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December 2003

Belgian minister sparks US genocide row: "Belgian Defence Minister Andre Flahaut has come under heavy criticism for approving an official document that says the United States is responsible for the biggest genocide committed during the past 500 years. ... According to the report, the worst genocide committed in the past 500 years has been the extermination of native Americans in what is today the US. The study said this mass killing began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, and that the genocide has claimed 15 million lives.... Number two on the list of the world's greatest genocides was the extermination of native peoples in south America....

      "Before Flahaut's latest diplomatic gaffe, relations between Belgium and the US appeared to be improving after two decidedly frosty years." 

      Perhaps Flahout has been reading American social Studies textbooks such as America Will Be. It tells children that when five Indian nations formed a single Iroquois nation, their joint rulers "brought an end to the wars and other fights." The text leaves the impression that, from the 1400s, the Iroquois lived peaceful lives "based on sharing and cooperation." But in Indians of the United States, respected historian, Clark Wissler, who shows deep appreciation for Indians, documents another side: The Iroquois "hated the Huron intensely, like brother against brother. After taking the first town, they massacred its entire population... It is believed that more than 10,000 Huron were killed." While gross injustices were committed against the Indians, history also shows entire tribes wiped out by intertribal rivalry. See Myth, Magic and Make-Believe

      But for the most horrendous slaughter of human beings, we should look back to civilized Europe. Hitler killed over five million Jews with little opposition from the German public, and Stalin's purges and forced famines (to enforce collectivism) killed an estimated 20 million people. See Preparing for Persecution

Temblor was typical of geologically young area, scientists say: "The view from Hearst Castle just got grander. In Monday morning's earthquake, the Santa Lucia [California] mountain range that holds the landmark estate and adjacent towns shrugged its shoulders and then grew with a sudden jolt, probably one to four feet, sending a magnitude 6.5 reminder that California's central coast is a young and restless region." (SJM, 12/23/03) The next link explains the sophisticated recent science behind the rise of mountains and the frequent discoveries of ocean fossils in their lofty peaks:

Science. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: The Physics Behind the Genesis Flood: "From the mid-1700’s through the days of Hutton, Lyell, and Darwin to the 1960’s, it overwhelmed the human mind to imagine a mechanism that could possibly deliver, in a single brief event, the magnitude and complexity of geological change evident in the continental rock record above the point where fossils first appear.

      " of the chief mental barriers to acceptance of the idea of a single cataclysm is the belief that radioisotope dating has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Phanerozoic record spans many hundreds of millions of years. There is a startling inconsistency, however, between radiocarbon and long half-life radioisotope methods.... This is true of essentially all samples tested since the early 1980’s in dozens of AMS laboratories around the world as documented in the peer-reviewed radiocarbon literature....

      "Another indication that the uniformitarian time scale is faulty is the timing of the uplift of today’s continental mountain ranges. Ollier and Pain [24], have reviewed the considerable documentation in the geomorphology literature for a recent (Plio-Pleistocene) near-synchronous uplift of all the continental mountain belts."

'We can implant entirely false memories': We can easily distort memories for the details of an event that you did experience,' says Loftus. 'And we can also go so far as to plant entirely false memories - we call them rich false memories because they are so detailed and so big.'... Several new lines of evidence suggest that the interaction between memory and emotion is more complex than was thought. Powerful emotions, it seems, can both reinforce and weaken real memories.... And false memories, once accepted, can themselves elicit strong emotions and thereby mimic real ones." The Power of Suggestion

Dr. John Baumgardner's work related to the Genesis flood: (This scientist is respected by the secular scientific establishment as well as by creationists) "...evolutionists generally feel secure today, even in the face of compelling creationist arguments, because of their utter confidence in the geological time scale. Even if they cannot provide a naturalistic mechanism for macroevolution, they appeal to the 'fact of evolution,' by which they mean an interpretation of earth history in which they believe there has been a succession of different types of plants and animals in a drama spanning many hundreds of millions of years." See What Darwin didn't know

'Prehistoric man began global warming': "Measurements of ancient air bubbles trapped in Antarctic ice offers evidence that humans have been changing the global climate since thousands of years before the industrial revolution. From 8000 years ago, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide began to rise as humans started clearing forests, planting crops and raising livestock, a scientist said on Tuesday. Methane levels started increasing 3000 years later." Man's contribution to the cycles of climatic change is miniscule compared to that of major volcanic eruptions. Our Creator


Brain scan 'identifies race bias among white people': In those with racist tendencies, a surge of activity was seen in part of the brain that controls thoughts and behaviour. Scientists believe this reflected volunteers' attempts to to curb their latent racism."  Do you wonder what attitudes and feeling scientists will uncover next Justifying Mind Control


Russians get it right on Kyoto (Scroll down to title): "Russian President Vladimir Putin appears set to scuttle the Kyoto Protocol. In addition to personally deriding the treaty, his advisors have been issuing public warnings about it. Economic advisor, Andrei Illarionov, has pointed out the severe economic damage it would inflict on Russia and Kirill Kondratyev of the Russian Academy of Sciences has challenged the accuracy of computer models used to predict global climate change. If Russia fails to ratify the Protocol, it will be officially dead." See Saving the Earth


Science. Monkeys Control Robotic Arm With Brain Implants: "Scientists in North Carolina have built a brain implant that lets monkeys control a robotic arm with their thoughts, marking the first time that mental intentions have been harnessed to move a mechanical object. The technology could someday allow people with paralyzing spinal cord injuries to operate machines or tools with their thoughts as naturally as others today do with their hands. It might even allow some paralyzed people to move their own arms or legs again, by transmitting the brain's directions not to a machine but directly to the muscles in those latent limbs."

        Great as it sounds, this project was funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). See next link.

repeat Surveillance. The DARPA Information Awareness Office: (This old link from last year is now obsolete)  "The key to fighting terrorism is information. Elements of the solution include gathering a much broader array of data than we do currently, discovering information from elements of the data, creating models of hypotheses, and analyzing these models in a collaborative environment...." Complaints led to the removal of the TIA symbol: the masonic, all-seeing eye in the pyramid. Representing the new world order, it covered the planet with its enlightening rays. See Symbols and their meaning  

Scientists have only theories about why activity is increasing (Yellowstone National Park) "In the other-worldly landscape of Norris Geyser Basin, beauty, mystery and geology intersect. Its hot springs, brilliantly colored thermal pools, tempestuous geysers and spewing steam vents present the visitor with ever-changing wonders.... 

   "Steamboat geyser – the largest in the world and one of the most unpredictable, with dormant periods as long as 50 years – has erupted four times in a year. Water in the basin is getting hotter and more is flowing through scoured channels.... Nearby, a swarm of about 100 earthquakes shook the area in 2000 and, more recently, a series of new steam vents cracked a wooded hillside near Nymph Lake." The Lord


Cloning Yields Human-Rabbit Hybrid Embryo: "Scientists in China have, for the first time, used cloning techniques to create hybrid embryos that contain a mix of DNA from both humans and rabbits.... Some wondered aloud what, exactly, such a creature would be if it were transferred to a womb to develop to term....

     "Richard Doerflinger, of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said he felt certain that the human-rabbit embryos were human enough to deserve protections. 'I think because all the nuclear DNA is human... we'd consider this an organism of the human species." See Brave New World


Let's take a long, cool look at the dangers of global warming: "This time last year, the rains were so heavy in central Europe, northern Italy and southern France that not merely crops, but whole buildings, indeed whole streets, were washed away. The Danube and Po rivers overflowed and flooded many of the cities on their banks.... This year, those same regions are experiencing drought. The Po is now so low that in some regions it is possible to walk across it....

     "Unsurprisingly, newspapers and television are packed with stories of climatic doom and disaster. The media's message is simple: the climate is changing, for the worse, and it is all our fault.... The statistics show that global warming has not, in fact, increased the number of exceptionally hot periods....

     "In the Kyoto Protocol, industrialised countries have agreed to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent by 2010. This will be very expensive and will only have a negligible effect." See Saving the Earth


Scientist quits after claims he faked data (New York Times (6/14/03 - Registration required): "A leading cancer researcher from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Steven A. Leadon, has resigned after accusations that he faked breast cancer finding." See the next link:

Science. Inquiry reveals archaeologist faked top finds: "Japan is having to hastily rewrite its entire pre-history after an archeologist known as 'The Hands of God' was revealed to have systematically faked his fantastic discoveries."

    Research can work wonders as long as the goal is truth and accurate knowledge, not personal fame or persuasive data used to persuade the public of a politically correct "solution." For example, politicized eco-science deceives the world and distracts from the real answers. See Saving the Earth and Brainwashing and Education Reform.' The latter shows how the word "science" was used by Soviet leaders to manipulate the minds of the people.


Middle Ages were warmer than today, say scientists: "Claims that man-made pollution is causing 'unprecedented' global warming have been seriously undermined by new research which shows that the Earth was warmer during the Middle Ages.... Such claims have now been sharply contradicted.... A review of more than 240 scientific studies has shown that today's temperatures are neither the warmest over the past millennium, nor are they producing the most extreme weather - in stark contrast to the claims of the environmentalists." See Saving the Earth


DNA pioneers lash out at religion: "The two scientists who discovered the structure of DNA in Cambridge 50 years ago have used the anniversary to mount an attack on religion.... 'The god hypothesis is rather discredited,' [said Mr. Crick]....

    "'One should not assume that the perspective so strongly espoused by Watson and Crick represents the way that all scientists feel,' said Dr. Collins, who has worked in a mission hospital in western Africa. Religion and science 'are nicely complementary and mutually supporting,' he said. As one example, his research to find a faulty gene responsible for cystic fibrosis provided scientific exhilaration and 'a sense of awe at uncovering something that God knew before, that we humans didn't.'" See What Darwin didn't know


 "The Galapagos Sting -- Where Darwin is king, And his word is the Law of the Land...." See What Darwin didn't know


Evolutionist Orthodoxy Vs. Real Science: "Professor Dini implies that the theory of evolution is a proven fact.... One has to wonder why he is resorting to misrepresentation in the name of science. Interestingly, in the process, rather than striking a blow for the truth he inadvertently unmasks the dirty little secret of the evolutionist establishment: it’s not about science....

     "Researchers have demonstrated the existence of microscopic molecular structures, biological engineering marvels and 'machines' of incredible complexity built to DNA’s 'programming language' or assembly instructions.... These designs are clearly too complex to have been arrived at by random chance (dumb luck), nor could their existence have slowly emerged over the eons as survival mechanisms (natural selection) as Darwin proposed." What Darwin didn't know


Discoveries Could Rank With Biggest Biblical Finds: "First came the Oct. 21 announcement from America's Biblical Archaeology Review regarding the discovery of what is purported to be the burial box of Jesus's brother James. Then on Jan. 13, Israel's daily Ha'aretz reported a tablet inscription possibly from 2,800 years ago that would provide evidence for the Jerusalem Temple near the time it was erected....

     "The Old Testament Temple tablet has the more dramatic implications. Most biblical scholars believe in the existence of Jesus and James. But radical 'minimalists' raise doubts about the Jerusalem Temple...." Hebrews 11:1


Darwin in the Classroom: "After years of being marginalized, critics of Darwin's theory seem to be gaining ground. What is going on?....  Thanks to the book Icons of Evolution by biologist Jonathan Wells, more people know about how biology textbooks perpetuate discredited 'icons' of evolution that many biologists no longer accept as good science....

     "Science is supposed to prize open minds and critical thinking. Yet the theory of evolution is typically presented today completely uncritically, as a dogma to be accepted rather than as a theory to be explored and questioned....
     "Far from being uneducated Bible-thumpers, the new critics of evolution hold doctorates in biology, biochemistry, mathematics and related disciplines from secular universities, and many of them teach or do research at American universities." See
What Darwin didn't know


Origin of dogs traced: "Three research teams have attempted to solve some long-standing puzzles in the evolution and social history of dogs. ... They conclude that intensive breeding by humans over the last 500 years - not different genetic origins - is responsible for the dramatic differences in appearance among modern dogs." They illustrate "natural selection," not evolution of species. See What Darwin didn't know


Biblical plagues and parting of Red Sea 'caused by volcano'? "Fresh evidence that the Biblical plagues and the parting of the Red Sea were natural events rather than myths or miracles is to be presented in a new BBC documentary. ... The hour-long documentary argues that even the story of the parting of the Red Sea, which allowed Moses to lead the Hebrews to safety while the pursuing Egyptian army was drowned, may have its origins in the eruption. It repeats the theory that 'Red Sea' is a mistranslation of the Sea of Reeds, a much shallower swamp." No matter how speculative or contrary, such alternatives to truth are welcomed by all who despise God and His absolutes. Colossians 2:8


Frigid South Pole atmosphere reveals flaw in global circulation models: " data shows that the current models are wrong: Temperatures over the South Pole are much colder in winter than scientists had anticipated. ... 'Now we can go back and improve those models to better predict the temperatures in the middle and upper atmospheres throughout both hemispheres.'" See Saving the Earth


The planet Pluto may be undergoing global warming: "Pluto's atmosphere is undergoing global cooling, while other data indicates that the surface seems to be getting slightly warmer." No humans there can be blamed for global warming! See the first three items in Science

Melting glacier 'false alarm': "Pictures released by Greenpeace claiming to show how man-made global warming has caused Arctic glaciers to retreat are at best misleading and only illustrate a natural phenomenon, says a leading glaciologist....  Prof Ole Humlum, a leading glaciologist in Svalbard, 500 miles north of Norway, said yesterday: 'That glacier had already disappeared in the early 1920s as a result of a perfectly natural rise in temperature that had nothing to do with man-made global warming.'" See Saving the Earth.

Australia 'adds to brown cloud': "Greens Senator Bob Brown said today the Federal Government's record on curbing this country's contribution to global warming was 'hopeless', especially with its refusal to sign the Kyoto protocol. ....'That's where the Australia government's been totally hopeless by being one of the few countries in the world even refusing to make the very tiny start that the Kyoto protocol represents.' A UN-sponsored study said the lives of millions of people were at risk from the cloud, which was a toxic cocktail of ash, acids, aerosols and other particles." Don't trust "UN sponsored" studies. Designed to back its political agenda, they are almost always skewed to prove strategic arguments -- and pressure reluctant nations into compliance with its controls. See the next link: "America Did It."

'America did it': "Leftist politicians and environmentalists sought yesterday to link Europe's worst floods in decades to U.S. reluctance to endorse the Continent's approach to fighting global warming. The target of their efforts was the Bush administration's decision not to support the Kyoto protocol. ...

      "U.N. Environment Program chief Klaus Toepfer also got into the act, saying this instance of extreme weather should convince rich nations of the need to act quickly to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that are believed to contribute to global warming.... But other Europeans are less certain that global warming is to blame for the floods. Mr. Trittin said global warming was by no means the only cause." In fact, human influence is negligible.


Cows born with human DNA: "Cloned calves that produce human antibodies in their blood have been born in the United States. The four cows have extra DNA which contains the genes for the part of the human immune system that makes disease-fighting antibodies.... An artificial chromosome has been put into the animals to carry human immune system genes." See Brave New World


Genetic test may identify boys who will grow to be violent: "Boys who are physically or sexually abused are far more likely to grow into violent men if they inherit a particular version of a gene controlling chemical messages in the brain. The findings of a research project, reported in the journal Science today, identify an unusual interaction between the genetic make-up of violent men and the maltreatment they suffered as children. ...Professor Moffitt said low MAOA activity might act as a predictive test for violent behaviour in much the same way as cholesterol testing could predict heart disease." So how might a nation that prefers to kills its handicapped unborn handle babies with this gene? John 16:33


Korean woman pregnant with human clone: "The human clone was implanted by scientists from the USA and South Korea in April.... Human cloning is not legal in South Korea and if the parliament votes to ban the practice, the 20-year-old woman will have to deliver the baby in another country." Gen 11:4-9 and Brave New World


Couple try to have first human clone baby: "A couple trying to become the parents of the world's first human clone, using the same process that produced Dolly the sheep, have spoken for the first time...." Brave New World


Seven million-year-old skull 'just a female gorilla' (Another celebrated "missing link" turns out to be wishful thinking): "A prehistoric skull touted as the oldest human remains ever found is probably not the head of the earliest member of the human family but of an ancient female gorilla, according to a French scientist. Dr Brigitte Senut of the Natural History Museum in Paris, said yesterday that aspects of the skull, whose discovery in Chad was announced on Wednesday, were sexual characteristics of female gorillas rather than indications of a human." See a great video we just discovered: Unlocking the Mystery of Life


From Spider-Man to Spider-Goats: "Unfortunately, it's very difficult to farm spiders for their silk because they tend to eat each other. So scientists have tried a variety of different methods to produce the silk without arachnid help. One of the more successful relies on stealing the spider's silk gene and putting it into something more friendly – like a goat.

      "In an unlikely coupling, genetic engineers have now bred goats that have spider silk genes inside them. By doing this, they can harvest the silk proteins from the goat's milk (silky milk, anyone?). The silk gene was just one of 70,000 that make up the DNA blueprint for building a normal goat." Gen 11:4-9

Put your mobile where your mouth is: "Soon you could be swapping your mobile phone for a molar phone. Royal College of Art students in London have developed a phone that fits inside a tooth. The concept device picks up signals with a radio receiver and uses a tiny vibrating plate to convey them as sound along the jawbone to a person's ear." No Place to Hide?

At MIT, they can put words in our mouths: "Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the first realistic videos of people saying things they never said - a scientific leap that raises unsettling questions about falsifying the moving image. In one demonstration, the researchers taped a woman speaking into a camera, and then reprocessed the footage into a new video that showed her speaking entirely new sentences.... But scientists warn the technology will also provide a powerful new tool for fraud and propaganda...." Judges 17:6

Road rage is blamed on brain disorder: "Intermittent Explosive Disorder is associated with outbursts of aggression but, until now, there has been no evidence of a brain abnormality.... This could point to a genetic or developmental abnormality." The aggressor could then claim innocence. It fits the UN hostility toward the Biblical view of good and evil. See The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society.


Scientists create pre-plucked chicken: "A new breed of 'naked' chicken created by scientists in the search for tastier, healthier poultry has angered animal rights campaigners. Despite its bizarre appearance, the red-skinned broiler could become a supermarket success because it is designed to grow faster and contain less fat than normal chickens. It will also be cheaper to produce since its lack of feathers means there is no need to pluck it before it hits the shelves." Gen 11:4-9

Home-schoolers find intact dinosaur skeleton - Scientist says 22-foot animal likely died during cataclysmic flood: "'We found a complete section of vertebrae more than 12 feet in length, which was fully articulated. The dinosaur appears to be in much the same position as he was at the time of his death and burial, which must have been virtually instantaneous, and caused by a catastrophic event. Not only was this fully articulated dinosaur found lying in a bed of leaves and plant debris, but there is wood from trees mixed in among the bones, some of which contains petrified and unpetrified elements in the same piece of wood. If this creature were millions of years old, the evidence would look quite different.' ... Phillips contends that the discovery of such a valuable dinosaur by creation scientists may well send shockwaves through the scientific community." It should, unless the message is silenced. See 2 Tim 4:3-4

Future of the planet rests on next 30 years, UN warns: "Choices made today about the protection of forests, oceans, rivers, mountains, wildlife and other environments will affect future generations.... Although the report, Global Environment Outlook-3 (Geo-3), prepared by more than 1,000 experts, says that in some areas there are signs of improvements, the overall picture is still one of increasing environmental degradation, especially in the developing world.... Success stories included improvements in river and air quality in North America and Europe, and cuts in the emission of ozone-destroying chemicals." Saving the Earth

Myth & Science. (No link) Announcement in a newspaper sent us from Manitoba, Canada: "This contest, sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency along with the organization Learning for a Sustainable Future, provides youth with an opportunity to learn about international development an to become global citizens. Why the name Butterfly 208? A mathematical theory says that if a butterfly flaps its wings in another part of the world, say in China, the air disturbance may cause a storm in Canada a month later." The reason this ridiculous assertion is believable is because students are no longer taught the facts and logic needed to make rational sense of reality. The ad points to the next website:

Myth & Science. Butterfly 208: "There's a theory that says if a single butterfly flaps its wings in, say, China, the air disturbance may cause a storm in Nunavut, Canada a month later. If that's the case, imagine the power of your own ideas and others to help improve the quality of life in the world's 208 countries! The Butterfly 208 contest is a chance for you to create your own Butterfly effect! 208 = Number of Countries in the World Butterfly + 208 = A totally interconnected world! A world where even small actions can have a big effect." For another politically correct butterfly myths, see The State of the World according to Gorbachev

Entertainment & Science. No such thing as natural: Dreamworks' animated movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron "promises to be a lovable 'mustang-meets-mare' love story set in the Old West.... It will also give a big boost to the folks trying to save America's wild horses. I think that's great, because I like wild horses. However, the effort is ironic since the American government spends millions every year to keep out so-called 'invader species.' Just last week, Congress held hearings to reauthorize the Invasive Species Act, which tries to keep foreign critters and plants out of America." God, not man, rules earth and heaven. Col 1:9-18

Frankenstein fish will glow in the bowl (5/5/2): "A Taiwanese company has created a genetically modified zebra fish that will glow in the dark, raising fears among environmentalists and the aquarium industry that the fish will start a trend for bio-engineered 'Frankenstein pets'." Gen 11:4-9


"Scientists use implanted electrodes to control rats' movements from afar: "By implanting electrodes in rats' brains, scientists have created remote-controlled rodents they can command to turn left or right, climb trees and navigate piles of rubble — and maybe someday, with the rats outfitted with tiny video cameras, use to search for disaster survivors ...The rodents could even be commanded to venture into brightly lit, open areas — environments they normally would avoid."


Human cloning project claims progress: "A woman taking part in a controversial human cloning programme for infertile couples is now eight weeks pregnant, revealed Dr Severino Antinori, the well known Italian doctor involved in the cloning project banned in his home country and the USA." Gen 11:4


Science? The Green Matrix: "The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth....

       "I began to investigate the case of the 'missing Canadian lynx.' ... the U.S. Forest Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service bureaucracy admitted that data had been manipulated and that a falsification of a 'scientific' survey did take place. ... The Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife people continue to stonewall the investigation....

      "Scientists tell me that the deceit involved in the Canadian lynx study is only one of many dots in the green matrix, as once again 'science is put in service to a political agenda.'

     "Trace the motive behind the fraud to an international agenda... adopted years ago when the U.N. and UNESCO were looking for ways to create a global economy and social structure – a collectivist utopian vision of the collective 'good.' That ultimate 'good' of course is decided by the world's elites, the 'good' of the collective as opposed to the welfare and primacy of the individual.  What would be created is a despotic utopian world where where our lives, property, economics, education, jobs and the environment are centrally planned. ..."

      "To legitimize this unproven science, the Society of Conservation Biology was created by the IUCN (World Conservation Union) in 1985 .... So the new 'science' helps explain away the harsh implementation of environmental regulations that may indeed destroy individuals and communities."  See Brainwashing & 'Education Reform, then scroll down to "SCIENCE, ZEAL, and PSYCHIATRY"


Endangered species - or land grab?  "...Pima County officials are using biologists' wish lists as a cover for their real goal: creating a growth management tool that could raise housing prices, cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and deprive people of using their land.

     "'They've picked their critters carefully, as umbrella species, so they can control as much land as possible,' said Jonathan DuHamel....

     "The biologists who helped pick the species defend the process as state of the art and scientifically rigorous."  See Local Agenda 21


Did angels create the universe? "Our universe could easily be the outcome of an experiment carried out by a superior intelligence in another universe," says Harrison, a British physicist, formerly of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

      "Why suggest such an outlandish thing? Because it sheds light on a deep puzzle: why the laws of physics appear 'fine tuned' for our existence. Even slight deviations in the laws would result in a universe devoid of stars and life. If, for instance, the force of gravity were just a few per cent weaker it could not squeeze and heat the matter inside stars to the millions of degrees necessary to trigger sunlight-generating nuclear reactions. If gravity were only a few per cent stronger, however, it would heat up stars, causing them to consume their fuel faster. They would not exist for the billions of years needed for evolution to produce intelligence." Interesting how science can't answer those questions, yet humans are so certain they can prove evolution. See Answers In Genesis


Monkey Moves Cursor by Thinking: "A monkey with a fingernail-size brain implant moved a cursor on a computer screen just by thinking – the latest in a series of experiments that have raised hopes that paralyzed people might one day be able to control complex devices with their minds." Gen 11:4-9


Hurdling toward eugenics ... again: "Preimplantation genetic screening is the latest assault against a truly human future. According to a report in the Feb. 27 Journal of the American Medical Association, a 30-year-old woman has chosen to use the technique because she carries the rare gene for early onset Alzheimer's disease. This particular variety of Alzheimer's reportedly affects adults by the time they are 40 years of age. The unidentified woman had a baby girl who is allegedly free from the Alzheimer's gene because she was selected from a number of embryos, some of whom presumably had the gene and were therefore destroyed. ...

       "Who decides who is a 'desirable' or 'undesirable' embryo? Rutgers University sociologist Marque-Louisa Miringoff has observed: 'In the pursuit of good health, we have begun to tread a fine line in 'human selection'....  In eliminating individuals with unwanted diseases, we also create a mind-set that justifies the process of human selection....

       "'The eugenics movement tried to create 'better humans through breeding.' Yet breeding was not the only way to achieve the desired goals. In order to prevent 'undesirables' from reproducing, mandatory sterilization laws were enacted. The 'feebleminded,' 'indolent' and 'licentious' were sterilized either without their consent or against their wills....

       "Our culture's emphasis on the genetically 'fit' and our difficulty in embracing those who are 'less fit' fuels this new eugenics mindset. We must resist the new eugenicists if we are to preserve a truly human future." See Brave New World and Gen 11:4-9


First pet clone is a cat: "Researchers in Texas have cloned a domestic cat, producing a two-month-old kitten called CopyCat....  The Texas laboratory has already cloned a pig, bull and goat. Work is underway to clone a dog. ... CopyCat is the only surviving animal of 87 kitten embryos created by cloning. The success rate is similar to that achieved with sheep, mice, cows, goats and pigs. It will have to improve if pet cloning is to become a reality." Gen 11:4-9


Gay parent poser: "Children raised by gay couples will suffer serious problems in later life, a study into parenting has found. The biggest investigation into same-sex parenting to be published in Europe claims children brought up by gay couples are more likely to experiment with homosexual behaviour and be confused about their sexuality. The best way to bring up a child is within a traditional marriage, the study by sociologist Patricia Morgan concludes."


Cell discovery could transform: "The discovery of a stem cell in adults that reportedly has remarkable powers could prove a watershed in the contentious debates over cloning and human embryo research....  A confirmation of the discovery would mean cells from a person's body 'could one day be turned into all sorts of perfectly matched replacement tissues and even organs,' New Scientist reported. A validation of the finding also would seriously undercut the campaign by some researchers, patients rights groups and politicians for human embryonic stem cell experimentation as well as human cloning for research purposes."


"Same-sex parent findings based of faulty studies: "Baby doctors of the world, unite! The American Academy of Pediatrics has just declared that same-sex parents are good for babies....A review of the literature by Robert Lerner and Althea K. Nagai in the just-published scholarly volume 'Revitalizing the Institution of Marriage for the Twenty-First Century' seriously questions the legitimacy of the research." Today's science is notoriously skewed for political reasons. See next item and the first entry on this page: Media Bias


Mutant virus mars positive AIDS research Vaccine fails to save one of eight monkeys: "The death of a single rhesus monkey at a Harvard University laboratory may signal a major setback for a promising new advance in AIDS vaccine research." Pray that the UN not fulfill its dangerous dream of universal AIDS vaccination. Psalm 46:10

Research & Science. Dolly the cloned sheep has arthritis: "Dolly, the world's first cloned mammal, has arthritis, one of her creators said today, heightening fears that cloning causes genetic defects that would make animal clones unsafe for use in human medicine. Professor Ian Wilmut, of the Edinburgh-based Roslin Institute, who led the team that cloned the sheep, said defects were possible and that cloning methods were still 'inefficient'. Calling for more research, he said: "The fact that Dolly has arthritis at this comparatively young age suggests that there may be problems. We do not know and it's very important that we look". Gen 11:4-9


Fertility authority gives go-ahead for 'designer babies': "The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority yesterday cleared the way for the creation of 'designer babies', children selected while embryos to provide healthy cells to save the life of a seriously ill brother or sister. The selection of only healthy embryos that match the tissue type of a sibling is controversial and opposed by those who believe that it will pave the way for the creation of babies to provide 'spare parts.'" Gen 11:4:9


Cloning sparks global outrage: "Religious and political leaders worldwide, from President George W. Bush to the Vatican, have condemned news that a U.S. company has cloned a human embryo for the first time. The announcement by Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) of Worcester, Mass. on Sunday, raised a multitude of questions over cloning, with Bush calling it "morally wrong" and others saying the company had crossed a moral and ethical line. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer urged the U.S. Congress to ban human cloning, saying the president viewed this as a wise action to take. The House of Representatives has already passed legislation banning the kind of procedure used by ACT but the Senate has not yet acted on the law....
       "But Judson Somerville, a paralyzed Texan who donated a chunk of his skin for the American company's research said he believed the research could help millions like himself. 'People have the right to have a concern. There is lots of risk in life and sometimes in order to advance science and to make this a better world you have to take some risks. This is a huge opportunity to do the right thing' he said." God created us with amazing abilities, but told us to exercise our talents within His bounds and wisdom. Apart from Him, capricious human minds and the world's spiritual forces can quickly twist that which has the greatest potential for good into the greatest power for evil."
Gen 11:4-9


Children at higher risk of mobile phone radiation: Young children absorb up to 50% more radiation in their brains than adults when they use mobile phones, research has revealed. The results will reinforce calls for parents to limit the use of the phones by schoolchildren."


Smallpox vaccine uses fetal cell line: "Meanwhile, health officials with the Food and Drug Administration say the method of manufacturing the old vaccine, called Dryvax, which was made by Wyeth using calf skin, is "no longer considered optimal." Instead, the agency says the new smallpox vaccine 'will be prepared in MRC-5 cells' – a line of aborted fetal cells dating back to 1966 – because that method is more efficient." The old method worked well. The new method will provide the Department of Health and Human Services a coveted justification for abortion. See Stem Cell Research: It's not about saving lives


Chemtrails: "... before we were briefed on it we were made to sign non-disclosure agreements, which basically state that if we tell anyone what we know we could be imprisoned.... When we asked them why didn't they just rig military aircraft to spray these chemicals, they stated that there weren't enough military aircraft available to release chemicals on such a large basis as needs to be done. That's why Project Cloverleaf was initiated, to allow commercial airlines to assist in releasing these chemicals into the atmosphere." 

          "... someone asked why all the secrecy was needed. The government reps then stated that if the general public knew that the aircraft they were flying on were releasing chemicals into the air, environmentalist groups would raise hell and demand the spraying stop.   Someone asked one of the G-men then if the chemicals are harmless, why not tell the public what the chemicals are and why we are spraying them? He seemed perturbed at this question and told us in a tone of authority that the public doesn't need to know what's going on, but that this program is in their best interests. He also stated that we should not tell anyone, nor ask any more questions about it. With that, the briefing was over." Isaiah 19:2-12


Chemtrail-poison from the skies. You may find this list of links to different websites useful.  We have had little time to check the pages. A few years ago, we did some personal research into U.S. government involvement in chemical spraying, but chose not to write about it. Please alert us to any inappropriate or unsubstantiated material.  


The Great Stem Cell Hoax: In one study cited, the authors "initially had a sentence at the end of the paper stating the obvious conclusion that this research might put in question the clinical applicability of stem cell research. But that cannot be said publicly. In a highly unusual move, the authors withdrew the phrase that the genetic instability of stem cells 'might limit their use in clinical applications' just a few days before publication. They instead emphasized that this mouse study ought not hold back stem cell research. This change in text represents a corruption of science that mirrors the corruption of language in the congressional debate."


Rival Camps Prepare For Fight Over Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding: "The proposal to allow federal funding for experimentation on stem cells obtained through the destruction of living human embryos is a mistake," said Rep. Christopher Smith. "Allowing the use of stem cells obtained from human embryos to receive federal funding" no matter how limited in definition "opens a new door that may prove difficult to close." See Brave New World

Stem cells from skin grow into brain tissue: "For the first time, researchers have captured from the skin of adult mice and humans stem cells capable of growing into brain cells and a range of other tissues. The feat offers new hope for treating neurological disorders, and comfort to President Bush, who last week set strict limits on publicly funded U.S. research using stem cells derived from human embryos...." When we turn from a wrong in obedience to God, He always provides a better way. Prov 3:5-7

Stem Cell Research - It's not about saving lives:  "Liberals do seem to have an innate ability to make the simplest of life's issues amazingly complex. That's the built-in hazard of rejecting absolutes. It is their stubborn and cowardly way of avoiding the consequences of rebelling against divine authority and easily explains why their lives are generally short-lived, chaotic and demanding of everyone else's tolerance. Managing an ever-increasing tally of lies and "snafus" is vastly more challenging than simply telling the truth and obeying the law. Having to adjust and readjust one's own ethics and morality to suit each situation and craving that comes along can make a liberal's life one big miserable maze of complexity, contradiction and confusion.  

         "Do we honestly think that federally financing embryonic salvage yards won't encourage profiteers and black marketers around the world to increase the embryo producing activities of fornication, prostitution, cloning, slavery and abortion to supply the new demand for product? Matt 16:21-25


Mixed Pro-Life Response to Bush Stem Cell Decision: "Pandora's box is now open," said Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher. "Federal money will create a market for the development of more stem cell lines, overseas if not here at home," said Mosher. "To pursue scientific advance without concern for the dignity of the human person will dehumanize us all."

Cloned in the USA: "It was a perfect place to hide their scheme: an old classroom in a squalid former high school tucked away in the hills of rural West Virginia.... On the second floor is a day-care centre and plumbing and roofing companies. But down a dark corridor lined with trash and broken students' lockers is Room 201. ...It looks like an ordinary lab.
But in this room, scientists working for a UFO cult and a local politician were secretly trying to clone a human being."    

Adult Stem Cells More Effective Than Those From Aborted Babies: "New research has raised further hope that adult stem cells can be used to repair the damage caused by strokes to brain cells, British scientists heard Monday.... The research has provided further weight to arguments that adult stem cells may hold sufficient potential to make it unnecessary to use embryonic cells - or to use therapeutic research as justification to allow embryonic cloning." Gen 11:4

Who's the Victor in the Stem Cell Debate? "With options such as these available, why would anyone debate whether tax money should be used for a type of research that so many Americans find morally, philosophically and theologically repugnant?"

Stem Cell Research -- Divisive Issue Continues to Divide Pro-Lifers: "But Judie Brown of the American Life League... says the President drew the "moral line" in the wrong place by basically saying that if "someone else in the private sector has already killed these human beings, then we -- the taxpayers -- can morally harvest their body parts for experimentation and research and not cross a moral line in doing so."

Comment by Paul Proctor: "It's  really about embryos...not stem cell research. If we allow their *use* FOR ANY PURPOSE, dead or alive, a market for them will be instantly created and the wholesale manufacturing of embryos for profit will begin. The end result would be the public and private capitalization of human sacrifice...for a 'good cause'.

British women join first human clone trial: "A CONTROVERSIAL Italian embryologist is preparing to impregnate up to 200 women with cloned embryos in the world's first attempt to produce a human clone.... Scientists have expressed concern that cloned babies would be at high risk of miscarriage, stillbirth or disability." Gen 11:4-9


The Church of Darwin: "A Chinese paleontologist lectures around the world saying that recent fossil finds in his country are inconsistent with the Darwinian theory of evolution. His reason: The major animal groups appear abruptly in the rocks over a relatively short time, rather than evolving gradually from a common ancestor as Darwin's theory predicts. When this conclusion upsets American scientists, he wryly comments: 'In China we can criticize Darwin but not the government. In America you can criticize the government but not Darwin.'

       "...The root of the problem is that 'science' has two distinct definitions in our culture. On the one hand, science refers to a method of investigation involving things like careful measurements, repeatable experiments, and especially a skeptical, open-minded attitude that insists that all claims be carefully tested. Science also has become identified with a philosophy known as materialism or scientific naturalism. This philosophy insists that nature is all there is, or at least the only thing about which we can have any knowledge. It follows that nature had to do its own creating, and that the means of creation must not have included any role for God. Students are not supposed to approach this philosophy with open-minded skepticism, but to believe it on faith." See Brainwashing in America


Born Gay? Not So Fast Say Homosexual Researchers! "The report quotes noted 'gay' scientists as well as "gay" philosophers who openly admit there is no research proving there is a 'gay gene' or 'gay brain.' From the faulty premise that homosexuals are born that way, flow a number of other equally flawed assumptions. Two of these are: That society must encourage and protect individuals who think they were 'born gay'; and that those who oppose homosexual behavior are mentally unstable (homophobic) and are trying to force homosexuals to deny their genetic destinies....

        "Camille Paglia, a lesbian activist has had the courage to boldly state what most homosexuals refuse to admit: 'Homosexuality is not normal. On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm.'

       "Whether homosexual behavior is normal and genetic is a significant issue under debate in American culture today. Congress is stampeding to pass 'hate crime' and 'non-discrimination' laws providing special rights for homosexuals; school textbook writers are producing pro-homosexual materials for elementary school children; Hollywood is openly promoting homosexuality and cross-dressing; and liberal church leaders are blessing homosexual 'unions'—all under the false premise that homosexuality is a positive, normal, and genetically-based lifestyle." 1 Cor 6:9-11

Virginia Lab Creates Human Embryos: The debate over the ethics of stem-cell research intensified Wednesday with word that Virginia scientists have created human embryos in the lab solely for the valuable cells....'The timing of this has been somewhere between disastrous and horrific,' said Arthur Caplan, a medical ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania. The development 'throws everything in an uproar' and gives ammunition to those who argue that researchers are headed down a slippery slope.'" Prov 3:5-7

Evolution fraud in current biology textbooks: "Most people have seen those drawings of developing human embryos next to developing animal embryos, and they look virtually indistinguishable. (The Haeckel embryo sequence shown purported to show – left to right – a hog, calf, rabbit and human). This has long been said to demonstrate that humans share a common ancestry with these animals and thus prove the theory of evolution.  ...In a 1997 interview in The Times of London, Dr. Richardson stated: 'This is one of the worst cases of scientific fraud. It’s shocking to find that somebody one thought was a great scientist was deliberately misleading.... Today – believe it or not – Haeckel’s drawings still appear in many high school and college textbooks." 2 Tim 4:3-4

'Huge' genetic defects discovered in mice cloned from stem cells: "Cloned mice have profound genetic abnormalities not apparent at birth, researchers report today, a finding that bolsters the belief among many scientists that current cloning techniques are too risky to be used on humans."  "The political implications: ...The work is controversial because obtaining the stem cells requires the destruction of embryos." Gen 11:4-9


Check the facts: "The thesis of the Donahue-Levitt study is that 'a difficult home environment leads to an increased risk of criminal activity. Increased abortion reduced unwantedness and therefore lowered criminal activity.' Yet many of the most creative people of the 20th century and, indeed, of all time came from such 'difficult home environments.'"  David, whom God called "a a man after My own heart," came from a "difficult home environment." Some believe he was conceived outside marriage, and when the prophet Samuel was sent to his home to anoint God's choice for a king, all the sons were considered potential candidates -- except David. The young boy spent his days alone and ignored, guarding the family sheep. But in His fear and loneliness, He learned to love and trust God. 2 Cor 12:9-10

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