“Take heed that you not be deceived." Luke 21:8

High Impact Churches


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Planting High Impact Churches: "Dr. Linus Morris in his book, High Impact Churches and Leaders, defines a high impact church as a church with these five measurable criteria: LIFE TRANSFORMATION: Are lives being transformed for Christ? VISION TRANSFORMATION: Are members committed to the Great Commission? Are they active in prayer, worship, Bible study? Are they good stewards of their time, talent and money using them for the cause of Christ? GROWTH: God's charge to the church is to grow and be fruitful. Growth is not the goal of a high impact church, but it typically occurs. MULTIPLICATION: The high impact church multiplies leadership: ministers and ministries. REPRODUCTION: The high impact church sends trained and equipped people out to extend the kingdom by planting sister and daughter churches.

      "Morris adds that high impact churches are: purpose centered, values driven, and Spirit directed. Morris is the President of Christian Associates International (CAI) which is planting high impact churches in major European cities."

      How can man establish a "measurable criteria" for assessing churches? Within the new church management system, such measurements are defined according to human standards for growth, "participation" and "transformation," not God's. God's guidelines are too offensive for the kind of growth most "high impact" leaders envision. See Isaiah 55 and 2 Samuel 24:9-15.

REACHING NEW CITIES: "CAI's vision is to impact Europe by planting High Impact churches, and developing High Impact leaders, across Europe. ...We have a list of cities that we think are strategic. On the list are cities such as London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Rome, Marseille and Kopenhagen. We would like to see a churchplanting team in each city. Different projects are in different phases; for some projects we are still in the data-collection phase, others are already in the team-assembly phase." Re-Inventing the Church


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