Earth Charter & the Ark of Hope


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Changing Values for a Sustainable Future: "The Canadian NGOs mark ten years after the Rio Earth Summit with a major event called People and the Planet: Changing Values for a Sustainable Future. This meeting will be held from June 5th to 9th.... Some of the invited speakers include David Suzuki, Mikhail Gorbachev, Vandana Shiva... Robert Kennedy, Jr., Walden Bello, Thomas Berry [Find his name in Myths, Magic, Mysticism], Starhawk..." See The U.N. Plan for Your Community

"The Ark of Hope... was created as a place of refuge for the Earth Charter document, an international peoples treaty for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century.... The five painted panels that form the sides and top of the Ark each represent... a season, a direction, an element, and a universal symbol. ...The Ark of Hope was created for a celebration of the Earth Charter that was held at Shelburne Farms, Vermont on September 9, 2001. The event, for love of Earth, featured keynote speaker Jane Goodall, global peace walker Satish Kumar, musician Paul Winter, and Dr. Steven C. Rockefeller, a member of the Earth Charter Commission." This occult Ark of Hope bears a strange resemblance to the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. Notice the pictures of the ark. Psalm 2

How the Earth Charter could be utilized by local communities: "The process is a broad one as it defines the vision of a city toward its future, the quality of life that is commonly sought, the relationship of the city to those it serves and will serve in the future, and the impact of the city's actions beyond its borders. ...There are three broad areas that must be balanced in the process of sustainability visioning: that of economic development, community and human development, and ecological resources including the concept of regeneration. For this balancing to occur in a fair and participatory fashion, a partnership process is mandated." The U.N. Plan for Your Community

The Interfaith Center of New York: Scroll down to the "Ark of Hope." This unholy imitation of God's sacred Old Testament ark of the covenant is designed to unify the hearts and hopes of people around the world. But this crusade for a global, earth-centered spirituality has zero tolerance for Biblical Christianity. 

Highlights from a celebration of the Earth Charter: "Each flag contained one of the principles from the Earth Charter and signatures endorsing it. ...One of the main forces behind the Earth Charter [is] Dr. Steven Rockefeller."  


Kofi Annan urges participants to set example of interfaith cooperation: "...we all know that the practice of religion can have its dark side, too. Religious extremism has too often oppressed or discriminated against women and minorities. Religion has often been yoked to nationalism, stoking the flames of violent conflict and setting group against group. Religious leaders have not always spoken out when their voices could have helped combat hatred and persecution, or could have roused people from indifference.... So I humbly suggest that today's meeting is also an opportunity for religious, spiritual and political leaders, as well as their followers, to look within, and to consider what they can do to promote justice, equality, reconciliation and peace." Rev 13 and Two UN Summits


Beasts attack - Critters behaving like a bunch of wild animals: "Not only do wild animals wreak havoc on the roads, in the fields and on each other, they're downright dangerous to humans, according to a study done by the General Accounting Office for a congressional subcommittee overseeing Department of Agriculture appropriations. ...27,000 people each year are injured by rodents. Another 8,000 are bitten by venomous snakes; 15 of them die. Skunks wound 750 humans a year, foxes get 500, bears 30, sharks 28, alligators 18, and coyotes and cougars two each. In Indiana, swarms of starlings spread the threat of histoplasmosis; in Utah and elsewhere, skunks, raccoons, urban waterfowl and pigeons pose such dangers to human health as rabies, roundworm, salmonella and plague.

      "Animals pose a danger for each other as well: In Louisiana, beavers are threatening the existence of the Louisiana pearlshell; in Georgia, armadillos and other predators are endangering the bobwhite quail; and in Hawaii, feral goats and pigs endanger waterbirds and plants, and tree frogs imperil parrots and Axiss deer." And the migrating wolves and bears were not even mentioned.  Ezekiel 14:15-16 See next item:


Environmental News. Grizzlies gone, black bears spill into new areas -- Critters beginning to explore outlying counties of [San Francisco] Bay Area: "Get used to bears galumphing into town. Recent sightings of black bears in Salinas and Carmel are no fluke, biologists believe. Over the past five years, the animals have rapidly expanded their territory around California, moving from the deeply wooded, mountainous areas into parts of Monterey, Napa and Sonoma counties."  The return of bears and wolves to national parks and non-park neighborhoods may soon erect a natural barrier that shuts people out of God's most beautiful wilderness areas. That's part of the plan. See Local Agenda 21, Part 2 -Santa Cruz -- the UN agenda being implemented in Monterey County. Some excerpts:

  • "The only fundamental way to preserve life's biological diversity is to make sure all species have appropriate habitat. For many species that means true wilderness."

  • "Promote National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program" to encourage everyone to plan their landscaping with the needs of wildlife in mind. [Ezekiel 14:15-16]

  • "Utilize all media...."


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