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Most of these links were sent by Susan Conway who shares our concerns and helps us to understand how the new global management systems - with their rules and regulations - are 

New links: February 12

1. The Global Church - See how the pieces fit together

2. Testimonies, links and comments - (not ready yet)

3. International Networks 

The Great Commission Roundtable

Lausanne Committee

World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) Consultation

Youth for Christ

Dawn *

Hope for Europe

Baptist World Congress 

Kingdom Transformation

Assembly of God new

4. Faith Communities Today

 is the largest survey of congregations ever conducted in the United States.  It is the most inclusive, officially sanctioned program of interfaith cooperation...." See The Changing Face of American Religion

Faith Communities Today "Early in the year 2000... national religious organizations began to conduct a massive survey of congregations from Maine to Hawaii. Through Faith Communities Today, the religious bodies are reviewing the findings, studying the implications, and planning ways to help their local congregations serve men and women, children and youth."  Just a glimpse of the massive new networks and system preparing to manage the 21st century church."  

Leadership Network had something to do with the above study done by the Hartford Center (    The following is a quote from this site.

 Another person contributed to the collection of the information about megachurches Dr. John Vaughan of the Megachurch Research Institute.   Additionally, The Leadership Network and its representative Dave Travis sponsored and supported the research project. ]    

This whole site is vital to understanding what this survey does. This seems to be the direction Leadership Network is facilitating in the transformation process.

5. Other links 

Leadership Network and UMC Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell


Jim Mayfield pastors the Bushes' church in Austin. Kirbyjon Caldwell is pastor of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston. Bush chose Caldwell to give the inaugural benediction prayer.

Background: Kirbyjon Caldwell has been featured in many publications including Fortune, U.S. News & World Report, and the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on the "Today" show, and been praised by individuals as diverse as President Bush, Continental Airline's CEO Gordon Bethune, Patti LaBelle, and Marian Wright Edelman.

Greg Ligon, strategic director for Leadership Training Network (LTN), says Caldwell has not confused capitalism with Christianity. The Dallas-based LTN specializes in connecting "innovation leaders in strategic areas of the church" with one another, and Caldwell is a regular speaker at its conferences. LTN's conferences are aimed at "moving people from the perspective of the church being a spa, where you get your personal needs met, to being a training center where you're equipped to meet the needs of the community," Ligon says, adding that Caldwell is a perfect example of someone who does that.

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