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Signs of the Times - 5

2010 (January - August) 

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"...nation will rise against nation....  And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places." Matthew 24:7


"... in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good...  lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God... And from such people turn away!" 2 Timothy 3:1-14


"...false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect." Matthew 24:24


"... no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark ..." Revelation 13:16-17


August 2010

(August 31) Palestinian kills 4 Israelis on eve of peace talks : The Israeli military says a Palestinian gunman has killed four Israelis in an attack in the West Bank. The shooting comes just a day ahead of a White House summit relaunching Mideast peace talks. Police say the gunman opened fire at a vehicle near Hebron _ a volatile city that has experienced heavy violence in the past. There has been no claim of responsibility. But Israeli authorities are concerned that militants might try to sabotage the U.S.-led peace efforts with violence."

(August 27)  Accepting the unacceptable: "The White House is the most stubborn defender of the notion that the Iranian nuclear threat is not as serious a threat as the absence of a Palestinian state. That is, President Barack Obama himself is the most strident advocate of a US Middle East policy that ignores all the dangers the US faces in the region and turns American guns against the only country that doesn't threaten any US interest."

(August 25) Undermining the Jewish State: "Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is one of the relatively more 'moderate' anti-Israel church coalitions....In July, a CMEP delegation met with National Security Council Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to offer 'support' for President Obama’s Middle East policy but also to share 'concerns.' What were these concerns?

     "CMEP was distressed by continued Jewish settlements on the West Bank, the 'humanitarian situation' in Gaza, and the 'importance of Jerusalem being a shared city (for three faiths as well as two peoples).'...But this concern seemingly extends only so far as it implicates Israel and does not fault radical Islam or the policies of Arab regimes towards Christian minorities....This very concerned CMEP delegation to the White House included the Evangelical Lutheran Church... a Greek Orthodox representative, several clerics from pacifist denominations, a Roman Catholic bishop, and strangely, an official from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)....

     "...simplistically portraying Palestinians as victims and Israel and America as villains is the underlying constant theme for CMEP and the elites of its member churches."

(August 20) All-woman Lebanese ship sails to Gaza : Samar al-Hajj says the ship, the Mariam, named after the Virgin Mary, will be carrying medicine for the seaside strip. Al-Hajj said all the passengers will be women activists. Lebanon and Israel are technically at war and Israeli officials have warned Beirut not to allow the boat to sail. Al-Hajj said Lebanon's president, prime minister and parliament speaker refused to meet with her, which appeared to signal the government's lack of support for the venture."

(August 18) Gunman storms embassy shouting 'I want to kill Jews!': "Employees of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv are being held hostage in their compound by a Palestinian threatening to 'kill Jews'..."

(August 16)  Israel will not be a ‘perfect victim’: "Today's Middle East... reflects two developments. One is the rise of Iran and militant Islam since the 1979 revolution, which led to al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. The other development is the multiplying threat of missile warfare. Now Israel faces a third threat, the campaign to delegitimize it in order to extinguish its capacity for self-defense."

(August 13) John Bolton: Russia's Loading of Nuke Fuel Into Iran Plant Means Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack: "News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor has touched off a countdown to a point of no return, a deadline by which Israel would have to launch an attack on Iran's Bushehr reactor before it becomes effectively 'immune' to any assault..."

Salah: Caliph will sit in Jerusalem: "Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah tells rally of 50,000 in Umm al-Fahm: Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate sooner than is thought; says Sharon, Katsav, Clinton punished by Allah for wanting to divide al-Aqsa mosque site Roee Nahmias Published: 09.15.06, 23:20 / Israel News share Head

(August 10) Israel threatened with terror 'resistance axis: "An expert on the Middle East says Hezbollah, supported by Hamas, Syria, Iran and potentially Turkey, will form a 'resistance axis' if Israel attacks Lebanon, from which attacks have come in the past, or Iran, which reportedly is seeking nuclear weapons and has a president who has threatened to destroy the Jewish nation, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin. And the result of any counter-attack could mean the end of Israel..." Jerusalem

(August 9) 'Iran has hijacked my country': "'Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah, have taken Lebanon hostage, using the country for political and military gain, charged Samy Gemayel, a Lebanese parliament member. 'If Iran wants to escalate the situation in the region it will escalate in our country using Hezbollah's weapons, using Hezbollah's power in the region.'"

(August 8) Anti-Israel ‘Lawfare’ in Europe: "Pro-Palestinian activists are launching a new round of anti-Israel lawsuits in European courts. The lawsuits, which exploit the legal principle of universal jurisdiction, are being used to harass current and former Israeli political and military leaders, with the twin aims of tying Israel’s hands against Palestinian terror and delegitimizing the Jewish state....

     "So far none of the lawsuits filed against Israel in European courts have reached the stage of a trial.... But even short of actual prosecutions, pro-Palestinian activists have scored huge propaganda victories by charging Israeli officials with war crimes. This alone makes the pursuit of frivolous universal jurisdiction lawsuits a winning proposition for many activist groups."

(August 7)  Europe’s “Decoy Jews”: "Jews are no longer safe in major Dutch cities. ...three Jews with skullcaps, two adolescents and an adult, were harassed within thirty minutes of being out in the streets of Amsterdam. Young Muslims spat at them, mocked them, shouted insults and made Nazi salutes. 'Dirty Jew, go back to your own country,' a group of Moroccan youths shouted at a young indigenous Dutch Jew. 'It is rather ironic,' the young man commented, adding that if one goes out in a burka one encounters less hostility than if one wears a skullcap.....

      "In an effort to arrest the culprits who terrorize Jews, the Amsterdam authorities have ordered police officers to walk the streets disguised as Jews. The Dutch police already disguise officers as 'decoy prostitutes, decoy gays and decoy grannies' to deter muggings....Once again, the specter of anti-Semitism is haunting Europe."

(August 6) Obama's deadly Mideast delusions: "When the Obama administration banned the terms Islamic extremism and jihad from US national security documents back on April 7, 2010, the United States began a new approach toward the war on terror.... On the same day that the Associated Press carried the ‘banned terms’ news release, the assistant to President Obama on Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John Brennan spoke with law students at New York University, where he referred to Jerusalem by its Arabic name, Al-Quds.

     "A month later on May 28, President Obama informed the world that the war on terrorwas over. 'Our long-term security will not come from our ability to instill fear in other peoples but through our capacity to speak to their hopes,' the US President explained.

      " Barack Obama’s world, there are no ideological-driven terrorists (only al-Qaeda), jihad against non-Muslims does not exist, and Jerusalem is a city exclusively rooted in an Islamic past....

       "For the 111,000 residents of Ashkelon, located 21 kilometers (13 miles) away from the Gaza Strip, this past Friday, July 30, was a terrifying day. An Iranian Grad missile launched from Gaza exploded in the heart of a residential neighborhood....The following Saturday night, July 31, an upgraded Qassam rocket fired against Sderot directly struck a children’s hydrotherapy rehabilitation center.....'These rocket launchers fire these rockets and hope to indiscriminately target anything.”'

Lights, camera, peace process! "No, Obama is not threatening to end US training of the Palestinian army. That $550 million training will continue despite Israel's position that a Palestinian state must be demilitarized and its concern that the US trained force will turn its guns on Israel. Among other things, that concern is based on the fact that members of the Palestinian security forces and their Fatah affiliates have been responsible for most of the lethal attacks against Israelis...

     "Obama's decision to upgrade the PLO mission in Washington signals that he is willing to consider accepting a Palestinian state formed outside the framework of a peace deal with Israel. That is, he is willing to consider supporting a Palestinian state that will be at war with Israel....

     "Abbas has no legal authority to represent the Palestinians. His term of office ended in January 2009. The only reason he continues to be referred to as the president of the Palestinian Authority is because the US insisted that he pretend that he is still represents someone."

U.S. raises status of PLO mission in Washington: "The U.S. has raised the diplomatic status of the PLO mission in Washington to that of a 'general delegation.'The new status is short of what states have, but it gives officials in the mission diplomatic immunity and enables them to display the PLO flag.... President Obama has arranged to double U.S. subsidy of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.), bringing the annual total up to $1.3 billion. P.A. Arabs get more foreign aid per capita than does anyone else."

Netanyahu: Extending settlement freeze will cause government to collapse : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has conditioned upgrading to direct negotiations with Israel on a continued halt on West Bank construction."

Anti-Semitism in mainstream Christianity : "John and Charles Wesley, the founders and spiritual fathers of Methodism, were themselves both fiery supporters of the Jewish people....In considering Charles Wesley's burning heart for the restoration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and their Messiah, it is all the more sad to consider the recent radical decision made at the Methodist conference... to boycott Jewish goods and services produced in Judea and Samaria as well as to endorse a brazenly anti-Semitic document known as the Kairos Palestine Document.... 'Up to this point, the Methodist Church has never boycotted any country; Israel has the distinction of being the first.'

      "He then brings to remembrance two other historical boycotts against the Jewish people. The first example cited is Hitler's boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany, which started on April 1, 1933. The second example cited was 'the Muslim Arab boycott of all Israeli products from circa 1922 until the present day.'...

      "Not surprisingly, the Kairos Palestine Document nowhere condemns or calls for an end to terrorism, but instead endorses it, referring to brazen terrorist acts in glowing and positive terms."

July 2010

Putin’s War on Israel: "Now that another Middle East war seems imminent, concerns are growing about the new powerful weapons that are available to Palestinian terrorists. It appears to be virtually unknown that these weapons are being steadily supplied by Putin’s Russia.... Indeed, the world is willing to turn a blind eye."

(July 31) Abbas: Palestinian State To Be Judenrein: "If a Palestinian Authority state is created in Judea and Samaria, no Israeli citizen will be allowed to set foot inside, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said this week in a meeting with members of the Arab League. The PA chairman also stated that he would block any Jewish soldiers from serving with an international force stationed on PA-controlled land....'I will never allow a single Israeli to live among us on Palestinian land,' Abbas declared. ...Abbas has demanded that Israeli completely freeze construction for Jews in areas east of the 1949 armistice line, including north, south, and east Jerusalem..."

(July 30) It's springtime for Jew haters: "...Stone said that Adolf Hitler had been given a bum rap and that through 'Jewish domination of the media,' the Jews have inflated the importance of the Holocaust and wrecked US foreign policy.... Cole wrote, 'Jerusalem not only was not being built by the likely then non-existent 'Jewish people' in 1000 BCE, but Jerusalem probably was not even inhabited at that point in history. ...the traditional dates for the united kingdom under David and Solomon.

     " audience that demands an explanation of why evil is evil is an audience that has already sided with evil." See Moses a myth? Archeological and historical evidence of Biblical accuracy

(July 29) Putin’s War on Israel: "Now that another Middle East war seems imminent, concerns are growing about the new powerful weapons that are available to Palestinian terrorists. It appears to be virtually unknown that these weapons are being steadily supplied by Putin’s Russia."

(July 25) Salah: Caliph will sit in Jerusalem: "Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah tells rally of 50,000 in Umm al-Fahm: Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate sooner than is thought." See Jerusalem

(July 23) Change has come to the Middle East: "...multiple press reports indicate that Turkey is collaborating militarily with Syria in a joint campaign against the Kurds of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Turkey is a member of NATO. It fields the Western world's top weapons systems. Syria is Iran's junior partner. It is a state sponsor of multiple terrorist organizations and a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction. ...on the Kurdish New Year, Syrian forces launched an operation against Kurdish population centers throughout Syria. Wednesday Alarabiya reported that hundreds of Kurds have been killed in recent weeks."

Al-Arabiya Director Calls Nuclear Iran ‘Most Dangerous Threat That is Facing Our Region in 100 Years’: "While recognizing that Iran may not attack the Gulf States with nuclear weapons, Al-Rashid says that Iran, 'would certainly seek to dominate them, and perhaps take over a number of Gulf States, in the knowledge that no major power in the world will dare to interfere as they are protected by their nuclear arms.”

(July 22) Abandoning Israel: "Israel, however, must assume that should the same people who have repeatedly called for their physical annihilation gain the means to accomplish their oft-stated goal, they will not hesitate to destroy the Jewish state. Israel is certainly preparing for the worst. It is moving full speed ahead with its Iron Dome missile defense system, continues to push for international diplomatic action against Iran, strives as always to hold its military to the highest possible standards of behavior and is continually reaching out to Washington."

(Posted July 18, though dated earlier) Anti-Semitism. History Behind The Scenes: "Roosevelt’s concessions to Stalin at the Yalta conference with Winston Churchill at the close of the Second World War conceded the nucleus of the Soviet empire, namely all of Eastern Europe, to the communist dictator. ...Roosevelt told Stalin and Churchill that he was going on to meet with the Saudi king after the Big Three disbanded at their Crimea confab. ... Stalin asked FDR if he would make any concessions to the king. 'The president replied that there was only one concession he thought he might offer, and that was to give him the 6 million Jews in the United States,' the notes read."



(July 18) Gas field threatens fresh Lebanon-Israel dispute: "A field known as Leviathan might contain 16 trillion cubic feet of gas – enough to serve Israel’s domestic needs and make the country a substantial exporter. But Lebanon is eyeing some of that income, badly needed to pay off its $50bn national debt. Some Lebanese politicians say the field may extend into their country’s as yet undeclared maritime zone. Israel and Lebanon are still formally at war and the two neighbours have never agreed a maritime boundary."

(July 12) Compliment in Presbyterian Report Embarrasses J-Street: "The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) ... will debate this week whether to endorse an official church study committee report that compares Israel to the worst regimes of the 20th century, including Nazi Germany. The report, which also mentions ultra-liberal Jewish lobby group J Street as a sign of 'hope,' seems to have embarrassed that group. J Street Vice President Rachel Lerner called out to the Presbyterians to reject the 'study.' ... 'with the passage of this study, the Church will alienate us and as a result our activists will not want to work with you and this will damage completely the possibility of a future relationship.' She said she was 'saddened' and 'angered' by the report. However, Lerner clarified that even if the study is adopted, J-Street will not be issuing a directive to its local branches to cease partnering with local Presbyterian churches."

Growing Israeli interest in Yeshua (Jesus): "The Messianic ministry Revive Israel located just outside Jerusalem reports that its staff and partner ministries have experienced an upsurge in interest among secular and religious Israelis in the person and ministry of Yeshua (Jesus). ...[A] group of 40 young Israeli college students...were surprised to discover that the promise of a new covenant is written in the Hebrew prophets (Jeremiah 31)....The group was reportedly surprised at the level of kindness shown by the Messianics despite frequent harassment of and attacks on believers in Jesus in Israel." See God's love

(July 10) Hizballah deployed across southern Lebanon: "The Israeli army on Wednesday declassified and presented to the press hundreds of photographs, maps and video clips showing that the Lebanese terrorist militia has deployed inside some 160 villages throughout southern Lebanon in preparation for another war with Israel. ...the village of el-Khiam, which lies just 2.5 miles from the border with Israel, have become weapons caches and command-and-control centers. Additionally, heavy explosives have been positioned throughout the town as booby-traps. ....

    "UN Security Council Resolution 1701...called for the disarming of Hizballah.... But Lebanon has refused to disarm the group, which also holds sway over the parliament and government.... What most Israelis are angered by is the UN's continued apathy...

Palestinian leader calls for Arab invasion of Israel: "The official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on Tuesday wrote that when Abbas met recently with media figures at the home of the Palestinian ambassador to Jordan, he recounted that during an Arab League Summit in Libya in March he told his fellow leaders that he still preferred war against Israel, but could not do it alone."

(July 7) Obama 'guarantees' no new Jewish construction -- Palestinians satisfied with behind-the-scenes results of White House meeting: "...the PA negotiator and other PA officials... were satisfied with the Obama administration's explanation that the U.S. extracted from Netanyahu -- a concession that he would not allow any new construction in both the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem besides the main 'settlement' blocks....

     "Netanyahu, meanwhile, said yesterday Israel is prepared to take additional steps to ease Palestinian movement in the West Bank, referring to the removal of anti-terror roadblocks and checkpoints. Previously, the removal of such barriers many times led to an immediate increase in terrorist attacks from those locations....'The point is, we are prepared to do them. But what we want to see finally is one thing: We want President Abbas to grasp my hand ... to shake it, sit down and negotiate a final settlement of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.'"

(July 5) Alarming video: Muslim protesters disrupt homecoming for U.K. soldiers... "calling them cowards and butchers."  "Why are they protected?' shouted a British woman. "We are not protected!" "...they were stirring up hate!"


Villagers disarm UN patrol in south Lebanon: "Villagers disarmed a French patrol of UN peacekeepers Saturday and attacked them with sticks, rocks and eggs in south Lebanon, in the latest in a string of such incidents, the Lebanese army said."

(July 4) Hamas: Ships do more than rockets: "Hamas believes that the recent flotilla incident caused more damage to Israel than military operations, a conclusion that may signal a shift in the group's condcutg. "When we use violence, we help Israel win international support," senior Hamas man Aziz Dweik was quoted as saying. "The Gaza flotilla has done more for Gaza than 10,000 rockets."

Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein, Yale fellow, on Obama: "Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein, Yale fellow, 'Distinguished Professor of the Year', and Harvard Phd, states that president Obama's intention is to 'correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel.' Moreover, Dr. Rubenstein states that president Obama is extremely pro Muslim due to his family past to the point of 'wanting to see the destruction of Israel.'"

Making the World More Dangerous: "Syria had obtained a sophisticated radar system from Iran (in violation of U.N. sanctions -- but don't hold your breath for an emergency Security Council session). The radar would make it much more difficult for Israeli jets to fly undetected over Syrian air space en route to Iran. If shared with Hezbollah, a Syrian/Iranian client based in Lebanon, the radar would vastly improve the accuracy of Hezbollah's missiles and bolster its air defenses. This is merely the latest signal of contempt by Syria for the Obama administration's sedulous courting.

June 2010

(June 30) No Palestinian state by 2012, Israeli envoy says Comment puts Israel under new criticism: "'...I see no chance that a Palestinian state will be established by 2012,' Mr. Lieberman said at a news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. 'We can express interest, we can dream, but in reality, we are still far from reaching understandings and agreements on establishing an independent state by 2012.' Russia, along with the U.S., European Union and United Nations, make up the 'Quartet' of Mideast negotiators — an international group that has spent nearly a decade trying to forge a peace agreement." The next link explains why:

[Repeated] Second Thoughts (Israel & peace process): "Uzi Arad, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's national security adviser, appears to be having second thoughts about the so-called 'peace process.' 'Have you failed to notice....that the more we lend legitimacy to a Palestinian state, the more it comes at the expense of our own?' ... [The peace process] was launched by Israel back in 1993 in the expectation of actually achieving peace with the Palestinians. But it soon became evident that Yasir Arafat and his gang of cutthroats had a different idea. They sought to use their newly established (courtesy of Israel) strongholds in the West Bank and Gaza as springboards from which to 'liberate' the rest of 'occupied Palestine.' The Palestinian leadership called this a 'strategy of stages,' and they launched a new and terrible wave of terrorist attacks to implement it."

Turkish Rally for Flotilla Raises Flag with Nazi Symbol: "Turkish supporters for flotillas aimed at breaking Israel’s maritime embargo on Hamas-controlled Gaza recently raised the Nazi flag with an expression of gratitude." See Socialist stepping-stones to Communism in America

(June 29) Hamas says asked by US to keep silent on talks: "Islamist group source says senior American officials request contacts remain secret 'so as not to rouse Jewish lobby.'"

Growing Israeli interest in Yeshua (Jesus): "The Messianic ministry Revive Israel located just outside Jerusalem reports that its staff and partner ministries have experienced an upsurge in interest among secular and religious Israelis in the person and ministry of Yeshua (Jesus)."

(June 28) Hugo Chavez: 'Genocidal' Israel will be put in its place: "Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez described Israel on Saturday as a genocidal state that acted as an assassin for the United States....'But one day the genocidal state of Israel will be put into its place...' Chavez received a hero's welcome when he visited Syria in 2006."

(June 27) The "Samson Option": Choice in the Absence of Choice? "The interests of all the players are very clear except for the West. The goal of Iran is to strengthen its base on the Mediterranean Sea coast to escalate the confrontation with Israel and moderate Sunni Arab regimes, and at the same time to distract the world attention from its nuclear program.

      "The goal of Turkish Justice and Development Party led by Erdogan is to get points before the elections, make Turkey the leader of the Sunni world and to revive the national ambitions.... Russia is supporting Iran and Turkey in attempt to restore the previous Soviet influence, push the US out of the region....

     "The aims of these powers are completely contrary to the aims of the other two leading players in the region: Israel and the moderate Arab regimes.... The goal of Israel is to provide its safety by weakening HAMAS and depriving it of its life support: weaponry.... The goal of the moderate Arab regimes coincides with that of Israel....

     "Theoretically both Israel and the Arab regimes are allies of the West. So it would be right to assume that the West will protect them from regional predators. Alas! Common sense and political expediency do not work....If the situation does not change (that is extremely improbable), we will witness a two-act drama. The first act will be the fall of moderate Arab regimes....If it happens, the second act will follow. Israel will be backed into his corner.... The next Holocaust will cease to be an abstraction and become a reality." See Jerusalem

US-Israeli relations suffer 'tectonic rift': "Unlike his previous encounter with Mr Obama in March, when he was given a stern dressing-down and denied permission to hold a joint press conference, Mr Netanyahu's visit to the White House next Tuesday is likely to be cloaked in civility....But the show of unity is being seen as a sop to members of Mr Obama's party who afraid of angering Jewish American voters ahead of November's midterm elections than as a sign of genuine rapprochement."

June 25)  Israel informant risks deportation: "Yousef, son of Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef, is credited by Israel with helping thwart countless terror attacks. He is now being threatened with deportation....'He risked his life every day in order to prevent' violence, [Ben-Itzhak] said.

     "'Yousef, for his part, called Ben-Itzhak 'a true friend' who was always concerned about his safety.... Yousef’s advocates have warned that he could be killed if deported to the West Bank, but he himself maintained that he would keep up his fight against intolerance and terror regardless of where he ended up."

(June 24)  87 US senators support Israeli self-defense: "Eighty-seven of the US Senate's 100 members have voiced support for Israel's right to self-defense.... 'In response to thousands of rocket attacks on Israel from Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Israel took steps to prevent items which could be used to support these attacks from reaching Gaza,' they said, referring to Israel's four-year naval blockade of the Palestinian territory....The lawmakers, from both sides of the political aisle, also stressed that 'it is our national interest to support Israel at a moment when Israel faces multiple threats from Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the current regime in Iran.' The lawmakers brought particular attention to the Turkish Muslim charity involved with organizing the aid flotilla, and urged Obama to consider branding the IHH -- the acronym for the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation -- as a terrorist organization..."

(June 23) Dark War Clouds Loom on Mid-East Horizon: "The only wild card that can change this slide into warfare is an active United States policy. Yet curiously, the U.S. is engaged in both an emotional and physical retreat from the region.... Despite the investment in blood and treasure to allow a stable government to emerge in Iraq, the anticipated withdrawal of U.S. forces has prompted President Maliki to travel to Tehran on a regular basis. And despite historic links to Israel that gave the U.S. leverage in the region and a democratic ally, the Obama Administration treats Israel as a national-security albatross that must be disposed of as soon as possible....

     "As a consequence, the U.S. is perceived in the region as the 'weak horse,' the one that is dangerous to ride. In every Middle East capital the words 'unreliable and United States' are linked.... It is no longer a question of whether war will occur, but rather when it will occur.... There are many triggers for igniting the explosion, but not many scenarios for containment."

(June 22) Israel and the Surrender of the West: "At every turn 'world opinion' ... takes offense and condemns Israel for yet another infraction of the world's moral sensibility. And this voice has achieved an international political legitimacy so that even the silliest condemnation of Israel is an opportunity for self-congratulation.... A demonstrator at an anti-Israel rally in New York carries a sign depicting the skull and crossbones drawn over the word 'Israel.' White House correspondent Helen Thomas, in one of the ugliest incarnations of this voice, calls on Jews to move back to Poland. And of course the United Nations and other international organizations smugly pass one condemnatory resolution after another against Israel while the Obama administration either joins in or demurs with a wink.

     "This is something new in the world, this almost complete segregation of Israel in the community of nations. And if Helen Thomas's remarks were pathetic and ugly, didn't they also point to the end game of this isolation effort: the nullification of Israel's legitimacy as a nation? There is a chilling familiarity in all this.... The Jews are being scapegoated again.

      " is good manners to be outraged at Israel's blockade of Gaza, and it is bad manners to be outraged at Hamas's recent attack on a school because it educated girls, or at the thousands of rockets Hamas has fired into Israeli towns—or even at the fact that Hamas is armed and funded by Iran.

      " is safer in the white West to see the Palestinians as they advertise themselves—as an 'occupied' people denied sovereignty and simple human dignity by a white Western colonizer. The West is simply too vulnerable to the racist stigma to object to this 'neo-colonial' characterization."

(June 21)  Obama and the War against Israel: "Geographically tiny, Israel is surrounded by theocracies that reject its very existence as a 'nakba' — a catastrophe — and call for its destruction. To carry out this malignant ambition, anti-Israel Islamists have mobilized three rocket-wielding armies, sworn to wipe Israel from the face of the earth....

      "Given that hatred for Jews is the animating passion of the Hamas militants, their response to Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 was not surprising. Far from greeting this as a gesture of peace, Hamas regarded the Israeli withdrawal as a surrender to its terrorist attacks and an opportunity to escalate them. In the days and months following the withdrawal, Hamas launched 6,500 unprovoked rocket strikes on towns and schoolyards in Israel before the Israelis decided to strike back....

      "On Israel’s eastern border is the West Bank, home to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and other terrorist groups, armed and protected by the so-called 'moderate' Palestinian Authority. Like Hamas, the Palestinian Authority officially rejects Israel’s existence....

      "On Israel’s northern border, in Lebanon, is Hezbollah...which is stockpiling tens of thousands of Iranian rockets in anticipation of the war of annihilation it has promised to wage against the Jewish state."

Celebrating Genocide: "Many are puzzled by the widespread support in European democracies of Palestinian groups and Arab states that promote genocidal anti-Semitism. After all, Palestinian and broader Arab anti-Semitism draws heavily, in its anti-Jewish propaganda, on Nazi models....

    "Hamas employs its media, mosques and schools to convey the same message. Its schools and children’s television programming teach their young audience the necessity of killing Jews. Nevertheless, in many quarters of the European mainstream, the Hamas rulers of Gaza are besieged heroes and Israel and “the Jews” are the villains." See Loving evil

(June 17) Obama's Actions Will Only Strengthen Hamas: "Never before have Palestinians been forced to make a stark choice between supporting terrorism and pursuing prosperity; they’d more or less been able to enjoy both simultaneously. While growth was stagnant or negative during most of the so-called 'intifada,' Palestinians started their terror campaign in the fall of 2000 with the wealthiest non-oil Arab economy.

     "Faced with the reality that continued Hamas leadership likely would result in even greater misery, most Gazans had soured on the terrorist group. According to figures released this January by respected pollster Nabil Kukali of the Palestinian Center For Public Opinion, Gazans’ support for Hamas had plummeted to 22%....In a surprisingly candid interview with Public Radio International this January, Hamas Senior Advisor Ahmed Yousef admitted that Hamas’ popularity was suffering 'because of the sanction[s], the pressure.'...

     "With Egypt temporarily opening its border with Gaza....Hamas appears to have rebounded considerably. That’s even before Gaza receives its portion of the proposed U.S. aid package of $400 million for the Palestinians."

(June 16) Hamas Rises in the West: "Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his advisors have deliberated around the clock about how to contend with the US-led international stampede against Israel....

    "It is not surprising that Obama is siding with Hamas. His close associates are leading members of the pro-Hamas Free Gaza outfit. Obama's friends, former Weatherman Underground terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and William Ayres participated in a Free Gaza trip to Egypt in January....Another leading member of Free Gaza is former US senator from South Dakota James Abourezk. All of these people have open lines of communication not only to the Obama White House, but to Obama himself.

     "Obama has made his sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood clear several times since entering office. The Muslim Brotherhood's progeny include Hamas, al Qaida and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, among others.... His administration's decision to deport Hamas deserter and Israeli counter-terror operative Mosab Hassan Yousef to the Palestinian Authority where he will be killed is the latest sign of their support for radical Islam."

(June 15) Funding Hamas: "We are $13 trillion in debt.... Yet, the President wants to send $400 million for 'humanitarian aid' to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, an area controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas....If the money given to the late PLO chief Yasser Arafat is any indication, our dollars will be used to fund more terrorist activities and line the pockets of those in charge."

(June 14) EU will move to end blockade': "Spain will propose the European Union exert strong diplomatic pressure on Israel to end its blockade of the Gaza Strip....The Spanish prime minister said at a joint press conference with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that Spain wants to 'forge a strong common position' with EU countries in the face of the humanitarian [see June 11 below] situation in Gaza."

Confronting Europe’s War on the Jews: "Why don’t we see demonstrations in London, Paris and Barcelona against Islamic dictatorships? Or demonstrations against the Burmese dictatorship? ...As a journalist it is my duty to search for the truth beyond prejudice, lies and manipulations. The truth about Israel is not told."

(June 13) Obama, Non-proliferation Treaty and Israel by Avi Lipkin: "It is repeated over and over again in the Saudi media that 'Either America is our ally or it is not. If it is, it must deal first with Iran and the Shiites and then afterward with Israel and the Jews. If it is not our ally, we will withdraw our support from the US economy and deny them our money and oil.'...

      ...during the week of 14-18th of January 2010, just on the eve of my winter tour to the US, Rachel picked up a Nile TV broadcast in which Egyptian Foreign Minister Abul Gheit said on the 'Round Table Show' that he had had a one on one meeting with Obama who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father, that his half-brothers in Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda. He asked that the Moslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (Healthcare), that he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel."

(June 12) Lebanese Threaten Mass March on Israeli Border: "...a leading Fatah leader in Lebanon, says plans are being made for a mass charge against Israel’s northern border. 'What can Israel do,' he asks, 'kill the entire Palestinian nation [sic]?' 'And even if they kill all those who take part in the march, the number of remaining Palestinians will still be more than all the Jews in the world.'...The freedom flotilla brings a message of the beginning of the end of Israel,” Al-Makdah said." See Jerusalem

(June 11) Photo Evidence of ‘Myth of Siege of Gaza: "The 'myth of the siege of Gaza' has been exploded in a research report that quotes Arab sources that say 'Gaza markets are saturated with goods.' ...Gaza 'pharmacies look as well-supplied as a typical Rite Aid.'...

     "Claims by United Nations officials, reported without investigation by most mainstream media, have falsely promoted the image of a humanitarian crisis and a scarcity of foods and merchandise in Gaza, implying that Gaza Arabs share the plague of famine as in India and other countries....The Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency stated last February, 'Gaza markets are saturated with goods.' Beaches are filled with vacationers as well.'"

Video:  Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

Erdogan knew Gaza flotilla would be violent: "Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan knew in advance that activists aboard a Gaza-bound aid flotilla planned to attack Israeli troops, Israeli intelligence officials have said. In a report published this week, a group of independent investigators from Israel's intelligence community found that activists aboard the 'Mavi Marmara' were part of an organized group that was prepared for a violent conflict.

     "...a group of 40 IHH activists had boarded the ship in an Istanbul port beforehand, keeping apart from the rest of the passengers throughout the journey. This hard core of activists boarded the ship without checks and was equipped with communications equipment, flack jackets embroidered with Turkish flags, and gas masks, Malam said. According to the report, the group turned the upper deck into its headquarters, blocking it off to other passengers. It had a clear internal hierarchy, with specific activists nominated as commanders....

     "An IHH journalist said during his investigation with Israeli security forces that "the Turks set a trap for you and you fell straight into it." He also said that the recent flotilla was the first in many."

(June 10) US twists Israel's arm to placate Erdogan, destabilize Netanyahu: "After eight months of back-breaking work, the American military engineers helping Egypt build a steel anti-smuggling wall along the strategic Philadelphi Route dividing Gaza from Sinai were suddenly recalled... signaling the collapse of Egypt's blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Washington thus abandoned its half-a-billion dollar investment in the joint Egyptian-Israeli siege project....

      "The Vice president and Egyptian officials ended up discussing re-opening the Gaza crossings for people and goods and using European and Egyptian monitors to filter out weapons and terrorists from shore stations. ...this plan harks back to the failed arrangements brokered by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2005 after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and which never worked. The European monitors fled their posts after Hamas and other radical Palestinian groups started shooting at them.

      "The situation now is even more dangerous, because foreign monitors would have to contend additionally with the new al Qaeda cells which have since sprung up in the southern Gaza Strip. What Biden is proposing now is to virtually abandon US and Egyptian attempts to block the arms smuggling tunnels altogether."

(June 9) Obama Pledges New Aid for Palestinians: "President Obama promised a $400 million aid package for the West Bank and Gaza on Wednesday... White House officials said that the money also would help increase access to drinking water and to help address health and infrastructure needs.... Nor was it immediately clear how Mr. Abbas, who has authority in the West Bank but no authority in Gaza, would be able to administer it."

       To understand the significance of Obama's "gift," please read the next link -- especially the last paragraph:

Palestinians admit Gaza not starving --Hamas steals aid: "In the wake of the Gaza flotilla incident, anti-Israel activists around the world have worked to boost their message that the Gaza Strip is the most destitute place on earth, where famine and plague rule.... [But] 'There is no starvation in Gaza. No one has died of hunger,' [said] Khalil Hamada, a senior official at Gaza's Ministry of Justice.... According to figures released by Israel's Foreign Ministry, in the first quarter of 2010 (January-March), 94,500 tons of supplies passed through Israel's border crossings with Gaza. That aid included 40,000 tons of wheat (equal to 53 million loaves of bread), 2,760 tones of rice (or 69 million servings), 1,987 tons of clothes (the equivalent of 3.6 million pairs of jeans), and 553 tons of milk powder and baby food.... During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan late last year, Israel brought 11,000 head of cattle into Gaza....

     "The problem is that most of these goods never reach average average Gazans. It is a long-time policy of the Palestinian and wider Arab leadership to maintain a victim or 'refugee' status among average Palestinians. ...'People who are not in with Hamas don't see any of the relief goods or the gifts of money. Hamas supporters get prefabricated housing, furnishings and paid work. We get nothing.'"

Will the West Back the Jihad or Israel? "Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told his cabinet this week that 'the world is beginning to become aware' of what really happened in the 'flotilla incident'... Namely, that the 'activists' on the Mavi Marmara... fell upon inadequately-armed Israeli soldiers with knives, clubs, iron bars, and guns and forced them to fight for their lives....

     "Is Netanyahu right that this accurate picture of the events is sinking in? True, Vice-President Joe Biden said Israel has an absolute right to deal with its security interest…. It’s legitimate for Israel to say, ‘I don’t know what’s on that ship. These guys are dropping eight—3,000 rockets on my people.’... But, even if some understand that last week’s round of media and diplomatic Israel-bashing over the affair was again baseless and slanderous, it still appears to be too little, too late....

     "But what is clear is that the radical bloc led by Iran—which also includes Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah and, increasingly, Turkey—feels all the more emboldened by its successes and by Western weakness....

     " doesn’t have to have excessively fine instruments to detect the escalating saber-rattling against Israel by the Iranian-led bloc, with Turkey now adding its voice emphatically.... Even if some Western leaders appear to regard Israel as a burdensome rogue, not really worth sticking up for, they would have to think about what such a Middle Eastern conflagration would mean for stability.... Standing up for Israel, imparting the sense that it has Western support, calms the winds and keeps war at bay. Raging against Israel for killing nine jihadists in self-defense is a way of telling the radicals that it’s open season."

(June 8)  "Change." Mark Steyn: Contempt for Israel also contempt for US: "Foreign policy 'realists,' back in the saddle since the Texan cowboy left town, are extremely fond of the concept of 'stability': America needs a stable Middle East, so we should learn to live with Mubarak and the mullahs....Unfortunately, back in what passes for the real world, there is no stability. History is always on the march.... Take this 'humanitarian' 'aid' flotilla....

     "In the wake of the Israeli raid, Ankara promised to provide Turkish naval protection for the next 'aid' convoy to Gaza. This would be, in effect, an act of a NATO member against the State of Israel.... Ten years ago, Turkey's behavior would have been unthinkable. Ankara was Israel's best friend in a region where every other neighbor wishes, to one degree or another, the Jewish state's destruction....

     "Today's young Turks are men who think as Erdogan does.... As Erdogan's most famous sound bite puts it: 'The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers.'"

(June 7) Helen Thomas retires over Israel comments: "The Hearst statement said, 'Her decision came after her controversial comments about Israel and the Palestinians were captured on videotape and widely disseminated on the Internet.... She is 89, and since 2000 has been a columnist for Hearst. She earlier covered the White House for United Press International. Her remarks included that Israelis should 'get the hell out of Palestine.'...

      "Hearst heiress Victoria Hearst had demanded the corporation bearing her family's name fire Thomas immediately.... As founder and director of Praise Him Ministries... [she] 'loves Israel and the Jews.'" See Global War on Biblical Values

Unprecedented: U.S. bargaining on behalf of Palestinians: "In an unprecedented move, the U.S. has been conducting negotiations with Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, according to a senior PA negotiator and sources in the Israeli government."

White House linked to flotilla organizers: "A top adviser to President Obama is the contact person within the White House for communications with the Free Gaza Movement over plans to challenge Israel's blockade of the terrorist Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip..."

(June 6) Founder of Ground Zero mosque part of group that helped fund Gaza flotilla June 5, 2010: "Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization, according to its Website. Perdana [whose supporters include William Ayers] is the single biggest donor ($366,000) so far to the Free Gaza Movement, a key organizer of the six-ship flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip Monday."

Video: Gaza flotilla participants invoked killing of Jews: "Gaza flotilla participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking killing of Jews. The name Khaibar mentioned in battle cry was the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad's army in 628. The battle marked the end of Jewish presence in Arabia. There are Muslims who see that as a precursor for future wars against Jews. At gatherings and rallies of extremists, this chant is often heard as a threat to Jews to expect to be defeated and killed again by Muslims."

      Comment: "Thank You! ... Israel is always sending Food, Clothing, Meds to the innocent Palestinians in Gaza. They also are welcome and have been taken to Israeli's Hospitals if they need medical attention. As they have also done even for their ENEMIES!!! Are they without good, clean, precise, correct media coverage? People need to be VERY CAREFUL with who they listen to, be it on TV or Radio."

Video (June 5) "We Will Never Apologize for Defending Ourselves": "Once again Israel faces hypocrisy and a biased rush to judgment.... Last year I acted to stop Hamas from firing thousands of rockets into Israel's towns and cities. Hamas was firing on civilians while hiding behind civilians. And Israel went to unprecedented lengths to avoid Palestinian civilian casualties. Yet it was Israel, not the Hamas, that was accused by the UN of war crimes. Regrettable, the same thing appears to be happening now. But here are the facts: Hamas is smuggling thousands of Iranian rockets, missiles and other weaponry... into Gaza in order to fire on Israel's cities..."

Israeli troops board Rachel Corrie after 4 calls ignored: "...Israeli troops were reported to have boarded the Irish-flagged Rachel Corrie some 28 miles out to sea and sailed it to the Israeli port of Ashdod after the ship's pro-Hamas passengers stood by their determination to break the Israeli blockade. No violence or injuries were reported....'We will cooperate with the UN and international organizations in order to ensure that all of the cargo is put to the use of Gaza's citizens, said the Israeli official."

Video: Mavi Marmara to Israeli Navy: "We're helping Arabs go against the US. Don't forget 9/11 Guys."

Krauthammer: Those troublesome Jews: "The world is outraged at Israel's blockade of Gaza....The usual U.N. suspects, Third World and European, join in.... But as Leslie Gelb, former president of the Council on Foreign Relations, writes, the blockade is not just perfectly rational, it is perfectly legal. Gaza under Hamas is a self-declared enemy of Israel -- a declaration backed up by more than 4,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilian territory. Yet having pledged itself to unceasing belligerency, Hamas claims victimhood when Israel imposes a blockade to prevent Hamas from arming itself with still more rockets.

     "....during the October 1962 missile crisis, we blockaded ("quarantined") Cuba. Arms-bearing Russian ships headed to Cuba turned back.... Yet Israel is accused of international criminality for doing precisely what John Kennedy did: impose a naval blockade to prevent a hostile state from acquiring lethal weaponry.

     "Oh, but weren't the Gaza-bound ships on a mission of humanitarian relief? No. Otherwise they would have accepted Israel's offer to bring their supplies to an Israeli port, be inspected for military materiel and have the rest trucked by Israel into Gaza -- as every week 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are sent by Israel to Gaza.

      "Why was the offer refused? Because... the flotilla was not about humanitarian relief but about breaking the blockade, i.e., ending Israel's inspection regime, which would mean unlimited shipping into Gaza and thus the unlimited arming of Hamas."

Beating Up on Israel: "The speed and intensity with which governments around the world condemned the Israeli behavior appear unprecedented.' Why? ...The Obama administration's unrestrained criticism of the Israeli government in March... lowered the threshold for teeing off on Israel. Still, I can't think of any other nation, no matter how scummy and uncivilized its practices, that produces this response. Or any other event, such as testing a nuclear bomb.

     "Fast out of the gate was France's nimble President Nicolas Sarkozy, who criticized the 'disproportionate use of force.' But somehow it is only Israel that seems to elicit the disproportionate use of language. Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called the incident 'state terrorism.' His foreign minister described it as 'piracy,' 'banditry' and 'barbarism.' Also invoking 'barbarism' were Saudi Arabia ('inhuman'), Syria'... The president of Bosnia likened the Gaza blockade to the 1992-96 siege of Sarajevo (at least 10,000 dead).

      "...a pro-Palestinian demonstration of a 1,000 or so had materialized in Times Square. Identical demonstrations mushroomed on the Champs Élysées, and in the streets of Washington, London, Rome, Cyprus, Oslo, Stockholm and Athens....

      "...the EU had been party to a clear, explicit policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. Since 2002, a group known as the Quartet—consisting of the EU, Russia, the U.S. and the U.N., with Tony Blair as its current special envoy—has said that no one could deal with Hamas, the occupier of Gaza, until Hamas fulfilled three conditions: Recognize Israel's right to exist. Renounce violence. Accept agreements already made by previous Palestinian negotiators. Hamas hasn't met any of those conditions. After Ms. Ashton's outburst, it knows it doesn't have to."

America goes along with U.N. 'condemnation' statement: "...the Security Council, with U.S. approval, issued a statement condemning Israel's recent raid on a flotilla trying to deliver supplies to the port of Gaza. Gaza, controlled by the terrorist group Hamas, has been under a [legal] blockade [to prevent the importation of weapons] by both Israel and Egypt since the group assumed power in a controversial election almost three years ago." [See explanations in entries below]

Ayers, Dohrn helped organize flotilla group: "Former Weather Underground leaders William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, as well as Code Pink founder Jodie Evans, helped organize the Free Gaza Movement, which launched the six-ship flotilla from Turkey to Israel that ended in a violent clash with Israeli Defense Forces....

      "In January, the trio were spotted in Egypt attempting to stir up crowds on the streets with 1,400 other left-wing activists after the Egyptian government refused to allow Free Gaza Movement members to enter the Gaza Strip....

      "This wasn’t the first time that the Free Gaza Movement, whose board of directors include well-known leftists Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein, sent vessels to Gaza to deliberately provoke a reaction from Israel. ....And if there’s any doubt that this was a political set-up instead of a humanitarian mission, the fact that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised to join a future convoy should dispel any doubts." See Training a Socialist Army of World Servers

Double Standards on Hamas Action Against Palestinians: "Any doubt that this week's 'Freedom Flotilla' to Gaza was about politics — and not about providing aid to needy Palestinians in Gaza — was erased Wednesday when Hamas leaders refused to let the flotilla's cargo in. Among the reasons, Hamas doesn't want to give Israel a public relations victory.

      "Israel's economic embargo on the Hamas government in Gaza — designed to keep weapons and materials for explosives out of the hands of terrorists who would attack it — is decried as unjust and illegal.... It is the latest example of the fact that, while Israel is castigated for its actions, when it comes to Hamas aggression against the Palestinians, the silence from American-Muslim organizations is deafening."

Media Bias. CBS Finally Notes Flotilla’s Terrorist Ties, NBC Highlights Calls for Israel to End Blockade: "After initially lagging behind the other networks in even mentioning the Gaza-bound flotilla's connections to terrorist groups, on Wednesday CBS finally noted the existence of such ties... Without directly relaying to viewers that the Israelis already allow tons of aid into Gaza on a regular basis, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell began her report: 'Tonight there is worldwide pressure on Israel to end its three-year blockade of Gaza, except for the United States. The White House is simply telling Israel it must guarantee better deliveries of aid." See Forging a New Global Consciousness

Netanyahu to International Community: Stop the Hypocrisy: "It was one thing for increasingly-Islamist, Iran- and Syria-friendly, Hamas-supporting Turkey to send the first flotilla. It is quite another thing... for Western governments to start getting on this bandwagon as well.

    "It was in response to the increasingly alarming situation that Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave a brief, terse statement to the nation Wednesday night in which he said:

“The state of Israel faces an attack of international hypocrisy. This is not the first time we have faced this; two years ago we faced a massive attack of missiles fired by Hamas who hid behind civilians. Israel went to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties; but whom did the UN condemn? It condemned Israel....

      “It is our right according to international law to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza and that is why the naval blockade was put in place.”

Netanyahu pointed out that two ships intercepted by the Israeli navy in recent years—the Francop in 2009 and the Karine-A in 2002—were carrying hundreds of tons of Iranian-supplied weapons."

The first item illustrates well the media bias -- even from Voice of America, which should be neutral but which as obviously joined the war against Israel. And the most effective weapon is deceptive propaganda favoring those who seek Israel's destruction. Before you read it, remember that "Humanitarian relief is delivered to Gaza from Israel on a daily basis. During the first three months of this year,

  • 94,500 tons of supplies were transferred to Gaza from Israel, including

  • 48,000 tons of food products;

  • 40,000 tons of wheat;

  • 2,760 tons of rice;

  • 1,987 tons of clothes and footwear; and

  • 553 tons of milk powder and baby food..." [Theater of War, 2nd link below]

But there is little thanks from Gaza to Israel:

Aid to Gaza Strip Arriving from Egypt: "Humanitarian aid is entering the Gaza Strip after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ordered the opening of the Rafah border crossing with the Palestinian territory. .... Moustafa Youssef needs help hauling his suitcase across the no-man's land between Egypt and Gaza. He has a long-standing heart condition, which normally is a liability. But in Youssef's case, he has medical permits letting him leave Gaza. .....He asks God to protect Egypt, saying that for Gazans 'it [Egypt] is the only lung we have to breathe with.' ....With the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza under blockade, Egypt is a sporadic lifeline."

Theater of War: "The effort to destroy the Jewish state has many fronts. One front is in Iran, where the maniacal regime that has repeatedly promised to 'wipe Israel off the map' marches inexorably toward a nuclear bomb. Another is in Gaza, from which Hamas has lobbed 10,000 missiles into Israeli cities. Yet another front, the most insidious, is comprised of the propaganda arm of the Palestinian movement. And this front thrives for only one reason — the complicity of the world press and the so-called 'international community.'...

  • Fact: Israel imposed a blockade of Gaza to prevent weapons from reaching the radical Islamic regime there that continues to make war on Israeli civilians. Egypt, too, has blockaded the strip, hoping to choke off weapons to Hamas, which it views as a threat. Fact: Humanitarian relief is delivered to Gaza from Israel on a daily basis....

  • Fact: Humanitarian relief is delivered to Gaza from Israel on a daily basis. During the first three months of this year, 94,500 tons of supplies were transferred to Gaza from Israel, including 48,000 tons of food products; 40,000 tons of wheat; 2,760 tons of rice; 1,987 tons of clothes and footwear; and 553 tons of milk powder and baby food for the strip's 1.5 million inhabitants...

  • Fact: Upon learning of the intentions of the Gaza flotilla, the Israeli government asked the organizers to deliver their humanitarian aid first to an Israeli port where it would be inspected (for weapons) before being forwarded to Gaza. The organizers refused...

  • Fact: When Israeli commandos rappelled down ropes to the deck of the Mavi Marmara, they were assaulted and beaten with metal poles and baseball bats by the Palestinians on board....

"[The media's] eagerness to repeat the Palestinian version of events, to assume the very worst about Israel, and to ignore the history of blatant and outrageous lies by Israel's enemies — amounts to joining them."

Israel's Gaza Flotilla Fiasco: "The so-called Gaza flotilla, comprising eight ships and roughly 800 participants, was not put together by peace-loving humanitarians.... The people of Gaza already have access to food, medicine and other relief supplies provided by both Egypt and Israel. But both countries have sought to limit the importation of military equipment or dual-use materiel that can be employed for military purposes by Hamas. That terrorist organization... is unabashedly dedicated to Israel's eradication. It is also closely linked with the Muslim Brotherhood...

     "The flotilla was organized by the Turkish group Insani Yardim Vakfi.... Other members of the flotilla came from such organizations as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood....From Israel's vantage point this was a no-win situation. Allow the ships to dock in Gaza and they would unload supplies that might be used to arm Hamas. Stop the ships and you risk a public relations disaster, which is exactly what happened."

The “Humanitarian Relief” Wing of Hamas and Al-Qaeda: "For several days last week, as the flotilla approached Gaza, Israel issued warnings that the ships would not be permitted to reach their destination without first submitting to an inspection of their cargoes – to ensure that no weaponry was being transported. But when the respective crews of the vessels refused to comply, Israeli commandos took action and intercepted the flotilla in the early morning hours of May 31. The IHH-affiliated activists responded with violence, instantly attacking the commandos with knives and clubs....

    "IHH [ironically called "Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief"]  overtly supports Hamas, is sympathetic to al Qaeda, and maintained regular contact with al Qaeda cells and the Sunni insurgency during the bloodiest stretches of the Iraq War. Moreover, IHH has supported jihadist terror networks not only in Iraq, but also in Bosnia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Chechnya."

The Freedom Flotilla fraud: "The initial frenzy of denunciations of the operation in which nine people died -- using words like piracy, slaughter, genocide and so forth -- is fading in the cold light of facts. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay claimed that the Israeli operation had no legal justification, which only betrays her ignorance of maritime law. Navies routinely stop, board and search suspicious vessels, and Israel has intercepted blockade runners headed to Gaza for years. The difference this time is that the 'peace activists' on board were armed and looking for a fight.....

     "Israeli troops rappelling onto the deck of the Mavi Marmara were immediately set upon with clubs, knives and other weapons. Pundits who reflexively denounced Israel for 'disproportionate force' were blaming the wrong side. Had the terrorist sympathizers on the ship not incited the violence, no one would have been killed. There were no casualties on other ships in the flotilla where people did not resist..... Meanwhile, extremists in Gaza continue to attack civilians in Israel with mortars and rockets, and in one recent incident attempted a terror attack with a donkey-pulled cart-bomb. The world awaits the United Nations' expression of outrage."

Are the Turks Preparing for War Against Israel? "A statement from the Turkish government promises 'unprecedented and incalculable reprisals' against Israel.... In expectation of an outbreak of war, the Turkish chief of staff Gen. Ilker Basbug has been recalled to Ankara from a visit to Egypt. Greece has since halted its joint exercise with Israel in protest against the naval action....

     "Far from being a humanitarian mission, according to Col. Beneyahu, the flotilla was sponsored personally by the Turkish government to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza and permit arms supplies and terrorist to reach the Gaza Strip in an unrestricted manner." See Jerusalem

Video. Mavi Marmara Passengers Attack IDF Before Soldiers Board Ship: "In footage captured on the Mavi Marmara, activists are seen attacking the soldiers with a stun grenade, a box of plates, and water hoses as the [Israeli] soldiers attempt to board the ship. the activists are also waiving around metal rods and chains later used to attack the soldiers with. The IDF soldiers were armed with paint ball guns (used for riot dispersal) and pistols which they were ordered to use only as a last resort.... IDF soldiers boarded the ships of the 'Free Gaza' Flotilla, after the ships refused to redirect their course."

Fight Jihad, Get Deported: "The U.S. is indeed trying to deport a best-selling author and insider who risked his life to blow the lid off Hamas' dirty terrorist deeds. Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of the founder of Hamas, one of the most notorious and radical terrorist organizations in the world. But he turned away from that life, at great personal risk, to spy for Israel, convert to Christianity, move to the West and write a book explaining it all to the world.... Yet, the U.S. government is suggesting he is 'a danger to the security of the United States' and 'engaged in terrorist activity.' If Yousef is a danger to the U.S., so am I – another Arab-American who has tried to explain who our real enemies are....

     "Yousef's life should be held up as an example to Islamo-fascists all over the world. Yet, the U.S. government is sending exactly the opposite message. You can hate America. You can terrorize America. You can blow up targets in Israel. You can preach Islamic hate speech. You can do all that and get away with it in America. Just don't repent. Just don't embrace freedom. Just don't turn away from jihad. That's when things get dangerous for you in America." Read more about Yousef at Homeland Security

Israel rejects independent probe calls: “'It’s important to understand that this [blockade] is essential to protect Israel’s security and its right to defend itself,' Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a special meeting of the diplomatic-security cabinet in Jerusalem. Gaza is an 'Iranian-sponsored terrorist state,' and as such it is vitally important to prevent the entry of weapons there, whether by air, sea and land, he said.'

     "He acknowledged that weapons are already smuggled into Gaza through tunnels, but said there was a vast difference between the scope of that operation and the scale and quantity of weapons that could be brought into Gaza by ship if cargo was allowed to arrive unchecked. 'On the ship Francop alone we caught about 200 tons of weapons smuggled from Iran to Hizbullah,' Netanyahu said, referring to the seizure of an arms-bearing cargo ship in the Mediterranean last November. 'Opening [a naval] route to Gaza would be a huge threat to the security of our citizens."

Could US-Trained PA Military Turn Guns on Israel? "Mizrahi told soldiers that the PA security forces, trained in Jordan by United States... is a formidable potential enemy...." See Jerusalem

May 2010

Embracing the Tormentors: "Conducting 'truth commissions' to denounce American armed forces and organizing divestment campaigns to cripple Israel are vital issues to some American church officials.... They 'spiritualize' the Democratic immigration and health care reform agendas with pompous prayer, but their social justice-focused prophetic vision has strange blind spots. L, and murder of Christians in the Islamic world, North Korea, and China." See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

Top Obama Officials Now Calling Jerusalem "Al-Quds": "In all my travels the city I have come to love most is al-Quds, Jerusalem where three great faiths come together.' Editor's note: John Brennan is Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism." Jerusalem

Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel: "Potential Hezbollah offensive includes chemically armed SCUD missiles with a 450 km range, preemptive strikes on air fields, and a wave of tunnel attacks that cross from Lebanon into Israel....'It’s heating up very, very quickly.…we have very definitive and confirmed information that Iran is actually planning some type of preemptive attack against Israel to offset an Israeli preemptive attack against Iran. My own feeling is that Iran already has the nuclear weapons….

     "We just received word that a Soviet submarine with an Iranian flag docked in Beirut [Lebanon] over a week ago…. We know about Hezbollah locking down tight Lebanon just in the last ten days…"

Syria, Hizballah are building a massive wall in eastern Lebanon: "...the barrier will isolate a key Lebanese border region - 14 kilometers wide and 22 kilometers long - from the rest of the country and place it under Hizballah-Syrian military control. This region is inhabited most by Druze and Christians.... Syria stands to gain another prime strategic asset with its control of Rashaya Al-Wadi, at the southernmost point of the new wall: This scenic village commands the Taim valley, whence flow a number of water courses that feed the River Jordan and the Sea of Galilee; for the first time in many years, Damascus will be placing a hand on one of Israel's primary water sources."

Iran says can destroy Israel in week: "Ahmadinejad's chief of staff says if Israel attacks, 'Zionists will have no longer than week to live.'"

Netanyahu turns to Bible in tussle over Jerusalem: "Beset by questions about Jerusalem's future in talks with the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached for the Bible.... Netanyahu told a parliamentary session commemorating Israel's capture of East Jerusalem from Jordan in the 1967 war that 'Jerusalem' and its alternative Hebrew name 'Zion' appear 850 times in the Old Testament, Judaism's core canon.... Citing such ancestry, Israel calls all of Jerusalem its 'eternal and indivisible' capital -- a designation not recognized abroad, where many powers support Arab claims to East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state."

Barreling on, regardless: "President Shimon Peres' announcement last week that Syria has transferred Scud missiles to Hizbullah in Lebanon was a sharp warning that Iran and its underlings are diligently preparing for war with Israel..... Obama has chosen to respond to Syria's open brinkmanship by rewarding Assad with newfound legitimacy....

      "Finally there is Israel. In the same week that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen refused to rule out the possibility that the US will shoot down Israeli jets en route to attack Iran's nuclear installations, and Obama again blamed Israel for the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jim Jones tried to reassure Jewish Democrats that despite the administration's hostile actions and statements, it is not hostile to Israel." Map of the vast Islamic lands vs. tiny Israel

April 2010

No building halt in east Jerusalem: "Aides to Israel's prime minister said Thursday that his government has officially rejected President Barack Obama's demand that it suspends all construction in contested east Jerusalem, a move that threatens to entrench a year-old deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking."

U.S.-trained forces caught aiding Hamas: "Following Israel's evacuation of the Gaza Strip in 2005, Hamas seized the coastal territory, forcibly expelling the U.S.-trained Fatah security forces of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Now, recent occurrences indicate Hamas is attempting to set the stage for an eventual West Bank takeover."

U.S. promises no more Jewish construction: "The Obama administration pledged to the Palestinian Authority it will secure an extension of a freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and a de facto freeze in eastern Jerusalem..... The Obama administration is also demanding a total halt to all Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem as a precondition to jumpstart talks. Netanyahu has refused an official freeze, but almost no new Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem has been approved since last month." See Jerusalem

Intel report: Hezbollah ready for new war: "Hassan Nazrallah, and Hamas' Khalid Mashal have met with Iran President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Tehrann. In the words of one MI6 intelligence officer, the meeting was 'to rub their hands in glee' over the year-long rift between Israeli Prime-Minister Netanyahu and President Obama's administration.... Israel's relations with the U.S. are rupturing at a time when the Jewish state needs every ounce of support from Washington. And now the arrival of the state-of-the-art Scuds has alarmed Washington."

Obama sells arms to Arabs, but not to Israel: "...the Obama administration has changed its arms policy for the Middle East: arming the Arab states hostile to Israel and denying arms to the Jewish state....

     "In addition, Obama has approved advanced F-16 fighters for Egypt, plus Harpoon Block 2 anti-ship missiles, Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, and fast attack craft and helicopters. Obama has also approved the sale of $10 billion worth of arms to Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, Obama has blocked the delivery to Israel of key weapons components needed to upgrade the Jewish state's defense forces. Among the blocked arms are AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters, which Obama is selling to Egypt."

Holocaust could happen again: "As it does every year on the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, Israel came to a standstill at 10 AM Monday morning as air raid sirens blared across the country commemorating the senseless massacre of six million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. ...and the thousands of Gentiles [mostly Christians] who risked and often lost their own lives to save... Jews...

     "Meanwhile, a prominent Israeli-British historian warned that the slogan 'Never Again' is fading, and that there is a very real possibility for a repeat of the Holocaust.... 'We are in an era once again where the Jews are facing genocidal threats as a people,' Wistrich said.... [He] acknowledged the enormous rise in anti-Semitism in Europe in recent years, fueled largely by more brazen Muslim populations there. ...attacks on and harassment of Jews doubled in 2009, especially in Europe and Canada."

Israel: Ally or enemy?...Obama abandonment is 'recipe for nuclear war': "...Obama is more upset by a Jew building an apartment building in a residential neighborhood in Jerusalem than he is by Iran building an atomic bomb, a bomb the Iranians have promised to use to exterminate Israel....Iran, says our president, has a right to nuclear power....

     "This week's 47-nation conference in Washington, D.C., on nuclear nonproliferation will continue to ignore the fact that China and Russia are the biggest 'proliferators' of all.'"

Presbyterian Church USA Ready to Declare War Against Israel: "...theologians and others in some prominent Protestant churches have launched a dangerous campaign to use theology to delegitimize the Jewish State and her supporters.... Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon was verbally attacked at Oxford University with chants of 'Slaughter the Jews'; and when screaming Muslim 'activists' tried to silence or censor the speech by Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, at the University of California, Irvine....

  " 2008, church leaders supposedly seeking to balance PCUSA’a Middle East policies, instead, created a committee dominated by seven activists holding strong anti-Israel beliefs. The lone member sympathetic to Israel, quit in protest when he saw their radical agenda. Here’s what we know about their report.... It-

•...calls for the US to withhold financial and military aid to Israel

•...apologizes to Palestinians for even conceding that Israel has a right to exist

•...declares that Israel, if defined as a Jewish State, must be inherently racist

•...endorses full Palestinian ‘right of return‘ to Israel which would lead to the demise of the Jewish democratic state

•...denies any connection between biblical covenants and the Jewish people. Israel’s history, it claims, begins only with the Holocaust, a nation mistakenly created by Western powers at the expense of the Palestinian people to solve the ‘Jewish problem.’"

Evangelical Left Targets Israel: "A new evangelical film, 'With God on Our Side,' is coming out this month to rebut pro-Israel Christians and persuade them to champion the Palestinian cause. ....Liberal evangelist Tony Campolo hails the film as 'informative,' 'inspiring,' and 'brilliant.' Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren gushes: 'Finally!...' World Vision... calls it 'one of the clearest assessments of the struggle between Palestinians and Jews'....

     "In essence, the Evangelical Left is largely adopting the old Religious Left’s Liberation Theology view of the Middle East, in which the Palestinians are the impoverished Third World victims, while Israel and the U.S. are the imperialists.... 'With God on Our Side' wants increased U.S. pressure on Israel to accommodate Palestinian demands, facilitated by reduced U.S. evangelical support for Israel. And the ultimate goal is what? ....How are the dwindling numbers of Palestinian Christians faring under Palestinian rule now, and how would they fare under a victorious new, Islamic-dominated Palestinian state? ... Mostly, the Evangelical Left would prefer not to answer these questions..."

     The fact is that Muslim leaders -- whether in Palestine, Pakistan, Egypt or Iran -- despise and persecute Christians with a cruelty hard to even imagine in the West. The ultimate issue is neither Zionism nor liberation, it is the trustworthiness of God's Word.

Obama Wants Israel's Netanyahu Out: "Why is President Barack Obama so obviously humiliating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?... They want Netanyahu out. Specifically, they want him to feel such pressure that he dumps his right-wing coalition partners and forms a new government with the center-left party...."

Americans reach out to Israel: "Shocked by what some news reports are calling President Obama's 'ambush' and 'humiliation' of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, D.C., a group of Americans are doing an end around the increasingly hostile White House and reaching out to directly to the Israeli leader. Earlier this week, Obama walked out of a meeting with Netanyahu at the White House, inviting the Israeli leader to remain alone and reconsider his negotiation stance … or get out.

      "'I'm still around,' the daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot quoted Obama as saying, before walking out on the stunned Netanyahu. 'Let me know if there is anything new.'...

      "'While President Obama hugs dictators and smiles for photo-ops with enemies of freedom around the world, I was appalled at how he treated Prime Minister Netanyahu – our best friend in the Middle East,' said Porter.... 'Was he funding terrorists? Did he announce plans for the destruction of America?. ...No, the 'crime' of Israel is they wanted to build homes in the capital of their own nation in which their citizens could live.

      "We've seen 'Jewish-free zones' in Germany and in Muslim countries,' Porter quipped, 'but is Obama really making that outrageous demand in Jerusalem – Israel's own capital?'"

March 2010

Netanyahu Pushes Back, Says Jerusalem 'Not a Settlement': "The AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] crowd responded with notably more enthusiasm to Netanyahu's assertion that Jews had been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years and that Israel would continue to do so. 'Jerusalem is not a settlement. It's our capital,' Netanyahu said.... The neighborhoods Israel has built in east Jerusalem are an 'inextricable' part of the city, the Israeli leader said, and will remain part of Israel under any peace agreement."

'Peace partner' plans 'resistance' in Israel's capital: "The Palestinian Authority has made a strategic decision to coordinate continued 'resistance' in the eastern sections of Jerusalem.... PA elements led by Hatem Abdel Kader, a top Fatah official in Jerusalem and the former PA minister for Jerusalem affairs, are involved in planning riots in Jerusalem.... Abbas himself announced the Palestinian people had a national right to '"resistance' against what he called Israeli occupation..."

Saudi Arabia Seeks Strike on Iran: "...Saudi Arabia is hoping Israel will strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and is even prepared to open its skies to Israeli warplanes to allow such an operation to take place....The Der Spiegel report stated that officials in Riyadh had spoken to United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the importance of stopping Iran's nuclear program..." See God's Peace in the midst of turmoil

America’s Shiny New Palestinian Militia: "‘The stupidest program the U.S. government has ever undertaken” — last year that’s what I called American efforts to improve the Palestinian Authority (PA) military force.... The PA has never wavered in its goal of eliminating Israel.... Should the PA achieve statehood, it will certainly pursue its historic goal — only now equipped with a shiny new American-trained soldiery and arsenal." S

February 2010

The winds of Middle East war: "Israel's foes have launched increasingly fiery verbal volleys in recent weeks, in what appears to be a coordinated campaign to heighten tensions in the region. With pressure mounting on Iran over its nuclear program, and the threat of stricter sanctions in the air, Israel needs to be on guard.... Ahmadinejad again vowed to destroy Israel, saying that, 'If these criminals make the mistake again, the regional countries need to eradicate them once and for all.'"

America joins criticism of Israeli heritage sites: "The Cave of the Patriarch in Hebron - burial place of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah - and Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem joined a list of 150 other historical and biblical sites that Israel will give priority to for renovation and preservation. But because Hebron and Bethlehem are under Palestinian Authority control, the decision has angered the Arab world and prompted threats of 'holy war,' even by 'moderate' Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

     "That has led international leaders to condemn Israel's decision to officially recognize two sites so sacred to the Jewish people. ...US State Department spokesman Mark Toner labeled Israel's heritage site list a 'provocation' and an obstacle to peace....

     "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday responded to the mounting international criticism by pointing out that being added to the heritage list simply means that those sites will receive more attention in terms of preservation, including the Muslim areas at the Cave of the Patriarchs."

Iran steps up training of Hamas retaliation force: "...the training is taking place both in Gaza, where Iran has militants stationed, and in other countries, particularly in Lebanon and Iran itself."

January 2010

"Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away!" (Ominous Steps from Freedom to Fascism): "I am an eyewitness to history. I can tell you that Hitler did not take Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. We elected him by a landslide - 98% of the vote. I've never read that in any American publications. Everyone thinks Hitler just rolled in with his tanks and took Austria by force." See Brave New World Revisited

New al-Qaida 'center of activity'.... Iran coordinating with group in Holy Land: "Iranian Revolutionary Guard units are actively working to train Hamas gunmen in the Gaza Strip.... Egypt is concerned that neighboring Gaza could become a major center of al-Qaida activity in the region."

Obama to 'guarantee' strategic territory to Palestinians: "President Obama is planning to issue a letter in the next few weeks guaranteeing U.S. support for a plan to give much of the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem to Palestinians within two years.... The presidential letter is slated to stress U.S. commitments to Israeli security as well. It would state the final borders of a Palestinian country will be determined by direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations but that the U.S. supports a Palestinian state in the general 1967 borders – meaning the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem."

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