty U.N. peacekeepers and U.N. civilian officers face an estimated 150 allegations of sexual exploitation and rape in the Congo alone.... The accused include Didier Bourguet, a U.N. senior official from France charged with running an Internet pedophile ring in the Congo.... Hundreds of babies, fathered by U.N. personnel, have been born to Congolese girls and women....

     "It's time to rethink the nearly half-billion dollars in aid we send to U.N. peacekeeping operations. How much more aid must we squander on holier-than-thou wolves in do-gooders' clothing?" See Rapid Reaction against UN Foes

February 2007

Networking to Global Governance: "One of the mantras of the New Age 'Aquarian' movement is 'think globally, act locally.' As previous posts in this series have described, the purpose of networking was to transform the world. It would happen by restructuring the world from the tiny cellular all the way up to global governance.
      "None of this could be achieved without a computer. Vertically and horizontally aligned networks rely upon a central database which is able to keep track of the most remote 'cells or nodes.' The computer is able to collate large amounts of data and oversee the complexity of networking processes. The computer also provides a feedback mechanism for data collection, monitoring, and assessing for compliance.... The cellular hierarchical structure is an emerging structure of global governance transcending the nation-state."
See Re-inventing the World


UN Corruption, Sustainable Development & China. Chairman Mo [Maurice Strong] never left the UN: "...critiquing the U.S. from the comfort of Beijing ever since his links to the UN oil-for-food scandal became public knowledge, Maurice Strong will resurface Feb. 20 in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco.... The main architect of the Kyoto Protocol, unlikely New Ager Maurice Strong is former secretary-general, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

     "Amid much media fanfare in April of 2005, Strong... voluntarily stepped down after being linked... to the Oil-for-Food scandal.... In August of 2006, just four months after voluntarily leaving the UN, Strong flew 10 officials of the Kim Jong Il regime in North Korea to the University of Lund in Sweden...." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community

January 2007

Pillars of the Alliance of Civilizations: The Earth Charter [by Constance Cumbey]: "If the declared agenda of the Alliance of Civilizations of regulating religious schools and their curriculums seem potentially draconian, its incorporated “Earth Charter” is even stranger. It had a Vermont eerie coming out party, complete with drums and masks, preceding on September 9, 2001.... 'Eminent personalities' who were part of that party included Dr. Steven Rockefeller, Jane Goodall. New Age musician Paul Winter and 'peace walker' Satish Kumar." See The Earth Charter's Unholy Ark

UN-HABITAT and Canada: "The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) is the UN focal point for work on human settlements. UN-HABITAT is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all....  The Governing Council is the governing structure of UN-HABITAT and reports directly to the UN General Assembly through the Economic and Social Council. See Habitat II The UN Plan For Human Settlements

The devil's seven-pronged fork: "Prong One: Semantic Deception... calls for lying through the deceitful use of words.... Prong Two is the constant use of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel’s Dialectic...

      "Prong Three is the use of Gradualism.... Prong Four is Control of the Media. David Rockefeller, in Baden-Baden, Germany, 1991, thanked the major media for keeping secret the elitists’ plan for the world." See The emerging New World Order

December 2006

The Alliance of Civilizations: War on Monotheistic Religions? "One is, it appears, allowed to have a religion in the 'New World Order'.... One is not, however, allowed to believe it true. Nor is one allowed to tell others it is true. If somebody believes that 'Maitreya is the Christ,' Rev. Moon is 'the Lord of the Second Advent,' or Sai Baba is God, they may tell you their religion is true. That is called 'dialogue.' If a Christian dares to suggest Jesus is the only way, that is called 'proselytizing.' We are looking at what anti-Christian writer, Theosophist Gina Cerminara during her lifetime cheerfully admitted in her books was a 'war of general semantics.'

     "The newest and most powerful front in this war I have seen to date is the Kofi Annan convened, Javier Solana 2003 originated 'Alliance of Civilizations.' ... a powerful convergence of politics and religion blending into frightening and fast-growing 'global governance.' Right on schedule, its 'High Level Group of Eminent Personalities,' (amazingly similar to long disappeared former Lucis Trust administrator, Donald Keys’, and his then 1981 proposed 'World Council of Wise Persons') issued its final recommendations...." See Gorbachev's Plan For A United World


Alliance of Civilizations: "...the UN Secretary-General established a High-level Group of eminent personalities and tasked this Group with generating a report containing an analysis of the rise in cross-cultural polarization and extremism...." See Alliance of Civilizations


Streit Council for a Union of Demoncracies: "In the 1930s the New York Times’ correspondent at the League of Nations, Clarence K. Streit, observed the rise of the Hitler-Mussolini-Hirihito totalitarian forces, and the failure of Western democracies to agree on measures to halt their aggression and enable the League to work. In alarm he wrote a book, Union Now. A proposal for a federal union of the leading democracies, published in 1939, in which he proposed a federal union of democratic nations that would have a common foreign policy and common defense force...." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

UN to appoint former Moonie as head of World Food Programme: "Ms Sheeran, also known by her married name Shiner, was a member of the Rev Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church for more than 20 years. She became one of its most influential figures as managing editor of the Washington Times newspaper, which was founded by Mr Moon." See The UN Plan for Food and Land


Business Week Concedes Globalism Is A Problem: "...the United States is no longer the captain of our fate because 'globalization has overwhelmed Washington's ability to control the economy.'... Business Week now admits that our weak wage growth is driven by competition from cheap labor in Asia and that Congress is virtually powerless to make any significant difference. ...

      "What about the area we brag about: research and development? Business Week admits that it's no longer a given that U.S. workers benefit directly from U.S.-funded research because India and China are increasingly attractive places for U.S. companies to do R&D, and education is no answer because globalization depresses wages for the better educated as well as the poorly educated. ...

     "Now the fashion is to promote globalism as our inevitable future, but that means world socialism because any free market requires a government to regulate and enforce its rules and contracts." See Conforming Humanity to Socialist Solidarity

November 2006

New WHO chief vows to use leverage on China: "The new chief of the World Health Organisation, Margaret Chan of China, pledged to put her nationality aside and to better watch out and curtail any outbreak of major threats such as bird flu....The former Hong Kong health chief insisted she had taken an oath to serve the world and signaled her determination to wipe out weak spots in global disease surveillance.... The Director General elect told WHO members that international surveillance against emerging infectious diseases like SARS or bird flu had to be backed up by efficient national measures and joint action. 'The global surveillance systems must have no gaps or weak spots,' Chan warned." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


Clinton Global Initiative: Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict. (Statements by Reverend Richard Cizik, who represented the National Association of Evangelicals at the prestigious 2006 Clinton Global Initiative conference.) "Unless we get beyond these perceptions and misperceptions... beyond the ideologies that separate us, then we're in trouble....

     "...it’s not just tolerance, it’s to go beyond tolerance, to principle pluralism, which... means no religion has a privileged place.... I would say one step even further, which is to say partnership... which acknowledges that God can actually work trough other people and other faiths to accomplish his purposes in the world.... [But acknowledging the absolute sovereignty of God doesn't justify interfaith partnerships]

    "When some of the evangelists.... after 9/11... described Islam in terms that were derogatory, the [NAE] convened ... a consultation on Islam in which misseologists, pastors, scholars and others came forward with a statement .... which said we challenge our community not to talk this way.....There is a private language of faith, there's a public language of citizenship....

     "The fundamentalists have a pessimistic view of the future and they have this perception, unlike evangelicals and liberal Christians, that there’s an unbridgeable divide between the believer and the unbeliever.... We don’t believe that. We believe, as Meade points out, there's a common ground that evangelicals have with the rest of the world, especially Muslims...'"

     Quoted in a different context in Transforming the World by Subverting the Church.


U.N. Story: The beast on the East River: "What is shocking are the lengths that the UN bureaucrats have been willing to go to in order to secure greater power for themselves.... Policies put in place by the United Nations and abetted by American and European elites have profoundly disturbing implications for the future of international relations. Some of the points Tabor discusses are: The UN's efforts to subvert patriotism and allegiance to country through public school indoctrination... [T]he use of pseudoscientific research to justify everything from energy policies to UN-sponsored land grabs... How the United Nations currently controls such iconic American landmarks as Independence Hall and the Statue of Liberty....How the United Nations contributes to the miserable conditions in the poorest parts of the world.... The final step for UN dominance on the international scale, and how surprisingly close the bureaucrats are to setting their agenda in motion: raising a standard army." See Conforming Humanity to Socialist Solidarity


Multiculturalism hasn't worked: let's rediscover Britishness: "The tyranny of political correctness has for years suppressed the qualms... Radical imams were allowed to preach hatred while being funded with state benefits, but few dared to question such madness.... The doctrine of multiculturalism dictated that all beliefs should be allowed to flourish....

     "...merely speaking the language is not enough. For the country to feel comfortable, there needs to be a sense of cohesion. That is unlikely to be achieved by the Commission on Cohesion and Integration.... The omission of any representative of the Church of England on the 14-strong Commission, which includes the secretary-general of the Hindu Forum of Great Britain, indicates that it may be starting from the wrong place." See The emerging New World Order

EU heading for single UN seat, UN official says: "UN's deputy secretary general believes the European Commission will in future represent the EU in the United Nations as the voice of the European bloc worldwide.... 'There is a lot of political theory in the way and it is not limited to the EU member states...'" See Reinventing the World

September 2006

Religion.  Secretary-General Announces Launch of  “Alliance of Civilizations” Aimed at Bridging Divides between Societies Exploited by Extremists: "The initiative is intended to respond to the need for a committed effort by the international community -- both at the institutional and civil society levels -- to bridge divides and overcome prejudice, misconceptions, misperceptions, and polarization which potentially threaten world peace. The Alliance will aim to address emerging threats emanating from hostile perceptions that foment violence, and to bring about cooperation among various efforts to heal such divisions. Events of recent years have heightened the sense of a widening gap and lack of mutual understanding between Islamic and Western societies -- an environment that has been exploited and exacerbated by extremists in all societies." (15 July 2005) See New Spirituality: A portion of the truth? and the next 3 links:


Consensus process. Dialogue Among Civilizations: "Dialogue Among Civilizations is a theory in international relations. The theory in its current form was first introduced by Mohammad Khatami, former philosopher President of Iran. He originally introduced the idea of Dialogue Among Civilizations as a response to Samuel P. Huntington’s theory of Clash of Civilizations.... The term 'Dialogue Among Civilizations' became famous after the United Nations adopted a resolution to name the year 2001 as the year of Dialogue among Civilizations." See also the next link:


Seeds of Persecution. Extremism: "Extremism is a term used to characterise the actions or ideologies of individuals or groups outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common standards of ethics and reciprocity.... It is typically used in reference to political and social ideologies seen as irrational, counterproductive, unjustifiable, or otherwise unacceptable to a civil society. The term connotes the illegitimacy of certain ideas or methods." See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Secretary-General announces composition of high-level group for Alliance of Civilizations: [Notice that most members are Muslim; none represents Biblical Christianity] "The members have been identified through extensive consultations with specialists in the field of inter-civilizational and intercultural relations.... 1. Federico Mayor (Spain; co-chair) President of the “Culture of Peace” Foundation and former Director-General of UNESCO 2. Prof. Mehmet Aydin ( Turkey; co-chair).... 3. Seyed Mohamed Khatami, Former President of Iran  4. Her Highness Sheikha Mozah ( Qatar)... 5. Dr. Mohamed Charfi ( Tunisia).... 6. Dr. Ismail Serageldin ( Egypt).... 7. Mr. Andre Azoulay ( Morocco) Adviser to His Majesty King Mohammed VI....  8. Mr. Moustapha Niasse ( Senegal) Former Prime Minister.... 9. Archbishop Desmond Tutu ( South Africa).... 10. Mr. Hubert Vedrine ( France) Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of France 11. Ms. Karen Armstrong ( UK) Historian of Religion.... 12. Prof. Vitaly Naumkin (Russian Federation)...."


DDT's New Friend: "It's long been known that DDT is the cheapest and most effective way to contain the disease, which is spread by infected mosquitoes. But United Nations health agencies and others have for decades resisted employing DDT under pressure from anti-pesticide environmentalists. After tens of millions of preventable malarial deaths in these poor countries, it's nice to see WHO finally come to its senses." See Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation


Javier Solano and the end times: "Solana's grandfather was Salvador de Madariaga, who was chief of the League of Nations' Disarmament Section, Spanish Ambassador to the U.S., and militated for a united and integrated Europe.... Rhodes scholars Bill Clinton, Strobe Talbott, and Richard Gardner were largely responsible for Solana's appointment as head of NATO in 1995. Currently, he is Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union (EU), and responsible for coordinating its military and foreign policy as well. On November 20, 1999, he also became Secretary-General of the Council of the Western European Union." See Re-inventing the World


World's 'Non-Aligned' Nations Asked to Back Document Critical of USA: "Governments ruling more than half of U.N. member states will be asked this weekend to sign a declaration pledging to work to 'transform the present unjust international order' dominated by a 'hegemonic' power -- a clear reference to the United States. Adoption of the statement, drafted by Cuba's communist regime, is to be a highlight of this week's summit of the 118-member Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The summit, in Havana, draws together countries ranging from U.S. allies such as Singapore, Pakistan and India, to its harshest critics -- including Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and Zimbabwe." But our sovereign Lord  holds our future in the hands.


Republican Turns Thumbs Down on UN Human Rights Council: "'Since the council's creation, there has been no condemnation of the systematic use of torture by the People's Republic of China, no special session on Cuba's abuse of political prisoners, and no actions against the brutal dictatorship of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.... The council hasn't even addressed the genocide in Sudan.'... Instead, Smith said the new council has 'unfairly and myopically targeted Israel.'...

      "...the new Human Rights Council suffers from the same credibility problems that plagued the old one -- the election of member states that trample human rights.... They include China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan...'" See the next link:

Islamic Regimes Defy United Nations: "...a cash-strapped and overstretched African Union (A.U.) peacekeeping force in Sudan's Darfur region is due to depart, handing over its mission to a U.N. force that is three times larger and mandated to protect civilians caught in the fighting. But Khartoum's Islamist government repeatedly has rejected the idea of a U.N. force." See GENOCIDE - Prevention, Sovereignty & Human Nature

Obesity Pandemic; brought to you by Coca-Cola and McDonald's: "'This insidious, creeping pandemic of obesity is now engulfing the entire world,' Paul Zimmet, chairman of the meeting of more than 2,500 experts and health officials, said in a speech opening the weeklong International Congress on Obesity. 'It's as big a threat as global warming and bird flu.'

     "The World Health Organization [a UN agency] says more than 1 billion adults are overweight .... [B]ut WHY in world would they have a breakfast sponsored by Coca-Cola to talk about the benefits of Coke consumption as it relates to hydration?  ...let's hope that education points out that the 'snack' wraps recently introduced by McDonald's contains 330 calories and 16 grams of FAT!... Next up, there is a sheep herders convention and it is sponsored by the Big Bad Wolf." See The UN Plan for Food and Land

August 2006

 UN fears overstretch: "In Lebanon, despite initial calls by Washington for a 'multinational force' led by a powerful nation with the capacity to intervene quickly, the region demanded a fully fledged UN force instead. But UN peacekeeping missions usually take months to assemble, and planners face serious obstacles in deploying 3,500 new troops by September, a further 3,500 by early October and another 3,000 by early November....

     "In August 2000, there were 17 UN peacekeeping operations under way with a total of about 48,000 personnel. That figure was perceived to be exceptionally high,” Jean-Marie Guehenno, head of UN peacekeeping, told funders.... It is time for us to acknowledge that peacekeeping is a flagship of the UN organisation and as such requires a sustained and comprehensive approach.” See Rapid Reaction against UN Foes


[Note: Originally, a costly ad on the above page showed a Saudi Arabian prince who is one of the world's ten richest men. According to Wikipedia (which is not always trustworthy), "Prince Al-Waleed donated $500,000 to the George Herbert Walker Bush Scholarship Fund."]


Agenda 21 & the United Nations  (by Henry Lamb): "This transformation is not the result of a deliberate decision made by elected representatives after fair and public debate. It is the result of years of subtle influence and obscure processes relentlessly imposed through the United Nations’ agencies and organizations, and a multitude of non-government organizations accredited by, and sympathetic to the United Nations’ agenda....

     "Here is an example of the policy recommendations that follow: 'All countries should establish as a matter of urgency a national policy on human settlements, embodying the distribution of population...over the national territory.... Such a policy should be devised to facilitate population redistribution to accord with the availability of resources. ... Public ownership or effective control of land in the public interest is the single most important means of...achieving a more equitable distribution of the benefits of development.... Governments must maintain full jurisdiction and exercise complete sovereignty over such land with a view to freely planning development of human settlements....'

      The Wildlands project... has an even more vivid description: "...at least half of the land area of the 48 conterminous states should be encompassed in core reserves and inner corridor zones (essentially extensions of core reserves) within the next few decades.... Eventually, a wilderness network would dominate a region.... with human habitations being the islands. The native ecosystem and the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.'"

July 2006

Earth Dialogues - Brisbane 2006: “Discussion among keynote speakers and the general public will offer solutions and strategies for improved global management....

      "...Former USSR President and chair of Green Cross International Mikhail Gorbachev and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie MP will open the World Forum. ...[H]istory will also remember Mr. Gorbachev for his present day mission to help ensure a just, sustainable and secure future for all by fostering a value shift and cultivating a new sense of global interdependence....

      "Session 2 Keynote: ...Mr Tim Costello AO, CEO, World Vision Australia.... Session 3 Keynote: Maurice Strong, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Earth Council Alliance, special adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations." See The State of The World According to Gorbachev

China Trade Overpowers Asian Neighbors: "Countries in the Asia-Pacific area haven't benefited equally from growing free trade, with economic juggernaut China overpowering the region's smaller and poorest nations.... 'China's stunning economic growth, in so many ways an inspiration to its Asia-Pacific neighbors, is not delivering reciprocal benefits to its regional trading partners -- and is in some cases creating difficulties for them,. said Kemal Dervis, a U.N. Development Program administrator."

June 2006

The UN Plan for Global Migration - Part 2: The emerging New World Order: ...logical answers often ignore the grandiose dreams of the elite revolutionaries who drive the UN agenda. To them, it makes more sense to open our borders, invite illegal immigration, and risk rising lawlessness and terrorism. In fact, each such crisis becomes a potential instrument for change -- a stepping stone toward Lord Tennyson's envisioned "Federation of the world."

     "All we need is the right major crisis," said David Rockefeller -- one of the most powerful change agents behind the scenes, "and the nations will accept the New World Order."

Clinton School of Public Service: "The Clinton School will be a professional school, such as schools of law or medicine, rather than a research graduate program. Much of the learning will be in applied fields of community service, citizenship, and social change. Students can request their practicum assignments in a variety of state settings, or in projects that President Clinton has undertaken since he left the White House in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. President Clinton's projects focus on:

      • Economic empowerment of poor people

      • Racial, ethnic, and religious reconciliation.  

      • Health security, specifically combating AIDS

      • Leadership development.

      Citizen service." See Serving a Greater Whole & Conforming Humanity to Socialist Solidarity


Strapped states... lease toll roads to foreign firms: "Indiana is about to turn over its entire toll road for the next 75 years to two foreign companies, making it more expensive to drive.... The decision to hand the Indiana Toll Road to an Australian and Spanish team for $3.8 billion at the end of this month has blown up into one of the biggest brawls here... The Bush administration advocates the new view."

    This change in ownership serves the goal of global interdependence well. When our transportation, water, and other essential products are controlled by other nations, national loyalties and boundaries fade fast. See The Globalization Strategy and Rockefeller & Global Mind Control


President attends Initiative for Global Development's 2006 National Summit: "...at the United Nations last year, I made this pledge on behalf of the American people: We're ready to eliminate all tariffs and subsidies and other barriers to free flow of goods and services, and we expect other nations to do the same.... We're helping businesses in new market economies organize trade associations and chambers of commerce.... [W]e more than doubled assistance around the world from $10 billion to $27.5 billion." See The Globalization Strategy

May 2006

Building heaven on earth: "If one misinterprets or violates the context of Word of God to the extent of envisioning the current course of history to produce the 'Kingdom of God,' then that individual may well fall into the trap of misinterpreting and/or supporting the very factors that will contribute to the prerequisite Luciferic Kingdom of Antichrist. ...

    "By the 20th Century, occult forces world wide began to make bold initiatives. In her book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, occultist Alice Bailey (via automatic writing) recorded the words of her spirit guide (demon) Djwahl Kuhl: '1934 marks the beginning of the organizing of the men and women... the group work of a new order...(with) progress defined by service... the work of the Brotherhood ... the Forces of Light... (and) out of the spoliation of all existing culture and civilization, the new world order must be built.'

     "These same concepts were parroted by Fabian Socialist and noted author, HG Wells: 'The organization of this that I call the Open Conspiracy... which will ultimately supply teaching, coercive and directive public services to the whole world, is the immediate task before all rational people....  The manifest necessity for some collective world control to eliminate warfare... are aspects of one and the same process.'" See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN and Who defines the Kingdom of God? and Heaven is Forever

April 2006

Chairman of UNESCO executive board calls for building of 'harmonious world': "Zhang said the idea of building a 'harmonious world' at the international level, and a 'harmonious society' at home, epitomized the Chinese idea of 'harmony.' ...all members should put 'harmony' first, to inform the best decisions and thus to promote the popularization of education, the development of cultural diversity, and the innovation of technology." See UNESCO's Declaration on Tolerance

Dialogue on Democracy - A Follow-up to the Community of Democracies Seoul Ministerial: "The underlying principle of the Community of Democracies is to strengthen coordination and cooperation among democracies to both consolidate existing democracies and promote democratization globally. Helping emerging democracies strengthen institutions and bolstering regional organizations that are committed to democracy promotion are two key elements of this strategy." See The Mind-Changing Process

Transnationalists' Don't Take Immigration Reform Seriously: "In the transnational view, patriotism, assimilation and cultural cohesion are obsolete concerns. Borders and the nation-state are on the way out....

    "The term 'transnationals' specifically refers to those working in and around international organizations and multinational corporations. More broadly, it indicates a cosmopolitan elite with a declining allegiance to the place where they live and work....

To some extent, their worldview cuts across Democratic-Republican and liberal-conservative lines, and reinforces the other concerns that prevent immigration control: the desire for cheap labor and Hispanic votes." See  the next link:

repeat  Beware the Secret Heart of the EU [by Ashley Mote, an independent member of the European Parliament]: "Even the EU's public face - the unelected commission - is part of the charade. Power does not lie with them.... We do not know what their budgets are, how they are financed, or who approves their costs. Indeed, we do not even know what powers they have been given, nor by whom....

     "...the EU’s parliament... is the repository of an unspoken agreement between the left and the multinationals [or transnationals].... In effect, the left has said to the multinationals: you can have your markets stitched up for you, if we can indulge ourselves in endless social engineering. Big business has agreed. The result is a largely supportive parliament both from the left and right of the political divide." The "Americas" is moving in the same direction! 

March 2006

The secret agenda: "Most Americans believe the U.S. won the Cold War, yet Russia is deploying a new generation of rockets 'designed... to bypass western anti-missile defense,' China is modernizing its nuclear warheads, Peru has declared a 'state of emergency' in the south where Maoist revolutionaries (Shining Path rebels) seized a town and Sri Lanka is fighting Maoist rebels who control a large part of that country."

China-Russia strategic partnership positive element in world order: "Putin said the holding of the Year of Russia in China will help strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.... 'Russia's oil exports to China are increasing steadily,' Putin said... Apart from the organization's six founding members, the SCO has also taken economically and socially important countries like India, Iran, Pakistan and Mongolia as observers."

The Dubai Deal You Don't Know About: "...a different Middle Eastern firm remains a major contractor for the Navy ... In the U.S., the company [Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) now owned by Dubai] operates out of more than a dozen port cities, including Houston, Miami and New Orleans....

      "Why is a Dubai shipping services company doing business with the Pentagon...?...

      "More critically, they often provide security, like erecting concrete barriers.... Husbanding agents often learn weeks in advance of a ship’s schedule so as to be prepared when the vessel arrives, information that the Navy keeps closely guarded since it could be invaluable in the hands of terrorists." See the next two links:


When Americans No Longer Own America: "The Dubai Ports World deal is waking Americans up to a painful reality: So-called 'conservatives'... are selling off America....

     "Foreign companies are buying up our water systems, our power generating systems, our mines, and our few remaining factories. ... Everything today is driven by profits for multinationals, supported by the lawmaking power of the WTO. Thus, parts for our missiles are now made in China, a country that last year threatened us with nuclear weapons. Our oil comes from a country that birthed a Wahabist movement.... Germans now own the Chrysler auto assembly lines that turned out tanks to use against Germany in WWII. And the price of labor in America is being held down by over ten million illegal workers....

     "When Thomas Jefferson wrote of King George III in the Declaration of Independence... he just as easily could have been writing of the World Trade Organization, which now has the legal authority to force the United States to overturn laws passed at both local, state, and federal levels with dictates devised by tribunals made up of representatives of multinational corporations." See From Regional Mergers to Global Tyranny

Islam & Control. U.S. floats on sea of petrodollars: "Total holdings of U.S. securities by Middle Eastern oil producers are estimated at $200 billion, about half in stocks and most of the rest in bonds. 'These are big investors now. If you drive them away, you're going to drive the dollar down...."

Before reading these summaries, remember that our Lord reigns in the midst of all these challenges! See My King & The Lord God Almighty

Globalization: The Final Demise of National Security: "Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the global elitist Trilateral Commission in 1973 and the principal architect of modern globalization, wrote in 2004, 'The notion of total national security is now a myth. Total security and total defense in the age of globalization are not attainable. The real issue is: with how much insecurity can America live while promoting its interests in an increasingly interactive, interdependent world?' The original Trilateral Commission policy of national insecurity has now come full circle."

     Whether the formal decisions come through the UN or CFR or Trilateral Commission or the White House, essentially the same world leaders and financiers behind the scenes are pulling the strings. See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Rockefeller Brothers Fund: "The second focus of the [Rockefeller] Fund's Democratic Practice program is on global governance. Globalization -- the dramatic increase in interdependence across national boundaries on social, cultural, political, and economic levels -- is the defining worldwide process of the 21st Century. Global governance is the attempt to bring standards and regulations to issues that transcend the authority of individual nations.... Global governance can be created by formal agreements among nations, by consensus decisions among intergovernmental organizations, and by voluntary agreements and partnerships among businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and other civil society groups.... The expression of democracy in global governance is hindered by the weakened state of the United Nations." See Re-inventing the World & Warren's Peace Plan - Part

State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era: "For 350 years, sovereignty... has provided the organizing principle of international relations. The time has come to rethink this notion.... Moreover, states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function. This is already taking place in the trade realm....

     "At its core, globalization entails the increasing volume, velocity, and importance of flows -- within and across borders -- of people, ideas, greenhouse gases, goods, dollars, drugs, viruses, e-mails, weapons and a good deal else, challenging one of sovereignty's fundamental principles: the ability to control what crosses borders in either direction....

     "Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker." Written by Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is guiding the merger of Canada, Mexico and the U.S.


International taxes? (Ron Paul) "...the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) unveiled a UN plan to take seven trillion dollars from developed nations for use by the UN to save the rest of the world from all of its problems....  The UN global tax plan also resurrects the long-held dream of the Tobin Tax... imposed on all worldwide currency transactions."

February 2006

Bolton Launches Talks on Replacing Annan: "The U.S. ambassador opened Security Council discussions on the next U.N. secretary-general.... Bolton argued that in practice there really is no geographical rotation because three secretary-generals have come from Western Europe, two from Africa, one from Latin America, one from Asia, and none from Eastern Europe." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

Global Banking: The World Bank: "High-minded words like 'our mission of global poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards' would lead the reader to believe that the World Bank is some benevolent and global welfare organization.... In reality, the World Bank carries its weight, along with the International Monetary Fund... to forcibly integrate minor countries of the world into its own brand of capitalistic democracy....
      "...of the two architects of the World Bank, one was a top Soviet communist agent... and the other was a British idealogue totally dedicated to globalism.... From the beginning, the Bank has been dominated by international banking interests and members of the Council on Foreign Relations and later by the Trilateral Commission...
      "...the cry of 'poverty reduction' is a sham to conceal the recycling of billions of taxpayer dollars, if not trillions, into private hands."

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