Exposes the assault on Christianity and the global plan to transform society through the minds of our children

How to Protect Your Child From the New Age & Spiritual DeceptionEureka, MT –June 4, 2013 - Lighthouse Trails Publishing is pleased to announce the release of How to Protect Your Child From the New Age & Spiritual Deception written by Berit Kjos.

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Our children are being targeted for spiritual deception. Parents must be proactive in protecting and equipping them. THIS BOOK WILL SHOW YOU HOW.

OVERVIEW: TEMPTING VOICES BECKON to children everywhere. Schools, movies, music, and books all sound the call: “Come, dream, trust Self, you are divine, create your own reality, build a new world. Anything goes, for sin and guilt exist only in the minds of the antiquated ‘religious.’”

“Unlearning the old ways” is key to this global transformation. Today’s assault on biblical Christianity is fast undermining God’s moral and spiritual boundaries. It invites chaos rather than unity—coercion instead of freedom—war and violence instead of peace—and ultimately overtakes today’s children with the plan to turn them into “progressive” transformation leaders of tomorrow.

How can we equip our children so they do not become spiritually deceived and fall into this world-wide agenda? And how can we teach them to have the courage to say no to seductive enticements? There is an answer! We can teach our children to know Truth, so they will discern the counterfeit. And we can teach them how to spot the New Age/New Spirituality and to understand the serious implications that occur when it is embraced.

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Chapter by Chapter Synopsis

1: Children at Risk
This generation of children is being drawn into the New Age/New Spirituality, and it is happening right under parents’ noses. While some of us grieve the real-world consequences of this cultural revolution, a rising chorus of voices is now demanding acceptance of today’s paradigm shift.

2: The Armor of God
How can we “put on” the armor of God and how can we teach our children to wear it? In a world where public schools, television, movies, and popular music offer tempting counterfeits of what God promises, there is only one safe place for our children: in the loving arms of the Shepherd.

3: Schools & the War on Christianity
The New Age is in our public schools, and Christianity is its enemy. Through textbooks, educational associations, and government agendas, Christianity has been eradicated out of the school system. Secular humanism and Marxism have replaced morality and biblical values. Six strategies are being used to instill these replacements into the lives of countless school-age children. Indoctrinating students with diverse beliefs, socialist values, utopian dreams, and idealized love leads to deception, disillusionment, corruption, and chaos.

4: What Can Parents Do About the War on Christianity?
Practical, point by point biblical and effective advice on how to teach and equip your children to love and follow the Lord, to abide in His Word, to recognize spiritual deception, and to know how to stand courageously in an increasingly corrupt and lost world.

5: Schools & the Promotion of Corrupting Values
The values being taught in today’s public schools are more and more based, not on biblical values, but rather on immoral anti-biblical ones such as abortion, homosexuality, sex education, and evolution through “values clarification.” Values clarification is neutral, say public education change agents, since every value is as valid as any other. Yet at the same time, they hold to the belief that there are no absolute values—thereby contradicting their claim to a neutral unbiased position.

6: How to Guard Your Child Against Corrupting Values
How can you teach your child to love God and love His values as well? This chapter gives some guidelines on how to do that. For example, show your own enthusiasm and commitment to knowing and hearing God speak to you through His Word. And practice living God’s truth together as you play games, eat meals, participate in sports, ride in the car, and share your resources with others. Also a list of several things you should discuss with your child that will help teach him or her the meaning and importance of God’s values.

7: Schools & New Age Globalism
Behind these classroom efforts to win the minds of the youth is the dream of a global one-world system. To inspire a consciousness explosion, many New Age leaders are determined to win a “critical mass” of minds. Children will be the prime target of such “missionary” efforts, and schools will be their greatest battlefield. Through myth-making, “facilitated dialogue,” and delight in pleasing delusions, our children are blinded to the disturbing changes in the real world. Meanwhile, suicide among youth is accelerating–the fruit of this transformational agenda.

8: What Can Parents Do About New Age Globalism?
Some of this chapter’s ideas include: help your child to see that his identity is in Christ (and what that means), incorporate a family Bible-reading program, and help your child to understand the differences between biblical and anti-biblical leadership. Under the heading “Guard Against Influences Opposing God” are the following questions: “Does your child’s school sensationalize or exaggerate the problems and dangers of global pollution, overpopulation, and global warming? Do they use these suggestions to promote a planned political agenda?”

9: The Mind-Changing Visual Messages in Movies
Children are continuously exposed to an onslaught of counterfeit messages. Movies that appear innocent and wholesome often have subtle, yet powerful, messages that negate the truths of the Bible. Using case examples of some of today’s most popular shows (even among Christians) such as Lion King, Atlantis, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, Berit shows the underlying messages of many of today’s secular films that are changing the way our children think and behave.

10: How to Guard Against Mind-Changing Messages
The pressure on parents to give in is often insurmountable. Your child has friends who are allowed to see the movies, so why can’t he? That isn’t fair, your child insists. What can a parent do? You need to have a practical as well as biblical plan. This chapter offers several suggestions.

11: Shameless Corruption Through Television and Digital Media
It isn’t just the obvious shows and media that distort our children’s values. More often, it is the hidden messages that cause the most damage. Looks at key categories and considers how the media messages mold young minds. Experimenting with magic, laughing at religion, pursuing a new world order, and embracing horror and the paranormal are all part of the methodology of changing our children’s minds.

12: Guarding Against Corruption in Television & Digital Media
Berit tells parents how they can train their children to discern between truth and spiritual deception. One way is to teach your child to ask him or herself certain questions about particular shows and games such as: Do one or more of the characters play the role of God? Do some of these superheroes and gods, such as He-man and Superman, seem greater and more real than God?

13: Twisting the Imagination Through Toys & Games
Today’s toy stores are packed with violence, magic, and New Age toys and games. Berit uses case examples such as Pokémon and Power Rangers to show how the New Age maxim “as above, so below” (“God” in everything) is the “fruit” of so many of today’s toys and games. Yet, few recognize the dark occult nature behind their ancient formulas.

14: Protecting Your Child From Harmful Toys & Games
Know what questions to ask your child to help him make the right choices (between that which is evil and that which is good). Give him the kind of training that he can take into adulthood. Train your child to follow God, not peers, no matter what the cost.

15: Immoral & Occult Suggestions in Books & Magazines
Children are being taught to love the occult. Berit shows how sensuality, a hunger for the occult, and a desensitizing of values are being aroused through books such as the vampire Twilight series and Harry Potter.

16: How to Guard Against Immorality & the Occult
To prove that our God is far greater than the plethora of alternatives, our lives must demonstrate to our children faith in the midst of difficulties. Practical ideas are included such as: Keeping an up-to-date church library and encouraging other families to support and use it, being alert to what your child’s peers are reading, and enjoying books together that demonstrate God’s values.

17: When Popular Music Becomes Obscene & Immoral
From hypnotic repetitive beats in New Age and contemplative music to the violent occultic music of bands like Marilyn Manson, music entices the soul. But there is also the more subtle music that lures your children into a sensually seductive world. Also talks about the huge influence Bono has had, even among many Christian kids.

18: What Can Parents Do About Seductive Mind-Changing Music?
Teach your children to “renew their minds” with truth, avoid compromising suggestions and situations, and trust and follow the Holy Spirit. Practical tips on how to teach your child to choose good music and also on what you, as a parent, can do to protect your child from harmful music.

19: Mystical New Age Thrills Enticing Children
Eastern-style New Age mysticism is coming at children from every direction today. And the roots of this meditation-promoting spirituality are panentheistic (God is in all) and interspiritual (all paths lead to God). Shows the underlying occultism that is enticing children, even in the classroom. It’s all part of a diabolical scheme to turn hearts and minds from God.

20: How to Guard Against Mystical New Age Thrills
Help your child to understand the nature of the New Age and spiritual deception. Remember, this is a spiritual war! Don’t let him or her go into the world unequipped. Berit also gives a 10-point test to use for determining when a media (movie, book, music) is actually Christian or not. A valuable tool.

21: Becoming Aware of Spiritual Deception in the Church
The minds of our youth are being reshaped to fit the postmodern world (and the postmodern emerging church). Parents need to be prepared and be educated or they will witness their children being snatched out of the arms of faith. Never has there been as much of a need for this preparation as there is today.

Afterword: The First and Final Deception
What we are experiencing today is a synthesis of the “I am God” ideology and accelerating occult activity. What should Christian families do? Should we hide ourselves and our loved ones from the world’s charms and ills, or should we shine our light, work while it is day, and speak the truth in love and with boldness? We need to show our children how to be in the world but not of the world.

Appendix: Leading Your Child to Receive Christ as Savior and Lord
Without your child having a true genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, he or she will definitely succumb to the pressures of this world. This is the foundation of their spiritual lives. The biblical suggestions in this Appendix will offer a basic guideline for parents.

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(This book was originally titled Your Child & the New Age, released in 1990 by Victor Books. We believe that even if you read Berit's 1st edition in the 90s, you need to read this updated and expanded edition.The new edition is over 85% larger [156 more pages] than the original.)

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Author Bio: Berit Kjos is a respected researcher, the author of many books and magazine articles, and a concerned parent (and grandparent) who has extensively studied religious trends, today’s social changes, the roots and branches of the United Nations, the rising worldwide management system, and—most alarming of all—the transformation of the church. Berit first became aware of New Age and occult influences in our society at a 1974 conference on holistic health. As a registered nurse, she was interested in methods of healing but soon discovered that the occult powers found in New Age methods brought bondage instead of true healing.