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October 2002

Iraq prepares for urban warfare (October 4, 2002): "Iraqi officials are warning that Iraq will create a "new Vietnam" for American forces by forcing them to fight in cities. Senior Iraqi officials are telling Western visitors that '[we will] let our streets be our jungles; let our buildings be our swamps.' The aim is to draw US troops into urban warfare to 'kill enough Americans to send them home,' said one such visitor, who asked not to named. Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz vowed 'a fierce war during which the United States will suffer losses they have never sustained for decades.'" 2 Chronicles 20:12

September 2002

Libya may be first Arab state with nukes: "Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Libya is working with such countries as Iraq, North Korea and Saudi Arabia to develop missiles and weapons of mass destruction." Matthew 24:7

Iran successfully test fires surface-to-surface missile: "...potentially capable of carrying a nuclear warhead." Psalm 27:1-4

US Denies Report of Major Raid on Western Iraq: "The Pentagon on Friday dismissed a British newspaper report that 100 U.S. and British warplanes conducted a major air raid against an airfield in western Iraq that could be a prelude to war.... The Daily Telegraph said 100 U.S. and British warplanes had taken part in the strike and that it was the largest raid in four years." See 100 jets join attack on Iraq

100 jets join attack on Iraq: "The Pentagon said that the raid was launched in 'response to recent Iraqi hostile acts against coalition aircraft monitoring the southern no-fly zone'.... The Ministry of Defence in London refused to confirm that RAF aircraft had taken part, but defence sources said that Tornado ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft played a key role." Psalm 27:1-4

June 2002

Egypt has North Korean missiles?  "Egypt recently purchased 24 No-Dong medium-range missiles, the only purpose for which I, frankly, can conceive is as a threat to Israel," Frank Gaffney, president of the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, told the House subcommittee oversight panel on terrorism. 'They could, after all, be used to deliver chemical, biological or even perhaps small atomic or nuclear weapons to Israel.' ...In his testimony, Gaffney also warned of Saudi Arabia's missile arsenal." King Hezekiah's Prayer

May 2002

No talks, says India, amid warning of nuclear war: "India rejected calls to engage Pakistan in talks over Kashmir, as Islamabad announced the recall of troops on foreign duty and Britain warned confrontation between the bitter rivals could escalate into nuclear war." Matt 24:7

Suicide bombs fuel pressure to fence off West Bank: "Two Palestinian suicide bombs in as many days have force-fed Israeli public support for fencing off the West Bank from the eastern border of the Jewish state, despite bitter opposition by settlers who fear a security fence may well be recognized in the future as the permanent border of an independent Palestine." See Jer 6:13-15 and Reinventing the World

Exporting weapons draws U.S. sanctions: "Chinese and European arms exporters were hit with U.S. economic sanctions for selling cruise missile and chemical weapons goods to Iran.... The sanctions were imposed on 14 companies and persons for violating the 2000 Iran Nonproliferation Act, which was passed into law in an effort to discourage exports that could boost Tehran's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and missile programs." Matt 24:7

U.S. concludes Israel's military cannot defeat the Palestinians: Officials said ... the Israeli operation reminded them of the Russian war in Chechnya.... In contrast, Wolfowitz said he believes the United States is winning its war against Islamic insurgents. He pointed to the ouster of the ruling Taliban regime and the destruction of Al Qaida's infrastructure in Afghanistan. 'I think the terrorists are losing,' Wolfowitz told the MSNBC network last week. 'We've taken out a lot of their key people. We've I think had significant effects not just in Afghanistan but all around the world in disrupting their activities.'"


Village had 'no time for prayers' Colombians cringe in civil war's cross fire: "A shattered effigy of Christ stares skyward and human remains lie scattered around the Bellavista church in this remote jungle village of 800 inhabitants. ... At least 117 civilians -- including some 40 children -- were killed and 103 others were wounded in Bojaya last Thursday in the worst single act of violence against civilians in Colombia's 38 years of brutal civil war." Preparing for Persecution


Videogame Enrages Israeli Supporters: "...the Internet program Kaboom! involves a main character who uses explosives to blow up his enemies, earning more points for more kills. But this isn't your typical videogame hero. And his targets aren't aliens or robots. To many people, the 'star' of Kaboom! is an apparent Palestinian suicide bomber who kills innocent men, women and children in Israel. ...

     "'Kaboom! trivializes the heinous act of killing and maiming innocent people,' Rep. Nita M. Lowey, D-N.Y., wrote to newgrounds.com, the site hosting the game. "Even as our men and women in uniform continue to fight against terrorism in many places around the world, this program makes a game of terrorism in the global community, encouraging players to consider suicide bombing a recreational sport, complete with objectives and scores." 2 Tim 3:1-14


U.S. ultimatum to Syria, Libya on weapons of mass destruction: "U.S. officials said the Bush administration has determined that Libya and Syria have not responded to diplomatic pressure to end their missile and WMD program. The officials said the White House is examining proposals for what the officials termed 'active measures' such as llisting Syria as a member of the 'axis of evil.' The axis is composed of Iran, Iraq and North Korea." Matt 24:7


Peace processes: "Those who see negotiations as a magic process leading to peace often fail to understand that negotiations between nations are not like negotiations between labor and management, where both sides realize that in the end they each need the other to survive. A nation does not need another nation in order to survive. The Palestinians would love nothing better than to survive by exterminating Israel....
      "Those who look for 'root causes' might consider this: Several years before there was a state of Israel, Winston Churchill said that the Jews in Palestine had "made the desert bloom." Had they not done so, there might be peace in the Middle East today. Nothing has promoted more fierce and lasting hatred than assaulting people's egos by blatantly outperforming them. Most of the great mindless slaughters of the 20th century -- whether of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the kulaks in the Soviet Union, the Jews in Germany, the Ibos in Nigeria or the Tamils in Sri Lanka -- have been slaughters of those who dramatically eclipsed the accomplishments of others."
Luke 12:51


India begins war games on Pak border: "Tensions between the two South Asian states, which have fought three wars since independence in 1947, were sent spiraling on December 13, when Islamic militants allegedly linked to Pakistan attacked the Indian parliament, leaving 14 people dead. Since then, both India and Pakistan have deployed nearly one million troops along their shared border." Matt 24:7

April 2002

Arafat's wife backs suicide bombings in interview: "Suha Arafat said if she had a son, there would be 'no greater honor' than to sacrifice him for the Palestinian cause. 'Would you expect me and my children to be less patriotic and more eager to live than my countrymen and their father and leader who is seeking martyrdom?' she was quoted as saying. ...Henry Siegman, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations... said Sunday, 'When I hear a woman of Suha Arafat's intelligence, culture and standing in the Palestinian community condone suicide attacks, I fear that for Israelis and Palestinians the goal is no longer security or the creation of a state, but vengeance.''' Matt 24:7


Million on Rabat streets as pro-Palestinian rallies continue: "In Lebanon, demonstrators at Tyre's Palestinian refugee camps south of Beirut chanted: 'If Abu Ammar (Arafat's nom de guerre) falls a martyr, we will blow up embassies and hijack planes.' Small children dressed as suicide bombers with mock explosives strapped around their waists, stood at the head of the demonstration....

      In Spain's second city of Barcelona, organisers said 10,000 people joined a rally including members of the left, union and non-government organisation (NGOs) representatives. Protesters carried placards declaring: 'We are all for the Palestinians, we are all for Arafat' or 'Israel is a murderer, the United States, an accomplice'. Some 5,000 people protested peacefully in Sweden's second city Gothenburg with banners reading: 'Crush Racist Israel.'" Matt 24:7

March 2002

Who killed Mohammed al-Dura? "Crouching in terror behind his father, who struggled in vain to protect his son from the gunfire, Mohammed was shot. The dramatic footage of al-Dura's Sept. 30 death has been broadcast the world over. Palestinian television has created an edited version wherein pictures of an Israeli soldier shooting have been spliced into the original footage. ...The theory, backed by considerable evidence, has now emerged that the unthinkable actually occurred -- that a Palestinian shot the boy in cold blood to create a needed martyr -- on film -- to advance the Palestinian nationalist cause."


Evidence That Arabs Shot 12-Year-Old Muhammad: "The [Palestinian Authority] capitalized on footage of the death of the boy cowering behind his father, broadcast countless times throughout the world, as an example of Israeli aggression. The possibility that Arabs might actually have fired the fatal shots, as claimed by many Israelis, was essentially ignored. The film to be screened tomorrow, however, shows much evidence indicating that PA forces killed the boy." Four Faces of Islam


US threatens Russia with nuclear attack: "The military campaign in the Afghan mountains has become one of the most difficult ordeals for the US Army since the war in Vietnam.... In previous military operations, the Gulf War and the war against Yugoslavia, the US preferred to rely on its aircraft. However, battles in the Afghan mountains are another thing. ... The Taliban and Al Qaeda militants seem to be more experienced in carrying out battles under such conditions: mountains and bad weather. That is why the battles are so violent. Americans are irritated with the militants’ resistance, and they are even ready to use nuclear weapons to finish such battles as soon as possible." For pictures of those mountains, see Deliver us from evil


Data shows world awash in stolen nuclear material: "International researchers have compiled what they say is the world's most complete database of lost, stolen and misplaced nuclear material - depicting a world awash in weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that nobody can account for. 'It truly is frightening,' Lyudmila Zaitseva, a visiting fellow at Stanford University's Institute for International Studies (IIS), said.... 'I think this is the tip of the iceberg.... We can only guess by the routes where the material is going. We can't say for sure if it is Iraq, Iran, North Korea, al Qaeda or Hezbollah...."This is hot stuff. If you steal 20 kilograms of that material, you can build a nuclear weapon." 2 Chron 20:12


Shadow government deployed to secret bunkers to ensure America's continuity if capital is struck: "President Bush has dispatched a shadow government of about 100 senior civilian managers to live and work secretly outside Washington, activating for the first time long-standing plans to ensure survival of federal rule after catastrophic attack on the nation's capital. ...Officials who are activated for what some of them call 'bunker duty' live and work underground 24 hours a day, away from their families."


Military EC-3 Recon Photo of the WTC Site

January 2002

The flight paths of the four terrorist highjacked planes on Sept. 11.

War. Imagine (Part II): "The Siege"... is not only about Islamic terrorism coming to New York City but more importantly it is about America's military being used against its own citizens under martial law. By executive order the Commander in Chief essentially suspends the Constitution in the name of 'peace and safety' which of course leads to anything BUT peace and safety. ...

     "If the smoking rubble at 'ground zero' more accurately represents the evil of fallen man and his capacity to hate than even Hollywood can imagine, how much more have our own imaginations underestimated the love of God and all He has endured to redeem us?" Psalm 46:10


Nuclear Power Failure? (CBS): "Nuclear bombs and missiles in the U.S. arsenal contain batteries manufactured by a defense contractor whose workers say knowingly produced faulty batteries.... Special batteries made by Eagle Picher Technologies of Joplin, Mo. power the guidance systems of many U.S. weapons — from antitank missiles to cruise missiles to the "smart bombs" used in Afghanistan. If the batteries don't work, weapons can go off target with disastrous results. ....News Eagle Picher covered up manufacturing problems and test failures — and shipped out defective batteries. 'The attitude was: regardless of what the test results were, let's meet the deadline,' said a male employee who did not want to be identified."


How Osama was smuggled into Pakistan (New Delhi, 2-2): "The covert operation to facilitate Osama bin Laden sneak into Pakistan from Afghanistan in November could well be the script of a spy thriller. A Pakistani warlord from Pashtun-dominated Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Mulla Sufi Mohammad, played a pivotal role.... Here is how it happened...." See Deliver us from evil

December 2001

Fostering hate: "While PLO leader Yasser Arafat maintains he is doing everything in his power to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East, the textbooks Palestinian children read in their schools tell a different tale.... As has been widely reported previously, maps in the books don't recognize Israel, labeling the area where the country now exists as 'Palestine.' ...'Names of Jewish religious sites are presented as being Muslim holy places taken over by Jews. Pictures in books are of Israeli soldiers blocking checkpoints, uprooting olive groves and bulldozing homes. The books teach tolerance only between Muslims and Christians.'" Four Faces of Islam


Pentagon releases bin Laden tape : "Osama bin Laden contentedly recalled the Sept. 11 suicide attacks against America on a videotape released Thursday by the Pentagon, saying the destruction exceeded his estimates and the event 'benefitted Islam greatly.' The hijackings were 'a martyrdom operation,' Bin Laden said in a conversation with two aides and a Saudi sheik, but those who carried them out didn't know the precise details until just before they boarded the planes.

      "The tape, amateurish in quality but chilling nonetheless, was released as part of an administration effort to support claims that bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks.... 'They were overjoyed when the first plane hit the building,' he said of others listening with him that day. 'So I said to them: Be patient.' He said, 'At the end of the newscast, they reported that a plane just hit the World Trade Center.' 'Allah be praised,' replied one of the other men in the videotape." Four Faces of Islam


Al-Qaida Faces Surrender Deadline: "After making a last stand on a wind-swept mountain top, hundreds of foreign fighters tried to escape a relentless tribal advance but were trapped by shelling in a rocky canyon. Some pleaded for mercy and said by radio that they were ready to give up. During the assault overnight, U.S. special forces were seen heading for the front. ... The whereabouts of bin Laden, who U.S. officials suspected was in Tora Bora, remained unclear." See Deliver us from evil


'Chaos' in war's final push: "The push to find Osama bin Laden could well end in these harsh hills of eastern Afghanistan, where al-Qaeda resistance remains fierce despite the Taliban's reversals elsewhere. The anti-Taliban forces are moving in, but they are splintered and short of ammunition. The hidden soldiers of al-Qaeda, preparing for what could be a last stand, are cocky and belligerent. On a shared radio frequency, an unseen enemy teases anti-Taliban forces, who listen on their walkie-talkies. 'My dear brothers, your sisters could fight better than you!' blares the voice. Other al-Qaeda soldiers can be heard laughing. Seconds later, the soldier who apparently hurled the insult appears with five others on a ridge. They're about 75 yards away, across a small mountain valley. Two of them smile and wave their arms defiantly at the 18 anti-Taliban fighters hunkered down here. The dejected fighters stare back: They've run out of ammunition.

       "'Send us your international forces. Send us the Americans,' the al-Qaeda soldier broadcasts. 'God willing, we will teach them a lesson, too.'" See Deliver us from evil


Hamas rules streets, not Arafat, says Atta: "From the roof of his house in Bethlehem's sprawling Deheisha refugee camp, the veteran Hamas activist points out an Israeli army position on a nearby hilltop, where, he says, snipers carry his photograph and monitor his movements around the clock. 'Of course, they could kill me whenever they want, and I'm sure that would make Yasser Arafat very happy, too,' Mr. Atta observed cheerfully. 'But my fate is of no importance because Hamas will live on and, as anyone in this camp can tell you, we are growing more powerful than ever because the people have us in their hearts.' Mr. Arafat still may be in charge of the ruling Palestinian Authority, Mr. Atta said, 'but we are now the true masters of the streets.'"

       "Alongside its military operations, Hamas is steadily creating what amounts to a parallel administration that puts the near-bankrupt and corruption-ridden Palestinian Authority to shame, with its well-run schools, health clinics and food-distribution centers. 'They clearly model themselves on the Hezbollah.... 'Hezbollah went from strength to strength among the Shi'ite population by providing social welfare with one hand and killing Israelis with the other.'" See Four Faces of Islam


Victorious warlords set to open the opium floodgates: "The Taliban ban on poppy-growing, which slashed Afghan opium production by 94 per cent last year, is over. And the impact on the West will be huge - 90 per cent of Europe's heroin comes from opium grown in Afghanistan. 'The Taliban order on poppy-growing was false,' Ali said. 'It hurt many farmers that they could not grow poppies. Now I will earn money again.' But the wrinkled old farmer, whose leathery skin has been baked nut-brown after a lifetime in the fields, is not the only one set to cash in. The new warlords, who have replaced the Taliban across large swaths of Afghanistan, will earn millions of dollars too. The Northern Alliance has always indulged in opium production, but now it has captured some of the richest opium-growing lands in the country." See The Pashtun - The brutal warriors of the Taliban


U.S. plans campaign to oust Saddam: "The plan calls for U.S. aerial bombing to support anti-Saddam opposition forces in the country. The plan was revealed by Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper which reported last week that the so-called “Rumsfeld Plan” — named after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld — calls for setting up a secular, pluralist, democratic Iraq and preserving Iraq’s current borders after Saddam is ousted. The newspaper is Turkey’s largest circulation daily." Matt 24:7


Newswatch Magazine: "The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack upon the United States was a terrible crime against our nation. Those who are working for a One-World-Government look for opportunities to use crises to further their aims and purposes. Legislators rush to pass Laws that they say are designed to protect America from future terrorist attacks. One such Law has now been passed with only three "no" votes. The short name for it is the USA PATRIOT ACT. Critics, on both the left and right politically, are saying the Act does nothing to secure our nation from terrorist attacks, but it only STRIPS Americans of fundamental Constitutional rights. They say it has set the stage for a police state in America." Nehemiah 1:3-10

November 2001

U.S. seeks mutual 'security perimeter': "U.S. officials are proposing that Canada and Mexico toughen their immigration and border-control policies and help the United States create a three-nation North American 'security perimeter.' ...It is known, for instance, that some 50 terrorist groups and roughly 350 terrorists from India, the Middle East, and various Mediterranean countries reside in Canada and raise money for their overseas operations — often by stealing and by intimidating the law-abiding compatriots." Psalm 27:1-3


 Is It Safe To Fly Yet? "Signing a landmark aviation package into law on Nov. 19, President George W. Bush called for 'a new commitment to security in the air' that would make air travel as safe as possible. ... [But] it comes at a high price. ATA President Carol Hallett points out in a written statement, 'After Jan. 1, taxes and fees for passengers will include a new security fee of up to $10 per roundtrip ticket, a 7.5 percent domestic ticket tax, a $3 per-person, per-flight segment fee, and a maximum of $18 in airport passenger facility charges (PFCs). Thus, $55 in taxes and fees would likely be applicable to a $200 domestic roundtrip ticket purchased next year. For lower-priced tickets, the taxes and fees could amount to 40 to 50 percent of the total cost. Airlines will also be required to pay an additional $4 per passenger, on average, to the government to cover security screening costs.'"

China's video games: "On the one hand, there were President Bush and China's President Jiang Zemin in polka-dotted Chinese jackets at the Oct. 19 summit, smiling at one another like fraternity brothers. On the other hand, there is the new video produced by Beijing Television celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center. I repeat: celebrating. Will the real Beijing please stand up?" Lam 1:2


'Up to 500 executed' after the fall of Mazar: Summary executions, abductions and looting have followed the capture of Mazar-i Sharif by Northern Alliance forces, the United Nations said yesterday. As Red Cross staff buried the victims of the battle for the city, unconfirmed reports emerged of a massacre of Taleban and Pakistanis in a school in the northern capital. UN officials said that it was unclear how many had ... The World Food Programme (WFP) spoke of 'freelance gunmen' fighting in the streets of the city, with civilians being kidnapped and 89 tons of oil, sugar and high-energy biscuits stolen. ...Others, however, said that the situation appeared to be calm in towns and provinces that had fallen to the Alliance. ‘There have not been any revenge attacks. We were very much afraid that the Pashtun population would be attacked, but so far so good.’” Four Faces of Islam - especially the section on "Folk Islam."


Bush Makes a Pitch for Teaching Patriotism: "I am proud to be standing with the Patriots," said President Bush, the assembly's guest of honor, to a roar of approval from the suburban teenagers. 'We're a nation of patriots. . . . We have a renewed spirit of patriotism.'...The Bush administration has backed a series of initiatives aimed at boosting children's patriotism and enlisting the young in the effort to counter anti-American propaganda abroad. The administration has thrown its weight behind a mass Pledge of Allegiance by the nation's 52 million schoolchildren, a pen-pal exchange between U.S. children and Muslim children overseas, and classroom lectures by veterans. ...
        "Far broader programs are being considered. The White House is considering legislation, to be introduced next week by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), that would quintuple participation in AmeriCorps, the national service program, to 250,000. The legislation directs that half of the new slots would be in the areas of Homeland Security and public safety."
2 Chron 20:6-12


How the US gained useful knowledge of germ warfare: "...It was in 1932 that Shiro established his infamous Unit 731 at Harbin, in Manchuria, which the Japanese had occupied the previous year. Unit 731 was a Japanese Auschwitz where Shiro and his team of scientists prepared for germ and biological warfare. At Unit 731, Shiro chronicled how anthrax, dysentery, typhoid, cholera and bubonic plague killed people. Subjects were injected with the germs and their descent into death was annotated. Subjects were not in short supply. Some 3,000 people, mainly Chinese POWs but also Koreans and Americans, were used at Harbin. If Shiro needed an extra subject unexpectedly, he abducted one off the streets.
     "Shiro injected animals too. He bred colonies of plague-infested rats, and when they were appropriately purulent, he would release them in their thousands into enemy territory....
For reasons that are obscure, but that were presumably psychosexual, he would use no anaesthetic....

     "...the Americans were planning biological warfare of their own, and Shiro knew they needed his science. So, like another murderous but valuable researcher..., he offered the Americans a deal....

     "...as Machiavelli explained 500 years ago, that is the nature of government. The rule of law is for subjects, not rulers." Nehemiah 1:3-10

October 2001

CIA recruited cat to bug Russians: "THE CIA tried to uncover the Kremlin's deepest secrets during the 1960s by turning cats into walking bugging devices, recently declassified documents show.... Victor Marchetti, a former CIA officer, told The Telegraph that Project Acoustic Kitty was a gruesome creation. He said: "They slit the cat open, put batteries in him, wired him up. The tail was used as an antenna. They made a monstrosity. They tested him and tested him. They found he would walk off the job when he got hungry, so they put another wire in to override that. ...The technology is thought to have cost more than £10 million." Judges 17:6


Pro-Taliban tribesmen block trade route - Boulders paralyze Silk Road in Pakistan: "Pro-Taliban tribesmen brandishing assault rifles and rocket launchers dug into mountain crags overlooking the fabled Silk Road yesterday while army troops tried to end their protest of U.S.-led air attacks on Afghanistan. ... An estimated 10,000 tribesmen from Pashtun clans -- the same ethnic group as most of Afghanistan's Taliban rulers -- rolled huge boulders across at least six sections of the highway almost a week ago, paralyzing the 800-mile international trade corridor, triggering fuel and flour shortages in the region." Andy crossed these mountains along the Silk Road on his way to Pakistan days before Sept. 11. See pictures of Taliban hiding places in Deliver us from evil


Quote: "There is bitter irony in trying to gain security at the expense of the very liberties that define America. Turning the United States into a near-police state would surely be terrorism's greatest triumph." Newsweek, October 1, 2001, page 62.


 Words of Wisdom About Gas, Germs, and Nukes: "Since the media have decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare on our turf I decided to write a paper and keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons, munitions, and training expert. ...
      "We'll start by talking about nerve agents. You have these in your house: plain old bug killer (like Raid) is nerve agent. All nerve agents work the same way; they are cholinesterase inhibitors that mess up the signals your nervous system uses to make your body function...."
Psalm 139:13-16


Pill-Sized Spies - New Sensor-Based Communication System That's the Size of an Aspirin: "... the battery-powered sensor nodes can independently assess movement or environment, then relay that information between nodes to a sensor board. The sensor nodes, or motes, can be dropped from an airplane and used to track troop movements.... Pister said he believes it's only a matter of time before his sensor motes are as tiny as a grain of sand." How else might this technology be used to monitor people? It's interesting to note that most sophisticated weapons (including biological) for war were developed in America then transferred to Russia and its "friends" through unthinkable agreements -- and to other nations who were our "friends" one year and enemies the next. Now most of them are used to threaten us. See Psalm 56:11 and No Place to Hide?


Ashcroft Eager to Expand Police Powers: "Attorney General John Ashcroft says he will order U.S. law enforcement to immediately use broad new police powers contained in an anti-terrorism bill once it becomes law. 'History's judgment will be harsh ... if we fail to use every available resource to prevent future terrorist attacks,' the attorney general said Thursday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors."


Rumsfeld says bin Laden hiding: "The men are difficult to find because of the mountainous terrain and because they may be moving from place to place."  See pictures showing the ample hiding places in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan and Pakistan in Deliver us from evil

Cheney: Precautions to Become Normal: "Homeland Security is not a temporary measure for the current crisis, but ``will become permanent in American life.' 'I think of it as the new normalcy,' Cheney said." Nehemiah 1:3-10

Bush Signs Anti-terror Bill: "The measure allows expanded surveillance of electronic mail, Internet and cellphone transmissions, rewriting laws that were first crafted in the era of rotary telephones. It will also extend the reach of federal search warrants, making them valid across all district and state lines. Previously, law enforcement officials were required to obtain a new warrant in different jurisdictions." See The Enemy Of The People?  

Northern Alliance Rebels: Not Exactly Poster Boys for Fighting Terror: "An Uzbek warlord, Gen. Rashid Dostum, is accused of allowing massacres and mass rapes. Another man betrayed Dostum to join the Taliban, then switched back and is accused of atrocities himself. A third has called for war to drive U.S. troops from Muslim lands. These are among America's new allies inside Afghanistan, the heads of the United Front or northern alliance. ...This loose coalition of warlords, from minority ethnic groups and with a long history of mistrust, violence and human-rights atrocities, destroyed most of Kabul, the capital, when they ruled it from 1992 to 1996. During brutal infighting, they killed tens of thousands of people....

      "Yet they also are the only group that fought the Taliban the last five years... There is no similar rebel group in the south, although the CIA is trying to win converts there among the Pashtun, Afghanistan's largest ethnic group and the main support base of the Taliban." Prov 8:36

Military Culture: A Paradigm Shift? “...the analysis explores the current battle between the military's traditional 'combat, masculine-warrior' (or CMW) paradigm of exclusion and the contradictory 'evolving' model of culture characterized by inclusion and heterogeneity. Two recent cases illustrate this divergence between paradigm and model: women in combat and homosexuals in the military. The analysis next examines the long-term war of military culture, suggesting that the military is undergoing a cultural paradigm shift--moving away from its traditional CMW paradigm of exclusion toward an inclusionary view of soldiering.”  Do you feel safer now?  See Chapter 9 in A Twist of Faith

U.S. advising Philippines on its terrorism war - Abu Sayyaf rebels linked to bin Laden: "Abu Sabaya, taunted the United States in a recent call to a Philippine radio station. 'We have long wanted to fight the U.S.... We are not afraid.'  The group has become notorious in recent years for kidnapping foreigners for ransom -- and beheading hostages, including Guillermo Sobero, a 40-year- old construction worker from Corona, Riverside County, whose family buried his remains Friday. ...The remaining hostages include Christian missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham of Wichita, Kansas...." See Four Faces of Islam


Chinese fighters killed in U.S. strikes: "At least 15 dead found fighting on side of Taliban.... The Washington Post reported Sept. 13 that Beijing signed a memorandum of understanding with the Taliban for greater economic and technical cooperation -- the last of a series of Chinese agreements with Afghanistan in the last two years. The Post characterized China's relationship with the Taliban as the closest of any non-Muslim country. The memorandum of understanding was, ironically, signed Sept. 11." After Sunday's soothing pictures of Bush and Jiang Zemin smiling and shaking hands in Shanghai, do you wonder what is going on behind the scenes?  

Chaos, anarchy in Kandahar - Arab fighters from other countries turn to looting: "Following 12 days of heavy bombardment, the southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar has collapsed into a state of 'pre-Taliban lawlessness,' with Arab fighters once loyal to the ruling Taliban regime taking over homes, looting stores and battling Taliban police in street gunfights, a senior relief organization official said yesterday.  Nearly 1,000 Arab fighters, soldiers linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network, have been forced out of their four barracks by the U.S.-led strikes and have holed up in civilian homes around Kandahar. 'It's about life and death now,' said the official...." Judges 17:6

Israel says Arafat era is over: "The Middle East moved closer to a new war yesterday as Ariel Sharon declared the Arafat era over and moved tanks into three West Bank towns. Israel also killed a leading Palestinian militant, and the PLO claimed to have evidence that the Jewish state was plotting to assassinate its leader, Yassir Arafat. The rapid collapse of the peace process followed the murder of Rehavam Zeevi, the Israeli Tourism Minister, by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) on Wednesday." Nehemiah 1:3-10

Hizbollah leader wants terrorism defined: "Mohammed Raad, a leading member of Hizbollah, the Lebanese Shia Muslim group, has called for an agreed international definition of 'terrorism'. ... 'An international definition of terrorism has to be arrived at through consensus,' Mr Raad said in an interview. 'Terrorism includes the occupation of a country by force, and it includes the killing of civilians - unless they support such an occupation.'"  For more links to definitions of terrorism, click on War, then on "defining terrorism." Pray that God would block any new ambiguous "definition" that could be used against the innocent

Russian military suspected as source of anthrax: "...the Soviet Union churned out two tons of anthrax a day at Stepanagorsk in Kazakhstan and said the Russians covered up an outbreak of anthrax in the Urals in 1979. He told a United States congressional committee last week: 'There are pieces of Biopreparat that are still running, some with a very high level of secrecy.' No one knows where up to 50 Russian scientists possessing secrets on weapons-grade anthrax may be today, he added. The strain found to have affected the 34 staff members of the US Senate yesterday was a highly potent, finely milled weapons-grade powder."  In spite of comforting assurances, the cold war never really ended. Consensus and partnership has replaced separation. We would be wise to trust God with our future, not political reassurances. "Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because... He knew what was in man." John 3:32 See also Luke 12:51-3

An earlier link: "The Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council was created in 1997 as an independent organization consisting of Russian and American experts with the purpose of developing new U.S.-Russian cooperative nuclear security initiatives and ensuring that existing programs become deeply rooted and are implemented expeditiously."  Does this remind you of the US-USSR Education Exchange Agreement signed by President Reagan and Gorbachev? See Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education


Propaganda and Disinformation. U.S. Muslim leader: Jews did it - Cleric says if Americans knew truth they would emulate Hitler: "The Jews are responsible for the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the imam of New York's Islamic Center said in an interview with an Arabic-language university website." The Mainstream Media

As small groups of ground troops prepare for battle in Afghanistan, this article may serve as a reminder to pray for our soldier -- especially that they choose to trust God : Critics say U.S. forces are too big and too slow: "With their sleek planes, mighty ships and determined soldiers dressed in camouflage, the U.S. armed forces have the image of invincibility for the first war of the 21st century. But critics say...  the military apparatus is too big, too slow and too dependent on high- tech equipment. Using it against terrorists hiding in caves, they say, is like shooting mosquitoes with ballistic missiles." For a glimpse of the rough, treacherous terrain, see the Pakistani part of a mountain range that reaches deep into Afghanistan: Psalm 27:1-3, Deliver us from evil and  the first item in War.

 Anthrax: More Deadly Than Reported by Col. Byron Weeks, M.D.: "...Anthrax bacteria are easy to cultivate and spore production is readily induced. Moreover, the spores are highly resistant to sunlight, heat and disinfectants – properties which could be advantageous when choosing a bacterial weapon. Weaponized spores are heartier than ones that Western medical experts have seen before; therefore, the risk from these spores is greater than many may believe. Iraq admitted to a United Nations inspection team in August of 1991 that it had performed research on the offensive use of B. anthracis prior to the Persian Gulf War, and in 1995 Iraq admitted to weaponizing anthrax." Matt 24:7


 Memo to Bush: A Plan to Prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction (from U.S. security consultant Col. Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking military spy ever to defect from Russia): "The arrest of more than 600 people here in the U.S. over the last month suggests that terrorists number in the thousands or even tens of thousands. Some 'experts' have argued that we have seen the worst. Had the terrorists really possessed nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, they surely would have used these first. Such thinking is wrong and dangerous." Josh 1:9


Prison Companies Get Hot: "America's new wall of Homeland Security is creating a big demand for cells to hold suspects and illegal aliens who might be rounded up. Stocks of private companies that build and operate prisons for governments have zoomed as high as 300 percent in anticipation of internment camps and new prisons.... He said the half-dozen publicly traded prison companies are in a buzz about expanding prison projects being issued by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.... He said the Bureau is also seeking bids early next year for three more prisons in the Southwest deserts that can hold more than 1,500 detainees.

Blair backs call for Palestinian state: "Tony Blair sharing a press conference with Yasser Arafat in London yesterday vividly brought home the fact that the "war" in which we are engaged has strayed from its course.... The diplomatic effort, in itself laudable, to get as many countries on-side as possible, has now taken on a dangerous life of its own. Of course we all hope that some resolution can be found to the agony of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Of course we all seek a better deal for the hungry, frightened people of Afghanistan. But we cannot solve a 50-year-old quarrel in the heat of this terrible moment, with men like Arafat who are themselves terrorists and whose writ does not run among his own people."

Soviet veterans' advice: Don't go there: "Beginning in late 1979, the Soviet army spent 10 years in Afghanistan trying in vain to bolster an unpopular communist regime. It lost thousands of people but gained no control over the treacherous mountain land or the battle- hardened mujahedeen foe that the United States helped train and arm. Afghan resistance fighters -- including Osama bin Laden -- staged surprise attacks and took cover in the mountains and gorges that they, but no one else, knew by heart. Back home, hostility against the invasion grew, and in 1989, Soviet troops finally retreated from Afghanistan.... But before they left, the army sent home at least 15,000 body bags and hundreds of thousands of wounded, maimed, ill and emotionally scarred soldiers." This warning is a reminder to pray for our soldiers.

Pakistan, defying U.N. pleas, plans to repatriate Afghans: "The United Nations had asked Pakistan to give asylum to newly arrived Afghans languishing at refugee camps in northwestern Pakistan.... Pakistan's military government has refused new asylum seekers, fearing it will be left to handle the refugee problem on its own when international emergency aid runs out -- a situation impoverished Pakistan can ill afford.... But Afghans continue to make the torturous journey over mountain passes, bribing Pakistani security forces."


The next four items show the difficulty and danger of defining terrorism and profiling potential terrorists:


Bush Administration's Redefinition Of 'Terrorist' Worries Many: "In other words, while Congress may pass the legislation originally aimed at Arab terrorists who work for Osama bin Laden, the actual wording of the proposed law is so broad and vague that some highly elected official might just redefine who and what constitutes a terrorist. A simple redefinition might just make a terrorist out of anyone who disagrees strongly with the government. A simple redefinition might just make terrorists out of the Fundamental, Born Again Christian ..."

        "This redefinition may have already begun. In Tom Ridge's statement, he also uses the vague verb, 'ash out' to redefine terrorist. There are several ways in which a person can 'lash out.' They can do so physically and violently. They can 'lash out' orally, calling a person false derogatory names. But, is it possible for government authorities to so construe 'lash out' as to apply to a situation in which the truth is told about a person, his country, or his religion -- a truth that is not popular to hear?     

        "In other words, if a Christian ministry tells the truth about Islam, even quoting from their writings, including the Koran, can that ministry then be called a 'terrorist' organization? If this is the case, then all the broad authority which Bush and Ashcroft are seeking could then be turned on that Christian ministry." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health 


What Terrorism Is and Is Not - A Problem of Definition: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines terrorism as: "...the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."
The U.S. Department of State: "...'terrorism' [is] premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine state agents, usually intended to influence an audience.
The Department of Defense: "The calculated use of violence or threat of violence to inculcate fear, intended to coerce or try to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological."
       "...The definitions of terrorism used by U.S. Government Departments and Agencies are applicable to all forms of political violence. To conclude, terrorism has two components: political objectives and fear from violence."
See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


FAA Passenger Profiling Alert (old news): "The U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has submitted a proposal to require airlines to use a computer-assisted passenger screening program that selects passengers both randomly and who fit the supposed profile of a terrorist for heightened security examination of their checked bags. EFF believes this profiling system would: violate due process (no probable cause when targeting random persons); and violate the Fourth Amendment (unreasonable search)." See A Terrorist? Me?

Note: Like "terrorism," the word "violence" is open to all kinds of expedient political interpretations. Ponder these statements by leaders at the 1995 UN Conference on Women and from its concluding Beijing Declaration:

Anglican Women's Network: "We strive to eliminate economic, political, domestic, cultural, environmental, religious and sexual violence against women?" New usages of the word violence in a world where feelings and propaganda is fast replacing fact and truth: 

  • "Economic violence included 'unequal distribution of  wealth. . .  as evidence by world debt' and 'no wages for women's work."

  • "Political violence ranged from genuine examples of violence [such as rape] . . .  to 'women's exclusion in decision-making.'

  • "Religious violence was 'intolerance and persecution of women who will not conform' and 'exclusion of women from religious leadership."

  • "Sexual violence [included] 'compulsory heterosexuality.'

"The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion is inalienable and must be universally enjoyed.... However, it is acknowledged that any form of extremism may have a negative impact on women and can lead to violence and discrimination."

Find these quotes, corresponding footnotes and background information in Chapter 9 of A Twist of Faith.


Walking a tightrope - Pakistani leader musters forces to keep protests under control: "Even though angry anti-American protests continued after noon prayers in Pakistan yesterday, President Pervez Musharraf appears to be stifling the political backlash over his controversial decision to support U.S.-led strikes on Afghanistan." See Deliver us from evil

Paul Denounces Need for NATO Aircraft to Patrol American Skies: "Congressman Ron Paul today denounced the loss of U.S. sovereignty demonstrated by the use of NATO surveillance planes to patrol American skies. 'For the first time in American history, we are unable to defend our own borders and skies,' Paul stated. 'National security is the most basic sovereign duty of the federal government in our constitutional republic. Neither Congress nor the President can cede that duty to a foreign nation or body. We cannot allow the security of our own borders to become the responsibility of any coalition or international organization, whether it's NATO or the United Nations.... It is tragic that our interventionist foreign policy has spread our military forces so thin...." Ex 23:32

Al Qaida vows to continue battling US: "The al Qaida network of suspected terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden vowed Thursday that the United States would suffer further hijacked plane attacks unless it pulls out of Islamic countries. ...Neither their (Americans and the allies) air traveling will be safe, nor will they find peace on earth, unless these infidels leave the holy land of Muslims' the spokesman said."

FBI Warns of Terrorist Attacks: "The FBI today said the government has 'reason to believe' there may be additional terrorist attacks within the United States and against U.S. interests abroad 'over the next several days.'" Isaiah 19:2-12

Defining Terrorism - Little Agreement on Where to Draw the Line: "That includes the U.S. government. 'No one definition of terrorism has gained universal acceptance,' the State Department said in a report on world terrorism in 2000. The key elements to terrorism are obvious to many — violence, noncombatant targets, intention of spreading fear, and political aims. But crafting a watertight, commonly accepted definition has proven difficult." President Clinton was a master at crafting ambiguous definitions (in his executive orders, declarations, etc.) that embraced, not just the stated aims of the moment, but also other unspoken government aims. May our new administration show greater integrity. For illustrations, see Three Sets of Meanings of Educational Buzzwords.


"Rumsfeld Sees Long Battle" (no link: New York Times, 10-2-01):  "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld... warned the nation to prepare for not months, but years, of battle....

     "For the first time, NATO forces will cross the Atlantic to defend the United States, alliance officials said. Five NATO Awacs surveillance planes and their European crews will circle American skies to free up Air Force Awacs for missions elsewhere on the globe."  

      Two questions come to mind: (1) If the battle continues for "years," would this "national emergency" permanently eclipse all constitutional rights that conflict with the new Global Management System?  (2) Will foreign forces -- with no loyalty or love for America -- have authority to "guard" U.S. citizens while our troops fight elsewhere? Could this be a UN dream come true? See Towards A Rapid Reaction Capability for the UN and NATO to Deploy AWACS Aircraft in U.S


Russian troops gathering near Kabul: "The Russian military has secretly positioned troops on the outskirts of Kabul for an assault on the Afghan capital together with the opposition Northern Alliance forces, the Russian weekly Moscow News [10-9-01] said Tuesday.... The maneuver is aimed at beating American forces in entering Kabul not only for the sake of Russian honor, but also to secure a role for Russia in shaping the post-Taliban order in Afghanistan, the weekly said." Our president says the "cold war" is over. Indeed it is, since communism has a new image and consensus has replaced division. But how can our government trust partners like that?" See The State of the World according to Gorbachev


Is China moving in? "Sources report thousands of troops deployed to back Taliban." Matt 24:7


NATO to Deploy AWACS Aircraft in U.S. (Reuters): "NATO will soon deploy AWACS surveillance aircraft for anti-terrorist operations in the United States in response to the attacks on New York and Washington.... NATO officials said the United States had asked Friday for the AWACS to be deployed....
    "NATO officials declined to say why the United States had asked for the AWACS to be deployed there, or whether they would be used to free up U.S. aircraft for deployment in other regions...
. The deployment grows out of the decision "to provide a NATO presence and demonstrate resolve,'' an official NATO statement said Thursday."


Number in Custody Rises to More Than 600; FBI Probes Anthrax Contamination: "The number of people arrested in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks rose to more than 600 people as the FBI investigated an anthrax contamination at a building in Florida that housed several tabloid newspapers."  Matt 24:7

Robert Fisk: Our friends are killers, crooks and torturers: "Almost four weeks after the crimes against humanity in New York and Washington, we are playing politics on the hoof and allying ourselves to some of the nastiest butchers around." We recognize the need to work with other nations but thought these sobering Scriptures would be worth remembering. Since America is no longer a Christian nation, they don't really apply to us today. Prov 13:20

Secretive U.S. court may add to power Bush wants to use terrorism panel in criminal probes: "Cloaked in secrecy and unknown to most Americans, a seven-judge court has been busy in a sealed room at the U.S. Justice Department approving "black bag" searches, wiretaps and the bugging of homes in the interests of national security. The court, which has been operating for more than 20 years, has approved more than 10,000 government applications for clandestine searches and surveillance of foreigners, immigrants and U.S. citizens -- and only one request has ever been denied. In its anti-terrorism proposals, the Bush administration is asking Congress for a broad expansion of the enormous powers already granted....
     "Privacy and civil liberty groups, however, have expressed increasing alarm in recent years about the rising number of government applications to the court. They argue that the total secrecy of the process has eliminated any public accountability to ensure that the process is not being misused....

Bin Laden has four doubles to confuse western intelligence': "Osama bin Laden, the prime US terror suspect, uses doubles to confuse western intelligence agencies trying to track him down.... 'According to our latest information he is in Jalalabad (eastern Afghanistan) but we know that he has several doubles who move around in convoys to cover up and cause confusion,' said Ahmed Wali Massoud.... 'Several months ago, we received reports about the presence of four look-alikes of Osama in four different places in Afghanistan at the same time.'" 

America's Wake-Up Call by Gary Kah: "We have been led to believe that we are the world's only remaining superpower; but nothing could be further from the truth. A number of former Soviet military leaders - some of them now Christians - have warned the United States that while Russia appears to be economically weak, from a military standpoint she is stronger than ever. The fact is, Russia has been engaged in a concerted military build-up while we have been scaling back." See Global Management , America's Spiritual Slide  and Josh 1:9.


The boy who cried 'Muslim': "It's a story about the obscene exploitation of tragedy, the selfish abuse of public sympathy, and the trashing of truth and honor under the guise of promoting tolerance.  But this is no fable. It's a true-life, hoax-crime caper...." See chart: Five Types of Religious Expressions.

Soviet anthrax lying unguarded on test island "about 600 miles from Afghanistan.  ...enough anthrax spores remain to kill the world's population several times. ... After the defection of several microbiologists in 1979, President Bush senior and Margaret Thatcher confronted Mikhail Gorbachev, who denied the existence of a biological weapons programme and invited Western experts to tour facilities as proof. In total secrecy and great haste teams of scientists moved hundreds of tons of anthrax spores to Vozrozhdeniye Island and buried it." (10-5-01) Matt 24:7

News Briefs from Agape Press (Second paragraph, Oct. 3): "...Osama Bin Laden telephoned his mother in Syria the day before the September 11 terrorist attacks to tell her that he could not meet her there because 'something big' was imminent that would end their communications for a long time. The official says the information came from members of bin Laden’s extended family in Saudi Arabia. If accurate, the account would represent the clearest evidence to date tying Bin Laden to the attacks."

America on alert: Scroll down to "Learn more about the Taliban." Then check other sobering links to interactive images such as "How some survivors escaped from the World Trade Center."

The next four items show Gary Condit's new role in protecting our nation through Homeland Security. Is this the way to build public trust?

Condit Security Appointment: "When he heard the news that scandal-scarred congressman Gary Condit had been picked to serve on the House Subcommittee on Homeland Security and Terrorism, Rep. Bob Barr couldn't believe his ears. 'This is somebody's idea of a bad joke,' he told NewsMax.com...

     "Once Rep. Barr realized that Condit's new assignment was no prank, he was concerned the move showed a blatant disregard for national security concerns at a time when they should be paramount.... Barr said he has yet to hear from the House Ethics Committee about his [earlier] complaint against Condit."  This appointment was announced by Associated Press and Nypost, but both have apparently removed the story from their archives. Do you wonder why? [See The Media] This strange appointment was also mentioned in some local and foreign papers. Andy Kjos read about it when passing through Hong Kong on his way home from Pakistan on the 21st. Prov 19:5  To see an official list of members, go to page 44 of this government website: http://clerkweb.house.gov/107/scsoal.pdf

Hastert Announces Panel on Terrorism (including Condit): "In order to best protect our country and address the security needs of the American people, I’m proud to announce that we are converting the Working Group on Terrorism and Homeland Security into a full subcommittee, which will be part of the House Intelligence Committee.... I’m confident that this fine group of people will make it their goal to stamp out the terrorist threat to our nation and keep the American people safe.” Prov 12:15

Condit Unfit to Serve on Homeland Security Subcommittee: "In this time of national emergency, we can think of few worse to lead Congress's fight against terrorism than Gary Condit, who has been implicated in the disappearance of a young intern. His lies and obstruction of justice make him unfit to hold public office, let alone a sensitive post on the Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee. His presence on that committee is a threat to our nation's security because of, among other things, the potential for blackmail. Perhaps a grand jury investigation will force Condit from this sensitive post,' said Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman."

Bush Creates High Office of Homeland Security: "He named Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, a Republican, as the first head of the new office....  'He will lead, oversee and coordinate a comprehensive national strategy to safeguard our country against terrorism and respond to any attacks that may come,' Bush said.... 'Today, dozens of federal departments and agencies, as well as state and local governments, have responsibilities affecting homeland security. These efforts must be coordinated at the highest level. So tonight I announce the creation of a Cabinet-level position reporting directly to me -- the Office of Homeland Security.''  See Federalism.

What Is Homeland Security?  "...the concept of Homeland Security has been in the works from as early as 1995 with President Clinton's Presidential Decision Directives.... Clearly, the tragedy was used as the trigger to implement Homeland Security and Defense policy that has been under design and consideration for many years."This system helps implement the regionalism -- a new level of government around the world which supercedes American federalism and sovereignty. See Washington's Farewell Address and Charts: Paradigm Shift

September 2002

A Clear and Present Danger: "Tom Ridge has... started to divide his responsibilities into three baskets. The first will concentrate on emergency response, building on the work of the existing Federal Emergency Management Agency. A second will look at "hardening" targets now so soft that they may tempt terrorists. In the third basket, working with Bush's National Security Council (of which Ridge will be a member), the new office will seek to coordinate intelligence and law-enforcement activities against terrorism." Isaiah 19:2-12

Are We Safe? "We have eight sites around America and each one of our sites we have a...package that contains 50 tons of medical supplies -- vaccines, antibiotics, gas masks and ventilators, says Thompson.... "But [Congressman] Shays believes the effects could be far worse. 'There are a hundred different ways that you can imagine they can do it,' he says. 'And the one thing you're pretty certain of is they certainly won't have the restraint, and if it's a dangerous activity and they might perish with it, they're willing to perish with it."

Bin Laden prepares new attacks: "Officials said Bin Laden is believed to have ordered his agents in both Europe and the United States to scan targets and prepare spectacular strikes that could resemble those of the Islamic suicide attacks on New York and Washington on Sept. 11.... The Washington Times reported on Wednesday that Bin Laden has acquired from Russian organized crime groups components for weapons of mass destruction. The newspaper said Bin Laden might also have a nuclear weapons laboratory inside Afghanistan." (See Deliver us from evil)  

In light of the escalating terrorist threats, we see the need for a sophisticated "Homeland Security" system. (See links below) But in the hands of unscrupulous politicians, this power can also be used to implement the new global management system and to punish Christian non-conformist. (Reinventing the World)  If America surrenders its  freedom, there will be no place to hide -- other than in Jesus. Seeing the world from His perspective

Taliban's Afghanistan descends into chaos: "The Taleban's grip on Afghanistan appears to be crumbling, with soldiers deserting border crossings, officials defecting to Pakistan and the feared religious police fleeing the streets of Kabul. Tribal leaders from southern Afghanistan, whose support is vital for the ruling government, also met in Pakistan yesterday to discuss ways of avoiding a war and bringing peace -- with or without the Taleban."  See Deliver us from evil


Thousands of Churches to Take Part in 'Faith and Freedom Sunday:' "... Alan Sears, president of the Alliance Defense Fund, which coordinates Faith and Freedom Sunday, says churches will educate their members about the loss of religious liberty in America, and how to pray for the courts and their country....  For example, evangelists in at least seven states have been jailed or threatened with arrest for passing out free Christian literature on a public sidewalk."


California beefing up security for waterways -- Contamination raises concern, despite low risk: "We have closed roads to most of our dams and canceled all tours indefinitely,' said Jeff McCracken, a spokesman for the Bureau of Reclamation.... In environmental engineering circles, there is a long cherished maxim: The solution to pollution is dilution. And California's reservoirs constitute a very large dilution factor indeed, one that would confound attempts at contamination by either biological or chemical agents."

Americans Turning to Prayer and Worship: "In the wake of terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Americans have been turning away from their usual sources of solace in times of crisis and instead are going to their places of worship to seek meaning in a tragedy that took the lives of close to 7,000 of their fellow citizens." Nehemiah 1:3-10

Gradually Americans Adjust to Life in Wartime: Shopping lists include things that would have been unimaginable a month ago, gas masks for example, and clinics are being inundated with calls about vaccines for anthrax or other potential biological weapons. Carelessly wandering some streets is even out of the question now....  Most Americans welcome and are learning to live with all the security changes, but some are concerned we might be going overboard — and giving into the fear the terrorists hoped to instill.

        "Any time Americans alter their behavior because of a clear and visible threat to their lives, those that did the threatening have achieved some portion of their goal," said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Terror plot secrets emerge. "Operation cost $500,000 and began years ago in Germany, investigators say...." 2 Chron 20:12

Calendar Showed Plane Crashing Near Manhattan "was printed in May, a full three months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America." Psalm 2

Bush Nixing National ID Card: "President Bush "is not even considering the idea" of issuing a national ID card, a White House spokesman told reporters. And lawmakers who advanced the idea are now backing away from it." Thank you, Lord!

Attacks left 10,000 grieving children: "At least 10,000 children, and possibly as many as 15,000, are believed to have lost at least one parent in the terrorist attacks." This heartbreaking result of war has been repeated through the ages. After WW1, many German orphans were raised in homes in my native Norway. Let us pray that God bring blessings in the midst of this horrible tragedy. 2 Cor 12:9-10

Quick passage of Bush anti-terrorist package unlikely: "Liberal, conservative lawmakers fear loss of civil liberties.... Civil libertarians say the broad new surveillance powers could be misused by law enforcement and threaten the privacy of law-abiding citizens.... But both liberals and conservative lawmakers have taken issue with a provision that allows the seizure of property of someone who is merely accused -- not convicted -- of aiding terrorists." Seizure of property has already become a huge problem across the country. Rarely is the property forfeited by the police returned to the "accused" but innocent victim.  Attacks left 10,000 grieving children: "At least 10,000 children, and possibly as many as 15,000, are believed to have lost at least one parent in the terrorist attacks." This heartbreaking result of war has been repeated through the ages. After WW1, many German orphans were raised in homes in my native Norway. Let's pray that God bring blessings in the midst of this tragedy. Psalm 23

What price security? "...some security experts say laws creating national identification cards, or requiring software developers to incorporate “back door” access for government agents, will not be effective in increasing Americans' overall security."

We've Found God Again! "These words come from a CBS TV channel, introducing a Hollywood related program of all things.... The statement was part of a prologue listing values such as flying the American flag, coming together as a nation and a revival of patriotism....The prayers for the thousands lost in the carnage came from the lips of Americans all across the land. But our school children, probably the most frightened and psychologically damaged of all our population, were denied the solace and comfort of seeking help in prayers to their God." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health  


Facial Recognition System Considered For U.S. Airports: "A government committee, which was appointed by Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta to revamp airport security, received a briefing Thursday from the inventor of a leading facial recognition system, who said equipment could be installed and operating within a few weeks." See Surveillance 


How ID cards might look. See The War for background information.

One third of New Yorkers favor establishing internment camps for "individuals who authorities identify as being sympathetic to terrorist causes." Once set up, says Paul Proctor, they could conveniently serve to address all kinds of terrorist threats including the pro-life and anti-homosexual "hate crimes" of fundamentalists and evangelicals. Matt 24:9

Congress Leaders OK US Airport Role: "The top leaders in Congress agreed Sunday that the federal government may have to take over airport security nationwide to reassure Americans that air travel is safe.  "I'm not sure how we're going to fund this...." said Hastert, R-Ill. "But I think the American people deserve no less than the most competent people to be there at those gates to go through and check individuals and luggage and to make sure that the American public is safe." Psalm 27:1-3

Ashcroft seeks sweeping powers: "The United States will remain vulnerable to terrorist attacks unless law enforcement agencies are given a wide range of new counterterrorism tools, including improved wiretap capabilities and easier access to voice mail and Internet users’ personal information, Attorney General John Ashcroft told lawmakers Monday." See The Enemy Of The People?

In major shift, Russia backs U.S. use of ex-Soviet bases: "Russia essentially gave the go-ahead yesterday for U.S. armed forces to use three former Soviet republics as bases for attacks on Afghanistan, a dramatic reversal that indicated that indicated the Bush administration was making headway in its global fight against terrorism." The next link may help explain why:

Praise. Dismissals in divorce cases have skyrocketed "in the Harris County Family Law courts since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. Family-law attorneys have found that clients contemplating divorce, as well as those in the middle of one, now say they will try to patch things up."

Bush Must Warn Rogue States of Nuclear Retaliation -- a warning from U.S. security consultant Col. Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking military spy ever to defect from Russia: "These [terrorist] groups clearly have received sufficient funds, supplies, support and hospitality from rogue nations – all of whom have close ties to Russia's military and intelligence agencies. Intelligence experts have told me that there are more than 5,000 highly trained terrorists in the U.S. and Europe who are in permanent readiness for new attacks against the civilized world. Now that we are in a full-blown war, the stakes are high for each side. No one can rule out that these terrorists may have biological, chemical and nuclear weapons." 2 Chron 20:12


Bin Laden Urges Pakistanis To Fight United States: The most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden has urged his Pakistani supporters to join jihad (holy war) against the United States.... 'We incite our Muslim brothers in Pakistan to deter with all their capabilities the American crusaders from invading Pakistan and Afghanistan,' the television reported him as saying in a statement. 'I assure you, dear brothers, that we are firm on the road of jihad (holy struggle) for the sake of God.'
       "There has been a steady buildup of the US forces, fighter planes and warships in the Gulf area ready to strike Afghanistan. This is the US military's biggest mobilization since the 1991 Gulf War."
Isaiah 19:2-12

ID Cards on the Way: "Identity cards will be introduced for the first time in Britain in the fight against terrorism. ...New laws are to be rushed through Parliament as soon as the summer recess ends next month. Mr Blair and Mr Blunkett are expected to reject the compulsory "on demand" card because of connotations with Nazi Germany, where lack of proper identity cards could result in instant arrest." Psalm 27:1-3


Bush Contemplates ID Card for All Citizens: "A highly controversial option has emerged for use in fighting terrorism in the United States: A national ID card which would be issued to every citizen.... 'I can tell you this, the president is very reluctant [to issue a national ID card],' a top White House source said on Sunday. 'But we must look at all options.'
       "'We are in a new world,' [House Democratic Leader] Gephardt said. 'This event will change the balance between freedom and security.'"  
See No Place to Hide?


Taking a Stand. Look Before You Leap: "Take for instance the extreme broadening of the definitions of terrorism. Under section 302 of the DOJ’s proposed legislation, a teen-ager who throws a stone at a post office may now be sentenced to life imprisonment....

I do not know about your take on this vast and sudden expansion of legal penalties, but this is far more than just a bit unsettling to me.

        "If one considers the abundant opportunities for abuse and the traditional difficulty we have had in repealing any legislation, it is crystal clear that we must all look closely and then in our loudest voices be heard. ...What will we Americans do now that we have had a real fire in our Reichstag? 2 Chron 20:12

Televangelist, Fundamentalists believe their strict morality is the only answer: "Televangelist Pat Robertson, a Christian, and convicted bomber Mahmud Abouhalima, a Muslim, agree on a few things, including why God let thousands of innocent people die in the collapse of the World Trade Center....  Abouhalima, one of the militants convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, sounded a lot like Robertson when he explained to an interviewer that the "holy war" is not against God-fearing Americans, but against secularism in the United States, Egypt and around the world...."  To understand the seriousness of this media conclusion, please read The Power of Suggestion, The Mainstream Media and 


Avoiding the "J" Word: "If there is any possibility at all that God allowed this to come upon us as judgement for our national condition, we cannot afford to talk it away; we do not dare take false comfort in a 'Teddy Bear Christianity' designed to make us feel good at the moment, rather than calling us to account..... 

       "It's time to face the TRUTH that will set us free. Our founding fathers knew it - George Washington warned us in his inaugural address as our first president that no nation could enjoy the blessings of God if it despised and rejected the rules of heaven. The surge of patriotism and national unity are good, but they are not enough. It is God with whom we must deal; He is the One who is our hope and our salvation."  Deut 8:10-20

Did you know? "The Russians are building tremendous new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems--all with the assistance of US technology transfers. ...Both Republican and Democratic administrations have been supplying the Chinese with high technology weapons systems for years, knowing that they, in turn, are supplying other enemies (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea) as well....President Clinton directed our military to absorb a nuclear first strike rather than “launch on warning” (our only true deterrent to a first strike) and to prepare to “retaliate” afterward. That first strike will take down all command and control, all bombers (since none are on alert), most missiles, and all satellite and submarine communications." 

The Bush Speech to America: "To pacify the public about the long-term dangers of radical Islam, Bush said, "The terrorists practice a fringe form of Islamic extremism that has been rejected by Muslim scholars and the vast majority of Muslim clerics...."

       "It is correct not to paint all Muslims as evil, but radical Islamic fundamentalism is far from a fringe movement. Indeed, it is very inaccurate to depict this radical movement as small and without support. It has broad based historical and doctrinal support going back centuries to when Arabs set out to conquer and forcefully convert whole continents. It has a huge following in all Islamic nations and threatens the balance of power within every country in the Middle East. ... In downplaying this danger of Islamic Jihad (holy war), Pres. Bush is denying Americans a realistic understanding of the threat to world stability that Islamic Jihad represents." This critique makes some important points. We have met many thoughtful and friendly Muslims -- even stayed with a hospitable family in an Arab refugee village. But caring for the people doesn't mean idealizing their religion. God warns us not to be deceived.  Col 2:8 


Experts See a High-Security America of Surveillance and Seizures: "Security experts in the United States are describing a new kind of country that could emerge, where electronic identification might become the norm, immigrants might be tracked far more closely and the airspace over cities like New York and Washington might be off-limits to all civilian aircraft. ...'Each American could be given a 'smart card,' so, as they go into an airport or anywhere, we know exactly who they are,' said Michael Cherkasky.... The cards could be coordinated with fingerprints or, in a few years, facial characteristics, and be programmed to permit or to limit access to areas or entire buildings. They could track someone's location, financial transactions, criminal history and even driving speed on a particular highway on a given night.... 

       "Legal experts said the civil libertarians will find little sympathy in the courts.... Law enforcement officials could expand the use of personality profiles, possibly including racial descriptions, to identify potential terrorists." See Surveillance 

What a difference a day makes - A global transformation: "...but Eva Chung, a 34-year-old from Columbia, who is a mother of two young children, said that after the nightmares of the past few days, Big Brother doesn't sound all that bad." Deut 8:10-20 and John 16:33

Unconventional warfare: "Most of all, what America needs to do is repent of its sin. It needs to recognize the way it has strayed from the ways of God. It needs to understand that it is not immortal, not invincible, not impregnable. It needs to believe that government is not its master, only its servant. It needs to comprehend that God is sovereign, He is in control and only when we turn to Him will we be safe, secure and steadfast. Exodus 23:22


Blair's finger on the trigger: "TONY BLAIR prepared Britain for conflict last night with his strongest signal yet that he is on the brink of ordering British forces into action against Osama bin Laden and other terrorists in Afghanistan." Psalm 27:1-3

Arab states, including allies, rejecting U.S. coalition: "Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has warned against an international war against Bin Laden and said Cairo will not participate in such a conflict. 'We are not talking about Egyptian forces,' Mubarak said. 'I can not say that Bin Laden is solely responsible. Do not attack Afghanistan and do not kill Bin Laden because this would create a new generation working for terrorism.'" Psalm 2

U.S. equipped terror sponsors: Clinton exported NSA-ducking phone, high-tech encryption devices to Syria.

Firm hirded ex-cons to guard transportation hubs: " The security company guarding checkpoints at two of the three airports where the terrorists hijacked their planes was fined $1 million last year in connection with the hiring of employees with criminal records and inadequate training."

Senate OKs FBI Net Spying: "...two days after the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, the Senate approved the "Combating Terrorism Act of 2001," which enhances police wiretap powers and permits monitoring in more situations.... The measure, proposed by Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Dianne Feinstein (D-California), says any U.S. attorney or state attorney general can order the installation of the FBI's Carnivore surveillance system. Previously, there were stiffer restrictions on Carnivore and other Internet surveillance techniques." See Who is Reading Your E-Mail?  

The Towers have Fallen and We Missed the Message: "...during Isaiah’s time God used the enemies of Israel to rod, to chasten and warn them to repent.... He said, I’m going to take an evil nation and I’m going to use it as a rod, as a last resort to bring my people to repentance and to my heart... but they’ve turned their backs upon me.

       "...the Senators and Congressman on the Congressional Building steps were singing, 'God Bless America, stand beside us, lead us, guide us.' …There’s only a handful that believe that. These are the same men that have ruled [God] out of their society. They are trying to remove [His] name from the school books. They have aborted babies. And now they’re singing 'God stand beside us!'  What hypocrisy! These politicians pontificating about God now. The very ones that are protecting abortion rights. 

       "You see when a nation is under divine correction it will do one of two things. It will humble itself as did Ninevah or it will give God lip service and then turn to it’s own strength and power to rise above the correction. The cry is rising now – 'We have the strength and the power, the ability, the resolve to endure any disaster because we’re a proud and great nation.'" Deut 8:10-20  and Isaiah 19:2-12.


Former FL Flight Mechanic Says More Kamikaze Pilots on U.S. Soil

Haste makes privacy waste: "Feds cautioned to slow down
break-neck anti-terror agenda."
See The Enemy Of The People?

After the attack, Egyptians pray: 'Wake up, American churches': "'I think this is a sort of shaking, a warning, a calling to the church in America,' said one Egyptian Christian physician, a leader of Egypt's small but growing prayer movement. 'I think God is saying, 'Awake, you giant of faith, and come back to your call as an example to the other nations and to the whole world.'

       "...In the days immediately following the attacks, Egyptians stared at TV replays in shock and horror -- like Americans and others around the world. They sought out Americans on the street to offer sympathy. But confusion and frustration are rising as they hear reports... of Arabs and Muslims harassed and assaulted in the United States, in addition to seeing fingers of blame pointed at the Arab world.... The real backlash from Muslim frustration will fall on Arab Christians, warned Sameh Tawfik, pastor of Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Church, Cairo's largest non- Orthodox congregation with some 7,000 members.... 'Otherwise we will build walls between [Christians and Muslims]. They will not see Christ the loving Savior, but Christianity as the real enemy to hate, to fight against, to reject for the rest of their lives.'"

The Lord is my Shepherd

In a Time of National Danger: "O Lord, when we, Thy children, are apprehensive about the affairs of our world, remind us that Thou art in Thy world as well as above and beyond it. Remind us that Thou art not indifferent. For Thou art not a spectator God, high and lifted up, serene and unperturbed. The feet that were wounded are still walking the trails of earth. The heart that was broken on the tree still feels every human woe...."  

The Americans: "As long as sixty years ago, when I first started to read newspapers, I read of floods on the Yellow River and the Yangtse. Who rushed in with men and money to help? The Americans did. They have helped control floods on the Nile, the Amazon, the Ganges and the Niger. Today, the rich bottom land of the Misssissippi is under water and no foreign land has sent a dollar to help."

Tribute to the United States: "This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth...."

Churches respond to crisis

U.N. child summit scrubbed

Preparing for Victory. A poem:  The Attack on America link fixed

Personal from Ronald Dart: "...And then the majority leader of the Senate, Tom Daschle, quoted a passage from Isaiah that made my blood run cold. I knew the passage well, and I was sure the good Senator did not. In defiance against the destroyers, he quoted the Prophet Isaiah: "The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with hewn stones; The sycamores are cut down, But we will replace them with cedars." ...The passage in question is Isaiah 9:10. The prophecy comes at a bad time for Israel. They have turned their back on God and He has opened up their borders to their enemies....." America's Spiritual Slide and Isaiah 19:2-12

Strike force prepares attack on terrorists

From John Jeffrey: "After I heard about the tragic events yesterday morning, I was reminded about God's Sovereignty as expressed in Psalm 2,  prayed all day yesterday, and went to sleep deeply troubled, as many of you may have.  When I awoke this morning, I went to my Bible and opened it, just opened it as if it had opened itself, to Isaiah 1.  I didn't open it there by any choice of mine.  There were no church bulletins or other papers that I had inserted there, just apparently some words that needed to be expressed.  Help me to understand - the Lord has issued us a wake up call of the strongest and most tragic way.  My desire here is that this word get out to the shepherds - I want and need no credit for this, only that we learn how deep our need is. Joe Farah expressed the physical and a great part of the spiritual need in this article this morning": 

Unconventional warfare: "Most of all, what America needs to do is repent of its sin. It needs to recognize the way it has strayed from the ways of God. It needs to understand that it is not immortal, not invincible, not impregnable. It needs to believe that government is not its master, only its servant. It needs to comprehend that God is sovereign, He is in control and only when we turn to Him will we be safe, secure and steadfast. Exodus 23:22

More Than 6,300 Said Missing at WTC: "The number of missing had been at 5,422 for several days."

U.S. Must Balance Political Objectives, Military Operations: "Richard Solomon, president of the United States Institute of Peace, said the focus should be on using diplomacy to fight terrorists, by reinforcing that all nations are subject to such terrorist acts, thereby building a global coalition."   ...and speeding the shift from U.S. freedom to an illusion of global security. Jer 6:13-15

FAA Plans to Disarm Flight Crews: "This is simply going to insure, and reassure the terrorists, that they will be the only ones armed. They will break the law, because they're criminals, and they'll be able to repeat exactly what was done," Pratt said....The FAA's new regulation is also directly at odds with legislation introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) last Friday. House Resolution (HR) 2896 would provide that, "no department or agency of the Federal Government shall prohibit any pilot, copilot, or navigator of an aircraft, or any law enforcement personnel specifically detailed for the protection of that aircraft, from carrying a firearm. ...As Benjamin Franklin said, 'If you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you.'" Matthew 10:16-22

Miami Firemen Refuse to Ride on Truck Carrying Flag: "Three Miami firefighters refused to ride on a fire engine carrying the American flag because they deemed Old Glory "offensive," the fire department said today. The U.S. flag represents "oppression," the three government employees griped - and they refused to respond to emergency calls Saturday until a crew chief removed it...." ." See The Enemy Of The People?

Will Terrorism Spawn the Mark of the Beast? "...Then in 1997 applications for patents of subcutaneous implant devices for 'a person or an animal' were applied for. On April 27, 1998, Time Magazine ran the story, The Big Bank Theory And What It Says About The Future OF Money, in which they opined 'Your daughter can store the money any way she wants--on her laptop, on a debit card, even (in the not too distant future) on a chip implanted under her skin.' 

      "Meanwhile, it's the year 2001. Terrorism has many people in the mood to sacrifice human liberties, and Digital Angel has opened its first mass production factory in Palm Beach, Florida." Rev 13:16 and  Me? A Terrorist? (The latter illustrates a hidden danger in this bill -- and of the increasingly broad profiling of potential terrorists)


War. Declaration of National Emergency by Reason Of Certain Terrorist Attacks - A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I hereby declare that the national emergency has existed since September 11, 2001, and, pursuant to the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.), I intend to utilize the following statutes: sections 123, 123a, 527, 2201(c), 12006, and 12302 of title 10, United States Code, and sections 331, 359, and 367 of title 14, United States Code....

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