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Deception, Lies and Disinformation

See also: The Power Elite behind the New World Order  

Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

Trusting God as Freedom Fades

The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

 "Some of the biggest men in the U. S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." President Woodrow Wilson, 1913

January 2016

The World Christian Movement: For a deception to be so seductive that even the very elect would ... wonder if it is of God, it would have to have all the earmarks of a true work of God. That means it would come in the name of Jesus, it would have a great deal of solid biblical truth, it would affirm the Gospel, and it would be a "good work." ...Those who might recognize and expose the deception would be looked upon as divisive, hateful and deceived themselves. See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

December 2016

Report Reveals Massive Indoctrination of Students at Universities: ‘Students ... are being systematically indoctrinated into the “New Civics” of social justice activism...’ See Corruption

October 2016

TV Networks Spiked Story Over Fear of “Retribution” From Hillary Clinton:Truth is dangerous, especially when it challenges those in power.” ...TV networks spiked his story over fears that a future Clinton administration would punish them is absolutely chilling, although not surprising given Wikileaks revelations which show how deeply embedded and subservient to the Clinton campaign the mainstream media really is. See The Power Elite behind the New World Order  

FBI Bombshell: No Follow-up After Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood: The release of FBI documents relating to the Clinton email investigation reveal that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin picked one username that Clinton would use on the server, despite claiming she had no knowledge of the server. ... The FBI’s notes on Abedin’s interview acknowledge the change of email addresses — after Abedin denies knowledge of the private server.... See Deceit, Delusion and Destruction of America

Important WIKILEAK “Tick Tock” Hillary Email on Benghazi: ...The email shows Hillary Clinton’s office outlining how Mrs. Clinton must be given full credit for what took place in Libya before and after the fall of the Gaddafi regime – a fall that resulted in a missing 1.5 billion dollars sent to Libya by Hillary Clinton, the subsequent death of four Americans... and thousands more deaths as Libya descended into anarchy. See  Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

September 2016

Clinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together: Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia. ...Khan... has deep ties to the “Clinton Cash” narrative.

Does Hillary have a BODY DOUBLE? Bizarre conspiracy theory claims the pneumonia-stricken candidate has been replaced by a lookalike: Bizarre conspiracy theory claims the pneumonia-stricken candidate has been replaced by a lookalike.  ...critics say the woman who emerged from Chelsea’s apartment was a lookalike and not the real deal.

Hillary Clinton Shamelessly Lies While Lecturing a Navy Vet About Handling Classified Information: ...a Navy Veteran, who held a top secret compartmentalized security clearance during his service, explained to Clinton that if he had transmitted classified information in the way she did multiple times on a private system, he would have been prosecuted and imprisoned. Clearly irritated, Clinton responded by again lying about transmitting marked classified information.

August 2016

Obama’s Dangerous UN Agenda: In 41 major presidential speeches before the UN address, Obama made reference to himself nearly 1,200 times, more than twice as often as every member of Congress combined.

July 2016

ABCNews: Hidden Video Catches Hillary on Emails – She Knew It All Along: Asked by committee chair, Rep. Trey Gowdy, whether her previous insistence she ‘turned over everything’ was true, Clinton responded... “All my work-related emails, yes.”

     “How do you know that?” Gowdy pressed. Clinton responded, “I know that because there was an exhaustive search done under the supervision of my attorneys....”  Comey’s statement tells quite a different tale: “The FBI discovered several thousand work-related e-mails....” Hillary lied! (See the short videos). See Revolution

April 2016

Do you know why Earth Day is April 22?  "School children, businesses, clergy, politicians and even the United States military soon will honor the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union. Of course, they will call it Earth Day. ...the first nationwide Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the communist Bolshevik leader.... Ehrlich had just written the 'Population Bomb' in 1968, which ... predicted, 'In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death....” See The Power Elite behind the New World Order

March 2016


Pope Francis Says All Major Religions Are Paths To Same God: "... it is important to keep in mind that 'we are all children of God'... (Not true!)  The Pope's first-ever video message on his monthly prayer intentions was released Tuesday, highlighting the importance of interreligious dialogue. ... Just recently, he referred to Christian fundamentalism as 'a sickness'.... Pope Francis is against any Christian that believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible."


Obama to Enlist Anti-Israel UN in Last Bid for Mid-East Peace: "The UN move would be a welcome one to the Palestinian Authority (PA), headed by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.... Adding insult to injury, the United Nations is widely recognized as unfairly critical of Israel, which has been subject to disproportionately more UN resolutions than any other country. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has directly blamed Israel again and again for violence and unrest in the region." (Despising God's guidelines) 

February 2016


ISIS Playbook - Look Like Western Christians: "ISIS... encourages its followers and supporters to employ a wide variety of 'disguise and pretense' tactics in order to facilitate terrorism through infiltration.... That's the version that ISIS seems to prefer, in the hope that ISIS terrorists can be mistaken for harmless and law abiding Westerners while spying and setting the stage for their next terrorist attacks.'"


Why Did Obama Tell Brazen Lies at the Baltimore Mosque?  "Obama chose as the venue for his praise of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance the same Baltimore mosque that in 2012 was under FBI scrutiny.... He also misquoted the Koran. ...saying incorrectly that the word comes from the same root as the Muslim word for peacesalam, as in, 'peace be with you.' In fact, in Arabic, the word 'Islam' means 'submission,' not peace, meaning submission to Allah and the teachings of his prophet, Mohammad....

     "Obama also misquoted Islamic scripture... even going so far as to suggest that Islamic teaching on killing is the same as the Christian, which is patently untrue." See Muslim Plots to Rule an Islamic World 

January 2016

The coded message Obama delivers when he says ISIL instead to Isis: "When referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL instead of their former name ISIS or current name Islamic State. ... When Barack Obama refers over and over to the Islamic State as ISIL, he is sending a message to Muslims all over the Middle East that he personally does not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, but as a territory belonging to the Islamic State." See The Power Elite behind the New World Order  

December 2015

[Slow to open]  Busted: Obama’s Own White House Just Managed To Catch Him In A Big ISIS Lie He Can’t Escape From: "A new intelligence report commissioned by the White House directly contradicts President Obama’s assessment made last month that ISIS is 'contained.' U.S. officials told the Daily Beast that the approximately eight-page report 'predicts that the self-proclaimed Islamic State will spread worldwide and grow in numbers, unless it suffers a significant loss of territory on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria.”

CNN Erases Israel From the Map: "Israel has been wiped from the map and instead replaced with 'Palestina,' a Spanish or Portuguese translation of Palestine. ... Whether it was an oversight or something more sinister, CNN’s illustration of the Middle East without Israel is completely unacceptable." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

November 2015

The new world order is being fueled by Green propaganda: "It seems macabre that 40,000 delegates from 190 countries, including more than 130 heads of state, are marching around Paris today.... The 40,000 are in Paris... to discuss strategies that will defeat the gravest threat ever to planet Earth: climate change.... [What a lie!] ...

     "Fighting climate change seems more like a cult than an international undertaking.... Obama said the 'immediate danger' of oil-backed terrorism 'is eclipsed only by the long-term threat from climate change, which will lead to devastating weather patterns, terrible storms, drought, and famine."


Two Weeks After Calling Islamic State ‘Contained,’ Obama Says It Poses ‘Serious Threat to All of Us’: “'This is an important moment for our nations and for the world. This barbaric terrorist group, ISIL or Daesh, and its murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. It cannot be tolerated. It must be destroyed and we must do it together,' Obama said. A few weeks prior Obama had said in an interview that the terror group was not gaining strength and was contained. 'I don’t think they are gaining strength."'

'Dire threat': U.S. soldiers battle scorching new enemy: "Instead of making ISIS and Islamic terrorism the first priority, the new focus will be on global warming and climate change. Carter, a member of the secretive Trilateral Commission, is a leading technocrat in the globalist fold. ... Obama said climate change was the most dire threat to the national security of the United States. 'I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country,' the president told graduates of the Coast Guard Academy."

September 2015


Pope Francis embraced Chrislam and laid a foundation for a One World Religion: "In recent years, the theory that Christianity and Islam are just two distinct paths to God among many others has rapidly gained traction all over the planet. Pope Francis clearly believes that Christians and Muslims worship the exact same God. [Does he really believe that's true? Or is he simply converting his followers to an unbiblical global unity?]...

     "'I then greet and cordially thank you all, dear friends belonging to other religious traditions; first of all the Muslims, who worship the one God, living and merciful, and call upon Him in prayer, and all of you.'" See Heresy in high places


Protestant Leaders Declare Reunification of Churches Under the Holy See: "Following more than five hundred years of separation, American and European Protestant leaders met with Pope Francis last week to finalize the reunification of the two churches under the Holy See. ... Prominent American pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren... were among the Protestant delegation that met with Pope Francis last week....  As Protestants around the world make the transition to Catholicism, many are wondering what, exactly, that means for them. 'First and foremost we acknowledge the Pope’s infallibility with regard to universal moral declarations." What an heretical, deceptive and unbiblical agenda!


[slow to open]  Presidential Hopefuls Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee Praise ‘Pope’ as ‘Proclaimer of Truth’: "'Cruz was featured in The Federalist lauding that '[i]n an era when many global leaders are descending to relativism, Pope Francis continues to proclaim the truth.' [NOT TRUE] He extolled the religious leader for his positions on life, family and the persecuted.'

     Note from Berit: Pope Francis's agenda is not a Biblical agenda. Like Obama and other leaders he embraces the UN's environmental lies and destructive global socialism that will turn many into puppets of a tyrannical world. Please read: Ponder the Pope's Beliefs and Agenda


Obama blusters on Chinese hacking, but... nothing happens: "...as predicted, the farce of Barack Obama pretending to crack down on Chinese hacking comes to an end."  See The Power Elite behind the New World Order


Pope Stirs Controversy Amongst Evangelicals: "Pope Francis... stated in his weekly address, that those who believe they can maintain a 'personal' and 'direct' relationship with Jesus Christ outside the 'mediation of the Church' was 'dangerous and harmful." Apparently, Pope Francis doesn't know the Bible!

August 2015

Obama’s Enemies List: "At American University, Obama castigated Republican lawmakers as the moral equivalent of Iranian jihadists.... Obama explained that whether or not you believe the deal endangers Israel boils down to whom you trust more – him or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And, he explained, he can be trusted to protect Israel better than Netanyahu can because '[I] have been a stalwart friend of Israel throughout my career.'” (He has? Really?)  See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

July 2015


Iran says it will ban US experts from UN nuclear inspections: "Iran will not allow American or Canadian inspectors working for the U.N. nuclear watchdog to visit its nuclear facilities. ...Iran will only allow inspectors from countries that have diplomatic relations with it.”


Getting a Bad Iran Deal at Any Price: "...even without Ambassador Michael Oren’s personal testimony, there is overwhelming evidence thaton the issue most important to global security and Israel’s very existence Obama has been, at best, reckless and, at worst, treasonous.

    "Obama’s administration has shown a breathtaking readiness to cover for a wide range of abuses and violations by the same Iranian regime that seeks international acceptance of its nuclear activities. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz recently noted that the State Department was illegally delaying the publication of a report on Iranian human rights violations....Not only has the Obama administration ignored Iranian violations, it has also disregarded evidence that sanctions relief will only support Iran’s most dangerous policies."

April 2015

Evolutionary Embarrassment: Part of Famous ‘Ape-Man’ Skeleton Actually Came from Baboon: "Ever since its discovery in Ethiopia in 1974, the partial skeleton nicknamed 'Lucy' has been touted by evolutionists as proof that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors. ... Last week, scientists announced that the famous skeleton includes at least one bone that likely came from a baboon.... The bone fragment’s size did not match up with the other pieces of the skeleton, the scientists concluded. 'It was just too small,' Williams said. ...it closely resembled baboon vertebrae.... "
     "In the 1920s, a single fossil purportedly originating from a primate nicknamed 'Nebraska Man' was described by Science Magazine as 'convincing evidence' of human evolution. However, the specimen was later shown to be nothing more than a wild pig tooth."(Evolutionary scientist have tried hard to prove their speculative "conclusions," but they continue fail.)

Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists: "Dare to publish a scientific study against Big Biotech, and Monsanto will defame and discredit you. For the first time, a Monsanto employee admits that there is an entire department within the corporation with the simple task of ‘discrediting’ and ‘debunking’ scientists who speak out against GMOs.

      "The WHO recently classified glyphosate, a chemical in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup, as carcinogenic – news that is really heating things up with biotech. So Monsanto has been demanding that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) retract their statements about the poison’s toxicity to human health." See The Power Elite behind the New World Order


Obama: Iran Deal is a Good Idea Even if Iran Lies and Cheats: “It's a good deal even if Iran doesn’t change at all,' Obama argued. 'Even for somebody who believes, as I suspect Prime Minister Netanyahu believes, that there is no difference between Rouhani and the supreme leader and they’re all adamantly anti-West and anti-Israel and perennial liars and cheaters — even if you believed all that, this still would be the right thing to do...." See Trusting God as Freedom Fades

March 2015


Obama Removes Iran from Terror List, Praises it for Fighting Terrorism: "You know the country responsible for killing hundreds of marines, which provided sanctuary to Al Qaeda and whose terrorist proxies helped give Al Qaeda the skills to carry out 9/11? They’re no longer terrorists [according to Obama]." See Lawlessness


Obama's Secret Iran Strategy: "A year ago, Benjamin Rhodes, deputy national-security adviser for strategic communication and a key member of the president’s inner circle, shared some 'good' news with a friendly group of Democratic-party activists. The November 2013 nuclear agreement between Tehran and the 'P5+1'—the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany—represented, he said, not only 'the best opportunity...' but 'probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy.' ...

    "Unaware that he was being recorded, he then confided to his guests that Obama was planning to keep Congress in the dark and out of the picture. ... Why the need to bypass Congress?” See The Power Elite behind the New World Order  

February 2015


No Mention of 'Christians' In White House Statement Condemning ISIS Beheadings: "On Sunday night, White House press secretary Josh Earnest issued a statement condemning the actions of Islamic State Militants after they released a video of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. 'The statement from the White House described the victims as 'innocents' and 'citizens,' but made no mention of the victims’ faith....

     "The ISIS video was directly targeted at Christians, citing their faith as the reason for their death. A caption in the video described the victims as 'the people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church.'” See Deception


Gallup CEO Fears He Might 'Suddenly Disappear' for Questioning U.S. Jobs Data: "Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, an iconic U.S. company dating back to 1935, told CNBC that he was worried he might 'suddenly disappear' and not make it home that evening if he disputed the accuracy of what the U.S. government is reporting as unemployed Americans. The CNBC interview came one day after Clifton had penned a gutsy opinion piece on Gallup’s web site, defiantly calling the government’s 5.6 percent unemployment figure 'The Big Lie' in the article’s headline....

    "None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job... the Department of Labor doesn’t count you as unemployed.... While you are as unemployed as one can possibly be, and tragically may never find work again, you are not counted in the figure we see relentlessly in the newscurrently 5.6%. Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America


White House made up the story about spat with Israli PM over his visit to Congress: "... the White House had actually already been informed that Netanyahu was invited to speak to Congress. The administration was in no way blindsided by the announcement, even though that is how they chose to frame it to the media.... "The Times of Israel... explains that the White House said nothing until after Netanyahu accepted the invitation...

     "An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before."


Obama flat out lied about Iran’s nukes: Their progress hasn’t been ‘halted’: "President Obama’s claims aren’t even close to being true. Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium has surged since 2009..."


[George] Orwell and the Administration: The White House as Ministry of Truth: "In George Orwell’s landmark novel 1984, Big Brother’s dictatorial state uses 'newspeak'” and its Ministry of Truth to turn falsehood into manufactured 'truth' and reality into lies. The administration’s explanation of what drives the terrorists responsible for 9/11, the Fort Hood shooting, and the Boston bombing sounds everyday more and more like a product of The Ministry of Truth.

    "...the Commander-in-Chief explicitly 'rejected the notion' that the war on terrorism is any kind of 'religious war' against radical Islam. President Obama went on to explain how groups such as Al Qaeda and The Islamic State are not in fact Islamic but simply nihilists. 'This message is not new or unique to the chief executive....'"

January 2015

Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ (now admits he did not go to heaven): "Earlier this week, Alex recanted his testimony about the afterlife (after making a fortune!).... Alex states flatly: 'I did not die. I did not go to Heaven.' ...I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible. People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible.”

U.S. Official: America Paying Salaries of Afghan Cops That Don’t Exist: "The United States continues to pay more than $300 million annually to the Afghan National Police (ANP), and some of that money is going to officers who do not actually exist, according to government officials who warn that fraud and a lack of oversight are causing U.S. taxpayer dollars to be wasted on the force." See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

HarperCollins 'regrets omission' of Israel from its atlases in Arab countries, says product has been withdrawn and destroyed: "HarperCollins 'regrets omission' of Israel from its atlases in Arab countries, says product has been withdrawn and destroyed. One of the world's leading publishing houses has been forced to apologize for distributing atlases which literally erased Israel from the map. 'HarperCollins had been distributing the atlases via its subsidiary Collins Bartholomew, which specializes in maps, throughout Arab countries in the Middle East, depicting Jordan and Syria extending all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.'"

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