We received the following letter from Anwar Ul Haque, chief pathologist at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, on August 17. Apparently, he had been interviewed by Neil MacFarquhar, a New York Times editor for an article titled  "Anti-Western and Extremist views pervade Saudi Schools," which was published in the NY Times on October 19, 2001.

In my article, Four Faces of Islam, I quoted part of Mr. Haque's statement -- as quoted in the above New York Times article. But, according to Mr. Haque's letter below, the NYT editor had misquoted him and twisted his message.  Here is the correction he wrote me:

Dear: peace be upon you
I was really shocked that how I was misquoted in your journal. I never said that Islam is a militant religion. I had told the guy [referring to the New York Times editor who interviewed him] that Islam means peace. If you are attacked then of course you have to defend. That is not militancy.

There is one and only one religion of God from Adam till the last man on earth and that is Islam. Jesus (PBUH) brought Islam and that Islam is well protected in Quran. So if you want to meet Jesus & Mary visit Quran. You will find them with their true noble characters and their moving messages. Please tell your reader that I had been misquoted and my message was totally distorted. Imagine how would bible be distorted over years.
Anwar Ul Haque