Spreading Ebola?

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Thursday, October 16: From Lynn Stuter, a respected researcher.


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The CDC gave Amber Vinson, the nurse who flew on Frontier Airlines from Cleveland to Dallas, permission to fly even after she told them her temperature was 99.5 degrees.


The government says "trust us, we know what we are doing" but their actions say otherwise, from Thomas Eric Duncan not being diagnosed and quarantined the first time he showed up at Presbyterian Health Hospital, to not providing proper training to healthcare staff, to not providing proper protocols, to healthcare personnel not having proper clothing to protect them, to allowing Vinson to fly with a fever; it has been one "mistake" after the next, resulting in the exposure of at least 200 people to the Ebola virus, with the probability that those 200 exposed people are spread across this nation.


Now the CDC is again saying "trust us, we are actively monitoring" those exposed.


Actively monitoring these people is not sufficient.  These people need to be quarantined immediately so no one else is exposed.


To do otherwise is to invite certain disaster.


It is almost like the CDC, and those to whom the CDC answers, wanting a disaster to occur.


And it will if we sit back and do nothing It's time to light up the switchboards in DC, demand these people be quarantined immediately for the duration of 21 days; demand that flights from countries infected be stopped; demand all U.S. citizens returning from countries infected be quarantined immediately for the duration of 21 days no exceptions, no deviation.


Wednesday, October 15: From Lynn Stuter, a respected researcher.


Our duly elected, in DC, are totally and completely responsible for this happening.


Had you people done what you should have done, closed our airports to fliers from infected countries, this nurse could not have possibly exposed every person on that Frontier Airlines flight to Ebola.  The possibility now exists that Ebola has been spread across this nation.  Every person, on that flight, needs to be identified and quarantined immediately.  No tomorrow or next week today!


That this nurse was allowed to travel, that she wasn't quarantined immediately upon having been identified as being possibly exposed, is beyond unconscionable.