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Changing Reels: Positive Gay/Lesbian Images in 1990s American Cinema: "Filmgoers must remain conscious and stay on the alert. As Susan Sarandon notes in TCC, 'Movies are important; and they’re dangerous because we’re the keepers of the dreams. You go into a little dark room and become incredibly vulnerable. On the one hand, all your perspectives can be challenged. You can feel something you couldn’t feel normally. [They] can encourage you to be the protagonist in your own life. On the other hand, [they] can completely misshape you.' And, she might have added, movies can enlighten or misshape an entire culture.

       [Victoria Amador, Journal of American Studies of Turkey, no date]




A War Story by Dirck Halstead: "Finally, Coppola decided to let Brando improvise. He figured that if he just kept shooting, sooner or later something would make sense. 'We were in the jungle. There were too many of us. We had access to too much money, and little by little, we went insane.'

      "Francis Ford Coppola in an interview about the making of Apocalypse Now. .....'This movie was not made in the tradition of Max Ophuls or David Lean. It was made in the tradition of Irwin Allen. I made the most vulgar, entertaining, actionful, sense-a-ramic, give them a thrill every five minutes, sex, violence, humor, because I want people to come see it.'"



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