CATEGORY . Mold? Leaky Roof? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have 'Healthy Housing' : This week, the Obama administration released a "bold new vision for addressing the nation's health and economic burdens caused by preventable hazards associated with the home." The project has a name: "Advancing Healthy Housing: A Strategy for Action."..."Currently, millions of U.S. homes have moderate to severe physical housing problems, including dilapidated structure; roofing problems; heating, plumbing, and electrical deficiencies; water leaks and intrusion; pests; damaged paint; and high radon gas levels. These conditions are associated with a wide range of health issues ...According to the Obama administration, the health and economic burdens from preventable hazards associated with both subsidized and privately owned homes cost billions of dollars. The new strategy "unifies" federal efforts to advance healthy housing -- "demonstrating the connection between housing conditions and residents’ health."....EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the government now has a "specific plan for action to address radon and other preventable hazards found in homes across the country." The strategy, she added, "is a critical step" toward ensuring that "Americans in all communities have healthy places to live, work and play." Oz See ARTICLE

CATEGORY . President Obama’s deep contempt for the rule of law : See ARTICLE

CATEGORY . President Obama’s deep contempt for the rule of law Read more: : In January, a unanimous Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit held that the president violated the Constitution by making "recess appointments" when the Senate was not, in fact, in recess. If you think this is just another one of those dry, lawyerly technicalities, think again. One of the Constitution’s essential checks and balances is the requirement of Senate "advice and consent" for presidential appointments. The Recess Appointments Clause of Article II provides a narrow exception to that requirement: the president can fill executive branch vacancies that occur between Congress’s official sessions. Last year, President Obama became the first president to make “recess appointments” while the Senate was still in session when he appointed three members of the National Labor Relations Board.'As the current Chief Executive asserts dominion over the other two branches, we are in danger of losing our government of laws.' See ARTICLE

CATEGORY . Some Will Ask: "Will Cardinal Peter Turkson Someday Become 'Peter the Roman'?" : ] Cardinal Peter Turkson, 61, the Archbishop of Cape Coast, Ghana, the eloquent “relator” or general secretary of this month’s Synod for Africa, will succeed Cardinal Renato Martino, 77, as the head of the Vatican’s Council for Justice and Peace, it was announced today. This will make Turkson the highest-ranking African cardinal in the Church, and give him important experience in a curial position, at the heart of the Church.....given that Cardinal Peter Turkson increasing prominence in the Catholic Church, coupled with his name being raised with increasing frequency by those who prognosticate about who will succeed Pope Benedict on the Chair of Peter, this announcement is at the very least an interesting development. Given the increasingly prevalent apocalyptic anxiety among many Catholics and Protestants, The fact that Cardinal Turkson's first name is Peter and he is being called to minister in Rome will very likely become a subject of intense interest in some quarters of the Church.

CATEGORY . : The latest articles about the horrifying levels of neglect and abuse in British hospitals, combined with the Liverpool Care Pathway that will eventually come to ObamaCare as health care savings through euthanasia, are already pretty terrible. But one of the problems with the UK’s health care system is the large number of immigrants, both on the giving and the receiving ends.////, Islam is essentially fatalistic. It has a tragic view that accepts the inevitability of negative outcomes. That has unfortunate implications at the medical level, where the individual effort comes to seem meaningless. If Allah wants the little girl to live, she will. If he doesn’t, she won’t. Human effort is almost irrelevant. What that means when Muslim doctors and nurses treat patients is very troubling. Even with the best of intentions, fatalism seeps into their actions and reactions. Death is inevitable. Medical workers cannot be held responsible for what Allah has chosen to do. What impact such attitudes have on the quality of health care in the UK is a troubling question that should be explored further. See ARTICLE

CATEGORY . Morsi’s Islamist Appointee Says Women are to Blame for Being Raped : Major General Adel Abdel-Maksoud Afifi is a “moderate” Salafist who left the Virtue Party to create the Authenticity Party because he claimed that it was too extremist. He’s a Morsi ally and a former Major-General in Egypt’s security establishment. His bio claims that he won several awards, including “Man of the Year” in Sweden in 2001./ Morsi appointed Afifi to the Shura Council, which is something like the Egyptian Senate. During the election, Afifi said that women and Coptic Christians should not be allowed to serve as president. And now he’s standing by Morsi and suggesting that the female protesters who were assaulted by Brotherhood rape gangs are prostitutes and want to be assaulted./ This is somewhat significant since Afifi was supposed to be the “moderate” face of the Salafis. His beard is not very convincing and he can have a conversation without a Fatwa. Shura Council’s human rights committee members said on Monday that women taking part in protests bear the responsibility of being sexually harassed, describing what happens in some demonstrators’ tents as “prostitution.”/ Major General Adel Afify, member of the committee representing the Salafi Asala Party, criticized female protesters, saying that they “know they are among thugs. They should protect themselves before requesting that the Interior Ministry does so. By getting herself involved in such circumstances, the woman has 100 percent responsibility.” ....Despite the devastating financial impact it will have on all American households and businesses, President Obama declares Cap and Trade must be passed this year. As with suggestions for better-structured health care reform, there is a way to clean the planet without imposing dire hardships on its habitants, including those living in the United States. Yet, President Obama yields to the strident call of radical environmentalists such as Al Gore, reportedly desirous to become the first global-warming billionaire, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. In a Washington Post opinion column, Ban blamed the slaughter in Darfur on global warming instead of the Muslim genocide being perpetrated against blacks. ....Agenda 21 is a United Nation’s game plan for a radical transformation of the global society. At the Rio Earth Summit, Al Gore stated that “Americans are going to have to face a wrenching transformation of Society.” President Obama’s stated goal is a “transformation of America” as we know it. The innocuous term used by the United Nations to accomplish this transformation is “Sustainable Development.” Broken down, that means the dismantling of America as a sovereign nation and the globalization of our economy and our laws. Our rate of development, according to globalists, is “un-sustainable” based on underdeveloped countries. In effect, it restricts population and economic growth in America through government-controlled health care and through decreased and redistributed resources such as energy and wealth. Americans should no longer “sustain life” of the very young or elderly or remain sovereign and prosperous. The globalists’ creed is — the planet cannot endure it. See ARTICLE