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     The links and summaries on this page will show that similar buzzwords, visions, purposes and psychosocial processes are used around the world to drive the transformational agendas of local community groups, global organizations, the World Bank and other "specialized UN agencies," educational and mental health institutions, and the Purpose-Driven and Church Growth Movements. Believers and unbelievers alike are embracing the new relational dialogues and transformational thinking needed to unify the world and establish solidarity.

December 2006

Whose Country Is It? "The majority in Britain today doesn’t go to church, even at Christmas.... In recent times we have increasingly seen officialdom trying desperately not to offend minorities at Christmastime. Reacting to their need for political correctness, supposedly to encourage inclusiveness but actually creating divisions and dissent, the imposition of attitudinal fascism by officials at Christmas is even more nasty than usual. Schools and councils hold festivals to celebrate (if that is the right word) multiculturalism. Holly and Christmas trees are banned, even though they have their origins in pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. The carol service becomes a multicultural concert....

      "The Britain we know and love, and our way of life, faces destruction. The threat comes from within. ... Most immigrants arrive jobless, settle, enjoy our standard of living, and draw on our resources and tolerance. Meanwhile, the British government has allowed the EU to accelerate that process unhindered and apparently without regard for the consequences. ...

     "Col Gaddafi told Al Jazeera television recently that 'there is no democracy in Islam. We want an Islamic state where Islamic law is not just in the book, but enforced. Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe. There are 50 million Muslims in Europe already. They will turn it into a Muslim continent within three decades.'" See Reinventing the World

November 2006

Ted Haggard's Lies. "Few evangelicals -- and even fewer outside evangelicaldom -- know that Haggard, like Rick Warren, has been much more than a megachurch pastor. He stands at the forefront of what is called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), i.e., Rick Warren's '2nd Reformation.' Haggard's church has played a central role in promulgating the heretical doctrines of the NAR, especially dominionism -- political dominionism, mission/evangelization dominionism and prayer warfare dominionism.

     "As a political dominionist, Haggard -- in his roles as megachurch pastor, head of the NAE, and 'apostle' of the NAR -- has been playing in the "big league" with the politicians ever since his rise to fame. Unfortunately for him, these big boys play ugly. According to a story that appeared in Harper's magazine last year, 'Pastor Ted… talks to President George W. Bush or his advisers every Monday' and 'No pastor in America holds more sway over the political direction of evangelicalism than does Pastor Ted, and no church more than New Life.'" See Reinventing the World


PSEUDO-MISSION: Creating A "Social Ethic" Worldview: "The mainline denominations moved to integrate sociology with theology early on. They didn't have to hassle with the stalwart fundamentalist who insisted on doctrinal purity. It was easy for mainline leaders to simply blend the latest intellectual 'scientific' research into their functioning, particularly on a global mission scale." See New Age terms in the Church

October 2006

The Language of Dreams and Idols: "...the neoevangelicals have a new arsenal of techniques for the transformation of theology at their disposal. Borrowing heavily from the more recent theoretical research of social scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, linguists, political philosophers -- among others -- these advocates of 'new ways' of 'doing' Christianity are working to contrive new forms of speech, written word and even thought patterns. These leaders know that in order to transform the church, one must transform its language....

     "The premise behind this change in language is to move Christians away from a text-centered faith.... The Christian faith has always been anchored in written language.... But now the neoevangelical leaders of the '2nd Reformation'... are broadening the scope of language to include the verbal and nonverbal, signs, symbols, metaphors, parables, stories, dreams, etc." See New Age terms in the Church


Transforming the World by Subverting the Church: "The Social Gospel of the early 20th century shifted the focus of many church leaders from God's unchanging Truth to the world's pliable ideals. Pragmatic pastors and seminary professors would validate their visions with hand-picked Bible verses that 'fit' their social message. 'Offensive' words like sin and and redemption were redefined, contextualized or ignored. No need for the cross, since all people were considered essentially good....

     "Today, more than a decade after the supposed 'death of Communism,' a more pleasing version is rising like the mythical phoenix out of its own ashes. It's new label? Communitarianism! Like the old system, this postmodern version would control the masses through universal surveillance, personal data files, and a hierarchy of groups or councils (originally called soviets). It's already being marketed to the public as decentralized leadership, sustainable development, supportive networks, and voluntary service."

September 2006

Metro Muslims building a legacy: "As a new mosque rises in Minneapolis, Twin Cities Muslims reflect on their growing place here in post-9/11 America. Siddiqui said about 100,000 to 150,000 Muslims live in Minnesota, many of them immigrants from Somalia.... Issa points out that congregants regularly sweep and clean a five-block radius near the mosque. They plan to hold an open house for neighbors to introduce themselves and their religion, which he says has similarities to Christianity." See The UN Plan for Global Migration

May 2006

Preserving a vision (Thomas Sowell): "For those liberals who lived through the 1960s, that was often also the springtime of their youth, increasingly treasured as a memory.... It is expecting an awful lot to expect them to consider any alternative vision of the world, especially one that shatters the beautiful picture of themselves as wise and compassionate saviors of society. But what are the facts?...

     "The 1960s marked the end of many beneficial trends that had been going on for years -- and a complete reversal of those trends as programs, policies, and ideologies of the liberals took hold. Teenage pregnancy had been going down for years. So had venereal disease.... There were similar trends in crime. The total number of murders in the United States in 1960 was lower than in 1950, 1940, or 1930 -- even though the population was growing.... Every one of these beneficial trends sharply reversed after liberal notions gained ascendancy during in the 1960s. By 1974, the murder rate had doubled." See Chart: Total transformation and The fall and rise of human violence


Redefining the Church: "I found myself pondering that situation in light of the many emails I have received from people around the country.  These people often are unwelcome in churches in which they had been members for many years.  What seems so strange is that the unwelcome members were not accused of sin or heresy; they were accused of not supporting the church’s mission or program.  In some cases the mission and program had recently been changed and the long standing members had resisted the change.  Ultimately most of these people left willingly, but with sadness of heart.  Some who decided to stay and fight were eventually removed from fellowship.

     "What has happened that evangelical churches are willing to lose solid Christian members who have not fallen into sin or heresy?...

     "It is possible that some who belong to the invisible Church never become members of the visible organization, as missionary subjects who are converted on their deathbeds, and that others are temporarily excluded from it, as erring believers who are for a time shut out from the communion of the visible Church.  On the other hand there may be unregenerate children and adults who, while professing Christ, have no true faith in Him, in the Church as an external institution; and these, as long as they are in that condition, do not belong to the invisible Church." Who defines the Kingdom of God?

April 2006

Are facts obsolete? (Thomas Sowell) "People who have made up their minds and don't want to be confused by the facts are a danger to the whole society....

      "Those who are in the business of teaching the young, whether in the public schools or on college campuses, too often see this not as a responsibility to pass on what is known but as an opportunity to indoctrinate students with their own beliefs. Many 'educators' and the gurus who indoctrinated them actively disparage 'mere facts,' which they say you can get from an almanac or encyclopedia. The net result is a student population that does not even know enough to know what needs to be looked up, much less how to analyze facts, so as to test opposing beliefs....

      "...slavery is an issue that is widely discussed as if it were something peculiar to Africans enslaved by Europeans, instead of something suffered and inflicted around the world by people of every race, color, and religion. Two books about a million European slaves taken to North Africa have been published in recent years. That is more than the number of African slaves brought to America.... Both books have been largely ignored by the media and academia alike." See Re-inventing the World


Transformation. Soothing Ourselves to Death: "This trend is evident not just in theater-like churches.... It's also true of Christian radio, historically an important source of serious preaching and teaching. Several stations recently—many acting on the advice of a leading consulting firm—have dropped serious programming in favor of all-music formats....

   "When another major station, this one in Cincinnati, replaced BreakPoint with music, I called the station manager, arguing that believers need to think Christianly about major worldview issues. The young woman on the other end of the phone admonished me: 'But we don't want to do anything that will upset our listeners.' Younger women, she said, want 'something to help them cope with life.'... What is the job of Christian radio, after all? To give people what they want, or—as with any ministry—to give them what they need? ....

  "When Postman published his book two decades ago, he feared television would impair our capacity to think. He was right. Can we learn from this—or are we destined to follow suit, the church blissfully amusing itself into irrelevance?" See the next link:

Repeat The Cross. "Neil Postman, the author of Amusing Ourselves to Death, understood these socialist strategies. He also saw the power of a cooperative media to fuel new cravings and dull old convictions. To illustrate today's manipulation of our minds, he drew an interesting contrast between two familiar totalitarian visions: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and George Orwell's 1984:
       "Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies....  In [Orwell's] 1984... people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us."
      "The spiritual war against Christ and the cross is being waged on both fronts. The assault on religious freedom fits Orwell's vision. The flood of images and suggestions that distort traditional beliefs, twist Biblical values and trivialize Christian words, fit Huxley's vision."

What's love got to do with it? "I can think of no maneuver Satan has had more success in deceiving mankind with than turning what was once considered a Divine attribute into nothing more than a four-letter word.... We have churches offering unrepentant sinners amusements, refreshments, recreation and smiling faces that wink at rebellion while denying the Lord they claim at every turn by hiding His Word behind clever programs, techniques, organizations, reputations and strategies; and in doing so, re-define 'love' into something sneaky, seductive, misleading and unbiblical as a pragmatic means of gaining... approval of a fallen and rebellious world that, in reality, hates Jesus Christ and His Word." See Chart: Transformation of the Church


First & Second Order Paradigm Change: "Transformation is a new paradigm, a new worldview. Transformation is systemic. It is global. It is not just affecting the Church, but all of the entire social and cultural systems of the planet. Transformation is intentional and planned. It isn't just a "new world order" political change, but is also mystical and spiritual."

March 2006

Releasing Your God-given Potential: "Natural Church Development means releasing the growth potential that God has already imparted in your church. By applying the following steps you can do your part in supporting this process: 1. Do the NCD Survey to find how strongly developed each of the eight quality characteristics is in your situation.... 2. Focus on your minimum factor.... 3. Set Qualitative goals.... 4. In all your decisions, learn consistently to work in harmony with the six growth forces of NCD: Interdependence, multiplication, energy transformation, sustainability, symbiosis, fruitfulness. Help your people move into this new framework of thinking...."  

      Here is another “human potential” program clothed in Christian words and postmodern logic. It fits right into the “positive thinking” and strategic marketing strategies taught by Drucker, Senge, Warren and Blanchard. See Reinventing the World


 UK set for over seven million more houses: "'It’s now clear that population growth is the main force driving housing demand and the UK’s population is spiraling out of control,' Valerie Stevens.... 'The ODPM’s revised projections for England are alarming enough but for the UK as a whole the longer-term outlook for quality of life and environmental impact is genuinely frightening.... We’re already facing severe congestion and water rationing in the South of England.'” See UN Plan For Global Control: A Report on Habitat II


Using CHANGE to facilitate TRANSFORMATION: "Change is an essential ingredient to marketing. The marketing model has been brought into the Church via the leadership training seminars and workshops. This model primarily focuses on new practices and new methods of leadership to cause Church Growth.     

      "To create a climate of change, a discontent with the old models is focused upon. And extravagant claims of success (numerically in terms of converts) is promised with the new model.... Name brand identification is often a key to success ('I am of Rick Warren, I am of John Maxwell,' 1 Cor. 1:4)."

February 2006

Homosexual Activists' War Against Christianity: "While they claim to want only equal protection under law, the real agenda of homosexual activists is simple: the complete alteration of American society.... Paula Ettelbrick is former legal director of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and now executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Ettelbrick stated, '...We must keep our eyes on the goal... of radically reordering society's views of reality.'

       "...the foundation of our culture must be shifted to a new way of perceiving reality that rejects the Judeo-Christian view. However, that leaves one major institution standing in the way: the Church. Christians who still hold to the Judeo-Christian views of human sexuality, marriage and family are called by religious faithfulness to resist the homosexual movement. That makes Christians the enemy....

       "For those churches which resist the siren call to complete moral relativism, Kirk and Madsen submitted a secondary strategy. They suggested that gays 'undermine the moral authority of homophobic churches by portraying them as antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times....' It should come as no surprise, therefore, when Christians see themselves portrayed on countless television shows as self-righteous bigots or hate-filled lunatics who simply refuse to accept the fact that things have changed in America.... 'At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights -- long after other gay ads have become commonplace -- it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified.'"

      That sounds similar to the strategy Church Growth leaders use to vilify church members who resist today's unbiblical "transformation." See Dealing with Resisters and Fundamentalism... one of the big enemies


Forces Reshaping Christianity Around World: "In Nigeria, the Mountain of Fire and Miracles congregation holds huge all-night revivals....The World Council of Churches hopes to leave its assembly in Porto Alegre... with a clearer vision of how to address the sharp growth of Pentecostal, charismatic and evangelical groups around the globe.... 'We need a fresh look at global Christianity,' Kobia told The Associated Press.... 'I will also call on Pentecostals, charismatic and others to approach us in an open mind and not with the hostility of history that has led to suspicion." See The Second Reformation


Megachurches Growing in Number and Size: "A new survey on U.S. Protestant megachurches shows they are among the nation's fastest-growing faith groups, drawing younger people and families with contemporary programming and conservative values....

     " Leadership Network's clients are large churches in the U.S. and Canada looking to grow or maintain growth with new ideas and methods. The Hartford Institute for Religion Research is part of the nondenominational Hartford Seminary in Connecticut....

    "The growth of megachurches in recent decades has come about because of a common historic cycle in U.S. religion: faith institutions reinventing themselves to meet the consumer-like demands of worshippers, said Paul Harvey, American history professor.... 'We have a market economy of religion.... Megachurches just show the instant adaptability of religious institutions. They reflect how Americans have morphed their religious institutions into the way they want them to be."

     The next two links show some of key leaders in a global plan to merge church and world. Rick Warren is being used to facilitate this agenda. See Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and UN Goals

Introduction to the Hartford Institute: "We want to thank our web designers, Krista and Greg, of Alchemy Design and the consultation of Joyce Magee of Web Magik. Funding for this venture was generously provided by a grant from Lilly Endowment...." See Social Change and Communitarian Systems

Links to the Learning Communities: "...the Hartford Institute will develop creative ways to share useful research-based information with congregations, religious bodies and their leaders.... The Hartford Institute has received a $1 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. for an unprecedented project to create a national network of 'learning communities.'... The project, which started in January, will place the Hartford Institute at the hub of an expanding network.... It will provide information in new and innovative ways that will enable religious leaders to improve their leadership and policy makers to understand the role of religion in society today." See UNESCO's Declaration on the Role of Religion in the Promotion of a Culture of Peace

January 2006

What is MicahMorphosis? "To undergo a Micahmorphosis is to shed the cocoon of complacency and indifference, and emerge with eyes wide open and wings unfurled to affect the winds of change. It is to die to society's concept of individualism, power and wealth and to be born again, consciously working for the global good. It is to have engrained on the heart and mind God's call, 'to act justly and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God'- Micah 6:8. The United Nations outlined Eight Millennium Development Goals in 2000 as a call on all UN member states to morph their current foreign policies in such a dramatic way that extreme poverty would be cut in half by 2015." See Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and UN Goals (Part 3): Whom do we serve?


Will the Poor Always Be With Us? "Using biblical references and stories, Myers' article addresses the issue of poverty by discussing the dichotomy between a world created by God to provide completely for the physical needs of its inhabitants, and the reality that this world has become that which it was never meant to be - a world full of hunger and need."

     But God never promised to end physical hunger and need during this earthly life! Instead, He promises spiritual fulfillment and eternal life with Him to those who know and trust Him. See Hope in Christ & Sharing His suffering


The Movement to Change Society: "A wave of spiritual renewal is beginning to build across North America and abroad. And it's happening through small groups—where 'good hands' provide a place for people to experience biblical community like never before....

    "Our curriculum was, and continues to be, written in community for community—in order to create healthy communities. It wasn't written only to learn more about a passage or a biblical character. Too often curriculum is only about information, which doesn't lead to application and thus personal transformation. Our curriculum is experiential." See Warren's PEACE Plan and UN Goals: Part 2

December 2005

Changing Society: "One of the trademarks of this movement is a vague and duplicitous language. Its participants regularly employ terms that mean one thing to biblically literate Christians and often something else to 'seekers,' secular society and the enemies of Christ.... Some of the more common words used with many meanings are: 'change', 'community', 'connect', 'conversion', 'emerging', 'experience', 'healthy', 'facilitate', 'felt needs', 'leadership', 'passion', 'purpose'.....

      "Here is an excerpt from the aforementioned Christianity Today article that clearly illustrates how easy an alternative agenda can be validated and advanced in the church by simply employing biblical terminology. 'There are two kinds of conversions: a spiritual conversion, which every person must have—and a small groups conversion—which every pastor or church leader must have: A Christian conversion and Community conversion. Small groups are not just another program in a suite of church offerings. Small groups are the church—it's the primary way people get transformed—life on life.'” See Re-Inventing the Church and NEW AGE terms in the church


Get Involved: "Become a Change Agent. Consider partnering with us as a certified, small group leader....
      "What is a Change Agent? Are you an influencer or would you like to become one? Do you see a crucial need for revival among the church and the way it thinks? Are you willing to be a part of a grander story that could change the minds and hearts of Christians throughout our nation? If so, you need to consider partnering with and representing Focus on the Family as one of our trained Change Agents.

     "The Truth Project offers an opportunity for exponential worldview change within the body of Christ.... As a Change Agent, you will facilitate a small group using our DVD-based lessons and see for yourself the dramatic spiritual and intellectual transformation that will take place...." See Re-Inventing the Church and NEW AGE terms in the church

November 2005

This Revolution’s for You! [George Barna's new book] "It is comprised of a demographically diverse group of people who are determined to let nothing stand in the way of authentic and genuine experience with God. They are involved in a variety of activities and connections designed to satisfy a spiritual focus.....

     "En route to this intimacy with God, they are integrating the seven spiritual passions of a true Revolutionary Christian into their life.... They respond to His love by seeking ways to invest the resources they control or influence for kingdom outcomes.... They pursue opportunities to use their abilities to affect the quality of life in the world..... It is this holistic devotion to being Christ-like that triggers the transformational legacy of the Revolution....

     "It entails drawing people away from reliance upon a local church into a deeper connection with and reliance upon God... believers see the world as their church grounds. " See Loving God


[At] 40 Days of Purpose: Sojourns with Saddleback (An insider’s story): "...we used the book as an opportunity to discuss religious differences. Our people loved the opportunity for comparative theological reflection. Members mentioned they had not read a religious book in years and now that's all they read. The Purpose-Driven Life primed their spiritual pumps for further study and growth." Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?


What is the 2006 Challenge? "Special Offer! Preorder the Extraordinary Life Challenge kit today and receive Dr.[Charles] Stanley's 2006 wall calendar absolutely free! ...  

     "An in-depth assessment will give you an accurate snapshot of your spiritual, physical and financial health. ...  Personal Coaching CD...

     "49-Day Challenge Wristband... to maintain your focus and commitment to living a life of excellence.

     "Tote bag... When people see this distinctive bag you’ll have the perfect opportunity to share your faith and how they, too, can have an Extraordinary Life!"

October 2005

Time Magazine to convene leaders to develop; solutions to global health challenges: "Speakers Include Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Lee Jong-wook, Ted Turner... Madeleine Albright, Paul Wolfowitz... Rick Warren, Julie Gerberding and Bono... TIME is partnering with PBS, as well as ABC News, to reach a broad audience." See the next link:


Rick Warren's Strange Bedfellows: "What do Rick Warren, Ted Turner, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bono and Paul Wolfawitz, President of the World Bank have in common? Well, they have a conference in common sponsored by Time Magazine from Nov. 1-3 in New York City on solving global health problems. I received a call this morning from Time, Inc.'s PR person, wanting to know if we would cover this event from the 'faith based' angle.... Rick Warren will be there along with....' Right. We knew that. ...

      "These are people working to transform the world, not by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but by a world-wide acceptance of socialism and tolerance for whatever they want to deem normal." See Whom do we serve?

Peter Wagner Redefines Genesis 1: “We need to take a new look at one of our most quoted Bible verses: 'The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost' (Lu. 19:10). In the past, most of us thought that Jesus was saying 'to seek and to save those who were lost.' Consequently, we applied it to saving souls. ... The Holy Spirit is now speaking to the churches and saying that God’s people must do what it takes to transform society, segment by segment, until God’s kingdom is seen on earth as it is in heaven. See the same message from Rick Warren:

Whom do we serve?  Rick Warren: "I’m looking at a stadium full of people who are telling God they will do whatever it takes to establish God’s Kingdom ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’" See Watchfulness

September 2005

The Labyrinth Journey -- walking the path to fulfillment? "Christians looking for ways to bring in new relevancy within church worship did not 'rediscover' the labyrinth as a spiritual tool. As we shall see, it's been part of the esoteric world for a very long time. Which is why, today, labyrinth walks and 'prayer journeys' are being promoted by Rosicrucian groups, at New Age festivals and celebrations, and throughout the neo-pagan world.

     "Not surprisingly, one of America's largest witch, shaman, and neo-pagan assemblies, the 2005 Pagan Spirit Gathering at Wisteria, OH, held a night-time Summer Solstice Labyrinth ritual, which was described as a 'transformative, walking meditation through an all night labyrinth formed by 1000 lighted candles." See Chart: Total transformation

July 2005

Three reports from the July 27-31 Baptist World Centenary Congress in Birmingham, England (The last two -- by Rick Warren and Jimmy Carter -- have been moved to Transformation) :


Campolo: Jesus’ Mission Statement proclaims Kingdom: "Tony Campolo—American sociologist, professor, Baptist author and preacher, speaking at a Baptist World Centenary Congress focus group on July 28—brought his trademark quick quips.... 'What was Jesus’ Mission Statement?' he asked. Campolo pointed to the gospel proclamation, 'The Kingdom of God is at hand,' as the short summation of Jesus’ ministry. Marks of the Kingdom include children do not die in infancy; the elderly will live in health and well being; decent housing and jobs would be a reality; children would not be born for (later) calamity; the environment would be protected. 'We should all be environmentalists."

      No, those are the marks of the world's idealism, not of God's Kingdom. Our King calls His people to love Him, know His Word, share His suffering, go where He leads, and lay down our lives according to His will and purpose, not ours. Yes, we must demonstrate His love to everyone, but the focus is on eternity. He does not tell us to love or accommodate the world, fix its problems, or heal the environment. Loving God First and Don't conform to the ways of the world


Baptist Congress Today: "There is an intense hunger among Christians around the world for a healing of the differences that now separate us from one another,' [Jimmy] Carter, United States president from 1977 to 1981, told reporters.... Those Christians 'are looking for a single voice, a common understanding and friendship, and [want] to put aside the divisions that plague our faith.' ... Differences of belief -- even among Muslims, Jews and Christians -- are outweighed by a common commitment 'to truth, to justice, to benevolence, to compassion, to generosity and to love,' Carter told a roomful of reporters from around the world. ... The tough work of interfaith dialog is not pointless but well worth the risk and investment of time, he said." See Heresy in high places


Rick Warren: Global Baptists: "...Rick Warren told reporters at the Baptist World Alliance’s centenary congress that the withdrawal of Southern Baptists from BWA was a 'silly' mistake. 'God has called us to enjoy and fellowship with each other and work together. We’re all in this together,' he said, adding Baptists can 'celebrate our diversity and celebrate our unity.' ... 'I am praying for a second reformation of the church' that will focus more on deeds than words.' 'The first Reformation was about beliefs. This one needs to be about behavior. … We’ve had a Reformation; what we need now is a transformation.'

     "Fielding a question about claims that The Purpose Driven Life comes across as an adulation of men, Warren responded, 'I don’t know how it could be an adulation of man when the first sentence of the book is, ‘It’s not about you.’ The whole book is, ‘It is all about God.’

    That's not true! If it told the whole, balanced truth about God and the nature of man, it would not have won worldwide popularity. See Widening the gate to the Kingdom, God's Way versus Our ways and Softening God's Word


The Twilight of Atheism: "...creating a sense of community has become an increasingly important political issue in many Western cultures....  In his much-cited article 'The Age of Social Transformation,' published in the November 1994 Atlantic Monthly, management guru Peter Drucker pointed out that traditional communities of family, village, and parish have practically disappeared.
    "But what of atheism? The former Soviet Union realized the importance of creating a sense of community. Having eliminated religion from the public life of the nation, Soviet planners recognized the importance of creating rituals and events, which fostered social cohesion and a sense of identity. Thus the Saturday just before Easter was celebrated as Communist Saturday. Other holidays included May Day....

    "The nearest thing in the West to this Soviet model is found in Canada, which seems to think that a sense of community identity can only be created by eliminating any religious presence in the public arena. In the United States, atheism spawns organizations; it does not create community." See Chart: Soviet Education in the 1930s compared to U.S. Education in 2001


One Nation Under Therapy - How the Helping Culture is Eroding Self-Reliance: “'therapism' – 'emotional self-absorption and the sharing of feelings' – has asserted itself in public education and American culture.... Along with high self-esteem, stress management is seen as the pinnacle of the healthy self. The Girl Scouts of America, who have been on the cusp of the feminist ideal, introduced a 'Stress Less Badge' in 2001. Girls aged 8 to 11 can earn the badge by keeping a 'feelings diary,' exchanging foot massages and practicing 'focused breathing.'" Self-esteem


The Second Reformation: "At a recent Purpose-Driven conference Warren stated, 'The P.E.A.C.E. plan will be a ‘revolution’ for global Christianity,' and 'I’m looking at a stadium full of people who are telling God they will do whatever it takes to establish God’s Kingdom ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’...

    "The 'Kingdom transformation' of the African continent appears to fit the radical goals of a one world government. It also appears to be a bold maneuver to create a new market for corporate interests.... Rick Warren brazenly asserts that his plan is 'God’s Plan.'”


Whose jubilee? "What common cause could unite Pink Floyd and Rick Warren? ... Meet Live8, ONE, Make Poverty History, and the Long Walk To Justice.... The campaign, timed to arm-wrestle world leaders ahead of next month's G8 summit into canceling debt against certain poor countries and increasing public aid, became so fierce last week that it reunited the '70s band Pink Floyd and hauled Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren onto the bandwagon.
     "Mr. Warren, the top-selling Christian author, issued a June 3 endorsement of The ONE Campaign, along with evangelist Billy Graham and British theologian John Stott. Christian music icons Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay, and tobyMac also signed. So have a variety of Christian relief organizations, including World Concern, World Vision, Episcopal Relief and Development, and Operation Blessing International, the relief and development arm of televangelist Pat Robertson's empire.

     "But offstage a band of leading economists and scholars says the G8 plan is not only misguided but harmful, particularly for church-based poverty-fighting efforts. 'Debt forgiveness rewards the corruption and inefficiency of governments who have mishandled loaned funds,' writes the editorial board of the Kairos Journal in a letter sent June 6 to Mr. Warren and Mr. Stott, along with others. 'n forgiving the debt of poor nations, we're not forgiving the debts of those nation's poor; we're merely enabling bureaucratic perfidy and incompetence.'...

     "Western nations have been down the debt-forgiveness road, writing off $33 billion in debt for 41 poor countries from 1989 to 1997. Yet those same countries incurred new borrowing totaling $41 billion.... Debt relief goes to governments of poor countries, not to poor people. ... Debt relief would flow to Robert Mugabe's government in Zimbabwe, where food shortages this month sparked street riots while government policies have destroyed the country's agriculture base and have limited UN relief to card-carrying party members." See Spiritual Gifts and Community Service

June 2005

Take a Giant Step Up (Jim Rutz, WND columnist): "The New Christianity A startling new phase of Christianity is exploding. Within this core of 707 million, roughly 100 million are spreading a radical version of Christianity that is so different, you can't tell it's a church! There are no sermons, programs, hierarchies, buildings, or salaried pastors. Instead, its ordinary members are given high status and responsibilities. With such total participation, this 'open Christianity' will, we feel, become predominant in our generation." See Transformation


Whose GOD Is Their Co-Pilot? "The U.S. Air Force Academy faces charges that it has allowed rampant evangelization on campus....  Critics say the behaviors violated the Constitution and Department of Defense regulations--and threatened troop unity by teaching future commanders overt religious favoritism.... Lieut. General John Rosa Jr.... publicly conceded, "I have problems in my cadet wing, I have issues in my staff, and I have issues in my faculty." It might take six years, he said, to change the culture....

     "The ethos may not have been as pervasive as some allege. 'There's this idea that all evangelical Christians walk around shoving their faith down other cadets' throats, and it's not true,' says academy computer-science professor Martin Carlisle, himself an Evangelical."

     Change the culture? From freedom to discuss one's faith to a fear of offending someone by our Lord? See Chart: Total transformation


Megashift? More "Christian happy-talk: "Farah proudly announced that Rutz was coming on as a regular contributor to World Net Daily, saying, 'The day I finished reading 'Megashift,' I started plotting how to get Jim Rutz involved in WND.' ...

     "Instead of seeing quotes and teachings from the Bible at, you’ll see such things as a make-believe conversation between 'you' and 'God,' in a section called: '“A Few Questions From God,' that foolishly puts words into the mouth of the Almighty for your consideration and amusement; something false prophets were killed for in the Old Testament and the Lord Himself sternly warned against in The Revelation. ...

     "...this 'megashift' coming out party is simply the latest wave in an ongoing paradigm shift from tradition to transition to transformation that perpetual change agents have been revising, renaming and re-implementing for years with 'fresh fire'... which, incidentally, has little or nothing to do with the Word of God, the Kingdom of Heaven or Jesus Christ." See Transformation

(Occultism is spreading fast) Burning Man - Just One of the Signs the Occult Is Sweeping the Globe: "Across the sea in the UK, Brighton proudly wears the title these days of 'Capital of Occulture.' This year's Occulture festivities exhibited bigger than ever venues - sacred music and dance, clarivoyance, psychic and tarot readers, chakra, traditional witchcraft, tatooing, piercing, fetish satanism, shamanism, transcendent techniques, and lectures favoring paganism from the original Book of Shadows. And then there was the 'Pleasure Dome" where magicians, sorcerers and witches discussed their trade, including Mogg Morgon, founder of the Golden Dawn Occult Society, Ralph Harvey, a prominent Wiccan High Priest, and Emrys, a Shaman of the Cromlech Covenant." See The Nature and Tactics of Satan and Loving evil more than good

How and why we're going to win  (by Jim Rutz, author of Megashift): "If you've always been a Sunday-go-to-meetin' kind of Christian, you now have an exciting alternative. Without changing one iota of your beliefs, you can upgrade yourself from a pew potato to a world-changing pioneer. This has to be the biggest megashift in the history of mankind....

     "One, we're going to overwhelm the secular liberals by sheer numbers (see my first column), thus enabling us to pass a sweeping series of truly progressive reforms based on a radical vision like Mr. Farah's. And two, we're going to cooperate with God in re-creating the church, turning the people from a professionally led audience into proactive disciples who get their directions straight from the Spirit. (We can't change diehard spectators, but we can change many believers and bring in a billion more in the next 11 to 12 years.) See The Open Church


Megashift: Igniting Spiritual Power: "The 1700-year nightmare is over.... Prepare yourself to take part in a total makeover of Planet Earth! You are about to discover a new world where...

- Over a billion non-Christians may become highly active Christians in the next dozen years.

- A whole new form of Christianity promises to bring a far greater impact than the Protestant Reformation....

       " MEGASHIFT not only documents a wide range of miracles, but also spotlights hundreds of thousands of house-church teams around the globe that are producing a new culture of responsible freedom. In these teams, people are allowed to speak and interact. They often form deep friendships, dump their heaviest problems, turn into free and powerful spearheads of worldwide change, and get connected with God and man in ways that almost defy description. This is a megashift away from spectator religion."

       This sounds amazing, but what is really happening? Where does the Bible fit into this picture? Or preaching? How do you differentiate between genuine rebirth in Christ and the new form of "positive," relational or cultural Christianity? See The Open Church

 May 2005

Transformation. Christianity taking over planet Earth? "In Megashift, author Jim Rutz coins a new phrase to define this fast-growing segment of the population. He calls them 'core apostolics' – or 'the new saints who are at the heart of the mushrooming kingdom of God.'... He says there are 707 million 'switched-on disciples' who fit into this new category and that this 'church' is exploding in growth.... And what is driving this movement? Miracles, he says."

     This may be of God, for nothing is impossible with Him! But it could also be part of the prophesied apostasy with its miraculous "signs and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth." We need to pray and test all things by God's Word. See The End Times and the coming apostasy and The Loneliness of the Christian


See Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats


Before Hawai’i can be Transformed - YOU must be Transformed: "Transformation Hawaii is apostle Ed Silvoso’s project (who is associated with Peter Wagner’s apostolic government). ... He is gathering an army to take dominion over the State of Hawaii, by teaching people to take their faith into the marketplace. Certainly, we can all be more vocal and upfront on whom we believe.... but there is more to this transformation prayer movement than one can learn in a weekend of attending their meeting....

     "This is accomplished by 'Speaking peace... saying ‘Lord, I send peace over them.,’ I wish them well. I pray that angels will protect them. And then that positive energy that come from the throne of God begins to dismantle the forces of evil and as it does the eyes of the people will open up.'"

      It almost sounds like the light side of the Force -- and like UNESCO's Declaration on the Role of Religion in the Promotion of a Culture of Peace! But that's not what God tells us to do. See The Gospel


HOLY ANGER • American evangelist, Benny Hinn leaves Nigeria in annoyance: "His expectations were high because he had allegedly sunk $4 million dollars (about N600 million) into the 3-day crusade that is now being trailed by controversy. ... 'Four million dollars down the drain!' he reportedly shouted during the crusade, with his voice cracking with emotion. ... Hypes and great expectations had heralded the coming of the world renowned healing evangelist to Africa’s most populous nation, but the organisers were reportedly scored very low by Hinn.

     "...a leading Pentecostal preacher who preferred anonymity, told Daily Sun: "No one can blame the organizers for the turnout. ...

     "Putting the disappointments behind him as he returned to his base in USA, Dr Hinn posted some cheerful news on his Ministry’s website. He said: 'I have just concluded three amazing days of ministry at our miracle crusade in Lagos, Nigeria. The Holy Spirit’s fire penetrated the hearts of millions as God’s presence descended upon the massive crowds. Precious saints who had travelled great distances praised the Lord with unbridled enthusiasm as miracles of salvation and healing took place all around."  


Global Day of Prayer -- Are you ready to change the world? "Unleash the power of prayer. The Global Day of Prayer is a movement for all people that promotes real world change through the power of prayer and the good works of humanity. You have the power to make a difference. Be a part of this historic and global event!" ... "Pray as if everything depended on God, and work as if everything depended upon man." - Francis J. Spellman  

    Notice the strange twists on truth. How can we "work as if everything depended upon man," when we must continually trust God for His strength and guidance to accomplish the work in His way?" And who are we to "unleash the power of prayer?" God determines the response to our prayer. It's not a force or energy that we can manipulate. And when we choose to ignore His guidelines He may choose to ignore our prayer -- no matter how many voices sound the words together. See  Prayer, Global Day of Prayer


A global day of prayer is celebrated Sunday: "May 15 will be phase two of a strategy that could change the world. It's being called the Global Day of Prayer where nearly 250 million Christians from more than 150 nations will pray for global transformation....

     "Bob Bakke works with the US-based National Prayer Committee, which is partnering with Purpose Driven Ministries: ... Bakke says it's about "transforming the place in which they live. And, over the course of the next five years there will be an unleashing of untold amounts of blessing and ministry to the poor, to those without Christ, in every city and continent of the earth." .... '100 years ago missionaries could only have dreamt of a day when a national church could rise on its own two feet and do what we're talking about now." See Transformation


Global Day of Prayer uniting diverse churches: "...the focus in North America will be on Reunion Arena in Dallas. Dallas-area pastors Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church and T.D. Jakes of the Potter’s House will host a gathering there to encourage unity among diverse congregations through prayer and corporate community service. Rick Warren...will share Saddleback's P.E.A.C.E. Plan, an emphasis for church-based small groups to Plant churches, Equip servant leaders, Assist the poor, Care for the sick and Educate the next generation....

      "As many as 20,000 people are expected to fill the Dallas arena for prayer, and 90 days of 'compassion in action' are to follow as church members step outside church walls and minister in the community....

     "'All across America, I see a growing awareness among evangelical conservatives to… move beyond their comfort zone and actually commit to the culture a message and a mission of love,' [said] Graham, a former Southern Baptist Convention president...." See Prayer


Leadership Network Celebrates 20 Years of Equipping Innovative Church Leaders: “'From the very beginning,' says Buford, who still serves as LN’s chairman of the board, 'we knew we had caught on to something. The pastors so appreciated the chance to gather together across denominational lines, learn from each other and step outside their comfort zones. What we did was create a structure to make that possible.'...

      "Through self-assessment tools, books, events and other resources, Leadership Network’s Halftime initiative  takes this a step deeper by working directly with individuals who are looking to repurpose their lives, as well as churches that want to encourage such transformations in their congregations." See Social Change and Communitarian Systems


State of the Church: 2005: "The final substantive section is a subjective overview of George Barna’s take on what these numbers and patterns mean within the bigger picture of American spirituality. You cannot make great strategic decisions unless you are well-informed about the world you wish to influence. The information in this report provides some of the baseline data you need to be a more effective leader serving God and His people in the days to come."

     But today's leadership seems to rely more on assessments, polls and data systems than on the Holy Spirit. See God's Guidance

April 2005

Pastor [Warren] lays out a global vision [registration required]: "In the 21st century we are going global and mobilizing the American church to help internationally. ...

     Q: How will Saddleback tackle these huge problems? A: With our PEACE plan.... P is for plant a church or partner with an existing one in every village. We'll work with everyone who wants to help. I'll work with an atheist who wants to stop AIDS. E - equip local leaders. A - assist the poor. C - care for the sick. And E - educate the next generation. ...

      Q: What is your greatest hope for all this? A: A second Reformation. The first one was about belief. This one will be about deeds. It is about what the church should be doing in the world....

     "...we will lay all this out for our people. Purpose. Community. World."  

Flunking out (Bill Gates): "Our high schools just aren't doing the job we need to create an effective 21st century work force. We have to reinvent them. ... Until we design high schools to meet the needs of the 21st century, we will keep limiting — even ruining — the lives of millions of Americans every year." The plan to reinvent schools parallel's the plans to reinvent governments, communities and churches. See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

Emergent Village: "Emergent is a growing generative friendship among missional Christian leaders seeking to love our world in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Our dream is to join in the activity of God in the world wherever we are able, so that God’s dreams for our world come true. In the process, the world can be healed and changed, and so can we." This site was linked from the website below:

Just what is City Transformation? (You may want to click here instead) " transformation will occur when a critical mass of believers in the city embrace and master five component disciplines of city transformation. The disciplines include: [1] Prayer mobilization.... [2] Leadership development that is focused on a new paradigm of church ministry and mobilization. [3] Diagnostic research that discovers, interprets, and disseminates strategic information about the shape of the mission field.... [4] Compassion ministries that mobilize the best resources from the various sectors (business, education, law enforcement, nonprofit, etc.) of the city and deploy those resources to strategically address the greatest unmet human need.... [5] Saturation church planting that identifies every unreached people group in the city and starts a congregation...." See Creating Community through a New Way of Thinking

Breakout Churches: Discover How To Make The Leap (scroll down to the title): "A strong study of the chrysalis factor -- showing why some churches are able to make the leap from good to great, allowing them to have a greater impact on their communities." See Transformation and the next three links:


The Changing Church. What Makes a Church Great? "Dr. Thom Rainer knew Jim Collins' New York Times bestselling book Good to Great identified principles for growing great businesses, but did those principles apply to churches? After meeting with Collins to discuss his research model, Dr. Rainer embarked on his own study in 2002 to find out. The result of the study is Breakout Churches, a new book that analyzes the data gathered from more than 50,000 churches in the U.S. to identify key principles that move churches from mediocrity to greatness."

     How foolish to think that the world's latest formula for success will please our God! See El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty. The next link helps explain the problem:


The Changing Church. The Chrysalis Factor: "’s Rainer’s six-step non-formula:
2. “'Second, leaders of breakout churches must experience a moment in which they become aware of the church’s deficiencies, confront the facts and experience a personal crisis because of the deficiencies.'
      "What? Seek ye first a 'deficiency crisis' and all these things shall be added unto you?...
3. “'After leaders experience the moment of crisis, they develop the third component of the chrysalis factor: a commitment to address issues of personnel and infrastructure simultaneously.'
     “'The chrysalis factor?' Don’t you just love it when Freudian flower children in Christian camo try to sell you socialism, humanism and the new age by painting picturesque terms that not only sound scientific but give you the warm fuzzies?"
4. “'Fourth, the church must discover its vision by noting where the passion of the leaders, the gifts of the congregation and the needs of the community intersect.'
    "...on to self-discovery and the synergy of energy… Let me see if I’ve got this straight; We’ll find our missing 'vision' at the intersection of Passion, Congregation and Community and there, meet everybody’s felt needs with everybody else’s spiritual gifts in an eruption of emotion by 'unequally yoking' the sheep to the goats."

     This pragmatic business measure of "greatness" is totally contrary to God's holy standard! See What God calls great and the first link HERE.


Breakout Churches Discover How to Make the Leap: "It is a sin to be good if God has called us to be great. Christians refer to Matthew 28:18–20 as the Great Commission, not the Good Commission.... The power of seeking to be great rather than good became clear when I read Jim Collins’s book 'Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don’t' ...

    "With the encouragement of my publisher I elected to write a book on churches, modeled on the Good to Great framework. ... The breakout churches had a clearly identified point at which they began to experience significant growth. Drawing upon the Good to Great terminology of 'transition point,' we called this juncture the 'breakout point.'"

March 2005

The Center for Health Transformation: "Small changes or reactionary fixes to separate pieces of the current system have not and will not work. We need a system-wide transformation.... To create a transformation we believe there are 8 strategic building blocks: · Transformational leadership– Newt Gingrich and his team have a history of leading large-scale transformation.

· A vision of a better future– ...a big vision of a better future that resonates with the public....

· A strategic plan – ...big-impact projects to drive transformation....

· Proven solutions – ...identify and share proven transformational policies...

· A network of allies – ...includes top leaders in the federal government...

· Coalition building capabilities -- coalitions to transform entire areas....

· Constant learning... identify key leverage points and opportunities."

      The latter implies collective thinking and continual assessments based on universal data tracking. It sounds like today's church transformation, doesn't it? See Creating Community through a New Way of Thinking


Becoming the Blessing of Christ: "Anticipating the blessing of cities and communities, The Global Day of Prayer becomes a catalytic moment for the forming or furthering of local alliances among pastors, congregations, mission agencies, and business leaders to bring practical, transformational blessing to their cities and communities."


Opening the Papacy to New Ways of Thinking: "As a card-carrying member of Feminists for Life, I find myself dissenting with a small but significant percentage of church teachings -- on women, sex, divorce and homosexuality.... it would be a great move for the next pope to call for consultations with married and divorced Catholics, women theologians, homosexuals and celibate priests, nuns and monks to try to forge a consensus on these contested issues."

     Is that where postmodern churches are headed -- choosing beliefs through a collective consensus process -- or through continual polls and assessments? It fits the new transformational model. See A Twist of Faith, Chapter 1


Anglican leaders face the challenge of community transformation: "In Cape Town, South Africa, the renewal organisation SOMA (Sharing of Ministries Abroad) has invited 200 Anglican opinion-formers including bishops, clergy and lay leaders, (30 October to 2 November) to learn how Anglicans worldwide can join in transforming their own communities. The Transforming Communities Consultation is hosted by the Diocese of Capetown and its Archbishop, Njongonkulu Ndungane."

     This "transformation" is spreading around the world. But Biblical transformation (based on the cross) is totally different from the world's community transformation (based on postmodern visions and secular management strategies). See The Two Kingdoms


Global Day of Prayer Movement: "On May 15, 2005, Pentecost Sunday, the largest prayer meeting in history will cover the earth. ...its mission is to mobilize Christians in every nation to pray with one voice on one day to ask God to Reveal His Glory and Bless the Nations of the Earth.... This rapidly-growing grassroots movement has its gravitational center in South Africa.... Like a wave, it is now spreading across the globe.

     "PRAYING FOR CITY TRANSFORMATION. This year Christian leaders are anticipating 200 million Christians meeting together the same day in cities around the world. Right now, 70 cities in America are committed to holding a prayer gathering in their city.... More than 140 nations are participating. This is a God thing." See The Gospel

     What is "a God thing?" I wish I could believe this was of God. But He has called us to be separate from the world, not one with it. Yet this movement walks hand in hand with a world that despises the offense of the actual gospel -- but is willing to partner with the new, softened gospel that leaves out God's wrath and spreads a pleasing illusion of universal love and grace. See Serving a Greater Whole


Catalytic Prayer Communities: "The overarching objective of the Prayer Focus Group is to understand the necessary components of a sustainable transformational community in a defined geographic locale that is comprised of a diversity of kingdom-minded Christians... committed to an on-going journey of relational trust, regular prayer and a shared responsibility for the task of discipling the collective souls of that geography. First, our objective is to recognize, catalyze and mobilize leaders... and implement a contextually relevant vision for societal transformation sustained over time by the synergy of God's presence....

     "Second, we are committed to the task of building functional Ephesians 4 city church models which serve as learning laboratories for emerging servant- facilitators equipped to catalyze a transformational process in additional cities or regions.

     "...we also expect that an increased catalyzation of cities and regions will generate momentum toward a national-level transformation learning community committed to developing a more comprehensive strategy for bringing measurable spiritual and social change to that nation ...." See Creating Community through Transformational Leadership and Transformation


The Mission of Transformation: "Dedication to mobilizing the whole Church requires the initiative be inclusive of every believer in its approach. Commitment to the whole city requires that the initiative be comprehensive in its scope to include all peoples, problems, and conditions that affect community life. The whole Gospel requires methods that are holistic...."

     Does it? Is this a Biblical command or part of today's pragmatic human vision of transforming nations and cultures according to a holistic model? Please compare with God's Word: Transformation

Transformational Streams are Becoming one Fast-flowing River for the Healing of the Nations: "Mission as transformation has emerged as a new paradigm at the beginning of the twenty-first century. We are living in a fallen, deformed world needing to be transformed. Individuals are being called to be conformed to the image of Christ. Churches are being challenged to be renewed and reformed to align with God’s greater purposes. Cities and nations are being transformed." See The Global Church

The Earth Charter: "We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future.... To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny....

     "Fundamental changes are needed in our values, institutions, and ways of living. ... The emergence of a global civil society is creating new opportunities to build a democratic and humane world. Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions. [see Creating Community]
"To realize these aspirations, we must decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with the whole Earth community as well as our local communities....

    "...we must commit ourselves to adopt and promote the values and objectives of the Charter.
This requires a change of mind and heart. ... We must deepen and expand the global dialogue that generated the Earth Charter, for we have much to learn from the ongoing collaborative search for truth and wisdom.
    "...we must find ways to harmonize diversity with unity, the exercise of freedom with the common good..."
The Earth Charter's Unholy Ark

Becoming An Earth Charter Facilitator: "Some Facilitators give one-time talks to their church or service club, others guide ongoing study groups focusing on the Earth Charter principles, and still others become active in Summit Coordinating Teams, planning and coordinating the activities of Earth Charter USA in their region." See The Earth Charter's Unholy Ark

International Earth Day 2005: "While the old way of thinking still hinders peace and justice in Jerusalem and other trouble spots, the miracle of the World Wide Web brings new connections among people of good will...." New way of thinking

You've found your Purpose, now discover your Passion: "Learn how to navigate the seismic changes occurring in the Church and culture today using LifeShapes' visual approach to discipleship.... True transformation is finally within reach! LifeShapes can help you transform your life, relationships and community." See Passion

The Passionate Church: The Art of Life-Changing Discipleship: "Using memorable shapes—known as LifeShapes—pastors Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad reveal the eight proven truths that transform churches, their leaders, and the lives of their people. With LifeShapes, every pastor can lead as Jesus intended, and their church will be—The Passionate Church." See 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Consensus: "A better way of reflecting the nature of the church": "'Listen to each and respond to each other in a spirit of open listening,' [Eden] Grace said. 'We don't just accumulate more messages in favour than against. We build a common mind. It's a much more dialogical approach than we've had in the past.'" See The Mind-Changing Process

The overriding purposes of Transform World: Indonesia 2005 are: "To convene and connect many worldwide servants of God engaged in significant transformational ministries, to commune with God that a growing community might arise to consider existing and prospective major transformational streams, who would covenant together to pursue the course of His river of transformation flowing increasingly through the communities, cities, peoples and nations of our world." Transformation

How to stop the flood of illegal aliens: "The issue that will define our era and determine the nation’s future is illegal immigration....

    "The Mexican government has issued more than 800,000 slick, pocket-sized identification cards to both legal and illegal immigrants....       "Ironically, today, legal U.S. citizens are about to be tied to a national ID card, controlled by massive data banks which document every aspect of our lives, including job history, tax history, medical records, and bank accounts. We’re told such intrusion into our private lives is necessary to protect the nation from terrorists. ... [W]ithout them, American citizens won’t be able to get on an airplane, open a bank account, buy a gun, get married, or function in any way in American society."

     See Revelation 13  Remember that after conquering God's ancient, rebellious nation Israel, the victorious leaders of Assyria transformed the Jewish culture by resettling the land with foreigners. See Social transformation through resettlements

January 2005

The Church of Common Ground: "...searching for '“common ground' is neither a biblical concept nor a new idea. It is an old transformational Marxist strategy made popular by men like Antonio Gramsci and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, designed to 'win friends and influence people' toward the socialist cause of world order. ... Searching for common ground is one of the favorite shortcuts being preached and practiced by many in the church today who DO NOT HAVE and WILL NOT SURRENDER TO the sovereignty and authority of God and His Word. ... So, instead of preaching repentance and risking rejection or worse, they go about looking for all kinds of creative ways to widen the gate that leads to eternal life and make evangelism easier. ...

    "If someone is actually “reached” for Christ it will be because the Holy Spirit has supernaturally convicted them of sin and brought them into repentance and faith, not because you or I have somehow managed to manipulate them into a conversion experience through OUR relationship. Our job as Christians is not to 'reach' but to preach: 'Christ crucified.' ...

     "Dialectic: 'The process in Hegelian and Marxist thought in which two apparently opposed ideas, the thesis and antithesis, become combined in a unified whole, the synthesis.' " See Creating Community through a New Way of Thinking


I beg to disagree (Thomas Sowell): "Too many people today act as if no one can honestly disagree with them. If you have a difference of opinion with them, you are considered to be not merely in error but in sin. You are a racist, a homophobe or whatever the villain of the day happens to be....

    "Dictators often gained total power over a whole nation by their ability to arouse emotions and evade thought. Watch old newsreels of Hitler and watch the adoring and enraptured look on the faces in his audience. Then read what he said and see if it makes any sense whatever. Yet he convinced others -- and himself -- that he had a great message and a great mission. The same could be said of Lenin, of Mao, of Pol Pot, and of countless other despots. ...

    "Instead of trying to propagandize children to hug trees and recycle garbage, our schools would be put to better use teaching them how to analyze and test what is said by people who advocate tree-hugging, recycling, and innumerable other causes across the political spectrum."

    Problem is: our public schools do teach children to analyze what they read -- but they must test everything through the filter of politically correct standards which rule out unwanted facts (science, history, etc.) and traditional values. That's why many children tend to object or "feel" offended when you share Biblical truth or values with them. Their new humanist or pluralist standards force them to reject our absolutes -- just as most children did under Communism. See A New Way of Thinking, Saving the Earth & The Nazi Model For Outcome-Based Education. The outcome (after decades of such brainwashing) is today's postmodern generations:

November 2004

Evangelical, LDS find bit of common ground: "...this is an historic occasion," said Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary in California, who has been involved for several years in discussions among Protestant and Mormon theologians.... Mouw confessed that evangelicals have sinned against Latter-day Saints. 'We've often seriously misrepresented the beliefs and practices of members of the LDS faith,' he said.... 'I remain convinced there are serious issues of difference that are of eternal consequence, but now we can discuss them as friends....

     "Zacharias... acknowledged there are doctrinal differences - including some that are deep -- between traditional Christianity and the LDS faith.... But his overarching message -- that Jesus Christ is the answer to the longing in all human hearts - was one that resonated with both evangelical Christians and Mormons.... [Liz Wilcox said,] 'I loved the focus on the unity. They did a beautiful job of finding common ground." Biblical oneness


Coming American Revival? "It will be difficult to declare that the Church is marching toward revival when our churches pray less than ever before.... Currently, pastors pray an average of minutes a day; their people pray a few minutes less; and the prayer meeting and other serious intercessory efforts through the local church are, for the most part, dead. ...

      "A revival will mean that biblical truth is taught, and accepted. But churches have stumbled here as well. Barna shares a few indicators: Half of born-again Christians (50%) agree that Satan is 'not a living being but is a symbol of evil.' (2004) About one-third of born-agains (38%) believe that if a person is good enough they can earn a place in Heaven. (2004)... About one out of four (26%) born-again Christians believe that it doesn't matter what faith you follow because they all teach the same lessons; a belief held by 56 percent of non-Christians. (2000)...

     "In an interview with Charlie Gibson on ABC's Good Morning America [October 26, 2004], this is what the President said:... Charles Gibson: 'Do we all worship the same God, Christian and Muslim?'

President George W. Bush: 'I think we do.'

Charles Gibson: 'Do Christians and non-Christians and Muslims go to heaven in your mind?'

President George W. Bush: 'Yes, they do. We have different routes of getting there.'" See Salvation

September 2005

NFL helps launch One World: "Created by Scholastic [Harry Potter's U.S. publisher] of with consultation from Facing History and Ourselves, One World is an interactive, multi-tiered program that is designed for educators and parents to use with their children to encourage dialogue about respecting each other, valuing diversity and ethnic differences, and taking positive actions to build stronger, more inclusive communities. The program has been made possible through part of a $10 million fund set up by the NFL and NFL Players Association." Riding on the wake of Harry Potter's popularity, Scholastic has published many new series on witchcraft for students in schools across America. The next three links show its emphasis on blending beliefs and building acceptance for occult spirituality:

Scholastic - Welcome to One World: "This dynamic, new education program teaches the importance of appreciating diversity, understanding others, and building strong communities." See Re-inventing the World

Shatterglass: "Tris shook her head. The man had obviously lost control of his magic working. 'You'd better let it go,' she informed him. 'And what possessed you, that you didn't draw a protective circle?'" See A Twist of Faith - Chapter 2

Spellfall: "When Natalie finds a strange candy wrapper floating in a parking-lot puddle, an ominous yellow-eyed man informs her it’s a spell—and a bewitching tale of his magic powers, she soon realizes she must put them to use to save Earthhaven." Deuteronomy 18:10-12

July 2005

Huge Decline In Book Reading: "The reading of books is on the decline in America, despite Harry Potter and the best efforts of Oprah Winfrey.... The likely culprits, according to the report: television, movies and the Internet. 'I think what we're seeing is an enormous cultural shift from print media to electronic media, and the unintended consequences of that shift,' Gioia said....

      "'Whenever I hear about something like this, I think of it as a call to arms,' said Mitchell Kaplan, president of the American Booksellers Association. 'As booksellers, we need to look into what kinds of partnerships we can get into to encourage literacy and the immediacy of the literary experience.' ...

      "'There's a communal aspect to reading that has collapsed and we need to find ways to restore it,' Gioia said."

      This "communal aspect" is being restored in local libraries or community centers where public reading of politically correct books is followed by group dialogue -- just another way of generating the envisioned consensus. Reinventing the World - Part 2: The Mind-Changing Process

March 2005

Marxist education and the war on terror: "...while al-Qaeda leaders may be described more as religious zealots and anarchists than Marxists, men like Osama bin Laden, himself the product of a wealthy family and a good education, are not so dumb as to overlook the fact that today’s voters in the 'Westernized' target countries think with their emotions instead of their rational minds.... Voters in Spain, like most voters in the United States, were raised on a diet of 'conflict resolution,' in which all the players are moral equivalents who bring to the table only their differing perspective....

     "As Baby Boomers worldwide approach their senior years, they have passed along - inadvertently, in some cases - an irresponsible and even deadly legacy of non-reason. They have internalized the psycho-political message of appeasement passed along to them by UNESCO and its Marxist cohorts." See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce


Protest snags school seminar on violence: "A workshop on teen dating and sexual assault is under fire from a community group claiming that it discriminates against white males and violates family values....

    "One column lists six attributes of people in power: white, rich, middle-age, able-bodied, male and heterosexual. The other column lists people without power: nonwhite, poor, young, elderly, disabled, female, homosexual. WEAVE contends that the list is used to provoke discussion about how the need for power and control can lead to violence and that the attributes are merely examples of answers workshop leaders get when they ask the question: 'Who is in power?" See Mine is the Power?


In Pakistan, Muslim and Christian Students Fast Together: "At the St. Lawrence Catholic School here, even Muslims fast for Lent -- at least for a day. It is part of a reciprocal program, whereby Christian youths share a day of fasting and a 'friendship dinner' with Muslim during the month of Ramadan.... Headmaster Peter Bhatti told Fides: 'It is part of the specific mission of our school to build relationships of tolerance, respect, dialogue and esteem among pupils of different religions.' He said the school will continue to educate its pupils to be 'heralds of peace and reconciliation in society.'" Separation versus Solidarity


Would you buy a way of life from a guru? "Deepak Chopra earns $20m a year selling spiritual guidance to the likes of Demi Moore, Hillary Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev - and he's not the only self-help guru making a fortune.... The marriage of mysticism and money-making reached its consummation in Deepak Chopra...

      "Like Covey and Robbins, Chopra understands the magic allure of numbered bullet-points: hence titles such as The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success and Way of the Wizard: 20 Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want.... Vain tycoons and holistic hippies alike can take comfort from Chopra's flattery ("You are inherently perfect"), and from his belief that the highest human condition is "the state of 'I am'....

      "In the late 1990s Covey's Utah-based consultancy had annual revenues of more than $400m, and employed 3,000 people in 40 countries to spread his gospel of 'Principle-Centered Leadership.' Stephen Covey's client-list in the US included the departments of energy, defence, interior and transportation, the postal service - and Bill Clinton, who invited both Covey and Anthony Robbins to spend the weekend with him in December 1994." Churches follow Covey's counsel as well. See Leading Congregational Change

January 2004

Being Real Christians in the Real South Africa - SACLA II (Scroll down to title): "SACLA ll was the most representative gathering of the Church in the history of South Africa with men and women of all ages, denominations, races and circumstances present. ....There were a few internationally renowned speakers who addressed delegates.... They included Mrs Janet Museveni, First Lady of Uganda, who has been honoured with the Global AIDS Leadership Award; Dr Bruce Wilkinson, author of ‘The Prayer of Jabez’....

     " Mr Thabo Mbeki [Socialist President of S. Africa].... applauded Christian leaders for their dedication and emphasised the critical role they play in serving the people of South Africa. He urged the church to maintain an open line of communication with government and to continue to be vocal on moral and national matters of importance.... Commenting on the government’s draft policy on Religion and Education, [the newly drafted letter] said, 'While we recognise the need to demonstrate Christian tolerance and respect in handling this matter with both the State and other faiths, we nevertheless see the current debate on Religious Education policy as a wonderful opportunity for the Church to demonstrate unity....”

      The next link tells more about the official policy on Religion and Education:


 Religious diversity in schools (South Africa): "Education Minister Kader Asmal... said religion in schools should be handled respectfully, with integrity and within the framework of tolerance and human rights.... Pupils will start learning about other religions than their own from grade 1.... In grade 6 they will be assessed according to their ability to discuss the dignity of the person in a variety of religions."

     To understand the goal of this mandatory "religious diversity" program, see the following quote from a government paper on the same topic. America is headed in the same direction -- but its focus is on global unity:

January 2003

Discarding Truth: "Hoping to close two national forests, government scientists planted evidence that the forests were inhabited by an endangered species of lynx. The scientists' dishonesty undermined a three-year study and confirmed suspicions that some government scientists fake studies in order to control environmental policy....

      "The appearance on the scene of scientists and scholars who betray the public's trust in their integrity in order to advance ideological agendas is frightening. It means that the enculturation of scientists and scholars is failing in the graduate schools where they are trained. ... See Saving the Earth (then click on "politicized science)

      "Education becomes the propaganda of the group that controls the schools. Indeed, education is already being pried loose from any relation to truth. Marxists denied the existence of any truth by claiming that 'truth' was nothing but the expression of class interests -- a claim that allowed Marxists to ignore facts that undermined their arguments. Class Marxism has given way to Cultural Marxism, which claims truth is just an expression of race interest, gender interest and sexual orientation. According to these multiculturalists, there is a different 'truth' for men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals, blacks and whites, able-bodied and disabled. ...

      "Before our very eyes, history is being transformed into politically correct fantasy. .... Is the next step to put us in reeducation camps and erase our memories?" See The International Agenda and Education Buzzwords

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