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Mr. Dean Gotcher is the founder and director of the Institution for Authority Research. His background is in education and European history and philosophy. His extensive research in the area of education reform has given him exceptional insight into what education reform is all about, who is responsible for the changes, when the reforms really started, and most importantly, why our system of education is being restructured. Read more of his bio below.


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Mr. Dean Gotcher is internationally known for his research, and is referenced as a source in many articles and books. He is a consultant to business managers, state legislators, school board members, school administrators, teachers, and Bible-based ministers; as well as a sought-after guest on radio talk-shows.

He is the author of the booklet Dialectic and Praxis: Diaprax and the End of the Ages, explaining the dialectic process which is the foundation of and justification for Goals 2000, Outcome-Based Education, and School to Work. He also explains Total Quality Management, consensus, the Delphi technique, group dynamics, cognitive dissonance, paradigm shift, and their roles in restructuring society.

Over the past six years he has held over 1,000 seminars and/or weekend conferences. He shares in his seminars that the main goal of the process and those promoting it is to destroy any overt position of authority, especially parental authority. As a Christian, he believes the ultimate authority is God and His Word. He shares what God has to say to us today regarding the subject of authority and educating our children.

Questions he will address in his presentation include:

  • What are the differences between traditional and transformational ways of thinking?

  • How do they relate to OBE, TQM, STW and Goals 2000?

  • How do these processes affect the workplace, government, church, or family relations?

  • How do these processes destroy faith in God?


We have the highest regard for his Christian life style and commitment to ministry. He is known as one of the most knowledgeable researchers in the country on the topic of educational psychology and theology. He refutes the modern worldview with authority and responsible research, as well as a solid biblical foundation.

(Lynn & Sarah Leslie, publishers of Christian Conscience magazine)

Dean Gotcher is THE expert on the Hegelian dialectic or consensus process at the heart of Total Quality Management and the new global management system. Schools, corporations, community groups, and governments are implementing this manipulative system of teaching, training, monitoring, and managing human resources around the world. To avoid compromise and to equip our children, friends, and families to stand firm in God’s truth, we need to understand the goal and strategies of the consensus process. I don’t believe anyone understands its danger better than Dean. And no one is better equipped to help Christians prepare to resist its subtle and overt pressures to conform to the new global beliefs and values and to become ‘group thinkers.’ I recommend that everyone hear God’s warnings and encouragement through this wise and godly man.   (Berit Kjos)


Our culture has been undergoing drastic changes over the last several decades and, from a Christian perspective, they have been mostly for the worse. Abortion, homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, illegal drug use, loss of individual freedoms and rights, and the expansion of government power have all been corrupting our Republic. The Church has been largely impotent in the face of these developments. Now change agents are gaining power in many churches, transforming them to their vision of what the Church should be instead of what God intended it to be, thus making the Church even more irrelevant in our culture than it now is. These changes are all necessary to effect the transformation of our culture from one based upon a Christian biblical foundation (a Christian Worldview) to one based upon atheistic, humanistic principles (a Secular, Humanist, Marxist Worldview).

Several ministries and individuals teach about the conflicting worldviews battling for dominance in our nation. These ministries provide a great service teaching the what and in many cases the who regarding these worldviews. But they don’t explain precisely how and why the Christian Worldview is being eroded and transformed into a Secular, Humanist, Marxist Worldview. It is absolutely vital for Christians to understand that there is a common process and philosophy behind these changes.

The change agents, advocating and instituting these alterations to the fabric of our society, all use common techniques and strategies in what’s known as a “Dialectic Process.” Mr. Dean Gotcher, the founder and director of the Institution for Authority Research, has documented this process and coined the word “Diaprax” to describe it.

Mr. Gotcher is the nation’s leading authority on the Dialectic Process and has studied over 600 books on sociology, psychology, and history. He has conducted over 1,000 seminars teaching how this process is used, and how to resist it. Known internationally for his research and referenced as a resource in many books and articles, Mr. Gotcher is a consultant to business managers, state legislators, school board members, school administrators, teachers, and Bible-based ministers; as well as a frequent guest on radio talk shows.

Briefly the process which Mr. Gotcher will be talking about is a psychosocial methodology of changing society through the use of group dynamics which literally changes the way people think. The process, which is utilized incrementally, is so subtle and deceptive that most people never realize that they have been manipulated and thus had their worldview altered or completely changed.

All Americans need to understand how this subtle process is being used to indoctrinate and dumb down our children, infringe upon and take away private property rights, cause the acceptance of deviant behavior, limit and destroy free speech and subvert the faith of Christians. Like a steady drip of water, the relentless imposition of the Dialectic Process on our culture continues to destroy our Republic and traditional Biblical Absolutes. This conference will not only equip you to recognize when the Dialectic Process is being used on you, your family members, organization or business, but will also instruct you on how to how to combat and resist it.

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