Thanks for asking and prompting me to take a look at this travesty.

Spiritual warfare is part of the Christian life as long as we live in the world, and Satan is well able to twist traditional Christian messages and celebrations into his own enticing versions. The last part of this statement illustrates what is happening:

"Despite having recently presided over a very successful Halloween, Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, is bored with his job and feels that life in Halloweenland lacks meaning. Then he stumbles upon Christmastown and promptly decides to make the Yuletide his own."

Here is another comment that should serve as a warning. The inspiration behind the message is certainly not our Lord:

By 1993, director Tim Burton was such a successful filmmaker in Hollywood that he was able to return to one of his most beloved early projects, "The Nightmare Before Christmas." It's certainly an inspired movie, as it is also very weird…

As the film opens in the twisted, "Burton"-esque village of "Halloweentown," Jack Skellington… is celebrating another "horrible" Halloween. You'll be shocked and amazed at some of the town's inhabitants, who include jazz-playing zombies, Four Tenor-like vampires, a wolf man, and a wheelchair-bound scientist who occasionally opens up his cranium to (literally) scratch his brain; his creation, a Frankenstein-like scarecrow named Sally (Catherine O'Hara), yearns for contact with others and is quite fond of Jack Skellington.

But Jack's quickly growing tired of the same old routine year after year, and because he's so downtrodden with boredom, he ventures into the dark forest outside the town's borders, and accidentally stumbles onto the wondrous, jolly world of "Christmastown." Enticed by its splendor, he decides to bring back his discovery to the residents of Halloweentown, who of which are just as shocked by Christmas as he is. Jack gets the brilliant idea to pose as Santa Claus but hires three mischief-makers to kidnap the real Santa so he can share his own, misguided vision of Christmas with an unprepared world.

That seems to be the case: a new "misguided vision of Christmas" which is readily accepted by "an unprepared world" -- and church. Biblically illiterate and without God's armor, few children can resist the temptation to see God's truth through the world's unholy filter. The holy events of the Bible are totally corrupted -- yet "christians" march blindly to the twisted tune of a cultural pied pipers who delight in mocking and ridiculing our holy God, His Word and His ways.

By His grace alone,

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From: michael chartier []
Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 7:33 PM
Subject: The Nightmare Before Christmas ('93)

Dear Andy and Berit Kjos,

Have frequented your "Crossroads" sites more than once to gain some insight
from a Christian Perspective on some controversial subject matter w/in and
w/o Christendom (i.e. LOTR, Narnia, and Harry Potter just to name a few).

Obviously all these are either books become movies or usually blockbuster
movies that even Christians don't seem to have a problem with. My concern
today though is about a '93 movie called "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
I tried to find some critique of it on your site but could not.

What do you know about it if anything?

32 of the 35 online reviews give it a "thumbs up" review, but those are just
worldly viewpoints that mention that "wickedness" is made out to be o.k. or
cool in the storyline and Christmas is intentionally blended into Halloween
so as to brainwash believers et al viewers into thinking it seems that one
can and should be able to "reconcile" the two holidays as kindred spirits or
mutually compatible or welcome bedfellows of sorts.

To me this is none other than a deliberate attempt to once again subvert or
steal the TRUTH about CHRIST's birth by subjecting it not only to the purely
world view (i.e. SANTA CLAUS and presents and getting, etc.), but even
worse, perverting even CHRISTMAS by comingling it with the HEINOUS HALLOWEEN
high unholy day.

Constantine already did enough damage by comingling Christianity with
Babylonian Paganism to come up with the Roman Catholic Church. Burton and
Selick or whomever the author was that also gets credit for "James and the
Giant Peach" in '96 via "claymation" again seem intent on warping our
children's innocent minds yet again by calling "good" "evil" and "evil"
"good" and even trying to twist or abuse their imaginations so as to
cleverly confuse the issue with marrying the two holidays together into one
plot or storyline so as to get unsuspecting youth to believe nothing is
inherently wrong with a SANTA ONLY "christless" Christmas and HALLOWEEN, as
well as the notion that there really is NO difference between the origins of
and celebration of HALLOWEEN and CHRISTMAS.

That's what I got out of the previews and reviews I've read.

What do you think or know?

I would really appreciate hearing from you as I am a father of 3 girls and a
public high school teacher that deals with teens daily at work.