Well, it would seem the NCD folk are pretty straightforward about their method. This is from the Color Your World home page

"Whenever someone argues that he or she is 'against NCD,' I deliberately respond in this way: 'OK, let's take a look at the individual NCD principles. One
of them is loving relationships. If you are against it, you probably are in favor of hatred in your church. I have a number of ideas how to cultivate hatred that I would love to share with you. Another principle is passionate spirituality. If you are against it, you might be interested in boring spirituality. I can assure you that, as a German, I am very experienced in boring spirituality. I would be delighted to help you put it into practice.' In a similar way, I go through all of the NCD principles. After a while, everyone agrees that you really cannot take a general position against NCD." http://coloryourworld.org/welcome/

Talk about intimidation and manipulation! And these folk are doing this in the name of Christ... It sounds just like purpose-driving in a different costume. May the Lord give us all discernment! Fabienne

2. are universally valid.... must be proven

3. Principles always deal with essentials...

4. Principles always have to be individualized. Give criteria that help you discover what to do in specific circumstances. Reduce human made hindrances to growth.

Illustration of cart with square wheels. This parable illustrates .... every thing needed What is a healthy


NCG    experience God in His fullness. A the same time you see the grow in relationship to God. ....Rooted in God's three part. creator revelation, salvation revelation, growth revelation Understand the specific character of each....

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian. .. you can see the footsteps of the Creator.. The salvation revelation has  a different character. ... He is the one who reconcil3s us with God. We refers to the personal revelation.... Christ in us  .... revelation ...


Green focus on tolerance and social justice

The proactive (red) focus on evangelism and discipleship, Blue the affective Focus on emotional health and spiritual power

Within the direction, both answers can be true.  Moving closer to the center. Reflecting all three colors in our lives. That's what NCD is all about.