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Signs of the Times - 7


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"...nation will rise against nation....  And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places." Matthew 24:7


"... in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good...  lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God... And from such people turn away!" 2 Timothy 3:1-14


"...false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect." Matthew 24:24


"... no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark ..." Revelation 13:16-17

December 2011

PM Netanyahu's Christmas Greetings 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood’s 'Kill the Jews' Election Platform: "Egyptians have gone to the polls in large numbers this week to cast their votes in the first stage of protracted parliamentary elections.... Few of the hundreds of thousands of protesters who have crowded Tahrir Square in recent days would appear to trust the integrity of the electoral process, nor think it will mean greater freedom any time soon. One voter ...said, 'It is like a play, it is like a sham.... Another said, 'There is no justice, no integrity, no confidence. But I came because then I will have done my duty...' The main beneficiary of the elections will in all likelihood be the Muslim Brotherhood....

      "We got a taste of what is to come from the Muslim Brotherhood’s co-sponsored 'kill the Jews' pep rally held last Friday. ...about 5,000 people joined the rally....Over and over again, the crowd chanted passages from the Koran vowing that 'one day we shall kill all the Jews.' The rally was co-sponsored by the Al-Azhar University, which President Obama had [in 2009] referred to as a 'beacon of learning'....The New York Times praised the Muslim Brotherhood’s 'unrivaled organization and sophistication' in its November 29th front page article.... Like the Nazi Party did in the 1930′s, the Iranian Islamists did in 1979 and Hamas did in 2006, the Muslim Brotherhood is embarked on a hijacking of the electoral process to subvert any chance of democratic freedoms in Egypt."

Israeldividing the Church, or defining it? "Is the issue of Israel (the people and the land) – whether we stand with or against it – ultimately creating irreversible division in the world wide Christian community?....On one side, we have millions of professing Christians who believe that the Jews remain God’s Chosen People, and that the land of Israel remains God’s Promised Land to that people. ...these Christians understand it to be God’s will and purpose that they ally themselves with Israel and play their part in comforting, encouraging and supporting the ancient 'people of God' in numerous ways, especially in the face of ever-increasing hostility from the international community....

     "Opposite these millions are many millions more professing Christians who embrace a conviction so contrary to theirs it makes impossible any reconciliation between the two. These people believe that, because Israel as a nation rejected Jesus, they lost their special status and can no longer lay claim to being God’s Chosen People. They believe that the 'Church' has replaced Israel, and that Christians – to the exclusion of national Israel – are now God’s elect.... And it is a dangerously short distance between siding against the nation the Lord says He loves 'with an everlasting love,' (Jeremiah 31:3) and siding against God."

November 2011

‘One Day We Shall Kill All the Jews’: Muslim Brotherhood Holds Hateful Rally at Cairo Mosque: "The Muslim Brotherhood turned a prominent Cairo mosque into the site of a hateful anti-Israel rally in Egypt Friday, with participants chanting 'Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, judgment day has come' and vowing 'one day we shall kill all the Jews.' Some 5,000 worshipers had come to the mosque to pray, with the Brotherhood – poised to win big in Egypt’s parliamentary elections next week — then imploring them to stay to support the 'battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.'" See Jerusalem

Netanyahu Says Arab Spring Pushing Middle East Backwards: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israeli lawmakers the Arab Spring is pushing the Middle East backwards, not forward.' ...'Israel is facing an unstable and uncertain period in the region. This is certainly not the time to listen to those who say – those who have already said, and told us then too, time after time, to follow wishful thinking.'” See Charts: Five Types of Religious Expressions

Americans to pay terrorists' salaries? "With the U.S. funding Palestinian Authority security forces, new efforts to unify the PA with the extremist Hamas faction in the Gaza Strip raises concerns American taxpayer money may soon be used to pay terrorists' monthly salaries." See Deceptive alliances

30,000 suicide bombers to infiltrate Israel': "In response to reports of a possible Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, Iran is threatening to mount an attack on Israel via the Syrian border. Some 30,000 Syrian and Palestinian men have spent the past three months training to infiltrate Israel in order to carry out suicide missions...'They have asked the Syrian government for authorization to infiltrate occupied Palestinian land and carry out suicide missions against Israeli soldiers...' "

Anti-Semitism, a Growth Industry in Bad Times: “One of the lesser reported aspects of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been a strong element of anti-Semitism. Little wonder that it has been endorsed by the American Nazi Party and other extreme groups, both Left and Right." See Could America face its own Kristallnacht? and  Auschwitz 1

Are U.S. Tax Dollars Covering Financial Rewards to Palestinian Terrorists? "The U.S. gives annual aid to the Palestinian Authority – about $600 million just last year – raising the question: are American tax dollars funding handouts to convicted terrorists?" See Deceptive alliances

'30,000 suicide bombers to infiltrate Israel': "In response to reports of a possible Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, Iran is threatening to mount an attack on Israel via the Syrian border. Some 30,000 Syrian and Palestinian men have spent the past three months training to infiltrate Israel in order to carry out suicide missions, the Iranian Fars news agency reported Friday....'They have asked the Syrian government for authorization to infiltrate occupied Palestinian land and carry out suicide missions against Israeli soldiers,' the report stated."

250 Killed in 11 Days in Syria: "Syrians snatched from their homes turn up dead, often mutilated. ...electric shocks and hot iron rods are used to torture detainees. ...More than 250 Syrian civilians have been killed in the past 11 days. ...the regime is more often using tanks, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, because they are fighting army defectors as well as the unarmed protesters."

'Wrongful life' - the children who sue for being born: "Increasing numbers of Israeli children with birth defects are suing medical professionals for failing to detect abnormalities and allowing them to be born, says the New Scientist. The magazine reports that such is the Israeli Government's concern over the rise in 'wrongful life' lawsuits it has launched an investigation into the validity of the claims."

Jerusalem: Israel’s capital city? "You may remember a news item this summer where the Obama State Department erased all references to 'Jerusalem, Israel' from its website. This is a direct result of the court case—which the U.S. Supreme Court will hear this month—on whether the city can be officially considered the Israeli capital..... Enemies of the state of Israel argue it’s contentious and divisive, because the city is important to other faiths as well. Of course it’s controversial—it’s the capital city of the hottest flashpoint region in the world: the Middle East." See Jerusalem

Obama Administration Abandoning Israel and Supporting Palestine’s Bid for UNESCO Recognition: "...but US law clearly states that if UNESCO approves the bid for Palestinian membership that all funding from the US to UNESCO will be terminated. ... [Obama's] administration along with UN officials are lobbying Congress to change the law....Obama’s loyalty to his Muslim brothers continues to rule his term in office and his dealings with Israel. His words say one thing, but his actions are clearly Muslim and anti-Israel."

A Haunting Vote at the UN: "...the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) became the first UN agency to admit Palestine as a full member."

Palestinians' terror-rocket nightmare originated in Libya: "A missile launcher capable of firing up to five projectiles at once was recently smuggled into the Gaza Strip and originated in Libya...Earlier today, Islamic Jihad released a video of what it claimed was the launcher actually firing five missiles....'This is not the only surprise,' added Mussab. He promised an improved missile and rocket arsenal to be used against Israel 'in the very near future.' Mossaab hinted the launcher originated in Libya."

October 2011

Unmasked! 'Occupy' protests sending sharp anti-Jew message: "The dark scourge of anti-Semitism has reared up at many 'Occupy' protests across the country....Protesters have proclaimed that 'Zionist Jews' still 'need to be run out of the country.... There has been no shortage of vile anti-Semitic slogans....'The Jewish community around the world – and all successful assimilated ethnic minority communities in Britain – should watch this 'Occupy' movement carefully and prepare for the worst....The feeling is not too dissimilar to the thirties and the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism."' See The Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

Forecast in Israel: More kidnappings of Jews: "The forecast for Jews living in Israel calls for a heightened chance of kidnappings, now that one captured Israeli soldier has been swapped for more than a thousand terrorists. That's the outright warning from terror groups both inside and outside of the embattled country. On the very day Israel and Hamas agreed to the prisoner exchange, Hamas in Israel took a formal decision to kidnap more Jewish soldiers, according to a top leader of the Islamist group's so-called military wing."

Obama and Israel: "For nearly two decades, Barack Obama was a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Obama described Wright as his 'spiritual advisor,' his 'mentor,' and 'one of the greatest preachers in America.'...Wright has long been a vocal critic of Israel and Zionism, which he has blamed for inflicting 'injustice and…racism' on the Palestinian people....

        During his Illinois state senate years in the mid- to late 1990s, Barack Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, where he became friendly with Rashid Khalidi, a professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Obama and his wife were regular dinner guests at Khalidi’s Hyde Park home. Characterizing Israel as a 'racist' state and 'basically an apartheid system in creation,' Khalidi during the 1980s so strongly identified with the aims of Yasser Arafat's PLO, which was designated as a terrorist group by the State Department....In 1995 Khalidi and his wife Mona founded the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), noted for its contention that Israel’s creation in 1948 was a 'catastrophe' for Arab people....

     "President-elect Obama chooses the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group to recite a prayer during his January 2009 inauguration....Two days after his inauguration, President Obama placed his first phone call to....Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas had repeatedly emphasized the importance of 'implementing the principles of Yasser Arafat,' the most prolific Jew-killer since Adolf Hitler; he had praised the terrorist group Hezbollah as a shining example of 'Arab resistance' against alleged Israeli oppression; he had lauded Palestinian terrorists as 'strugglers' and 'martyrs' whom 'Allah loves'; he had steadfastly refused to acknowledge Israel's right to exist..."

See what Obama promises Arabs after 2012 election: "...the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is re-elected. 'The main message we received from the U.S. is that...Obama '...cannot help on the ground for now.' 'We were told to wait for Obama's reelection, and that before then nothing serious will happen for a state,' the [Palestinian] official continued. 'But after the reelection, the U.S. said the schedule will be short to reach a Palestinian state.'"

Founders of Egyptian Nazi Party Claim It‘s ’Not Hostile to Jews’ : "'Our political goal is to make the Arab race, or Arabic speakers, the best race.'...'We will not carry out holocausts against the Jews...The one and only thing we have adopted from Nazism is racial supremacy.'...'We do not recognize the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel...[but] I am not hostile towards all the Jews. I am hostile towards the Zionist entity.'...'We want to build an Egyptian nuclear reactor…'"  See The Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

September 2011

Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America: "The poem expressed its Arab author’s love for the Jewish people and his mourning over what happened to them in the Holocaust. The brave poet, Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, is an immigrant to the US from Iraq, who now lives in Missouri. Such poems did not sit well with the Muslim community. ...on August 14, 2011 and in broad daylight and heavy traffic, he was viciously attacked.... Then, with a knife, they carved the Star of David on his back while laughing as they recited his pro-Jewish poem.”

State of Endless War: "Abbas speaks of peace at the UN — 'We extend our hands to the Israeli government and the Israeli people for peace-making' — but to the home crowd, the message is quite different ....On Al-Jazeera, Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki explained the reasoning: '...If Israel withdraws from Jerusalem, evacuates the 650,000 settlers, and dismantles the wall — what will become of Israel? It will come to an end. If we say that we want to wipe Israel out… it’s not acceptable policy to say so. Don’t say these things to the world. Keep it to yourself.'...

     "The state of Palestine is a state of war....It will only end when the Muslim world stops believing that it has a right to kill in the name of its religion."

Netanyahu: Palestinians want state without peace: "'The Palestinians should recognize Israel as the Jewish state and make peace with it, before seeking a state of their own,' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly Friday....'I came here to speak the truth.... The truth is that Israel wants peace with the Palestinians, but they want a state without peace....'The Palestinian should first make peace with Israel and then get their state. After peace is signed, Israel won’t be the last country to accept a Palestinian state – we will be the first.'" 

(Sept.23) The Palestinian Obsession: "...there is little new in the Palestinians’ behavior. They have been using the UN to weaken Israel diplomatically since the early 1970s. Moreover, even if their bid does provide them with upgraded diplomatic status, it won’t change the reality on the ground....As the PLO ambassador in Lebanon, Abdullah Abdullah, made clear in an interview Wednesday with Lebanon’s Daily Star, in the event that the UN recognizes some form of Palestinian statehood at the UN, the new 'State of Palestine' will still expect the UN to support the so-called Palestinian 'refugees.'...

       "That is, the same UN that the Palestinians seek recognition of statehood from will be expected to provide relief to Palestinian 'refugees' living inside 'Palestine.' As he put it, 'Even Palestinian refugees living in [refugee camps] inside the [Palestinian] state, they are still refugees. They will not be considered citizens.' So if nothing will change on the ground, why do the US and the EU care what the Palestinians do at the UN next week with their automatic General Assembly majority....

     "The Palestinians have certainly never given either the Americans or the Europeans a good reason to support their cause. Just this week, the PLO representative in Washington told reporters that the future state of Palestine will ban Jews and homosexuals."

(Sept.22) Palestinians Give UN Time Amid Pressure to Drop State Bid: "The Palestinians have said at least eight of the council’s members -- Russia, China, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Lebanon and India -- will back them. The U.S. veto pledge notwithstanding, that still leaves the Palestinians one vote short of the nine needed for membership.... 'We are going forward with our application for a full state,' [said] Mohammad Shtayyeh, a senior member of Abbas’ Fatah party who is on the special committee that prepared the UN bid."

(Sept.20) Did President Obama Promise the Palestinian Authority Statehood? "In 2010, President Obama told the U.N General Assembly: 'When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that can lead to a new member of the United Nations, an independent, sovereign state of Palestine living in peace with Israel.'...U.S. officials have labeled that 2010 statement as simply an expression of hope. But, Abbas clearly sees it differently. ...'if he said it, he must have meant it.' ...Abbas has a message for President Obama this week: You promised me a state by September 2011. I hope you will deliver."

(Sept.20)  Palestinians Bring Their Intifada to the United Nations : [Abbas] said he will take the Palestinians’ request for full United Nations member state recognition to the U.N. Security Council on the basis of the 1967 territorial lines, even though he knows that the U.S. has vowed to veto such a resolution.... Members of the Palestinian observer delegation to the U.N., wasting no time, were seen celebrating late that night at the expensive New York City eatery, Cipriani Downtown. The Palestinians’ intifada is coming to the United Nations."

(Sept.17 -- apparently the plan fizzled) U.S. radicals' 'rage' targeting this country next: "A 'Day of Rage' attempting to go international, with calls on Israelis to occupy the Tel Aviv stock exchange on the same day. 'Bring signs, drums, flowers and a revolutionary mood,' reads a Facebook announcement in Hebrew....The Democrat strategist identified as an architect of the Israeli social protests previously ran the campaign of Bolivia's former president....Jeffrey Sachs, a Columbia University professor who sits on the board of an organization literally seeking to reorganize the entire global economic system. That group is the Institute for New Economic Thinking, or INET. Philanthropist George Soros is INET's founding sponsor."

Obama trying to unseat Israeli leader? Country's 'social protests' may be engineered for regime change: "Democratic strategist Stanley Greenberg, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others....reportedly is working with Israeli strategists who were behind left-wing leader Ehud Barak's successful race for prime minister in 1999. Greenberg himself helped to run Barak's campaign..."

(Sept.14) Presbyterians Attacking Israel Again: "A PCUSA so-called Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) committee is now recommending a new, more selective anti-Israel divestment targeting Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, and Motorola. Next year’s General Assembly will vote up or down on behalf of the about 2 million member denomination, which has already lost over a million members thanks to clueless church elites. Naturally, PCUSA elites are not advocating any special sanctions aimed at Iran, North Korea, Sudan...whose crimes include persecution of Christians. Israel remains the only serious target of their chronic ire."

(Sept.14) Israel's Predicament: "It is surrounded on nearly all sides by enemies who are aggressively committed to its destruction.... Consider the month that Israel has just had:
• eight Israelis were killed in a sophisticated cross-border ambush near the frontier with Egypt. (Aug. 18)
• some 200 large-caliber, factory-made rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from Gaza.[Aug. 18-24]
• the head of Iran's atomic energy agency announced that it was moving the bulk of its enrichment facilities to a heavily fortified site near the city of Qom. [Sept. 1]
• the United Nations released a report on the May 2010 Turkish flotilla incident, which defended Israel's right to enforce a naval blockade on Gaza and noted that Israeli commandos faced "organized and violent resistance." [Sept. 2]
• the U.S. made a final appeal to the Palestinian Authority to drop its bid to seek statehood recognition at the U.N....The PA rebuffed the American entreaties." []Sept. 4]
• Turkey's prime minister announced that Turkish warships would escort future Gaza-bound flotillas." [Sept. 8]
• thousands of hooligans stormed and nearly sacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo. Israel evacuated nearly its entire diplomatic mission from Egypt the following morning.... [Sept. 9]
    Only Israel is on perpetual trial. Only Israel, by way of this or that policy, is routinely held to moral account for the terrorist outrages committed against it....No democracy in the world today lies under a darker shadow of existential dread than Israel."



(Sept.13) Erdogan: Recognizing Palestinian state is an obligation: "Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Edogan told a meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo on Tuesday that the recognition of a Palestinian state was 'not an option but an obligation.' In a speech that will buttress his image as a regional leader, Erdogan also condemned Israel's stance, saying the 'aggressiveness' of its policies 'threaten the future of the Israeli people.'...'It's time to raise the Palestinian flag at the United Nations."

(Sept.12) Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege: "With its Cairo embassy ransacked, its ambassador to Turkey expelled and the Palestinians seeking statehood recognition at the United Nations, Israel found itself on Saturday increasingly isolated and grappling with a radically transformed Middle East where it believes its options are limited and poor. The diplomatic crisis, in which winds unleashed by the Arab Spring are now casting a chill over the region, was crystallized by the scene of Israeli military jets sweeping into Cairo at dawn on Saturday to evacuate diplomats after the Israeli Embassy had been besieged by thousands of protesters. It was an image that reminded some Israelis of Iran in 1979.

(Sept.10) Soros fingerprints on Israel protests: "Soros is INET’s founding sponsor, with the billionaire having provided a reported $25 million over five years to support INET activities. Last weekend saw the largest protests in Israel’s history. Four hundred thousand people hit the streets in cities across the country purportedly to protest against the rising cost of living while demanding sweeping economic reforms. That massive protest was the culmination of weeks of similar social demonstrations and protest tent cities that organized in various Israeli municipalities, principally in Tel Aviv. ...similar tent cities are being planned by a slew of U.S. radicals calling for a 'Day of Rage...”

(Sept. 9) Erdogan drives toward armed clash with Israel. Oil and gas at stake: "Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan this week coolly moved his country step by provocative step towards an armed clash with Israel – not just over the Palestinian issue, but because he covets the gas and oil resources of the eastern Mediterranean opposite Israel's shores.... Sept. 8, he announced that Turkish warships will escort any Turkish aid vessels for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip....

     "If Turkish ships breach the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, which a UN report last week pronounced legitimate under international law, Erdogan will become the first Muslim leader to embark on military action in the Palestinian cause....The Turkish prime minister clings to the belief that the foremost Arab powers, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which have been watching his maneuvers with deep suspicion, will have no choice but to play ball with him.... The first crack in the Arab ice came about Thursday, Sept. 8, in the form of Egyptian consent to join the Turkish Navy in sea maneuvers in the eastern Mediterranean."

Erdogan: Turkey suspends all defense ties with Israel: "Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey was "totally suspending" defense ties with Israel, after downgrading diplomatic relations with the country."

Do Not Lift That Stone! "Few Christians and fewer if any non-Christians comprehend the prophetic significance of the series of events that have occurred over the past two weeks in England, Norway and the U.S. The nations of the world are lining up in a confederacy against the regathered nation of Israel unaware that they are puppets of the antichrist who is pulling their strings." See Jerusalem


August 2011

Israeli military to equip Jewish settlers with gas and grenades: "The Israeli military is to train Jewish settlers in the West Bank and plans to equip them with tear gas and stun grenades to confront Palestinian demonstrators when their leaders press for UN recognition next month. The enlistment of settlers, which has already opened with a training session for their local security officers, is part of the military's comprehensive 'Operation Summer Seeds' for dealing with possible violence as the UN considers whether or not to recognise a Palestinian state. ...the defence establishment's working assumption – challenged by the moderate Palestinian leadership in Ramallah – is that the UN move will trigger 'mass disorder'. This includes, Israel contends, 'marches toward main junctions, Israeli communities, and education centers; efforts at damaging symbols of [Israeli] government."

The first item is a little confusing. We don't really know the pressures [domestic, UN or U.S.] that Israel faces in this battle. But it shows the unceasing unrest and vulnerability:

A terror attack every two days...: "In the 10 days after Palestinian raiders killed eight Israelis on the Eilat highway on Aug. 18, Israel has suffered five terrorist attacks, the latest in Tel Aviv Sunday night which targeted a big teenagers' back-to- school party. Five of the eight people injured were police officers and the club's security guard....

    "The policy of military restraint pursued by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak was shown by the Tel Aviv attack by a Palestinian jihadi yelling Allah Akhbar to have crossed a dangerous red line: Civilians are being left in harm's way to serve diplomatic interests such as not further straining relations with the new rulers in Cairo..."

Footage of Egyptians demonstrating opposite Israeli Embassy in Cairo shows sign with swastika saying 'The Gas Chambers Are Ready': "If 'democracy' is what the Egyptian spring truly sought and cared about, then why the vitriolic calls for Jews to be sent to the gas chambers?"

Ahmadinejad: Palestinian statehood only 'first step': "The Zionist regime is a center of microbes, a cancer cell and if it exists in one iota of Palestine it will mobilize again and hurt everyone.... the ultimate goal is the liberation of the whole of Palestine."

Islamist Cleric: Meet an Israeli? Kill Him: "A senior cleric in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has declared that ordinary Egyptians are obligated to kill 'Zionists' whom they encounter. ...the pronouncement is part of a general wave of incitement that directly endangers Israelis who are currently in Egypt. This follows Muslim Brotherhood calls to end the peace treaty with Egypt and threats to kill Israel's ambassador if he does not leave the country."

Video. Footage of Egyptians demonstrating opposite Israeli Embassy in Cairo shows sign with swastika saying 'The Gas Chambers Are Ready': "If 'democracy' is what the Egyptian spring truly sought and cared about, then why the vitriolic calls for Jews to be sent to the gas chambers?"


Destroy Israel After U.S. Leaves Iraq: "A Hezbollah member of Lebanon’s parliament, retired Brigadier-General Walid Sakariya, predicts that Israel will be destroyed by a 'Shiite crescent' in a war with hundreds of thousands of deaths. This war, he says, can only commence once two things happen: Iraq is absorbed into Iran’s bloc after a U.S. withdrawal and the Syrian regime is saved."


‘US Withdrawal from Iraq to Help Iran Pulverize Israel’: "A total American pullout from Iraq will provide a 'land bridge' for a Shi’ite Muslim Crescent – headed by Iran and Hizbullah – to 'pulverize' Israel, a Hizbullah general says. ...'The Iranian forces could cross Iraq and arrive in Syria in order to participate in a direct war on the Golan front.'"


Israel sets up "September Commands" for worst-case scenarios: "Israel's military, police and Shin Bet security service are drilling extreme scenarios of possible Palestinian disturbances, mass rallies or even terrorist attacks in September...The authorities have also set up 'September Command Centers' so as not to be caught off guard. The intelligence updates fed them on Palestinian activities contain no signs so far of organized Palestinian preparations for disorders."

July 2011

US bailout for Palestinian economy – only if Abbas drops UN plan: "The Palestinian Authority is broke. ...'If the crisis continues,' said Fayyad, more austerity measures will be necessary....The Palestinian economy is suffering in the backlash from European recessions – donors have dropped out or cut back on aid - and the political unrest in hitherto supportive Arab countries, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Tunisia which has virtually immobilized their economies. ...The Saudis are channeling vast amounts of cash to Pakistan and Jordan in support of the league of conservative Sunni Muslim regimes they are fashioning as a bulwark against Iranian expansion and its nuclear threat.

      "...a secret White House emissary visited Jerusalem and Ramallah last week to inform both governments that Obama will not take no for an answer to his invitation to send delegates to Washington to prepare the opening ceremony for revived Israel-Palestinian negotiations. Abbas was told that direct talks with Israel was his only option; he must therefore abandon his plan to have the UN vote to approve an independent Palestinian state."

Obama Administration Lists Israel as Terror Sponsor: "Here’s the list: Afghanistan, West Bank, Algeria, Bahrain...Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt Qatar Saudi Arabia Indonesia, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Israel...

     "Israel? Yes Israel is one of the thirty-six SDCs ...With splendid equality, they manage to list the world’s biggest victim alongside the globe’s leading perpetrators of terrorism. Israelis coming into America get the same high level of scrutiny that Iranians do!... That Obama has tried to maintain that there is a moral equilibrium between Israel and the aggressive Arabs that surround it is well known....Doubtless some politically correct soul at ICE or in the State Department felt that the U.S. needed to show impartiality in making up its list and include non-Muslim countries."

June 2011

(June 26) The Full-Blown Return of Anti-Semitism in Europe: "During the last decade, synagogues were vandalized or set on fire in Poland, Sweden, Hungary, France. Anti-Semitic inscriptions are being drawn on building walls in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Rome.... Jews are being attacked on the streets of most major cities on the continent....Jewish schools are being placed under police protection everywhere, and are usually equipped with security gates. Jewish children in public high schools are bullied; when parents complain, they are encouraged to choose another place of learning for their children.

     "In some cities such as Malmö, Sweden, or Roubaix, France, the persecution suffered by the Jewish community has reached such a degree that people are selling their homes at any price and leaving. Those who stay have the constant feeling that they are risking their lives: they must be extremely streetwise and carry no sign showing who they are. In 1990, approximately 2000 Jewish people lived in Malmö; now there are fewer than 700....

    "A few weeks ago in Norway, when Alan Dershowitz was banned from giving lectures on the conflict in the Middle East, the professors who supported the ban used anti-Semitic stereotypes in their remarks.....

    "The new, current anti-Semitism now adds on to the old kind, the demonization of the State of Israel. The Islamic view of Israel is now the dominant view of Israel in Europe. The idea that Israel is a « colonial power » that has « robbed » people of their land, and is an « artificial State », even though the Jews have been on that land for three thousand a commonplace among journalists."

(June 23) Prosor says flotilla has shrunken, hopes it won't sail: "Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor said it appears the scope of the planned Gaza flotilla is shrinking. ...he hopes that additional key countries will urge their citizens not to participate in the flotilla. The United States and Greece in recent days issued warnings to their citizens against attempting to break Israel's naval blockade on the Strip....Prosor wrote that the flotilla is 'clearly designed only to serve an extremist political agenda.' Prosor also emphasized that many groups participating in this flotilla – such as the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, the Free Gaza Movement, and the International Solidarity Movement – 'maintain ties with extremist and terrorist organizations, including Hamas. Some flotilla organizers have made comments to the media indicating their plans to employ a range of tactics to resist the enforcement of the naval blockade by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF),' Prosor wrote. 'These tactics...could spark unnecessary violence resulting in harm to persons and property.”

(June 20) An Obama foreign policy: "In 2004, Gates co-authored a study for the Council on Foreign Relations with Israel foe Zbigniew Brzezinski calling for the US to draw closer to Iran at Israel's expense....He rejected Israel's repeated requests to purchase weapons systems required to attack Iran's nuclear installations. He openly signaled that the US would deny Israel access to Iraqi airspace.....He supported American appeasement of the Iranian regime."

(June 11) Netanyahu: 'Militant Islam Threatens the World': (5-24-11)  "...send an unequivocal message that America will never permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons.....Now time is running out,' Netanyahu said.... 'A nuclear-armed Iran would ignite a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. It would give terrorists a nuclear umbrella. It would make the nightmare of nuclear terrorism a clear and present danger throughout the world. ...

    "'...if we don't stop it, it's coming.'...'They could put a bomb anywhere. They could put it in a missile; they're working on missiles that could reach this city. They could put it on a ship inside a container; could reach every port. They could eventually put it in a suitcase or in a subway.

    "'Now, the threat to my country cannot be overstated,' said Netanyahu. ...Less than seven decades after 6 million Jews were murdered, Iran's leaders deny the Holocaust of the Jewish people while calling for the annihilation of the Jewish state. Leaders who spew such venom should be banned from every respectable forum on the planet."

(June 7)  Israel 101: It's Geography, History, Neighbors, Changing Size, Maps, People and Statistics: Very interesting and informative

Video: IAF Israeli Air Force Fly Over Auschwitz: [9-4-03] "As the jets zoomed by at 300 knots an hour, formation leader Brig.-Gen. Amir Eshel read out the following statement, which was broadcast on the ground: 'We pilots of the Air Force, flying in the skies above the camp of horrors, arose from the ashes of the millions of victims and shoulder their silent cries, salute their courage and promise to be the shield of the Jewish people and its nation Israel.' The Israeli F-15s...were escorted during the flight by two Polish air force fighter jets." See Auschwitz 1

(June 5) Israeli army on night alert after violent Syrian bid to break through border: "Day-long clashes Sunday, June 5, escalated towards evening between Israeli troops ordered to prevent border incursions and hundreds of Syrian-Palestinians throwing rocks and attempting to break through....Sunday night, Majd al-Shams youth began stoning Israeli troops from the rear. ... Israeli troops opened fire during the day when the Syrian advance was not stopped by tear gas, shots in the air, firing aimed at legs and loudspeaker warnings in Arabic that they approached the border on pain of death. ...the Netanyahu government relayed messages to neighboring Arab leaders that Israel would not tolerate any more assaults on its borders. ...Syrian TV goaded the demonstrators to sustain their assaults on the Israeli border fence ...North of Jerusalem, police used rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas to push hundreds of stone-throwing rioters back from the Kalandia crossing from the West Bank side."

(June 2) How Deep the Palestinians Have Sunk Into the Moral Abyss : "I was instrumental in establishing the Israeli National Skin Bank, which is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for every day needs as well as for war time or mass casualty situations. ... I was the Chairman of plastic surgery. ...I was asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza, who was hospitalized... after her family burned her. Usually, such atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of having an affair. ...She was successfully treated by my friend and colleague, Prof. Lior Rosenberg.... She was invited for regular follow-up visits to the outpatient clinic....

      "One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt. She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where they saved her life. It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would forgive her. This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel. It is not a territorial conflict. This is a civilizational conflict, or rather a war between civilization & barbarism. Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not."

(June 2) IAF Jets Fly Over Auschwitz: [9-4-03] "As the jets zoomed by at 300 knots an hour, formation leader Brig.-Gen. Amir Eshel read out the following statement, which was broadcast on the ground: 'We pilots of the Air Force, flying in the skies above the camp of horrors, arose from the ashes of the millions of victims and shoulder their silent cries, salute their courage and promise to be the shield of the Jewish people and its nation Israel.' The Israeli F-15s...were escorted during the flight by two Polish air force fighter jets." See Auschwitz 1

(June 1) Video:   Canadian PM Harper - I Will Defend Israel 'whatever the cost'

May 2011  (Many recent reports on Egypt and the Middle East are posted here: Revolution

(May 31) Hamas-Gaza's missile stock passes 10,000 - and going up: "According to updates reaching debkafile's military sources, the number of missiles Hamas has managed to stockpile in Gaza passed the 10,000 mark in early May – despite Israel's partial blockade of the Gaza Strip. It is growing at the rate of some 30 new projectiles of many types smuggled in every two weeks. ...since Hosni Mubarak's ouster in February...the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot Hamas have both gained traction in Egypt...."

(May 28) White House is set for Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas summit. Israel is downbeat: "The White House is going full steam ahead with preparations for an early summit between US President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for restartng the peace process."

(May 26) Rafah opening a 'dangerous development': "Vice Premier Silvan Shalom spoke out on Thursday against the opening of the Rafah crossing from Gaza into Egypt, calling for international supervision of the crossing. 'This is a dangerous development that could lead to weapons and al-Qaida smuggling into Gaza,' Shalom said. Homeland Security Minister Matan Vilna'i also warned that the opening of the Rafah crossing will be very problematic for Israel....

     "Hamas welcomed Egypt's decision to permanently open the crossing from Gaza into Egypt. 'This decision reflects the spirit of revolution in Egypt and the depth of brotherhood between the Palestinian people and the Egyptian people...'"

(May 24) Netanyahu in Congress: Jerusalem Must Remain Undivided: "Israel is the only country that has guaranteed freedom of all faiths in Jerusalem, which must remain undivided, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Congress Tuesday. ...Judea and Samaria are part of the ancient Jewish homeland that our forefathers walked in and that the 650,000 Jews living there 'are not ‘occupying’ the region.' He strongly criticized the changed versions of history that are being promoted by others.....

     " He jokingly noted that Israel is larger than the Delaware, Biden’s home state, and larger than Rhode Island, 'but that’s about it.' Prime Minister Netanyahu remarked that the length of the Washington Beltway is larger than the width of the Israel that the Palestinian Authority demands, which would be only 9 miles, hardly 'strategic depth'....'Imagine a siren sounding and giving you 60 seconds to find shelter before a missile strikes....No one can live with that."

(May 20)  Divisions Are Clear as Obama and Netanyahu Discuss Peace: "...the Israeli leader bluntly rejected compromises of the sort Mr. Obama had outlined the day before in hopes of reviving a moribund peace process....Mr. Netanyahu said that Israel would not accept a return to the boundaries that existed before the war in 1967 gave it control of the West Bank and Gaza, calling them indefensible. ...'Remember that before 1967, Israel was all of nine miles wide; it’s half the width of the Washington Beltway.'... He was referring to the narrowest point between the West Bank and the Mediterranean Sea.... 'These were not the boundaries of peace. They were the boundaries of repeated wars.'...

     " Mr. Obama received the political backing of the United Nations, the European Union and Russia, which with the United States are the international mediators overseeing efforts to end the conflict, known as the quartet. It issued a statement expressing 'strong support for the vision of Israeli-Palestinian peace outlined' by Mr. Obama. ...The president also joined the Israeli leader in raising concerns about Hamas...'Hamas has been, and is, an organization that has resorted to terror, that has refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist,' he said. 'It is not a partner for a significant, realistic peace process.'”

'The President of the United States is Asking for Ethnic Cleansing': “'...the president of the United States is asking that 500,000 people who live, work, and raise families around Jerusalem – Jewish families – that they be uprooted, resettled, deported from their homes, have their families broken.'... 'It’s ironic that the president, who speaks in humanitarian tones regarding the Palestinians, doesn’t have any humanitarian concerns toward 500,000 Jewish people and families that will be uprooted and deported from their homes.”

Obama about to betray Israel, says former intel official: "A former top US intelligence official warns that the Obama Administration is about to break America's long ties of friendship with Israel, and maybe even take steps toward the dissolution of the Jewish state....The Obama Administration is preparing to 'provide more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation."

[Church members] trapped by missiles in Lebanon, Israel: "Air raid sirens sounded almost daily, and families huddled in the southernmost corners of their homes. The recent ceasefire did little to ease their concerns. 'We are praying for many things...' said Bishara.... 'We are afraid for the future. Nobody knows what will happen next.'...

     "Hezbollah missiles struck a village two miles from Elaboun, home of the church-run Galilee Christian High School. A 15-year-old girl died and at least 20 people were wounded....Another missile struck downtown Nazareth and killed two children..." See Our Refuge in Christ

(May 19)   Netanyahu Rejects Obama Call for Palestinian State Based on 1967 Borders: "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu swiftly rejected President Obama's call Thursday for Israel to pull back to the borders that existed before the 1967 Six-Day War, calling those lines militarily 'indefensible.' ....Netanyahu said such a withdrawal would jeopardize Israel's security and leave major West Bank settlements outside Israeli borders [where they could easily be killed].... 'Israel believes that for peace to endure between Israelis and Palestinians, the viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the viability of the one and only Jewish state. ...

     "Obama sought to assure that the United States' commitment to Israeli security is 'unshakable.' He said Israeli's right to defend itself will remain paramount....Obama is pushing other steps to bolster loans, trade and international support in Egypt and in Tunisia....He said the changes in the region mark a 'new chapter' for U.S. diplomacy." See video: Critical Security Needs of Israel

In effect, Obama tells Israel: Turn over the tomb of Jesus to Hamas: "Today when Barack Obama told Israel to move back to the 1967 borders he effectively gave half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, The holiest Christian Church in the world, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the Hamas-Fatah terror alliance." The pictures on this page highlight the potential loss

(May 18) With Obama Mideast speech looming, Netanyahu discusses territorial concessions: "Netanyahu said in a speech to the Israeli parliament Monday that Israel would cede 'parts of our homeland for true peace,' the first time he's ever said publicly that territorial concessions might be possible in an effort to reach a deal with the Palestinians. But the list of what he said Israel wouldn't accept was a lengthy one, including any withdrawal from major West Bank settlements and any agreement that would allow the return to Israel of Palestinians."

(May 15) Palestinians, Syrians, Hizballah smash through three Israeli borders : Israeli forces on high alert for Nakba Day, Sunday, May 15, failed to seal three national borders on the Golan, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip against large-scale incursions. Dozens of Syrians and Hizballah invaders were able to overrun the Israeli Golan village of Majd al Shams and hoist Syrian and Palestinian flags in the main square; ....On the Syrian border, Israeli snipers and helicopters belatedly opened fire to halt the thousands attempting to cross the border, but dozens got through to Majd al Shams.

United Methodist Board Features Anti-Israel Message in Newsletter: "According to Calhoun, Methodists have a duty to take action because the Weslyan tradition supports 'social activism.'... 'One manifestation of these efforts is the United Methodist Book of Resolutions....Those resolutions include one called 'Opposition to Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Land.'...'The United Methodist Church stands for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and for political self-determination for its people.'”

Palestinian Wall of Lies: A Genocidal Campaign on America’s Campuses: "There is a nation-wide assault by agencies of the Muslim Brotherhood on the First Amendment rights of their opponents. These agencies include CAIR, the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Students Association [MSA].... David Horowitz cannot appear on a college campus... without coming under attack as 'racist' and 'Islamophobic' — hate terms designed to discredit the speaker in advance of anything he might say.

      "The Muslim Students Association [MSA] — a sister organization of Hamas and promoter of Islamic terror against Jews — is particularly upset with the Freedom Center for exposing its ties to the Brotherhood and its shameless support for Hamas....Recently the Center posted a YouTube video documenting the genocidal attacks on Israel by the MSA. The MSA retaliated... by filing a false complaint with YouTube claiming that the Center had infringed its copyright. The MSA demanded that YouTube remove the video. Fearing legal consequences, YouTube acquiesced.

      "Hassan Al Banna [supporter of Hitler and founder of the Muslim Brotherhood] ...translated Mein Kamph into arabic in the 1930s. The Brotherhood.. creator of both the Hamas and Muslim Students Associatio -- [aimed to destroy the Jewish state].... 'Islam will obliterate it.'

      "Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the [spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said, 'Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon them (Jews) people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler.…This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hands of believers (Muslims).'... Islam will finish the job Hitler started."

The above video is also here: The Palestinian Wall of Lies

Supreme Court steps into White House-Congress feud over Jerusalem status: "...his passport must list 'Jerusalem' -- without a country -- as the place of his birth. Why? Because America doesn't recognize the Holy City as the Jewish State's capital. Dr. Ari Zivotofsky, and his wife Naomi, found that obscene, particularly because a law of Congress agrees with them. For years they waded through a maddening bureaucracy. Their case, which could potentially have a serious impact on any future Muddle East peace negotiations, was just accepted by the High Court....The US Supreme Court agreed this week to take up a case that could greatly complicate the delicate Middle East peace process in a legal challenge to the US State Department's policy of neutrality over the disputed status of Jerusalem." See Jerusalem

Hizballah prepares to pull its heavy missiles from Syrian safekeeping: "The Lebanese Shiite Hizballah has obviously decided the Assad regime is sinking. ...the organization is preparing to pull its heavy, long-range weapons out of storage in Syrian military facilities – no longer sure they are safe there – and risk transporting them to Lebanon....Deployed at Hizballah bases in Lebanon, the Fatah-110 and M-600 would place almost every corner of Israel within range of bombardment, while the SA-8 would seriously restrict Israeli Air Force operations over southern Lebanon and Galilee." See The Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

April 2011

(April 30) Israel tells UN of 'concern' at Palestinian unity: "Defence Minister Ehud Barak on Saturday told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of 'Israel's concern' over the unity accord struck Wednesday between Hamas and Fatah.... 'Hamas is a terrorist organisation that fires rockets and missiles' at Israel. He recalled the death of a young Israeli who was seriously injured on April 7 when an anti-tank missile was fired at a school bus by the armed wing of Hamas operating in Gaza....'We expect world leaders and especially the United Nations to attach conditions to any cooperation with a Palestinian unity government...' Barak said.

     "As part of its 'roadmap' to peace, the Quartet -- the United States, European Union, Russia and the United Nations -- set certain conditions so far rejected by Hamas."

(April 27) Most Egyptians favor annulling peace with Israel: "Only 36% would maintain treaty, while 82% of Egyptians view US unfavorably."

(April 25) Palestinian Authority Police Kill Israeli near Joseph's Tomb: "Palestinian Authority police Sunday morning shot and killed one Israeli and wounded four others after they prayed at Joseph's Tomb (Kever Yosef) around 6 a.m. Sunday (11 p.m. Saturday night EDT). The murder victim was identified as 24-year-old Ben Yosef Livnat, a nephew of Likud Minister Limor Livnat and father of four children. Arabs attacked the funeral procession with rocks as it Jerusalem....One of the four who were wounded in the shooting attack is in serious condition, and Army helicopters evacuated the injured to a hospital for emergency care."

(April 12) Tough decisions for the ditherer-in-chief: "The Arab League, on whom the United States and the 'great powers' of Europe depend for the moral authority to impose the no-fly zone over Libya, now wants the United Nations to impose a similar no-fly zone over Gaza, whence the Palestinians fire their rockets at Israeli schoolchildren. The Israelis, naturally, fire back with airstrikes. This inconveniences the Palestinian rocket batteries no end, of course, and the Arab League is eager for someone, since the Arabs have never been able to do it, to make the Israelis submit to their own destruction."

(April 7) Teen critically injured in attack on Negev bus: "A 16-year boy was critically injured after a [school] bus... was hit, apparently by an anti-tank missile, fired from the Gaza Strip on Thursday. He is currently being treated for severe trauma to the head.... An hour later the fire from Gaza continued, with more than 15 mortar shells launched at Israel. One of the shells exploded inside a town in Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. Afterwards three rockets were fired towards Ashkelon, and witnesses reported seeing one of them explode in midair, apparently due to interception by the Iron Dome defense system."


(April 1)  UN to Israel: Surrender: "UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday reiterated that the world body expects Israel to immediately surrender to internationally-backed Arab demands that it relinquish all claims to the Jews’ biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria and half of their ancient capital of Jerusalem. The Jewish presence in the so-called 'West Bank,' which includes the eastern half of Jerusalem, is 'morally and politically unsustainable, and must end,'Ban insisted... Meanwhile, the Palestinians are moving forward plans to unilaterally declare an independent state with the support of the UN, outside the framework of a land-for-peace deal with Israel."

(April 7)  Gaza violence: Hamas declares ceasefire with Israel: "The militant wing of Hamas earlier hit an Israeli bus with an anti-tank shell, injuring two people. Israeli forces replied with air strikes and tank fire, killing four and wounding 30, Palestinian doctors say. The bus attack was condemned by the US, which said it was particularly concerned by reports that the Gaza militants had used an advanced anti-tank weapon to target civilians. The bus had been dropping off schoolchildren near the Nahal Oz kibbutz, and was carrying only one passenger when it was hit, Israeli medical sources said. A 16-year-old boy suffered a serious head wound... After the attack, witnesses said more rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip." See The Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

In Israel, Time for Peace Offer May Run Out: "With revolutionary fervor sweeping the Middle East, Israel is under mounting pressure to make a far-reaching offer to the Palestinians or face a United Nations vote welcoming the State of Palestine as a member whose territory includes all of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority has been steadily building support for such a resolution in September, a move that could place Israel into a diplomatic vise. Israel would be occupying land belonging to a fellow United Nations member, land it has controlled and settled for more than four decades and some of which it expects to keep in any two-state solution. 'We are facing a diplomatic-political tsunami...' said Ehud Barak....

     "But Palestinian leaders...dismiss the expected offer as insufficient....'We want to generate pressure on Israel to make it feel isolated and help it understand that there can be no talks without a stop to settlements,' said Nabil Shaath, who leads the foreign affairs department of Fatah, the main party of the Palestinian Authority."

(April 1) Under siege: Israel fears its Arab citizens: "The international mainstream media has a fixation with presenting Israeli and Palestinian Arabs as living under siege from the 'oppressive' Jewish state. The reality is that Israeli Jews are the ones living under siege....But even within their own borders, Israeli Jews live under siege from an Israeli Arab population that does not fear, but is feared by, the Israeli police. It is no secret to anyone living here that Arabs in Israel can go where they please, when they please, with little or nothing to fear from Israeli Jews. This is evident by the fact that public venues in Jewish-dominated towns and neighborhoods are always so full of Israeli Arabs. The converse is not true. Israeli Jews must be extremely careful entering Arab-dominated areas, and are even barred from going into some towns and neighborhoods (particularly in Jerusalem) for fear they would be lynched." See Revolution

March 2011

(March 31) Next Arab Facebook Campaign: Get Millions to Invade Israel: "Palestinian Authority activists have recreated the Third Intifada page that was banned by Facebook on Tuesday in response to thousands of member requests.... An Israeli Cabinet minister, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a massive Internet campaign were only some of the measures used to pressure the popular social networking site into removing the page, which promoted violence against Jews in Israel.... Organizers [of the planned invasion] have summoned millions of Arabs from across the Middle East to march into Israel and forcibly attempt to implement a de facto 'Right of Return,' the Arab euphenism for the mass immigration of several million Arabs. The date for this march has been set for May 15 – the anniversary of what the Arabs refer to as the 'Nakba' or 'Tragedy' -- the date of the establishment of the State of Israel."

(March 30) Norway to Jews: You're Not Welcome Here: "At all of the Norwegian universities, there have been efforts to enact academic and cultural boycotts of Jewish Israeli academics. This boycott is directed against Israel's 'occupation' of Palestinian land—but the occupation that the boycott supporters have in mind is not of the West Bank but rather of Israel itself. Here is the first line of their petition: 'Since 1948 the state of Israel has occupied Palestinian land...'

      "The country's foreign minister recently wrote an article justifying his contacts with Hamas. He said that the essential philosophy of Norway is 'dialogue.' That dialogue, it turns out, is one-sided. Hamas and its supporters are invited into the dialogue, but supporters of Israel are excluded by an implicit, yet very real, boycott against pro-Israel views." I saw the same kind of one-sided, predetermined "dialogue" at the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul.

(March 29) Facebook drops uprising page after Israel protest: "Entitled 'Third Palestinian Intifada,' the page had more than 350,000 fans before it was taken down. ...the page included calls to kill Jews and for 'liberating' Jerusalem through violence. It urged Palestinians to take to the streets after Friday prayers on May 15 and begin an uprising. It read: 'Judgment Day will be brought upon us only once the Muslims have killed all of the Jews.'" See Jerusalem

(March 25) Immoral equivalencies: "The term 'Big Lie' was coined by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, where he argued that a sufficiently colossal lie is likely to be believed precisely because of the perception that nobody 'could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.' His propaganda minister Josef Goebbels employed the tactic effectively because 'when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it.'

     "All these decades later the Big Lie tradition is alive and thriving in our region, adjusted to suit postmodern idioms. The latest example is afforded by likening the deliberate slaughter of the Fogel family in Itamar to the results of a battlefield error in Gaza.... On Tuesday an IDF unit struck a terror cell, killing its four members who were behind a recent Grad attack on Beersheba. One of the shells accidentally and unfortunately hit civilians in Sajaya, killing four people.... Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu immediately expressed regret for the unintentional loss of life, stressing nonetheless that Hamas continues to rocket 'Israeli civilians intentionally, while using [their own] civilians as human shields.'... DELIBERATE KILLINGS of civilians, perpetrated in a climate of hatred, on the one hand, and inadvertent killings, the unfortunate consequence of the need to defend civilians against unprovoked attack, on the other. Utterly dissimilar motivations, circumstances and goals. To draw false parallels between them is a shameful variant on the despicable Big Lie."

An Ominous Precedent For Israel (a possible scenario): "...hard as it may be to believe given the United States' longstanding role as Israel's principal ally and protector, Mr. Obama acts, in accordance with the Gaddafi Precedent. He warns Israel that it must immediately take steps to dismantle its unwanted presence inside the internationally recognized State of Palestine, lest it face the sort of U.S.-enabled 'coalition' military measures now underway in Libya. In this case, they would be aimed at neutralizing IDF forces on the West Bank - and beyond, if necessary - in order to fulfill the [anti-Israel] 'will of the international community.'

     "If the current attack on Libya entails the distinct possibility of unintended (or at least unforeseen) consequences, application of the Gaddafi Precedent to Israel seems certain to produce a very different outcome than the two-state 'solution': Under present and foreseeable circumstances, it will unleash a new regional war, with possible worldwide repercussions.....A Congress that was effectively sidelined by Team Obama in the current crisis had better engage fully, decisively and quickly if it is to head off such a disastrous reprise.'"

(March 22) Al-Jazeera's Agenda in Libya and its American Apologists: "Having encouraged a revolution in Libya, Al-Jazeera is now critical of President Obama’s U.N.-backed effort to protect the people being slaughtered by dictator Muammar Gaddafi.... The fear is that Obama might somehow—through this badly conceived U.N. operation—protect the national security interests of the U.S. and the West in Libya before the country falls into the hands of radical Jihadists....WikiLeaks reports that Gaddafi has been turning over the names of Jihadists to the CIA and that he had developed a 'strategic partnership' with the U.S....

     "Al-Jazeera’s real editorial director, the Muslim cleric Yusuf Qaradawi, has called for Gaddafi’s murder, suggesting he has some idea as to what comes next. One thing is for sure: it can’t be good for America or Israel."

(March 17) Where’s the international outcry against Arab apartheid? "Why should anyone care about a Palestinian boy who is denied medical treatment by an Arab hospital? The story has no anti-Israel angle to it. Can anyone imagine what would have happened if an Israeli hospital had abandoned a boy to die in its parking lot because his father did not have $1,500 to pay for his treatment? The UN Security Council would hold an emergency session and Israel would be strongly condemned and held responsible for the boy’s death.

      "...tens of thousands of Palestinian patients continue to benefit from treatment in Israeli hospitals. Last year alone, some 180,000 Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip entered Israel to receive medical treatment. Many were treated despite the fact that they did not have enough money to cover the bill. In Israel, even a suicide bomber...wounded while trying to kill Jews is entitled to the finest medical treatment.

      "Arab dictators do not care about their own people, so why should they pay attention to an 11-year-old boy who is dying at the entrance to a hospital...? But as the death took place in an Arab country – and as the victim is an Arab – why should anyone care about him? Where is the outcry against Arab apartheid?"

(March 15) Israel intercepts weapon-laden ship bound for Gaza: "The boarding of the vessel was based upon confirmed reports that the vessel was carrying illicit arms destined for terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip....The ship was off the coast of Israel.... [It] was found to be carrying significant amounts of arms and military equipment....

     "This attempt at smuggling large amounts of weaponry....provides additional proof of Israel’s imperative need to examine all goods entering the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Israel cannot allow weapons and military equipment to reach the hands of terrorists, who will use them against its civilian population. Israel acted in self-defense: The illegal smuggling of arms to the Gaza Strip poses a direct and imminent threat to the safety and security of the State of Israel and its citizens, who continue to find themselves under the unceasing attack of rocket and mortar fire originating from Gaza."

(March 15) Three Jewish children: "Ruth Fogel was in the bathroom when the Palestinian terrorists pounced on her husband Udi and their three-month-old daughter Hadas, slitting their throats as they lay in bed on Friday night in their home in Itamar. The terrorists stabbed Ruth to death as she came out of the bathroom. With both parents and the newborn dead, they moved on to the other children, going into a bedroom where Ruth and Udi’s sons Yoav (11) and Elad (four) were sleeping. They stabbed them through their hearts and slit their throats.

    "The murderers apparently missed another bedroom where the Fogels’ other sons, eight-year-old Ro’i and two-year-old Yishai were asleep because they left them alive. The boys were found by their big sister, 12-year-old Tamar, when she returned home from a friend’s house two hours after her family was massacred. Tamar found Yishai standing over his parents’ bodies screaming for them to wake up....

    "Netanyahu directed most of his words to the hostile world. He spoke to the leaders who rush to condemn Israel at the UN Security Council every time we assert our right to this land by permitting Jews to build homes. He demanded that they condemn the murder of Jewish children with the same enthusiasm and speed....

     "The baby killers knew that by murdering Udi, Ruth, Hadas, Yoav and Elad they would enter the pantheon of Palestinian heroes. They can expect to have a sports stadium or school in Ramallah or Hebron built for them by the Palestinian Authority and underwritten by American or European taxpayers. And indeed, the murder of the Fogel children and their parents was greeted with jubilation in Gaza. Carnivals were held in the streets as Hamas members handed out sweets.

(March 9)  Israeli PM: Military must remain in West Bank : Israel's prime minister has told reporters on a rare visit to the West Bank that his country must retain a strategic section of the disputed area under any future peace deal. Benjamin Netanyahu's comments are likely to infuriate the Palestinians at a time when he reportedly is planning to propose a temporary Palestinian state in other parts of the West Bank. The Palestinians demand all of the occupied West Bank as part of their future state. Netanyahu says maintaining a military presence in the West Bank along the border with Jordan is essential for Israel's security. Without troops there, Israel fears militants could smuggle weapons into the West Bank."

(March 8)  Britain upgrades status of Palestinian diplomats:  "Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague....told lawmakers that the Palestinian representation would be recognized as a full diplomatic mission, rather that its previous status as a delegation.....'Given the extent of our aid to the Palestinian Authority and our work with them, we will join many other countries in upgrading the status of the Palestinian delegation to London to the level of a mission," Hague said. ...

      "Israel's London Embassy welcomed Hague's appeal for an urgent return to negotiations, but said it 'firmly believes' the upgrade won't encourage Palestinians to return to the table. 'The real upgrade that's missing is in the Palestinian willingness to talk peace,' an embassy spokesman said."

February 2011

(Feb. 21)  2 Iranian naval vessels cross Suez Canal to Mediterranian: "Two Iranian naval vessels began crossing the Suez Canal Tuesday, Suez Canal authorities said. The ships were on their way to dock in Syria."

(Feb. 21) Hamas thrilled at opportunity in change in Egypt: "Egypt's revolution brought sudden and unintended freedom to Ayman Nofal. During the chaos in Cairo, the senior Hamas commander broke out of an Egyptian jail with thousands of other prisoners, traversed the Sinai desert in a series of getaway cars, crawled through a smuggling tunnel at the border and emerged back home in the Gaza Strip to a hero's welcome. Now Nofal has one thing on his mind. 'I'm anxious to get back to fighting Israel,' the 37-year-old Palestinian militant said in his home, surrounded by several of his six children and a plastic flower bouquet...The man accused by Egypt of plotting terrorist strikes against vacationing Israelis in the Sinai added, 'I'm ready for the next battle.'"

(Feb. 20) 'Israel views Iran ships crossing Suez with utmost gravity': "Netanyahu said ... 'I think that today, we can see what an unstable region we live in, a region in which Iran tries to exploit the situation that has been created in order to expand its influence by passing warships through the Suez Canal'....'Israel's security needs will grow and the defense budget must grow accordingly.

(Feb. 17)  Hezbollah's Nasrallah: 'Prepare to Invade Israel': "'I tell the holy warriors of the Islamic resistance to be ready for a day when, if war is imposed on us, your command might ask you to control the Galilee area,' Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech Wednesday."

In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council: "The U.S. informed Arab governments Tuesday that it will support a U.N. Security Council statement reaffirming that the 15-nation body 'does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,' a move aimed at avoiding the prospect of having to veto a stronger Palestinian resolution calling the settlements illegal.... But the Palestinians rejected the American offer... and said it is planning to press for a vote on its resolution on Friday."

(Feb. 14) A sign of desperation: "[Abbas] is worried that the tsunami that swept the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents from office could hit Ramallah....In the eyes of many Palestinians, Abbas is not much different from Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Like the two ousted dictators, Abbas has also been accused of being a 'puppet' in the hands of the Americans. The events in Tunisia and Egypt have taught Abbas that US backing alone is not a guarantor for the survival of his regime in the West Bank....Almost immediately after it was announced that Mubarak had stepped down, Abbas convened PLO leaders in Ramallah and declared his intention to hold long overdue presidential and parliamentary elections by September."

(Feb. 10) Netanyahu warns [400 European lawmakers and dignitaries that] Islamic radicals want to build "a New Caliphate": "Netanyahu warned of several serious threats to world peace and Western civilization: 1.The expressed ambition of Shia and Sunni Radical Muslims to build a Islamic kingdom or 'caliphate' that will encompass the Middle East and North Africa, and then Europe, and then North America, and then the entire world.

    "2. The rise of an Iranian regime with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can not only reach Israel but more and more of Europe.

    "3. An Egypt that doesn’t develop into a peaceful, moderate, secular democracy with a prominent role for the military to provide stability and security but into one of two other scenarios: A) one in which 'the Islamists exploit the[ir] influence to gradually take the country into a reverse direction.... B) one in which 'Egypt would go the way of Iran, where calls for progress would be silenced by a dark and violent repression that subjugates its own people and threatens everyone else.'”

Quartet urges Israeli-Palestinian peace pact, citing Egypt: "The diplomatic Quartet -- made up of the United Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States -- issued a statement Feb. 5 following a meeting of high-level representatives in Munich. In its statement, the Quartet 'emphasized the need for the parties and others concerned to undertake urgently the efforts to expedite Israeli-Palestinian and comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace, which is imperative to avoiding outcomes detrimental to the region.' ...

     "The confidence-building measures include allowing new Arab housing projects in eastern Jerusalem; the extension of a PA presence in the West Bank; the building of Palestinian schools and health clinics in the West Bank; the granting of West Bank identity cards to 5,000 Gaza-registered residents of the West Bank....The Palestinian Authority rejected the measures....Erekat said a cessation of Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem is the only way to build confidence and achieve peace." [Not surprising when the goal is to eradicate Israel and banish any Jewish right to its historical sites!

(Feb. 7) Israeli cmdr. urges readiness for war: "The Israeli army chief has urged Tel Aviv to make preparations for an all-out war over the recent developments across the Middle East....Ashkenazi warned of the transpiration of a 'radical camp' in the Middle East, adding that 'the moderate camp among the traditional Arab leadership is weakening.' 'Because of this spectrum, we must prepare for a conventional war…"

(Feb. 6) Egypt blames Hamas for dramatic gas explosion: "Militants working on behalf of Hamas were responsible for the dramatic explosion at a gas terminal that disrupted the supply of fuel to Israel.... Egypt supplies Israel with some 30 percent of its gas needs, while Jordan relies on Egypt for up to 80 percent of its fuel needs."

Muslim Brotherhood demands that Mubarak government goes: "The Muslim Brotherhood, seen as Egypt's biggest organised opposition group, said on Thursday that President Hosni Mubarak and his government had to go... 'We demand that this regime is overthrown and we demand the formation of a national unity government for all the factions,' the Brotherhood said in a statement broadcast by Al Jazeera. (Reuters)

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews [Updated]: "Like many leaders today, Hitler knew how to use every crisis as an expedient opportunity. So did his anti-semitic Muslim partners: the rising Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammad Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem."

Soros has Spoken: Toe the Leftist Line on Egypt: "[George Soros] is taking aim at all the rigid and ideological supporters of Israel' and 'the religious right' for standing in the way of democracy for Egypt. [Soros says] '...the best-organized political opposition that managed to survive in that country’s repressive environment is the Muslim Brotherhood. In free elections, the Brotherhood is bound to emerge as a major political force, though it is far from assured of a majority. Some have articulated fears of adverse consequences of free elections, suggesting that the Egyptian military may seek to falsify the results; that Israel may be adamantly opposed to a regime change; that the domino effect of extremist politics spreading to other countries must be avoided; and that the supply of oil from the region could be disrupted. These notions constitute the old conventional wisdom about the Middle East – and need to be changed, lest Washington incorrectly put up resistance to or hesitate in supporting transition in Egypt."

Israeli military's disarray adds to fears over Egyptian uprising: "Israel's top military leadership was in turmoil Wednesday, lacking an army chief or even the prospect of an early appointment as the Arab world continued to erupt in upheaval around it....

    "On Wednesday night, Israel's two leading television news broadcasts led their programming with images of protesters in Egypt chanting anti-Israel slogans. The four-minute segment highlighted anti-Israel fervor among some protesters.... 'It's frightening. They make us feel like Egyptians are going to come marching over the border and attack us as soon as they are done overthrowing Mubarak,' said Dan Oved, a 25-year-old student in Tel Aviv. "Then I watched Al-Jazeera English and it was a very different picture." See God's promises to  Jerusalem

(Feb. 2) Egypt now fears Obama a 'Manchurian President': Top members of the Egyptian government say they feel betrayed by President Obama, charging that he is acting against American interests...'I told him none of this should be a surprise,' said Klein, 'that the Obama administration has developed an extensive relationship over the last few years with allies of the Muslim Brotherhood. ...Obama has been closely associated throughout his political career with radical-left elements who have long petitioned for policies many believe are aimed at weakening the American enterprise both domestically and internationally."

     "Some Muslim clerics are already calling the riots in Egypt simply an extension of 1979's Islamist conquests. 'Thirty-one years after the victory of the Islamic Republic, we are faced with the obvious fact that these movements are the aftershocks of the Islamic revolution,' said Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami.... 'The fate of those who challenge [our] religion is destruction.'...
    "The leader of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, Hammam Saeed, warned that the unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast until Arabs succeed at toppling leaders allied with the United States.
    "...prominent Salafi cleric Abu Mundhir Al-Shinqiti issued a fatwa on the website Minbar Al-Tawhid Wal Jihad encouraging the protests in Egypt, claiming Islamist jihadis are now on the verge of a historic momen....

    "'The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to spread Islam around the world, in large part using nonviolent means. Hamas and al-Qaida are violent Brotherhood offshoots. In November, the Brotherhood's new supreme guide, Muhammad Badi, delivered a sermon....'Resistance is the only solution,' stated Badi. ...the U.S. is easy to defeat through violence, since it is 'experiencing the beginning of its end...."
     "The Obama administration also has evidenced a working relationship with several U.S.-based Islamist organizations that are listed by the Brotherhood as 'likeminded' organizations. One such group is the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA, a radical Muslim group that was an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas. ISNA was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood one of the Brotherhood's likeminded organizations of our friends who shared the common goal of transforming countries into Muslim nations."

(Feb. 2) Netanyahu: Iran Wants Egypt to be ‘Another Gaza’: [Excerpts from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in the Knesset on February 2] "The Iranian regime is not interested in seeing an Egypt that protects the rights of individuals, women, and minorities....They want Egypt to become another Gaza, run by radical forces that oppose everything that the democratic world stands for. We have two separate worlds here, two opposites, two world views: that of the free democratic world and that of the radical world. Which one of them will prevail in Egypt?

    "...recent history shows us many cases in the Middle-East when extreme Islamist elements abused the rules of the democratic game to gain power and impose anti-democratic regimes. It happened in Iran; it happened in Lebanon; and it happened when the Hamas took over the Gaza Strip. Does Iran enjoy freedom? Is there a real democracy in Gaza? Does Hezbollah promote human rights? ....

    "For over 30 years we have enjoyed peace on two fronts. One is a peaceful border with Egypt, and the second – the peaceful border with Jordan....[We] are in a turbulent situation....We must identify things as they are, not as we’d like them to be. We must not try to force reality into a preconceived pattern. We must accept that a huge change is taking place, and while it is happening – keep a watchful eye....

     "I have said numerous times that we need real security arrangements. Not only because they sustain peace, but also because they ensure our security in the event that peace unravels — and in the Middle-East no one can guarantee the survival of any regime....Israelis and Palestinians have many differences between them. But there is only one way to resolve those differences – a negotiated settlement, not through unilateral steps....I hope President Abbas will join me in a sincere effort to explore the possibility of a practical peace with practical security arrangements in the reality in which we find ourselves..."

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews [Updated]: "Like many leaders today, Hitler knew how to use every crisis as an expedient opportunity. So did his anti-semitic Muslim partners: the rising Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammad Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem."

Israel 'fears' post-Mubarak era: "Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, has said that he was following events in Egypt with 'vigilance and worry'. At a news conference...Netanyahu said Egypt could wind up with a radical Islamic regime as in Iran.... Israel's primary concern is that the uprising could be commandeered by Egypt's strongest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and its allies, who would presumably move Egypt away from its alignment with the West and possibly cancel the peace agreement with Israel....

      "Eli Shaked, a former Israeli ambassador to Cairo, offered a grim assessment.... 'The assumption at present is that Mubarak's regime is living on borrowed time, and that a transition government will be formed...until new general elections are held....If those elections are held in a way that the Americans want, the most likely result will be that the Muslim Brotherhood will win a majority..."See Tiny Israel vs. huge Islamic region 

Red Carpet for Islamists: "All signs from Egypt and U.S. leadership now point to an increased role for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egyptian politics — a terrifying reality that has just been given a blessing by the Obama administration, no less. In a highly disturbing departure from American foreign policy, Washington officially accepted a Muslim Brotherhood presence in a new Egyptian government, meaning that a U.S. president has publicly embraced a faction in Egypt that is intent on establishing a Khomeini-like Islamic Republic....Officially banned under Mubarak, it is no secret that the MB wants to establish an extremist Islamic regime in Egypt similar to the one Khomeini set up in Iran after that country’s 1979 revolution....

     ”.. the Muslim Brotherhood also has the blessing and support of informal opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, who is almost assured to play a significant (if not leading) role brokering a new coalition government.... ElBaradei likens the evangelical Christians in the U.S. and Israeli Orthodox Jews. ElBaradei, who the MB supported to lead the opposition against Mubarak, is a Nobel Prize laureate and has had amicable relations with President Obama in the past....

     "...Egypt resembles, in some respects, Russia after the fall of the tsar. Until they seized power by force several months later, the extremist Bolsheviks played at being democrats, calling for free elections to a national assembly and seducing the impoverished, uneducated masses with the powerful slogan: 'peace, land, bread.' But instead of freedom, democracy and prosperity, Russia’s downtrodden classes instead got the Red Terror and murderous totalitarianism....

     "...while MB sympathizers say the Islamist organization only wants the peace deal renegotiated, in reality, it wants Israel destroyed. ...Mohamed Ghanem, an Egyptian MB member...said: 'Prepare for war with Israel.'...

    "Monday’s White House statement is also less than shocking. It is simply in keeping with what one has come to expect from a president who in the past has exhibited destructive anti-Israeli and pro-Muslim tendencies."

Obama muddles ahead: "Obama never mentioned the..Internet 'kill switch,' but claimed to 'stand for universal values,' such as 'freedom of assembly...speech and...access to information.' Midway through the address, the always predictable Obama accidentally slid into campaign mode and spoke out on 'behalf of the need for change.' ...Obama shared that President Mubarak recognized that 'the status quo is not sustainable and that a change must take place,' which coincidentally are the same words Obama uses whenever referencing health care reform, the war in Afghanistan, or when out promoting new/justifying old failed policies.

     "...he told Mubarak, 'Now, it is not the role of any other country to determine Egypt's leaders. Only the Egyptian people can do that.'....Despite the fact that an overconfident Muslim Brotherhood told 'Egyptians [to] prepare for war with Israel,' President Obama vowed that throughout Egypt's transition process, 'the United States will continue to extend the hand of partnership and friendship to Egypt.' ...Obama ended by sharing his opinion that 'truth' is defined as a 'sense of community.'"

Will the dominoes continue to fall? Jordan's king sacks Cabinet; protests possible in Syria: "The dramatic political unrest in Egypt, long a pivotal nation in the Arab world, has intensified demands for change across the region and spurred attempts at reform by nations long ruled by autocrats. On Tuesday, Jordan's King Abdullah II fired his Cabinet and ordered his new prime minister to pursue political reforms to 'correct the mistakes of the past' after massive anti-government protests regionwide and smaller demonstrations at home....

     "The government of Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir in the Arab nation of Sudan has announced a 'dialogue' with political parties following protests throughout in the capital in recent days. And political activists in Yemen, where huge protests broke out last week, have declared Thursday a 'day of rage' against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to local media. ....

     "A 45-year-old teacher from a village southwest of Damascus said he fears a change in Syria's political system would adversely affect the country's largest minority, the Christians. 'The president is important for Christians. If something ever happened to cause him to go, the Muslims would get in and we (Christians) would be in big trouble.'"

Israel 'fears' post-Mubarak era: "Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, has said that he was following events in Egypt with 'vigilance and worry'. At a news conference...Netanyahu said Egypt could wind up with a radical Islamic regime as in Iran.... Israel's primary concern is that the uprising could be commandeered by Egypt's strongest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and its allies, who would presumably move Egypt away from its alignment with the West and possibly cancel the peace agreement with Israel....

      " Eli Shaked, a former Israeli ambassador to Cairo, offered a grim assessment.... 'The assumption at present is that Mubarak's regime is living on borrowed time, and that a transition government will be formed...until new general elections are held....If those elections are held in a way that the Americans want, the most likely result will be that the Muslim Brotherhood will win a majority..."

January 2011

(Jan. 31) Inside the Egyptian Revolution: "The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (which began in Egypt in the 1920) had initially been caught off guard by sudden and intense rise of the protests and had not been involved in planning or developing these protests. But sensing an opportunity, they decided to move decisively.... They mobilized their followers throughout the country and told them to take to the streets....

      "I know that ultimately the Lord is in charge, and this — and nothing else — is what should give us all hope. As the Hebrew Prophet Daniel once said while living under a brutal Middle Eastern dictator:

"Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to Him. It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding.” Daniel 2:20-21

(Jan. 31) Spencer: Muslim Brotherhood Poised for Power in Egypt: "The Brotherhood now has its best chance in decades to seize power there and establish an Islamic state, which bodes ill for both the United States and its most reliable Middle Eastern ally, Israel.

    "The Camp David Accords have kept an uneasy peace between Egypt and Israel since the late 1970s; although Egypt has ignored many of its provisions (particularly regarding not allowing the dissemination of bloodthirsty anti-Semitic material in Egypt, where Mein Kampf remains a bestseller), it has refrained from attacking Israel outright and has actually reined in some Palestinian jihadist activity along the Gaza border.

    "...the Mubarak regime could collapse at any moment; the ascendant Middle Eastern ideology is the political Islam of which the Muslim Brotherhood is a foremost exponent. And that ideology is inveterately hostile to both Israel and the United States. Armed members of the jihad terror group Hamas, which styles itself in its Charter as the Muslim Brotherhood for Palestine, are reportedly crossing into Egypt from Gaza and attempting to join in Brotherhood activities....

     " The Muslim Brotherhood is also an international organization. According to a captured internal document... its goal in the United States is 'eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.'" [1-31-11]

(Jan. 30) Video: The Forgotten Refugees: "Personal testimonies of Jewish refugees still living in Arab countries. Their ancient Jewish civilization is in ruins -- and generally forgotten. In the 6th and 7th centuries, Islamic armies swept through the Middle East and North Africa, forcing Jews and other indigent people to choose either death or life as lowly dhimmies.  

(Jan. 29)  Israelis Are Wary of Events: "Israeli officials have remained quiet amid spreading domestic unrest in Arab states from Tunisia to Yemen, but the silence belies the concern that a weakening of pro-Western neighbors—most importantly Egypt—could destabilize the region.... Egypt is one of the only Muslim countries to keep an ambassador posted in Israel......Israel's worst case scenario involves the ascension of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, which could strengthen Hamas, a Palestinian offshoot, in the West Bank against the U.S. backed Palestinian Authority..."

(Jan. 28) Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas: "Less than 24 hours after the breakdown of its nuclear dialogue with the six world powers in Istanbul, Iran announced plans Sunday, Jan. 23, to send a fleet of warships, including a home-made destroyer, on operational and intelligence-gathering missions to the Red Sea and on to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. Parts of the fleet will in fact be deployed in the three waters around Israel's southern and western shores." See Tiny Israel vs. huge Islamic region 

UNESCO: Protect, not deny, Jewish Heritage: "There is an effort by the United Nations to delegitimize Israel by revising the historical record....The Executive Board of UNESCO has declared 2 of Judaism's holiest sites (Tomb of the Patriarchs and Tomb of Rachel) to be mosques and demand that Israel remove the sites from its National Heritage list.

    "In an effort to erase Jewish history and supersede Jewish religious sites with Islamic institutions, Muslims have intentionally built mosques upon numerous synagogues and Jewish holy sites.

     "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office decried the ludicrous nature of the UNESCO decision: 'The attempt to detach the Nation of Israel from its heritage is absurd. If the nearly 4,000-year-old burial sites of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish Nation - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah -are not part of its culture and tradition, then what is a national cultural site?'

     "In cooperating with efforts to erase Jewish historical ties to Israel, UNESCO is aiding and abetting those who hope to and obfuscate Israel 's Jewish past and undermine Israel 's Jewish future." See The Memory of the World

(Jan. 24) Zionists, Zionists Everywhere: "We are less than one month into 2011, and the intensity and ridiculousness of the accusations against Zionist (read "Jewish") interlopers has already reached a fever pitch. Most recently, the speaker of the Iranian parliament blamed the Zionists for the political uprising against the government in Tunisia, the breakup of the government coalition in Lebanon, and the splitting of the Sudan into two independent countries." See The Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

(Jan. 23)  Obama to withhold veto from Palestinian UN move to condemn Israeli settlements: "Israel and the US are set for a collision if President Barack Obama stands by his refusal to veto a Palestinian-Arab motion due to be tabled at the UN Security Council condemning Israel for its settlement policy in the West Bank and Jerusalem....If he did, he would be the first US president to let an anti-Israel motion go through the Security Council; building on the West Bank and even in the forty-year old suburbs of East Jerusalem would become illegal, as would also municipal, police and military actions in these places."

(Jan. 15) Netanyahu defends construction in Jerusalem: "'The State of Israel cannot be expected to forbid Jews to buy private property in Jerusalem,' the statement said. 'Just like Jerusalem’s Arab residents are allowed to buy or rent property in Jerusalem neighborhoods with a Jewish majority, Jews are allowed to buy or rent property in Jerusalem neighborhoods which have an Arab majority.' ...Hillary Clinton slammed the move, calling it 'a disturbing development which undermines peace efforts to achieve the two-state solution.'” See Jerusalem

(Jan. 12) WaPo's inconvenient truth: "In 1967,after the Six-Day War, when Israel unified West and East Jerusalem, there were some 70,000 Arabs who resided in Jerusalem. Today, there are a quarter of a million. ...Put another way, in 1967, Arabs comprised one quarter of Jerusalem's population....Arab housing construction has far outpaced Jewish construction....

     "...the Shepherd Hotel was built as a villa in the 1930s by the infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, who launched his own Holocaust before Hitler in the 1920s with a series of pogroms that murdered many hundreds of Jews in the Holy Land and eliminated their presence in Hebron, Judaism's second holiest city where King David was anointed and where the Biblical patriarchs and matriarchs are buried.... Husseini went on to become Hitler's main ally in the Arab world -- his co-leader in the Final Solution.. Thus, anyone with some basic knowledge of history would conclude that there is some poetic justice in 20 Jewish families moving into the very spot of Jerusalem that once was the Grand Mufti's villa."

(Jan. 10) Muslim Apartheid Targets Christians as well as Jews in the Middle East: "Former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat often claimed that 'Jesus was the first Palestinian shahid (martyr).'...

     "Just last month, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made the Palestinian policy of religious apartheid crystalline: 'If there is a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it.'...We can only assume that Mr. Abbas means Jewish Israelis, since it’s inconceivable he’d deny the right of Israel’s 1.5 million Arab Israelis to live in a Palestinian state. And here, of course, is the irony: Israel accommodates a huge Arab (overwhelmingly Muslim) population and accords them equal rights under law, yet the Palestinians totally reject the notion of Jews living among them." See Jerusalem

(Jan. 10) Israel and the Palestinians: Irreconcilable Differences: "There cannot be a long term peace with people which practice the Islamic deception known as taquia, an Islamic provision which allows for lying to advance Allah’s cause by deceiving their enemies....Abed Rabbo, an early Arafat disciple recently stated that 'we can’t remain committed to the agreements that were signed with Israel forever.'

     "...let us begin with the post Mandate period, U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181, passed on Nov. 29, 1947; the Partition Plan for Palestine. The plan called for an end of the British Mandate and a recognition of the nationalistic aspirations of both the Jews and the Arabs by dividing Palestine into two states, with the Jerusalem and the Bethlehem area to be administered by a special international regime to safeguard access to the holy sites of the three great religions....On May 14, 1948, based upon the Partition Plan Israel declared independence. Soon after marginalizing the Palestinians in a brief civil war, five armies from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria attacked the nascent Jewish State.

     "Hostilities ended the following year with the 1949 Armistice Agreement. But keep in mind, the war did not end, only the hostilities. The boundaries created subsequent to the fighting were not internationally recognized borders. They merely represented a demarcation line indicating where opposing armies stood when the guns went silent, an area which became known as the 'green line'....

      " Jews, forty four years following the recapture of this precious land, still cannot safely visit the ancient cities of their homeland such as Nablus, Jenin, or Hebron, the cradle of Judaism...

      "Just this past month....Israel’s other partner for peace; Abbas proclaimed, he will 'never recognize Israel as a Jewish State.See The Nazi/Arab plots to exterminate Jews

(Jan. 7) When Israeli leftists turn against their country with horrendous lies, the world media is only happy to disseminate them: "On Sunday December 19, the self-proclaimed 'Israeli human rights' group B'tselem disseminated a shocking story to the local and international media. B'tselem claimed that the previous day Palestinian shepherd Samir Bani Fadel was peacefully herding his sheep when he was set upon by a mob of Israeli settlers. He alleged that these kippah-clad Israelis drove up in a car and chased him away.     "...when questioned by police investigators, Fadel admitted he made the whole attack up.

     "On January 3, Channel 2 aired a video produced by B'tselem. The video purported to show residents of Yitzhar...throwing rocks at Palestinians....Channel 2 presented the footage as further proof...that the Israelis who live in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem are a bunch of lawless, hate-filled, violent fanatics....

     "Yitzhar residents...also filmed the event....The Yitzhar video exposes the B'tselem video as a complete fraud....

     "Not surprisingly, when scrutinized, like the story about the scorched pregnant ewes, the Yitzhar 'bullies' and the 'illegality' of the fence, these [other] allegations came apart under scrutiny."

(Jan. 5) Obama wants Jews to pay terror-supporting state: "The Obama administration has drawn up a plan for Israel to give much of the strategic Golan Heights to Syria....Areas of the territory that house Israeli industrial zones will not need to be evacuated, but Israel is expected to lease the land from Syria."

Israel gears up for attack by Iran: "Israel believes that it would have only 10 to 12 minutes' warning if Iran launched rockets but that threats from Hamas and Hezbollah are the most pressing....Iran has 300 Shihab rockets that could reach Israel. Some 1 million Israelis would be at risk from attacks from the country's enemies in the region, including Hezbollah and Hamas."

(Jan. 3)  A World Against Israel: " now appears that the 27 incorporated states  [no longer countries?] of the European Union are ready to follow the Latin American states in recognizing a Palestinian State along the 1967 borders, with France and Norway in the lead.... The dream for Arafat, and now for Abu Mazen, was to delegitimize the Jewish State and take it over – if not at once, then in stages....

    "...anti-Semitic incitement continues to be preached in Palestinian schools, mosques, and media. A new generation of Palestinians continues to be poisoned by the hatred of Jews and Israel, and members are ready to become martyrs for Allah and Palestine."

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