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December 2005

NBC Demeans Christian Faith: "NBC is promoting the network's mid-season replacement series 'The Book of Daniel' with language that implies it is a serious drama about Christian people and Christian faith. The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis. Webster regularly sees and talks with a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus. The Webster family is rounded out by a 23-year-old homosexual Republican son...." Galatians 6:7-8


'Jesus Juice' Wine: "In case anyone needs proof that God is long-suffering with the human race, here it is. The picture alone is upsetting enough. From the article: The phrase 'Jesus Juice' has become well-known since reports spread of Michael Jackson using the term. 'Jesus Juice,' apparently refers specifically to white wines, as opposed to Jackson's other term, 'Jesus Blood,' for red wines."

     We need to be alert to the mind-changing suggestions that now permeate the media. In today's "Christianity Lite" atmosphere, the name of our Lord becomes little more than a marketing ploy for all kinds of products and heretical beliefs. See The Cross of Christ and The Old Cross and the New

November 2005

Author's son questions Santa's identity, finds real meaning of Christmas: "The story casts Jesus and Santa as young boys who are on a mission to discover how many people in the world live with Jesus in their hearts. Jesus, thrilled with the list created by Santa, decides to share his birthday with those who share his 'special glow.'... Santa is looking for the love of Jesus in our hearts. The book also explains Christmas gifts as birthday presents -- Jesus and Santa are giving presents to the Jesus inside of people. ...

    "A community activist at heart, Bateman is passionate about teaching children to recognize, cherish and enjoy the light of God in themselves and others."

    This is New Age teaching! Yet the news source is supposedly Christian. See Don't Be Deceived!


Yoga practice blends exercise, spirituality: "Fourteen women and three men were flat on their exercise mats, ready to start an intensive one-hour session of Yahweh Yoga, a Christ-centered workout designed to worship through prayer, breath and movement. Some wore T-shirts proclaiming, 'Jesus is My Guru.' Instructor Elena Porter cooed softly over the music for everyone to put their hands by their sides, palms up 'ready to receive God’s blessing.'" See The Rising World Religion


Leaving vampires and witches behind, author centers novels - and new life in La Jolla - around Christ: "She breathed life into vampires and witches with blood-curdling passion and dabbled in soft-porn with an erotic series about Sleeping Beauty. Now, Anne Rice is fixated on the boy Jesus. Her new book, 'Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt,' was released this week, taking readers into a fictional account of the young Messiah, capturing the junior years that are conspicuously absent from the Gospels....

      "...the queen of the damned and debauchery has been born again. She only wants to write about Jesus, and 'Christ the Lord,' written in the first person as if he himself is narrating the story, is just the beginning. ... And she has a renewed faith, after returning to her Catholic roots and immersing herself into everything from the apocryphal 'Infancy Gospel of Thomas' [gnostic/occult] to Rick Warren's evangelical self-help journal, 'The Purpose-Driven Life.'" See Strange Journeys

October 2005

Ex-Homosexual Blasts Time's Teen Homosexuality Article as 'Pro-Gay Puff Piece': "The Time cover story 'The Battle Over Gay Teens' reports that kids are disclosing their homosexuality with unprecedented regularity, and they are doing so much younger.  ...from young ages, 'straight kids are growing up with more openly bisexual, gay, and sexually uncertain classmates.' However, Bennett asserts, "This article is filled with tons of misinformation, mocking of Bible-believing Christians, of people who have come out of homosexuality such as myself and who are happily married now.'...

      "The Time article claims that 'at many schools around the country it is now profoundly uncool to be seen as anti-gay.'" Cultural Corruption

September 2005

100 minute Bible aims to spread the word: "...the Hundred Minute Bible reduces the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament to a volume which a busy reader could get through in around an hour and 40 minutes. ... The venture is one of a number of popularized renditions of the Bible, including The Message (Eugene Peterson), and As Good as New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures (John Henson) – which has... caused controversy over its translation of passages concerning sexuality.... It also follows in the wake of an avalanche of titles using one-, five- and ten-minute excerpts of prayers, stories and life lessons."

     But God tells us "You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it."  God's eternal, unchanging Word

August 2005

Humans are on display at London Zoo: "Caged and barely clothed, eight men and women monkeyed around for the crowds Friday in an exhibit labeled 'Humans' at the London Zoo.... 'Don't Feed the Humans.'"

     What politically correct message does this display suggest to spectators? That a human are just animals? That animal-like behavior should be excused as "natural"?  See What Darwin didn't know

July 2005

Passion: Our Vision To catalyze a moment that will transform community through community: "God chose to plop me in a ministry world way beyond my abilities... Saddleback Church, where I ended up providing leadership for small groups....
"That's the vision for Lifetogether: to transform your community -- no matter where in North America and no matter the size or color of church—through community. Where do you need to dream? Where do you need to listen? Jesus wasn't only a Shepherd or Healer or Teacher. He was also a dreamer, The Dreamer. Will you trust him to 'do exceedingly abundantly above whatever you ask or think?'"

     That promise is not for those who want Jesus to fulfill their grandiose dreams. It's for those who will walk humbly with God as he leads them according to His will and ways, not ours! Jesus was not telling His people to transform the world's communities! He said, "My Kingdom is not of this world." See Who is the Dream Giver?

April 2005

And the Winners Are…[Biblezines]: "Becoming: The Complete NCV New Testament for Women.... Wrapping the New Testament in a cutting-edge women's magazine format, this can't-put-down 'Biblezine' brims with practical tips for bringing your 'faith thing' into everything.... Articles on beauty, men, fitness, career, money, and more.... from Nelson....

     "Refuel: The Complete New Testament for Boys (NCV) Slick 'n' sleek sports magazine-like 'bodywork'---supercharged with Scripture 'under the hood'! Give your teen guys some real sourcepower for living.... Insights into what girls are thinking...

     "Every Man's Bible... Finally, a Bible that every ordinary guy--from truck drivers to lawyers--can call his own. This is Bible for men, with straight talk.... Notes cover everything from work issues, to relationships with women, to common temptations guys face." God's holy, unchanging Word

March 2005

Teen girls' Bible talks of oral sex, lesbianism: "A Bible created especially for girls age 13-16 that includes profiles of fictional teenagers discussing oral sex, lesbianism and 'dream' guys is drawing sharp criticism from some Christian parents who say such material should not appear alongside Scripture. The 'True Images' Bible, published by Zondervan, promises on its dustcover to 'strengthen your relationship with God, family, friends and guys.' While the book includes the entire text of the New International Version of the Bible, it's the 'over 1,000 relevant and compelling notes and articles' that have critics upset." See Ephesians 5:2-17


Wormwood short-listed for children's book of the year award in the UK: "Taylor's first book, SHADOWMANCER... has now been purchased as a movie by Universal Pictures. Now his second book, WORMWOOD, has also become a huge hit and could become a rock opera.... An epic tale of sorcery, intrigue and supernatural strife set against the backdrop of 18th Century London, Wormwood has to date sold in excess of 135,000 copies in the UK alone."

     Wormwood is darker and more overtly occult than Shadowmancer, yet it continues to use Bible phrases in occult contexts -- thus twisting God's Word but justifying its value among some Christian readers. Both books are sold through Christian bookstores and websites. See Shadowmancer.

February 2005

The New Ten Commandments: "The New Ten Commandments, to be aired on February 26, polled 65,000 people across the UK to find out which of the original commandments they felt were still relevant to living a moral life in the modern world. The programme will reveal a new set of 20 commandments, as voted for by the public. Only three of the original 10 - 'Thou shalt not commit adultery', 'Honour thy father and mother' and 'Thou shalt not steal' - make it into the new set, which includes 'Protect the environment', 'Be true to yourself' and 'Look after your health'." Deut 28:15


Flattery and the Big Lie: "We've all heard the old saying, 'flattery will get you nowhere.' Sometimes I wonder; did the first person who made this statement do it in jest? For you see, flattery works, and it works remarkably well. More than that, in a peculiar sort of way, flattery is connected to the Big Lie.
    "From a strictly marketing perspective, flattery has to be one of the most overused techniques in the arsenal of the advertising industry. 'You deserve it!' intones the radio and television ads. Really? You think so? In the course of an average day, how many times do you hear, see, or read an advertisement that caters to this line of thinking?" ...

    "Anton LaVey, author of The Satanic Bible and founder of the Church of Satan, openly mocked man's gullibility through the vice of flattery...." See The Nature and Tactics of Satan

January 2005

Archbishop of Canterbury admits: This makes me doubt the existence of God: "The Asian tsunami disaster should make all Christians question the existence of God, Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, writes in The Telegraph.... In a deeply personal and candid article, he says 'it would be wrong' if faith were not 'upset' by the catastrophe which has already claimed more than 150,000 lives. ... Dr Williams, who, as head of the Church of England, represents 70 million Anglicans around the world, writes: 'Every single random, accidental death is something that should upset a faith bound up in comfort and ready answers....The question, 'How can you believe in a God who permits suffering on this scale?' is therefore very much around at the moment....''

     We can believe in God no matter what happens, because -- by His Spirit -- our comfort lies in His eternal Word and promises, not in this world's human experiences. See Hope in Christ

November 2004

 In God we trust? If you look on the back of any denomination of US currency, you will see in bold print across the top center of each bill, the well-known axiom '“In God We Trust.' What an amazing thing to inscribe on the world’s most coveted creation of man. As if to mock the Almighty, we mindlessly carry out transactions each day for goods and services offering one another an ink-stamped platitude as fraudulent as the paper it’s printed on....

     "I find the similarities between our country’s currency and 'Christianity' curious. Both are widely accepted parodies of the past that now drift on a sea of relativism with values that have depreciated dramatically over the years along with the culture and its cravings....What a contrast from the first missionaries Jesus sent out; twelve nobodies from nowhere with no education and no opportunity for worldly advancement, commanded by their master to preach repentance and 'take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse.' (Mark 6:8) " See 40 Days of Change through a New Way of Thinking


In God we trust? If you look on the back of any denomination of US currency, you will see in bold print across the top center of each bill, the well-known axiom '“In God We Trust.' What an amazing thing to inscribe on the world’s most coveted creation of man. As if to mock the Almighty, we mindlessly carry out transactions each day for goods and services offering one another an ink-stamped platitude as fraudulent as the paper it’s printed on....

     "I find the similarities between our country’s currency and 'Christianity' curious. Both are widely accepted parodies of the past that now drift on a sea of relativism with values that have depreciated dramatically over the years along with the culture and its cravings....What a contrast from the first missionaries Jesus sent out; twelve nobodies from nowhere with no education and no opportunity for worldly advancement, commanded by their master to preach repentance and 'take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse.' (Mark 6:8) "

October 2004

Government schools and Muslims will brainwash your kids: "In observance of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month will become part of the curriculum for many U.S. public school students.... Over the last few years, this practice has been quietly spreading into this nation's government schools system....

      "Prayer rugs are distributed, Muslim prayers are recited, and basically a 'happy face' is put on the most dangerous and violent religion the world has ever known. Government teachers and administrators who are overwhelmingly liberal, no doubt take great pleasure in turning our public schools into American hadrassas.... Can you imagine the fallout if 4,000 teachers brought Christian bibles or even a picture of Jesus into their classrooms?" See When 'Christian Educators' prefer Islam  

May 2004

Saved! Heaven Help Us: "Saved! is an irreverent, sick, blasphemous comedy that takes place at the 'Baptist' Eagle Mountain Christian High School.... The profane plot begins with 'super-Christian' Mary, whose dreamboat and boyfriend, Dean, surprisingly reveals, 'I think I'm gay!' The spiritual perversion soon begins as Jesus appears to Mary in a vision and commands Mary to 'save' Dean from homosexuality.... After backslidden 'former super Christian' Mary gets pregnant, the Christians, led by the obnoxious-evil incarnate, Hilary Faye, violently condemn Mary to the 'fires of hell.'" Ephesians 5:2-17


Da Vinci Code’ author left out most controversial part: "Dan Brown said that when he wrote the best seller that dissects the origins of Jesus Christ... he considered including material alleging that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion....

        "Since the book was published in March 2003, liberal and conservative writers have cited numerous errors. A key assertion in 'The Da Vinci Code' — that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and that sinister Christians suppressed information about it — comes from a 1982 book titled 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail,' which a New York Times reviewer called 'rank nonsense.'" 

       If Brown had tried to "prove" that the Gnostic "gospels," not the Bible, spoke the truth about resurrection, his message would have been even more sensational. Since he didn't try, he must have discovered that the actual evidence was irrefutable. See The GOSPEL - Planned and Promised from the beginning of time


Fashion has little to hang on: "Take the collection of Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra. Making ‘Divine innocence’ their theme, this duo showcased 40 garments reflecting spiritual moods.... 'The collection we present conjures images of the ‘great event’ leading to the redemption of mankind with the arrival of Christ in this world.'... 'The human body has often been referred to as the crown of God’s creation. We are using contemporary styling, the colours of divinity--- dusky antique gold and amber--and attractive silhouettes to recreate the Biblical era. The layered skirts and dresses, to be worn with short jackets, backless tops and cowl-neck tops, have all been decorated with metallic accessories, like coins resembling those in the Biblical age.'...

     "Many international designers and fashion house buyers are now coming to India to source good collections." See The Cross: Feared, Banned, Trivialized... yet Triumphant

April 2004

Do Abortion, Religious Apathy, Sexual Perversion Mark Beginning of the End for America? "We as a society today do not hate evil. On the contrary, we embrace it. This is seen not only in the acceptance and celebration of homosexuality, but also in the country's acceptance of abortion and pornography. It is seen, too, in the rejection of the knowledge of God. In the past 40 years, prayer and Bible study have been removed from public schools; the truth of Creation has been replaced with the theory of evolution; the Ten Commandments and nativity scenes have been banned from the public square.... All because men love darkness, and hate light." Loving evil more than good


Publicity stunt offends Christians: "Church leaders have condemned a nightclub flyer that shows Jesus crowd-surfing while nailed to the cross.... 'The resurrection is an important occasion for us to celebrate and we would object to anything that reduces it to a cheap publicity trick.'...

    "But Nick Clarke of the diocese of Ipswich... backed the flyer. He said: 'Many young Christians will enjoy the joke. One of God's greatest gifts is the sense of humour, although some people might find the subject material questionable." Isaiah 55 and Ephesians 5:2-17

March 2004

Pig billboard: 'He died for your sins': "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is preparing to put up what they call 'faith-based billboards' before Easter, one of which features a photo of a pig and the caption, 'He died for your sins – go vegetarian.'" Galatians 6:7-8

December 2003

Inspired silliness fuels spoof of Bible: "'The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged),' ... taps the Good Book for absurdist revisions of some of the greatest stories ever told. At its best, it's something akin to Monty Python moshing with the Second City comedy troupe at divinity school...." Galatians 6:7-8

36-foot Jesus sparks outrage: "While a 36-foot promotional poster of Jesus sporting a CD halo and a price tag on his head was meant to remind shopper of the true meaning of Christmas, the commercial additions to the image have sparked protest... '[Jesus] doesn't symbolize shopping. This is a stupid idea, and it won't get us to buy more,' 16-year-olds Cathrine Eckbo and Sandra Hansen told the paper." With prompting from the schools and Hollywood every aspect of Christianity is trivialized these days. See  The Cross: Feared, Banned, Trivialized... yet Triumphant

November 2003

The American Inquisition Has Begun: "Moore's attorneys had some 20 pieces of evidentiary material that they could have presented. This was denied. There were also several credible witnesses, including former Alabama Governor Fob James, that could have been called to testify on Moore's behalf. This was also denied....

     Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench, not for committing any crime, not for participating in unethical conduct, and not even for posting the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Judicial Building. He was removed from office for acknowledging God!...

     "Not only was he commanded to recant his public acknowledgment of God, the trial itself was conducted out of public view. No television cameras or recording devices were allowed. Obviously, the inquisitors did not want the American people to see and hear for themselves what took place inside the Alabama Judicial Building on that day." Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Judge to Christian mom: No 'homophobic' teaching: "Cheryl Clark, who says she is a Christian, has been ordered by Denver County Circuit Judge John W. Coughlin to 'make sure that there is nothing in the religious upbringing or teaching that the minor child is exposed to that can be considered homophobic.' The directive arose from the decision to award joint parenting responsibilities for her daughter to a practicing homosexual." Psalm 36:1-3

October 2003

Norwegians least religious in Europe: "Professor Harald Hegstad at the University of Oslo said Norwegians are 'spiritually lazy.' Earlier studies have suggested that while the vast majority of Norwegians are members of the state church because they're automatically born into it, only around 4 percent regularly attend church services. 'We have a sort of ritualized Christianity here that doesn't demand much of people,' he said." 

     But years ago, Norway sent out more missionaries per capita than any other nation. But it changed.  Revelation 3:15

July 2003

Fury, God and the Pastor's Disbelief (Registration Required): "Thorkild Grosboll, a popular Lutheran pastor in this village by the sea, drags on his pipe and clarifies once and for all: 'I do not believe in a physical God, in the afterlife, in the resurrection, in the Virgin Mary....  I believe that Jesus was a nice guy, who figured out what man wanted.'

     "Mr. Grosboll... has prompted many here to ask: must a minister believe in Christ and the resurrection to be a good pastor? Isn't it enough to spread Christian values and help people in need?... 'I want the focus to be on the here and now, as a cultural factor,' he explained. 'God is not an argument. God is only a question." Judges 17:6 and Luke 18:8


From Angels to Aliens': "Who knew that Harry Potter, 'The X-Files' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' would be changing the spiritual culture of teens in America?

     "Lynn Schofield Clark is an assistant research professor at CU and she has spent 15 years researching the psyche of American teens and how modern media has affected them.... 'Years ago I was working with teens at a religious organization and a young man told me he wasn't going to church, because they didn't speak 'his language.' It then became clear to me, that our popular culture has become the language for teens. I found that it's very important for adults to learn about this culture, so they can engage in a dialogue,' explained Clark....

     "Potter, Buffy and the X-Filers have become the mythical heroes for this generation. The generation-next heroes are all on missions to save the world and they all delve into the world of supernatural powers. The myths of today are found in pop culture.... [They] take place in a circle of strong friendships and they have a supernatural twist.'...

     "The author found three separate groups of teen believers in her research; the Resistors who wanted to be anti-establishment and opted for fantasy shows like Buffy, the Mystics who are ambivalent to organized religion and borrowed language and popular culture from shows like 'Touched by an Angel,' and the Intrigued who fall somewhere between organized religion and the supernatural....

     "'We're going to be mixing and matching a lot of spiritual beliefs in America, and it might lead to some tension." 2 Timothy 4:3-4

May 2003

God kept out of EU constitution: "The long-awaited preamble to the document used the words 'spiritual', 'religious' and 'humanistic' to describe Europe's heritage and references traditions in Europe 'nourished by the Greek and Roman civilizations.'" Mark 8:38


Evangelical leaders condemn anti-Islam comments: "Leading evangelical Christians for the first time have publicly condemned assaults on Islam by the Rev. Franklin Graham and other fellow religious conservatives and pledged to heal rifts with Muslims that threaten missionary work overseas. The evangelicals said that the derisive comments endangered Christians working in the Muslim world [and] strained already tense interfaith relations...

     "Paul Marshall, senior fellow at the Center for Religious Freedom, a human rights group, said anti-Islam comments serve only to antagonize people. 'Exactly what is to be achieved by that except boosting the ego of who said it?' he asked....

    "The evangelical group and the Institute on Religion and Democracy, a conservative Christian organization, are drafting guidelines to begin interfaith dialogue with Islamic leaders." 

     Christians are called to speak the truth in love, always ready to reach out to those who are outside God's family. Graham and others who expose the truth about Islam help balance the government and media message that Islam is a "good" and "peaceful" religion which worships the Biblical God. As followers of Jesus, we must share His love for the lost and refuse to bend to a politically correct interfaith "consensus."  See Twisting Truth through Group Consensus and Chronology of Conquests in the Name of Allah and Faith under Fire in Sudan


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