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Whose "rights" will rule in a "democratized" world?

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December 2010

Appeals court asked to remove bull's-eye from Christians: "'The Hate Crimes Act was clearly intended to intimidate Christians and their religious leaders into remaining silent concerning their religious beliefs that homosexual conduct is an abomination and a sin,' the law center said today....'Under the guise of enforcing 'niceness' and promoting 'tolerance,' homosexual advocacy groups have mobilized their financial power to purchase political clout which they now use to shut down any criticism of their deviant lifestyle.... The center confirmed that... the greatest threat of violence to homosexuals comes not from Christians but from other homosexuals."

Rebuilding Noah's Ark: "The developers of Ark Encounter have close ties to a Christian ministry called Answers in Genesis.... Designers say that every detail, down to the construction techniques of the Ark itself, will plausibly reflect the biblical account.

      "...civil libertarians' are concerned that the park would involve an unconstitutional advancement of religion.... But why is that different, legally speaking, from Disneyland bringing Pirates of the Caribbean to life? At what point did the planners of Ark Encounter go too far in their concerns for religious authenticity?" See Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny


No more sermons at the soup kitchen: "Faith-based organizations may no longer conduct worship services or proselytize while providing social programs funded with federal money. President Obama has amended a 2002 Executive Order from President George W. Bush that allowed faith-based social programs to get federal aid." See Obama's "Universal" Service Plan

November 2010

Iran, North Korea, Cuba teach U.S. human rights: "The results of the Obama administration's decision to submit the United States to the evaluation of the U.N.'s Human Rights Council...include harsh condemnation from such human rights 'leaders' as Cuba, Libya, and Iran. Before the report was unveiled, experts predicted that it would be used as 'cannon fodder' by critics of the U.S." See Global War on Christian Values - Part 1

Free to Believe Campaign: "The ‘Defamation of Religions Resolution’, originally 'defamation of Islam' and first introduced to the Human Rights Commission in 1999, seeks to criminalise words or actions that are deemed to be against a particular religion, namely Islam. ...it really promotes intolerance and violates the freedoms of religion and expression for religious minorities – especially Christians – in these countries....

     "The OIC, an inter-governmental organisation of 57 countries with majority or significant Muslim populations, has been the driving force behind the resolution.... Many Christians living in these mostly Muslim countries are already severely impacted by restrictive laws – especially those living under strict Sharia law.... The ‘Defamation of Religions Resolution’ has the potential to give a cloak of international respectability to persecution.”


[UK] High Court considers barring Christian foster parents: "The High Court is to be asked to rule on whether Christians are 'fit people' to adopt or foster children – or whether they will be excluded, regardless of the needs of children, from doing so because of the requirements of homosexual rights,' the clergy write. 'This 'equality,' however, privileges homosexual rights over those of others.'" See Depravity and Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

October 2010

In Holland, Free Speech on Trial: "Imagine if a leader within the tea party movement were able to persuade its members to establish a third political party. Imagine he succeeded—overwhelmingly—and that as their leader he stood a real chance of winning the presidency. Then imagine that in anticipation of his electoral victory, the Democrats and Republicans quickly modified an existing antidiscrimination law so that he could be convicted for statements he made on the campaign trail.

     "All of this seems impossible in a 21st-century liberal democracy. But it is exactly what is happening in Holland to Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders.... Article 137C of the penal code now states that anyone 'who publicly, verbally or in writing or image, deliberately expresses himself in anyway insulting of a group of people because of their race, their religion or belief... will be punished with a prison sentence... or a fine...'

     "How is it possible that a mature European liberal democracy is prosecuting an elected member of parliament for his political opinions on the most pressing issue of the day—namely, Islamic fundamentalism? ...even when it became apparent that some Muslims practiced female genital mutilation and honor killings, and imams openly urged their congregations to reject Dutch culture and lawcitizens were not to criticize Islam.....

    "A growing segment of the population—including Mr. Wilders and me, when I was a member of parliament from 2003 to 2006—doubted this facile and dangerous idea of 'tolerance.' This upset politicians, professors, journalists and other opinion-makers who tried to make us untouchables." See One Country and Three Civilizations

Truth On Trial: “I am on trial, but on trial with me is the freedom of expression of many Dutch citizens.' ...Wilders faces a year in prison or a fine of up to 7,600 euros for supposedly inciting hatred against Muslims – which he has supposedly done by telling the truth about how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam themselves to incite hatred and violence against non-Muslims....

  "He added: 'I am sitting here as a suspect because I have spoken nothing but the truth.....The Wilders trial is a turning point for the West: will Western authorities defend the hard-won principle of the freedom of speech as a bulwark against tyranny...or will they – in the interests of suicidal political correctness — allow Islamic supremacists to obliterate that freedom in the interests of establishing in the West the Sharia principle that Islam is not to be questioned or criticized...?" See Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny

August 2010

Obama's Ramadan blessing: "...we have a man in the White House who extols Islam for 'advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.' In blessing the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, Barack Obama added that Islam 'is a faith known for great diversity and racial equality' and that it 'has always been part of America.'...

      "Who does Obama think sold all those millions of black Africans into slavery in Europe and America? Is he not aware that black slavery is still alive in some Muslim countries in the Middle East?...

    "Tolerance? I quote: 'O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends....

    "Dignity of all human beings? In Islam, Muslim males have a higher worth than any others. A Muslim man can have up to four wives, beat them and change them as he pleases."

President Obama comes out in support of Ground Zero mosque: "Let me be clear: as a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan....'

     "Polls have shown that New Yorkers are overwhelmingly opposed putting a mosque near the World Trade Center site." See Glossary of Islamic Terms

Kenya gives Obama abortion, Islamic courts: "Kenya today gave President Obama a much-wanted birthday present, voting overwhelmingly to pass a constitutional referendum that would legitimize for the first time abortions and Islamic courts in the nation. ...the Obama administration spent $23 million of U.S. Aid funds to support the 'Yes' vote in the referendum, despite congressional protests." See Rules for Radicals

More regulation-happy Obama czars: "Obama has appointed another czar from Chicago: the new food czar, Sam Kass.... Everybody laughed when Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., asked Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan if it would be constitutional for Congress to order Americans 'to eat three vegetables and three fruits every day.' Kagan declined to give a straightforward answer, maybe because she knew that exactly that type of dictatorial mandate was coming....

     "Czar Berwick is on record as saying, 'Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.' He used this favorite Obama term in the context of praising Britain's socialized medicine system as 'a global treasure.'" See Unalienable Rights?

Stopped by a Sheriff's Deputy: "I was stopped by a policeman (a sheriff’s deputy, to be precise) who informed me that the little lights that illuminate my license plate were out. The officer didn’t give me a ticket, but he did take my driver’s license back to his car and run a check on me, to see if I had an arrest record. I don’t, so he let me go with a warning to get those lights fixed. No big deal, right?

      But, if a police officer can run a background check on me, an American citizen, what on earth is wrong with a police officer running a background check on somebody who is stopped (for whatever reason) to verify legal residence? After all, that was the essence of Arizona’s SB 1070. Why is it OK to demand ID and run a background check on an American citizen, but it’s a horrible injustice to demand ID and run a background check on an illegal alien?" See The UN Plan for Global Migration


Legalizing marijuana is civil rights issue, California NAACP says: "Legalizing marijuana is a civil rights issue, according to one of California's most prominent African-American advocacy groups. The California State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, led by President Alice Huffman, recently announced its 'unconditional endorsement' for Proposition 19, a legislative initiative on the November ballot that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California. Huffman said African-Americans are disproportionately affected by the criminalization of marijuana which makes passing the law a civil rights issue." See Steps toward Global Mind Control

Top 10 Examples of NAACP Racism: "The rhetoric of Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP from 1998 to 2000, exemplifies the organization’s migration from the mainstream to the extreme. In his words, Republicans are 'the white people’s party' and 'a crazed swarm of right-wing locusts.'” See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

July 2010

Look whose votes won't be counted ... Obama's Justice Department allegedly ignoring new laws designed to safeguard ballot accuracy: "In the wake of the Department of Justice's New Black Panther Party scandal, a second former DOJ attorney has now come forward, blasting the department for failing to protect American soldiers' right to vote. ..the DOJ's Voting Section is ignoring the new laws and may allow thousands of ballots to slip through the cracks uncounted in November."

Obama Wants to Jail Americans with New Law: "Sparking the concern of Russian diplomats over the growing totalitarian bent of the Obama government is the planned reintroduction of what these reports call one of the most draconian laws ever introduced in a free society that is titled “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.” First introduced in the US Congress in 2007... this new law passed the US House of Representatives by a secretive voice vote, but failed to pass the US Senate... [It] was embraced by Obama who became the first American President to name his own citizens as a threat to his Nations security....[It supposedly] makes the problem of home-grown terrorists a top priority because an increasing number of individuals in the US have become 'captivated by extremist ideology or causes.'

      "The Times of London is further reporting that Obama’s new National Security Strategy 'officially' ends America’s 'War on Terror' in what they call 'a sweeping repudiation of the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes.'” 

June 2010

Obama's faith: Christianity or Islam? "When speaking of the origins of Islam, why does Obama use the word 'revealed'?... One does not expect a Christian to suggest that God revealed Islam to Muhammad for the simple reason that if God did such, then Christianity is wrong....

      "Obama calls the Quran, 'the holy Quran.' Again, one does not expect a Christian to suggest that the Quran is holy.... If the Quran is holy, it should also be true – and if the Quran is true, then the Bible is incorrect.... In contrast, I have not heard Obama append the world 'holy' onto the Bible. Curiously, I have heard Obama forcefully mock the Bible.

      "...why is the Obama administration directing that ex-Muslim, Christian and firstborn son of one of the founding sheikh's of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef – who has saved thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives from Islamic suicide bombings – be extradited from the U.S. and send to Palestinian territories where he is sure to face certain death....

      "...there are reports that Obama himself confided his Islamic faith to Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit." See video: Obama: "I am a Muslim"

It's freedom of 'religion,' [not just freedom to "worship"]: "'While some may deem the words 'worship' and 'religion' to be synonymous, and thus interchangeable, they are most definitely not!' ...'The First Amendment of the United States Constitution uses the word 'religion' and states unequivocally that Congress cannot prohibit the 'free exercise' of said 'religion' ...'[Obama's] use of the word 'worship' implies that we have freedom ONLY within the confines of structures set aside for religious expression (i.e. churches, synagogues, etc.). This is not only a gross departure from the original intent of the First Amendment, but is also the first step toward eliminating faith expression in the public marketplace.'...

     "The issue also has arisen in the arguments over 'hate crimes.'" See Why hate crimes laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Clemency for the enemy, but not our soldiers? "This Memorial Day Weekend, Americans remember not only our fallen soldiers, but also soldiers currently fighting in hostile lands under atrocious conditions. But there's another duty upon us as Americans with a debt of gratitude to our armed forces. We must recognize the travesties of U.S. military justice that have tried, convicted, jailed and repeatedly denied clemency to all too many brave Americans, the same brave Americans who have fought our wars only to be unfairly charged with 'murder' in the war zone.

     "...recall the crushing conviction of Sgt. Evan Vela, a young Ranger-trained sniper and father of two from Idaho, for executing his superior's order to kill an Iraqi man who, at the time, had been compromising his squad's hiding place in pre-'surge' Iraq. Ten years in Fort Leavenworth, ordered not-so-blind justice. (There is evidence that Evan's harsh sentence was a blatant political sop to Iraq's government.)...And Evan Vela has all too many brothers-in-arms at Fort Leavenworth prison....

      "American commanders are informally releasing Taliban fighters on their own recognizance after they 'promise' not to fight jihad in the path of Allah again - or PC words to that effect. ... But no such clemency for our own. ....[S]ince January of this year, 200 alleged Taliban insurgents had been ...released from Bagram prison." See Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny

May 2010

"Human rights" urged for whales and dolphins: "Whales and dolphins should get 'human rights' to life and liberty because of mounting evidence of their intelligence, a group of conservationists and experts in philosophy, law and ethics said Sunday.... Thomas White, director of the Center for Ethics and Business... [said], 'They have a sense of self [how would they know?] that we used to think that only human beings have.'"

April 2010

Judge rules Christians have NO special rights as he throws out case of sex therapist who refused to work with gay couples: "In a landmark case, the appeal judge told relationship guidance counsellor Gary McFarlane, a Christian, that he had no right to refuse to give sex therapy to gay couples. And the judge delivered a scathing criticism of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, who spoke up for Christians who try to follow their beliefs."

Europe steps up pressure for smacking [spanking] ban on human rights grounds: "It is now one of only a handful of countries holding out against a complete ban on the practice, according to the Council of Europe. The organisation criticised the fact that state intervention into family affairs is seen as 'unwelcome' in Britain and attacked traditional parenting practices which are based on 'authority'. The intervention, which follows a series of failed attempts to impose a complete ban in Parliament, comes 10 years after European judges ruled that smacking could violate children’s human rights. Although corporal punishment has been banned in schools mild smacking is permitted in the home under a 'reasonable chastisement'..." How Human "Rights" Crush Individual Freedom

March 2010

Court blasts city's ban on church bells: "The dispute heated up when Bishop Rick Painter of Christ the King was sentenced to jail and probation in June 2009 for violating the ordinance by ringing his church's bells."


Supreme Court to consider case against California law school: "The college, which requires officially recognized student groups to admit any Hastings student who wants to join, may be well-meaning, says the student outpost of the Christian Legal Society. But the group contends that requiring it to allow gay students and nonbelievers into its leadership would be a renunciation of its core beliefs, and that the policy violates the Constitution's guarantee of free speech, association with like-minded individuals and exercise of religion.... Martinez [acting chancellor]. said he has been asked if the school's policy means that a Jewish organization would have to allow a Nazi sympathizer to join, and his answer is yes. 'That's a necessary consequence of being nondiscriminatory.'" See Whose "rights" will rule in a "democratized" world?


[Video] DN: Israeli Ambassador Heckled at UC Irvine

February 2010

The Human Rights set-up: "The victim is John Fulton, owner of the Downtown Health Club for Women in St. Catharines -Ontario, Canada]. In 2006, an individual dressed as a woman visited the club and applied for membership. The person then told Fulton, 'I’m really a guy'— a man planning to have a sex-change operation. With only one change room and shower room in the club, admitting this individual would have meant allowing a man to observe the other patrons — all female — in various stages of undress."

Muslim student adviser: Death penalty for 'gays' : "Devin Saucier, president of Vanderbilt's chapter of Youth for Western Civilization... wondered about the 'unholy alliance between Muslims and leftists – how could the latter, who fervently support multiculturalism, gay marriage, and gender equality, ally with the former, who support religious and cultural supremacy, traditional marriage, and the oppression of women?'

     '"When I saw that the Muslim Students Association (MSA) was hosting an event titled 'Common Ground: Being Muslim in the Military' which was sponsored by the Project Dialogue committee, I knew it would be ripe grounds for me to expose the gullibility of leftists who grovel at the altars of tolerance and acceptance,' he wrote.

     "...after the meeting a 'rather flustered girl' demanded to know why he asked the question....

     "'I think my question was quite relevant, since there are a number of homosexuals in the military,' Saucier replied.... 'If I was a homosexual in the military, I would want to know if the religion of the person fighting next to me demands my death....'

     '"Well I learned in Sunday school that Christianity condemns homosexuality too!' the girl said.

     '"Yes, Christianity does consider homosexuality sinful, and Christians pray for homosexuals because of it, while Islamic law says they should be punished with death. See the difference?" he responded."

     One "common ground" shared by the two groups would be a common hatred for Christianity.

January 2010

Ad for 'reliable workers' banned as discrimination: [Ireland] "The text of the ad ended by stating that applicants for the post 'must be very reliable and hard-working.' But when Mamo called the Jobcentre the following day, she was told that her ad would not be displayed.... A Jobcentre worker claimed that the word 'reliable' meant they could be sued for discriminating against unreliable workers." See Cultural corruption

December 2009

[UK] "Equality Bill" will hurt Churches: "The Bill... is being promoted as a way of consolidating earlier anti-discrimination legislation into a single law. Faith groups believe it will reduce the control they have over who to employ.... 'The trouble is that the Government is passing vague legislation and then saying 'well, the courts will sort it out.... Courts should not become the arena in which these issues are fought out.”

Secretary Clinton Explains U.S. "Pragmatic Policy" on Human Rights: "After side-stepping human rights concerns in China earlier this year, U.S. Secretary of State Clinton firmly outlined the current U.S. diplomatic position.... 'Principled pragmatism informs our approach on human rights, informs our approach with all countries, but particularly with key countries like China and Russia.'... ChinaAid President Bob Fu remains concerned about the implications of a U.S. hidden-negotiation approach to human rights concerns in China." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

November 2009

Prison pays for sex change treatments: "Convicted wife-killer Robert 'Michelle' Kosilek was rebuffed again in his battle to force state prison honchos to give him electrolysis treatments, but a federal judge left the door open to the transgender con getting taxpayer-funded hair removal procedures....at a cost of $500 each. ... Wolf [the judge] criticized the DOC for its decision to stop electrolysis treatments for Kosilek, formerly of Mansfield, who lives as a woman at the all-male prison... Wolf said the move to stop the treatments ran 'a grave risk of violating the Eight Amendment,' which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Corruption


Islamic nations want treaty to protect faith symbols: "Four years after cartoons of the prophet Muhammad set off violent protests across the Muslim world, Islamic nations are mounting a campaign for an international treaty to protect religious symbols and beliefs from mockery. It would essentially mean a ban on blasphemy that would put them on a collision course with free speech laws in the West.... Algeria and Pakistan have taken the lead in lobbying to eventually bring the proposal to a vote in the UN General Assembly."


Teen fights vaccination for sexually transmitted virus: "A teenager is entitled to an exemption from a federal requirement that she be given a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease, because she is a Christian and holds the religious conviction that she must abstain from sex until marriage, according to a brief filed in support of her decision." See The UN Plan for your Mental Health


Italy, Vatican in uproar over court crucifix ruling: "The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that crucifixes should be removed from Italian classrooms...." Similar to America: "And a little child shall lead them

October 2009

Obama signs 'hate-crimes' bill into law: "''This law is a grave threat to the First Amendment because it provides special penalties based on what people think, feel, or believe. ADF will be on the front line to defend those whose free speech or free exercise of religion rights are violated by this unconstitutional law and to ultimately overturn this attack on freedom.' Opponents point to cases in Canada and Sweden, where Christians have faced criminal prosecution for preaching that homosexual behavior is a sin. '...It paves the way for the criminalization of speech that is not deemed 'politically correct.... Hate crimes' laws fly in the face of the underlying purpose of the First Amendment, which was designed specifically to protect unpopular speech.'...

     "The White House announced it will host a reception this evening to commemorate the enactment of the hate crimes legislation." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Shut up! U.S. sponsors plan to restrict free speech: [Notice the Orwellian language:] "A proposal sponsored by the Obama administration at the United Nations that purports to seek protection for 'freedom of opinion and expression' actually is a call for a worldwide crackdown on freedom of speech and a mandate for nations to ensure 'that relevant national legislation complies with … international human rights obligations' – a clear threat to the First Amendment.... It demands that all nations condemn and criminalize 'any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.'

     "...the issue is not about free speech at all but about installing international precedents to stifle any criticism of Islam.... 'The proclamation of the Gospel in Muslim countries has been called incitement of religious discrimination.'...

     "The 57 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference have lobbied for the 'anti-defamation' plan, which is based on the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, since 1999. The Cairo declaration states 'that all rights are subject to Shariah law, and makes Shariah law the only source of reference for human rights.'" See Persecution and Adapting the Constitution to a Global Consensus

Obama Declares War on Free Speech: "The Obama Administration has now actually co-sponsored an anti-free speech resolution at the United Nations. Approved by the U.N. Human Rights Council last Friday, the resolution, cosponsored by the U.S. and Egypt, calls on states to condemn and criminalize 'any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.'...

      "'Incitement' and 'hatred' are in the eye of the beholder -- or more precisely, in the eye of those who make such determinations. The powerful can decide to silence the powerless by classifying their views as 'hate speech.'

      "The resolution also condemns 'negative stereotyping of religions...,' which is of course an oblique reference to accurate reporting about the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism....

      "But we still have the First Amendment, right? ...'If the U.S. backs a resolution that urges the suppression of some speech,' he explains, 'presumably we are taking the view that all countries -- including the U.S. -- should adhere to this resolution." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Atheists say prayer makes them physically sick': "'My stomach did a somersault with disgust'... Atheists recruited to be part of a lawsuit that is trying to rid government ceremonies such as the inauguration of a president of any invocation or other prayer have claimed they are made physically ill by prayer." See No Rights for Resisters

September 2009

Regulatory chief: Adult dog more 'rational' than baby: "President Obama's newly confirmed administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs has several times quoted approvingly from an author who likened animals to slaves and argued an adult dog or a horse is more rational than a human infant and should therefore be granted similar rights. ... The Senate today confirmed Sunstein as Obama's nominee for 'regulatory czar,' overcoming months of delay due to Republican concerns that he would push a radical animal-rights agenda." See ...and a child shall lead them

August 2009

Quangos... veto ‘racist’ everyday phrases: "Among the everyday sayings that have been quietly dropped in a bid to stamp out racism and sexism are 'whiter than white', 'gentleman's agreement', 'black mark' and 'right-hand man'. The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has advised staff to replace the phrase 'black day' with 'miserable day', according to documents released under freedom of information rules. It points out that certain words carry with them a 'hierarchical valuation of skin colour'. The commission even urges employees to be mindful of the term 'ethnic minority' because it can imply 'something smaller and less important'." See Reinventing the World Part 3: Global Standards


Charter school's use of Bible ignites public firestorm: "'The U.S. Supreme Court has held in many cases that public schools may teach about religion, including the Bible or other Scripture,' Moffett told the Press-Tribune. 'The Court has also held that public schools may use the Bible in the study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion or the like.'" See Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny


July 2009

Savage: I'm banned because I'm Jewish: "Official correspondence, released under the United Kingdom's Freedom of Information law, reveals that ... Michael Savage's name was placed on a list of people banned from Britain in order to provide 'balance' to a 'least wanted' list dominated by Muslim extremists, and the decision was made 'at the highest level of government.'... 'We will want to ensure that the names disclosed reflect the broad range of cases and are not all Islamic extremists,' reads a draft recommendation, marked 'Restricted,' that was obtained as part of Savage's libel lawsuit against the government....

     "'They have attempted to destroy my reputation to avoid offending those Muslims who want to destroy them!...' he said." See UN Rules

The UN Seizure of Parental Rights: The twenty-year-old Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has little to do with personal rights. It has everything to do with changing values and undermining the traditional family. Since it transfers parental authority to the state, Christian children are legally free to reject safe family guidelines. The state will back their choice! ....

     "ARTICLE 15 grants children the right to 'freedom of association,' while ARTICLE 16 forbids 'interference with his or her privacy... or correspondence.' Their freedom to choose would fling the doors open to every lewd kind of literature, texting and Internet communications. ... The state terminates parental rights to set wise boundaries and maintain moral standards. It 'frees' children to follow their new pied pipers into a world of corruption, group thinking, and government control. Meanwhile, Christian children lose their traditional right to express their faith, since Christian beliefs and values are too divisive for today's changing world."

June 2009

Child molester's dream come true: "A hate crimes bill (H.R. 1913 and S. 909), dubbed by critics the 'Pedophile Protection Act,' has already passed the House and is up for vote in the Senate. The bill earned its unofficial name when Democrats rejected an amendment to exclude pedophiles from legal protection....

     "...the Georgia Supreme Court ruled in a divorce case that two minor children must be forced to mingle against their will with their homosexual father's 'gay' and lesbian friends during visitation. Claiming the children... will not suffer harm from this contact, Justice Robert Benham overturned an earlier lower court ruling protecting the children from exposure to 'overnight company with a member of the opposite sex, or with any person deemed to be a paramour, unrelated by blood or marriage, in the presence of a child.'

      "During the trial the two oldest children expressed fear for the safety of their younger siblings due to their homosexual father's violent outbursts. One of the girls told of finding a magazine with naked men while visiting her father....

       "'With hate crime federally implemented, soon Human Rights Commissions... will hold tribunals in every state, prosecuting those who speak against the sin of homosexuality or mention any health dangers associated with homosexuality....  Do hate crime laws really protect children? No. They protect adults perpetrating acts of indecency on minors."

May 2009

Between Religious Freedom and Equality: Complexity and Context: "The tension between religious freedom and non-discrimination principles is becoming increasingly acute. International human rights treaties usually affirm the importance of both equality and of religious freedom, often with little guidance as to how the two are to be reconciled.... Should religious schools that receive state funding be required to admit all students regardless of their religion, sex or sexual orientation?... The notion that religious organizations should be subjected to the same discrimination laws as all other organizations is increasingly gaining support. ... Similarly, international treaty law has placed greater emphasis on the rights of groups that have traditionally faced discrimination....The process of human development leads to contested interpretations from which different and newly developed perspectives form..."

     But remember, God never promised us justice from the world. He, not this corrupted world, is the source of our peace and hope!

Lesbians look to boot Boy Scouts from own facilities: "With work ramping up in Washington on a 'hate crimes' bill that would create special rights for homosexuals, a case that addresses a related issue – claims by same-sex couples they have the right not to be 'offended' by 'straight' morality – has been presented to the U.S. Supreme Court.... 'Radical homosexuals are attempting to use every means possible to destroy the Scouts..." See Spiritual Warfare

April 2009

Quebec dad sued by [12-year-old] daughter after grounding loses his appeal: "Quebec Superior Court rejected the Gatineau father's appeal of a lower court ruling that said his punishment was too severe for the wrongs he said his daughter committed. The father is 'flabbergasted.' ....the province's court of appeal declared the girl was caught up in a 'very rare' set of circumstances.... The family's legal wrangling started with a dispute over the girl's internet use." S

older Dad grounds daughter, but court ungrounds her: "The father had ordered the daughter, who was not identified by the report, to remain off the Internet. She didn't, chatting on websites her father had tried to block and then posting 'inappropriate' pictures of herself online, using a friend's Internet portal. As punishment, the father refused to let her go on a scheduled school trip, so the 12-year-old went to Canada's judicial system to get her way.  ...the 12-year-old had access to the courts using a court-appointed attorney representing her in her parents' custody dispute." See What Happened To Parental Rights?

March 2009

Obama's 1st judge pick anti-Jesus? "Obama's first judicial nominee is David Hamilton.... 'the infamous activist judge who in 2005 ordered the speaker of the Indiana House to immediately stop the practice of 'sectarian prayers' at the opening of the legislative session.'" See Declaration of Principles on Tolerance

UN body OKs call to curb religious criticism: "A simple majority of 23 members of the 47-nation Human Rights Council voted in favor of the resolution. ... The resolution urges states to provide 'protection against acts of hatred, discrimination, intimidation and coercion resulting from defamation of religions and incitement to religious hatred in general.' ... The council is dominated by Muslim and African countries. [The Arab-Muslim block in the UN included 56 nations a few years ago.]

      "Muslim nations have argued that religions, in particular Islam, must be shielded from criticism in the media and other areas of public life. ...'Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism,' the resolution said. ... Islam was the only religion specifically named as deserving protection."

New Age Department of Peace Bill: "For those who are not familiar with the efforts by prolific New Age leaders to bring to reality a US Department of Peace, these efforts began several years ago at a grassroots level. Support for the new department grew and presently 66 members of Congress are supporting the effort. Just one week after the new president took office, the updated Department of Peace bill was introduced. 

     "...the Department of Peace will be a means to enforce New Age-based hate-crime legislation." See New Spirituality for an Awakening Planet?

February 2009

$500-a-day fine for posting Constitution: "It's a fish story that's turning into a whale of a legal tale..... [T]hey hired artist Matt Evanson and gave him free rein to paint a giant mural of marine life.... But Evanson has not been able to complete the artwork – which contains no words except for his signature – because the city... claims it violates the sign code.... [The city fined] Quintero, and he initially pleaded no contest, agreeing to pay $690. But the businessman is refusing the city's demand to paint over the fish. His response? Proudly hang a giant banner with text of the First Amendment promoting free speech in front of the mural....

     "Not amused, the city of Clearwater is now threatening to hook Quintero with fines of $500 a day for displaying the large version of America's founding document."

Prof calls Christian student 'fascist b------': "Lopez was participating in a class assignment to give a speech on 'any topic' from six to eight minutes. 'During the November, 24, 2008 class, Mr. Lopez delivered an informative speech on God and the ways in which Mr. Lopez has seen God act both in his life and in the lives of others through miracles. In the middle of the speech, he addressed the issues of God and morality; thus, he referred to the dictionary definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman and also read a passage from the Bible discussing marriage....

     "At that point, the professor interrupted him and refused to allow him to finish his speech.... Matteson then called Lopez a 'fascist b------' and dismissed the class. Later, the professor left an evaluation form on Lopez's backpack without a grade, instructing him to 'Ask God what your grade is.'  

     "...a senior counsel with the ADF, however, was critical of the school's actions. 'Public institutions of higher learning cannot selectively censor Christian speech,' he said. "This student was speaking well within the confines of his professor's assignment when he was censored and ultimately threatened with expulsion.' ... 'When students are given open-ended assignments in a public speaking class, the First Amendment protects their ability to express their views. Moreover, the district has a speech code that has created a culture of censorship on campus. America's public universities and colleges are supposed to be a 'marketplace of ideas,' not a hotbed of intolerance." Don't mention Jesus

Gay coach targets heterosexual player: "After leading her team to its first conference title in 18 years as a high school senior, the 6-foot-2 forward decided to attend Central Michigan University, which offered her a full scholarship. But Heike says she fell out of favor in 2007 with CMU's new women's basketball head coach, Sue Guevara, and was eventually kicked off the team. She claims the coach, who is allegedly lesbian, took issue with her heterosexuality."

Congressman Frank Wolf Criticizes Obama Administration for Silence During UN Review of China’s Human Rights Record: "The Obama Administration made a pledge to place human rights at the top of its agenda,' Wolf said. 'By staying silent, it is off to the wrong start.... How can America say nothing about four of the worst offenders of human rights and religious freedom in the world? ...China has been designated by the State Department’s annual Religious Freedom report as a country of particular concern every year since 1999.... Saudi Arabia, too, has received this designation for the past four years. And the U.S. delegation has remained silent.” See When Iron Gates Yield

Britain's Surrender to Islamists: "In pre-emptive submission to Islamist sensibilities, Britain barred Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders last Thursday from entering the country and speaking at the House of Lords.... His short anti-Islam video 'Fitna,' which juxtaposes Quranic verses calling for jihad with footage of Islamic terror, threatened 'public security in the U.K,' according to the Home Office. Since Mr. Wilder has never called for violence -- in his home country, the only life threatened as a result of his work is his own -- the imagined security threat could come only from people opposed to him, i.e. Muslim radicals. Britain is punishing Mr. Wilders not for his own actions but for the hypothetical actions of his adversaries....

      "The 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference is pushing for changes to international law and national law in Western countries to make them conform with Shariah law. One of the main goals of the United Nations' 'antiracism' conference in April in Geneva will be to commit member states to implement laws to stop the 'defamation' of Islam....

      "Islamists flocked to Britain precisely because of its tradition of tolerance. It's a cruel twist of history that radical Muslims have been allowed to use the freedom they found there to limit freedom for everybody else."


Google Map: Intimidation or conversation starter? "'There has been a systematic effort to intimidate and harass donors to the [pro-family] Prop 8 campaign,' said Ron Prentice, chairman of ProtectMarriage.com.... 'The latest example of this is the publication by our opponents of 'Google Maps' showing the home or office location of Yes on 8 contributors.... The message of this harassment is unmistakable – 'support traditional marriage and we will find you.'...'The organization cited 'numerous examples of threatening and harassing e-mails, phone calls and postcards.'... Among the messages to Prop 8 donors: 'Burn in hell.' 'Consider yourself lucky. If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter.' '...we have plans for you and your friends.' Also cited were cases of vandalism and property destruction." See Depravity

January 2009

Tribunal: 'Gay' rights trump Christianity: "A British employment tribunal has ruled that a Christian counselor was wrongfully dismissed after he expressed reservations about offering sexual advice to homosexuals, but the judges rejected his claim of religious discrimination.... Instead, after a letter circulated... that accused McFarlane of being a 'homophobe,' he was suspended in January 2008 and dismissed two months later. 'If I were a Muslim, this would not have happened. But Christians seem to have fewer and fewer rights,' McFarlane said." See Seeds of Persecution

WhiteHouse.gov - Civil Rights: "Expand Hate Crimes Statutes: President Obama and Vice President Biden will strengthen federal hate crimes legislation, expand hate crimes protection by passing the Matthew Shepard Act, and reinvigorate enforcement at the Department of Justice's Criminal Section."

Holland's national suicide note: "The Dutch court of appeal has ruled that Geert Wilders, the Member of Parliament and anti-terrorism activist, must stand trial for hate speech. ... 'On 21 January 2009 the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam ordered the criminal prosecution of the member of parliament Geert Wilders for the incitement to hatred and discrimination based on his statements in various media about moslims and their belief.'  Did you catch that? ... Incitement to... Violence? ... No. Incitement to hatred. Hatred is an emotion. And apparently in Holland, 'making' someone feel that emotion is a crime. And inciting 'discrimination' is, too. Not just discrimination itself, mind you. But inciting someone to discriminate. 'In addition, the Court of Appeal considers criminal prosecution obvious for the insult of Islamic worshippers.... This is the criminalization of 'insults.'"

British Muslims Offended by Christians Praying during Ramadan: "A Christian group in Oxford has apologised to the city’s Muslims for having the audacity to organise a day of prayer during Ramadan. Oxford's Muslims found it ‘ill-conceived and insensitive’, not to mention ‘grossly insulting and inflammatory’.

      "The Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (MECO) has accused the Evangelical group ‘Open Doors UK’ of preaching ‘evangelical propaganda’. Do not Muslims preach Islamic propaganda? Do the Christians in Oxford complain about this? Would the Muslims of Oxford apologise or even care if the Christians did complain about it?"

November 2008

Gay activists focusing on rights issues other than marriage: "Gay advocates predict swift action on a federal hate-crimes bill that would allow federal aid to investigate crimes committed because of sexual orientation or gender identity. The measure, which then-senator Obama co-sponsored, passed Congress last year but was dropped from a defense authorization bill after President Bush threatened a veto. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would extend workplace protections to gays, also could resurface for an early vote... Obama has favored the bill." See Why hate crimes laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Obama’s Coming War on Historic Christianity over Homosexual Practice and Abortion: "Persecution will take many forms, as indicated by actions that have already taken place in parts of the United States, Canada, and Western Europe: Compulsory indoctrination of our children in schools (kindergarten up)....

Job discrimination, termination, and the imposition of fines on people who express contrary views toward homosexual practice.... Forced offering of goods and services that directly advance and promote homosexual practice and abortion, irrespective of the degree to which the conscience of the provider may be violated.... Severe restrictions in broadcasting and the print media.... Sanctions against Christian colleges and seminaries that allow 'discrimination' against 'gay, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders'...

     "Persons who express the view that homosexual practice is immoral will be particular targets of persecution. They will be likened to virulent racists and their civil liberties will be attenuated accordingly." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Corruption

The Right To Win (Thomas Sowell): "The worst of all the reactions from people who act as if they have a right to win have come from gay activists in the wake of voter rejection of so-called 'gay marriage'.... Blacks and Mormons have been the main targets of the gay activists' anger. Seventy percent of blacks voted against gay marriage in California, so racial epithets were hurled at blacks....

      "In the past, gay activists have disrupted Catholic services and their 'gay pride' parades in San Francisco have crudely mocked nuns. While demanding tolerance from others, gay activists apparently feel no need to show any themselves....

       "'No justice, no peace!' was a slogan that found resonance. ...it sounds good if you don't stop and think-- and awful if you do. ... Nobody is in favor of anarchy. But some people want everybody else to obey the rules, while they don't have to.... When the majority of the people become like sheep, who will tolerate intolerance rather than make a fuss, then there is no limit to how far any group will go." See Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation

eHarmony.com to match 'gays' -- Dating site promoted by James Dobson bows to lawsuit: "Internet dating service eHarmony has officially agreed to begin matching homosexual couples.... On March 14, 2005, Eric McKinley filed a lawsuit against eHarmony, claiming the company discriminated against him when it refused to accept his advertisement for a 'gay' partner."

Muslims get last laugh: "Under the settlement, Gold'n Plump agreed to pay $215,000 to workers who were terminated for taking prayer breaks. The Work Connection will pay $150,000 to workers who were asked to sign a form acknowledging that they might be required to handle pork, which many Muslims consider unclean.... 'So the proposition that Muslims have special privileges in American society, to which others are not privy, is now enshrined in [legal] precedent." See Islam

Court: Quit saying 'illegal aliens': "Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor stirred up a hornet's nest by endorsing a demand from the Hispanic Bar Association to censor words and phrases such as 'illegal aliens' and 'illegal immigrants' and substitute 'foreign nationals' in court documents."

      Our Constitution is fast becoming obsolete.

ACLU bullies small-town festival for including Christians: "The Thibodeauxville Festival, which draws nearly 12,000 people to the town whose population barely exceeds 14,000, has featured fun, food, street dancing and bands from a variety of genres for the past 16 years. But when the ACLU spied the city's seal on a flier that also promoted the Christian bands performing at the festival, it took action. Marjorie Esman, executive director of ACLU Louisiana [said], 'We wrote to a letter to the mayor, copied the president of the chamber, asking them for the future to not include religious expression in the event."

McCain T-shirt gets man cuffed, stuffed: "A man wearing a McCain-Palin T-shirt during a Philadelphia celebration on election night was arrested, cuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser.... Although the man protested that he didn't want to cause any trouble, officers manhandled him and arrested him...."


Cops at man's home for opposing Obama: "Brent Garner of Lawrence, Kan. ...composed an essay on Oct. 29 detailing Obama's connections with communist Frank Davis and Weatherman William Ayers, the Democrat's tax plan and his lack of protection for infants born alive following failed abortion procedures. He then put the letter in an envelope and delivered it to Obama supporter and Lawrence Police Department civilian administrator Kim Murphree, whom he had met at his church. ... He then drove home, and a clergyman from his church called him, saying Murphree had complained about the letter. While he was speaking on the phone, only 10-15 minutes following his letter delivery, an officer from the Lawrence Police Department appeared on his doorstep."

October 2008

Girl called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt: “'Some of the students were calling me racist because I was Caucasian,' she said. '...And I told them that’s not true. It’s my freedom of speech, it’s my opinion.” See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

September 2008

President would review 'hate crimes' plan: "'The hate crimes plan is to be offered as an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2009 Department of Defense reauthorization bill.'... Pro-homosexual advocates long have sought such a law, but opponents fear it would be used to crack down on those who maintain a biblical perspective.... Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter earlier this year signed a bill into law that opponents describe as draconian, with one analyst expressing the opinion that it actually could be read as outlawing publication of the Bible in the state because of its injunctions against homosexuality." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Stephen Boissoin - A Pastor Silenced: "For those who have been following Canada's human rights tribunals and their decisions against Christians who express moral opposition to homosexual activism and same-sex marriage, the name Stephen Boissoin should be familiar. ...the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal recently ordered him to stop talking about homosexuality from the perspective of his evangelical Christian faith. Moreover, the government tribunal ordered him to apologize for his previous expressions on this topic as a Christian, and has prohibited him from criticizing the government process to which he had been subjected....

      "Stephen struck me as anything but hateful. He came across as gentle, albeit fervent like most evangelicals (although he doesn't admit the label, calling himself a simple Bible Christian). Moreover, he expressed genuinely felt concern for the emotional, spiritual and physical welfare of those who practice the homosexual lifestyle." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity

July 2008

Court says no to prayers in Jesus' name: "The Fredericksburg City Council's policy prohibiting a member from opening meetings with a prayer mentioning Jesus does not violate his free-speech rights, a federal appeals court ruled.... The court said the policy does not violate Turner's rights because the prayer is 'government speech,' not individual speech.... 'Turner was not forced to offer a prayer that violated his deeply held religious beliefs,' wrote retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who participated in the case as a visiting judge. ... She wrote that he 'remains free to pray on his own behalf, in non-governmental endeavors, in the manner dictated by his conscience.' The council implemented the policy after the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to file a lawsuit over Turner's sectarian prayers. ....

      "'This ruling shows exactly how dangerous the government speech doctrine is -- it extinguishes free speech,' said John W. Whitehead, the organization's president. 'If the government can censor speech on the grounds that it is so-called 'government speech,' it will not be long before this label becomes a convenient tool for silencing any message that does not conform to what government officials deem appropriate.'"See Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny

Before you read the first two links, you may want to see the background information in this article: Trading US Rights for UN Goals

Human rights commissions in the United States: "...even in the land of the First Amendment, political correctness can start to creep into daily life with the force of law behind it.... Here's a recent case from Alexandria, Virginia, where a local restaurant was found guilty of discrimination. ... they fired an employee who had AIDS. That's similar to Alberta's ruling in favour of a restaurant manager who was fired for having Hepatitis, and a B.C. ruling in favour of a McDonald's employee who didn't want to wash her hands....

     "And then there's Philadelphia's 'human relations' commission [HRC], with its $2.1-million budget and staff of 33... [T]he Philly HRC's boss, a radical activist named Rue Landau, sounds like Ontario's Barbara Hall.... Landau will 'strongly suggest' that every city agency undergo diversity training, particularly involving transgender people. Philadelphia is one of only 13 municipalities in the state to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.... Landau also plans to lobby City Council for an increase in the commission's penalties and fines.." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity

Philadelphia's Geno's Steaks Adopts English-Only Ordering Policy: "Situated in a South Philadelphia immigrant neighborhood, Geno's... has posted small signs telling customers, 'This Is AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING `SPEAK ENGLISH.' ... Vento [the owner], whose grandparents struggled to learn English after immigrating from Sicily in the 1920s, said he posted the sign about six months ago amid concerns over immigration reform and the increasing number of customers who could not order in English.... But the policy has 'really upset a lot of a people,' said Brad Baldia of Day Without An Immigrant, a coalition of immigrant groups.... Juntos, a Hispanic neighborhood organization, said it plans to send people to Geno's to try to order in Spanish and may pursue court action, depending on what happens."

Boys punished with detention for refusing to pray to Allah [UK]: "Two seventh-grade boys were given detention and their classmates forced to miss their scheduled refreshment break when the pair refused to kneel and pray to Allah during a religious studies class. Outraged parents called the punishment of the boys... a breach of their human rights.... 'I understand that they have to learn about other religions.... Making them pray to Allah, who isn't who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful...'" See Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation

June 2008

Hate speech or free speech? The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal... will soon rule on whether Maclean's violated a provincial hate speech law by stirring up animosity toward Muslims....The Maclean's article, 'The Future Belongs to Islam,' was an excerpt from a book by Mark Steyn called 'America Alone.' .... Steyn... said the court proceeding illustrated some important distinctions. 'The problem with so-called hate speech laws is that they're not about facts,' he said in a telephone interview. 'They're about feelings.' ... 'Western governments are becoming increasingly comfortable with the regulation of opinion." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

April 2008

Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur: "French former film star Brigitte Bardot went on trial on Tuesday for insulting Muslims, the fifth time she has faced the charge of 'inciting racial hatred' over her controversial remarks about Islam and its followers. Prosecutors asked that the Paris court hand the 73-year-old former sex symbol a two-month suspended prison sentence and fine her 15,000 euros ($23,760) for saying the Muslim community was 'destroying our country and imposing its acts." See Trading US Rights for UN Goals


The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: “Art 11. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.... The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society....

     "Art. 52 1. ...limitations may be made only if they are necessary and genuinely meet objectives of general interest recognised by the Union or the need to protect the rights and freedoms of others.'....

      Including the freedom not to be offended by Christian beliefs and values? These open-ended limitations undermine any genuine freedom. In fact, they sound just like the UN Declaration on Human Rights! See Trading US Rights for UN Goals

'Expelled' to Yoko Ono: Imagine there's a Constitution: "The makers of Ben Stein's 'Expelled' movie, which opened last weekend at No. 10 nationwide and already has become one of the top 25 documentaries of all time, say the U.S. Constitution will be their defense against a lawsuit filed by Yoko Ono. Ono and the sons of 'Imagine' songwriter John Lennon, Sean Ono Lennon and Julian Lennon, are suing the documentary makers for using a brief clip of the popular song in the film." See Expelled! and Adapting the Constitution to a Global Consensus


The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees "the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" in Article 18.  Article 19 affirms "the right to freedom of opinion and expression...." But Article 29 states that "these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations." In other words, these "rights" don't apply to those who would criticize the UN or its policies. Your rights would be conditioned on your compliance. Now compare those UN "promises" with those of the Olympic Committee:

The International Olympic Committee’s Gag Order: "The eight-page 'briefing kit' ... calls on national Olympic committees to send athletes who are 'in compliance with the Olympic Charter' to the Games. 'Athletes will have total freedom of expression' to answer questions from the media, the memo states. 'However, rules for athletes clearly state that the venues of the Games are not a place for proactive political or religious expression.'... 'In Beijing, sanctions and penalties will be applied in any cases considered to be a breach of IOC policy.'"

March 2008

Islam and Free Speech: "While efforts to create parallel Islamic societies have been mostly peaceful, they may actually be a jihadist 'waiting game,' based on the assumption that the Islamic populations of many European states will become the majority over the next 25-50 years due to higher Muslim birth rates and immigration.

    "What is particularly disturbing about these assaults against modern society is how the West has reacted with appeasement, willful ignorance, and a lack of journalistic criticism. Last year PBS tried to suppress 'Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center,' a hard-hitting documentary that contained criticism of radical jihadists. ...it is likely that few members of the Western media will air it, perhaps because they have been intimidated by radical jihadist threats. ...

      "A German court ruled last year that a German Muslim man had the right to beat his wife, as this was permitted under Shariah." See Whose "rights" will rule in a "democratized" world?


Eliminating ’defamation’ of Islam: "Item VI on the OIC's Ten Year Program of Action is 'Combating Islamophobia'. Tasks to be undertaken in this regard include the establishment of an Observatory on Islamophobia tasked with monitoring Islamophobia and 'defamation' of Islam and issuing annual reports; and getting the UN to 'adopt an international resolution on Islamophobia, and call on all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments'.

    "...December 2005 was three months after the Danish Mohammed cartoons were published in Denmark (with no response).... Most notably however, it was two months before the 'Cartoon Intifada' erupted in the Levant and spread across the Muslim world. The Cartoon Intifada, in which Danish embassies were razed, numerous lives were lost and Danish products were boycotted, subsequently became the backdrop for the OIC's April 2006 presentation of its resolution against the defamation of religions, specifically Islam, to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)." See No Rights for Resisters

January 2008

Islam. UK bishop's comments slammed by Muslims: "A Church of England bishop has said Islamic extremism has turned some areas of Britain into 'no-go areas' for non-Muslims, drawing ire from the Muslim community, which dismissed his comments as scaremongering. 'There has been a worldwide resurgence of the ideology of Islamic extremism,' the Pakistan-born Bishop of Rochester, Doctor Michael Nazir-Ali, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph. One of the results of this, he said, was 'to turn already separate communities into 'no-go' areas where adherence to this ideology has become a mark of acceptability.'" See next link:

Whose Rights?  Why should free-born Canadians require the permission of the state to read my columns? (by Mark Steyn, author of America Alone): "The 'plaintiffs' [the Canadian Islamic Congress and some students] are not complaining that [Steyn's] article is false, or libelous, or seditious, for all of which there would be appropriate legal remedy. Their complaint is essentially emotional: it 'offended' them....

     "'The number of Muslims in Europe is expanding like 'mosquitoes.'  That claim certainly appears in my piece. But they're the words, not of a notorious right-wing Islamophobic columnist, but of a big­shot Scandinavian Muslim: 'We're the ones who will change you,' the Norwegian imam Mullah Krekar told the Oslo newspaper Dagbladet in 2006. 'Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes. Every Western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries is producing 3.5 children.'

     "Given that the 'mosquitoes' line is part of the basis on which the HRC accepted Dr. Elmasry's complaint of 'Islamophobia,' I'm interested to know what precisely is the offence? Are Mullah Krekar's words themselves Islamophobic? Or do they only become so when I quote them? ...

     "Just for the record, my book is not about Islam.... Rather, it posits Islam as an opportunist beneficiary of Western self-enfeeblement. The most important quotation in the entire text is nothing to do with Muslims or mosquitoes but a bald statement by the late historian Arnold Toynbee: 'Civilizations die from suicide, not murder.' One manifestation of that suicidal urge is the human rights commission." See Five Types of Religions

December 2007

Canada's Thought Police: "Celebrated author Mark Steyn has been summoned to appear before two Canadian judicial panels on charges linked to his book 'America Alone.' The book, a No. 1 bestseller in Canada, argues that Western nations are succumbing to an Islamist imperialist threat....

     "After the Canadian general-interest magazine Maclean's reprinted a chapter from the book, five Muslim law-school students, acting through the auspices of the Canadian Islamic Congress, demanded that the magazine be punished for spreading 'hatred and contempt' for Muslims.... The plaintiffs allege that Maclean's advocated, among other things, the notion that Islamic culture is incompatible with Canada's liberalized, Western civilization. They insist such a notion is untrue and, in effect, want opinions like that banned from publication.

     "...this whole process of dragging Steyn and the magazine before two separate human-rights bodies for the 'crime' of expressing an opinion is a good illustration of precisely what he was talking about....

     "Speech cops in America, too, are forever attempting similar efforts - most visibly, on college campuses. In fact, New York City itself has a human-rights panel that tries to stamp out anything deemed too politically incorrect." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


First anti-smack conviction: "He had admitted grabbing his son by the shoulder, holding him on his knee and hitting him with an open hand. The father, who in court admitted losing his temper in the incident, pleaded guilty to assault and had already, with his wife, sought help with anger management, parenting skills and relationship counseling.

      "...the law should not criminalise good parents for lightly smacking [spanking] their children,' said Family First national director Bob McCoskrie. 'Here we have a young family, an expectant mother, a father attempting to do his very best, and a law which treats him as a criminal.... While community organisations working with at-risk families ... are driven to their knees because of a lack of adequate funding, there seems to be no shortage of resources in investigating good parents who use a light smack.'...

      "Many parents are confirming that children are telling them ‘you can’t touch me or I’ll tell the police.'” See International Courts Mock Sovereignty

October 2007

Hillary Talks About 'It': "Prof. Fish has an alternative to traditions of tolerance, and to anyone awash in American politics today it will sound familiar: 'That is to say, and Marcuse says it, anything the right does is bad and should not be tolerated; anything the left does is good and should be welcomed.' This would explain the emotional intensity and animosity in politics now: The other side no longer deserves minimal respect. It's not enough to disagree with conservative viewpoints; one has to undermine and delegitimize them. Mock them.... Incidentally, Marcuse, Fish and others on the left who want to 'withdraw' tolerance from the speech and ideas of their opponents count centrist Democrats among them. That is what happened to Joe Lieberman." See Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation


Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday: "New York's iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan.... '...the lighting will become an annual event in the same tradition of the yearly lightings for Christmas and Hannukah.'... An estimated seven million Muslims live in the United States." But don't expect to see a manger scene there for Christmas! Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


Ethics 101: "On Sept. 28, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 'Indoctrinate U'... [a] riveting documentary about the war on free speech and individual rights waged by university faculty... enjoyed its Washington premiere. ... But don't expect the leading ethics centers -- Harvard's... Princeton's... or Yale's Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics -- to sponsor lectures... or publish writings that examine these and numerous other ethical questions..."

September 2007

What is human rights-based education? "Human rights-based education activities should convey fundamental human rights principles, such as equality and non-discrimination, while affirming their interdependence, indivisibility and universality." See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

August 2007

Burglar dies after falling from top-floor window following confrontation with homeowner: "A homeowner was arrested after a burglar plunged from the balcony of his top-floor flat and later died in hospital. The intruder suffered head injuries and died in hospital after falling around 30ft on to a concrete path.... The arrest is expected to fuel arguments about the rights of householders to defend themselves against burglars....  If charged and convicted he could face a life sentence." See Guide to the New World Order

July 2007

Islamic States Chide UN Head for Criticizing Human Rights Body: "After ensuring that the U.N. Human Rights Council, in its first year of operation, produced numerous resolutions condemning Israel, the Islamic bloc on Wednesday criticized U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon for highlighting that fact.... Last month, Ban's spokesman said in a statement that Ban was "disappointed at the council's decision to single out only one specific regional item, given the range and scope of allegations of human rights violations throughout the world." ....[Ban] wishes to emphasize the need to consider all situations of possible human rights violations equally." The remark was a reference to a decision by the HRC to stop reporting on alleged human rights violations in Cuba and Belarus. See "Hate Crime" laws (would protect Muslims from criticism) &  The Angel of Light

June 2007

Chastity ring centre of new school religion row: "A Christian teenager will go to the high court this summer to challenge the decision of her school to ban her from wearing a celibacy ring on the grounds that it is her basic human right to express her religious beliefs. Lydia Playfoot, 16, will argue that the school is being discriminatory because it allows pupils from other faiths to wear religious adornments. Muslim and Sikh pupils at her all-girls secondary school in West Sussex are allowed to wear headscarves, trousers and kara bracelets. ... The case has been in the legal pipeline for two years after Lydia was first banned from wearing the chastity ring, which has an inscription from the Bible, when she was 14." (5-14-07) See The Rising World Religion


Bill Would Force Pharmacists to Offer Contraception: "Congressional Democrats and other advocates of emergency contraception on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require pharmacies to offer emergency birth control.... Some pro-life pharmacists have come under fire for refusing to offer the pills because of their personal moral objections....

     "Pharmacists have 'an obligation to serve women, provide them with access to medication,' Maloney said.... 'It's about the basic right to birth control.'...

     "Penalties would include a $5,000 fine for each day a violation occurs. The legislation would also allow women denied Plan B to sue pharmacies for damages in civil court." See Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity


Action on Resolution on Combating Defamation of Religions [This UN resolution protects Islam, not Christianity]: "In a resolution on Combating defamation of religions... the Council expresses deep concern at

    • attempts to identify Islam with terrorism, violence and human rights violations;

    • notes with deep concern the... religious profiling of Muslim minorities....

    • urges States to take resolute action to prohibit the dissemination... of racist and xenophobic ideas....

    • urges all States to ensure that all public officials... respect different religions....

    "The result of the vote was as follows: In favour (24): Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Gabon, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. Against (14): Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Abstentions (9): Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Peru, Uruguay and Zambia."

April 2007

Hate Crimes Law Could Muzzle Free Speech, Critics Fear: "'We were sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ,' Beckman says in a forthcoming commercial arguing that federal hate crimes legislation threatens free speech. 'When you send grandmothers to jail, it goes too far.'...

    "In the U.S. Senate, Sens. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Gordon Smith (R-Ore.), have also co-sponsored a hate crimes bill called the 'Matthew Shepard Bill,' named for a University of Wyoming student beaten to death in 1998 by attackers who were offended by his homosexuality. 'As a nation founded on the ideals of tolerance and justice, we simply cannot accept violence that is motivated by bias and hate,' Smith said in a statement. 'Current law is limited. Our proposal would change that and change it permanently.'" See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

March 2007

Who's Wrong When Rights Collide?: "For 15 years, John Nemecek was a respected business professor and associate dean at Spring Arbor University, an evangelical college in Michigan. But after he started wearing makeup and earrings and asked friends to call him Julie, he was demoted, then fired, and told that his womanly appearance violated 'Christian behavior.' Prof. Nemecek is contesting the dismissal under federal discrimination laws...

     "Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, courts have recognized that churches enjoy a 'ministerial exception' allowing them to discriminate to uphold their beliefs. This right is recognized when it comes to selecting clergy, such as allowing Catholics to exclude women priests, but courts have not settled on the sweep of this exception .... 'Essentially they're saying they can define who is a Christian,' says Prof. Nemecek, whose Baptist church also asked him to leave the congregation. 'I don't agree our biology determines our gender.'" See Gender -- and Oneness in Christ


Former head of Virginia ACLU arrested on child pornography charges: "Rust-Tierney has admitted to investigators that he had downloaded videos and images from child pornography websites and burned them onto CD-ROMs. The complaint states that the videos in question contain graphic, forcible intercourse with prepubescent females, one of whom can be 'seen and heard crying,' while another is apparently tied with ropes.... Rust-Tierney has spoken out vociferously against the practice of restricting Internet access in public libraries." See Betraying our nation

Februrary 2007

 Use of ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ Too “Homophobic”, Scottish Nurses Told: "Nurses and other health care professionals should avoid using the terms ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ to refer to family relationships since the terms could be offensive to homosexual couples with children.... Issued in conjunction with the country’s leading homosexual activist organization Stonewall Scotland, the publication is entitled Fair For All - The Wider Challenge.... The booklet calls for a 'zero-tolerance policy to discriminatory language' among Scotland’s health care system....

    "...the directive requires that management or team leader job descriptions include a mandatory commitment to combating any 'discriminatory' language or attitudes among staff. The booklet was funded by taxpayers...as part of the Equality and Diversity program." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Janurary 2007

Uppsala University Guilty of Anti-Swedish Discrimination: "Late last month Uppsala University was found guilty of discrimination against Swedes by the Swedish Supreme Court (Högsta domstolen). Three years ago, the university refused to enroll Cecilia Lönn and Josefine Milander in its Law Faculty even though they had better grades than thirty other students with a foreign background.

     "..when somebody with a foreign background is favored even though the Swede had better grades, since this is not positive discrimination, but just plain discrimination." See The UN Plan for Global Migration

December 2006

 UN Assembly Adopts Treaty on Rights of Disabled: "The convention, which must be ratified by 20 nations to come into effect, covers civil and political rights, accessibility and the unrestricted right to education, health and employment. Ratifying nations must adopt laws prohibiting discrimination." This sounds compassionate, but how will governments stretch the definition of "rights" and "disabled" to control people, change schools, and close small companies? See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

September 2006

British Christian Arrested for Distributing Bible Tracts Opposing Homosexuality: "As bad as things are with the rise of an intolerant, government-endorsed 'gay' agenda in the USA, they are worse in Canada, England and much of Western Europe....

      "Stephen Green, 55, national director of the evangelical organization Christian Voice, was arrested for handing leaflets entitled 'Same-sex love – same-sex sex: What does the Bible say?” to festival goers attending the homosexual celebration held in Bute Park. Green was charged with using 'threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior.'..." See Whose "rights" will rule in a "democratized" world?

June 2006

Latvia Angers EU over Homophobia: "...the Parliament of Latvia upset the European Union by refusing to accept a labour bill that would make it a criminal offense for a private person or company to refuse to employ a gay person.... The Latvian parliamentarians insisted on the right of private employers to turn down people whose moral behaviour they reject." See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny


Brussels Journal Editor Threatened with Prosecution over Homeschooling : "Yesterday my husband Paul Belien, the editor of this website, was summoned to the police station and interrogated. He was told that the Belgian authorities are of the opinion that, as a homeschooler, he has not adequately educated his children and, hence, is neglecting his duty as a parent, which is a criminal offence....

     "My husband, a lawyer by training, and I, a former university lecturer, have homeschooled four of our five children through high school. These four have meanwhile moved on to university. Our youngest child is also being homeschooled....The fact that a growing group of children seems to be escaping from the government¹s influence clearly bothers the authorities.

      "Three years ago a new school bill was introduced. The new bill refers to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child...." See Three Myths of Homeschooling


Seven-Year-Old Beaten at School For Father's Stand Against Homosexual Activism: "On May 17—the two-year anniversary of same-sex 'marriage' in Massachusetts—the first-grade son of a prominent pro-family advocate was dragged and beaten behind the Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington during recess, receiving multiple blows to the chest, stomach, and genital area. Jacob Parker, the 7-year-old who was attacked, is the son of David Parker... [who had] objected to homosexual curriculum in his son's kindergarten class....

      "...one student in particular performed the actual physical assault while, 'many children stood, watched silently, and did nothing as the beating commenced.'.... The group of kids surrounded Jacob and he was beaten and punched. Then, as he fell to the ground, another child was heard saying to the group of children, 'Now you all can finish him off.'...

     "Parker noted that his conflict with the school over homosexuality is well known among the students.... Members of the community itself have organized public demonstrations specifically against Parker, in which their children have taken part....

     "Ironically, the school prides itself on its long-time involvement in various 'Safe School' programs, which are geared to creating school environments 'safe' for students who are homosexual. Parker asked, "Isn't the school supposed to be addressing safety and preventing bullying and violence? Or are such programs only focused on children with homosexual parents?" See No Rights for Resisters

May 2006

Saving Souls at School: "At least a dozen teachers and staff members at the public school run the 'Good News' Christian club. Attendance in the group, which started in January, has swelled to more than a fifth of Little River's enrollment. ... To maintain separation of church and state, public school teachers may not promote religion during school hours. But some teachers are doing so right after their school day ends, thanks to two court rulings. In 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of religious groups to spread their message to children in elementary schools after hours. Three years later, a federal appeals court ruled that it is legal for teachers to participate in such clubs....

     "After receiving a letter from a concerned parent about a teacher-led club at another elementary school, Dr. Denlinger told principals earlier this month that the district plans to examine the Bible clubs."

      Could a complaint from one parent become more significant to the school than the law of the land? Does the popularity of the Good News Club make it less legal for Christians to use public places than for other groups such as the Gay clubs or "Satanism club," which may freely meet on school grounds after classes end. On the other hand, the "fun" activity at the end sounds out-of-place for a group that "helps instill character and values." See The Postmodern Church


Islamist Threats To Dutch Politician Bring Chill: "Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been threatened repeatedly with 'execution' by Islamist extremists. She lives in an apartment with bulletproof windows, and is driven to work at the Dutch Parliament by armed guards, who vary the route to outfox would-be hit men. But an unexpected menace emerged closer to home: her own neighbors. They have fought to evict her, complaining that the presence of a well-known terrorist target in their luxury apartment tower in this Dutch city has upset their family lives and reduced the value of their property....

     In late April, a court in The Hague gave Ms. Hirsi Ali four months to vacate her apartment. Her departure, judges ruled, was necessary to protect the 'human rights' of her fearful neighbors....

    "Across Europe, dozens of people are now in hiding or under police protection because of threats from Muslim extremists. Dutch police say politicians reported 121 death threats last year.... Geert Wilders, a right-wing member of parliament who also lives in a high-security apartment owned by the state, says he has received 120 menacing emails and letters since January. One of the latest reads: "Oh you cursed infidel! Don't think you are safe from our mighty organization....It is our wish to kill you by decapitation...!'

    "Who did what and why during World War II are still touchy questions here. Holland deported 78% of its Jews -- the highest proportion in Western Europe. Among them was Anne Frank..." See The Fall and Rise of Human Violence


Civility, not censorship, is issue in 'Da Vinci Code' debate: "Tom Hanks... says it's just a story, 'loaded with all sorts of hooey and fun kind of scavenger-hunt-type nonsense.' He's right, but so is an official of the Christian Council of Korea, who said, ''The Da Vinci Code' is a movie which belittles and tries to destroy Christianity.'

     "...this thriller is mounting the powerful argument that Christianity is rotten to the core, based on lies and political conspiracy. It is surely one of the most effective attacks on Christian faith in generations. ...[We've had this kind of assault before, but not addressed to such a large audience of religious illiterates and uncritical minds.

     "...where is the muscular pro-censorship lobby that usually leaps into action whenever 'hate speech' is detected? After all, eccentric historian David Irving is sitting in an Austrian prison for two speeches he gave denying the Holocaust....

     "Ordinary civility should make us cautious about attacking religions that so many people hold dear. But if you believe that any religion is dangerous or nonsensical, you should speak out.... Now Europe is itching to ban negative comments against all religion whose adherents are likely to cut your head with a rusty saw when criticized. Since this doesn't include Christianity, double standards are clearly being set up." See Whose "rights" will rule in a "democratized" world?


Bill to ban 'mom, dad' from texts advances: "A bill requiring students to learn about the contributions homosexuals have made to society and that would remove sex-specific terms such as 'mom' and 'dad' from textbooks has passed another hurdle on the way to becoming the law of the land in California. Having already been approved by the state's Senate Judiciary Committee, SB 1437, which would mandate grades 1-12 buy books 'accurately' portraying 'the sexual diversity of our society,' got the nod yesterday of the Senate Education Committee. The bill also requires students hear history lessons on 'the contributions of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States of America." See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

April 2006

Court Won't Hear Fight Over Jesus Poster: "The Supreme Court refused Monday to get involved in a fight over a Jesus poster that a New York kindergarten student submitted for a class assignment on ways to save the environment."


The price for a place at the table: "Evangelical Christians are getting a lot of advice these days on politics...: 'You can be part of the process, so long as you don't step on certain toes.... If you want to remain in... the good graces of the GOP, you will learn to shut up as homosexual activists radically redefine marriage, ply their message of acceptance to schoolchildren and construct 'hate-crime' laws designed to crush resistance.'...

     "[Mr. Douthat] depicts the evangelical response to the homosexual cultural onslaught as an obsession with 'gay Teletubbies.' ... Never mind, for instance, that the creator of 'Teletubbies' admitted in an interview that he deliberately costumed one of the male Tubbies as lavender, carrying a purse and wearing an upside-down triangle on his head (the symbol of gay liberation) to encourage toddlers to question their gender identity. Truth is no defense, it seems, when you cross the powerful homosexual lobby and its media allies." See How Teletubbies Teach Children


Public school teachers gone wild: "The outrage is not merely that White introduced moonbat politics into his science classroom, but that he compelled his captive young audience to endure personal politics of any kind. The offense is compounded by the teacher's blatant violation of school rules against obscenity....

     "...my son was told he couldn't leave the room without saying, 'John Kerry rocks,'" [a mother] said. 'I think my son is entitled to his opinion, just like (his teacher) is. I don't think any issue should be forced on my son.'" See Paradigm Shift - Total transformation


The Armor of God. Our children need to wear it!

March 2006

Islam. Apostasy Case Raises Questions About Islamic Constitutions: "Afghanistan's constitution, signed into law in January 2004, includes in the preamble adherence to 'the holy religion of Islam' as well as respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article two states that Islam is the official religion, but 'followers of other faiths shall be free within the bounds of law in the exercise and performance of their religious rights.' Article three, however, states that 'no law shall contravene the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam.'... In effect, the requirement of article three abrogates any perceived suggestion of religious liberty in article two.'...

     "In the case of Iraq's new constitution, the document states that freedom of religion is upheld, but also says that 'no law may be passed that contradicts the constitution, the undisputed laws of Islam, or the principles of democracy.'... That clause caused Iraqi Christian leaders such concern they issued a last minute plea to amend the draft, to no avail. ....Under shari'a, any Muslim who abandons his faith is guilty of apostasy. According to some Islamic scholars the offense is punishable by death." See Risking her life to follow Jesus


But the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not much better. See the next link:


Seeds of Persecution. Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules: "At the first glance, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sounds good, as do all  the intrusive UN human rights treaties. Article 18 upholds 'the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion...' Article 19 affirms 'the right to freedom of opinion and expression... and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.'

       "But Article 29 states that 'these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.' In other words, these 'rights' or 'freedoms' don't apply to those who would criticize the UN or its policies. Your rights would be conditioned on your compliance." See Don't Mention Jesus

February 2006

Netherlands blasts Solana on alleged cartoon apologies: "The Netherlands has sharply criticised EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana for the allegedly apologetic tone he has used when facing muslim countries. ...the EU's top foreign policy official said... 'I expressed our sincere regret that religious feelings have been hurt', vowing 'to reach out...to make sure that people’s hearts and minds are not hurt again.'" But there as been little concern about the faith and feelings of European Christians. See  Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

January 2006

Judge Upholds Prayer Limits in Ind. State House: "In a spirited duel over prayer, members of the Indiana state House are at odds with a federal judge who ruled that the daily invocation appeals too often to Jesus Christ and a Christian god. The 'systematically sectarian' prayers, U.S. District Judge David F. Hamilton concluded, are barred by the Constitution, which forbids the government to show preference for any religious denomination. He ordered the House to avoid mentioning Christ in the formal benedictions."

      This battle against Christian expressions is spearheaded by the Indiana branch of the ACLU -- the organization that supports the new "Bible Literacy" textbook for use in public schools! Please read Training students to rethink God's Word.

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