PASTORING KIDS IN REVIVAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, : For two decades, Lenny LaGuardia and his wife, Tracy have devoted their lives to equipping, empowering and mobilizing young people, parents, and leaders with the thrust of the Kingdom of God and relevant strategies for leading and ministering to children today. Their passion for mobilizing this generation of children and young people to walk in the fullness of Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit has taken them all over the world as speakers and consultants. Lenny and Tracy currently serve as senior staff members at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City, Missouri, where, under the leadership of Mike Bickle they direct and oversee all local national and international ministries relating to children and teens. [Kansas City Prophets]


Go And Burn : he Lord said, “The ‘pain’ that is felt when flame meets flesh is phantom. It should hurt but I didn’t want it to, so I took that pain at Calvary. There is no pain in coming to me, only transformation. What you feel, can be used as a weapon by the enemy to support a lie; which can prevent or hinder further progress.” The Spirit asked me “at what stage I thought I was in the Vision”. I placed myself near to the Sun being transformed. The Lord said “No. You are on the Earth as one of my burning ones, connected to Heaven and transforming the earth. The intensity at which you burn is dependent on how much flame you draw down from Heaven and pass on to others; The more you give, the more you will receive, that is the way of growth. I have made all of Heaven available, you choose how much of Heaven you get.” I then asked, “How do I burn?” “That is something you don’t need to concern yourself with” came the reply. “What you must concentrate on is feeding the fire. Feed on Heaven and you will burn, making sure every action, thought, motive, deed and plan has it’s origins in the Kingdom. - Vision by Anthony West


How do I come into a lifestyle of miracles? : 3. Read—Find the books that have been written by the generals of God’s army—those who truly do the stuff. There is a great storehouse of information for those willing to pursue. Don’t forget the leaders of the great healing revival of the 1950s. God’s Generals, by Roberts Liardon, is a great place to start.....


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CATEGORY . Race and Politics By Thomas Sowell : That's the good news. The bad news is that Barack Obama has been leading as much of a double life as Eliot Spitzer. While talking about bringing us together and deploring "divisive" actions, Senator Obama has for 20 years been a member of a church whose minister, Jeremiah Wright, has said that "God Bless America" should be replaced by "God damn America" -- among many other wild and even obscene denunciations of American society, including blanket racist attacks on whites. ... Senator Barack Obama's political success thus far has been a blow for equality. But equality has its down side. Equality means that a black demagogue who has been exposed as a phony deserves exactly the same treatment as a white demagogue who has been exposed as a phony. See ARTICLE

Free Press Stifled at United Nations, Reporters Say
By Fred Lucas March 18, 2008

Reporters covering the United Nations complain that the organization, whose Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls for freedom of the press, has been trying to stifle reporters covering the U.N. itself. This month, for example, U.N. officials reportedly seized videotapes from journalists who recorded the site of a U.N. helicopter crash in Nepal....

Earlier this year, the U.N. threatened to pull the credentials of Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee after he reported embarrassing stories about the U.N. Development Program (UNDP). Inner City Press also was delisted from Google News for a time, fueling speculation that the U.N. had played a role in that incident.

Critics of the U.N.'s treatment of the press say these are just a few recent examples of U.N. hostility toward, and intimidation of, journalists who ask questions that U.N. officials don't want to answer.

In recent years, the United Nations has come under fire for corruption scandals, including allegations of bribery in the oil-for-food program, sexual abuse by U.N. relief workers, and, more recently, U.N. money allegedly ending up in North Korea's missile development program.

The press has a harder time holding the U.N. accountable than it does U.S. government agencies because the U.N. has no equivalent to the U.S. Freedom of Information Act...

Article 19 of the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls on governments to promote freedom of the press, said William Davis, director of the United Nations Information Center. "We live in an imperfect world," said Davis, who spoke at the Heritage gathering in defense of the U.N. "Every year when these principles are put to the test, there are going to be shortcomings from member states and ourselves."

Davis noted that the General Assembly commemorates May 3 of every year as World Press Freedom Day, and he said the U.N. has always been a strong advocate for freedom of the press. But he said accreditation is based on whether a reporter is "formally registered with a media organization in a country recognized by the U.N. General Assembly."....

However, former Wall Street Journal reporter Claudia Rosett, a journalist-in-residence for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, scoffed at the notion that the U.N. is transparent. Rosett was one of the leading journalists who helped break the oil-for-food scandal.

"The United Nations Information Center spends well over $100 million per year--much of that your tax money--on what they call public information," Rosett said. "It's important not to confuse that with honesty and frankness and revelatory disclosures to the press. It's largely propaganda. You will find nothing about the real scandals, dirt, and corruption."

Rosett said that when scandals arise at the U.N., there is a propensity to call for an investigation and then turn aside reporters and "not answer questions on the grounds that it's an ongoing investigation."

Often these investigations are not trustworthy because the U.N. is investigating itself and making its own rules, said Beatrice Edwards, international program director for the Government Accountability Project, a watchdog group.

The U.N. has new whistleblower rules, but those often are handled internally, Edwards said. "If they are subject to retaliation for disclosing fraud or corruption at the U.N., then they would go to a hearing to protest what has happened to them, (but the hearing) is presided over by the institution which they are disclosing perhaps embarrassing information about," Edwards said. "So they face a forum where the institution itself is both the defendant and the judge. The record of whistleblowers being vindicated or prevailing in these kinds of forums or hearings is very, very poor."

Edwards noted that the U.N., World Bank and other international bodies have diplomatic immunity and are not subject to freedom of information laws. "If they are able to shut down free press or free speech inside, to the extent that they often try to, then we are really talking about very powerful, very wealthy, lawless organizations," she said.