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Question:  I find your site really inspiring, it makes me realize about some stuff and I learned about things that were not evil in my mind and but I'm aware of my mistakes.


I would really appreciate if you could help me with this issue: I've got a booklet "The Seven Gifts of Your Guardian Angel" by reverend Kimberly Marooney which is basically a guide to get in touch with your guardian angel. I sense that something is not right here. When I bought this booklet, I had vague ideas about the main principles of Christianity.


What do you think about it? Please help me with this dilemma because I don't know if it's good or bad. The "connecting with your angel" booklet comes in a box with an angel statue, an angel pin and a keepsake box that can be used as an altar. What's your opinion on Angel statues?


P.S. I forgot to mention that the author is a strongly God believer.


Answer: Angel worship fits right into the new global spirituality that claims to please God, but it is not Christian. It totally contradicts God’s Word, His ways and His promises.


Almost ten years ago, I wrote a book called A Twist of Faith. You can find the whole book online at our website. Would you please read chapters 1, 8 and 10? Here is the link to the first chapter: http://www.crossroad.to/Books/TwistofFaith/1-Father-Mother.html


I believe those chapters (especially 8 and 10) would help you understand the conflict. But let me summarize it: 

1. Angel worship clashes with the first – and most important – of the 10 Commandments: “You shall have no other gods before Me…” To the masses that trust their favors, today's sweet, permissive angels are worshipped and trusted as were pagan gods and spirits in former times. 

2. Those who worship angels are trusting a contrary force or power. The deity -- who counterfeits God’s promises and sets no moral boundaries -- is an expression of the timeless power behind pagan gods and goddesses through the ages. In the end, the worshipper may experience mystical feelings, even see magical results, but this coveted "experience" is a costly and momentary thrill. It means rejecting the Biblical God and all His promises for all eternity. This occult pathway ends in terror and pain, not peace and beauty.

3. These "angels" and their altars fit right into traditional paganism. In ancient cultures around the world, both dark and “light” spirits (the latter were more deceptive) behind physical symbols would communicate with their human subjects. Today – as more an more people ignore God’s Word and turn to counterfeits, we see a revival of pagan figurines, amulets and goddess figures (including those pretty angels which bear no likeness to Biblical angels.)

4. Biblical angels carry out God’s will. In contrast, pagan "angels" deceive worshippers and gain their trust by offering promises they can’t carry out – such as protection, health, etc. Ultimate they bring the kind of spiritual bondage that characterize the evil spiritual master-mind behind the scene.

Remember, Christian missionaries who loved God, traveled into the darkest and most dangerous parts of the world to bring God’s true light and love to those who were trapped in bondage to the demonic spirits that controlled the people.

You may want to read this page: http://www.crossroad.to/Victory/Armor.htm


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