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This information has been compiled from Sue Payne, a contributor to WCBM 680 and a Co-Host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show

Listen to Sue Payne Interviewed on the Mark Levin Show (2/26/15)

On November 21, 2014 the Task Force on New Americans was formed.


Task Force began meeting until Jan – Feb 2015, when a series of three (3) listening sessions was conducted to gather information for the preparation of a report due to the president by March 2015.

During the three listening sessions, it was disclosed that representatives of the white house and all cabinet members as well as immigrant groups would share information to be included in the report.

Some of the information exchanged was:

Ted Hayes, tedhayes@tedhayes.us, the founder of America’s Black Shield also listened to the three calls as well as Sue Payne from Rally for America.

Judicial Watch has begun an investigation into the Task Force on New Americans and additional information will be forthcoming from Del. Pat McDonough (patmcdee@comcast.net)

WCBM will post updates as we receive them on wcbm.com.

Comments: Transcript of Mark Levin's two conversations with Sue Payne of WCBM.

I)  @ 1:46:20 of Mark Levin Show podcast 24 Feb 2015.

Sue Payne: Thank you, Mark. I wanted to inform you that two weeks ago I attended three conference calls with members of the White House: Cecilia Monuz and folks that are putting together this amnesty mill for Obama.

SP: With the series of three, I took extensive notes...

SP:  Let me tell you what they said. What went on in the call is that the immigration groups, they call themselves the Task Force for New Americans, this is what Obama called them. What the immigrant group said was that they did not want they did not want the American citizens and the president to get the wrong idea of this amnesty, that they are  not interested in assimilating, they are interested in navigating.  And their new call was: we want to navigate, not assimilate. And what they want to navigate is the benefits in this country. They have no intentions of becoming American citizens because they feel like their home country is somewhere else.  But they want the benefits. And, in fact, some of the women on the call said that the citizens of this country need to realize that these immigrant women, their best job is to stay home with their children, and that we should be giving them money and..."
(Hard commercial break then stopped the conversation stopped, but it continued two days later on 26 Feb 2015 on the Mark Levin Show.

II)  @ 1:30:50 of Mark Levin Show  podcast.

Mark Levin: Yesterday, you may recall we had a call from a lady named Sue who was invited, apparently unbeknownst to the President's folks, to listen in on a discussion, a phone discussion, at a rally that was taking place, of some sort, about immigration. Sue, how are you?

Sue Payne: I'm very good. Thank you for having me on the show.

ML: Now, Sue, who can also be heard on WCBM on the weekends I learned, Sue Payne. Sue, we don't have a lot of time so go ahead and summarize what took place on that call.

SP: Well, what took place on the call was there was the Task Force on New Americans, which Obama established on November 21st (2014). Remember when he went to Las Vegas, the media said he was signing an executive order for five million illegal aliens to become deferred. In reality, what he did was sign a memorandum that created the Task Force on New Americans, which was going to implement his amnesty mill for the five million illegals, which I believe is going to be more than that, Mark. I think he (Obama) was planning, and on these conference calls it became clear that he's looking at 13 (million) to 15 million to give protection and move them on to citizenship. What happened in the conference calls was there was a representative from 16, each of the members of his cabinet. So there were 16 representatives there, and Cecilia Munoz was on the first call.

ML: Hold on now. And she (Munoz) is a top advisor to the President on this and a former senior official with LULAC, er, La Rasa, La Rasa.

SP: La Rasa. And she's chairing this task force. And so what became clear is that once these illegals come out of the shadows, so to speak, their communities that they're living in now are going to be redesignated as receiving communities, and what this task force is designed to do is to create a welcoming feeling among these receiving communities to bring in these immigrants, bring them out in the open. But the receiving communities will then soon morph into what was established, an emerging immigrant community. And to do that, what they said was that we need to start looking at the immigrant as a seedling and for the seedling to grow, the seedling needs to be in fertile soil.

ML: Alright, let's hold on. OK, we've got the seedling, the fertile soil in these new communities. Good Lord, this sounds like Plato's Republic. It sounds like Marxism; it sounds like Mao's China.

(Commercial break)

ML: Now we're going to go back to Sue. So, Sue, we have these special little communities and seedlings and fertilizer and then what?

SP: Well, eventually the seedlings will take over the host, and the immigrants will come out of the shadows. And what I got from the meetings was they would be pushing the citizens into the shadows. They would be taking over the country. In fact, one of the members of the task force actually said that we (the task force) would be developing a country within a country. There was a couple of buzzwords that were really disturbing to hear. That was one of them. One was from the White House spokesman (who) said that immigrants need to be aware of the benefits they are entitled to, which led to another comment saying that this group that Obama's going to pardon or give amnesty to would not be interested in assimilating; they would navigate, not assimilate and go into our benefits..."

ML: OK, stop there. That's very, very important. So, these are officials in the White House talking about people not assimilating but navigating. And you know, Sue, this plays right into what Obama was saying, and I played a clip of that, where, again, he's not talking about assimilation, either. He's actually talking almost, he doesn't use the word, about conquering. Did you get that impression?

SP: Oh, yes, especially when it became very clear the receiving communities would be morphing into the emergent immigrant communities. And he also, there was also a couple of other things that were very disturbing. One was that, as soon as this decision is pushed through, these immigrants need to be treated as refugees. They need to be given cash. They need medical care. They need to use credit cards to pay for any documents that they need. And, also, we (the task force) need to convince state and local governments to cut these people no interest loans with taxpayer dollars so they can then pay for their papers. (pause)

SP: As if we were funding our own destruction here.

ML: This is amazing. What amazes me, Sue, is how this has progressed, how advanced this strategy is. Obviously, it's been in the works for years and years. It's just incredible. And if you hadn't been on this phone call (task force conference calls), we wouldn't even know about this.

SP: No, you wouldn't. It was a series of three calls. And, Mark, also they said there was going to be a great deal of older immigrants in this batch. And that we (the task force) needed to make sure the receiving communities knew that the older or elderly unskillled can contribute to these receiving communities, and that the government should understand that immigrants need to age successfully. (garbled) And we need to get them into Social Security as soon as possible so that they can age successfully within their country within a country.

ML: This is unbelievable, what's going on inside this country, inside the gates of the White House, uh, without any authority, without the knowledge of the American people. I feel like this a completely surreptitious government. I feel we're the ones who are in the shadows. I feel like we're the ones being cut out of the information flow. Like I said, this is no republic. I don't what the hell this is.

SP: Mark, in closing, I just want to say that what's scary about this vote that's going on right now about the Homeland Security and funding or defunding Obama's executive order is that they spoke in this call about their willingness to leverage federal funds. And what I got from that was that if this thing goes through, and they fund Homeland Security, then all these cabinet offices will be willing to just leverage their funds.