Notes from Donald Hank


December 16, 2012. There are a number of unanswered questions about this Sandy Hook school shooting.

My wife and I heard on the TV news, more than once, that there was a man hauled out of the woods surrounding the Sandy Hook school and handcuffed. News stories since then have ignored that story.

As soon as I heard the name Ryan Lanza (initially suspected, later cleared), my daughter and I went to Facebook and looked him up. There were 3 Ryan Lanzas with links to both Hoboken and Newtown. We based our selection on the photo of Ryan. His FB page had several links to his favorite video games, all violent.

He said he hated 2 people, one, a man named with first and last names. The other was a women named only Amber.

He also said he was angry with his mom and was depressed because someone he loved was no longer in his life. These complaints started at least a month prior to the shooting date.

The other Ryan Lanza also had links to Hoboken and Newtown and showed similar violent comments, but the man looked Hispanic.

Then the cleared suspect's page was apparently taken down.

Any further info will be appreciated.

The focus since then has been gun control, mostly from a president whose administration is responsible for sending assault weapons to the Mexican cartels, one of which killed an American border guard--no presidential tears that time--and whose administration has also supplied weapons to Al Qaeda in an effort to overthrow Middle Eastern regimes friendly to the US. This intervention resulted in the death of a US ambassador and several SEALs. No tears shed at that time either.

Barack thinks we're stupid.

Don Hank