The Wizard of Oz

It's author is a hero to Theosophists, which should serve as a warning Christian families.

For information about the occult teachings of Thesosophy read:

Atlantis, Trapped in the Matrix, The International Agenda and Star Wars Joins United Religions 

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Our nation ignores existence of God: "...when I attended a local graduation ceremony later that day I was deeply touched.... Our creator was not invited in the beginning, the middle, but at the tail end with 'God bless' from the guest speaker. That's all that would be tolerated. ... Instead he talked about the Wizard of Oz. ...

    "Today it's perfectly correct to look to movies with the word wizard in the title for direction in life because we don't want to offend someone or get sued. But it's considered offensive to quote scripture. It's an offense that our God and Savior has been replaced by a scarecrow, a tin man and cowardly lion on high school graduation day, and that God wasn't invited into the ceremony by humbling ourselves in prayer even once. A nation that mocks the sovereign God by demoting him to a generic god then asking him to bless them is in serious trouble."


A Notable Theosophist - L. Frank best known as the author of the popular childrenís book The Wizard of Oz, on which the 1939 movie starring Judy Garland was based.... He firmly believed in reincarnation... and believed that he and his wife had been together in many past states.... Theosophical ideas permeate his work and provided the inspiration for it. Indeed, The Wizard can be regarded as Theosophical allegory... The story came to Baum as an inspiration, and he accepted it with a certain awe as a gift from outside, or perhaps from deep within, himself. Frank Baum... was our first and perhaps greatest Theosophical writer for children." Read about Theosophy in The International Agenda and Popular Occultism


L. Frank Baum and the Not-So-Wonderful Wizard of Oz: "L. Frank Baum...  was interested in Theosophy (which he and his wife joined in 1896), and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is on page 36 of the Theosophical University Press 1989-90 catalogue, which features 'the principle source-writings of the modern Theosophical movement and seeks to provide a...comprehensive presentation of the ancient wisdom-tradition.' ...

       "Concerning Theosophy, Baum pronounced, 'God is Nature, and Nature God," and in the Aberdeen, South Dakota Saturday Pioneer (January 25, 1890) he wrote of 'an eager longing to penetrate the secrets of Nature -- an aspiration for knowledge we have thought is forbidden.'

       "...the Theosophists are 'searchers for truth' and 'admit the existence of God -- not necessarily a personal God.' He believed in the theory of elementals (invisible, vapory beings) popularized in Madame Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled (1877), and like the Rosicrucians' belief in the combining of God and nature, and not unlike William Butler Yeats' (Mason and Fabian) search for a new mysticism.

      "Baum believed in reincarnation, in karma, that there was no devil, and 'that man on earth was only one step on the ladder that passed through many states of consciousness, through many universes, to a final state of Enlightenment,' according to Michael Patrick Hearn in his book, The Annotated Wizard of Oz (1973). Hearn is also quoted in Children's Literature Review (CLR), vol. 15, as saying 'The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was...well read in the occult sciences.....

     "In the Saturday Pioneer (October 18, 1890), Baum wrote that 'the absurd and legendary devil is the enigma of the Church,' and in the Oz books, he said there were both 'good' and 'bad' demons and witches....

     "Before meeting the Wizard in Oz, the cowardly lion says he will do what's necessary until the Wizard 'promises to give us what we desire'; in Masonic initiation, the individual is asked, 'What do you most desire?'"

Potter called Christ-like Minister compares boy wizard to Jesus in new book : The latest praise for the widely popular book and movie series comes on the heels of last month's blessing from the Vatican. Officials at the Vatican talked glowingly about the Potter series at a news conference about the New Age movement. "The author, J.K. Rowling, is a Christian by conviction in her way of living and in her writing. I don't see the least problem in the Harry Potter films," the Rev. Peter Fleetwood, a former official of the Pontifical Council for Culture, told reporters. "I don't think there's anyone in this room who grew up without fairies, magic and angels in their imaginary world. They aren't bad. They aren't serving as an anti-Christian ideology." ....The Rev. John Killinger, author of the new book "God, The Devil and Harry Potter," says Harry is far from being a devil or a witch. Rather, says the Presbyterian minister and academic, he actually is a Christ-like figure. Killinger calls the four-book series "a modern interpretation of the gospel." ....People have asked Brock what the difference is between Harry Potter and Snow White or "The Wizard of Oz." "The difference is that in 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Snow White is the heroine," Brock said. "In 'The Wizard of Oz,' Dorothy is the heroine and the wizard turned out to be a con man. ... In Harry Potter, Harry is the hero and he is a witch. That is a big crossover there in their approach. I don't know what the pope is thinking."

Music Publishing: "EMI is the world's largest music publisher in terms of copyrights owned, controlled or administered, with rights to more than one million musical compositions and offices in 30 countries. EMI's diverse repertoire includes numerous pop music hits, American standards, country songs, classical works... and the rights to the film score of Singing in the Rain and the music in the Wizard of Oz. EMI concentrates on discovering, promoting and nurturing gifted songwriters around the world, working with new and established writers to build a body of work to be appreciated by future generations and making the music of yesterday relevant to the audience of today....Composers and writers represented by EMI include David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Carole King, Queen, Rodney Jerkins, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Phil Collins, Genesis, The Verve and Robbie Williams....Savage Garden, Sting, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Texas, Rod Stewart and Aerosmith. ... A&R, the art of identifying the next great writer, the next great song, is the single most important function EMI performs."


A Few Thoughts About Harry: "I took my teen-age daughter to see Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone on the day it opened.... We were both shocked to see the theater packed with kindergartners and children as young as 3 and 4, some clutching teddy bears and dolls. Entire public school classes were there, from the same schools that have banned Christmas in favor of a 'winter holiday.' ... Critics have been slamming anyone who objects on moral grounds. They invoke 'fundamentalist' protests during the 1939 release of The Wizard of Oz to scare anyone from voicing similar problems with Harry." See Media Bias


Oscar worship is new religion of the masses: "But what the Oscars are not about is merit.....   The Universities of Stanford, Harvard and Yale combined could hardly counter the importance in which the Academy holds itself. Their guiding spirit, however, is that of the Wizard of Oz, the snake oil salesman who posed as God in order to impress the impressionable....Year after year the Academy gets away with it." 

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