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"This notice was sent from the housing dep.(UCI) to my two children at UC Irvine. The tragic result of all the sex-ed and other ed in the schools."

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:43:34 EDT


The Orange County Blade received a call on Friday, April 20, from the Orange County Health Dept. regarding an outbreak of syphilis in the county. The Blade reported several months ago an increase of this disease in Los Angeles County. Since we are at the printer with our May issue I am hoping that all organizations, newsletters, websites etc. will get this message out.

Syphilis is contacted by unprotected anal and oral sex. Although oral sex carries a much lower risk of transmitting HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis can be readily transmitted by this route. We are expecting more information from the health dept. next week and will update you when we receive that information.

Thank you for your assistance in this serious health risk to our community.

Bill LaPointe, Publisher The Orange County & Long Beach Blade

Michael Houston

UCI LGBT Resource Center


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